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Dancing with the Stars’ Brother-Sister Act

Derek and Julianna Hough, Dancing with the Stars

A petite blonde woman sits spellbound in the Dancing with the Stars (Mondays, 8 pm/ET and Tuesdays 9 pm/ET, ABC) studio audience as the couples make their entrances. Last season, Marriann Nelson screamed herself hoarse cheering for her daughter, the sensational young ballroom pro Julianne Hough. “This season,” she says, “I thought, ‘I’ll be calm.’ But when they both came out — my daughter on one side and my son on the other — I just lost it.”

Mom isn’t the only one wild about Julianne, 19, and her equally talented big brother, Derek, 22. Julianne danced her way into the winner’s circle last season with Olympic speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno and poses a serious threat once again with her new partner, two-time Indy 500 winner Helio Castroneves. And newcomer Derek has shown remarkable grace under pressure by regaining his footing with Beverly Hills, 90210 star Jennie Garth after the two slipped and fell at the end of the second week’s performance. “It’s good when things like that happen sometimes,” he says, “just to remind people that this is real, this is live.”

If these two show unusual maturity for such young performers, it’s because they’ve been rehearsing all their lives. “At one time, I thought we would be the blonde Osmonds,” says Nelson, who raised her five children in Salt Lake City with her first husband, Bruce Hough. Marriann enrolled her brood in a variety of performing-arts classes beginning at age 3. “I always wanted my kids to be independent and self-sufficient,” Nelson says. “Not afraid of the world.”

The first tough life lesson came when Julianne was 9 and her parents divorced. Marriann, looking for “one-stop shopping” for her children’s varied classes, enrolled them in West Orem’s Center Stage Performing Arts Studio. Derek was inspired by British dance teachers who came to visit and asked to study with them in London. Julianne, only 10, followed him abroad six months later. They lived with their teachers, Corky and Shirley Ballas, world champion ballroom dancers and the parents of Mark Ballas, the other new Dancing pro this season. “Mark’s parents are still really powerful in the competition world,” Derek says. “We’d go to competitions — Julianne with Mark and me with my partner — and everyone would go, ‘Oh, man. The brat pack has arrived.'”

Julianne, Derek and Mark all became youth world champions. “I wasn’t homesick until I was 15,” says Julianne, who returned to the U.S. that year. “I felt that I was really just focusing on dance, and I wanted to experience high school — which I ended up hating, by the way.”

But she graduated (as did Derek) and decided to move to Los Angeles in hopes of launching a singing and dancing career. Dancing pro Louis van Amstel put her name forward as a company dancer for the DWTS winter tour in 2006. And when Julianne heard that tour producers were searching for more male dancers, she said, “My brother’s home for six weeks on vacation. You want him?” The rest is Dancing history.

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Brother and Sister Duo Julianne Hough and Derek Hough Get Holiday Special, “Holidays with the Houghs”

Keeping it in all in the family. America’s Got Talent judge, Julianne Hough and her brother, World of Dance judge, Derek Hough will star in their own family holiday special on NBC.

According to, the siblings will star in Holidays with the Houghs, an hour-long special that will have them singing and dancing with holiday classics.

“Derek and Julianne are incredibly talented siblings who continue to dazzle audiences with their remarkable performances.” executive vice president of specials at NBC Entertainment, Doug Vaughan said.

The website reports that Derek and Julianne will be joined by other celebrities throughout the special for performances and comedy sketches.

“Who’s ready for the most wonderful time of the year?!? #HolidaysWithTheHoughs ,” Julianne said in an Instagram post about the show.

“This should be fun 🙌🏼 #HolidaysWithTheHoughs, Derek wrote.

Derek and Julianne came to public attention when they began as dancers/choreographers on Dancing with the Stars. The siblings quickly became two of the most popular dancers on the show. Julianne went on to embark on a country music career before finding herself on the big screen, starring in movies such as Footloose, Safe Haven, Burlesque and Rock of Ages.

Derek remained on DWTS longer than his sister, winning 6 mirrorball trophies, before heading to the small screen with roles on Jane the Virgin and Nashville. He is currently a judge on World of Dance with Jennifer Lopez.

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This should be fun 🙌🏼 #HolidaysWithTheHoughs #nbc #chirstmas #variety #entertainment

A post shared by Derek Hough (@derekhough) on Sep 25, 2019 at 8:34am PDT

  • Julianne and Derek Hough make up one of the most iconic sibling pairs on TV.
  • This year, Derek and Julianne will host NBC’s Christmas special Holidays with the Houghs, airing on December 16 at 10 p.m. ET.

There are so many famous Hollywood siblings — the Hemsworth brothers, Shirley MacLaine and Warren Beatty, Rooney and Kate Mara … the examples are endless. But we’re willing to bet none of them can dance half as well as Julianne and Derek Hough.

Julianne and Derek have followed fairly similar career paths as all-star dancers and performers. They both served as pro dancers in Dancing With the Stars and scored prominent parts in network live musicals (Julianne was Sandy in Fox’s Grease Live and Derek was Corny Collins in NBC’s Hairspray Live!). What’s more, they’ve also both been involved with reality competition shows — Derek is at World of Dance whereas Julianne is a former judge on America’s Got Talent.

Their shared love of dance and performing stems way back to when they were young teens. As People reported, it was around this time that Julianne and Derek left their strict Mormon upbringing in Utah for Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts — a well-known London dance school. Meanwhile, their three older sisters and parents stayed behind.


While in London, they moved in with family and friends, and immediately started a brutal routine that had them leaving the house at 6:45 a.m. every morning for school. During this time, both Julianne and Derek felt tremendously homesick.

“I remember one of my first days there I got off at the wrong train station,” Julianne told the publication. “I was just standing there thinking, ‘Where am I?’”

While training, Julianne told Cosmopolitan that she was abused and says the “adults around her took advantage.”

“While I was in London, I was abused, mentally, physically, everything,” she told the outlet, before adding that it got worse “when I started hitting puberty, when I started becoming a woman and stopped being a little girl.”

“I was a tormented little kid who had to put on this sexy facade because that was my job and my life. But my heart was the same, and I was this innocent little girl. I wanted so much love,” she explained. Italia Conti Academy later refuted Julianne’s claims.

Derek, too, recalls having a tough time in London. In his book, Taking the Lead: Lessons From a Life in Motion, he claims he got smacked in the face as a teenager by a dance coach when he lied about smoking.

Still, both have made it clear that they are both extremely “grateful for their time” learning from some of the best dancers — an experience they say has led them to great success today.

“People will say, ‘How could your parents let you go off to do that?’” Derek told People. “I think it’s great that they saw an amazing opportunity. That is the reason we are here today.”

Julianne told USA Today, “People tend to only remember negatives because that’s what drives them. But at the end of the day you have to see the joy, too.” She also said that having gone through certain things “shaped me as to who I am.”

And who Julianne is today is not only a former judge on AGT, but an Emmy Award winner, Junior World Latin and International Latin Youth champion, singer, and an actor.

Likewise, Derek has seen nothing but success, as well. In addition to his judging duties on World of Dance and hosting this year’s Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks show, he is a WDSF World Latin Championship winner, NYCDA Junior National Outstanding Dancer recipient, two-time Emmy Award winner, Olympic dance choreographer, and actor.


Every now and again, they’ll collaborate on something together — like their continuously sold-out dance tours and this year’s Christmas special Holidays with the Houghs. But no matter what projects they’re working on, the two are forever bonded over their passion for dance and love for each other.

“I am so thankful to have the opportunity to share something that I love, with someone that I love. You’re an incredible sister and even more so an amazing human being,” Derek once wrote to his sister on Instagram.

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Derek Hough

Derek Hough siblings

Sharee Hough-Selman (older sister)


Date of birth: July 22, 1977

Derek has been surrounded by strong beautiful women (his mother and sisters) during his whole life. His oldest sister Sharee is a special person for him and his inspiration. She was the first of Hough kids to attend ballroom dance lessons. Derek watched her and decided to try it himself, too. Now he spends a lot of time in his sister’s house and plays with his 6 nephews and nieces. Yes, Sharee is a mother of 6 children, and she is a fitness and yoga coach, as well. On September 8, 2018, she went down the aisles with the love of her life Mark Selman.

Derek and Sharee have cordial brother-sister relationships.

Marabeth Poole (older sister)


Date of birth: 1980

It seems that each member of Derek’s family was blessed with some superpower. Marabeth, his second oldest sister, is not exclusion. She is not just a beautiful blonde, like her mom and siblings, but also a business lady (she is a successful realtor), a mother of Aidan Poole and a wife of Michael Poole. Her husband, to whom she has been married since 2002, is a vice president of the local company, which produces skincare products. Marabeth lives with her family in Nashville.

Katherine Hough (older sister)


Date of birth: June 9, 1982

Katherine is not just Derek’s friend, but also his older sister. Like other Hough girls, she is a great mother. Katherine has three daughters. She earns her living as an esthetician. She is married to a photographer T.J. Drechsel.

Julianne Hough (younger sister)


Date of birth: July 20, 1988

The youngest member of the Hough family, Julianne doesn’t need an introduction. The gifted dancer, celebrity and Dancing with the Stars multiple winner, she can compete with her older brother Derek, who of them is more famous.

But the brother and the sister are not rivals, they are friends. Derek and Jules love and support each other.

Julianne attended the same with Derek’s Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in London. After that, she started the career of a professional dancer and gained wide popularity as the participant of Dancing With The Stars show.

Currently, she joins her career of a dancer with singing and acting. In 2011 she played the title role in the film “Footloose”. In 2019 she has released a hit “Transform”.

Since 2013 Julianne has been dating a hockey star, Brooks Laich.

Anyone with a sibling knows that they will always playfully tease each other, and that’s exactly what Derek Hough and his sister Julianne Hough did recently.

It all kicked off when Derek, 34, took to Instagram on Sunday, December 8, to share a throwback photo with three of his sisters — Marabeth, Sharee and Katherine. “Boss man since 1985,” the dancer said, adding, “#whickerthrone #sundayphotoalbum #ruleinpajamas 80’s glow filter up to 100.” But there’s no way that the former America’s Got Talent judge, 31, wasn’t going to chime in.


“That’s cause I wasn’t born yet,” Julianne joked in the comments section. To which Derek replied, “You were in the picture. You just didn’t make the cut.” Ouch! People were loving the post, as they rushed to respond.

“This family was born gorgeous, talented, kind, and full of love!!” one person said. Another added, “I can see who’s who still in this photo but you’re all just grown up now. Julianne needs to be photo shopped in.” It is no surprise to see Derek and Julianne having such playful banter, especially since the duo is quite close.

View this post on Instagram

My brother, my best friend, my creative soundboard, and the person who never puts a dish in the dishwasher! Wishing you the best on your tour, I miss you so much! 💜 @DerekHough, watch #agt tonight so you can take some notes on how to be a better tv judge!! HAHA!

A post shared by Julianne Hough (@juleshough) on Jun 11, 2019 at 5:12pm PDT

“We moved to England at a young age, she was 10, I was 13, and so we basically had to look out for each other,” the World of Dance judge exclusively told Closer Weekly of his bond with his little sister. “We were like a team growing up, more mature then than we probably are now. Now we are more like siblings, more like kids where we tease each other. She lived with me while her house was being done, I lived with her while my house was being done, so we are like — yeah, it’s funny, we are just best friends. It’s great.”

The famous siblings may be all over the small screen, but they very down to earth. “We just share and talk. We are very like-minded, we have very similar vocabulary as far as what we want to achieve in this life and how we want to serve in this life and how we want to make an impact — we are just like-minded in that way,” Derek said.

Michael Buckner/Variety/

“It’s easy to sort of talk and also to check each other, and to see where we are in our life and make sure that we are in the right emotional or mental state of mind, and be there for one another — so it’s a good little partnership,” he added.

It is always great seeing the bond between these two!

Our America’s Got Talent judge Julianne Hough will dazzle us this holiday season with her brother Derek Hough in their own NBC special. Christmas just became a happier time!

Holidays with the Houghs

The Emmy-award winning choreographer sibling duo will star in Holidays with the Houghs, which will be an hour-long show in which they will stage musical and dance performances.

Not only will they be putting their spin on holiday classics but there will also be guest appearances from celebrity friends and top recording artists, comedy sketches, and lots of fun surprises for us all in this Christmas special show!

Who is Derek Hough?

Derek Hough is not just Julianne Hough’s brother alright? H is the only 6 times Dancing With The Stars champion and 2 times Emmy Award Winner. In May of 2017, Hough also joined Jennifer Lopez and Ne-Yo at the judges table for the NBC series World of Dance.

World of Dance is a dance show that features solo artists competing against duos and crews in all genres of dance, including hip hop, tap, ballet, break dancing, and ballroom to win a million dollar prize.

Derek and Julianne Hough Want Us Involved

In Instagram stories and posts both Derek and Julianne Hough want the audience involved in the show, and they just announced that Holiday Dance Wars are back! In the video Derek asks Julianne to explain more about what that meant and how the Christmas special will be different from the rest

Julianne said, “this is all about getting together with your friends, your family, getting creative and showing us how you guys get into the holiday spirit.”

Derek later encouraged fans to submit their videos to #Holidaydancewars and told us all that they too will be doing a segment of their own. Are you going to be team Julianne or team Derek? Are you excited about “Holidays with the Houghs” ?

Derek and Julianne Hough are staring in a new holiday special on NBC called “Holidays with the Houghs.” The network announced the hourlong special on Tuesday, and the siblings will perform in musical and dance performances throughout the event. NBC stopped short of announcing a premiere date for the new special, but more information will be released over the coming months.

The duo’s friendly sibling rivalry will be on full display as they put their own spin on holiday classics, share family holiday traditions, and create new ones. The special event will also feature special appearances by top recording artists, comedy sketches, heartwarming surprises, and other celebrity friends dropping by.

“Derek and Julianne are incredibly talented siblings who continue to dazzle audiences with their remarkable performances,” said Doug Vaughan, Executive Vice President, Specials, NBC Entertainment. “They’re true multi-hyphenates whose talents will be on full display.”

Derek Hough serves as a judge on NBC’s dance competition series “World of Dance,” and he is the only six-time champion in ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.” Derek is also a New York Times bestselling author, and you can find his work right here on Amazon. His stage performances include Radio City Music Hall’s “Spring Spectacular,” which also featured Tony Award-winning Laura Benanti, and the critically acclaimed production of “Footloose,” which he starred on London’s West End. Derek also starred alongside Jennifer Hudson, Ariana Grande, Martin Short, and Harvey Fierstein in NBC’s “Hairspray Live!”. Earlier this year, Derek Hough signed a first-look producing deal for both scripted and alternative programming with Universal Television.

Julianne Hough, who just completed her first season as a judge on NBC’s hit series “America’s Got Talent,” is an actress, dancer, singer and producer. She has been a judge and two-time professional champion on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” and has starred in films like “Footloose,” “Rock of Ages,” “Safe Haven,” and “Bigger.” Julianne also starred as Sandy in the Emmy-winning live broadcast “Grease: Live!” and stars as Jolene in the upcoming anthology series, “Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings,” which premieres on Netflix later this year. She has hosted and produced two Miss USA broadcasts and several Disney holiday specials for ABC and has just released a new single, “Transform,” which she performed in its world premiere on the recent “America’s Got Talent” finale.

“Holidays with the Houghs” will be executive produced by Corin Nelson, Derek Hough, Julianne Hough and Ashley Edens-Shaffer. The special will be produced by Universal Television Alternative Studio and Curly One Productions.

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Derek Hough is one proud big brother. The pro dancer, 34, gushed over his sister, Julianne Hough‘s “courage” to open up about her personal self-discovery in a new interview with Women’s Health magazine. In the candid conversation, Julianne, 31, reveals that she’s “not straight,” and how her husband reacted to her admission, along with her journey of a personal evolution.

“Proud of you @juleshough. A beautiful article about shedding the protective walls that can imprison us,” Derek wrote in a post on Instagram, August 1, alongside his sister’s fully nude magazine cover. “A stunning artistic representation capturing the courage of realizing your true essence and strength. Unleashing your freedom,” he continued. Julianne responded with, “Love you so much D for always being my greatest supporter!”, adding three red heart emojis.

Derek also took to his Instagram stories to inform his followers of Julianne’s development of “Kinrgy” — aka the SoulCycle of dance, which encourages others to move freely and feel transformed by movement like she has. The workouts for her dance method are 45 minutes and include no mirrors. “So some very exciting stuff, my sister Julianne has been working on a program for quite some time now, and she’s finally released it… It’s called Kinrgy,” Derek said in one of a series of videos.

Julianne Hough goes nude for the September cover of ‘Women’s Health’. (Photo credit: Brian Bowen Smith)

“I’ve seen first hand her develop this process and I can tell you it’s incredible, it’s amazing, and it’s worth being involved in. It’s really special. I have no doubt she’s going to change lives through this beautiful program,” he continued, directing viewers to swipe up to go to the website and sign up. Derek ended his videos by complimenting his sister’s nude magazine cover. “And, I have to say, her cover of her magazine is tasteful and beautiful. I’m proud of you Julianne,” he said.

In what is arguably Julianne’s most revealing interview to date, the actress explains in detail about her sexuality. She starts off by saying she told her husband, Brooks Laich, 36, that she’s “not straight,” four months into their marriage. The two wed in July 2017.

“I , ‘You know I’m not straight, right?’ And he was like, ‘I’m sorry what?’” Julianne recalled. “I was like, ‘I’m not. But I choose to be with you,’” she said.

Julianne went on to admit that she was nervous to share the intimate detail with her then new husband. “I was connecting to the woman inside that doesn’t need anything, versus the little girl that looked to him to protect me,” she explained in the profile. “I was like, ‘Is he going to love this version of me?’ But the more I dropped into my most authentic self, the more attracted he was to me.”


A true triple-threat, Emmy Award-winner Julianne Hough is known to audiences around the world for her success in the worlds of film, television and music. She became a household name virtually overnight as a two-time professional champion on ABC’s top-rated “Dancing With the Stars,” before making a seamless transition to award-winning recording artist and making her mark on the world of motion pictures, recognized by the National Association of Theatre Owners as Rising Star of the Year at the 2011 CinemaCon Conventions.
In 2013, Julianne starred opposite Josh Duhamel in Nicholas Sparks’ “Safe Haven,” directed by Lasse Hallstrom, which topped the box-office on its Valentine’s Day opening and earned her a Teen Choice Award nomination. Prior to that, she starred opposite Russell Brand and Octavia Spencer in Diablo Cody’s “Paradise,” marking the Oscar-winning screenwriter’s directorial debut. She starred as Sherrie Christian, the female lead in the film adaptation of the international musical sensation, “Rock of Ages,” part of a superstar cast including Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand and Mary J. Blige. She made headlines by winning the coveted female lead role in Paramount’s 2011 remake of the classic movie musical, “Footloose,” and critics praised her performance in the film. She made her film debut in the star-studded ensemble of Screen Gems’ musical “Burlesque,” working alongside an all-star cast, including Cher, Christina Aguilera, Stanley Tucci, Kristen Bell and Cam Gigandet. She appeared recently in the comedy “Dirty Grandpa,” opposite Robert De Niro and Zac Efron, and will next star as fitness pioneer Betty Weider in the upcoming feature “Bigger.”
On January 31, 2016, Julianne fulfilled her lifelong dream of playing the role of Sandy in FOX Television’s critical and ratings hit, “Grease Live!,” which was nominated for 10 Emmy Awards, winning four awards including Outstanding Special Class Program. As performed by Julianne and the cast, the show-stopping “You’re the One That I Want” won the MTV Movie & TV Award for Best Musical Moment, beating such heavy hitters as Ariana Grande and John Legend’s “Beauty and the Beast,” Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling” and the Ryan Gosling-Emma Stone duet, “City of Stars” from “La La Land.”
In 2014, Julianne and her brother, Derek, produced, co-directed and starred in MOVE Live on Tour, which sold out theaters across North America. They followed that success with an all-new production in Summer 2015, which featured live vocal performances by Julianne and Derek in addition to fresh, exciting choreography featuring the superstar siblings and the MOVE Company Dancers.
They hit the road again in 2017 with MOVE Beyond Live on Tour, their biggest and best show yet, with brand-new stage production inspired by the elements – earth, wind, fire, and water – which the duo have infused into fresh, high impact choreography that only they can deliver. The show brought fans on a journey of dance and music, taking inspiration directly from the four elements as an exploration of the human relationship with nature. The pair was joined by the Move Company Dancers for group performances in styles ranging from ballroom and tap to salsa and hip-hop and everything in between.
In 2015, Julianne launched her lifestyle website and blog, Jules.
A born entertainer, Julianne Hough (pronounced “Huff”) always loved singing, dancing and acting. At age 10, she was presented with an opportunity to study performing arts in London, which established her fierce independence and was the beginning of a period of intense training and education. She returned to Utah at age 15 and, after graduating high school, moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of a career in entertainment.
Quickly earning a solid reputation for her talent, discipline and professionalism, it took less than a month for Julianne to land a job as a dancer on the ABC game show, “Show Me The Money,” and shortly thereafter joined the “Dancing With the Stars” tour as a company dancer before joining the cast of the hit series in the show’s fourth season, where she was paired with two-time Olympic Gold Medal winner Apolo Anton Ohno. She toured with the troupe again, before returning to the hit show for seasons five through eight, pairing with Indy race champion Helio Castroneves, comedian Adam Carolla, actor Cody Linley and country singer Chuck Wicks. Hough remains the youngest dancer to have won the competition twice, with partners Ohno and Castroneves. Her skills as a choreographer also led to a collaboration with Gwen Stefani on the singer’s “Wind It Up” video.
Julianne earned Emmy nominations in 2008 and 2009 for Best Choreography for her work on the show and in 2015, won the Emmy for choreographing, along with her brother Derek and Tessandra Chavez, her and Derek’s memorable performance of Sia’s “Elastic Heart,” performed live by the singer-songwriter.
Following her departure from “Dancing With the Stars,” Julianne made several appearances on the show to promote her films and as a guest judge. She thrilled fans when she returned full-time to the ballroom as a judge for three hit seasons in 2014-15 and again in Fall 2016 and Spring 2017.
Julianne’s self-titled debut album, released by Universal Music Group Nashville in 2008, hit the Billboard Country charts at #1 and entered the Billboard 200 at #3, marking the highest debut for a country artist since 2006. Her first two singles from the album, “That Song in My Head” and “My Hallelujah Song,” soared up the country charts and she earned her first two 2009 Academy of Country Music Awards for Top New Female Vocalist and Top New Artist.
Hitting the road for the first time as a recording artist in 2009, Julianne opened for superstar Brad Paisley and later toured with George Strait, playing over 100 shows. Her second album, The Julianne Hough Holiday Collection, became an instant holiday classic for her legions of fans, distributed exclusively at Target.
In 2009, Julianne also starred in her first fitness DVD, “Cardio Ballroom,” the first in a series designed to motivate exercise novices and enthusiasts alike on the dance floor. The second, “Just Dance!,” was released in 2010, also topping sales charts for months.
In 2012, she created her own shoe line, Julianne Hough for Sole Society, a collaboration with leading women’s footwear designer Vince Camuto and is highly sought-after in the world of commercials and endorsements, as an international spokesperson for Proactiv Solution and previously as the official spokesperson for Venus Embrace, co-authoring their “Goddess Guide to Getting Closer” for the company’s 2009 marketing campaign. She was featured in the iconic Got Milk? Campaign and sang an updated version of the Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit gum theme, “The Taste is Gonna Move Ya,” with numerous international campaigns in the works.
Julianne has a long-term partnership with MPG Activewear, which was introduced with 12 favorite styles curated and selected by Julianne from the popular line’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection and now features quarterly collections designed by Julianne. She is the face of Giorgio Beverly Hills Fragrances, celebrating the iconic brand’s 35th anniversary and the recent introduction of Giorgio Beverly Hills Glam. Julianne executive produced and she and Derek hosted a family Thanksgiving special for Disney that aired on ABC in November 2016, as well as “The Disney Parks’ Magical Christmas Celebration,” which aired on Christmas Day and was nominated for an Emmy. In May 2017, Julianne executive produced and co-hosted The Miss USA Competition for the second time.
In addition to her performing career, Julianne is also active in a wide range of philanthropic endeavors, charities and humanitarian efforts. Julianne has joined forces with the Kind Campaign to create and host Kind Camp, empowering and encouraging girls to be confident, beautiful women and to eradicate girl against girl bullying. Her charitable affiliations range from numerous causes and organizations that serve women and girls to those that are fueled by her lifelong passion for dogs and other animals, among many others.

– IMDb Mini Biography By: Kristy Sowin

What’s going on with Julianne Hough since leaving AGT? First there were rumors that she and husband Brooks Laich were getting divorced, and now she’s getting an exorcism done to her?

Well, that’s certainly what the internet seems to think is happening in a new video of the dancer. The actual explanation is still pretty weird. Check out the bizarre clip below.

Ex ‘AGT’ Judge Julianne Hough Gets Exorcised?

Julianne is currently in Davos, Switzerland, for the World Economic Forum. She participated in a demonstration from “energy healer” Dr. John Amaral, who explained that he was releasing energy from her body, which causes “a feeling of relief, release, freedom.”

this famous linguist once said that of all the phrases in the english language, of all the endless combinations of words in all of history, that “julianne hough experiencing what resembles an exorcism stuns fans” is the most beautiful

— obsolete meme (@HellsDanielles) January 24, 2020

For Julianne, that involved her screaming and gyrating on a massage table. As Dr. Amaral continued to speak, Julianne continued to convulse and groan. It’s unusual to say the least.


“Most people wouldn’t, especially in Davos, in this environment, wouldn’t make that sound,” Dr. Amaral told the audience. “So you know, what they would have is physical pain, tension in their bodies. We’ve just been made it easier for that energy to be liberated.”

Dr. Amaral is also apparently featured in Gwyneth Paltrow’s new Netflix documentary series The Goop Lab. He calls this century “the age of energy.”

[email protected] is helping us unlock our bodies as our language in the #EqualityLounge @ #WEF20!

— The Female Quotient (@femalequotient) January 21, 2020

Julianne Hough’s Philosophy Of Movement

The dancer did a demonstration of her own during the Forum, in which she dances and talks about throwing away “negative energy” through movement. It’s part of her dance and workout method KINRGY.


Julianne has said she considers dance her “superpower,” and that it allows you to “connect to your emotions.” She said of KINRGY, “The whole point is that we want you to join in and have your own transformational journey of growth and opportunity and excitement.”

What do you make of this new video of Julianne? Do you think Dr. Amaral’s procedure is real, or was Julianne faking it? Let us know in the comments.

Is Derek Hough Planning To Propose To Girlfriend Hayley Erbert?

Are they ever going to get married?

Who is Derek Hough’s girlfriend?

Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert have a perfectly adorable relationship. The couple has been together for years, after meeting on “Dancing With The Stars.” Not only do they make their dancing look effortless, they somehow make their relationship look effortless as well.

Hough, who has won DWTS multiple times and is now a judge on World of Dance, is arguably one of the most famous dancers in America. He and his sister Julianne have toured with their live dance performances for years and now they’re teaming up for a holiday special called Holidays With the Houghs. For folks who want to see Derek make it official with his long-term girlfriend, the special might be a perfect venue for Derek to put a ring on Hayley’s finger.

Who is Hayley Erbert and will she and Derek ever get married?

1. Hayley Erbert is a dancer like Derek

Hayley, 25, first made waves as a dancer on season 10 of “So You Think You Can Dance.” The contemporary style dancer from Kansas finished in the bottom six and went home early in the season but her career didn’t end there. She toured with Derek and his sister Julianne’s show Move Live in 2014 before landing a gig in the dance troupe for “Dancing With the Stars.” She was a mentor for “Dancing With the Stars: Juniors” in 2018 as well as contining to perform on DWTS.

2. The two met at DWTS and even danced together there

The couple hasn’t explained exactly how they met but Hayley did post an Instagram photo of the two of them dancing together at DWTS in 2015. Derek has been one of the featured dancers on the show since 2007 and has won a record six times. His partners have included Brooke Burke, Jennie Garth, Ricki Lake, Maria Menounos Nicole Scherzinger, Jennifer Grey, Kellie Pickler, Amber Riley, Amy Purdy and Bindi Irwin, according to his website. He left the show to pursue other projects and became a judge on World of Dance in 2017.

As for their off-stage relationship, Hayley and Derek are like an Instagram story come to life. They always look happy and excited to be together and their actual social media feed is a constant stream of adorable moments, form Derek singing to Hayley while he cooks to both of them snuggling their little orange kitten.

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3. Everyone asks him if they’ll get married.

In 2018, just before he headed out for his solo dance tour, he talked to Entertainment Tonight about his plans for the tour and what his life offstage looks like. He gushed about Hayley and how she keeps him grounded and supports his dreams, When ET asked if he was thinking of asking her to marry him, he took a tongue in cheek attitude to the question. “You know, it’s funny. Nobody ever asks me this,” Hough joked. “Do I feel pressured getting married? No, you know what, I don’t, actually. I’m building a house right now. I feel like I’ve been building it for 25 years now. It’s taken a long time, so for me, I’m looking at things in stages, and for me, that’s going to be the next stage.”

4. People just keep asking about marriage

E! News also asked him about getting married after his sister Julianne’s wedding to Brooks Laich in 2018. “It’s not something we really talk about so much right now,” he explained. But he did leave the door open to planning for marriage and family down the line. “I don’t want to be an old grandpa when I start having kids…,” he mused. “After that wedding, I’m like, ‘Who knows?’ You feel the love.”

5. Seriously, everyone asks him if he wants to marry Hayley

Ryan Seacrest asked about marriage when Hough went on his radio show — and this could have been seriously awkward since Seacrest and Derek’s sister were together for years and never got married. Hough still wouldn’t commit to saying he and Hayley ever talk about marriage. “Yeah, sometimes. Sometimes. But you know what’s funny? There’s so many people getting engaged and married in my circle , and I’m just letting them enjoy that, so my time will come,” he said. “We’ll see when it happens.”

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6. Even JLo wants him to get married.

Even his World of Dance co-star Jennifer Lopez is hoping he’ll marry Hayley. In a video linked by Women’s Health, Hough said that she was putting the pressure on him on set. He recounted an episode where he had dropped a dad joke and J.Lo told him she’d thought he’d be a good dad. “And then she said, ‘So, why aren’t you ? And why aren’t you married?’ I’m like, ‘Oh god!'” he said.

JLo didn’t drop the subject, saying “Well, do you want to get married?” Derek said that he thinks he does but JLo didn’t think that was a straight enough answer “Oh, you think you do? You’re one of those?” Derek explained, “I was like, ‘Well, hold on! Let me finish…'”

7. He may be getting closer to proposing

Us Weekly caught up with Hough after his performance at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at Rockefeller Center in New York City this week and asked if there was any chance that an engagement was in the near future and he didn’t say no in his answer. “Who knows. You never know. It’s the end of a decade, sorry, it’s the beginning of a new decade!” Derek said, “2020 vision, we’ll see.”

Here’s hoping these two have a happy future, whether they get married or not.

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Derek Hough isn’t quite ready for marriage, but fatherhood could be another story. In a new interview with Life & Style, the 34-year-old pro dancer and World of Dance judge revealed that he is more excited to have a child than to get married.

“You know, it’s weird, actually. I feel like the bug that I have right now is more the kid,” Derek admitted.

This is not the first time Derek has talked about his desire to be a dad. After his sister Julianne Hough’s wedding to Brooks Laich in 2017, Derek told E! News that while marriage wasn’t something he was talking about with his girlfriend Hayley Erbert at the time, he could “feel the love” at his sister’s ceremony.

“I don’t want to be an old grandpa when I start having kids… After that wedding, I’m like, ‘Who knows?’ You feel the love.”

Derek comes from a large family and has four sisters—Marabeth, Sharee, Katherine, and Julianne—so it’s no surprise that he is looking forward to having his own family someday. Earlier this year, while visiting with young patients at Boston Children’s Hospital, Derek told Entertainment Tonight that he has a lot of experience with kids due to his siblings and their large families.

“I am an uncle of, like, 20. I have so many nieces and nephews. So I love kids. I’m going to have kids one day.”

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???? And Cannes you feel the love tonight?♥️ ???? #SeeWhatIDidThere ????

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Derek Hough has been dating fellow professional dancer Hayley Erbert since 2015 when they danced together on the “DWTS Live” tour. The six-time Dancing with the Stars champ told L& S that he and Hayley, who is 10 years his junior, recently moved into a new place together, although he didn’t elaborate if the new pad has a room suitable for a nursery.

Earlier this summer, Derek and Hayley traveled to Europe where they visited Paris, London, and Cannes. The lovebirds clocked 26 miles just by walking and taking in the sites. The pro dancer revealed that he and his lady love just like to walk and hold hands and he compared them to “an old couple.”

Derek also just finished a 56-city tour and is working on new music while also planning for his next tour. While there’s no timeline announced for his fatherhood venture, the Dancing with the Stars champ has made quite a few comments about it recently, so it sounds like marriage and babies could be coming sooner for him rather than later.

Who is Derek Hough’s girlfriend?
Let me introduce his lover and his lovelife.


He’s a professional dancer, choreographer and director. He was born in Utah, USA on May 17, 1985.

Derek comes from a family of dancers, his 4 sisters, parents and grandparents from both his sides are all accomplished artists of the dance floor.

After turning 12 years old, Derek was sent to London to study dance. He is widely known for his appearances on the dance TV show Dancing with the Stars.

Hough worked with world champion ice dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White in their choreographies. Derek has been seen in a few plays such as Jesus Christ Superstar and Singing in the Rain.

He’s received two Emmy awards, a Primetime Award and several others.


Derek Hough is currently dating professional dancer Hayley Erbert. She started to dance from the age of 3.

Hayley was born in Kansas, USA and she has been dancing all her life. The professional dancer used to do gymnastics and she was also Miss Kansas Teen USA, back in 2013.

Her big moment on the spotlight was when she made it to the finals in the show So You Think You Can Dance?

The couple started dating in 2016 but they had met some years before through mutual friends and dancing.
Supposedly they had a drunken hook-up and hit it off since then.

Previous Relationships

India De Beaufort

Before becoming famous thanks to Dancing With the Stars, Derek dated actress and singer India De Beaufort.

She was born in the UK where she also took her first steps in the entertainment business. India started as a singer/songwriter but after appearing in Run Fatboy, Run she switched to acting.

In 2009 she appeared in the teen drama series One Tree Hill and after that she was seen in more series such as Jane by Design, How I Met You Mother and Castle.

She and Derek started dating back in 2000 and their relationship lasted for 8 years before Derek cheated on her with his co-star Shannon Elizabeth.

Shannon Elizabeth

Shortly after ending his relationship with India, Derek started to appear in public with none other than his co-star in Dancing with the Stars Shannon Elizabeth.

The actress/model was born in USA and started her career as a model.

Later on, she was seen in movies such as Jack Frost and Dish Perros but it wasn’t until her famous topless appearance in American Pie that she caught the public’s eye.

After landing a few other roles, she appeared in Dancing with the Stars next to Derek Hough and supposedly started dating when they were still on the show.

Shannon denied this at first but accepted it some years later.

Cheryl Cole

Derek Bough briefly dated British singer Cheryl Cole, or more commonly known as Cheryl.

The pop star was born in Newcastle, England in 1983 and showed interest in the entertainment business from an early age.

She joined the Royal Ballet when she was 9 years old and after that she auditioned for Popstars: The Rivals.

Cheryl was also seen next to Simon Cowell in The X Factor. Derek and Cheryl had a very private relationship in 2010.

Derek admitted later on that he had never heard any of her songs before meeting her but the ex-couple ended their relationship in good terms.

Ideal Types

According to some media, Derek likes brunettes with tanned skin. He’s also dated blonde girls and one thing that they have in common is the dancing.

Bough surely likes a women that knows how to move. The dancer has also been linked to singers, actresses and many more.

He has also declared that looks doesn’t mean everything for him and that he also looks for kindness and good hearted girls.

Opinions on Marriage

The professional dancer has declared that he has been playing with the idea of marriage. He’s been close to the altar a few times but he never took the plunge, not even with 8 year girlfriend India.

Apparently, he enjoys his single life or maybe he feels that he doesn’t have enough time to start raising a family.

Ideal Dating Situation

Apparently, Derek enjoys outdoor dates very much, He has been sighted next to his girlfriend and ex’s going out for strolls and jogging.

The dancer also likes going to the beach with his beloved ones and he seems to be of the romantic type of guy.

Fans’ Opinion

Derek has an absolutely huge legion of fans.

They have been rooting for him since he started to appear on dancing shows and have been closely following his love life.

Some say that he is gay and all of his relationships are just a cover up but others claim that he is only a metrosexual and likes staying clean.

Regarding his current relationship, the fans have not shown much support but they are used to Hough constant changing of couples.