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14 DIY Mail Holder Ideas That’ll Have You Reaching For Your Glue Gun

Mail. Everyone gets it and usually it piles up by the door.

Or gets thrown on the kitchen counter.

Or if you’re like me, forgotten about until you get a past due reminder for your water bill(Oops).

On a mission to put a bit of order back into my life I scoured the web for some easy to make mail storage ideas. I’ve rounded up my best finds that are simple to make and cost effective too.

1. Wooden Mail Sorter w/ Key Hooks

I adore this wood mail sorter.

It screams vintage chic and Ana’s 4 minute YouTube tutorial makes it super simple to make. More importantly it comes with 3 key hooks, great for people like me who literally puts down their keys anywhere and immediately forgets where they are.

Once you’ve got your initial pieces cut it is very easy to put together. Looks like it came out of a really expensive furniture store too. Not bad for a $20 investment.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Candace @ Vintage News Junkie

2. Personalized Mail Organizer

If you need something, or someone, to literally sort your life out when it comes to mail then Amy has the answer for you.

Amy’s tutorial comes with her own labels she used to create her organizer. So if you’re not feeling uber creative it’s a done-for-you job.

The mail holder is fresh, bright and works perfectly with other homemade décor. So get yourself down to Ikea for some magazine bins and get creative!

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Amy @ Her Tool Belt

3. Old Book Cover Mail Organizer

This is a unique take on a mail organizer which can be made from old book covers and gives your home a rustic and unique effect. And saves from junk piling up on the kitchen table.

I also love Becky’s organization for this one.

She files her mail in 3 categories: this week, this month, and sometime. Perfect for organizing and a great reminder if you forget you have bills to pay (story of my life).

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Becky @ Beyond the Picket Fence

4. Rustic Mail Organizer

If you want quick results this is the mail organizer for you.

Jenna completed this in just under an hour and it cost a fraction of its $64 counterpart at Magnolia Homes. Personally I think it looks 100x better too.

And Jenna bought her basket from Michael’s for six bucks so if you have one lying around, even better.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Jenna @ Wife in Progress

5. A 2nd Attempt

If you take nothing else away from this tutorial you’ll at least have a few laughs at Molly’s brutally honest “the good, the bad and the ugly” DIY mailbox disaster.

Molly’s initial attempt at revamping an old mail holder was pretty questionable. But the 2nd time around she produced this work of art.

It goes to show all us aspiring crafters that if at first you don’t succeed try, try again.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Molly @ Just a Little Creativity

6. Window Shutter Mail Organizer

This mail organizer takes a little more time, especially if using a scraper tool for lettering isn’t your forte.

However the time is worth the end result for this beautiful holder.

Who thought an old window shutter would be so useful? Plenty of slots to hold your important documents and perhaps even family cards. It makes a great addition to the home during the holidays!

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Weekend_Craft @ Instructables

7. Cereal Box Magazine/Mail Holder

As a self-confessed cereal addict (sorry not sorry) this holder really appeals to me.

It’ll just cost you a couple of dollars in paper for the backing and you can even get the kids to join in too. A perfect rainy day activity for the fall.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Emily Louise @ the Sits Girls

8. Tennis Ball Helper

I love love love this little guy!

Never thought I would personify a tennis ball, but c’mon this is kind of cute isn’t it?

This is definitely the most unique mail holder I came across and all you need is a couple of googly eyes and a box cutter. He can also take care of your keys if you ask nicely.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Judy @ Upcycle That

9. Metal Wall Mounted Mail Holder

Ok, so I cheated a little with this one.

This was actually purchased from a store by Melissa at The Inspired Room. She was making use of the extra space in her home and came across this vintage gem.

It would be super easy to recreate with any home style. You could make it out of a magazine bin (giving it some metal spray paint) or if you have any metal container lying around this works too. I love the rustic feel!

Image Credit – Melissa @ the Inspired Room

10. Unique Ikea Mail Holder

With this unique shelf/mailbox combo you can make a multipurpose storage system even in the most limited spaces.

All you need is some plywood, a few magazine racks, and a bit of skill with wood stain.

Full Instructions and Photo Credit – kazmataz @ Instructables

11. Kitchen Counter Mail Organizer

I’ve noticed a little trend here with the magazine racks and versatility.

This particular rack is designed to sit right on the kitchen counter and will take you less than an hour to make.

You don’t need to be a calligrapher or handy with a scraper tool because those cute little ‘this or that’ tiles on the side? They’re flash cards… Genius!

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Callie Revell @ Panda Poses

12. Thrift Store Mail Holder

Chic and simple. Marie at Blooming Homestead took an old, beat up thrift store mail box and gave it a modern update with just a bit of sanding and a quick lick of paint.

This indoor mail box is fresh and vibrant and will look great in the entrance to your home or right beside your desk.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Marie @ Blooming Homestead

13. One Person’s Trash

Believe it or not this literally came from the streets of Rhode Island.

Dawn found this lying on the sidewalk by someone’s trash can and realized it was a gem. A bit of sanding, green paint, and some snazzy knobs and this mailbox was given a new lease on life.

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Dawn B @ Leroy Lime

14. Leather Strap Mail Holder

A mail organizer for the not too organized.

This swanky wall bin was designed to pile your mail if you can’t be bothered with the effort of sorting through it.

Who thought some leather straps and a bit of hardwood board could look so stylish?

Full Instructions and Image Credit – Matt @ Design Sponge

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You’ve heard it before, “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”- known as the American postal service creed. Which means that pile of mail is headed your way, no matter what! So when stacks of bills, notices, catalogs, magazines, and flyers make their way into your home- and you truly want to get organized– you need both a routine to deal with it as well as a place to put it! That’s why I am sharing these 6 awesome mail organizer ideas!

#1: Desktop Mail Sorter

This mail sorter This is an affiliate link: MomOf6 earns a commission if you purchase, at no additional cost to you. has 2 slots to hold mail (you could use one for bills waiting to be paid and the other for flyers/notices/invites that require an action or a response). The front slots can be used for pencils and pens and the drawer can hold a few pieces of stationery- perfect for when you need to send a quick note to school!

#2: DIY Desktop Mail Organizer- Pallet Project!

I know that I am not the only one who drools over DIY woodworking projects using recycled pallets! So how awesome is this mail sorter made with pallet wood? You can find the full tutorial here on HomeTalk.

#3 Cereal Box Letter Sorter

If woodworking isn’t your thing but you would still like to create your own awesome mail organizer- follow this tutorial from BuzzFeed on how to make one from cereal boxes and scrapbook paper!

#4- Wall Mounted Mail Organizer with Key Hooks

If you would rather use a wall-mounted mail organizer This is an affiliate link: MomOf6 earns a commission if you purchase, at no additional cost to you. – this one is perfect! It has two slots- one that can hold bills to be paid and the other than can hold other mail you need to attend to- and I love that it also has a place to hold your keys! A double organizing win!

Are you planning on decluttering and organizing your home?

These are my favorite storage bins This is an affiliate link: MomOf6 earns a commission if you purchase, at no additional cost to you. for organizing all of the areas in your home! You can see all of my recommendations for buys Moms over on my Amazon Influencer page This is an affiliate link: MomOf6 earns a commission if you purchase, at no additional cost to you. !

#5: Multi Slot Mail Organizer Door Hanger

Another great way to organize all of your incoming papers- is to hang a mail organizer over a door This is an affiliate link: MomOf6 earns a commission if you purchase, at no additional cost to you. . This one is made from printed fabric and has 4 slots- giving you more options on how to sort out your mail.

#6: DIY Mail Pouch

Made from a cardboard box and fabric- this adorable mail organizer can be made easily using your hot glue gun! (Courtesy of Average But Inspired).

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This easy DIY wall mail organizer is the perfect beginner woodworking project. Make it with simple hand tools. No power tools needed. Step by step instructions and printable plans along with video tutorial.

This easy DIY wall mail organizer has been such a savior in our entryway!

The one thing I struggled with for the longest time was the mail clutter! I tried many many solutions and organization hacks.

None of them seem to work… there was always that one paper that went missing… or got buried deep somewhere…

But sometimes the solution can be just a simple one…

Like this easy mail sorter which I built with scrap wood in under an hour.

I implemented this almost a year ago and it has worked really well. Every day, mail gets sorted by type and every 7-10 days, I go through and take care of everything – pay, file or trash.

I do normally use power tools… but if you are a beginner and don’t have any power tools, you can totally make this and I will show you exactly how in the video tutorial.

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***This post contains affiliate or referral links. It is a way for this site to earn advertising fees by advertising or linking to certain products and/or services. Please read my full disclosure here ***

Materials needed for the DIY wood mail organizer-

  • Lumber per plans
  • Miter Box and Saw
  • 1¼” finish nails and Hammer
  • Wood Glue
  • Paint of your choice
  • Chalkboard labels (optional)
  • Miter saw (if using power tools)
  • Brad Nailer (if using power tools)

Before we get started, make sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest to keep up with all my latest builds and projects!

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How to make the DIY wall mail organizer –

You can get the printable plans of this mail organizer by clicking below.

For extremely detailed step by step instructions, here is the video… seriously, it is so detailed, you could build one with me as I show you how!

Step 1 – Cut all the boards according to the plans using your miter box. It is very easy to use. Check out the video for more details.

Step 2 – Align the bottom 1″ x 4″ board to back 1″x12″ board and attach using wood glue and finish nails.

Step 3 – Attach the corner pieces using wood glue and finish nails.

Step 4 – Measure the space between dividers and attach them using wood glue and finish nails.

Step 5 – Attach the front railing with wood glue and finish nails.

Adding finishing touches – Paint in the color of your choice. I used homemade chalk paint and distressed it. I also chose to add the word “mail” at the back with a black Sharpie. A monogram would work well too. The chalkboard labels add extra details. little hooks for keys can also be added.

So, that is my simple solution that has worked really well.

\And it wasn’t hard to put it together without any power tools!

Do you have any other organization solutions or hacks? What other organizing challenges do you struggle with?

I love easy and quick projects! If you do too, be sure to check out these easy woodworking projects. They are perfect for beginners!

My worst organization nightmare is the toys! I built this DIY toy organizer that has been such a blessing!

We don’t get that much physical mail these days and still a mail organizer is always useful. It’s not something that should take up a lot of space, being an accessory which you can combine with other useful elements often found in entryways. The best way to make sure that you get exactly what you need is to craft that thing yourself. That being said, let’s check out some cool DIY entryway organizers. They’re almost exclusively wall-mounted so they also let you save space.

View in gallery

The first project we’d like to share with you is this cute mail organizer which you can make out of a wood log wedge. Sand down the block to give it smooth edges and then paint or stain it if you want. Alternatively, you can just seal it with some polyurethane. Other options include applying gold leaf on the surface. This idea comes from Homemadebycarmona.

View in gallery

There’s a nice tutorial on forworthfabricstudio that shows you how to put together a mail organizer using fabric. Here’s what you need for that: 2 pieces of linen and interfacing and a few pieces of cotton fabric and the interfacing that goes along with them. You’ll be using these to make the pockets and the handle. You can use fabric with any pattern you like. This floral motif is quite cheerful.

View in gallery

This is a great organizer, not just for mail but also pinning notes and writing messages on. It’s something you could keep in your home office or the entryway. To make something like this you need a plywood sheet, some balsa wood for the pocket, a small cork sheet, a plain page notebook (A5 format) and some wood glue to connect it all. {found on burkatron}.

View in gallery

This organizer is multifunctional as well. It has a chalkboard, some storage modules for sorting mail but also for storing things and a bunch of hooks at the bottom for keys, coats and other things. It’s perfect for the entryway but you might also find it useful in the kitchen or office. If you like it, check out shanty-2-chic for all the details you need on the project.

View in gallery

As it turns out, an old window shutter can be a great mail organizer. You don’t even have to modify it for that. You can simply give it a quick makeover, maybe paint it so it matches your front door or give it a fresh new look in a different way. The one featured on Samanthaelizabethblog also has three small screw-in hooks at the bottom which are perfect for storing and organizing keys.

View in gallery

This is a two-in-one piece. It’s a coat rack and a mail organizer and it’s one of the easiest DIY projects ever. To make something like this you need two strips of wood of different dimensions. The small one will act as a separator between the rack and the wall it’s mounted on. Feel free to make this as big or as small as you want, based on your storage needs. {found on alwaysrooney}.

View in gallery

If you’re serious about sorting your mail, we suggest putting a bit more effort into making a practical organizer. It can be a system of folder modules like the one showed on build-basic. We like the labels…they really make the sorting process easy. Even if you don’t usually get tons of mail, you might still enjoy this system.

View in gallery

Want to try your crafting skills with something a bit more complicated? How about this entryway organizer featured on infarrantlycreative? It has two box shelves on one side which are great not just for sorting mail but also for storing things like wallets, sunglasses, gloves and whatever you keep handy there. There’s also a larger module on the other side and a set of hooks at the bottom for coats and bags.

View in gallery

Here’s a cool idea: upcycle some old books into a custom organizer for mail or for files. It’s actually just the book covers you need so you won’t be needing the pages for this. You can use those for another creative project. You’ll also need some pieces of fabric so you can turn the book covers into pockets. Attach these to a wood board and mount the whole thing on the wall. This ingenious and original idea comes from beyondthepicket.

View in gallery

We also have a cute project idea for those of you who don’t get much mail but still want to sort it in a stylish and elegant way. Check out this framed fabric organizer. It’s made using an old photo frame which was painted. The glass was removed and the cardboard back was fitted with fabric pockets. Put this on a shelf or on a console table or, if you want to save space, mount it on the wall.

View in gallery

This is a similar project but on a different scale. It’s a hanging mail organizer which you can make out of scrap pieces of fabric and leather. It’s attached to a simple wire coat hanger which can be replaced with something else if desired. It could be cool to mix and match different fabrics with various prints and colors.

Some organizers you can buy

View in gallery

If you like the look of handcrafted objects but you’d rather not craft them yourself, you can always just buy some ready-made ones, like this entryway organizer from Etsy. It’s actually more than just a mail organizer. It’s also a key hanger and a pinboard and it even has a small compartment where you can display a small vase.

View in gallery

While browsing Etsy we also found this stylish wall-mounted organizer great for sorting mail and hanging keys. It too has a shelf on which you can keep a cute little planter or your wallet, phone or sunglasses. It’s such a simple-looking organizer yet it does so much.

View in gallery

The combination of galvanized metal and wood suits this entryway organizer well. It’s a pairing of materials that gives it a lot of rustic-industrial charm mixed with modern elegance. We like how the elements are organized: the two open shelves on the left and the envelope-shaped mail holder to the right with two small hooks underneath. {found on etsy}.

View in gallery

A lot of handmade wood items have a rustic look and that’s only natural. We like their pure and unprocessed charm. You can see it here, in the design of this organizer available on Etsy. It has a small shelf and a compartment for mail and in between these there’s a special slot for a jar vase. The small hooks are great for hanging keys and the two larger ones are perfect for coats. Their black finish add a nice contrast.

34 DIY Mail Organizers

Is your house all in order except for one thing? The mail seems to always be a problem for me, and regular small mail sorters like the ones sold in stores simply don’t work for me. It is as if the people designing them never received much mail, definitely not magazines or catalogs, and I suspect they must have lived alone. Check out the 34 cool DIY mail sorters and solve the biggest organizing challenge I faced until I made one to put right inside the front door.


1. DIY Wall Mail Sorter


I have been looking for a perfect mail sorter and I think I have found it. Build-Basic have this great tutorial to put together a DIY Wall Mail Sorter to organize massive amounts of mail that gets delivered to your house. I really like the design and the rustic appeal it gives. I can finally say goodbye to my paper bill clutter!

2. DIY Fabric Wall Organizer


This Fabric Wall Organizer looks so chic and so simple to make. I think it would really look great in a craft room. What I love about it are the multiple pockets to hold and secure all kinds of stuff lying around your house.

3. Wood Cut Letter Holder


I just love the idea of this Wood Cut Letter Holder from Homemade by Carmona. Who knew that a simple block of wood can be transformed to something functional? I initially thought it was a decorative piece but ‘lo and behold – it’s a letter holder too! I think this would really look great in the kitchen or in the office. I am completely sold to this idea.

4. Radiator-Screen Organizer


I would say this now, Martha Stewart is a genius! I never appreciated radiator screens until I read about this post. It made me realize that radiator screens have great design potential and would look great hanging in the wall. Another great idea for my mails, indeed.

5. DIY Hanging Organizer


Itching to declutter your work space? Jump in the tidy bandwagon and re-create this hanging organizer from Burkatron. It has a minimalist look and would be a great addition to your office wall. All you need is some plywood, wood glue, cork board and your handy craft knife and ruler and you are all set.

6. Wall Mounted Mail Organizer


Get the paperwork off the counters by building this Wall Mounted Mail Organizer. This definitely falls into my favorites bucket list since I love anything that is farmhouse and industrial-themed. To top it off, its not just a simple mail organizer, it has an awesome system too. There’s a bin for what’s due and what needs to be filed. What an awesome idea!

7. Mail Center – Upcycled Formula Tubs


Personally, I don’t have formula tubs but I do like this idea of up cycling them into a mail organizer. I also think that it’s quite clever to use can tabs to hang them. We all must contribute to a “greener” and sustainable earth so this DIY is certainly an inspiration.

8. DIY Farmhouse Entryway Organizer


On the look-out for an organizer that looks pretty and functional? Make this simple farmhouse style entryway organizer to hold your keys and the incoming and out-going mail. This super cute farmhouse inspired front entryway organizer is made out of wood shadow boxes from the local craft store, a little paint and some chicken wire. Great tutorial from The Weathered Fox.

9. DIY Chalkboard and Key Hooks


For just under $20, you can actually build this gem of an organizer. It might look intimidating at first but I promise you the step by step instructions are all so easy. Shanty 2 Chic even have templates to guide you. Just print, cut and trace them on your 1×4 boards. Looks like a beginner project to me.

10. Anthropologie Wall Organizer


If you don’t like dealing with power tools to build an organizer, then this Anthropologie Wall Organizer is the perfect project for you. It’s a simple project and it’s so useful for storing random clutter or cute little office supplies like washi tapes that are easy to lose. Give it a pop of color by using acrylic paints of your preference. So easy!

24 Awesome Wall Organization Stations

Every home has a dumping ground – you know, that spot on the end of the kitchen counter or dining room table where everyone tosses their “stuff.” Mail, purses, keys, fliers, homework, calendars, coupons, to-do lists… the day-to-day clutter seems endless! There’s an easy solution in sight. You need a command center, and it doesn’t have to be elaborate, expensive or take up a ton of space. The best organization hubs are simple, orderly and straightforward. Make use of vertical space to capitalize on unused storage and organizational opportunities. If you’ve got a few spare feet of wall, you can create an effective command center that’s perfect for your home and family, often with items you already have! Here’s a collection of wall organization stations that are high on style and easy to make. Added bonus: they won’t break the bank.

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Learn more here.

12 Creative DIY Wall Organizers

(see 12 more on the next page)

Here’s an easy solution you can put up in just an afternoon – a pegboard organization center. This one is for office/art supplies, but could be easily modified and customized to your needs. Incorporating beautiful touches (like the topiary) makes it decoration as well as storage. The gold accents (like the frame, wire basket and hardware) were created with spray paint and add just the right touch of glam.

Another pegboard option, this office supply organizer, utilizes a neutral pallet of only three colors and repeating horizontal elements to create cohesion and simplicity. Your organization station may hide away plenty of clutter, but you don’t want it to LOOK cluttered.

This modern pegboard is a great way to add organization to your wall while still looking high style. Use jars and catchalls on the shelves and hang calendars, papers and more from hooks in the holes.

A mini-command center could be just the ticket if you’re tight on space or time! The pretty clipboards (holding relevant calendars and to-do lists) are paired with a memo board made from an embroidery hoop. Everything pulls double duty as functional and beautiful.

Curbing clutter can be as easy as hanging pretty clipboards on the wall! Mod podge scrapbook paper on, spray paint them, or use washi tape and then hang with small nails. The key is getting the papers,mail, ribbons, keys, and bits and bobs up off your surfaces.

This easy envelope wall organizer is actually just custom-made envelopes hung directly on the wall! Using the same grid formation, it has a similar simplicity and aesthetic to the clipboard organization from above, but in this case, you can create it using only paper! The tutorial uses the We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board, which you can find on Amazon.

OR, simply hang gift or shopping bags on the wall (or on a board as shown). You’ve probably collected many of these that don’t have a purpose yet, so put them to good use holding cards, receipts, pens and journals, sunnies and more! Just make sure they are structured bags for stability.

It’s hard to believe this copper wall organizer is made from a hog panel! This minimalist approach looks great and still provides lots of space to clip items out of the way.

This Mail and File Organizer is made from scrap wood and easily tucks into a small corner. It’s the perfect spot to round up your bills and various important papers.

Here’s a stylish mod mail organizer for a more streamlined look. This idea uses cabinet hardware and can easily be adapted to accommodate more slots for mail or important papers. You can find the exact drawer pull and knobs at Home Depot (in the store and online).

If you love rustic, industrial design, here’s a fabulous organization center option. Those vintage metal letter stencils add a ton of character!

It’s easy and inexpensive to get the industrial look of this Locker Basket Mail Organizer. The secret? An over the cabinet door storage basket from Walmart! Using a little craft paint or some sandpaper you can rough the basket up to give it an aged vibe. Then just attach it to some plywood cut to size and painted with chalkboard paint.

See 12 more wall organizers on the next page –>

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