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Darci Lynne’s Puppet Leaves Simon Cowell Blushing With Flirty Serenade


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Singing ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer made history in 2017 as one of the youngest contestants to ever be named the winner of America’s Got Talent.

From earning the coveted “Golden Buzzer” from judge Mel B with her unreal singing ventriloquism routine, it was clear Darci Lynne was destined to be a star. Following a string of seemingly impossible routines and 52 million votes cast, the singing ventriloquist was named the Season 12 winner over her fellow contestants.

During her stay on America’s Got Talent, some of her talented puppets developed crushes on the superstar judges. In one of her early performances on the hit talent competition, the 13-year-old’s elderly puppet Edna revealed she only had eyes for Simon Cowell.

“Where’s that Simon feller?” the puppet asked “Oh my my my my my. He’s a hit with the ladies in their eighties back at the home you know.”

In an attempt to express to Cowell how she feels, Edna serenaded the man of her dreams with Aretha Franklin’s “Natural Woman.” Midway through the flirty serenade, Darci Lynne carried Edna over to Cowell so she could get up close and personal to the British judge. Cowell was blushing and laughing by the end.

Since charming the nation with the help of her adorable puppets, the 13-year-old has made multiple high profile appearances including A Very Pentatonix Christmas, headlining her very own sold-out show at Vegas’ Planet Hollywood, and even hit the road on her first-ever tour in 2018.

You can watch her performance below.

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Darci Lynne Farmer is one of America’s brightest new stars.

In 2017, on the 12th season of America’s Got Talent, the world met Darci Lynne. While there were many talented performers on the season, the only one everyone could talk about week after week was Darci Lynne.

In the first episode of season 12, then 12-year-old ventriloquist earned the very first golden buzzer of the season from judge Mel B.

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Each judge only gets on Golden Buzzer on America’s Got Talent. Guest judges are allowed to also buzz in. When an act gets the Golden Buzzer during the preliminary auditions, it means they skip the Judge Cuts portion of the show and they move straight on to the Live Shows.

From that first moment, it was pretty obvious that Darci Lynne was going to go all the way. She introduced a variety of different puppets to keep the judges on their toes.

Her audition video got over 21 million views on America’s Got Talent YouTube and Darci Lynne’s finale performance got the most votes in AGT history. Clearly, America loved Darci Lynne!

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If you watched the show, you know that Simon Cowell is known for being the “tough” judge. Lucky for Darci Lynne, he was never tough on her. But that didn’t stop Darci Lynne from teasing him! During one of her performances, she even had one of her puppets flirt with Simon.

The judge and ventriloquist recently reunited at NBC Upfronts, an event hosted by the network to showcase the upcoming TV show lineup. Simon and Darci were most likely both there on behalf of America’s Got Talent.

Darci shared a few photos of her new puppet meeting his inspiration on Facebook.

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She captioned the set of photos:

Hey Simon Cowell, meet Simon… the puppet Do you see the resemblance??? Great to see you at the NBC Upfronts and thank you to Axtell Expressions for creating this awesome puppet! America’s Got Talent

Darci has over 700,000 fans on Facebook and over 400,000 on Instagram. She shared the cute photos from the NBC Upfronts on both social media platforms. Her fans were quick to say how much they love her and how they hoped she would visit their area soon.

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One commenter said on Facebook:

Great puppet! You are very very talented as you know. Hoping you come to Philadelphia at some point! So proud to see a wonderful young lady do wel

While another commenter had a similar sentiment:

I wish I could see your show Daci I had just gotten out of the hospital the day before your show in Springfield, MO. Maybe you will be back this way soon.

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If you haven’t seen a video of Darci Lynne before, have you been living under a rock?

You can catch her first performance on America’s Got Talent in 2017 in the video below.

She totally wowed the judges and earned herself a Golden Buzzer moment – which meant she automatically went into the competition and didn’t have to fight for her spot in a second audition.

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Check out her adorable routine with one of her favorite puppets below.

Darci Lynne (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Tuesday night on America’s Got Talent, Darci Lynne demonstrated why she has an excellent chance of winning the $1 million prize and her own show in Las Vegas.

She took to the stage with yet another new puppet. This one was 80-something, handful Edna Doorknocker, who just happens to have a crush on judge Simon Cowell. Darci and Edna sang Arthea Franklin‘s “Natural Woman,” which was dedicated to Simon. Darci walked off the stage and over to Simon at the judges’ table, so Edna could cuddle with Simon.

After he was done being embarrassed, Simon told her, “This was great. You are funny and you have a wicked sense of humor. I am imagining you headed to the big time.” Mel B added, “The first moment you walked on this stage, I was mesmerized. I hit the Golden Buzzer. You could win the show. You have what it takes.” Heidi Klum said, “You really are a class act. You are bringing ventriloquism to a new level. You have a great chance of winning it.”

On the red carpet after the performance, Darci told Parade.com what Simon said to her off-camera, “He said that even though I was in huge trouble for embarrassing him in front of millions of people, he still thought I was amazing and he thought what I did was brilliant.”

And Simon commented, “I wasn’t expecting tonight to be serenaded by an 80-year-old puppet, but that is what I love about the show.”

Darci also talked to us about how she comes up with the ideas for the different puppets, how each one is a part of her, what she would do with the $1 million prize, and more.

You said that each of your puppets are a part of you. What part of you is Edna?

Edna is sometimes mischievous and sassy and sometimes naughty, but she is very kindhearted and she also has a stomach of steel. She can eat anything spicy or hot. Some of those things, they come back to me.

What is your favorite thing about Edna?

I love how Edna likes to be herself. She doesn’t care what people think about her. She is just herself and like, “Whatever.”

You also talked about how you sit in your room and imagine these things. How does the inspiration come to you?

They just come to me. Some of them, I just think of right off the top of my head; some take a while. Sometimes I think and think and nothing comes to me, and then I am doing something random and, “Oh, gosh. That’s a great idea.” They all come different.

Some of your phrases are so clever, like calling Simon Cowell a “hunka, hunka Englishman.” Are they all yours or does someone help?

Most of my script and the things that I say are a collaboration. I am not a very good writer, so I come up with things, my parents come up with things, my coach comes up with things, so it is a huge collaboration.

In the finals, will you bring another new puppet or will it be someone we’ve already met?

I don’t know… Well, I do know, but I like to keep everything a surprise.

Do you come up with the song first and then decide on the puppet, or vice versa?

Probably the puppet and then the song.

Halloween is coming up. Do you have a Halloween costume?

I really want to be scary this year because I have never been scary, so I am going to dress up as a doll.

Have people asked to book your act already since you’ve been on AGT?

Yes. We’ve had people wanting me to perform at fundraisers and shows but since I’m super busy, I can’t really do it yet.

If you win, what will you do with the $1 million?

I really, really want to give some money to my mission program at church because my church family is super important to me. They are super supportive of me. That’s what I’m going to do first but second, I have to get my mom a dishwasher because ours stinks and it doesn’t work, so we need a new one.

America’s Got Talent returns tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC when the second group of semifinalists will compete to see which five make it to the finals next week.

Originally posted Wednesday, September 25, 2019 by RODNEY HO/[email protected] on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

Ventriloquist/prodigy Darci Lynne Farmer, at a mere 14 years of age, is already headlining her second tour in Atlanta Saturday at Cobb Energy Centre. (Buy tickets here.)

Darci won “America’s Got Talent” two years ago and came in second earlier this year on “America’s Got Talent: The Champions.”

The Oklahoma girl has found success with a recipe that would make even the most jaded human crack a smile: Midwestern modesty, a vibrant sense of humor, a diverse vocal palette and adorable puppets.

But she said the show won’t ape the one she did in January, 2018 at Cobb.

“I think I’ve definitely stepped up my game a little bit,” Darci said in a recent interview. “I have some new material. It’s still the same family-friendly show. I have lots of great music, a lot of different genres. I’ve added opera!”

Plus, she used a family band and more support last tour, she is riding solo this time. “I have no opening act,” she said.

For her most recent “AGT” appearance a few weeks ago, her puppet Petunia sang James Brown’s “It’s a Man’s, Man’s World.”

“I learned that song for ‘AGT,’ ” she said. “It’s hard, especially hard to learn with my mouth closed. But I enjoyed it.”

On tour, Darci still sings the classic “Summertime” from her original audition two years ago which blew away the judges and the audience. “I’ve definitely improved,” she said. “My voice has grown. I’m still proud of what I did then.”

Darci’s ventriloquist coach forces her to watch video of herself and work on getting better. “I hate doing it but it helps,” she said.

She said people marvel over how she’s able to do what she does and make it look so easy. “People want to see my brain activity during a performance,” she said. “I’m thinking so many different things. I’m thinking about the song. What I’m talking about with Petunia. How Petunia is interacting with me and the audience. Making sure I know the song lyrics and I’m in the right key. I also have to manipulate her arms. But once I get more comfortable with any new thing I’ve learned, it becomes second nature.”

She schedules two or three shows a month on weekends. But otherwise, she remains in Oklahoma City with her friends and family,which helps her stay grounded.

“I haven’t had my Miley Cyrus phase,” she said, with a giggle. “My family is my rock. They are very supportive. They’ve guided me. I don’t know where I’d be without them.”

Darci, still a teenager, isn’t sure if she will just do ventriloquism for her entire career like Jeff Dunham, who has been an arena act for years, or Terry Fator, “AGT” season two winner and Las Vegas headliner for 12-plus years.

She said she sang before she picked up a puppet and has dabbled in songwriting. She’d also like to explore acting.

But she also wants to be an example and inspiration to others exploring ventriloquism.

“I receive so many videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram of kids and even adults trying it,” Darci said. I’m amazed so many people are into it.”


Darci Lynne Farmer

7 p.m., Saturday, September 28

$26.75, to $46.75 plus fees

Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre

2800 Cobb Galleria Parkway, Atlanta


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