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By: Todd Covelli | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 11:14 AM, Aug 13, 2018 Updated: 11:15 AM, Aug 13, 2018

Back to school shopping can kill your bank account if you’re not careful. But if you ditch the big box stores and hit up the dollar store, you can get your kids everything they need for a fraction of the cost. The List spoke to Manuel Becerra, District Manager for 99 Cents Only Stores to give you four school supplies you can get at the dollar store.

1. Backpacks

That’s right. You can find some amazing backpack options at your local 99 Cents Only Stores. “You can choose any of them, and they’ll carry the same thing as a $50 backpack,” Becerra explains. Compared to the big box stores, you’ll save a bagful of cash with prices starting at $1.99 and up. Their prices even beat Walmart’s $5.99 deals on backpacks, and Target’s price at $9.99.

2. Pens, Pencils, Crayons & More School Supplies

Writing utensils are one of the most important back to school supplies the kids will need. At the dollar store, you can load up on mechanical pencils, refills and ballpoint pens of all kinds. They currently have their ten-pack of pencils for 99 cents. And don’t forget the crayons. You can get a 48-pack of those for the same price.

The total on pens, pencils and crayons at the 99 Cents Only Stores rounds up to $4.96, whereas Walmart gives us a $17 total, and $18 at Target. Dollar store again for the win!

3. Notebooks

We’re flipping the page to paper products, the third item on our list. We all know that even though we’re on the digital age, we still need paper! We saved some serious cash on notebooks and loose-leaf filler. Our total at the 99 Cents Only Stores gives us $3.96, while you could be spending $12.88 at Walmart and $9.99 at Target.

4. Calculator

While our back to school shopping spree is adding up, we still need to get a calculator. A lot of schools don’t allow smartphones in class, so kids might still need a calculator. You can get a full-feature scientific calculator at the dollar store for $1.99. As you can imagine, we added up huge savings on this one. Walmart’s price on calculators comes to $8.77 and Target’s at $8.99.

Back to school shopping shouldn’t make your wallet tremble. While the big box stores do offer great deals, it’s hard to beat the dollar store for the basics!

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Another little helper is our School List Assist. It’s the fastest way to shop for all the top school supplies. Get pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, trapper keepers, folders, notebooks, scissors, duct tape, dry erase calendars, left-handed scissors, Elmer’s Glue, composition notebooks, poster board and more—all in one easy place. Just a few clicks and you’re done. And the kiddos are (almost) ready to go back to school.

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Wanting to get crafty? We have Kids’ craft kits, Canvas, Paper crafting, Crafting embellishments, Painting, Drawing & coloring, Yarn, Wood craft supplies, Scrapbook supplies, & Stencils.

Online Dollar stores are amazing places to can find things that you need for less. For most of us, physical stores like Family Dollar and Dollar Tree come to mind. But you no longer have to drive to a store to find awesome deals.

According to NBC News, Dollar Stores, discount retailers, and discount racks are gaining huge popularity. This is true amongst all shoppers and especially with Millenials.

Today you have the option to shop discount and dollar stores without leaving the comfort of your house. We have scoured the internet and found the best stores to shop for discounted deals. You’ll find deals better than Dollar General and your local Dollar Store.

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Not all of these stores in our list are strictly dollar stores. Several all offer an extreme values for items under $10. Amazon has even joined the trend of low priced deals sites. They created an online $10 and under store (with free shipping).

It’s surprising to see the huge number of deals offered by these stores. Be sure to check out both the dollar and discount store options to see which stores are the best fit for you!

The 7 Best Online Dollar Stores

If you’re looking to shop from the comfort of your home or phone, try these first 7 sites.

  1. Dollar Tree

If you are familiar with physical dollar stores, you’ve probably been to a Dollar Tree. Just like the retail store, the variety in the online version is impressive.

You can shop by department or browse one of many digital catalogs. Categories include seasonal, catering classics, and floral favorites. Ordering is easy. Simply click on an item to get a better view, then and add it to your cart.

It might be hard to choose with everything at just a dollar!

An added bonus is free shipping to a nearby store. This feature let’s order the items you want and eliminate shipping costs! If you prefer to avoid the store, they will ship it to your home.

This is one of the best online dollar stores.

  1. 99¢ Only Stores

99¢ Only Stores are an amazing chain of retailers that offer great brands for just 99.99¢. Although it may be a surprise when you walk in, the find is always a good surprise. Their offerings range from food to party necessities.

You cannot order online from this retailer, but you can check their available brands. You can also check their locations. If one is nearby, it is definitely worth a visit!

Steve & Annette shop 99¢ Only Stores often. They find their deals on deodorant, shampoo, and buprofen. Some of their best prices are on fresh fruits and veggies -they’re unbeatable.

You’ve got to be careful with their prepackaged lunch meat. They purchase specially made 4 oz. packages from the manufacturer. Their price is $1 per package, but that comes out to $4 per pound! This is higher than you can buy it for on sale at the grocery store.

  1. Hollar

Hollar has a huge selection of items, but their one dollar shop section is a great place to find things for exactly one dollar. It has everything from accessories and toys to electronics and household items. All for just one dollar!

The rest of the website has other good deals that start at 2 dollars and range up to about 10 dollars. Everything is a really good deal though, even if it is not a dollar.

A big plus is that there is free shipping on orders over $25!

Both Fast Company and The Wall Street Journal have applauded Hollar’s business model and their growth. They’ve got one of the nicest looking and easiest to navigate dollar store websites.

4. DH Gate

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DH Gate allows you to buy things directly from China. By things I mean anything other than food that you might need, they probably have it. The store has clothes, beauty products, electronics and toys at very deep discounts.

DH Gate is able to offer these great products because they are essentially cutting out the middleman by selling directly to you. The downside of this store is that China is very far away, so shipping time and costs may be higher than something more local. This is certainly a website store to consider.

5. Dollar Fanatic

At DollarFanatic (run by everything is just one dollar! This store offers a great variety of items at the low price that we all love. There is even a deal where if you buy 10 items, you can get the eleventh item for free! You can get toys, games, beauty supplies and more here.

Shipping is 4.95 for all orders unless you order fifty dollars’ worth of products.

The second option at this store is the wholesale side of the business. You can buy items in bulk for an even better price. This option would be best for someone with a thrift store or something similar where you would want to sell things for a dollar.

6. Dollar Plus Store

Dollar+Store is the original online dollar store that has been around since 1996. It has a huge selection of products that you would expect to find at a physical retailer including food, baby items, clothes, office supplies, candy, games and more.

All of the products range from .50 cents to about 2 dollars. The average price seemed to be 1.25 per item. It is likely you will find a good deal here.

There is a minimum order threshold of 15 dollars, but it will be easy to reach that limit with so many good options to choose from. If you order at least 35 dollars’ worth of product, then your order will ship for free!

7. H&J Closeouts

H&J Closeouts has been in business as a dollar store supplier for over 25 years. They still sell in bulk, but it could be a worth it if you need a lot of something for a party or other special occasion. The prices are listed per item and then you need to find out how many items are in a case.

Almost all of the products sell for one dollar, but there are some slightly more expensive items as well. There are also some products that sell for much less than a dollar, as low as .15 cents! You never know what you might find here, but it will be a good deal no matter what!

Another plus is that they offer free shipping for orders in the lower 48 states.

12 Best Online Discount Stores

These stores have items that cost more than one dollar, but you’ll find them hard to beat.

To get the best prices you’ll usually need to buy in larger quantities. This is especially useful if you’re buying give away items for a carnival, conference, tradeshow, corporate special event. Or if you’re in charge of a church vacation bible school, a large birthday party, or other large events.

These sites are easy to work with and have great discounts when you purchase by the case.

8. Dollar Days

Dollar Days is a discount store that seems to have anything you could possibly need in stock, from light bulbs to food and everything in between. The best part about Dollar Days is that everything is extremely discounted, so if you are able to look through your options it is very likely that you will find something you need.

Steve & Annette live about 2 miles from DollarDays offices and have purchased components for their America’s Cheapest Family Budget System from Dollar Days for several years. Many items do require bulk purchases to get the best price.

9. Oriental Trading

Oriental Trading is a great place to find deals on party needs, teaching supplies and craft materials. The inventory is well chosen so that you can find what you need here. This is a great resource for anyone with kids around!

Steve & Annette have purchased many items from Oriental Trading Company from trinkets for their kids birthday parties, to lots of décor items for Pirate Parties (see some pictures here) and Medieval Parties that they have hosted. A great source to consider in the online discount store category.

10. Axcesso Spot

Axcesso Spot offers products you might need for your home or for your next party for a very good price. The party items are exactly what you need for simple events like a birthday party. The home goods cover the gamut from baby items to door handles. Another great resource to consider if you’re hosting a party and need favors and decorations.

11. Family Dollar

A classic brick and mortar discount store FamilyDollar can help you to stretch your money a little bit farther. Although you cannot order items through their website, it is a great resource to look at. The company posts information and prices about their product offerings on the site. They also include their weekly ad, which is always good to look through.

12. Dollar Item

DollarItem is a company that specializes in wholesale general merchandise, which means that they sell products in bulk to discount and dollar stores. Although they sell in large quantities, they do not discriminate against non-businesses.

So you can go to their website and buy things at an amazing discount. However, you will need to buy a lot of anything you order. The first price you see is the price per unit, and then there is an option to see exactly how many come in an order.

The product variety includes food, clothes, household items and more. It can add up quickly, but if you are able to handle the quantity this could be a great place to shop. The website is a division of Concord Imports Inc.

13. Five Below

The name FiveBelow says it all, everything here is 5 dollars or less!

Five Below offers everything from toys and sporting equipment to technology items and beauty must-haves. It is a really fun store to shop in both at a physical retailer and online. Make sure to look through all the options, everything at this store seems fun. Perfect for cute gifts and entertainment!

14. 5 Dollar Fashions

Who doesn’t love a good deal when it comes to clothes? 5DollarFashions is the perfect place to look for women’s clothes that look good but won’t break the bank. Each item starts at around just 5 dollars.

There are many different styles so it is likely you will find something that suits your style. Their swimsuits are an amazing bargain and so are their sandals and shoes.

15. Rose Gal

Rose Gal is another great site if you are looking for deals on fashion. Their clothes are cute and cheap, but it is really their jewelry that is a steal. They have earrings as low at 1.50! There are plenty of options, so even if you are looking for a specific style or color, it is likely that they have it.

The selection of women’s clothes is varied, but men may have a hard time finding something they like as the selection is very trendy and full of colorful stuff. Great for younger guys, but may not appeal to those in their 30s or older.

This site is pretty cool and worth a look! Also, there is free shipping on most orders. (They won’t ship to every country.)

16. Miss A

  1. If you are looking for a great deal on makeup and beauty supplies, then Miss A should be your first stop! The store offers many options for just one dollar. There are some items that are more expensive, but you can buy things in prearranged bundles to save even more money.
  2. One great feature about this makeup is that is cruelty-free and it only has ingredients that have been 100% approved by the FDA. A great bonus is that there is free shipping available on orders over $35.

17. Dollar General

You have probably been to or at least seen a physical Dollar General, but you may not have known that you can shop Dollar General online. The selection is similar to the in-store inventory.

Dollar General’s products range from food to household items all very reasonably priced. Some things are just one dollar, but most things are under 7 dollars per item.

One thing that might bite into your savings is shipping. Sometimes they offer a deal where if you spend $40, then shipping is free. If you can’t find a free shipping deal, then consider sending it to a store because that is a free option.

Also, make sure to sign up for their digital coupons so you can save extra money without too much effort.

A final way to save while shopping online at Dollar General is the Auto Delivery option. Basically, if you schedule shipments at regular intervals for a variety of products, then you will get a 5% discount on those shipments.

18. Dollar1

Everything at Dollar1 starts at just one dollar and ranges up to about 10 dollars. The store seems to have everything from socks to razors and everything in between. The site has thousands of products available, so it is likely you will find what you are looking for here. This site is really cool because it regularly compares their prices with Amazon. Just click a button and you can see the difference. And many of the products they sell are name brands.

If you order at least 25 dollars’ worth of product you will receive free shipping!

19. Bargain Bunch – Out of Business

On August 20, 2018, this website was not functioning – we’ll monitor and let you know if they are still offering deals.

Their Google Profile has numerous bad reviews – 1.2 stars out of 5. Other websites are still promoting this company. We recommend avoiding them.

20. Amazon $10 and Under Store

In January 2018. Amazon launched a new section on their site where they list items for $10 and under, all with free shipping. The Mercury News covered the unveiling with this article.

Their sections include $5 Store; Women’s; Jewelry; Men’s; Electronics; Gifts; Home Decor; Household; and Watches.

You can see the deals on Amazon here.

Final thoughts on Online Dollar Stores and Discount Wholesalers

Shopping at a dollar store is usually a pretty great experience because the deals are just so prolific. If you have never shopped at a dollar store online, you may be surprised by what you find and how much you save. By expanding your savvy shopping to online discount and dollar stores, you will find that your options are greater and your savings will increase. Just the sheer number of products available should help you find exactly what you want for an absolutely amazing deal!

A final tip for any online shopping that you do.

To get an even better deal definitely use either Ebates or Swagbucks to earn cash back. If you use the Swagbucks link to sign up you’ll get $20 in bonuses.

Shopping at the stores listed above can save you money. But shopping Through Ebates or Swagbucks will actually make you some cash. If you don’t have an account set up with either of these sites, we recommend doing it asap.

We get cash back bonuses for our shopping on eBay, Amazon, HomeDepot, Walmart and much more.

Swagbucks Offers Cash Back from these Dollar Stores and Bulk Discounters:

  • Dollar1: 7% cash back
  • Amazon: Up to 5% cash back
  • RoseGal: Get 4% cash back – along with special discount promo codes.
  • DHGate: Get 1% cash back – along with special discount promo codes

Ebates Offers Cash Back from these Dollar Stores and Bulk Discounters:

These apps will help you get cash back just for shopping online at certain stores. It can add additional savings that can really add up.

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