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If you’ve seen my array of 2013 hair styles, you’ll know that I favor short hair. However, I’m in the process of growing my hair out. No, me cutting my hair short for several years was not a political statement. I think it’s crazy to say that everyone with short hair is making a political statement. Nor is growing my hair out a statement, either. It’s merely me growing my hair out to please me.

How to Gracefully Grow Out a Pixie Cut

My Short Pixie from September 2013

So today I’ve got tips on how to gracefully grow out a pixie cut. Pixie cuts may be the trend, but it’s a rather drastic cut and it’s not for everyone. If you’ve already gotten tired of the super short locks, I’ve got suggestions on how to handle the transitions.

Work With Your Hair

Growing out a pixie cut often leads to damaged hair as you try to tame the varying lengths with heat styling. Embrace the varying lengths with a tousled style. Use a hair styling powder like Rock Your Hair Bombshell Powder to add volume and work with the shattered style, rather than the flat iron. This is my favorite way to embrace the messy look.

Take it easy on heat styling and only use light-weight products so that your hair doesn’t dry out. Using a heat protectant before you flat iron or blow dry is a must! My favorite is the DermOrganic Spray Therapy. Deep conditioning treatments are critical! Of course I think Pretty Little Elixir Vegan Hair Masque is perfect to deeply moisturize your hair without weighing it down.

Trimming Is Your Secret Weapon

Trimming your hair actually helps it stay healthy by eliminating split ends. If you skip getting trims, you may end up with unsightly split ends that will make it take longer for your hair to grow out. Getting a tiny trim every four to six weeks will help your pixie cut turn longer in no time. It also helps your hair reach a more even length to avoid excess flyaways and frizz. If your stylist suggests it, you can just go in for a bang (fringe) trim, if you don’t feel you need an all over trim.

My January 2014 tiny trim

While I recently had an all over trim, my next few cuts will probably just be to get my bangs trimmed. For mine, I focused on getting rid of the back to try and bring my hair closer to being the same length all over. I want to avoid having a mullet! However, as you can tell, I still have lots of layers in there to grow out.

Add Supplements To Your Diet

Even with a proper diet, your hair may still need additional supplements to help it grow quickly. I’m currently taking Biotin. Biotin supplements aid in the production of keratin with helps hair retain moisture and it thickens and strengthens strands. Vitamins B, C and D are also important as they help both hair and scalp health. Supplements with amino acids are ideal as these are crucial for the protein production your hair needs.

Many hair supplements include all of these and prevents you from having to take so many different things. If you take a multi-vitamin, you may not need the extra B, C and D vitamins. Too much of these can result in poor health, including problems growing out your hair. Since I take a multivitamin, I’m sticking to the multivitamin and biotin.

The side effect of biotin is that it’s also helping to strengthen my nails. However, I’m also trying to find a salon in Tampa that will do the IBX treatments on my nails, too, like Spa Touch did in Orlando. I want stronger nails with my longer hair 😛

Wearing one of my favorite wigs and headband

Hair Accessories

Styling a growing pixie cut is just as important as knowing how to grow out a pixie haircut. While you can certainly use a headband, which is what I’ve been doing a lot recently, there are many other options! You can use a wig. You can also rely on barrettes, flowers, pins and volumizing hair powder. You can still create fun, stylish looks throughout all the stages of your pixie cut regrowth.

Right now I’m loving all the unique and beautiful creations by Bunny Page on Etsy. You can get custom headbands, hair pins, and flowers. They even have stunning gorgeous necklaces, too! I’ll be reviewing them soon. I also adore Love.Like.Style.


You can have hair extensions put in. I had extensions put in back in 2011 when I wanted to grow out my asymmetrical cut. On the left side of the picture you can see that we matched my hair to darkest auburn and black. to create the illusion of longer, fuller hair on the left side of the picture we used 10 black and 10 darkest auburn extensions. For the right side of the picture I just wanted to add a splash of color so we used 10 purple and 2 hot pink. The process took about 2 hours. It was $330 for the extensions, the installation, the special comb and the cut/style. Getting adjustments usually costs about $25, but you can maintain them for several months.

Hair Falls

For the best hair falls – clip ins, full head or accents – I recommend checking out I Kick Shins. I’m not affiliated with them in any way but I’ve bought lots of clip in extensions and hair falls from them over the years and they’re absolutely awesome. Yes, you can buy a full set of clips to add length all over.

Messy up-dos are ideal for pixie cuts. Odds are, you’ll be dealing with varying lengths. Use jeweled clips or hair pins to pin back random sections of hair. You’ll create a fun, artfully messy do.

If you’d rather go for a more natural look, use something like DermOrganic Volume Foam at the roots when you blow dry to make your hair look fuller. They’ll help smooth flyaways and leave you with an almost bob look as your hair grows out.

Once you reach the point where you can take advantage of braids, go braid crazy. Braids are highly customizable and are perfect for work, school, a night out and even just relaxing at home. For the best braids, check out Hair Romance. My friend Christina has so many amazing hair tutorials, tips and tricks!

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What are your tips for How to Gracefully Grow Out a Pixie Cut? Please share them below!

Micro Ring Loop Hair Extensions

Minimum Hair Length: 4 – 5 inches or 10 – 12 cm.

Preferred mostly by women with medium short hair, micro ring loops require a hair length of 4 inches or 10 centimeters for rings to be fully covered. That’s the important part! You can install extensions on much shorter strands, but the loops could be visible, especially during strong wind.

Nowadays more and more women switch from micro ring loops to tape-ins. Why? It’s a slightly newer, faster and much cheaper method (unless installing yourself). Whether you prefer tapes, tips or loops is up to you.

Hair Weaves and Wefts

Minimum Hair Length: 3 – 5 inches or 7 – 12 cm.

The minimum hair length for sewed-ifn hair extensions is 3 inches or 7 cm. However, a highly-skilled stylist is recommended to properly conceal any work. Not exactly the best option for women with short hair. A safer bet would be to wait for your hair to grow longer or switch to one of many other fusion methods.

If you have short hair and have already ordered weft extensions, do not worry. Your hair stylist can transform them into clip-in, tape-in or even more complex, strand-by-strand extensions.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Minimum Hair Length: 3 – 4 inches or 7 – 10 cm.

The minimum hair length of 3 inches (7 cm) is required to cover the clip base and properly attach clips without them making you feel uncomfortable. This is one of the best and easiest methods for beginners with short hair. If your hair is shorter than the absolute minimum, you can experience some hair pulling.

What does that mean? If you have short strands, the clips will either be attached too close to the roots or vice versa. If it feels like you have secured clip in extensions properly and are still experiencing these issues, check the clips themselves. Some companies tend to do better than others. AiryHair coats all clips with a silicone layer, which prevents your real hair from sticking to the clip.

If you insist on buying clip-in hair extensions (without meeting the minimum hair length requirement), consider 1-piece strands. These tend to have slightly smaller clips. However, installation is too tedious and we do not recommend this option.

Tape-in Hair Extensions

Minimum Hair Length: 3 inches or 7 cm.

Your hair will need to be at least 3 inches (7 cm) long to install tape-in hair extensions. Tapes are smaller than clips and are not as visible. Therefore, it needs slightly shorter hair to get all tapes properly attached. There are no other parts, just the tape. In addition to that, tape can be trimmed or cut into smaller pieces to make fusion work too. Many stylists swear by them! These are the best hair extensions for short hair on a budget.

Please note: some companies sell tape-in extensions with a standard tape. Maybe even at a lower price than in other stores. However, these extensions are not suited for women with shorter hair. It is important to go with the transparent tape, which means that the part that attaches to your hair blends perfectly with your own hair.

Stick Tip Hair Extensions

Minimum Hair Length: 2.5 – 4 inches or 6 – 10 cm.

Stick or I-Tip hair extensions should be installed on hair no shorter than 2.5 inches or 6 centimeters. Slightly more flexible than tape-ins, these are strand-by-strand fusion extensions that rely on cold-fusion method.

It’s one of the Keratin alternatives that was highly popular many moons ago but since then lost to tape-in and u-tip fusion types. If you are afraid of the heat and still want to use strands rather than tapes, this is a great option.

Keratin Hair Extensions

Minimum Hair Length: 2 – 3.5 inches or 5 – 9 cm.

Keratin or U-Tip hair extensions require a minimum hair length of 2 inches or 5 centimeters to be properly fused. Since Keratin extensions are attached using hot pliers, the range entirely depends on your hair stylist and applied technique. When it comes to minimum length, U-Tip extensions are unbeatable. Simply the best for women with short hair. The installation is rather long though (2 to 4 hours) and very expensive.

Professional hair stylists are able to attach u-tips on very short hair. Hot fusion strands blend perfectly with short hair as there are no loops, tapes or clips. Therefore, if attached properly, you can go from shortest to the longest hair in your entire neighborhood.

There are two types of u-tip hair extensions, one with Keratin glue and one with regular glue. Both work about the same and while Keratin is praised for being a natural solution, strands don’t last as long as with glue. They are easier to remove though.

If you have extremely short hair that are below hair extension recommendations, do not worry as there are still plentiful of solutions to double your hair volume!

  • The first alternative is to use a human hair wig. It will give you some time to grow your hair back and reach the minimum height. Check our selection at AiryHair wigs for more details.
  • If regular wigs don’t work for you, a hair topper might do. It was designed for women with thinning hair or balding issues. These pieces are extremely light and durable.
  • If you have few balding spots and still want hair extensions, go with the flip-in style extensions. They don’t add any extra pressure, making them perfect for your situation. For more details, see the explanation above.

Instead of only daydreaming about your old Rapunzel hair, do something about it! You can quicken the process your hair grows with these seven simple tricks. If you are like me and want to grow your hair if possible before Jack Frost comes to town, here are the ways to do it!

Massage Your Scalp

Massaging your scalp in the shower improves circulation to your hair follicles, making it grow faster! Furthermore, just like those scalp massages, flipping your head upside promotes more blood circulation to your head

Don’t forget to brush your hair from tip to root and be gentle about it. Ripping and pulling at your hair to get the knots out cause’s breakage obviously!

Throw Away Cotton Pillowcase

Cotton causes friction that leads to breakage of your hair! Go for a silk case to rest your precious hair on at night.

Try Multiple Nutrients

Massage your head with castor oil! Lousy with Vitamin E and fatty acids, this genie in a bottle promotes natural hair growth and reduces dryness.

Mask an egg yolk mask and let it sit for at least an hour before rinsing it out. Egg yolks are practically made up for only protein, a main component in hair.

Avoid Heat Styling Appliances

As simple as that. For some other tips on hair care, check our weave hair guide, which also works for straight or any texture hair.

You have plenty of freedom to transform into a mermaid like girl or just a woman with medium hair.

If your hair is short, it should be at least 2-inch long (5 cm) to install hair extensions and wear them comfortably. The recommended length is 3 to 5 inches (7 to 12 cm).

The length of hair, or how long should it be for the hair extensions depends on the attachment type and your hair stylist. Personally, for short hair I would go with either tape-in or clip-in extensions.

If you have short to medium hair, any of these methods will do. It’s all about the personal preference and budget. Your options are pretty much endless. You can have the longest hair extensions without any trouble.

5 Rules to Know Before You Get Hair Extensions

The red carpet has a secret: Hair extensions. How do you think celebs go from a lob to mermaid hair overnight? And stars like Chrissy Teigen, Kim Kardashian and Mindy Kaling are all about full disclosure when it comes to their long locks. While extensions used to have a bad reputation (can anyone forget the Britney Spears incident?), they’ve come a long way when it comes to quality and technology. They’re not just for adding length or fullness—wear them to experiment with different styles, like clip-in bangs or strands of blue. But before you take the plunge, Monica Thornton, Co-Founder of RPZL in New York City, the world’s first hair-extension and blowout bar, shares five rules you need to know about hair extensions.

Chrissy Teigen (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

1. Consider your lifestyle. “We have three different types of hair extensions,” says Thornton. “The entry level—the gateway drug—is our clip-ins.” Those are most popular with beginners since they’re so user-friendly. Essentially barrettes with hair attached, they can be clipped in or out whenever you’d like. The second option is tape extensions; those are held in place with strong, invisible bi-adhesive premium tape that’s undetectable to the touch; they last for up to eight weeks. The third choice is keratin. They’re attached with a high-tech process that binds them with sound activation and keratin attachments; they last for three months or more. “If you do a lot of hot yoga, the tape is not a good option—the keratin is a better,” explains Thornton. “If you want to change your color often, opt for the tape because the keratin is in there a long time. We really have our stylists assess clients’ lifestyles; if they wear glasses they know where to put the extensions. There’s lot of little things and that’s what makes it a special experience when they come in.”

RPZL extensions

2. Get the right color match. Being off even by a shade is a dead giveaway that you’re wearing faux hair. The most accurate way is to color match with the ends of your locks, not the roots, and go with the color that’s the most prominent in your natural hair. “What makes RPZL’s hair different than many of the other brands is that most women don’t have one shade of hair,” Thornton says. “They tend to be mixed, so our colors are blended for the most part. That’s what really allows us to be able to color match someone on the spot.” You can upload a selfie onto RPZL’s site and one of their stylists will color match your hair and mail the extensions.

Kim Kardashian (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

3. Splurge on quality. Synthetic extensions are the most affordable, but they tangle easily and have a super high shine, which makes them look obviously unnatural. And non-virgin hair means it’s been processed—either dyed or treated to change its texture—so it’s also not ideal, since it’s more damaged. Remy extensions are the highest quality. They’re the closest to your real hair, so they’ll hold styles and texture the same way and won’t shed as much as the cheaper options. “Our hair is a proprietary line, so we’ve developed it ourselves,” Thornton says. “It’s 100% Remy hair, which is really important because our goal is for you not to look like you’re wearing fake hair. Someone should not be able to tell that you’re wearing extensions.” Thornton says a key to having natural-looking extensions is making sure the hair cuticles are all facing the same way to prevent tangles and matting. For clip-ins, look for a silicone cushion on the clips to prevent tangles and breakage.

RPZL salon

4. Do maintenance work. Just like your natural hair, extensions need regular washing. “Wash clip-ins every six to eight times that you wear them, depending on how much product you’re using,” Thornton says. “Give them a little bath in your sink and dry them on a towel.” Before washing clip-ins, remove them and comb out any tangles. Use a shampoo and conditioner free of sulfates and parabens, and blot them with a towel to remove excess water, then let them air dry. Use a gentle shampoo for tape-on and keratin extensions too, focusing on the roots, and condition only from the mid-length of the hair down. Protect your extensions by waiting until they’re mostly dry to use heat styling tools, and avoid using those directly on the tape and keratin bonds. And don’t go to bed with wet hair—make sure your hair is totally dry before you hit the pillow.

5. Know when to let go. “When people say extensions damage your hair, that’s because they weren’t professionally removed,” Thornton says. “You have to maintain within the time frames. You can’t take extensions that were meant for six weeks and wear them for three months.” Another way to avoid damage is making sure they’re not too heavy. “You have to be careful about that because if it weighs down your hair too much, eventually your hair is going shed. Nothing will stop that, and eventually it will be too much for your hair and it will break.” Extensions should never fall out, and they shouldn’t cause pain either. You shouldn’t be able to feel them at all, but if you do, return to the salon to make sure they’re in properly. If clip-ins are bothering you, unclip that section and move it over a bit to grab more of your own hair. Clip-ins should be taken out every night to avoid breakage and protect the extensions.

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This week a hair loss expert at the London Centre of Trichology came out and said that in the last two years, he’s seen a 15 percent increase in women seeking treatment after damaging their hair with glue extensions—which he now believes should be straight-up banned before they scalp more women. The trichologist told the BBC that the extension-related hair loss is traction alopecia, which is a condition caused when too much tension is regularly placed on the hair roots, pulling out the hairs, and damaging the follicles permanently. Yikes!

We asked New York City dermatologist Francesca Fusco, who specializes in hair loss, if hair extensions are going to give us hair reductions in the long run.

__What’s your take on this news linking an increase in hair damage to extensions?

__ It doesn’t surprise me. It’s true—but it’s true for a variety of reasons. It’s not the hair extensions per se that are bad. It’s like anything—if you get artificial nails done or eyelash extensions—it’s about whether the person who is doing it and you, the person who is getting them, knows how to maintain them. I don’t think extensions should be banned; they should be done properly.

Is there a way to have extensions and not have hair damage or loss?

“Yes; go to a pro who really knows how to do extensions. Professionals should have undergone training; this is not something you want to have done at your local nail salon. And you should go back to your stylist for maintenance at least once a month. The stylist will make sure that the extensions are on properly, and if one is pulling at the hair, they’ll remove it and reapply it the proper way. They can also rotate the areas that they put the hair extensions on so it’s not the same group of hairs under stress every time. Rotating means less damage to the hair follicles. And , you shouldn’t pull at too much when styling.”

Say I’ve noticed some hair loss…

“If you’re starting to experience hair loss, address it right away. This will eventually damage the hair follicle and the hair loss will be permanent. So if you’re seeing now, eventually the follicle will be scarred and you won’t get that hair back.”

The BBC story specifically mentions glue extensions. Are sewn-in extensions less harmful than glue extensions?

“No; sewn-in are more damaging than glue-in, which in America are called individual keratin extensions. The cornrowing is stressful on the hair and the hair follicles. There’s more weight on the surface area with sewn-in extensions than individual keratin strands. Individual keratin strands are better.”

So in summary: Glue-in > Sewn-in. If you notice an extension is pulling on your hair, see your stylist about having it removed and reapplied. If you’re already experiencing hair loss due to your extensions, have the extensions removed and see a doctor. And in the meantime, check out these hairstyling tips for thinning hair from New York City hairstylist Garren.


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First, confession time. I used to be a hair-extension snob; the sort of person who looked at pictures of celebrities with undisguised glee when you could see their clip-ins, who ridiculed poor colour matches and looked on with derision when fake hair hung like straggly curtains down to someone’s navel, all while thinking, “They can’t possibly think those things look real.” But then recently, things changed. I committed the ultimate hypocritical crime and got them myself. And what’s more, I love them.

Turns out, it’s easier than you think to fake your way to long, full-bodied locks – you just need good extensions (because, oh my, are there some bad ones out there). One of Bazaar’s favourite hair salons, Hershesons, recently launched a line of tape extensions that have been years in the making. They come with a new service designed to blend them into the hair expertly in 60 minutes.

For my makeover I turned to Kiara Bailey, the founder of Hair Lingerie, who gave me a look that was subtle and natural-looking using tapes. And to help you in your quest for thicker or lengthier tresses, here are a few key extension lessons I learnt along the way:

1. There are different types

It might sound obvious, but the wealth of options available when it comes to hair extensions – clip-ins, tapes and hot/cold bonds – means there is likely to be a style that particularly suits your preferences. I personally found tape extensions to be the most inconspicuous and easiest permanent option to look after, but do your own research first. As with all hair decisions, there are positives and negatives to each style. If you’re unsure, perhaps try clip-in extensions to begin with, as they are a great starting point for anyone looking for a temporary switch-up.

2. They can look natural

When I first got my extensions, the biggest surprise was that people weren’t calling me out for getting them done (as I’d feared), but that they were actually shocked that they couldn’t tell I had them in (aside from the fact my hair had inexplicably grown overnight).

That all comes down to having high-quality hairpieces that have been cleverly positioned to blend in with your own locks. Perhaps the most important factor though, was the advice to focus on achieving body as well as length. That way, instead of getting super-long extensions that were obviously fake, the smaller, specifically placed hairpieces plumped up my hair and made it appear healthier and more voluminous in the process.

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A post shared by Hair Lingerie (@hairlingerie) on Nov 14, 2017 at 12:33pm PST

3. Good extensions shouldn’t cause damage

In the past, I always assumed that if by some miracle I was able to get hair extensions that looked good I’d inevitably have to accept long-term hair damage as a compromise. Luckily, during my consultation – a must before committing to extensions – Bailey soothed this fear, explaining that “many conventional extensions will damage your hair and cheap hair extensions will ruin it 100 per cent of the time”. That’s why it’s important to do your research. “Not all brands and methods are created equally,” she added. “Your hair should look as good if not better than when you put them in; that’s when you know your hair is being protected.”

4. You don’t need to spend hours in the salon

While extensions have always been an undeniably quicker fix than waiting for your hair to grow, they have a reputation for taking a long time to put in. In recent years though, application has become far speedier and more effective. Bailey stresses that “with technological advancements, we have found a way to make the application process fast and easy. Depending on the colour process required, most clients are in and out within an hour.” I was still cynical, but she was right: I hardly had to time to finish my magazine before I was whisked out the door with beautiful, swishable hair.

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Building length and thickness with a few simple tapes, who knew it was that easy? 💫#homemadeinhershesons Extensions by @jordanmooneyhair Colour by @maxymax31

A post shared by HERSHESONS (@hershesons) on Sep 12, 2018 at 11:13am PDT

5. But taking care of them does take time

As a serial snoozer of the alarm in the morning, and someone who used to swear by air-drying my hair, it took some effort to factor in enough time to wash, blow-dry and style my extensions – as you shouldn’t leave them wet in case they start to slip or become sticky. It’s time-consuming, granted, but you’ll thank yourself for it, because styling really makes the most of your new look. It’s particularly important as time goes on, because if your extensions get a little more unruly at the ends (use some Moroccanoil Treatment, £33.90, to help avoid this) your hair will naturally tend to separate, making your extensions more obvious. The simple addition of a curl to the ends, or straightening and smoothing your own natural hair –will blend everything back in nicely.

6. You’ll probably need new products

Unfortunately, your normal haircare product arsenal doesn’t tend to measure up once you have extensions, mainly because the hair that isn’t your own will respond differently to washing and styling. Bailey recommends “using a sulphate-free, non-stripping shampoo and a highly moisturising conditioner or mask to maintain the condition of the hair.” Try Purelogy’s Hydrate Shampoo, £11.55, and Kérastase’s Nutritive Masque Magistral, £25.65, as a good starter kit and “having a great mixed bristle brush like the Mason Pearson, £43.05, is important for keeping your hair tangle-free too.” You might also find that your own hair gets a little drier than normal, because you aren’t conditioning near the extensions’ bonds. If that does happen, Easilocks suggests dividing your hair into pigtails and applying their Leave-in Spray Conditioner, £23.35, to the ends of your natural tresses.

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A post shared by Hair Lingerie (@hairlingerie) on Dec 5, 2017 at 1:48pm PST

8. They shouldn’t be uncomfortable

It certainly feels strange at first to suddenly have a lot more hair, but you shouldn’t experience any pain or great discomfort after getting extensions. If you do, go straight back to your stylist to get them repositioned. I only tended to notice them in the first week when I went to sleep, but simply tying my hair up before I went to bed (which you should do anyway to stop them getting pulled or knotted) made them a lot more manageable.

If you’re experiencing itchiness, this could simply be the result of not properly rinsing your shampoo – having more hair may mean you need to spend longer washing it. From experience, I’d recommend consciously taking longer to rinse your hair every time you shower, as product takes longer to drop down the hair shaft when you have extensions in and suds can become trapped between the tapes, causing itchiness.

9. They can be expensive

Good hair extensions don’t come cheap, it has to be said, but if applied correctly and looked after well they should last up to eight weeks. In fact, with Hair Lingerie, that time can be stretched out if you return to your stylist after about six weeks, because they can remove the hairpieces, clean the adhesive and reposition them – allowing you to wear well looked-after extensions for up to a year.

Hair Lingerie is available at Show Dry Westbourne Grove and Wimbledon Village; and Harvey Nichols Manchester. Prices start from £475. Hershesons tapes are 18 inches in length and shades include: Mid Brown Gold, LightBrown Gold, Ash Blonde & Cocoa Mocha. Available at all Hershesons blow-dry bars and salons from £130.

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How Long Do Hair Extensions Last For?

Micro rings or the micro bonding methods last for 3-4 months before needing to be re-fitted (as they have grown 1.5 inches away from your scalp).

Clip in hair extensions are fitted in and out daily.

Other methods such as tape or weaves last 6-8 weeks.

Who Shouldn’t Get Hair Extensions?

‘Anyone who has active hair loss should never get hair extensions as wearing them could mask what is happening with the natural hair and delay any action taken to treat the hair loss,’ cautions McKenna.

‘Any clients with unusually fine hair along with very sparse hair (not dense enough) should avoid using hair extensions but this is less than 1% of the female population.

‘Otherwise the guidance is to match the amount of hair added with the density of the clients own hair. So, finer-haired clients should add less hair in than those with more dense hair.’

How Do You Take Care Of Hair Extensions?

Caring for hair extensions isn’t difficult.

The main rules are:

1. Avoid oiliness at the roots to prevent the connections from slipping or going sticky.

2. No inverting your head upside down head or in high ponytails as this pulls on the underside of the connection.

3. No aggressive pulling.

Otherwise, washing, drying and styling hair extensions is very much the same as with your natural hair as long as they’re good quality.

When Should You Remove Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions should never be left in for more than 4 months or after 2 inches of regrowth. Always return to the salon to have them removed professionally.

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A gorgeous glossy blend 😍 Hand blended in our London Lab, the best quality Russian Virgin Hair. C6 is available in Flat Tip, I-Tip and Tape #BetterBlends #TheLondonHairLab

A post shared by TheLondonHairLab – Hair Supply (@thelondonhairlab) on Jan 23, 2020 at 1:08am PST

Common Hair Extensions Mistakes To Avoid

  • Poor quality hair. Some salons find it difficult to get good quality hair, even if it is expensive, it can still be over-processed and not long lasting.
  • Bad colour matching. Hair extensions that are pre-made in strands are generally one colour, or two colours mixed in a stripy strand, so the colour match is never going to be good enough as your natural hair is multi-tonal.
  • Strands too large for a small section of your hair. The strand of hair must be securely placed using an appropriate amount of the client’s own hair, matching weight for weight of the clients natural hair.
  • Hair extensions not blended in and cut properly to create a new hair style. Inexperienced salons can just leave the extensions, but they need to be properly blended and a new haircut needs to be created.
  • No aftercare advice given. Most salons do not guide their clients through how to take care of their new hair extensions and get the most out of them in terms of styling. Simple routines like tying the hair in a low pony at night and drying thoroughly at the roots, can save damage to the hair, prevent matting and help the extensions last longer.

What To Know Before You Get Hair Extensions

1.Find an expert salon

…and make sure that the result you want is achievable with how much hair you have currently. If you have thin hair and it’s short, you can only add enough hair extensions to add maybe 5 inches of length – adding 10 inches is not advisable!

2. Try out the hair extensions before committing

Having hair extensions is an investment of your time and money. You should go to the salon and have a consultation and have test pieces of hair extensions put in. You can then wear those for at least a week to see how the method and the hair type suit you.

3. Don’t settle for a bad colour match

You should never compromise with the colour match as even a slight difference is noticeable. You should also never have to dye your own hair to match hair extensions.

4. Ask questions

Any good hair stylist wants to share their knowledge with you and cares about you and your new hair, so you should be able to ask any question and expect a thorough, informative response. Hair extensions can change your appearance drastically, so you should feel comfortable and be able to ask their stylist lots of questions.

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Hair Extensions Pros and Cons – Is it worth your time and money?


1. Obviously, it is going to eat a considerable part of your wallet (from a few hundred dollars and maybe even up to thousand). In most cases, this figure is a fortune. But you already know, beauty does cost.

2. Once decided to have hair extension, you’ll need to go through exactly what option you are going to choose, either synthetic hair or natural human hair. To be sure that human hair would be way more expensive than an artificial one. Although being cheaper, synthetic hair typically can’t get through being heated. This means having a synthetic hair on your head, you can’t forget to stay away from the blow dryer and hair ironing in a while.

3. Each of the method listed above has their own downsides.The glue can cause a huge damaging to the hair root and scalp. The heat may break the hair texture and weaken them from inside.

Meanwhile, the sewing might be too heavy and tense; this puts an extra pressure on your scalp which can cause you irritation or even headache. A long-term braid also means that your entire hair wouldn’t get enough hygiene frequently and this would cause dandruff, especially at the braids area.A clip-in and tape-in extension usually harden the brushing process every morning. If you are often a last minute girl, you must think twice to go for a clip-in one; you just don’t want to tear your whole scalp by accident while rushing for school/work. And remember that extension is a real hard work; treat them delicately.

At the same time, the micro ring metal ring is another potential harm to your hair when heat (such as from blow dryer) is applied.

4. A new weight of hair set can harm your scalp. Normally your hair grows naturally and gets a bit more weight every day. The point is that your scalp always has time to adapt to the weight. Now that you are adding much more hair at a time, a sudden gravity would pull your hair down and weaken its elasticity.

A tip is to avoid the piece of hair that is estimated to be too heavy for you. And just go for hair extension if you already have a strong hair and healthy scalp to bear against the pull.

In short, here are the cheat sheet of hair extensions pros and cons

– Extra length and volume
– More chemical and heat interference allowed
– More hairstyles to experience with
– Much safer and more advanced methods invented to protect hair

– Pricey
– Have many options to think about: a standard or high-quality extension
– All methods can cause potential damage to hair.
– Extension weight can harm the scalp.


So that’s it… the hair extensions pros and cons.

Basically, this would cause much harm for your natural hair and scalp. Well, you know that we are born natural and supposed to go best with anything natural. But in case you are too craving for that celebrity shiny look, we advise you to go with it ONLY IN CASE YOU HAVE A STRONG HEALTHY SCALP and a fair enough hair length to hide all those clipping, tape, etc.

Thank you for sticking with us around. Leave a comment below for us if you have any further query.

Micro-rings (or micro-bead), are when small clusters of hair extensions are clamped onto your strands with a tiny bead or metal ring near the roots, they last for around 3-months, depending on how fast your hair grows out. The pros of this method is that there’s no glue or heat involved in the application process, but on the reverse, over time the ring can damage hair, especially if gets hot when blow-drying or styling.

Another method is a weave, which is perfect for thick, coarse hair types. Your natural hair is tightly braided and then the extension weft is sewn to the braid. It’s best to check in with your stylist every 2 months to check if the braids are still in tact or need tightening up.

Finally, there are bonds (aka, keratin bonds, pre-bonded). These extensions have a bonding agent attached to top of hair extensions, this is usually keratin or protein infused – to help protect the natural hair it is applied to. The stylist uses a hot tool to fuse the bond to the root of your hair, et voila, you’re good for 3-4 months. For more info on the different types of bonds, go here.

4. Be smart about styling

I cannot stress this enough. Taking care of your hair extensions will ensure they stay soft and silky, slack off, and chances are they’ll end up dry, frizzy and straw-like.

Start by taking a look at your haircare routine, unlike regular hair, extensions need even more moisture so opt for nourishing formulas like Alterna’s Caviar Repair X Instant Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner. For an intense hit of hydration try Bleach London’s Reincarnation Mask – the stuff is designed to bring mega-dry, bleached hair back to life, and it really works.

Alterna Caviar Repair X Instant Recovery Shampoo, £34.50

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Alterna Caviar Repair X Instant Recovery Conditioner, £34.50

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Bleach London Reincarnation Mask, £6

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Once washed it’s crucial to use a heat protection spray. Unite’s 7 Seconds Leave In Detangler not only protects hair from heat, but it also conditions.

Unite 7 Seconds Leave In Detangler, £23

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The Wet Brush, aka the gentlest detangling hairbrush ever. Honestly, don’t ask me how it does it, but this thing cuts through tangles like a knife through butter – *without* tugging at your hair.

The Wet Brush, £11.99

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5. Look after your new locks

– It may sound obvious, but brush your hair from the bottom up, working out any tangles lower down to avoid tugging at the roots, like this…

king of the booth

– Try to sleep with your hair in a single loose plait, it’ll give hair a subtle wave whilst also protecting the strands from getting knotted throughout the night.

– A silk pillowcase is a wise investment for many reasons, but one of the main benefits is that it’s way kinder on your hair than a standard cotton case.

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Hi friends! Sorry I’m later posting today. It’s one of those days where technology hates me… and I regret not using my external hard drive more often. Derppppp.

I thought it would be fun to switch things up around here with a more beauty-ish type post. When I first got my clip-in extensions -shortly after chopping off all of my hair a couple of years ago- many of you asked for a post about hair extensions. Since I love doing hair posts (check out this one for the waterfall braid and this one on my favorite curling iron) I was super excited about this one 🙂

As you guys know, I got some hair extensions for the photo shoot for the book.

(Photo: James Patrick)

My hair was in a weird in-between stage after cutting it, and to be honest, I was feeling really blah. I wasn’t able to do much with my hair -it’s was a bun almost every day- I thought it would be nice to look like myself in the photos and get some extensions.

I LOVE them. Unlike the eyelash extension hack job of 2014, the hair extension foray was been quite successful, and were especially amazing as I grew my hair back out. 😉 I didn’t end up wearing them too often, but were a lot of fun for nights when we went out and I wanted a little extra pizazz.

I’m thankful that madre is a stylist and helped pick out the perfect match for my hair (for my natural color; I got highlights back in January) and taught me how to put them in.

The deets on the extensions:

They’re real, human hair (which yes, was a little freaky to think about).. It’s obviously more natural looking than synthetic hair and a little more expensive. One pack is about $100-120 at Sally’s, and they were on sale when we got them (Ladies’ night! 10% off). I ended up getting two packs since my hair is insanely thick, and I had a little extra that I didn’t use. The extensions are clip-in, so I can easily attach them before going out and remove them to work out, sleep, live. The cost for extensions ranges from a couple hundred dollars to thousands of dollars depending on the quality you buy.

My mom also does the glue extensions, where each strand is fused to your own hair using a special tool. We decided not to go this route since the hair can become heavy and break off, and I liked the ability to remove the clip-in extensions.

Another option is to get extensions that are sewn into your hair. One of my good friends got this type, and they looked AWESOME, but she said she wishes she could take them out sometimes (like during workouts or at night to go to sleep) and that it’s obvious when she needs to get them redone. There are pros and cons to every type.

The prep:

Madre washed the extensions with shampoo and conditioner to see their natural curl. They were perfectly wavy, so she made some finger curls for be beachy waves and let them air dry. I styled my hair as usual using a large-barrel curling iron and went to the salon so madre could attach them and teach me how to use them along the way.

Some tools and tips:

-Always hold the extensions by the clip part of the extension. Avoid touching the extensions too much. You can attach them, style them, and then try to leave them alone. It will keep the hair looking fresh and tamed longer. You can also wash the extensions with shampoo and conditioner, but avoid doing it too often.

-To store the extensions, make some finger curls with each piece so each one looks like a circle. Wrap in a towel, or you can get one of these silk extension holders.

-Get help matching your natural hair color and if possible, have a stylist put them in for you the first time. It’s worth it! The 18 inch extensions were slightly too long, so madre was able to cut and texturize them to make them even more natural-looking.

How to put them in:

(My hair is as long as the extensions now, but wanted to do a little how-to for ya. Not a super drastic before and after, but you get the idea) 🙂

(15 week baby bumpin!)

Have you tried hair extensions before? Would you? Which celebrity has your favorite hair? I always adore Jessica Alba’s hair style and color. She also *almost* convinces me to lob it again, but alas, not right now.



8 Smart Reasons To Invest in Halo Hair Extensions

Are you unsure?

About whether you should get a Halo or not?

Don’t worry, lots of babes have been where you are.

And I can help.

I’m not gonna tell you why “You MUST Get A Halo Extension!” 😀

But I’ll share with you the reasons why tens of thousands of girls choose Sitting Pretty Halo Hair Extension every year.

And then, once you’ve seen their reasoning you can make your own mind up.

Because the thing is this;

The Halo Extension is incredible. I’m not gonna lie.

It gives you longer, thicker hair in literally seconds.

It’s cost effective. And it’s low maintenance.


It’s not for everyone.

And you’re a smart girl. So I’m just going to give you the details…

…and I know you’ll make the right decision for you.

Then let us reinforce to you why it’ll be the BEST decision you’ll ever make.

Are you ready to dig in?

Let’s go…

How Does The Halo Compare To Other Hair Extensions?

That’s a great question.

And again, it’s not a black and white answer.

Because there’s a place for everything.

That’s why we wrote ‘What Halo Extensions Are And Why They Are Different.’

In this article we spill the beans on it all.

We cover;

  • What are Halo Extensions <– if you didn’t know already
  • How do halo hair extensions work?
  • Exactly how are they different to other hair extensions, like clips and weaves?

But in short…they are VERY different to the others.

Clip-in extensions, Weaves, Glue-ins, Keratin bonds, Tape-in extensions, Microbeads…

You’ve probably tried them.

If not, you have probably heard of them.

And with that in mind you’re aware of the price, and upkeep that comes with the commitment to luscious long locks.

Not to mention the extreme damage to your own hair…

“After three weeks my scalp was red and bleeding. I lost a lot of hair”- Amanda Jones, Beauty Queen – Daily Mail

Our job at Sitting Pretty Halo Hair is to remove the negative stigma attached!

8 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Halo Hair Extensions Today

The Sitting Pretty Halo is technically classified as a Hair Extension piece.

But it’s so different!

And it’s the best option for achieving either length, volume or both – in literally seconds.


Let’s guide you through why the Sitting Pretty Halo is the leading choice in Hair Extensions.

And why you should get some:

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  • 1. Instant thicker, longer hair; while you grow your own.

  • Clip ins can snag at your hair.

    Glue ins contain harsh chemicals that can damage your hair.

    Weaves turn your hair to dreadlocks.

    And so on…

    Ordinary Hair Extensions can cause a huge amount of stress to the hair follicles.

    And over time;

    This leads to a massive amount of breakage.

    Or worse,

    Bald spots.

    Read: The Dangers Of Ordinary Hair Extensions – Daily Mail

    A combination of both the weight and strain of permanent extensions such as Weaves, Tapes and Microbeads can eventually cause the hair to fall out.

    This is known as Traction Alopecia.

    On the flip-side:

    The Halo Hair Extension’s NUMBER ONE benefit…

    …is that it can’t in anyway damage your hair. Whatsoever!

    This is because:

    Its not attached to your hair.

    Which means you can continue to maintain your beautiful locks in their au natural state.

    All the whilst you’re rocking perfect, long, thick hair.

    It’s kind of the perfect solution.

    2. Perfect thick, long hair…in just seconds (just watch the video)

    Forget about those hour long salon trips…

    …to have your tapes re-installed…



    Or an extra 45 minutes of placing individual clips through your hair before girls night out.

    The Halo is ONE piece.

    Yes one…single piece.

    That requires a no hassle, no fuss process of literally seconds to put on.

    The hair is evenly distribution around your head to fill in the back and the sides perfectly.

    To look as natural as it possibly can.

    We potentially just saved you an extra 10-20 mins every morning.

    You can thank us later 😉

    3. Double or even triple the value of your investment

    Most hair extensions will last about…

    …about 6 months.


    Because you wear them in your hair constantly.

    You sleep with them.

    Gym with them.

    Shower with them.

    So they get overused and wear out quickly.

    Except clip-ins. They tend to last a bit longer because you take them out every night.

    The Halo lasts as long as you let it.

    With good maintenance of your Halo Hair, it can last from anywhere from 6 – 24 months.

    We advertise 6-12 months.

    But we often get customers coming back after 3+ years purchasing new ones.

    Maintenance is super easy too…

    Caring for you Halo is SO easy that you’ll be able to wash it, blow dry it, comb it and watch the Bachelor all at the same time.

    Related: How To Wash Your Halo Hair Extensions To Maximise Their Lifespan

    4. Looks 100% natural; like your own hair, but turned up a notch or two

    Hair Extensions can sometimes look very Amy Winehouse circa 2008.

    This is one of our pet-hates of hair extensions.

    Here’s the thing:

    One of the Halo’s best features is that it looks completely natural!

    No one will see it.


    Our Halos have been designed this way.

    They can be adjusted, toned cut and layered to blend perfectly with your own hair.

    So it looks totally real.

    We have 15 unique colours and blends to suit every girl.

    And we have 3 thicknesses to help you achieve the look you want;

    5. Flexible; no commitments; no risk

    Tapes, Glue, Beads, Bonds and Weave-in extensions require that you keep them in until you’re ready to dispose of them.

    Which can be a pain.

    And high maintenance.

    Once they’re in, they’re in. And they ain’t going anywhere.

    Not for a few months at least.

    On the other hand:

    The Halo provides so much flexibility.

    You can take put it on and take it off in a matter of seconds.

    With ease.

    And absolutely no damage to your own hair.

    If you’re fretting about “but what if I wanna rock a short do still?!”

    Then the Halo Hair Extension is 110% for YOU.

    6. Save money; no regular salon visits

    With ordinary hair extensions like…

    …weaves, beads, tapes…

    …as your hair grows out the extensions will become obvious and visibly noticeable.

    You’ll need to visit the salon where you got your extensions from to “take them up”.

    This is a process of taking the extensions out;

    And putting them back up at your roots again.

    It’s costly. Time consuming. And…unnecessary.

    On the flip side:

    The Halo is a one off investment.

    With no pricey maintenance!

    Which saves you buckets of cash in the long run.

    To spend on margaritas (what else?)

    Popular: The Ultimate Morning Routine For Growing Your Hair

    7. 10X your hair volume

    The Halo doesn’t just provide length.

    It provides an amazing amount of volume too.

    Especially important for those who have delicately thin hair and would LOVE volume that’s a little more Beyonce.


    Because the Halo can easily be trimmed and layered.

    And it can be styled with hot tools.

    Waves? Hell yes.

    It can give you thicker, natural longer hair in…that’s right…seconds.

    So say adios to thin hair and holaaaa sexy to voluminous locks.

    8. Mix up your style every day

    The same old hair style can become dull and boring.

    And pretty damn lifeless…


    The length, volume and style that a Halo can provide you with means you have MORE hair to play with

    Which = more fun.


    Whether you’re going straight from work to dinner with the girls;

    Or you just want that extra bit of lushness to get that style you always wanted…

    The Sitting Pretty Halo is the PERFECT accessory to get you there.


    It requires hardly any heating or styling.


    Because the halo extension holds it’s style for months on end!

    BONUS: You’ll forget you’re even wearing it

    I thought I’d sneak this in for you.

    It’s definitely worth mentioning.


    Because. If you’re like most of our customers then you’ll probably wear yours most days of the week.

    So comfort is important…

    …Or you won’t wear it.

    And you’re in luck;

    They’re super comfortable.

    If you’re prone to headaches then you may feel something as you’re adjusting to wearing them.

    But with ordinary hair extensions you would be experiencing headaches even if you’re not prone to them.

    99.9% of the time our customers report:

    “I forget I’m even wearing them…”

    Which is nice 🙂

    So, to summarise…

    The 8 reasons why you should invest in a Halo Hair Extension are:

    • Won’t damage your hair; So you can have perfect hair now while your own hair grows.
    • Quick and easy to use; you’ll have thick long hair in seconds – every day.
    • Long lasting; they last between 2-4 times longer than ordinary hair extensions.
    • Look 100% natural; because guess what, they are.
    • Flexible, no commitments; If you don’t feel like wearing it one day…take it off!
    • Save you money; No more regular salon visits.
    • Volume boosting; and give you thicker, healthier looking hair.
    • Lots of different styles; They can be worn in hundreds of different ways.
    • BONUS – They’re super comfortable; You’ll forget you’re even wearing them.

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