Double oven gas cookers

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Freestanding cookers

The heart of every kitchen is the cooker. Freestanding cookers provide the hob, grill and oven, and all of the cooking possibilities in a single package. Because of this, it’s not a simple decision when purchasing one and, with different fuel types from gas to electric to duel fuel and ceramic and sealed plate hob surfaces and a range of sizes, from below 50cm right up to range cookers over one meter wide, there is a lot to choose from.

Gas cookers, and specifically their hobs, are the traditional choice for the serious chef and amateur alike, giving that classic stove look and providing fine control over the heat of the hob. The flame on a gas hob lights up immediately giving you instant heat and cools equally quickly when turned off. Electric cookers on the other hand provide a smooth, easy to clean surface on which your pots and pans rest safely. An electric oven heats up faster and is drier than gas, with a more evenly distributed heat that is better for baking and roasting most types of food.

If you want the best of both worlds, a dual fuel cooker might be your best bet. With electric ovens offering the best baking and roasting heat, and the gas hob providing finely tuned heat and classic cooking style, this option will provide with the best of both worlds. Dual fuel cookers also come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll always find something to fit your kitchen. We have a great range to choose from – between 50 to 60cm electric cookers.

If you are designing a new kitchen, or have a large space to fill, a range cooker is a great option. They are easy to fit because manufacturers use standard sizes between 90cm and 110cm wide, and they come in styles from traditional to ultra-sleek modern. They come in electric, gas and dual fuel with varying hob choices for the electric models from ceramic to induction. Belling cookers and Rangemaster cookers are classic choices when picking a range cooker, and their gas and electric models are very popular.

Best Buy freestanding cookers

Any cooker that meets our stringent Best Buy benchmark will have proved itself in the Which? test lab: it will have an accurate oven that cooks food evenly, a decent hob that can boil quickly as well as simmer gently, and a grill that will brown what’s below to perfection.

We test all types of freestanding cookers at the Which? test lab, including electric, gas and dual fuel models, plus those with single and double ovens. As well as actually cooking with the cookers, we also check how easy each one is to use. This includes those key things that are important to cooks, such as how clear the markings are, what the visibility into the oven is like and the ease of setting any programmable features. We check what the grill’s like to use and whether the hob has plenty of space if you are using all cooking areas at the same time.

  • Oven speed and accuracy: When we test freestanding cookers we record how long it takes them to heat up, and how closely they stick to the correct temperature.
  • Oven evenness: We put trays of shortbread in the oven to measure how evenly heat is distributed throughout the oven cavity. We also bake a large sponge cake to see if the oven can maintain a steady supply of heat – and guarantee you lots of happy birthdays.
  • Hob: On the hob we record how quickly the burners bring a pan of water to the boil and also how gentle they are when simmering rice pudding.
  • Grill: We cover the whole grill pan with white crustless bread which lets us see how far and how evenly heat spreads.

A cooker that doesn’t make the grade may leave you with half-baked or overbaked results and have you frustrated every time you use it. Go for a Which? Best Buy model to enjoy stress-free cooking.

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Reviews of cookers that you can trust

Cookers from the biggest cooker brands on the market – including AEG, Belling, Hotpoint, Indesit and Zanussi – are tested in the Which? lab. We’ve discovered that sometimes even the best-known brands don’t always come up with the goods.

Which? is independent – we work for you, the consumer, so you can be sure that our product recommendations are influenced only by our test results. We don’t take advertising and we buy all the products that we test ourselves, so our advice helps you to make the right choice first time and avoid costly mistakes.

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Best oven: The best built-in ovens from £470

Kitting out your kitchen can be a headache-inducing task: should you opt for a standalone cooker, a range cooker or a built-in oven with a separate hob? And should the oven be gas or electric? Luckily, we’ve done all the homework for you and broken down all the cooking elements into an easy guide.

So, if you’re looking for a swish integrated oven that blends in with your kitchen cabinets, this is the page for you because we’ve selected a tranche of highly-rated models that make cooking a pleasure. But not all kitchen layouts have the space for a separate oven and hob, so we’re also including a trio of freestanding 60cm cookers. These are the easiest to install because you can just slide them between cabinets – if that sounds good, skip to the three reviews at the bottom of the page.

Finally, if you have a country-style kitchen and are more interested in a range cooker (a wide freestanding oven and hob), head over to our dedicated range cooker guide.

How to choose the best built-in oven or freestanding cooker for you

Tips for buying a built-in oven

If your kitchen cabinets have been installed by a professional fitter, consider a built-in oven – and choose an induction hob or gas hob to match. Built-in ovens are becoming increasingly popular and are now de rigueur in any premium-priced household.

Bear in mind, though, that built-in ovens require wooden framework or an oven housing unit, which means employing a carpenter at extra cost (this isn’t much of an issue if you’re about to commission the build of a new kitchen).

What’s the best type of oven? Electric or gas?

This is often a case of personal preference. Most gas ovens don’t have a convection fan so they won’t cook as evenly or quickly as their electric counterparts. Most modern electric ovens have fan assistance and this improves cooking efficiency. Indeed, you could theoretically cook savoury and sweet dishes at the same time without intermingling flavours. Another bonus with fan ovens is that they can cook at lower temperatures, saving energy in the process.

When it comes to baking, the jury is out. Gas ovens heat up more quickly and produce moisture during the cooking process, while electric ovens take longer to reach temperature and emit a much dryer heat. Some bakers swear by gas because their breads and cakes come out moist and without dried-out crusts. Conversely, just as many bakers say they prefer electric because it browns breads and cakes more appealingly.

The general consensus, though, is that electric ovens are easier to use, more efficient and quicker – even if they are a mite more expensive to run.

What’s a freestanding cooker?

Freestanding cookers encompass both an oven and hob in a single 60cm or 55cm-wide unit. They might not have the sleek appearance of a built-in oven and hob combination but they’re easier to install as all you need is a maximum 60cm of space between the kitchen cupboards. Plus, of course, either a gas or electricity supply – or both – depending on the model.

Freestanding cookers are available in three main configurations – electric, gas and dual fuel (gas hob, electric oven) – and are generally cheaper to buy than a built-in option. Most freestanding cookers are comprised of a large fan-assisted oven (if electric) and a smaller, conventional non-fanned oven-cum-grill. If you have a small kitchen, a 60cm freestanding cooker is the way to go.

Installation tips

If you’re going all electric, be sure to have a separate ring main fitted as cookers use a lot of electricity and don’t like sharing power with other appliances. If you’re going down the gas route, you’ll need the services of a certified gas engineer to install both the gas line and the cooker.

The best built-in ovens you can buy

1. Miele H2265B Active Oven: The best oven for temperature accuracy

Price: £495 | Buy now from John Lewis

Few manufacturers can hold a candle to Miele. This A+ rated oven has a whopping 76 litres of roasting and baking space – with five shelf levels for optimum food placement – and is equipped with a wide selection of operating modes, including defrost, an energy-efficient gentle bake function, an intensive bake option for pizza, a fan grill for crispy outers and moist inners, and a rapid heat setting for busy times.

Most ovens are usually a few degrees out of kilter, which isn’t normally too much of an issue. However, some desserts, such as tricky soufflés, require pinpoint accuracy and that’s where this oven excels. According to Miele, its cooking temperatures are accurate to within one degree and its army of contended users agree. This is a top oven at a reasonable price.

Buy now from John Lewis

2. AEG BPE842720M: The best oven for novice cooks

Price: £799 | Buy now from John Lewis

This clever oven comes with a built-in sensor probe to raise your cooking standards to a new level. For example, if roasting beef, simply stick the probe into the joint, select a suitable temperature (45˚ for rare, 60˚ for medium) or use the recipe assist function. As soon as the meat reaches its predetermined core temperature, the oven simply turns off.

The 71-litre AEG also comes with SteamCrisp technology that uses a mix of hot air and steam to create a perfect balance of a crispy skin and moist centre when roasting poultry. According to the positive user reviews, the AEG’s touch interface and LCD display are also easy to get a handle on. And when it’s time for a clean up, a quick tap of the pyrolytic function button reduces food and grease residues to ash, ready to be swept out with a dustpan and brush.

You’re paying a few hundred quid more for an oven of this calibre, but what price can you put on peace of mind – especially when cooking for guests?

Buy now from John Lewis

3. Zanussi ZOD35802XK Double Oven: The best budget double oven

Price: £470 | Buy now from John Lewis

Double ovens are handy if you want to, say, roast a chicken and bake a lemon meringue pie at the same time. This budget-priced double from Zanussi has received very favourable reviews from users, who praise its plentiful cooking functions, generally accurate cooking temperatures and large oven space. However, they also point out that the control facia is set too high for anyone of shorter stature, so bear that in mind.

As is the case with most double ovens, especially budget models, only the main cavity is fanned – the second cavity is of the conventional non-fanned type. That said, you do get a lot of meal estate within: 62 litres for the main oven and 42 litres for the secondary oven. The smaller top oven also serves as a grill.

This is a great oven that provides plentiful space for family cooking and entertaining, while not costing an arm and a leg.

Buy now from John Lewis

4. Neff N 90 FullSteam Combination Oven (B47FS34N0B): The best oven for posh bakers

Price: £1,146 | Buy now from John Lewis

Neff is the brand of choice among most high-end property developers. This grandiose black and brushed aluminium model is equipped with the best that Neff has to offer, including the company’s renowned Slide&Hide door. Instead of the open door getting in the way and forcing you to crane over, this one opens out and slides into the bottom of the oven, giving completely free access to the oven and its contents.

The oven has a capacious 71-litre capacity and uses Neff’s patented CircoTherm technology to ensure perfectly even cooking results. The Comfort Flex shelf system is another major plus, as all three of its racks are mounted on their own smooth-running rails. And, if you’ve never cooked with steam, you’re in for a pleasant surprise with this model: the top control panel articulates upwards to expose the water reservoir required for steam cooking.

Despite the high price and installation requirements, this oven delivers in spades. It’s easy to use, easy to clean and performs all functions with aplomb.

Buy now from John Lewis

5. Smeg SF6341GVX Classic Built-In Single Gas Oven: The best built-in oven for gas aficionados

Price: £539 | Buy now from John Lewis

If you prefer cooking with gas, consider this elegant stainless steel model from Smeg. Just 60cm wide, its proportions are ideal for a modest-sized kitchen. At 60 litres, it’s fanned cavity is about ten litres less than the average built-in oven, but that’s still plenty of space for most users’ needs.

The Smeg boasts eight cooking functions (including closed-door electric grilling and a rotisserie) and comes equipped with an easy-to-use control panel and attractive Eclipse glass that appears black when the oven’s off and transparent when it’s on.

Most users rate the Smeg highly for its short heating-up time and general cooking efficiency. They also like the fact that it doesn’t require a special electricity ring main – just attach it to the gas supply and plug it into the nearest 13A socket. Conversely, at least one user has stated that its temperature controls aren’t terribly accurate, which is a common anomaly with many gas ovens.

Buy now from John Lewis

The best freestanding 60cm cookers you can buy

1. Stoves Sterling 600DF

Price: £599 | Buy now from John Lewis

The 600DF, from British brand Stoves, is a 60cm dual-fuel cooker with a large 65-litre fan-assisted oven below and smaller 37-litre static oven-cum-grill above. The grill is of the open-door variety, which is said to allow air to circulate so the food is grilled rather than baked. Aside from having the usual temperature range (100˚C to 250˚C), the main oven even features a defrost function. Both ovens have very accurate temperature regulators and that’s a big bonus if you’re a baker. They also heat up to full temperature within a few minutes. Another bonus.

You get the obligatory four hob burners with this cooker (one small, three medium) and a separate gas igniter on the side. The hob also comes with a hinged glass lid that makes things look tidy and even provides a bit of extra worktop space.

Any negatives? Some users have highlighted a number of issues related to build quality, most notably wobbly plastic knobs and easily erased lettering around them. Still, we recommend this all-in-one model to anyone looking for a stylish, reliable and efficient British-made cooker.

Buy now from John Lewis

2. New World NW601DFDOL Dual Fuel Cooker

Price: £399.99 | Buy now from Argos

Cookers don’t come much cheaper than this. Available in three colours (red, black, silver), the New World’s specs are similar to the Stoves model above. Its main oven is fan-assisted, has a useable capacity of 65 litres and a temperature range of 80˚C to 240˚C. The top oven is of the conventional non-fan variety and doubles up as a grill. A transparent glass top provides extra workspace and shuts off the gas automatically when closed, although it’s easily breakable so go easy when opening and closing.

The enameled pan supports are a bit on the cheap side, but the package as a whole looks more expensive than it actually is. If value is of prime concern, you can’t really go wrong with this model – it does what a cooker’s supposed to do with little fuss and generally great results.

Buy now from Argos

3. John Lewis JLFSMC613 Dual Fuel Cooker: The best freestanding cooker

Price: £629 | Buy now from John Lewis

This John Lewis-branded 60cm dual-fuel cooker is actually made by AEG, one of the most trusted manufacturers on the market. Having lived with it for the past 18 months, this writer can vouch that it performs exceptionally well, despite one or two minor niggles.

The lower main fanned oven cavity is fast to heat and comes with an ample 79 litres of space. It also comes with two racks and a pair of smooth runners that allows you to slide out roasts for a quick basting. A second, smaller non-fanned 34-litre oven sits above and also serves as a grill. Unfortunately, the grill itself only has two heat settings: burn and scorch, so be careful when grilling or your toasted cheese sandwich may end up looking like a slab of charcoal.

Hob-wise, it comes with four burners: a small 1kW burner for simmering duties, two 2kW burners for general cooking, and a large double-ring 3.8kW wok burner for frying pans and, er, woks. This model also comes with a glass lid to keep things tidy, which is a nice touch.

Overall, this is an excellent dual-fuel model that cooks consistently well and is a doddle to use. However, it’s currently being reduced to clear so grab a bargain before it disappears for good.

Buy now from John Lewis

Electric cookers offer easily controllable even heat distribution and quick cleaning for a busy family home.

They are excellent to cook with, especially when cooking something like a roast where you need every shelf in the oven to be at the same temperature at the same time.

However, many people opt for gas cookers over an electric cooker. So, before we get to the best electric cookers in the UK, let’s first throw our hat into the ring and put electric and gas cookers head to head.

Electric Cookers vs. Gas Cookers

Everyone has a preference when it comes to the type of cooker they like using. Your preference is typically influenced by which cooker you have used in the past.

For example, if you have an electric cooker already, you’ll likely stick to what you know as your kitchen is already set up for an electric cooker and you know how to cook with an electric cooker.

However, exploring your options when buying a cooker is never a bad thing. So, here are some pros and cons of electric and gas cookers.

Electric Cookers Pros

  • Quick to cook with
  • Easy to clean (especially hobs)
  • Heats evenly

Electric Cookers Cons

  • Slightly more expensive to run
  • Don’t offer instant heat
  • More expensive to run

So, an electric cooker offers easy cleaning and the way it distributes heat offers easy cooking. While a gas cooker is cheaper to run, it doesn’t offer the heat control of an electric cooker.

On average, you are looking at spending about £20 a year to use a gas cooker compared to £40 a year for an electric cooker.

So, depending on your yearly budget and how easy you want cooking to be, you should choose the cooker that offers the most for your home and family.

Which is more important to you, cheaper running costs or being able to cook meals more easily?

Unfortunately, there’s no definite answer to the question of which type of cooker is best—electric or gas.

However, if you’ve decided to buy a new electric cooker, here are some of the best freestanding electric cookers on the market right now.

Top 10 Electric Cookers in the UK

1. Hotpoint HARE60K Electric Cooker with Ceramic Hob

Top features

  • Ceramic hob
  • 60 cm width
  • Fan oven

This Hotpoint electric cooker offers over 100 litres of cooking space, a vast amount of space fit for any large family meal.

Baking, roasting and grilling is taken care of in the conventional top oven, while the fan-assisted bottom oven provides a perfectly heated space for any dishes that need even cooking.

Up top, you have a four-zone electric hob that is spacious enough for even the largest saucepan or wok.

Thanks to the easy-to-use controls, this hob offers one of the most controllable heats on the market currently.

  • Great build quality
  • Looks great
  • Excellent value for money
  • Quiet
  • Some have found it complicated to use

Overall, this Hotpoint electric cooker works great. It’s easy to clean, it’s quiet (even with the fan-assisted oven on) and heats up very quickly.

This electric cooker is perfect for a busy family home where meals and cleaning need to happen fast!

2. Beko KDC653W 60cm Electric Cooker with Ceramic Hob

  • 60 cm width
  • 2 ovens, both A rated for energy efficiency
  • Grill in second oven
  • Programmable timer
  • Enamel coating for easy cleaning

This energy-efficient cooker from Beko is very pleasing on the eye and would look great in most kitchens. As well as white, you can also get it in a black or silver finish.

This cooker’s two ovens cook evenly and are nice and quiet. The small oven (which also features a grill) is good for cooking for 1-2 people, while the main oven is good for big family meals.

One issue with this cooker is that it can be tricky to get the trays in and out—they are quite tight so you have to wiggle them a bit.

  • Ovens cook evenly
  • Ovens are quiet
  • Stylish design
  • Can be tricky to get trays in and out
  • No grill tray included

Given its build quality, features and stylish finish, this cooker offers good value for money. It heats up quickly and cooks evenly and quietly.

3. Hotpoint Ultima HUE61GS 60 cm Electric Ceramic Cooker

  • 60 cm width
  • 2 ovens, both A rated for energy efficiency
  • Catalytic liners for easy cleaning
  • Timer

This cooker has a main fan oven which cooks things evenly and can reduce cooking times.

The smaller second oven features a handy variable grill.

One downside to this cooker is that the labels under the controls are hard to read, and you might have to bend down to read them until you learn them off by heart.

It’s also a shame that the top oven doesn’t have a light, though this isn’t a problem when grilling as you keep the door open while using the grill.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Quiet


  • Labels under controls are small and hard to read
  • Top oven doesn’t have a light
  • Grill handle is short


There’s a lot to like about this cooker. It’s easy to use, energy efficient and quiet. However, there are a few issues to be aware of as you can see in the list of cons above.

4. Beko ADC6M13K 60cm Electric Cooker with Ceramic Hob

  • 60 cm wide
  • Ceramic hob for easy cleaning
  • Choice of fan or conventional cooking
  • 2 ovens
  • Grill in second oven

This modern-looking cooker from Beko is great for both cooking and baking.

It offers a lot of different functions and options, making it ideal for chefs and bakers who need absolute control.

The hob heats up quickly and is easy to clean thanks to its ceramic finish. However, it can also be easy to scratch if you’re not careful.

  • Cooks evenly
  • Hob heats up quickly
  • Lots of cooking options
  • Can be hard to slide shelves in and out
  • Top oven can only be used as a grill

This oven is a particularly good option for bakers as it offers you lots of control over the settings. The Beko ADC6M13K heats up quickly and cooks evenly.

5. Zanussi ZCV66060XE 60 cm Electric Ceramic Cooker

  • Easy to clean oven liners
  • Double oven with grill
  • Fan oven

This electric cooker boasts two large ovens suitable for cooking even the largest family meal. The bottom oven has a fan that offers perfect heat distribution throughout the oven so no matter where the food placed, it cooks evenly.

The top oven plays host to the grill and a more conventional heating system making it perfect for baking and roasting.

On top, you have a four-zone ceramic hob that provides reliable and responsive heat for boiling, frying and simmering.

Every part of this electric cooker is designed with easy cleaning in mind. From the ceramic hob to the enamel interior, cleaning is as easy as making the mess in the first place!

  • Heats up quickly
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent oven light
  • Great build quality
  • Doesn’t have a timer
  • Oven dial markings could be better

This is a fantastic cooker. It provides exceptional heat distribution even in the conventional top oven and has plenty of space. Even when it comes time to cook Christmas dinner, you’ll have room to spare!

6. Hotpoint Newstyle HAE60KS Electric Cooker with Ceramic Hob

  • Main oven is fan assisted
  • Slow cook function
  • 60 cm width
  • Residual heat indicator

This Hotpoint comes with some excellent features like a wipe-clean ceramic hob, fan-assisted main oven and conventional top oven.

The four heating zones on top combined with the over 100-litre capacity below, means that you can cook Christmas dinner and still have space spare! This cooker will be the life and soul of your kitchen every day of the week.

However, it is on the colder days where this cooker comes into its own. For a hearty meal on a winter evening, you can take advantage of the slow cook feature.

You can make amazing casseroles, pulled pork and tagine easily.

  • Easy to use
  • Looks stylish
  • Great build quality
  • Excellent features that people really use
  • Some find it noisy, but may not be used to an electric cooker

The slow cooker feature is what separates this cooker from the rest. The ease of cooking this feature provides (not to mention the counter space it saves as it replaces your slow cooker) is a dream come true for every busy household.

7. Beko XTC611S 60 cm Electric Cooker

  • 60 cm width
  • 4-zone ceramic hob
  • Light in oven

This affordable cooker from Beko offers a single 69-litre oven plus a separate grill compartment. One nice touch is that you can remove the glass panels on the doors for easy cleaning.

This cooker can take a while to heat up. It’s also a shame that the grill pan doesn’t have a handle, so you need to be careful when taking it out.

  • Good value for money
  • 3 oven racks included
  • No grill pan handle
  • Quite slow to heat up

This cooker offers good value for money, though it doesn’t have as many features as some of the alternatives.

8. Logik LFTC50W16 Electric Ceramic Cooker

  • 50 cm width
  • Single, fan-assisted oven with separate grill
  • Easy to clean

This electric cooker from Logik is the smallest on our list coming in at only 50 cm wide. However, this is perfect for a small kitchen in a flat or small home.

Plus, overall it has about 85 litres of capacity in both ovens plus four hob plates on top, so, it isn’t exactly tiny! You may not be able to cook a Tudor feast in this electric cooker, but you will certainly be able to cook for two or three easily.

The electric grill on top is full width so no matter the size of the meal you want to grill, you’ll get total coverage. Plus, the fan-assisted bottom oven provides all the heat your meat and veg could need before it’s ready to eat.

  • Easy to use
  • Heats up quickly
  • Great electric cooker for small homes
  • Inexpensive
  • Only has one oven rack
  • Fan oven is a little noisy if you aren’t used to fan-assisted ovens

Overall, this is a basic electric cooker, but it’s affordable, built well and will serve a small family well for years.

9. Flavel Milano ML61CDS Electric Ceramic Cooker

  • 60 cm width
  • Single fan-assisted oven with separate grill
  • Easy clean

This Flavel electric cooker provides everything a small family or couple may need for all their cooking needs. It has one fan-assisted oven and one separate grill.

The fan-assisted oven is large enough for most meals, while the grill provides the perfect way of making a full-English breakfast on a Sunday.

Although this electric cooker is smaller than others on this list, it does boast four electric rings on top. So, even if you are lacking slightly in the oven department, you still have enough rings to cook up a stir-fry or a storm!

This electric cooker also has one of the best energy ratings on this list and is just as easy to clean as the rest.

  • Heats up quickly and cooks evenly
  • Simple yet functional
  • Looks great
  • No timer
  • Not very tall oven space

If you are after a small, but efficient electric cooker, this Flavel could be just what you’re looking for.

10. Currys Essentials CFSEWH18 50 cm Electric Solid Plate Cooker

  • 50 cm width
  • Single oven with built-in electric grill
  • 4-zone hob

This is one of the cheapest electric cookers on the market, so it could be a good choice if you’re on a budget.

It’s fairly small, with a width of 50 centimetres and a capacity of 55 litres. However, it could be a good choice if you’re cooking for one or two people.

One disappointing thing about this cooker is that although it looks like there is a storage area below the oven, there actually isn’t one.

  • Easy to clean
  • Good value for money
  • Heats up quickly
  • Only one shelf included
  • No storage area below the oven

The Currys Essentials CFSEWH18 is a good budget cooker that is perfect for small amounts of oven cooking.


We hope this look at the best electric cookers in the UK has helped you choose your next cooker. If we had to pick just one to recommend it would be the Hotpoint HARE60K.

It’s one of the most highly rated and popular electric cookers in the UK right now, and offers all the essential features the average home chef needs.