Fake plants that look real

Fake Plants That Look as Good as the Real Thing

So, you’re looking to get a fake plant. There’s a lot to look into when it comes to artificial foliage, from budget to style to size. Plants are a huge thing right now, but if you are anything like me and cannot take care of a plant to save your life, investing in an artificial plant is a good way to get the greenery that’s still trending in 2019, without the risk of killing something.

Keep in mind that most artificial plants will never look as good as a real plant, but there are a lot of good fakes out there. When looking for a fake plant to add to your home, opt for plants that have less variation in leaf shape, as to disguise any manufactured edges or paint discrepancies. And, when you can, get your own pot.


There’s no denying it: plants at this price point can obviously look incredibly fake. But there are some good ones (look for smaller ones) that can fit into nooks and crannies in un-windowed bathrooms, on corner bookshelves, or tucked into a jungle of real plants.

  • Fejka Artificial Potted Plant, $9.99 at Ikea
  • Velener Artificial Plants Fake Mini Potted Grass, $$16.99 on Amazon
  • Large Artificial Hanging Plant, $14.99 at Target

Middle of the Road

For someone who’s just getting into the world of plants and wants to pad their stash a bit, these $40-$50 plants are your solution. Most of the plants in this price range can be overwrought with superfluous decoration, but there are some that really can’t be deciphered unless you feel them.

  • Golden Dieffenbachia Silk Plant, $50.99 at Hayneedle
  • Nearly Natural 6ft Ficus Silk Tree, $51.73 on Amazon
  • 30 in. Garden Accents Aspidistra Plant, $44.28 at Home Depot

High-End Fakes

These are the plants you invest in. Bigger real plants will cost less, but you obviously have to maintain them or risk throwing out the decent chunk of change you spent on them. Opting for a large artificial plant that looks just as real as an actual plant for a little bit more money is a sound investment, especially if you have an area of your house that doesn’t get much light, but is in need of some greenery.

  • Faux Potted Cactus, $299 at Crate and Barrel
  • Dracena 5 ft Potted Faux Tree, $199 at Urban Outfitters
  • Faux Fiddle-Leaf Fig Plant, $129.99 at World Market

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We all like the idea of having natural elements around the house. The best houseplants to clean the air in my bedroom? Yes, please. But if you don’t have a green thumb, it doesn’t matter what kind of knowledge you have about the very best indoor houseplants because they’ll be dead. And even if you’re not a natural-born plant killer, if things get hectic around the house (and honestly, when are they not hectic?), you may find yourself forgetting to water and check soil and move things around to avoid/attract sunlight. Once again, you’ll have plants that are dying. Sure, you could try your hand at some drought-resistant plants, but you might find that you can kill those, too. In order to avoid offing your plants, it might be time to consider artificial plants. “But wait!” you’re thinking. “Fake plants look so, fake. I’m better than that!” You’re not, and they don’t! You might be surprised at just how far faux plants have come through the years. In fact, these 10 artificial plants look so good, you might have to stop your friends and family from attempting to water them. And with all the time you save not having to care for your artificial plants, you’ll now more time to enjoy them.

If you pay attention to home decor trends on social media, you know that houseplants are definitely having a moment. Wrapped up in the revival of mid-century modern design and boho-chic style, having lots of plants in your home is a very popular look — especially when they include succulents, cacti, and tropical botanicals. Plus, not only are they attractive, but plants have many proven health benefits as well: they improve the air by eliminating pollutants and creating oxygen, can help lower stress levels, and overall just make us happier and more at ease.

So what if having live plants just isn’t your thing? Whether you’ve got a self-diagnosed black thumb, are extremely forgetful when it comes to watering schedules, or live in a poorly-lit basement apartment, creating that dreamy, verdant oasis might seem totally unattainable for some of us. Fortunately, there are a ton of options out there when it comes to artificial plants. If you were told growing up that fake plants or flowers were tacky (*raises hand*), or were scarred by some terrible imitations you would never bring into your house, you might have written off all fake plants a long time ago. But there are way more interesting and realistic-looking fakes out there now than ever before — and we can probably thank the Instagram gods for some of that.

Once you start to explore the fake plant options out there, you’ll quickly realize they aren’t exactly cheap. And a lot of the time, there is a direct correlation between the price and how realistic the plant looks. But if you consider the No. 1 benefit of fake plants — they will never die — you can see the investment as one in timeless decor, like a piece of artwork or a lamp. That said, you definitely don’t need to dish out hundreds of dollars to get the aesthetic perks of a plant in your house. We created this list of some of the best affordable fake plants out there that strike a balance of budget-conscious and realistic in appearance.

So whether every plant you’ve brought home has died within a month or you have one dark room that seems to always cause a problem, there’s a perfect fake plant for every area in your home. Oh, and your secret is safe with us.

For a Shelf

Whether on a bookcase, kitchen shelves, or the mantel on your fireplace, small plants are the perfect addition to shelf decor, especially when they’re in a pretty planter. With an artificial plant, you won’t have to worry about it outgrowing the spot you’ve placed it in, or other items blocking their sunlight.

Joss & Main

2-Piece Cactus Set

Ballard Designs

Preserved Boxwood Topiary


Faux Potted Succulent


Fejka Potted Plant

Birch Lane

20″ Potted Olive Tree


Olive Topiary

Source: Holy City Chic

For an Empty Corner

Potted trees and tall plants make for the perfect accent piece to fill an empty corner while adding lots of texture and visual interest. With a big plant comes a big price tag — and that’s true for real or faux plants. Buying a live fiddle leaf fig tree can easily cost over $100, and they’re known to be a bit finicky, so if you aren’t comfortable risking that amount of money, you might prefer sticking with the not-real-thing for a bit more. Thanks to wired stems and leaves, you can fluff and bend these guys to look more natural and realistic.

World Market

Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree


33″ Fiddle Leaf Fig


60″ Potted Olive Tree


Olive Tree

West Elm

Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant


Artificial Palm In Pot


Faux Bird of Paradise Tree


Sycamore Faux Sansevieria Floor Plant

Source: @crystalinmarie

For a Vase or Tabletop

If you’re anything like us, your desire for botanicals in your home isn’t limited to potted plants. Who doesn’t love a fresh bouquet of flowers or a vase full of greenery stems? Not included in that love is how quickly they die or how expensive of a habit it is to always have a fresh bunch. Fake flowers have really seen some improvements in recent years — these are not the gaudy, papery blooms you may have seen on an elderly relative’s hat. Find a bouquet you’ll never get tired of coming home to — and mix in some real stems every once in a while to keep any frequent visitors from figuring out your secret.

Urban Outfitters

Eucalyptus Faux Plant

Pottery Barn

Faux Potted Lavender

West Elm

Artificial Peonies

Pottery Barn

Faux Potted Fiddle Leaf Houseplant

World Market

Faux Aloe In Terracotta Pot


Sage Bush

Studio McGee Magnolia

Seeded Eucalyptus Spray

One Kings Lane

9″ Snowball in Vase

Studio McGee

Faux Tangerine Branch


Faux Peony Arrangement

Source: @jessicabordnerphoto

For a Covered Porch

You don’t have to limit your fake plant placement to the indoors. Because of unpredictable weather, outdoor plants can sometimes be harder to keep alive than indoor ones, and brown and drooping leaves can really kill your curb appeal if you aren’t on top of maintenance. Artificial trees and topiaries are a no-brainer — literally, since you won’t have to think about them — for year-round greenery on your covered front stoop or back porch.

Joss & Main

Artificial Floor Cedar Faux Tree

Home Depot

Boston Fern

Darby Home Co.

Brooklyn Floor Boxwood Topiary

Hearth & Hand

Displaying plants around your home is one of the easiest ways to freshen up your space. But even if you don’t have a green thumb (or proper sunlight or time to water), you can still have inviting, healthy-looking greenery all year. New, realistic takes on trendy house plant species like fiddle-leaf fig trees and succulents give your space a welcome dose of “nature.” We sorted through the forest of faux greenery out there to find some of the most realistic-looking picks — plus gathered a few tips and tricks for helping your artificial greenery pass as the real thing.

Spider Artificial Plant Hanging Basket macys.com $84.99

The two-toned detailing on this spider plant makes it nearly indistinguishable from the real thing — plus it comes with a handsome woven basket.

Maidenhair 7” Faux Fern urbanoutfitters.com $29.00

Complete with fake roots and soil, your house sitter might just be tempted to water this one when you’re out of town.

Potted 6 cb2.com $14.95

This faux aloe plant comes with a neutral earthenware pot for an organic vibe.

Potted Faux Succulent with Gold Pot cb2.com $34.95

Serial plant killers know that it’s all too easy to mess up when it comes to low-maintenance succulents. Avoid all that with this realistic-looking option.

Faux Fiddle-Leaf Fig Plant worldmarket.com $129.99

Get in on the fiddle-leaf fig tree trend without having to add “water plants” to your chore list, thanks this five-foot-tall artificial option with broad leaves and posable branches.

Faux Potted Variegated Spider Houseplant potterybarn.com $29.50

This impressive imitation captures the nuanced colors of a real air plant.

Nearly Natural Philodendron amazon.com $76.99 $50.99 (34% off)
This faux philo has UV resistant leaves, so you can hang it near a window without having to worry about fading.

How to Make Faux Plants and Flowers Look Fabulous

Add moss. Buy the decorative kind (try Nehaus Decor’s natural moss, $8, amazon.com) and pad the top of the planter with it for added natural texture.

Behind the stems. Place individual blooms in a vase and bend and twist stems outward to mimic the movement of live flowers, which face the sun.

Cut single branches. To make one artificial plant go further, snip off its leafy stems and scatter them in bud vases on small shelves and windowsills, as you would with real greenery.

Keep them clean. All leaves, real or not, attract dust. When you do your weekly cleaning, run a damp rag or microfiber cloth over the petals and leaves to wipe dust away.

Best artificial plants for the home

It’s no news that house plants are one of the biggest interiors trends in recent years.

Thanks to gorgeously green social media snaps, sales in flowers, seeds and potted plants have been increasing since 2016, and on Instagram alone, ‘#plantsofinstagram’ has 2.8 million tags, and ‘#plantsmakepeoplehappy’ has 1.5 million. That’s a lot of plant love.

But as anyone who’s ever tried to be a #plantparent will know, there’s no disappointment as bitter as caring lovingly for a house plant, only for it to selfishly die just weeks after moving in.

Enough brown, dead leaves to fill a compost heap do not the chic Insta Story make.

It’s because plants – particularly house-bound ones, which are essentially natural things living in an artificial environment – require a lot of care; even the hardy ones. Watering, feeding, misting, cutting, re-potting; the list goes on. And that’s before even considering its temperature and sunlight preference.

That’s why many of us are turning to artificial plants to liven up our homes. No longer the plastic-looking, shiny, totally naff things they once were, fake house plants are an easy way to add intrigue, height and colour to any room – without any of the work.

So, we’ve found the most lifelike faux foliage to liven up your home. No watering can necessary.

The Best Indoor Artificial House Plants:

It’s in the name; Blooming Artificial know what they’re doing, and their paradise palm is one of our favourites. Available in five sizes – from 90cm to 180cm – use it to add a tropical touch to an empty space.

You’ll need to bend the plastic fronds so that the palm isn’t too stiff – the more you bend, the more natural it’ll look (don’t worry, they won’t break).

£30 – £114 | Blooming Artificial | Buy it now

Faux Potted Fig Tree

Unless you’ve been living under a WiFi-starved rock, you’ll have seen an interiors shot featuring a fig tree.

Its big, fanned leaves can brighten up even the dingiest of spaces, and the best part? They’re notoriously difficult to keep alive – part shadow but not too light; little water but not too dry – and are expensive plants, too. This lifelike artificial alternative, for a fraction of the cost, plays the part without anyone being the wiser.

£40 | Cox & Cox | Buy it now

Artificial Trailing String of Nickels Plant

The ‘string of nickels’ is one of 80 species of dischidia; they’re climbing plants that look great cascading down things like book shelves.

The leaves are small and round (hence the ‘nickels’ nickname), and while the real thing isn’t too hard to look after, it does prefer humidity and daily misting, which is easily forgotten. Skip the faff and fake it with this one from Gisela Graham, who stock a range of artificial climbers which look impressively authentic, even close-up.

£18 | Gisela Graham | Buy it now

Artificial Potted Aloe Vera

Though natural aloe isn’t too tricky to take care of, they are toxic to pets, including cats and dogs and even horses. So, if you’re a pet parent looking to be an aloe plant parent, then your best bet is to fake it. The fake plant market is pretty saturated with aloe, but we particularly love the grey, industrial-style concrete pot which houses this realistic option.

£25.50 | Maisons du Monde | Buy it now

Bamboo Tree

This fake bamboo is a great height if you’re looking for something to create a focal point, and the price is very reasonable for a large plant (it’s 85cm high).

It’s the underneath of artificial leaves that often give them away, and because this tree has a lot of them, it takes a bit of arranging to get it looking natural. But it is worth it.

£25 | Matalan | Buy it now

Artificial Potted Monstera

Another on-trend plant, this monstera stands at 90cm tall with beautiful, big leaves. Again, the underside of these artificial leaves give it away, so just spend time arranging and bending them so as to conceal the underneath. IKEA have a huge range of fake plants – from trailing pothos to huge oriental bamboo – which are worth checking out.

£40 | IKEA | Buy it now

Hanging Lilypad Macrame Plant

The macrame netted rope adds a cool boho vibe to this faux planter, and for under £20, there’s a great level of detail on its leaves. Hanging plants from ceilings, curtain rods or shelves add a multi-tier dimension to your home decor, too. And the best part about going faux? You won’t have to stand on a chair and untangle it from its holder to water it!

£19.50 | Marks & Spencer | Buy it now

Faux Potted Spider Plant

Spider plants are very popular house plants because of their striking, spear-like leaves, but also because they’re super low maintenance. But the thing we love about this artificial version are the two different type of leaves – one pointed, one bushier – as this is a bit rarer to find on the real thing. It’s a great way to add a tropical feel to a room.

£32 | Rockett St George | Buy it now


We’re big fans of IKEA’s extensive, affordable and lifelike range of artificial plants, but were also seriously impressed by Blooming Artificial’s Paradise Palm. It’s a standout piece which will add a lush, tropical feel to a living space, and it’s fantastically realistic.

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These Are The Most Real Looking Fake Plants On The Internet

Friends often come to me with their houseplant problems — leaves falling, sad wilting, no new growth — and they’re usually surprised to hear my diagnosis: it shouldn’t be a houseplant at all. Think about the conditions in which plants thrive outdoors — humidity in the air, natural sunlight, pollinators buzzing about.

While some plants perform better than others in indoor settings, it’s not uncommon for most to ultimately die due to dry air quality, inadequate lighting, and poor soil. For that reason, I encourage friends with a craving for greens in their living spaces to take artificial plants for a test drive. Our favorite shops now sell incredible faux options, making it easy to add a realistic botanical splash to your home, and best of all: the only maintenance these beauties require is a dusting now and then. From budding bulbs to full-on fiddle leafs, there’s a faux version of nearly every plant out there… here are my 15 favorites.

image by Pottery Barn

1 of 15

Faux Hanging Succulent, Terrain

2 of 15

Artificial Daffodils in Glass Pot, Threshold

3 of 15

Hanging Monstera Ball, West Elm

4 of 15

Faux Eucalyptus in Terracotta Pot, Hearth & Hand

5 of 15

Small Artificial Hanging Plant, Threshold

6 of 15

Wild Field Faux Bouquet, Anthropologie

7 of 15

Faux Potted Fiddle Leaf Tree, Pottery Barn

8 of 15

Artificial Rubber Tree, Crate and Barrel

9 of 15

White Peony Flower Stem, Crate and Barrel

10 of 15

Faux Potted Aloe Plant, Terrain

11 of 15

Natural Protea, West Elm

12 of 15

Faux Potted Sago Palm Tree, Pottery Barn

13 of 15

Faux Potted Caladium Houseplant, Pottery Barn

14 of 15

Dried Palm Leaf, West Elm

15 of 15

Faux Potted Maiden Hair Fern, Pottery Barn

Artificial Plants

For safety, the higher quality artificial plants are also known and are popular for their fire retardant features.


Replica plants, flowers and trees come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles including a range of topiary, foliage, orchids and hanging baskets to provide floral solutions for a majority of spaces and cater for most needs.

Strategically placed in key areas of a home or an office; such as an empty corner, on a coffee table or hanging outside a front entrance they are a great way to add colour, life and vitality to a plethora of situations.


Over time replicas gather dust, so once in a while you will need to take them outside to give them a light flick with a duster or cheap paint brush.

Be aware that if you use mild soapy water or even water alone, some plants, such as silk plants, can be affected if you’re using water. They may lose their colour, shape or disintegrate.


At Riverside, we offer only the best and most realistic silk plants and trees on the market. They have been manufactured using the most advanced techniques available today and they feature real wood stems, printed silk leaves and silk flowers of varying sizes and depth of colour, just like the real thing.

Our range of artificial trees has surpassed 140 variations making it one the largest ranges anywhere. We also sell a range of outdoor artificial trees that can be left outside all year round, with minimal maintenance.

Our range of artificial flower plants has surpassed 250 products and includes artificial bouquets and artificial foliage plants.

We also have in-house experts who can advise you on any specific requirements that you may have. Let us know about the space you’re looking to decorate and we’d be more than happy to offer you some suggestions.