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Whip out the tea and biscuits, because Her Majesty formally requests your presence. That’s right, after nearly two years, The Crown is back, and to say that we are royally excited would be an understatement. Season three of the Netflix series, inspired by the award-winning play, The Audience, returned with a time jump and an entirely new all-star cast.

Before you start bingeing the new season, here’s everything you can expect from Queen Elizabeth (now played by Olivia Colman) and her royal relatives as a new era begins.


When was The Crown season 3 release date?

The third season of the Golden Globe-winning drama series became available for streaming Sunday, Nov. 17.

Is there a season 3 trailer for The Crown?

Of course! Netflix released the official trailer in October with the tagline, “Times change. Duty endures.” The preview, set to a cover of Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are A-Changin,” showcases the series’ new cast and teased how the royals will struggle to adapt to the challenges of a rapidly changing Britain.

Who will Olivia Colman play on The Crown?

Colman’s reign as Queen Elizabeth begins in season 3. The Oscar winner is taking over the lead role from Claire Foy, who portrayed the world’s longest-reigning monarch for the first two seasons.

But don’t get too excited about seeing Colman splashed across the screen. According to USA Today, she’s not the star. “Colman is conspicuously absent through much of the season, which focuses more heavily on Phillip, Margaret and Charles, and her role in her family members’ stories is nominal at best. Despite the marquee position of Colman in the opening credits, ‘Crown’ doesn’t feel like her show.” But, that’s just how the royal family works–when things get juicy, and we’re talking TV-show-worthy, the queen is not at the center of the story. “Her family fills the gossip pages of British tabloids, but she stands stoically by in her charming suits and pearls clutching a handbag, and steadfastness doesn’t make for entertaining television,” USA Today points out.

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Who else is in The Crown cast for season 3?

​Aside from Colman, the new season also stars Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret, Tobias Menzies as Prince Philip, Josh O’Connor as Prince Charles, Erin Doherty as Princess Anne, Ben Daniels as Lord Snowdon, Jason Watkins as Prime Minister Harold Wilson and Charles Dance as Lord Mountbatten. Viewers will also be introduced to Camilla Shand, the now-Duchess of Cornwall, played by Emerald Fennell. For The Crown writer and creator Peter Morgan, it was imperative that the transition from the old to the new cast be “seamless.” He said, “The new cast didn’t bother me because they are all so bloody good and I knew they could do it.”


What happened in The Crown season 2?

The second season of the acclaimed series explored Elizabeth and Philip’s rocky marriage, as well as Princess Margaret’s romantic tribulations. Here is what went down with some of our favorite royals:

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh’s relationship was in crisis as Philip embarked on a solo royal tour of the Commonwealth. Prior to his departure, Elizabeth discovered a photo of a Russian ballerina in his briefcase, prompting Her Majesty and viewers to speculate whether Philip was having an affair. While overseas, the Duke’s friend and private secretary Mike Parker wrote letters to their all-male Thursday Club about their travels abroad, writing: “In New Guinea as it turns out there’s no such thing as infidelity,” adding, “What happens on tour, stays on tour.” After Parker’s wife Eileen decides to sue her husband for divorce, alleging adultery, a letter comes to light bragging about the exploits of the pals’ royal tour—a.k.a. “five-month stag night.”

To dispel rumors of marital trouble, Elizabeth meets Philip in Lisbon. While onboard the Royal Yacht Britannia, the couple discuss what needs to change in order to make their marriage work. “Divorce is not an option for us, ever,” Elizabeth tells Philip. The Duke reveals that he is resentful that his 8-year-old son Charles outranks him. As a result, Elizabeth grants him the style and titular dignity of a Prince of the United Kingdom, Great Britain and Northern Ireland and will henceforth be known as His Royal Highness, The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. In the finale, Philip tells his wife, “I’m yours. In. Not because you’ve given me a title, not because we’ve come to an agreement, but because I want to be. Because I love you.” The monarch and her husband welcomed their third child, Prince Andrew, mid-season, and their fourth child, Prince Edward, in the last episode.

Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones

The Queen’s younger sister had a difficult time finding her happily ever after, that is until season 2. Still reeling from her heartbreak over being unable to marry Peter Townsend, her father King George VI‘s former equerry, Margaret ends up meeting photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones at a dinner party. After their meeting, Tony takes the Princess’ birthday portraits, and their relationship begins. Amid her new romance, Townsend writes to Margaret requesting permission for him to break their pact, which they promised not to marry anyone else because they couldn’t marry each other. Townsend wants to wed a 19-year-old he met in Brussels, which is where the palace sent him in season 1. In an effort to walk down the aisle herself, Margaret proposes marriage to Tony saying, “You don’t think you and I could do it unconventionally?” While he seemed against the idea initially, Tony pops the question after ending his affair with dancer Jacqui Chan. Tony, who is also involved in a relationship with Camilla Fry and her husband Jeremy Fry, asks Margaret to marry him, under the condition she doesn’t bore him. Meanwhile, the eager to wed Princess asks for him not to hurt her.

Sadly, Margaret had to delay news of her engagement for six months because of royal protocol. “Until the sovereign’s child is born, no other family announcements can be made,” Elizabeth informed her younger sister. Though to show her support for the pair’s engagement, the Queen threw a party for their friends and family, where Camilla tells Tony she is pregnant and is “99 percent” sure the baby is his. Elizabeth learns of her future brother-in-law’s less than conventional lifestyle and intimate relationships from her aides.

After the birth of her nephew Prince Andrew, Margaret visits her sister to request to formally announce her engagement. Concerned that the engagement might be revenge because of Townsend’s, Queen Elizabeth cautions Margaret, telling her that Tony has a “complicated present,” however Margaret’s mind is set on marrying Tony. On their wedding day, the groom makes his way to Westminster Abbey with his social-climbing mother Anne Messel. “Well, not bad, you’d have to say,” he tells her. “For the son that always brought you shame. The son that you rejected. The son that was never good enough. I suppose I always thought that eventually you’d find it in you to admit that you’re proud of me. Perhaps even that you love me.” Anne then tells her son, “Darling, I do hope you haven’t done all this for me.” Whether he did or didn’t, Tony and Margaret tied the knot at the Abbey.

Prince Charles

Young Prince Charles struggles growing up. At Cheam School, he was bullied and described as an “uncommonly shy,” “sensitive” and “delicate” boy. It’s recommended that Charles attend Eton College, however Philip is adamant that his son follow in his footsteps and attend his alma matter Gordonstoun, which is the school that made him and “can make Charles.” “Who we are is not what we wear or what glitters,” Philip tells his son while giving him his old school jumper. “It’s the spirit that defines us.”

The Duke of Edinburgh personally takes his son to school in Scotland. There, the Queen’s husband declares that he doesn’t want Charles “mollycoddled in some luxury hotel.” Philip says, “The whole point is the boy learns to fend for himself.” That’s easier said than done. The school is not an easy adjustment, and Charles is tormented and called “dumbo.” His uncle Dickie, whom he has a close relationship with, visits and sees firsthand how unhappy the young Prince is and reports to the Queen. According to Elizabeth, her son calls his school “Hell on earth, Colditz with kilts.” While the monarch wants to bring him home, Philip refuses. Still at Gordonstoun, Charles participates in a grueling 18-mile challenge that his dad signed him up for. The Prince’s classmates successfully make it back to the school, however Charles’ royal detective finds him lost and crying in the Highlands. Upon his return to the school, Charles is comforted by his royal detective, while his father hands out the award to the winning team.

“The struggle is a gift,” Philip tells his son after the challenge. “You’ve got to toughen up a little, boy, for what is ahead of you.” It’s clear to viewers that the Duke and his son had a distant relationship growing up. The heir to the throne ended up staying at Gordonstoun for a further five years, The Crown noted, adding that Charles described the place as “a prison sentence” and “absolute hell.”


What happens in The Crown season 3 and are there any spoilers?

Season 3 sees the royal family navigating new challenges. Per Netflix, the royals “must adapt to a new, more liberated, but also more turbulent world.” Menzies describes each episode like a stand-alone film. While the upcoming season has a new cast, the series’ creator Morgan stressed that “it is the same show but with older actors filling the roles.”

According to USA Today, the new season covers Britain’s rocky transition into the modern era, including Prime Minister Harold Wilson’s tenure; the devaluation of the pound; the Aberfan disaster; and the 1972 mining strike.

1. “Olding”

Queen Elizabeth gains her first Labour Prime Minister, Harold Wilson. The monarch hears rumors that Wilson is actually a Russian spy and becomes suspicious. MI5 discovers a KGB mole at Buckingham Palace, but Her Majesty reluctantly agrees to cover it up.

3. “Margaretology”

Princess Margaret and her husband Tony Armstrong-Jones embark on a tour of America. Queen Elizabeth enlists her younger sister’s help by sending the royal couple to Washington, D.C. to have dinner at the White House, where Margaret charms President Lyndon B. Johnson and secures a bailout for the UK. Margaret wants to do more, but Philip advices his wife against it.

3. “Aberfan”

Tragedy hits the Welsh mining village of Aberfan when a colliery tip collapses wiping out a school and resulting in the deaths of 116 children and 28 adults. Queen Elizabeth is initially reluctant to visit the scene, while other royal family members have gone. The monarch faces political pressure to go and does so. While Elizabeth seems moved by the visit, she reveals something about herself to Prime Minister Wilson.

4. Bubbikins

Prince Philips mother, Princess Alice, is brought from her convent in militarized Athens to the UK to live at Buckingham Palace. Meanwhile, Philip is trying to make up for a remark he made about the government’s Civil List allowance and decides to have a documentary made about the royal family. However, it wasn’t a success, so the Queen’s husband requests that their daughter Princess Anne give an interview, but instead she arranges for her grandmother Alice to be interviewed. It results in a “love letter” to a member of the royal family who has worked harder, suffered more and created more good than everyone else. Philip finally makes amends with his mother.

5. Coup

After being ousted as the Chief of the Defense Staff, Lord Mountbatten is approached by Cecil King, director of the Bank of England, to lead a military coup against Wilson’s government. Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth and Porchey are visiting international horse breeders on a “fact-finding expedition.” While abroad, Her Majesty sees what life could have been had she not been Queen. However, the fantasy quickly dissolves when she learns of the coup from Wilson and returns home to squash it. Back in the palace, Elizabeth is reminded that she is happy with Prince Philip.

6. Tywysog Cymru

Wilson and Elizabeth decide to take Prince Charles out of Cambridge and send him to Aberystwyth University for a term so he can learn Welsh prior to his investiture ceremony amidst mounting Welsh nationalism. At school, Charles is educated by Welsh nationalist Edward Millward. Without his parents’ knowledge, Charles changes his speech to reflect who he is, which Millward translates. Although the Prince of Wales’ speech was a success, Queen Elizabeth is not happy since it showed the similarity between Wales’ suffering and his. The young Prince tells his mother he has a voice, to which she responds: “No one wants to hear it.”

Elizabeth is now an experienced monarch and for the first time has a Labour Prime Minister, Harold Wilson. Industrial strikes and a period of economic distress will cause support for the monarchy to fall. “This country was still great when I came to the throne. All that’s happened on my watch is the place has fallen apart,” the Queen says in the trailer.

Philip wants to see the royal family evolve with the country, and thus takes on a leadership role in the monarchy’s PR campaign. Although the Duke might struggle with some relatives this season, his relationship with Her Majesty has never been stronger. “The Queen and Prince Philip are more settled into their marriage. They’re more grown up and mature,” Colman said in a statement about the new season. The actress noted that they are dealing with their kids “coming of age alongside the trials and tribulations of their lives.” Unlike previous seasons, this third one moves away from the ups and downs of the royal couple’s marriage. Menzies pointed out that “it’s less about the challenges of the marriage.” Instead, the challenges for the two of them now come from outside their relationship.

Still just as shy and sensitive as he was as a boy, the future King is trying to find his voice this season. Charles turns to his great-uncle, Mountbatten, and his disgraced and exiled relative, the Duke of Windsor, who is dying, for advice. O’Connor, who plays the Prince of Wales, revealed that when we first pick up with Charles he is “discovering his meaning and his place in the world.” Per Morgan, Charles is a “captivating character” who is at “odds with his parents a lot of the time.”

When Charles pursues a relationship with Camilla Shand, he is forced to choose between love and duty. Wallis Simpson, the Duke of Windsor’s wife, tells Charles in the official trailer to “never turn your back on true love,” adding, “Watch out for your family.” Charles responds, “They mean well,” to which she says, “No they don’t.”

Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon a.k.a. Tony Armstrong-Jones

Margaret and Tony, who have a volatile relationship, are parents to Lady Sarah Chatto and David Armstrong-Jones. After several years of marriage, Lord Snowdon begins a serious affair, but uses his charm and wit to play the victim to his royal relatives and the public. Unhappy in her marriage, Margaret seeks comfort in the company of a younger man. “At the end of season 2, we left them getting married and everybody knew it wasn’t going to work out very well,” Morgan said of the pair. Though their marriage doesn’t work out well, the show’s creator noted that they “still have an incredible power over one another.” Morgan explained, “Which means they were probably still more attracted to each other than to anyone else. Ultimately it doesn’t really function and they’re both quite selfish creatures.”

Princess Anne

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s daughter is introduced after leaving school and being told how to fulfill her role within the royal family. Anne and her brother Charles are in a “very adult and challenging world where they are being told how to behave,” according to Morgan. “They have to try and navigate their responsibilities and predicaments within a very traditional adult universe.” Doherty, who plays Anne, revealed that fans will be able to see the friction between the Princess and her parents, along with the camaraderie between her and Charles.


How many episodes will there be in season 3?

Like seasons 1 and 2, season 3 of The Crown will consist of 10 episodes.

What does the real Queen think of The Crown?

Queen Elizabeth is a fan of the Netflix series, according to her granddaughter Princess Eugenie. Vanessa Kirby, who played Her Majesty’s younger sister in seasons 1 and 2, told Vanity Fair in 2018, “A friend of mine was at a party and didn’t know anyone, so he sidled up to this group who were talking about The Crown, when one said, ‘Well, my granny watches it and really likes it.’ It slowly dawned on him that the girl was Eugenie and her granny was the Queen.” Guess you could say the show has the royal seal of approval!

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When does The Crown season 3 take place?

The forthcoming season starts in 1964 and goes through to 1977. Season 3 will span roughly 12 years beginning with Harold Wilson’s election as prime minister. It will also cover Cold War paranoia, the Lunar Landing, the Aberfan disaster, Prince Charles’ 1969 investiture and the Queen’s Silver Jubilee.

Where to watch and stream The Crown on TV and online?

You can view The Crown on your laptop, phone, tablet or TV on the Netflix app or

Looking for a show about a more…normal…type of family? Catch up on This Is Us.

We also see the young Charles struggle at a gruelling boarding school in Scotland, and Elizabeth confront Phillip about some mysterious photos that point to his infidelity.

4 Fans can’t wait for the new series to see the new cast in actionCredit: Netflix

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Who’s in the cast of The Crown series 3?

Like series one and two, The Crown of course has a star cast, this includes:

  • Olivia Colman playing Queen Elizabeth. She is known for The Favourite, Tyrannosaur and The Lobster (2015).
  • Helena Bonham Carter playing Princess Margaret. She is known for Sweeney Todd, Les Misérables and The King’s Speech (where she actually played the Queen mum).
  • Tobias Menzies playing Prince Philip. Tobias has appeared in several high-profile TV shows including The Night Manager, Outlander and Game of Thrones.
  • Josh O’Connor playing Prince Charles. He is known for playing Larry in the hit ITV show The Durrells.
  • Emerald Fennell playing Camilla Parker Bowles. Emerald is best known for her role as Nurse Patience “Patsy” Mount in the BBC drama series, Call the Midwife.

Casting Director Nina Gold has confirmed that Diana will NOT appear in this season.

Speaking to Digital Spy she said: “Diana’s not in this season but when we do get to her, that is going to be pretty interesting.”

Diana Spencer will become a main character in future seasons as the show deals with the 80s and 90s.

Relative newbie Emma Corrin has been unveiled as the actress who’ll be playing Lady Di in the fourth season.

Everything you need to know about the English actress next to wear ‘The Crown’

If, like us, you’re a huge fan of Netflix’s hit drama The Crown you’re in luck because series three is here!

While fans of the show have been used to watching Claire Foy, Matt Smith and Vanessa Kirby as Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip and Princess Margaret, passage of time means those roles are now played by Olivia Colman, Tobias Menzies and Helena Bonham Carter.

The series spans from 1964 until 1977 and delves into the private and public struggle of the royals.

Sophie MutevelianNetflix

The Crown season 3: What’s it about?

First, let’s recap season two, shall we? It charted the turbulent relationship between the Queen and Prince Philip, as well as their differing opinions on how their son, Prince Charles, should be raised. It also saw Princess Margaret strike up a romance with the complicated photographer Tony Armstrong-Jones.

Time has passed significantly by season three, with Oscar winner Olivia Colman taking on the role of the Queen and Helena Bonham Carter playing Princess Margaret as well as Tobias Menzies as Prince Philip.

Photographers captured a glimpse of Olivia and Helena on set together, filming in Winchester.


The Crown has shared a host of images of some of the actors in character.

Olivia Colman and Tobias Menzies Sophie MutevelianNetflix Ben Daniels as Lord Snowdon Netflix Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret Netflix

The upcoming series jumps to the 1960s and 70s, when the Queen and Prince Philip are in their 50s.

Suzanne Mackie, a producer for the show, revealed in 2017 that the latest series will introduce Camilla Parker Bowles, who Prince Charles met at a polo match in 1971.

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Aside from Prince Charles’ personal life, season three also centres on the breakdown of Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon’s marriage.

“In season three, without giving anything away – it’s on the record, it’s history – we’ll see the breakup of this extraordinary marriage between Margaret and Snowdon,” The Crown’s historian Robert Lacey told Town & Country.

“This season, you see how it starts, and what a strange character, a brilliant character Snowdon was,” he added.

A trailer for season three shows how central Prince Charles (Josh O’Connor) will be in season three.

The Crown season 3: Who’s going to be in it?

Olivia Colman takes over from Claire Foy and play the part of Queen Elizabeth II for series three as well as four.

The actress, perhaps best known for her roles in Broadchurch and her Golden Globe-winning performance in The Night Manager, said of her casting that she’s “ridiculously excited.”

She does have nerves though, understandably.

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“I’m really nervous to take over something that’s been so great – it’s scary,” Olivia told The Sun.

“They’re giving me a great voice coach who will make sure I speak like the Queen.

“So I’ll just learn the lines and try and copy exactly what they do. Claire Foy has let me know I can call if I need to,” Olivia explained.

Olivia revealed there’s be a continuity error in season three, as she was unable to wear contact lenses to make her eyes blue like the Queen and Claire Foy.

Olivia’s on-screen husband, Prince Philip, is played by Outlander actor Tobias Menzies.

The role was tipped to be taken by Paul Bettany, but the actor revealed he had to bow out of talks due to scheduling conflicts.

Helena Bonham Carter plays the role of an older Princess Margaret, taking over from Vanessa Kirby.


Ben Daniels takes over from Matthew Goode, starring as Princess Margaret’s husband Lord Snowdon.

Helena Bonham Carter and Ben Daniels Des WillieNetflix

“After being glued to the first two seasons of The Crown I am beyond thrilled to be joining the cast of this incredible piece of television,” Daniels, who has starred in series including House of Cards, Cutting It and Jamaica Inn, said.

“Snowdon was such a dynamic and complex man, I’m really looking forward to playing him.”

Former Call The Midwife star Emerald Fennell plays Camilla Shand (who we now know as the Duchess of Cornwall).

Speaking about the role, Emerald said: “I’m absolutely over the moon and completely terrified.”

Emerald Fennell will play Camilla Shand in The Crown Season Three.

— The Crown (@TheCrownNetflix) October 23, 2018

Line of Duty star Jason Watkins joins the cast as Harold Wilson, who was the Labour prime minister twice in the 1960s and ’70s.

In a statement released by Netflix, Watkins said of his casting:

“I am delighted to become part of this exceptional show. And so thrilled to be working once again with Peter Morgan. Harold Wilson is a significant and fascinating character in our history.

“So looking forward to bringing him to life, through a decade that transformed us culturally and politically. And excited to be working so closely with Olivia, and the whole team.”

The Durrells actor Josh O’Connor plays Prince Charles as he’s coming into his own, studying at university and falling in love for the first time.

“I am thrilled to be joining the firm for the next instalment of The Crown. Seasons 3 and 4 will follow some of the most turbulent events in the Prince of Wales’s life and our national story and I’m excited to be bringing to life the man in the midst of it all.

“I’m very aware it’s a formidably talented family to be joining, but reliably informed I have the ears for the part and will fit right in,’ he joked.

Call The Midwife star Erin Doherty takes on the role of Princess Anne, who – unlike her brother – is a free-spirit with a whole lot of witty humour to boot.

Erin Doherty Des Willie / Netflix

The Crown season 3: When’s it going to be released?

The Crown season 3 is available to stream on Netflix now. Here’s our review of the series.

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Season Three of The Crown, starring Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II, arrives 17th November.

A post shared by The Crown (@thecrownnetflix) on Aug 12, 2019 at 6:01am PDT

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Claire Foy and Matt Smith’s work as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip officially wrapped with the end of The Crown season 2 in December 2017. But the third season drops on Netflix THIS WEEKEND, so get ready to welcome new faces, new (and true-ish) storylines to care about, and more money (for the new face behind the queen). Here’s what we know about The Crown season 3, in advance of the drop:

If you missed the trailer, here it is!

And it looks SO GOOD. Here’s a full breakdown.

There’s also a teaser trailer, which has different stuff!

Netflix dropped the teaser trailer last month. Olivia Colman contemplating the passing of time is…everything.

The new episodes will drop this weekend!!

Netflix announced that new episodes of the show will drop November 17.

Season Three of The Crown, starring Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II, arrives 17th November.

— The Crown (@TheCrownNetflix) August 12, 2019


The posters look…amazing.

The tagline for this season is, “Times change. Duty endures.” That feels very on brand. Plus, these posters!!

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Time tests us all. Olivia Colman, Helena Bonham Carter, Tobias Menzies, Josh O’Connor and Erin Doherty star in The Crown Season 3. November 17th.

A post shared by The Crown (@thecrownnetflix) on Oct 25, 2019 at 8:00am PDT

Everyone looks pretty sad, TBH.

The series will pick up right where season 2 left off, which places viewers in 1964.

Following The Crown tradition, season 3 will span roughly a decade, from 1964 to 1976, during which Harold Wilson served as prime minister for two terms. In May 2018, Netflix confirmed that Wilson will be played by English actor Jason Watkins.


With season 2 ending with the birth of Elizabeth’s fourth child, Prince Edward, season 3’s premiere could cover anything from Elizabeth and Margaret being photographed doing water sports by the paparazzi (July 1964) to the queen’s visit to Prince Edward Island (October 1964) to her appearance at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London (November 1964), when she wore this gorgeous dark-coral gown.


FYI: Season 4 will cover Margaret Thatcher’s post as prime minister, which began in 1979.

The downfall of Princess Margaret and Tony Armstrong-Jones’s marriage will likely be covered.

As history tells us, Margaret and Tony were married for nearly two decades before separating in 1976. The couple, who were unfaithful to each other and had multiple lovers over the years, announced their divorce in 1978.


Queen Elizabeth II will be portrayed by Olivia Colman.

In October 2017, Netflix announced that the royal torch for seasons 3 and 4 had been passed to Olivia, whose most recent work includes Broadchurch and The Night Manager (the latter earned her a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress). In February 2018, Olivia told Radio Times that Claire will be “a very hard act to follow.” Fun fact: Olivia portrayed Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother) in the 2012 movie Hyde Park on Hudson.

On July 16, Netflix released the first official photo of Olivia as QEII. Here she is having tea on the first episode of season 3:


— The Crown (@TheCrownNetflix) July 16, 2018

And her eye color will be different.

Claire has blue eyes, like Queen Elizabeth, so the first two seasons were no problem. Olivia has brown eyes, and the production team tried to use colored contacts AND CGI to replicate things but with no luck. Looks like Queen Elizabeth has brown eyes now!

Helena Bonham-Carter will be the new Princess Margaret.

After weeks of speculation, Helena’s casting was confirmed on Instagram by Vanessa Kirby, who played Margaret in the first two seasons. “Honoured,” Vanessa captioned the photo. Same, TBH.

View this post on Instagram

Honoured @thecrownnetflix

A post shared by Vanessa Kirby (@vanessa__kirby) on Jan 13, 2018 at 1:44am PST

On July 18, Netflix released the first official photo of the new Margaret, along with the caption, “Hope.”


— The Crown (@TheCrownNetflix) July 18, 2018

Tony Armstrong-Jones will also look different.

In June 2018, Netflix announced that Ben Daniels will take over the duty of playing Princess Margaret’s first husband. Ben, who has a theater background, most recently played General Antoic Merrick in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Father Marcus Keane on The Exorcist TV series.

Here is Ben as Tony.


— The Crown (@TheCrownNetflix) July 18, 2018

Tobias Menzies will take over Prince Philip duties.

In March 2018, Deadline confirmed that Tobias had closed the deal to play Philip on seasons 3 and 4, despite the fact that Paul Bettany had long been in talks to inherit the role from Matt Smith. Tobias has appeared on Outlander (Frank and Black Jack Randall), Rome (Brutus), and a little show called Game of Thrones (Edmure Tully). He’s also the Duke of Cornwall in the upcoming King Lear on the BBC.

On August 28, Netflix revealed the first official photo of Tobias as Philip.


— The Crown (@TheCrownNetflix) August 28, 2018

Princess Anne will be played by newcomer Erin Doherty.

Per the Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has cast the Call the Midwife actress to play Elizabeth and Philip’s only daughter. The Crown is Erin’s third major show along with the new BBC miniseries adaptation of Les Misérables. (The cast includes Dominic West, David Oyelowo, Lily Collins, and the queen herself, Olivia Colman.)


A young Camilla will be introduced.

In April 2017, The Crown producer Suzanne Mackie confirmed at the BFI & Radio Times Television Festival that viewers will “start meeting Camilla Parker Bowles in season 3,” which makes sense, considering she first met Prince Charles in the early ’70s. Charles and Camilla married other people—Princess Diana (1981) and Andrew Parker Bowles (1973), respectively—before reuniting and tying the knot in a civil ceremony in 2005.

In October 2018, Netflix announced that British actress Emerald Fennell will play young Camilla. “I absolutely love Camilla and am very grateful that my teenage years have well prepared me for playing a chain-smoking serial snigger with a pudding-bowl haircut,” Emerald said in a statement.


Emerald was most recently in the BBC series Call the Midwife. Per Variety, she is also one of the head writers for season 2 of the Sandra Oh crime drama Killing Eve.

There’s a new Charles in the palace.

As Charles enters his late teens on the show, Netflix has replaced actor Julian Baring with Josh O’Connor, who most recently appeared in the BBC series adaptation of Les Misérables.

Josh O’Connor will play Prince Charles in The Crown Season Three.

— The Crown (@TheCrownNetflix) July 26, 2018

In July 2018, Netflix also announced that actress Victoria Hamilton will be replaced by Marion Bailey in the role of the Queen Mother.

Marion Bailey will play the Queen Mother in The Crown Season Three.

— The Crown (@TheCrownNetflix) July 26, 2018

We won’t be seeing Princess Diana just yet.

Although Camilla will be a part of season 3, it appears we’ll have to wait another season for Princess Diana to enter the scene. Netflix announced in April 2019 that newcomer Emma Corrin will play young Princess Di in season 4, which starts filming in late 2019.

The sets are getting an upgrade.

Apparently, Left Bank, the company that makes the sets for the show, “sought planning permission for a new Buckingham Palace main gates and exterior, including the iconic balcony on which the royals stand at key moments. The Downing Street plans show a new Number 10 and the road leading up to the building itself.”

It also looks like the crew shot scenes in Spain and Liverpool, but Liverpool was made to look like Washington, D.C.

The Crown will show its queen her money.

Following the horrific news that Claire was paid less than Matt because of his Doctor Who fame, Mackie announced in March 2018 at the INTV Conference in Jerusalem, “Going forward, no one gets paid more than the queen.”

Miss you guys already. Netflix

Prince Philip is going to continue to be…difficult.

As if Prince Philip didn’t have enough identity issues in the first two seasons, apparently, he’ll struggle with the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing.

“ Peter has taken this angle that Philip gets very absorbed by the heroism of these men compared to what maybe he hasn’t done with his own life,” Tobias told Radio Times in February 2019. “That’s what’s interesting about the show: He takes surprising bits of history and then views the characters through the prism of those events. That was really fun to do.”

Olivia is finding playing Queen Elizabeth to be tricky.

Back in December, Olivia said in an interview that playing Queen Elizabeth is really hard because “everyone knows what she looks like, everyone knows what she sounds like, everyone has an opinion on whether the casting is right.”

Tywin Lannister might make an appearance??

Digital Spy reported in December that Charles Dance has been pictured on the set. The publication predicts he’s stepping into the role of Uncle Dickie, but you probably know him best as good ol’ Tywin Lannister on Game of Thrones.

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There’s a lot more to come after season 3.

The show is slated for six seasons, so we’ll get to see even more characters join the cast.

This post will be updated as more season 3 news is announced.

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‘The Crown’ Primer: Everything to Know Before Starting Season 3

Two years after The Crown season two was released, the royal drama returns to Netflix for its third season with a brand new cast playing the British royal family.

The expansive and expensive show — which is estimated to have cost Netflix “upward of $150 million,” per a recent New York Times report — focuses much of its third season on the monarchs finding their purpose in a rapidly modernizing world.

As a recent New York Times Magazine profile on creator Peter Morgan pointed out, the series “lifts the curtain on the whole royal enterprise. The Crown doesn’t feed public fantasy — it pours cold water on it.”

While much of each season is derived from public record and meticulous research, at the end of the day it’s a fiction series that takes the occasional artistic liberty — like, say, having a politician resign in 1967 instead of 1965.

“I think there’s a covenant of trust with the audience,” Morgan told the Times. “They understand a lot of it is conjecture. Sometimes there are unavoidable accuracy blips — an event might not have taken place where, or even when, I imagined it did. But I’m absolutely fastidious about there being an underlying truth.”

Ahead of the season’s release, revisit where season two ended, learn where season three will pick up and get to know the new faces of the series with The Hollywood Reporter’s handy primer.

Where the Story Left Off

At the end of season two, the marriage troubles between Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip had come to a head, and the couple had just welcomed their fourth child, Prince Edward.

Where Season 3 Picks Up

As with seasons one and two, not much time will have passed when the season begins. Britain has elected a new prime minister, Harold Wilson, and the Queen isn’t necessarily excited by the new politician she’ll have to work with for the next several years. (Spoiler alert for history: They do eventually develop a working relationship.)

A major theme of the season sees the royals reflecting on their place in modern British society, and how they’ll be able to serve their people in the changing ’60s and ’70s. Meanwhile, the marriage between Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones is crumbling, Prince Charles is preparing for his future royal duties and falling in love and Prince Philip is thinking about how to modernize the monarchy.

Who’s Who

While the characters are familiar, the faces are new. In addition to the new actors playing royal trio Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip and Princess Margaret, Prince Charles and Princess Anne are played by older actors, as the characters are now young adults. Then there are the new political figures featured this season, including Prime Minister Harold Wilson and Lord Mountbatten.

The most notable new faces include:

Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth

Taking over for Claire Foy as the titular monarch is Oscar winner Colman, who will play the character from the late 1960s through the 1980s on the series, though season three will end in the late 1970s.

Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret

The royal troublemaker and younger sister of the queen will now be played by the Oscar nominee, taking over for Vanessa Kirby.

Tobias Menzies as Prince Philip

TV veteran Menzies, who has had critically acclaimed turns in The Terror and Outlander in recent years (not to mention Game of Thrones), takes over for Matt Smith as the queen’s husband.

Josh O’Connor as Prince Charles

The young actor (Florence Foster Jenkins) has a memorable episode that takes place during the semester he spent abroad in Wales before his investiture as the Prince of Wales.

Erin Doherty as Princess Anne

Another standout is Call the Midwife’s Erin Doherty as the second-oldest royal child.

Jason Watkins as Harold Wilson

Watkins plays the two-time prime minister with whom the queen worked in the late 1960s through the mid-’70s.

Charles Dance as Lord Mountbatten

The Game of Thrones star plays the queen’s cousin, who, in addition to his political dealings, plays a significant role in Charles’ life.

Emerald Fennell as Camilla Parker Bowles

The Killing Eve season 2 showrunner plays Charles’ first love.

Two people who won’t appear: Lady Diana Spencer and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who have been cast but will make their debuts in season four of the series, which is currently filming in England.

Release Date

Season three of The Crown is available to stream Sunday, Nov. 17 on Netflix.

Three years ago, The Crown began captivating viewers with its rich interpretation of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. Whether the royal family has piqued your interest over the years or you’re only just discovering their fascinating history now, Netflix’s hit series is definitely a must.

Though the streaming service just dropped the latest installment of The Crown on November 17 (a.k.a. season 3), fans are already looking ahead to what might happen in the next season and beyond.

So far, here’s everything we know about The Crown season 4:

When will The Crown season 4 premiere?

No details have been announced about the season 4 premiere of The Crown. Given that seasons 3 and 4 were filmed back to back — the latter began production in August, according to Yahoo — it’s possible new episodes may premiere in fall 2020.


Will there be any new additions to The Crown cast in season 4?

Because The Crown follows the royal family through the years, the show is likely to continue getting a new cast every two seasons or so to account for the passage of time. Season 4 takes a closer look at Queen Elizabeth II’s reign from the late ‘70s into the ‘80s, and fans will see the return of actors Olivia Colman (Queen Elizabeth), Tobias Menzies (Prince Philip), Helena Bonham Carter (Princess Margaret), and Ben Daniels (Antony Armstrong-Jones).

Of course, this will also be the season that Princess Diana is introduced, and the start of her complicated relationship with Prince Charles will be explored.

Tim GrahamGetty Images

In April 2019, Netflix confirmed that Pennyworth actress Emma Corrin would be joining the season 4 cast as Diana. At the time, the 23-year-old shared her excitement about portraying the role of the People’s Princess.

“I have been glued to the show and to think I’m now joining this incredibly talented acting family is surreal,” she said in a statement. “Princess Diana was an icon and her effect on the world remains profound and inspiring. To explore her through Peter Morgan’s writing is the most exception opportunity and I will strive to do her justice!”

Emma Corrin will play Lady Diana Spencer in The Crown Season Four. Filming will begin later this year.

— The Crown (@TheCrownNetflix) April 11, 2019

Shortly after, X-Files star Gillian Anderson was tapped to play former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who was the first woman to hold that office.

Gillian Anderson will play Margaret Thatcher in The Crown Season Four, now in production.

— The Crown (@TheCrownNetflix) September 7, 2019

Are there any season 4 spoilers yet?

The Crown

Since season 4 of The Crown began filming in August, Gillian has been spotted in her Margaret Thatcher attire. Actress Claire Foy was also photographed filming a supposed flashback scene of Princess Elizabeth giving a speech on her 21st birthday in Cape Town, South Africa, Town & Country reports.

What’s more, photos have surfaced of Emma and Josh O’Connor (Prince Charles) acting out Diana and Charles’s 1983 royal tour of Australia. An infant was also seen alongside the pair, portraying Prince William as a baby, according to ET Canada.

Beyond that, the infamous 1982 incident when U.K. citizen Michael Fagan scaled Buckingham Palace’s walls and broke into Her Majesty’s bedroom will also be portrayed, according to the Daily Mail. The outlet also notes that Tom Brooke is set to play the intruder.

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