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8 Hilarious Home-Improvement Fails

We’ve all been there.

It’s a Saturday afternoon and you’re getting ready to start a DIY home-improvement project. Maybe it’s fixing a leak in the shower, or maybe it’s finally getting around to mulching your flower beds. You get started, everything is going great, you’re feeling like a pro, when all of a sudden, something goes horribly, yet hilariously wrong.

At Zabitat, we love a good DIY project, but we also love not taking ourselves too seriously, and having some fun along the way. Check out these funny videos of our favorite home-improvement fails. We think you’ll get a laugh out of them and maybe even find them inspiring!

Should Have Worn a Hard Hat

Lesson learned. Always wear a hard hat during DIY home renovation. Luckily for this man, drywall is a fairly lightweight material.

Water, Water Everywhere

We have a feeling an indoor pool wasn’t in this man’s renovation budget.

Note to self: Always switch off the water mains before any bathroom home-improvement project!

Better Call Zabitat

Ladder fail. Good thing we know a place where you can find beautiful, affordable front door glass to replace your current broken glass.

Screen Door: 1, Man of the House: 0

We get it. Screen doors break easily and are frustrating to get back on track. Luckily, we’ve got a solution for that problem, too! Check out our retractable screen doors here..

Bright Idea

Even something as seemingly simple as changing a lightbulb can be potentially hazardous. Stabilize those stepladders, everyone!

Kitchen Conundrum

A good reminder to double and triple check those measurements when redesigning your kitchen. Make sure all your cabinets, cupboards, and drawers do what they were designed to do … open!

Too bad our Measurement Guide doesn’t apply to kitchen cabinets as well.

How Not To Trim A Tree

Not much to say about this one except that communication is key when it comes to successful landscaping projects. Talk to your partner and please, oh please, wear a hard hat!

Finished Your Project? It’s Party Time

That magical moment when you’ve finished your DIY project and you’re feeling like the Beyoncé of home improvement — just watch below you’ll see what we mean.

To see these and other home-improvement fail videos checkout our YouTube playlist

Do all these home-improvement fail videos have you worried about tackling your own projects?

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WE ALL know someone who reckons themselves a bit of a dab hand when it comes to DIY.

But, as these pictures show, sometimes it really is best to call in the experts.

Hilarious blog There, I fixed It is documenting the most hopeless home improvement fails – and some are pretty strange.

In some of the pictures you can imagine exactly what was going through the would-be handyman’s (or woman’s) mind – but, at the same time, some of the results are undeniably woeful.

From taping a key to the end of a faulty plug and then thrusting it in to a socket, to using a stack of books as a means of structural repair, these snaps show that some people would be wise to put the hammer down and call in a professional.

Here are some of the funniest DIY fails.

At least they left a note…

24 Credit: TNI Press

Erm, how is this safe?

24 Credit: TNI Press

When in doubt, chop it out

24 Credit: TNI Press

Imagine having guests round…

24 Credit: TNI Press


These hilarious selfie fails prove why you ALWAYS need to check what’s going on behind you before snapping that carefully posed shot


The hilarious cooking fails that will make you feel better about your own kitchen mishaps

‘Shoplifters will be prostituted’

15 of the funniest spelling fails ever… including a VERY X-rated McDonald’s sign


Hilarious typeface fails make written words seem MUCH ruder than they really are

Rolling with what you’ve got?

24 Credit: TNI Press


24 Credit: TNI Press

Too close for comfort

24 Credit: TNI Press

On second thoughts, we think we’ll stay dirty…

24 Credit: TNI Press

Shower power

24 Credit: TNI Press

We’re not key-n on this…

24 Credit: TNI Press

Light bulb moment?

24 Credit: TNI Press

Water idea

24 Credit: TNI Press

Not feeling flush

24 Credit: TNI Press

A multi-tasker’s dream

24 Credit: TNI Press

They’ve got a lot of bottle

24 Credit: TNI Press


24 Credit: TNI Press

Well, that’s just locking for trouble

24 Credit: TNI Press

Shocking stuff

24 Credit: TNI Press

Plumber, what plumber?

24 Credit: TNI Press

Toying around

24 Credit: TNI Press

Somebody take the man to DFS…

24 Credit: TNI Press

High stakes

24 Credit: TNI Press

Skating with danger

24 Credit: TNI Press

Anything to entertain the kids, eh

24 Credit: TNI Press

When it comes to sprucing up our homes, we’ve all had that moment when we realize we’ve bitten off more than we can chew (the feeling usually sinks in around the second coat of streaky paint). But while some novice mistakes are common, we have to wonder what these not-so-intrepid DIYers were thinking.

1. The double switch plate

We understand not wanting to make another trip to hardware store, but come on, people.

2. The roof mix-up

Unless you plan on walking on the roof often, we suggest putting the kitchen tiles in your, ahem, kitchen.

3. The inconvenient cabinets

These drawers seem to be installed nice and snuggly. Too bad nobody will be able to open them.

4. The interrupting tree

These homeowners went so green, they don’t even care if they can’t get to their cars.

5. The wonky door knob.

There are rules to installing these types of door handles, guys. They are not reversible.

6. The missing door

This entry is almost perfect. The only thing missing from it is an entrance.

7. The toilet notch

This is what happens when you realize your measurements were off, but starting over is just not an option.

8. The accident waiting to happen

It’s not a great sign when your weekend project turns into a balancing act.

9. The ill-placed spout

First lesson in home improvement: Water and electricity don’t mix.

10. The snowy doorway.

I think I need to have a word with my contractor. #snow #herculesA photo posted by Kristine Brabson (@mcspunkster) on Jan 3, 2014 at 9:26am PST

It’s important not to forget draft protection when you live in a climate with blizzards.

TELL US: Have you fixed any home improvement fails in your house?

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A couple remodeling their bathroom found a 23-year-old hidden message from the previous homeowners that asked one hilarious question.

“What’s wrong with the way we did it?!?!”

Alex and Jessica Monney were sent a photo from the contractor working on their home in San Jose, California, after pictures of the former owners and their pet rabbit were discovered during the renovation.

A California couple renovating their bathroom found a hilarious hidden message from 1995 written by the previous homeowners. alexmonney/Twitter Trending stories,celebrity news and all the best of TODAY.

Below it was a photo of their black-and-white rabbit.

“Hi! I’m Cassie the Bunny Rabbit. I lived here too! (I’m potty trained!). I’m going to be the next Cadbury Bunny” it read.

Alex initially tweeted the photo in response to a message Jessica’s wrote about remodeling the bathroom four weeks before she is due to have a baby.

If you know me, you know I love house projects. However, even I think I might be a little crazy for kicking off a bathroom remodel 4 weeks before I’m due. Bye bye bathroom! And sorry in advance for the bathroom remodel updates to come.

— Jess Monney (@Jess_Monney) July 3, 2018

Alex later deleted his tweet, but not until after a search was underway to find out where the Shinsekis, and their bunny, ended up.

Yasszzz. Someone pls invent a time machine so I can go back to 1995 and give nothin but love & respect to the Shinsekis & Cassie the bunny rabbit

— a certain ᴊᴇɴ ne sais ᴋᴡᴏᴋ (@jenkwok) July 4, 2018

23yrs later. Where are the Shinsekis?

— Jenn (@HaliJenn) July 4, 2018

I’ve heard the bunny is living out his golden years in the U.K., where he is currently working on his memoirs. He’s quite cozy in a little smoking jacket, with a tiny glass of brandy and a wee little fireplace to snuggle near. #bunnyretirement

— Nikki (@Nikki71) July 4, 2018

A Rev. Jay Shinseki from Sunnyvale, California, chimed in on Twitter saying the man in the photo is his brother, Troy, but did not have any further information.

This is my youngest brother

— Rev. Jay Shinseki (@jayshinseki) July 4, 2018

The hidden message also prompted others to share what type of time capsule items they found in their homes that were left by previous owners.

My wife and I bought our first home last summer. Had to cut a hole in the bathroom wall to install a vent. Here’s what we found behind behind that wall

— TJ Harris (@TJPOWERuloveit) July 3, 2018

My parents had their house custom built in the late 1970s. Dad routinely stopped by and gave the builders a six pack of beer at the end of the day on Fridays. He found this in the wall when renovating the master bathroom shower in 2013:

— Mars Garrett (@marsgarr) July 3, 2018

Replaced a wall oven in my old house and found this Nehi bottle. The house was built in the late 1950’s….

— Darb (@gregorydarby) July 4, 2018

Still no word from the Shinsekis themselves, but Jessica and Alex now plan to put their own message in there for the next owner to find.

Oh for sure! I’m already thinking up ideas.

— Jess Monney (@Jess_Monney) July 3, 2018

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25 Hilarious Renovation Fails!

Incase you need proof that home renovation projects are best left to the professionals, take a look at these 25 hilarious home renovation fails. Don’t be a statistic, call in the experts for your renovation project.

1. How Not to Do Electrical Wiring

Image Source

2. Screw It, We’ll Never Lock it Anyway

Image Source

3. Not Enough Flow with Your Current Tap?

Image Source

4. Two’s Company?

Image Source

5. Umm…

Image Source

6. Dealing with Leftovers

Image Source

7. Lighting Two Rooms for the Price of One. Economical.

Image Source

8. Close Enough?

Image Source

9. Nearly There…

Image Source

10. At What Point Did This Seem Like A Good Solution?

Image Source

11. Challenge Accepted!

Image Source

12. What’s the Issue?

Image Source

13. Wrong on so Many Levels

Image Source

14. OCD Test

Image Source

15. Great Solution for Small Spaces

Image Source

16. Drawers from Hell

Image Source

17. Covering All Bases? No, Wait…

Image Source

18. Always Wanted Modern Windows?

Image Source

19. Turn Your Toilet Paper into Moist Towelettes

Image Source

20. Need Some Moral Support?

Image Source

21. One More Won’t Hurt

Image Source

22. And Here We Have the Juliette-Style Balc…

Image Source

23. Now What?

Image Source

24. It Fits!

Image Source

25. It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time…

Image Source

Don’t Let this Happen to You! Call in the Renovation Experts…

To avoid being the butt of the internet’s joke, make sure you find qualified, experienced tradesmen for your home renovation project. Using Service Central, you can get quotes from experts in their field. Get quotes for your renovation project.

Brodie Norris runs Lunchbox Architect, a website featuring one exceptional, architect-designed family home every weekday. To see some renovations on the other end of the spectrum, check out the recent renovations we’ve featured!

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If you’re thinking about embarking on a DIY home renovation mission, make sure you think long and hard before taking the plunge. Despite how easy the smiling home makeover TV host makes it seem, the reality is that DIY can be far more complicated than it looks. Careful planning is the key to success and without it; you could end up facing on of these classic DIY disasters!

Blowing the budget

When undergoing DIY projects, it’s easy to get carried away with all the excitement of adding a fancy new addition to your home. While a steel roll top bathtub and marble kitchen bench tops may have seemed like a good idea at the time, many people end up fainting with shock when they see their monthly credit card bill.

Taking the wrong measurements

There’s no DIY fail more frustrating than taking the wrong measurements. Not only is this mistake time consuming but it can also cost you a huge amount of cash.

Buying the wrong fittings

Acts such as buying a pair of pillar taps for a basin designed for a single mixer are a classic DIY fail. Buying unsuitable shower hoses and piping is also a DIY disaster. If you’re a bathroom renovation novice, it’s best to keep things as simple as possible. Rather than fumble around with multiple fittings, why not consider an electric shower that efficiently heats water with a no fuss internal element? Simple, effective and easy to install!

Underestimating the cost

Not taking the time to draw up a budget is a one way road to DIY catastrophe. If you run out of cash halfway through your project, there’s not much you can do but live in a building site. As such, it pays to get a good idea of what you’ll need to spend before starting the DIY process.

Choosing a short-lived theme

While you may have loved lime green at the time, chances are that in a few months, you’re not going to be so fond of your gaudy colored walls. The same goes for that hot pink refrigerator and vibrant patterned carpet. These are some of the biggest mistakes DIY renovators make and the best advice we can offer is to try and keep your colour scheme as neutral and inoffensive as possible.

Misjudging scale

That majestic fireplace may have looked amazing in the show room but in reality, it’s more than likely going to dwarf your small scale living room and look ridiculous. As such, it’s a good idea to draw up some 3D models or use chalk to map out how big features are going to be and what they’re going to look like.

Not seeking approval

When it comes to outdoor DIY projects, many people don’t realize that they often need council permission. A visit from a local inspector while you’re halfway through constructing your new summer pergola could end in tears.

Scrimping on quality

While it’s advisable to save money wherever possible, this philosophy doesn’t always apply. If you skimp on things that are going to get a lot of use, you could end up having to replace them after just a few months.

Using dubious tools

At the end of the day, an adequate set of tools is a DIY essential. Those that try to use the wrong tool for the job risk the success of their project and their own safety!

Being too hasty

When you’ve knocked down a wall or drilled a huge hole into a tile, there’s no going back. This can be a nightmare when you realize that your measurements were wrong or you decide that you want your shower installed on the other side of the bathroom.

Keeping these 10 simple DIY disaster examples in mind will help ensure your next DIY project is smart, safe and successful!

Africa Studio/

As a DIYer, you’re motivated by the thrill of a job well done, the pride in knowing you did it yourself and the ultimate reward…the money you saved. A successful DIY home improvement project upgrades your home and saves you money.

Survive a DIY remodel with this how-to guide.

Porch, an online network that connects people with home improvement professionals, talked to homeowners who had completed a DIY home improvement project, and it turns out, the average cost of a home improvement fail came out to around $310.

Here’s a look at some common home improvement fails, according to the study.

Wood Flooring

Porch found that the cost of messing up a flooring installation can cost about $829 extra. “Jobs like flooring have a high material cost, so errors add up very quickly,” said Amanda Woolley, Porch’s spokesperson.

These are the 10 home projects you should always hire a pro for.

Exterior Painting

Fixing a sub-par DIY exterior paint job can add about $477 to the total cost of the project, according to Porch. Not only will it cost you more to fix the flubbed paint job, the fixing it takes time, which also adds stress.

Here are 22 repairs you may not know you can do yourself.

Other Costly Blunders

Porch’s study found that replacing an electrical outlet wrong can cost you about $445 extra, installing a ceiling fan incorrectly comes in at about $306 and it will cost you about $225 to fix a DIY electrical wiring or rewiring job gone wrong.

Follow these 10 tips for a happy kitchen remodel.

Woolley noted that DIY home improvement fails cannot only impact your wallet, they can take a toll on you emotionally. Porch found more than 45 percent of DIYers surveyed who made mistakes during their project fought with their partner, compared with just over 21 percent of people who did the project correctly the first time.

“These projects can definitely test relationships—whether they are worried about their partner’s safety or arguing about the materials,” Woolley said. “People need to be honest about their skill set and do a very close audit of their time versus money tolerance.”

These are the nine best home improvement apps for DIYers.

You can get these 31 projects done over a long weekend.