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Back to school is nearly upon us.

This weekend is the Labour Day weekend…kind of the unofficial “last” weekend of summer around these parts.

Kids will be piling into their brand new skinny jeans and high tops (oh wait, is it still ’88??) and heading to school come Tuesday morning.

Which means that I need a plan. And it’s not too late, right? To get a little organization into my life before the busy routines of school have us whipping through the year at a rabbit’s pace again? And my plan to get organized for this year definitely involves setting up a functional command center.

I have been keeping my eye out for amazing Command Centers for over a year now… online and on Pinterest (of course:). Here are some of the inspiring ideas that I have found to help me figure out what the heck to do with all the paper etc. etc. etc. that floods our countertops on a daily basis – if you want some more ideas check out my Pinterest board Command Center Central. I hope you find a some tips and inspiration to help make your life a little {or a lot!} more organized.

Family Command Center at Hi SugarPlum!

How to Create a Command Center that Works for Your Family by unOriginal Mom at Uncommon Designs

DIY Pretty File Folders for Command Center at The Homes I Have Made

Pretty DIY Command Center at Domestic Imperfection

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Command Center with Magnetic Accessories at Landeelu

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Giant Wall Command Center at Beneath My Heart

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Edited to add: We finally finished our own Command Center (I call it Command Central Closet)…

Want to get organized and plan your own Command Center?

I’ve got an entire ten week series dedicating to organizing your whole home!

Head over here to read more details about it!



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A family command center is crucial for keeping your busy family organized! Take control of the chaos and set up a family command center ASAP. These are the best options out there. Just pick the one that suits your family’s needs!

Hi friends! I frequently get asked about how we keep our house so tidy and stay organized. And I promise you, there’s nothing magic about what we do! It really is about developing systems that work for our family.

What is a family command center?

A family command center is just a designated space in your home that serves as the central place for organizing daily chaos (schedules, incoming papers, car keys, etc). Exactly what you include in your command center varies based on your family’s own needs, but they frequently include things like a family calendar, a place for papers, a place for notes/messages, and hooks for keys.

Tips for setting up a family command center

One of the most crucial systems we set up years and years ago is our “family command center.” You can read all of my detailed tips about setting up a command center that will work for you in this post.

Our family command center is in our kitchen and is where we “check in” and “check out” every time we leave the house. If paper comes into the house, it gets sorted at our command center–we have a designated spot for items to shred, bills to pay, records to file and receipts to scan. It’s also where we hang our car keys so we always know where they are. And I do mean ALWAYS.

The key to using a family command center is to commit to using it every single day. When you make it a habit, it takes no time at all to stay on top of the bills, receipts and all the other paper that comes into your house.

Again, you can read all of my detailed tips about setting up a command center that will work for you in this post.

Since everyone’s needs are different, I’ve rounded up the best family command center options that I’ve seen. Just click on any of the links or photos below each photo for more details about each family command center or wall organization piece that you see. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. .

The BEST Family Command Center Options

1) Modular Daily System– Pottery Barn’s Daily System is the family command center that we have used for the past 13 years and I absolutely LOVE it. It still looks brand new. And I love that it is modular and totally customizable. It makes it easy to tweak as your needs change.

2) Peyton Wall Organizer– I love the natural linen and antique brass details on this gorgeous command center option.

3) Gold Wire Adjustable Wall Organizer– The four storage baskets on this chic gold wall organizer are sized perfectly for files, mail, school papers and more. The best part is that they are adjustable, so you can reposition them in the best way to suit your family’s needs.

4) Modern and Simple Command Center– I love everything about this hand-made simple and modern organization. It’s practical and streamlined, but the sweet bud vase on it makes it extra special.

5) Custom Chalkboard Calendar– For families who have a lot of schedules to juggle, this custom chalkboard calendar could be a game-changer and the central part of an EPIC command center. It is not an actual chalkboard but is made to look like one. The surface is an easy-to-erase acrylic material.

6) Wood Wall Organizer– This wood organizer is so simple and practical! The bright pop of color is perfect (there are several colors to choose from) and would look great in a kitchen. I love the large pocket and you can choose between a whiteboard or chalkboard.

7) Modern magnetic wall organizers– This system is truly ingenious. You mount magnetic plates to your wall and attach the containers of your choice. So easy and customizable! Make a small family command center or a huge one with the endless options.

8) Galvanized modular wall system– This galvanized modular wall system from Pottery Barn is another favorite of mine. I love the look of it and again, it’s modular so you can customize it and change it around to suit the needs of your family command center as often as you like.

9) Modular Wall Storage– This modular wall storage was intended to be used in a kitchen, but so many components of it could be used to create a beautiful and functional family command center. Just think outside the box!

10) Compact wall organizer– This small organizer packs a lot of organization into a small package, making it an ideal family command center for those with limited space. Use it to sort your email, make notes on the dry erase board and pin important notes and paperwork to the cork board. There’s even a spot for your keys!

11) Simple Chalkboard Organizer– This multifunctional wall organizer includes a chalkboard, a mail or bill holder and several hooks to hold keys or even a dog leash. There’s even a ledge to hold your chalk!

12) Vertical bins with hooks– If you don’t have a need for a chalkboard, whiteboard or cork board, this may be the perfect solution for you. This simple set of vertical bins with hooks would be the perfect way to sort you mail, bills to be paid and things to be shredded.

13) Vintage style chalkboard and mail sorter– I can’t get over how cute and functional this is! Love the vintage vibe 🙂 Pair it with other wall organization options for a fabulous and fun family command center.

14) Polka Dotted Fabric Wall Organizer – I love this organizer! The polka dots make it fun, and it would be a perfect anchor for your command center. Add a few wall hooks and a fun chalkboard around it, and you have a unique organization area for the entire family!

I hope you are feeling inspired to get your family organized once and for all. I promise you, a good command center will have a positive impact on you every single day!

Want to get the rest of your life in order? Check out my amazing calendar below and get started organizing and decluttering home!

As you all know by now, we’re making over Chez Gallagher one room at a time. When the time comes for my kitchen to get an overhaul, I plan to also totally revamp our command center. Since this week’s assignment in the Organize and Refine Your Home Challenge is to create a (or tweak your existing) household command center, I thought it might be useful to share some awesome household command center products that I came across while researching ideas for my own command center redesign.

Love something you see? Click the numbered links below each collage for more details about the products!

This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission, but it won’t cost you a penny more)!


Wall Bins

Since one of the basic functions of your command center is to store a variety of household papers, wall bins are an important product category to start with. Lucky for us, there’s such a variety of great wall bins to choose from! With the selection of choices below, it’s easy to match your design aesthetic and achieve the functionality you need for your household.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Message Boards & Calendars

The command center serves as the central communication hub for your household. So it makes sense to include some form of family calendar (weekly or monthly), as well as a tool for sharing information among family members.

Products that support these functions include: dry erase calendars, bulletin boards, dry erase boards, magnetic boards, and chalk boards. I came across some really cool and unique product options for this category:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Charging Stations

The command center is a great place to store and charge everyone’s devices too. Including a charging station in your command center helps to hide the cord mess and keep the flat surfaces clear. If your household has as many devices as mine does, you may need to incorporate more than one of these into your command center design!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Modular Wall Systems

I’ve been drooling over several of the modular wall systems that are on the market since I first laid eyes on them several years ago (I’m thinking there will be a Pottery Barn Daily System configuration in my future!) The beauty of modular wall systems is that you can pick and choose among all of the matching component parts to customize a system that works specifically for your family.

In my search for products, I also came across wall organizers that combine several of the storage/functionality elements into one gorgeous piece (e.g. message board & wall bin combo) that would look great no matter where your command center lives in your home.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

For those of you participating in the Organize and Refine Your Home Challenge, I can’t wait to see how you incorporate these household command center products into your home!

Remember to share photos of your completed project via Instagram (use the hashtag #OrganizeandRefineChallenge and tag me @refined_rooms)!

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Back To School: Setting Up A Family Command Center

Hi! I’m Jen Hadfield – I am a mom of 4, Diet Coke lover and gummy bear aficionado – I also own the DIY daily website Tatertots and Jello. I’ve been sharing creative ideas on my website for eight years. I have a passion for making our home beautiful but also run efficiently and I am so excited to share some Back to School Ideas with you! As my kids have gotten older it seems that their schedules get busier each year. To stay on top of everything that is going on, I have found that a family command center is a great way to keep organized. Now is the perfect time to get ready for back to school and create a family command center in your home. I’m sharing five Essential Command Center Elements.

Featured Products: Perch Magnetic Wall Storage Collection // Piano White Magnetter Key & Letter Holder by Umbra // White Converge Charging Station by Quirky // All Out of Checklist Pad


Over the years as we have moved, our family command center has changed locations. What you need is a central space in your home. We have had our family command center in the kitchen, the entryway, the living room and now in the mudroom. It’s helpful if it is a space that everyone passes by as they go in and out of the home.


My kids are old enough that most of them have their own cell phones and we do share a family calendar on our phones, but I have found that having a physical calendar that everyone can see really helps us all visualize what is happening each month. You can use any sort of calendar. I love this Monthly Glass Magnetic Dry Erase Board. I love the clean look of it, plus there are many ways to use it.

It’s a dry erase board but it’s also magnetic which is handy for attaching notes or flyers of events. I use a post-it note system on the board to keep track of each person’s activities in the family. Each family member gets a different color of post-it note flag and we write the activity and time on the flag. For example, if one of my kids has a dentist appointment, I use their color flag and then write dentist and the time and attach it to the day on the calendar.

You can also use different colored dry erase markers to do the same thing and write the event on the calendar in that person’s color of dry erase marker. I have just found that using post-it notes is cleaner looking and if the date changes it is easy to move the flag.

To-Do Bulletin Board

Above the calendar, I have a to-do bulletin board. I use the same color system on the to-do board. Each person has a different color. I created an initial tag for each person in the family in their color at the top of the board. Then under each person’s initial are the monthly to-do items for that person. We write the to-do item and attach it to the board in that person’s column.

This is an easy way for each person in the family to see at a glance items they need to get done that month. The board is also a great place to put larger items that won’t fit on the calendar like wedding announcements and invitations.

Featured Product: Loft Bin // Bamboo Shoe Tray // Rugby Stripe Bin

Backpacks and Coats

If you have room, the family command center is a good place to have as a dropping off point for backpacks and outdoor gear. We are lucky to have a mudroom in our new home with hooks and shelves for bins. The bottom bins are a good place to keep mittens and scarves for fall/winter and beach towels and summer things when the weather is warmer.

I also have bins above where I can keep other family items that get taken in and out of the house. I use this Loft Bin to keep things like extra shoes and umbrellas for easy access.

If you don’t have a mudroom, you can make your own drop off place with a simple bench, hooks and bins under your bench for outdoor gear.

Organizing Home and School Papers

The family command center is also a great place to keep track of important home and school papers. I love the Perch system to for my file folder system. It’s also awesome because it’s magnetic and so easy to change up. I keep all of our homework supplies in it too like pencils, pens and such. Having four kids, there are so many papers that come home. It’s easy to lose papers if you don’t have an easy way to keep track of things. What I do is I have a file system. Each person has a file folder in the command center with their name on it.

Each day as the kids come home from school, I look in their folders and take out important papers with deadlines and put those papers in their file folder. Those file folders are ones that I check every day to make sure we are on top of school assignments. Once the assignment is done, I can either throw the paper away or I can file it away in an elfa file system I have in my office. I do the same thing with bills. I keep the household bills in a separate file folder and when each bill is paid, I file it away in my office so I still have it on file but it isn’t in the current file at the command center. After a few days it gets to be routine to do this and it only takes a few minutes away to keep on top of deadlines. Plus, we don’t lose important papers anymore – yay!

Charging Station

The family command center is a great place to have a family charging station. I use the Quirky Charging Station. It lets us charge multiple devices at once – like our cameras, phones and tablets. I have also discovered that having my kids hand in their phones and devices at a certain time each night makes bedtime so much easier and helps them get better rest.

It’s also a great place to keep track of keys. I use the Piano Key Holder – I love the clean design and it’s magnetic so all you have to do is put your keychain on it and it sticks!

We are so excited about our new Back to School Family Command Center. It’s going to help us keep everything so organized this fall!

Thanks for letting me stop by and share some ideas. And thanks to The Container Store for being so awesome and helping us keep our families more organized!

Have a great day!

xox Jen


Many of you long-time readers know that one of the very first things I do when I get into a new house is setup some sort of family command center. I do this partly to give us a place for ALL the paperwork that typically comes hand-in-hand with moving (e.g., utility setups, moving paperwork, held mail, new community/school/medical forms, etc). But even after we’re settled in, I find that a command center (aka drop zone | mudroom | central station) area is essential for keeping track of the essentials of daily life. I’ve now setup 5 different command centers across our 7 different homes. Along the way, I’ve learned what elements are essential to making a truly functional family hub and which ones aren’t. So whether you’re just moving in, gearing up for a busy school year ahead, or simply need a more ordered way to deal with daily “stuff,” here is how to create a family command center that actually works!

This post contains affiliate links. You can read my Disclosure & Privacy Policy here.

The very first step in creating a truly functional family command center is deciding its purpose. You might think that all command centers do the same thing; but really, it varies from home to home and family to family. Here are some thoughts to consider:

  • What do you need this space to be? What do you need this space not to be? (E.g., drop zone vs. storage vs. paper management vs. all of the above)
  • What kinds of things are constantly piling up around the house? What things are needing a dedicated home? What things are you always rummaging around for?
  • What do you need your command center to hold and/or store? (E.g., shoes, mail, paperwork, pet care, etc).

NC Family Command Center (#1)


Once you determine what kind of space you are building, the next step is to figure out where to put it. Sometimes a home has a very obvious location for a command center, such as a built-in nook/desk or separate room. Other times though, you may have to create the ideal spot. Look around your house for closets, empty expanses of wall, un-used built-ins, awkward nooks or bump outs, landings at the tops of stairs, or unused sections of counter space. As you think about potential spaces, keep this in mind: the amount of space available must be considered in conjunction with where that space is located. There is no point in creating a drop zone near the back entrance you never use. Likewise, you shouldn’t squeeze in a command center near your front entrance if there isn’t an inch of free space to spare. Where you choose to put your family command center must be the best possible balance of where you need it and where there is space for it.

NC Family Command Center (#2)


Now that you have a good sense for what you need and where it will go, it’s time for the fun part: actually pulling it together!


If you have a dedicated desk, mudroom, or built-in, you can likely skip ahead to adding in functional storage. However, if you’re dealing with an open expanse of wall (like I usually am), you may need to bring in foundation pieces to help the space look and function like a command center. There are no set rules on what you need to use, and your decision may be heavily influenced by where in the house your command center is. In more utilitarian spaces (e.g., laundry rooms, back entryways), you might add straight-from-a-box items such as cubbies, storage benches, and organizers. In spaces that need to function and flow with the rest of the house, you might consider using a “real” piece of furniture such as a desk, armoire, console table, or bookcase. If there is no space to add furniture, don’t despair. Think about what can be added directly to the wall to visually create a zone. In several of our family command centers, I’ve used a single shelf (or a shelf with cubbies) to create a drop zone where there was none!


Resist the urge to add any and all storage you think you might need or that matches the pretty pictures you find in magazines, catalogs and Pinterest. Instead, look back at where we started: purpose. Think about the items you want and/or need to store and find functional storage items to meet those needs. If you need to store coats and bags, you likely need hooks. If you need a place for shoes, cubbies or baskets may be in order. If you want to catch mail, some sort of wall pouches or files should be brought in. Here are some other things to consider (but only add them if you need and will use them!):

  • Baskets – They can be found in any size and shape you need and are best for shoes, hats, gloves/scarves, lotions and sprays, pet supplies, reusable grocery bags, etc
  • Paper File Systems – From desktop to wall mounted, a single catch-all to a multi-pocket system, they are best used for mail, coupons, receipts, school papers, schedules, etc.
  • Hooks – They can be decorative or peel-and-stick, one for every family member or a row for anyone to use. They are ideal for coats, hats and bags of any kind.
  • Memo Boards – They can be dry-erase, cork, or magnetic, and can be blank, have a calendar, or labeled sections for each family member. They are best for jotting down reminders and pinning up things that are needed soon or can’t be lost.
  • Other fun things: charging station, trays, key hooks, clocks, and mini drawers.

KS Family Command Center


This step is completely optional, but it shouldn’t surprise you that it’s one of my favorites. Not only can adding decorative touches be fun, but I personally believe organizational systems (especially if you are trying to build new habits) are more like to be used and loved when they are visually pleasing. That said…whatever level of “pretty” you need to add is 100% a personal choice. For some, a few decorative baskets and a pretty plant are enough. For others, adding a variety of things such as wall coverings, labels, and artwork help the command center feel more like an intentional part of the home. Take some time to add a few personal and decorative touches that can include some or all of the following:

  • Wall coverings: Wallpaper, peel-and-stick wallpaper, contact paper, wrapping paper, fabric, decals or paint can liven up a boring corner or help set off an area that isn’t otherwise distinct or separate.
  • Artwork: Photographs, favorite phrases, monograms, family names, or artwork help even the smallest of nooks feel more personal.
  • Coordinated color scheme: Sticking to a pre-determined color palette (no matter how neutral or colorful you prefer) can help the space feel intentional rather than a cluttered mess of paper and shoes.
  • Baskets and labels: Pretty organization supplies may help you use them more!
  • Plants: Real or faux…a little green is always a good idea!

(This one was done as a special project for Sorry I don’t have a link for you!)


All of the photos in this post are family command centers that we have setup across our various homes. It is these spaces that, over time, have taught me what works and what doesn’t…what our family needs and what we don’t. It is certainly a process; and I’ve gotten it wrong as much as I’ve gotten it right. As such…don’t be discouraged if you implement a system that doesn’t work or doesn’t get used the way you thought. Just (regularly) troubleshoot and experiment until you find the right combination for your space and your family.

That said, if you look across my photos, you may notice there are some consistent elements from one to the next. These are the elements we use and rely on, so I am sure to implement them every single time. Here are my “Family Command Center Essentials”:

  • Baskets – We mostly use them to catch hats, sunscreen/bug sprays, and small electronics (like our running watches, chargers, and earphones)
  • Hooks – We are a “hang it up” family, so I install hooks wherever I can to catch jackets, bags, towels and hats.
  • Paperwork Files – While the exact product we use seems to change each time, I ALWAYS have something to catch and hold the mail.
  • Memo Boards – Not only are these super useful, but I like that they help create a focal point no matter where your command center is or what other products you’re using.
  • Pops of Pretty – On the spectrum of a few pretty details to an entirely color-coordinated display, you guys can probably figure out where I land 😉 I love creating that “quintessential” command center space with a focal wall, art, baskets, labels and more.

Kid-Friendly Command Center

There is one family command center I didn’t include today…the one in our current home! You’ve actually already seen it…our foyer. Even though this time around our family command center doesn’t have that look that I typically love, its form and function is just the same as our previous homes! Back here on Friday, I’ll give you the “organizational tour” of our foyer makeover, and show you how I added in all the same functionality of our usual command centers, but in a much “sneakier” way! See you then!

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Does the term “Family Command Center” make you giggle, or is it just me?

I picture myself behind the hull of a big spaceship or a submarine, shouting commands to my family.

“Pick up the toys at 22:00 hours.”

“Let’s circle back and put tonight’s dinner in the crock pot.”

“Forward to swim lessons!”

In reality, a family command center is a great way to create an organized space for all the happenings of your family. When everyone is headed different directions, has paperwork, lessons, mail, coats and who knows what else, your family command center will keep you organized.

Creating a Command Center

Setting up a family command center is so easy and the perfect DIY project for a night in! In fact, once you set it up, you’ll wonder why on earth you didn’t do it sooner. You’ll know exactly where your “crew” is headed and what’s on the agenda. You’ll have important information right at your fingertips.

When it was only my husband and I, we could keep track of the day’s agenda. We’d know what was going on and where we were each headed. If we felt like pizza for dinner, we’d order it up. No frantic calls about being late for dinner or not knowing where the other was. Nope, we were only responsible for ourselves!

Part of a being a mom means you put on your “responsibility hat”. You need to take command of the cruise ship and steer your crew in the right direction. Now, don’t get me wrong—I’ve never minded being in charge and coordinating moving pieces (I’m a bit of a nerd that way), but when you’ve got two kids to keep track of and a business to run, life tends to get a little complicated.

Use these tips to set up a family command center to keep your family organized and ready for the next adventure.

Pick a High Traffic Space

A mud room or small area by your entry way works great as a family command center. You’ll need a wall and space to hang the items in your center. Your command center gets even better if you have an area to put up baskets and set out supplies, but don’t sweat it if you live in a small space.

At minimum, you need a wall, a basket and hooks. Other than those items, you can build out your command center to be as elaborate or as simple as you like. The idea is just to keep the hub in a high-traffic area like near the main (or most used) door way or congregation area.

Now, you may be tempted to hide your command center in an office or a corner of your home. The problem with this plan is stuff still ends up tossed next to the door, on the counter or wherever you (and your spouse) toss stuff. So, if you want your command center to be really effective, pick a high traffic spot – one you will always see and feel compelled to keep organized.

Don’t worry—there are really cute, “Pinterest-pretty” family command center ideas out there. You aren’t going to end up with an eyesore in your entry way. The trick is to keep it organized.

Hang a Calendar

One universal need in all family command centers is a calendar. Pick a calendar that’s really pretty and that you love, but also aim for function over form. You want a calendar with BIG squares to write out plans, jobs, and other important to-dos for ALL family members. You may even want to create your own calendar and print it out, so you get exactly the size you want.

If you’re a planner addict like me, you don’t have to write every appointment down twice for yourself. Use your family command center calendar only for the items that effect your family members, such as lessons, appointments or vacations.

If you’re using the calendar for younger kids, there’s really no reason to schedule out the whole year. Having a simple “week view” is perfect for kids. As they get older, you may want a month-long overview, so they start to understand and read the calendar. They’ll be able to count the days until Christmas or spring break all by themselves.

Make the calendar fun—include birthdays and important dates you’ll all want to be aware of. Decorate it with stickers or use other visual tools to mark special days. Give each family member their own color so your kids (and you) can clearly understand what everyone’s schedules look like at a glance. Your calendar will let you know where everyone is and what you need to plan for.

Add a Communication Board

Another great family command center tool is a communication board. This might be a whiteboard, a chalk board, a magnet board or a notepad. The idea is to leave a space where family members write messages back and forth and communicate with each other.

Add reminders when you need to (“Don’t forget your lunch!”) or include to do lists, goals, your family motto or other important pieces of information.

Hang the communication board low enough for every family member to view and reach!

Install Hooks for Everything

Hang up backpacks, bookbags, coats, jackets and even purses in your family command center. Everyone should have their own hook or cubby, so they can easily hang their items up (and find them later).

You may also want to include hooks for important items like keys. If you always hang them on the hook by the door, you’ll never have to scramble and search in the morning! Hang the dog’s leash and bags near the door as well. You may also want to include a few items you need, but often forget like an umbrella, hat or gloves in the winter.

Keep the Time

Every command center needs a clock. While digital clocks are fun, if you’ve got school age kids in the house, you may want to opt for an analogue clock. This helps learning time-tellers understand how to read the time and familiarize themselves with clocks. Look for a clock featuring a second hand as well—great for timed tasks!

Some family command centers even feature several clocks in different time zones. This is a great idea of you have family serving overseas, or if grandma and grandpa live far away. You will always know what time it is for your loved ones and kids can start getting used to the idea of time zones.

Provide Baskets

You’ll want baskets in your command center. Wire baskets or paper organizers help you corral supplies and paper in your command center and keep it nicely organized.

Make it a policy to open the mail right away and sort it. Junk mail gets tossed immediately, designated letters, magazines and other important pieces of mail get sorted into the receiving family member’s basket, and bills are prioritized – NOT forgotten about and lost. Having a “landing spot” in your command center is nice if you’re in a hurry – but it should be temporary, or else the mail (and other messes) can quickly pile up.

Instead, use command center baskets for items that need to immediately be returned to backpacks or go out the door with your kids (and spouse). If there’s a piece of paperwork or mail you need to review or sign, take care of it immediately. You may want to create a spot for envelopes, stamps, pens and stationary in your command center. This makes it easy to send correspondence and deal with mail the moment it arrives.

Add a Shelf for Supplies

Many effective family command centers feature a shelf to hold supplies like scissors, tape, stickers for the calendar, pens, post-its and other important command center supplies. The shelf shouldn’t be open for every item, but should offer a spot for those supplies you often need on your way out the door,

Sunglasses, lip balm, gum and other “on-the-go” items should have a spot in your command center. If you use a purse you might keep those items there, but I find carrying a wallet and taking only what I need for each trip is a much lighter, easier way to travel.

Include Meal Plan & List

You can (and should) definitely include your meal plan in your family command center. If you’re running late, or your husband’s running late, you’ll know exactly what to pop in the oven or put in the crockpot. As you create your weekly meal plan (more on meal planning here) take time to jot it out on a sheet to tack on your bulletin board.

Post your grocery list on your board as well. This lets every family member add items to the list as they run out. You’ll save money because you’ll be following one of the biggest money saving tips for grocery shopping: always shop with a list! Your command center will help you save by keeping you organized and providing all the resources you need right at your fingertips.

Keep it Organized

To keep your family command center effective, keep it organized. Don’t let paperwork and other items pile up where they shouldn’t be. Add it to your weekly cleaning checklist—grab all the coats and extras that made their way to the command center and do a quick organization.

It only takes 5-10 minutes a week to set up your command center and keep it organized. You’ll simply need to pick it up and then jot down your plan for the week. If your kids have jobs, add them to the calendar (or include a jobs checklist in the center). Update the information and you’re ready to go for the week.

When you have an organized family command center, you might end up feeling like you’re driving a big rig or commanding a starship. You’re in control of your family’s agenda items. You’ll know where everyone’s headed and what they need to do.

With a family command center, your family will feel prepared to head out the door with every item they need—backpack, coat, shoes, keys. You’ll get a clear idea of what they day holds and what you need to accomplish! Your kids will learn valuable organization skills (as well as an understanding of time and calendars).

Take your family command center for a test run and try some of these tips to keep it organized, operational, and beneficial to everyone at home!

Clipboard Command Station

One of my favorite ways to handle the family command center is to match it to your home decor using clipboards mounted with 3M hooks on mounting strips (so there’s no damage when you remove it) and command center printables. This let’s us have an easy to update command center because I can just remove the clipboards to update them on the couch watching Netflix on the weekends.

That solves the biggest problem of command centers because as useful as they are, standing in front of your wall while planning your week, is no one’s idea of a good time. It’s much better to be able to just grab the clipboard, update it wherever, and then return it.

Fabulous command centers found on Instagram:

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Do you have a family command center? What’s the most important tool you use to keep your family organized?

Courtesy Shanell Mouland

With the school year in full swing you might find your schedule is getting pretty tightly packed. If you’re like me, you’ve somehow managed to show up to obligations on the wrong day or missed them altogether because keeping an entire family’s schedule organized is no small feat. We really needed some help getting it together.

I’m no stranger to Pinterest and its countless boards telling me all the fabulously easy ways I can get our calendars coordinated. For the most part, I waste more time browsing these great ideas than attempting them, but this fall I decided to give one a try.

Here’s how it went down.

I found multiple pins instructing me that I needed to create a wall size center in my home where my family’s commitments could be laid out in various brightly colored dry-erase markers. Also, there should be a spot for mail, family notices, permission slips, and just about anything else that might need our attention on a regular basis. Now, this wasn’t going to be one of those cheap and easy life hacks. This was going to take time and cost money for an already busy and relatively broke family. My husband and I are currently trying to pay off some of the debt we’ve acquired while raising said busy family so I knew the first thing I had to do was convince him to agree to spending a little money.

Step 1: Asked husband if I could spend an obscene amount of money to get someone to build the command center for me. Reasoned that the command center would make our lives that much better, and could you really put a price on that?

Step 2: Husband informed me that I used the same argument when requesting a new phone, a new hot tub, and a new kitten. Informed my husband I would build the center myself for less than half of the amount it would take a professional.

Step 3: Took relieved husband to the office supply store and spent my original intended amount.

Step 4: Purchased the following supplies:

Grand total: $168

Step 5: Using a keen eye and a measuring tape, carefully used the washi tape to divide the whiteboard into calendar squares. After a few false starts (and—oops—forgetting Sunday altogether at one point) the calendar was ready to go on the wall.

Steps 6-17: Argued with husband about best layout for the command center and made multiple attempts to hang whiteboard, clipboards and file holder, with little success. Blamed husband for watching me and making me nervous. Husband readily agreed I should tackle this one alone.

Step 18: Apologized to husband and watched sheepishly as he hung each item with precision.

Step 19: Mumbled under breath, “I could have done that if I had known we owned a level.” Angrily gathered wall hooks and added them to our center.

Step 20: Husband takes photo of wall hook added upside down and shares on Facebook.

Courtesy Shanell Mouland

Step 21: Wall hooks are corrected and our family command center comes to life.

Step 22: Poured glass of wine and waited for family command center to organize our lives.

Step 23: Found new project on Pinterest while waiting. Must ask husband if we own an electric sander.

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I finally created a command center in our house, but it is very much a work-in-progress…and with a family of three (including one 18 month old), there isn’t much need for extreme organization beyond the basics. But I know that as our family grows, and kids get older, we’ll rely on our command center organization more and more!

A great command center is a perfect mix of organization, function, and style. You’ve got to first determine what kind of organization your family needs before you actually go shopping for all the details. If you take a little bit of time to really plan out your space, you’ll end up with a beautifully functioning (and affordable) command center that will help make your life a little easier!

1. Find the right space. A command center isn’t going to help you if it’s not in a place that makes sense. It should be somewhere in the main-traffic-path of your home – maybe right inside the garage door, in the kitchen, or even the mudroom. The closer you can get to the “drop zone” – you know, where all the stuff gets dropped right after you get in the door – the better!

2. Take inventory of your clutter. Here’s a great way to figure out the clutter that regularly accumulates in your space – without tidying up first – take a pad of paper and a pen and go write down everything you see lying around your space. This is good to do mid-week, when the daily mess has really had a chance to accumulate. You’ll see things like keys, phones, wallets, mail, school papers, random papers, lists, coupons, and probably much more. Write it ALL down. You know what they say – “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” Decide where those places are! If you need a place for something that doesn’t already have a home, start a list for your Command Center. Include everything that needs to have a home in your new space.

3. Determine the essentials. Things to consider – Calendar, dinner menu, shopping list, schedule/routine, To-Do list, frequently called or emergency phone number list, in/out box for mail/bills and school papers, receipts file, coupon file, pen/pencil storage, charging station for phones/devices, hooks for keys, clock, etc.. Based on the list you made in step #2, what are the things that you want to have included in your Command Center?

4. Make it personal. Think about including a place to display photos, greeting cards, or children’s art work. Or creating some artwork with your family name or initials to hang. Have some extra wall space nearby? Create a gallery wall of family photos. You could find an inspirational word or quote to print and frame. I created a “Verse of the Week” chalkboard to display a new Bible verse for us to memorize each week. I also used my Silhouette to cut some vinyl lettering for the wall.

5. Design it. Now that you’ve through through what you’d like to include, it’s time to figure out a design! First of all, decide how much flat space and how much wall space you will be devoting to your command center. We bought an inexpensive put-together-yourself 3 shelf bookshelf to be part of our space – it’s not very deep so it doesn’t get in the way, but the top is great to have a flat space to write quick notes and lists. I added a few bins to the shelves to help catch clutter. Next, you need to determine a budget – how much are you willing to spend on this command center? (Remember that you can start with the bare bones and add to it later!) After that comes the fun part – grab a cup of your favorite hot beverage and spend some quality time on Pinterest browsing Command Centers. What do see that you absolutely love? What seems like it would be functional for your family, in your space, and with your budget? Think through your plan. Are you creating a separate space for each member of your family? Or grouping by category? How will you control clutter on flat spaces? Consider height – what do the smaller members of your family need to be able to reach? Don’t forget about the list you made in #1 – make sure you create a place for everything! Now, sketch out a “blueprint” of your command center. You’ll probably go through several drafts until you settle on something that will work.

6. Go shopping. It will be reeeeally easy to overspend, especially when you’re in the store and see something absolutely adorable that you didn’t know you needed. My advice – go to the ATM and get cash in the amount of your total budget. (If you’re ordering items online, be sure to account for that money out of your budget.) That way, you’ll be less likely to impulse-buy and more likely to stick to your list. Some things that might be on your list: clipboards, frames, magnetic chalkboard/whiteboards, dry erase calendar, wall file organizer and file folders, hooks, cork boards, magnets, push pins, chalk or dry erase markers. Check out my list of Command Center Must Haves for more specific ideas – as well as where you can buy the same wire wall organizer I have!

I found my calendar, file folders, and key hooks at Target; the wire file folder rack and metal bookshelf bins are from HomeGoods; the cork board (which I painted myself) is from Kohl’s. I made the Verse of the Day chalkboard myself using a frame from Goodwill. I also made the menu planner using a magnetic chalkboard and vinyl lettering – since then I’ve added a meal planning binder to go along with it! (Get your own free printable meal planning binder by signing up for my email newsletter!)

7. Make it pretty. If you’re like me, you’ll be much more likely to keep stuff organized if it looks pretty when it is put away. Pick a color scheme for your command center. Then, instead of buying plain manila folders, find some with a fun pattern. Don’t be afraid to use pops of brighter colors too! Make pretty labels using your printer, craft cutting machine, or pre-cut letter stickers from the scrapbook section of the craft store. I took a plain cork board and painted some dahlias on it to make it pretty (using a contact paper stencil cut by my Silhouette!). Create a family Command Center that makes you smile each time you walk past it.

Really, though, there’s no right or wrong way to go about creating a command center…the most important thing you can do is to have a vision for how you’ll use the space BEFORE you start creating it! Then, once you’ve got it up and running, you can enjoy how much easier it will make your life.

Are you ready to put together the perfect Command Center in your home? I have a guide that will help you! Introducing Command Center 101, the step-by-step guide to creating a Command Center that WORKS for your family!

Looking for more command center ideas?? Here’s a great list of 20 command centers that are sure to inspire.

And you’ll definitely want to take a look at my list of Command Center Must-Haves!

Psst! Right now I’m giving away a FREE 11 page printable meal planning guide as a gift for new email subscribers – perfect for adding to your own command center! Sign up by clicking HERE and have the freebie delivered straight to your inbox!

Do you already have a command center somewhere in your home? Or are you planning on making one anytime soon? I’d love to hear about it!

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A couple of months ago, I decided to set up a family command center for the first time ever.

I realized something had to be done when I upset the stack of random papers on the kitchen counter on my way out the door. I was running late for my appointment because I was so busy picking everything up, and while I was doing it, I noticed an overdue bill and a letter I never responded to.

And then it dawned on me halfway to my appointment that my son’s dental appointment was scheduled an hour later. I had to cancel my appointment to go pick him up and take him to his.

Clearly my system for bills, mail, and scheduling was not working. I didn’t even really have a system.

So I started looking up ideas online to get everything organized all in one place, and I ended up finding a ton of fabulous ideas for family command centers!

You probably know what a family command center is; they’ve become a very popular concept over the past few years. But in case you don’t, a family command center is simply a system for organizing your household. You pick one spot in the house and you use it to organize everything:

Shopping list
Incoming and outgoing mail
School papers
Notes between family members

If you don’t have a family command center, what you have is a mess. Just keeping one part of your household running smoothly, let alone your entire household, can be next to impossible. And household members are rarely on the same page with one another.

A family command center lets you enjoy the following benefits:

Put an end to scheduling conflicts.
Keep chores, shopping, bills, schoolwork, and mail organized.
Tidy up the appearance of your home.
Save time and money.
Bring your family closer together through notes, artwork, and more. This is a place to celebrate what makes your family special and unique!

Ready to get started? The following 50 family command center ideas should provide you with plenty of inspiration for your own!

Table of Contents

1. Make use of your wall space.

This is a great example of a family command center which makes use of very little in the way of desk space. Almost the entirety of the system is on the wall—there is even a cute little key holder on the wall! Notice the bright colors and the personal touches.

Source: unoriginalmom

2. Make pretty file folders to personalize your family command center.

One wonderful way to spruce up a family command center is by creating beautiful customized folders for organizing. Click on the source link to find out how you can do it using plain old manila folders and contact paper.

Source: thehomesihavemade

3. Sometimes simplicity is all you need.

This family command center is entirely on the wall, and it is also entirely self-contained. As you can see, it is incredibly simple and minimal. But sometimes that is exactly what you need. You do not necessarily have to have everything in one place. Here you can quickly and easily check notes and grab what you need as you are going in or out of the house.

Source: pinterest

4. Make use of a small empty wall.

This command center spans from floor to ceiling. But what really impresses me about it is its location. It is on a narrow bit of wall which most people would simply ignore. It just goes to show, there is no such thing as unusable space.

Source: sarahrosemary

5. Make use of cute baskets.

From a visual perspective, you’ve gotta love this command center. It’s got a lot of style. Aren’t those baskets adorable? And check out those custom labels she made … wow!

Source: domesticimperfection

6. Black and white makes for a nice clean look.

Who says you always need to go with the bright and colorful look? Sometimes a monochromatic command center with high contrasts yields a bold, stunning effect. Plus, it certainly looks neat and organized! There is nothing here to distract you.

Source: onecreativehousewife

7. Simplify your life.

The sign above this pin board that says “Simplify” says it all. Is this a full-fledged command center to take care of all of your organizational needs? No, but it makes for a great bulletin board. If that is all you need, it would work great on its own. Otherwise, you could integrate it with a more comprehensive family command center. Find a tutorial at the source link.

Source: batchelorsway

8. Craft a wall organizer with a chalkboard.

Here is a beautiful handcrafted wall organizer with a chalkboard incorporated. There is a place to hang your keys, and enough room for incoming and outgoing mail along with a few additional items. The chalkboard could be used for messages, but a cute design is a great idea too!

Source: littleredbrickhouse

9. Use a chalkboard for a calendar.

This command center shows an excellent use of a chalkboard to write out a weekly calendar. The letters denoting the weekdays are permanent, but you can erase and rewrite a new schedule every week. The envelopes for incoming and outgoing mail are also cute and simple.

Source: lovecreatecelebrate

10. Create a budget-friendly family command center.

Need to create a comprehensive family command center, but on a tight budget? Visit the Simple As That blog to learn some great ideas for getting your family organized on a shoestring.

Source: simpleasthatblog

11. Hide your family command center inside a cabinet.

This is a brilliant idea if you think that a family command center looks cluttered (no matter how organized it is, you still might not want to see scheduling, papers and the like). It is also a genius plan for making use of what little space you have if you live in a tiny house or apartment.

Source: twotwentyone

12. Make it minimalist.

This is not an idea for a full command center, but it is a really cool idea for a message board which you could integrate with one. A piece of glass has been painted a vibrant spring green. Dry erase markers can be used to write on the glass.

Source: bhg

13. Use pastel tones for a softer look.

“Family command center” … it has a rather harsh military sound to it, doesn’t it? It makes you picture something on a battleship. Well, for a softer look and feel, consider using lovely pastel shades like this talented DIYer. Out of all the command centers I have seen, this one stands out from an aesthetic point of view.

Source: thecaldwellproject

14. Go for an industrial look and feel.

Here we have a chalkboard command center with some simple metal containers painted with industrial type. I love the beautiful simplicity of this system as well as the unique ambiance it creates.

Source: thewillowshomeandgarden

15. Use magnet boards and dry erase boards to get organized.

Here is a great image which spells out exactly what you are looking at. I really like the inclusion of the magnet board! What a smart idea. It’s well worth clicking on the source link to check out other photos of this family command center.

Source: theclayfamilyblog

16. Go for a rustic look.

The original source link on this one unfortunately seems to be broken, though it was posted on a site called Post Road Vintage. Everything about this command center is stylish, homey, and inviting! The mason jars, the flowers, the old-fashioned blackboard and the window frame with the distressed wood all combine for a lovely effect.

Source: decoratingyoursmallspace

17. Learn how to build your own message system.

At the source link, you can view a detailed tutorial which teaches you how to build a message system like this. This particular example measures 30 x 22 inches. You can hang it up wherever you want—on a wall or a door. It would be easy to move if you ever decide to rearrange—very cool!

Source: simplykierste

18. Create a “hanging office.”

Previously I shared a great family command center which took advantage of a small, unused section of wall. Here is another one which does the same thing. Running from top to bottom, it offers a great way for family members to stay connected and organized, and it looks fantastic. Check the link for a tutorial.

Source: southernliving

19. Never gift up looking for ways to beautify and streamline your command center.

Here you can see a “before” and “after” for an upgraded command center. The original command center had some functionality, but it was probably pretty limited—and it certainly was not pretty to look at. The “after” photo is a world away from the “before” photo—it looks incredible!

Source: landeeseelandeedo

20. Keep everything neatly aligned for a clean look.

There are two things that grab me about this particular command center. The first is that everything has been neatly lined up in an obvious grid, and this gives everything a tidy appearance. The second is the dark backdrop, which brings contrast to the entire zone, helping you instantly see where everything is.

Source: bhg

21. Here is an upgrade to the command center above.

Getting déjà vu looking at this image? That is because this is the exact same wall that was featured above! This is the updated version of it. Check the source link to visit the blog and find out more about the changes. As you can see, the neat grid has been abandoned to some extent, but the dark backdrop and high contrast remains.

Source: jennaburger

22. Here is an elegant, minimal command center.

There is not a whole lot to this command center—just a couple of wire bins, a corkboard, and a calendar along with a strip of blackboard. But do you really need more than this? Perhaps not!

Source: emersongreydesigns

23. Build a command center in your mudroom.

Have you noticed that a lot of the featured command centers in this list are in the kitchen? Don’t forget that there are other areas of your home which are also convenient for your family command center—like your mudroom! Here is a great photo of a mudroom command center which tells you what everything is—very helpful for planning your own command center.

Source: ourscribbledwalls

24. Here is a command center with a neat, simple look.

Some command centers are designed with bold colors or high contrast to help them stand out—but this one seems to me like it was built to blend in. And you know what? It does so beautifully.

Source: atcharlotteshouse

25. Make a charging station for your entire family.

Have a bunch of electronic gadgets strewn around your command center? Get those smartphones, tablets, and mp3 players in order, and charge them while you’re at it! The source link teaches you everything you need to know to build a charging station for all your family’s devices.

Source: drivenbydecor

26. Think about lighting.

There are a few things about this command center that I really like. The soft design elements, the neutral tones, and the adorable Parfitt family artwork at the top are all awesome. But what I want to point out is the light! A lot of command centers seem to have no lighting solution whatsoever. This one does, so it would serve you just as well in the middle of the night as it would during the daytime.

Source: homeheartharmony

27. Here is how to create a customized message board.

At the source link, you can view a tutorial which teaches you how you can create your own unique customized message board. One brilliant idea that went into this project is the use of personalized fabric. Check it out.

Source: tatertotsandjello

28. Add some fun personal embellishments.

What instantly draws the eye with this command center is the big letter “M,” which presumably stands for its designer’s last name, Mclain. Visually it really makes the entire design stand out, and it is a great homage to the family.

Source: jessicamclain

29. This command center uses bright, beautiful colors to create a cheerful look.

This command center is just beautiful to look at, isn’t it? If you check the source link, you will find a lot of great advice regarding different functional and stylistic elements.

Source: lemonlimeadventures

30. Put your family command center in a corner.

Here is a corner desk with a command center spread across two walls. The design element that really stands out here is the cute set of clipboards at the top with the chalkboard prints on them.

Source: aqualanedesign

31. Keep it cute and simple.

What an adorable command center this is! Every element has a touch of rustic style to it. The “hello” sign and the little wooden arrow are so cute, and check out that tiny plant in the diamond-shaped holder.

Source: pinterest

32. Make everyday count.

This is a lovely command center, but what I really like about it is the sign that says “Make everyday count.” I especially like that it says everyday, not “every day.” Why? This sign emphasizes that it isn’t just each day that you should remember to value, but the simple wonder of everyday life. And that is what building a command center is all about—organizing and celebrating the more mundane aspects of running a home.

Source: pinterest

33. Here is another rustic command center.

Check it out—here is another rustic command center which incorporates a wooden arrow. Those seem to be quite popular right now. Notice that the hooks give it a purpose which is at once stylish and functional.

Source: instagram

34. Here is an idea for organizing your food calendar.

If you use your family command center to help you plan your meals for the rest of the week, here is a brilliant way to do it! This saves you from having to write everything out each week. Just switch the cards out as you need to.

Source: pinterest

35. Use different fonts.

This menu system makes use of a clear piece of glass and a sharpie. It looks super cool of course, but what I want to draw your attention to is the way each day is written in a different font. This would take some time and effort, but it has two immediate benefits. The first is that it is cute to look at, and the second is that it is functionally easier to read in some ways. Each day stands out.

Source: lexiegay

36. Wood makes for a classy, elegant look.

This command center stands out. The uniqueness of the setup seems to come from the material which was used—lots of wood. There is no weathered, timeworn look to this wood either; it isn’t a rustic command center. Instead, it looks classy, modern and sophisticated. This is such a clean, professional look it’d be great even in an office.

Source: pinterest

37. Follow this simple how-to guide to get started with your own command center.

At the source link, you’ll find a nice, quick tutorial on how to set up a command center of your own.

Source: simplyseptember

38. Create a magnetic menu board.

Need more space and detail for your menu planning? Want to be able to plan out a month of meals at a time? One great way to do it is by making a magnetic menu board and coming up with a simple system of codes to help you plan. Check out the link.

Source: thehomesihavemade

39. Don’t forget to make good use of chalkboard paint.

I’ll get back to showing off full command centers in just a bit, but I wanted to share one more menu planning idea. Don’t forget that sometimes the simplest solutions are the best ones—like chalkboard paint!

Source: pearls-handcuffs-happyhour

40. Here is one more menu idea you can integrate into your command center.

This menu organizing system involves clothespins and meals on pieces of paper which you can change in and out. Aren’t the clothespins cute? Visit the link below for free printables.

Source: lifesweetlifeblog

41. Check out one more beautiful chalkboard organizer.

This chalkboard organizer is being used for menu planning for the week, but it occurs to me that it would also work well for organizing family chores or even just recording everyone’s schedules for the week.

Source: fussymonkeybiz

42. Here is all the stuff you might want to include in your family command center.

By now you have had a chance to see just how much variation there is from one command center to the next in terms of what is included. If you are having a hard time figuring out what you need for yours, here is a checklist to help you plan.

Source: creatingmaryshome

43. Build a dry erase calendar.

A simple dry erase board in a pretty frame can work great as a calendar in your command center. If you follow the source link, you’ll see that the DIYer who created this one has the template for sale on Etsy.

Source: darlingdoodlesdesign

44. A few pops of color in an otherwise monochromatic system can have a beautiful effect.

For the most part, this system blends right into the wall, but a few splotches of bright, cheery yellow give it an inviting, homey feel.

Source: potterybarn

45. Everything can stand out against the right backdrop color.

Perhaps all the walls in this house are gray (it looks that way). In any case, the gray offsets everything in this command center beautifully. So if you are setting up a command center on a small section of wall, you might even want to consider painting the wall first.

Source: pinterest

46. Here is another beautifully inspiring command center design.

There are no unique ideas here I have not already showcased earlier in the list, but it’s such a lovely command center I had to show it off.

Source: theturquoisehome

47. Choose inspirational quotes.

The blogger who created this command center talks about how much thought she put into the “Follow your arrow” sign. This is a great reminder that your command center is there not just to organize, but to inspire!

Source: theeverydaywarrior

48. Use super high contrast to make your calendar or menu stand out.

The original post is gone, but the image has been saved by One Good Thing by Jillee. The menu instantly demands attention because of the high contrast colors. Very nice! Check the post to see Jillee’s command center and some others she has collected as well.

Source: onegoodthingbyjillee

49. Insert corkboard into an old frame.

The lovely, simple clean look of this command center is commendable. An otherwise plain corkboard really looks beautiful when inserted into an old painted frame. This is an easy way to make your command center look more homey or rustic.

Source: jenniferciani

50. Build your own front entrance command center with free printable plans.

You can always depend on the talented ladies at Shanty 2 Chic to come up with a brilliant tutorial for any project—including a command center! Check out the video and download the free printable plans at the source link to build your own.


Source: shanty-2-chic

DIY Command Center with Storage and Chalkboard

This is a great idea from Iron & Twine. It actually started as three Expedit shelving units from IKEA but when turned on its side, it offers a great storage and organization center that makes a perfect command station.

You can put everything that you need to keep handy in the shelves and it has a chalkboard on the end for messages. The shelves are the perfect size for keeping files and other things neatly put away and those organization baskets fit perfectly in the holes.

You know you need a bit more organization in your life and this is a great way to get it. Imagine the things that you can do when you think outside the box.

Conclusion: A Family Command Center Helps Your Household Stay Organized … And Inspired!

As you can see, the role of a family command center ultimately goes far beyond organization. Yes, it can help you to save time and money, but it also brings everyone together. It helps family members work together to create a beautiful household and life together.

It uplifts everybody and reminds them to cherish each day and find the joy in even the most mundane tasks, chores and responsibilities.

Source: ironandtwine
I hope that these command center ideas have inspired you, and that you are ready to share that inspiration with your own family by creating a command center of your own!

A family command center is the key to keeping a busy family organized! And I have found for you the best family command center options for you!

Hi friends! I’ve been working through my next phase of decluttering (read more about that here) using the book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. And I’m focusing on organizing my books and papers right now. #sendhelp #papersfordays

This quest to organize my whole life has led me to create a command center for our family. In the past I’ve kind of stuck my nose up at a command centers, thinking that I didn’t need one. I could just tape a calendar to the side of the cabinet and call it a day. But as I looked more carefully at my clutter problem, I realized that I do need a place to process the many important items that pass through our doors on a daily basis.

It’s the age-old adage, “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” Yep! It works better than way apparently.

So what exactly is a command center? Well, it’s a designated space in your home that can be modified to fit your family’s needs. It usually includes a family calendar, a place for file folders (which hold papers, receipts, incoming mail, etc.), chalkboard for messages, a magnetic board for important notes, a menu plan, hooks for keys, a place to recharge electronics and possibly even a family binder.

Now, obviously you will want to create a command center that is perfect for YOUR family. My personal command center doesn’t need a hook for keys or a a chalkboard.

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I’m still working on my command center. I was planning on sharing it today, but it’s just not quite ready yet. I took pictures and everything, but it’s missing something. So, hopefully I’ll share it soon.

Update: My command center is done! See it here! AND we recently did a 30 Days to Less of a Hot Mess Challenge. If you need some accountability and ideas for decluttering and organizing your home, !

Top 10 Family Command Centers to Organize Your Life

In the meantime I’ve spent a lot of time researching and reviewing other command centers, so I thought I’d share some of my favorites for getting your life organized.

1. Galvanized Modular Wall System – can we just take a moment of silence right here and now for this gorgeous wall organization system? I mean, if this was in my budget it would be coming to mama. I absolutely LOVE it.

2. Simple, DIY Command Station – This kitchen command center from Erin at How to Nest for Less, is much more my price tag with some DIY elements included – like the awesome desktop storage, turned wall organizers. Genius! It’s budget friendly, too, coming in at $75 for the whole thing! (Find similar desktop organizers here.)

3. Gallery Wall Family Command Center – Do you have a skinny, tall wall near the door you use most often? If so, it may be the best place for a full-sized, gallery wall family command center! Shannon from AKA Design revamped her space with all kinds of organized and functional goodness. I love those wire baskets and the rustic marque letter.

4. Corner Command Center – If you have an empty corner somewhere, then this is such a great use of otherwise wasted space. Check out this cute corner shelf very similar to Cassie’s from Hi Sugarplum!

5. Small Space Command Center – If you’re short on space (and budget) then this one stop station will do the trick! Perfect for hanging keys, sorting mail, leaving message or making a dinner menu plan.

6. Small Desk Command Station – Or what about a small space that’s not a hallway or corner? You may be able to set up a small desk for your command station. Even a closet for your office (see below), otherwise known as a cloffice. Look it up. It’s real. I keep trying to figure out how this will work in my kitchen, but I think it will be too crowded.

7. Closet Command Central Station – Speaking of a cloffice, I love this closet command station makeover from Krista at The Happy Housie. I wish I had a spare closet like this to use for mine! I especially like those pretty aqua desktop organizers from Staples. And how cute is that filing cabinet?? I have one in desperate need of that transformation!

8. Modular, Interchangeable Daily System – I think I’ve wanted this Pottery Barn organizational system for as long as I can remember. I still don’t own one, but maybe someday in my office. I love how you can change it around depending on what you need. If there’s one thing that’s certain about organizational systems, it’s that they will change and evolve as the seasons of your life evolve. This particular system will evolve with you!

9. Chalkboard Family Command Center – I love how Jenna’s chalkboard wall/family command center has morphed over the years. (See the previous point on organizational evolution.) As her family’s needs have changed, she just changes her wall. Brilliant! And I love how the chalkboard frames out the space giving it definition and purpose.

10. Family Command Center with Printables. You’re going to love this one because she has used some really helpful and cute organizational printables. I’m going to use this one (or one like it) to keep track of our weekly menu plans. I normally just write it on a piece of paper and leave it on the counter, but I’m going fancy now. 🙂 Like this menu planner printable. So cute! Or you can find a ton of organizational printables HERE.

There you have it! So many options to get your life organized. Now that I have a command center of my own, I see how valuable they are. Instead of leaving everything on the counter or shoved in a drawer, things are nicely organized and everything has its placed. I highly recommend them. I’ll be sharing mine soon!

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While we can send messages on our electronic devices, sometimes it just makes sense to put things in writing and post them in the hub of the house: the kitchen. Whether you write grocery lists, instructions for your kids or household announcements, your kitchen may benefit from a message center.

Project: Adding a kitchen message center.

Why: A message center provides a central, reliable spot where everyone can send and collect messages, check daily schedules and more.
Details: Like so many other aspects of a room, a message center can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. If you want to add one to your existing kitchen, the first thing, of course, is to figure out the best location and design. If you are planning a new kitchen, you can design your message center as part of your cabinetry or in a separate location.
Who to hire: If you order a message center with your kitchen cabinets, it will be installed as part of your kitchen. If you are adding a separate area with cabinet trim, check with your installers to see if they would be willing to include it. If you are installing a more complicated message center, consult a carpenter. Painting can be a simple DIY project.
Here, a small kitchen dining area doubles as a message center with a chalkboard backsplash. If your kids do homework in a location like this, it’s a great place to post reminders about dinnertime or sports events.

Chalkboard Paint

With chalkboard paint by the prep sink, you can remind family members to add produce to the list as they wash it. Chalkboard paint comes in every color, so if black is too harsh for you, try gray or even red.

A simple interior door, whether on a pantry or mudroom, can provide message space. The inside of a cabinet door can do the same thing while being hidden.

Chalkboard paint can even turn your refrigerator into a message center.

Chalkboard paint cost: A can of Rust-Oleum Specialty Chalkboard Paint, 30 ounces, costs about $10. It comes in green or black and will cover 110 square feet. Benjamin Moore offers chalkboard paint versions of all of its regular colors. Or you can make your own.

Chalkboards and Corkboards

This great little triangular recess has a desk and message center and takes up very little room. Designer Tineke Triggs took an awkward existing space, and by trimming out a magnetic chalkboard and adding a matching drawer as well as a concrete countertop, created a useful spot in the kitchen. Look for odd spots in your own kitchen where this might work.

A bulletin board and small console desk are just big enough to hold the essentials and create a central location for messages. The area is prominent yet out of the way.

If you don’t have a spot within the kitchen itself, how about near a back entry? This narrow wall just off the kitchen keeps storage, display and shelf space in view but out of the way.

Custom Cabinetry

A magnetic chalkboard inset into cabinetry provides a large spot for a DIY calendar and an alphabet set for the kids.

A message center doesn’t take up much room, but if you have a little depth, you can add some storage. Here a narrow wall accommodates a bulletin board, a shelf, cubbyholes and drawers. This would also be a great place to put a charging station.

This custom message center, by Starline Cabinets, organizes just about everything: It has a cabinet, mail slots, a charging station, pockets, a bulletin board, a whiteboard and key hooks. It was built as two separate pieces — a wall cabinet and a base cabinet, separated by a wood countertop — and blends seamlessly with the rest of the kitchen.

Custom cabinet cost: Varies greatly depending upon materials, finish, style, size and accessories. The one shown here was part of a large renovation project, but the designer estimates that a similar-size unit on its own would run about $2,000.

Semicustom Cabinetry

Designer Thomas Richard says there are various design and installation considerations for semicustom units, similar to custom ones. Will the cabinet be mounted at the end of a cabinet run or directly on a wall? If it’s at the end of a run, Richard recommends ordering a door 3 inches wider to overlap the side of the message center.

Will you need electrical or other services in the cabinet? What about accessories, such as a magnetic dry-erase board, key hooks, and a holder for pens and pencils?

Semicustom cabinet cost: The message center shown here, by Diamond Cabinets, costs $300 to $600, depending on the unit size, finish and style. For other semicustom units, the cost will vary depending on the contractor, but Richard suggests figuring this as another cabinet, with additional for electrical, lighting, phone etc.

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