Crazy baby names 2014

Celebrities aren’t the only people coming up with strange baby names anymore. Royaltee, Osvaldo, and Temperance are just a few of the crazy new monikers that appeared on the Social Security’s extended name popularity list for last year.

While some of the names may sound familiar, many others were originally coined by inventive Moms and Dads. In fact, according to Today, there were 1,393 names created by parents in 2014. Heck, if that trend continues, we can’t wait to see which names are the most popular in 2034.

Curious which new names are cropping up? Here are our top picks from the list:

1. Kale

Loads of superfood-loving parents borrowed this name from the leafy green vegetable. Actually, they gave it to over 214 baby boys last year.

2. Payzley

We guess Paisley wasn’t good enough?

3. Billion

Mo’ money, mo’ problems.

4. Dulce

Exactly 431 assumably very sweet little girls got this name last year. Previously, it was used in conjunction with Maria by people of Spanish origins, but now it stands alone.

5. Royaltee

Clearly, royal baby fever isn’t just for fans of the British monarchy. Royalti and Royel also appeared on the list. But they weren’t the only nods to a blue-blood lineage, which leads us to…

6. Princecharles

Will his nickname be Prince or Charles? Either way, this is a doozy.

7. Nala

We can probably blame this one on multiple viewings of Lion King during pregnancy (hey, adults like Disney movies, too!). But originally, the name was found in Hindu Mythology.

8. Anakin

We’re sure there were plenty of fanboy dads who campaigned for this Star Wars name. Actually, in the case of 218 baby boys, they won. We just hope none of them have Darth Vader as their middle name.

9. Sincere

Genius childrearing strategy: Name your child the way you want them to behave.

10. Sadman

What were these parents thinking? Five poor little boys were given this oddly depressing name. We bet middle school will be really tough for them.

Social Security Administration Releases the Most Popular Baby Names in 2018

If there’s one thing the internet loves, it’s a list of baby names. Whether it’s from 100 years ago or one year ago, people love to know the naming trends. And perhaps the most reliable list out there is now available, as the Social Security Administration released its list of the 10 most popular boy’s and girl’s names in 2018 based on their data.

“Social Security is with you from day one, which makes us the source for the most popular baby names and more!” wrote the SSA after releasing the list.


Most of the names were also on the top 10 lists for 2017, with Lucas replacing Jacob as the only new boy’s name and Harper replacing Abigal on the girl’s list. There were some shifts in order but the top 3 boy’s names remained intact, with Liam still the most popular names for newborn boys. And while it is nowhere to be found on this list, we fully expect Archie to become one of the fastest-rising names in 2019 due to the Royal Baby.

According to the list, Emma was once again the most popular name for girls, followed closely by Olivia and Ava. It’s been noted that Arya has become an increasingly popular name over the last few years but the Game of Thrones-inspired name hasn’t made it to the top 10 quite yet, though we imagine her recent takedown of the Night King will make Arya an even more popular choice moving forward.

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Check out the full lists below.

Top 10 Boy Names



Top 10 Girl Names


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The Weirdest Baby Names Of 2014 Mean We Can’t Complain If Little Baby Chaos Is… Well, Chaotic

As a young woman who is neither currently pregnant (that I’m aware of) nor planning on getting pregnant in the near future, I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about baby names. So when Social Security released its list of popular baby names, I got unnaturally excited to pour through it. Then, Nameberry, a popular baby name blog, reported that there were 1393 new names added to the list, invented by creative parents who wanted to make sure their children had individualized names, and I got even more excited. Because you guys? The weirdest baby names of 2014 are absolutely epic.

Even the most obscure names on the list aren’t quite unique, though; to make it on to the popular names list, a name has to be used at least five times. So bear that in mind: Every name you’re about to read below belongs to a minimum of five different real, live children.

Being a narcissist, I decided to look up how many 2014 babies were named after me (all babies named Mikaela are named after me, if that was unclear). Turns out, my name isn’t quite as original as I thought it was either; there were 530 babies named Mikaela last year (and that’s not counting all of the other spellings of it, of which there are many, just ask every barista who inexplicably thinks my name is spelled McAla).

Here are my favorite endearingly bizarre names of 2014:

1. Mylove


There were seven baby girls named Mylove in 2014. Yep. Seven.

2. Keefer


Nine boys were named Keefer last year, but I want to know how many of them were born on 4/20.

3. Yoyo


The parents of these 12 girls were probably inspired by Yo-Yo Ma, but accidentally just named their kids after a toy.

4. Savage


Because why not name your child after something violent with serious post-colonial undertones?



So close to “Yaas” and yet, so far.

6. Chaos


Kind of like Savage, these people honestly have no right to be upset when their child turns out to be a handful.

7. Ebenezer


Six different baby girls were named after what I can only assume is Ebenezer Scrooge.

8. Riddik


This name is Riddik.

9. Icey


Six girls were named Icey last year, and that makes six easy targets for jokes about frigidity in about 15 years. Sigh.

10. Hind


No. This is not a name. I reject it. However, this is a chinchilla walking on its hind legs.

Images: Giphy (10)

There were 1,393 new baby names coined by creatively-inclined parents in 2014 — and it’s safe to say that at least 1,350 of them would have been better left as words, misspellings, celebrity surnames, or pure flights of fancy.

But no, these names were given for the very first time to at least five American babies, earning a place on the Social Security’s extended name popularity list.

The craziest of the crazy new names? Here are our picks for the Top 12, plus a handful of other new names that should never have been thought up:

Confused baby boy hand touch ear; ID 195954584; PO:


Cash is an up-and-coming baby name, and Rich has been around for decades. So how about coming out and naming a number? Billion was used for five baby boys for the first time this year, though there were also 11 boys named Million and babies of both sexes named Amillion. And down the road, maybe we’ll see Trillion or even Kazillion, neither of which have yet reached the five-baby threshold. But at least with Billion, you can call him Bill or Billy.


The hip-hop artist Common aka Common Sense aka Lonnie Rashid Lynn won an Oscar this year for his song “Glory” from the movie Selma. Known as an intellectual rapper who’s sustained a 20+ year career, Common may be a worthy namesake…but unfortunately Common is not the most distinguished of names. If you are looking to choose a highly unusual name to help your child stand out from the crowd, this one does anything but.

Funny baby face; ID 94751080; PO:


Trending stories,celebrity news and all the best of TODAY.

Where will the trend for Bad Boy names end? Dagger is one of the new violent names added to the lexicon this year, used for five boys, but we also welcomed five boys named Renegade, six boys named Kaliber and six named Bulut, along with seven girls named Rocket. And those are just the new names: there are growing numbers of babies named Gunner, Wilder, Cannon, and Blaze.


Name your daughter Leigh. Or Lea. Or Leia or even Laya. But Lay, a name introduced for seven baby girls last year? No. That is all.

Portrait of adorable child apparently confused; ID 96720736; PO:


Place names for babies have taken off in recent years, with London in the Top 100 for girls and at Number 611 for boys. But such popularity inevitably spawns spelling variations, with Londyn ranked at Number 154 for girls. And now we travel even further with nine baby girls named Londynne. Also new to the lexicon were Sicilee, Millan, and (Lord help us) Jerzei.


Presidential names and place names should both get exemptions from kree8tif spellings, we think, but an increasing number of parents disagree. The hot name McKinley was joined last year by five girls named Mickinley. And there were also five girls named Kennydi.


Trendy baby names like Paisley are inevitable targets for spelling adventurists, so 2014 saw the introduction of Payzley along with Huntlee, Everlea, Ezmay, Kashtyn, Payshance, and Kwinn, among too many others to mention.

Portrait of adorable baby looking at the camera funny boy 9 months; ID 277972655; PO:


The advent of the second royal baby may have inspired a lot of royal-related baby names, but we’re not sure that new choices such as Royaltee, Royalti, and Royel set quite the right blue-blood tone. They were joined by Kinganthony, Kingmichael, and Princecharles.


It’s hard to imagine that anybody would name their baby after the racist cartoon character Uncle Ruckus, and maybe they aren’t. Maybe those eight little Ruckuses — Rucki? — were just named after the word that means disturbance, commotion, hubbub, or uproar. Which makes this newly-minted word name so much more…appealing?

Image of adorable baby girl sitting on grass making funny face, shallow depth of field; ID 145146721; PO:


This name makes us so sad, man. As grating as the “uplifting” new names like Excel (seven girls) or Legendary (five boys) can be, they’re an improvement on a downbeat name like Sadman, given to five boys last year.


Ugh. We can’t even joke about this horrendous Nazi homage, given to seven boys. At least Nazih, used for five boys, is an authentic Arabic name meaning honest or virtuous. Swastik is just another name for hate crime.


On a lighter note, Wimberley is a particularly entertaining member of the kind of new name introduced by parents looking to improve on an original by giving it a new first initial, or switching a few letters or sounds around. The trouble is, it usually doesn’t work. Kimberley, if dated, is still so much more appealing than Wimberley. Jaylen is better than Xaylen, another new name, and Brooke more attractive than Rooke.

These are some of the weirdest baby names of 2015

IT WAS A good year for weird baby names, if this data by BabyCenter is anything to go by.

They have released the results of its baby name survey of the year, which collected names of 340,000 babies born in 2015. While the likes of Oliver, Jack, Amelia and Olivia all topped the lists, there were some more… eccentric choices.

The girls:


A girls name, which means thornbush… pretty.

Source: simmonsms


Atlas, come in for your dinner.

Source: Educationworld


Like, the dog?

Source: Dogbreedplus


This is a yoga gaze, not a name.

Source: Wikimedia


Source: Zopnow


A biblical name, but a bit of a mouthful. Also a city, it’s got it all.

Source: City-data


Source: Idaliaco


And all that…

Source: Ljcommunitycenter


Source: Clipartpanda


But of course.


But no pressure.

Source: Wikimedia


Heaven backwards, GET IT?

Source: Traditionalmusic


This is a cosmetics brand lads.

Source: Edgesuite


Imagine how well they’d go down at mass.

Source: Feedingonchrist



Source: Alemerick


We hear she’s like a wind, badumdish.

Source: Snakkle


Imaging naming your precious baby girl by a Tom Cruise movie.

Source: Ccmoviereviews

As for the boys…



Source: D36di5nvqr47bo


Again, high high hopes.

Source: Thefamouspeople



Source: Muppets


How creative.

Source: Amazon


A musketeers.


A mountain of a man.

Source: Wikimedia


Please let their second name be Price.


Source: deviantART


After the guy in the Princess Bride? Really?


Topical, in fairness.

Source: Gamebreaker


He had so much potential, but you called him Miggy.


Creator of Sex Panther.



Source: Wikimedia


It’s a BABY BOY.

Source: deviantART


No one told Kanye 🙁

Check out the full list here.

The Craziest New Baby Names of 2014 Include Sadman, Ruckus and So Many More

Some of the most popular baby names of 2014 were Noah, Emma, William, Sophia and Jacob — but there were some, uh, less conventional names too.

According to Nameberry, a total of 1,393 new baby names were coined by imaginative parents around the U.S. To earn a place on the Social Security extended name-popularity list, these new names had to occur at least five times. (Feel free to browse that list, sorted into national and state-specific groups.)

Some of these new names are just spectacularly outrageous — and it’s quite entertaining to think about the fact that more than five sets of parents came up with them independently.

Here are some of our favorite new baby names of 2014, along with our ideas for some potential nicknames:

  • Ruckus — This name is basically a portmanteau of the last and first names of Hootie & the Blowfish frontman Darius Rucker, so baby Ruckus could be called Hootie, just for fun. He could also be called Wu-Tang in honor of the Wu-Tang Clan’s 1993 song “Bring Da Ruckus.” Either way, this is going to be a kid very well-versed in ’90s music.
  • Mickinley — This is a U.S. President’s name, but misspelled. So the appropriate nickname here would obviously be Prezident.
  • Sadman — Sadman’s nickname would have to be something like Smiley, just for the irony. Or, his nickname could be inspired by a famous sad man, like Thom Yorke or Napoleon.
  • Princecharles — This kid will not have a nickname. You will exclusively refer to him as Princecharles and nothing else. Have some respect.
  • Payzley — Payzley is an independent woman. She will choose her own nickname, or wait patiently for the Universe to present a nickname to her.
  • Legendary — The five boys all named Legendary will have to duke it out with several Feats of Strength. The winner will get to go by Legendary; the losers will all be called Scott.

See the Funniest and Weirdest Baby PhotosShot for TIME, 2015 Evan Kafka for TIME Shot for TIME, 2015 Photo-illustration by Evan Kafka for TIME Shot for TIME, 2015 Photo-illustration by Evan Kafka for TIME Shot for TIME, 2015 Photo-illustration by Evan Kafka for TIME Personal work, 2009 Evan Kafka—Getty Images Shot for Huggies, 2011 Evan Kafka Personal work, 2009 Evan Kafka Personal work, 2009 Evan Kafka—Getty Images Personal work, 2009 Photo-illustration by Evan Kafka—Getty Images Personal work, 2011 Evan Kafka—Getty Images Personal work, 2009 Evan Kafka—Getty Images Personal work, 2009 Evan Kafka—Getty Images 1 of 13 Advertisement

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Noah became the most common baby boy name in 2013, ending the 14-year run of Jacob as America’s favorite son. But that doesn’t mean that suddenly the Noahs are taking over: All the most popular names are decidedly less popular than they used to be.

While names from the Bible, like Noah, Jacob, and Michael, have always dominated the top of the charts, the most-used names are declining as a percentage of all names. In 1990, Michael was the most popular baby boy name with 65,272 kids getting that name. This past year, Noah led led the list, but with just 18,090 boys.

Using data from the Social Security Administration, we graphed the five most used boy names of the year from 1990 to 2013. You can see a marked decrease in the raw numbers of babies with popular names.

The most common name of 2013 was just 28 percent as used as the most common name of 1990. Obviously, parents today work a lot harder to stay away from common monikers.

That jibes with the general sense that names are getting increasingly non-mainstream. “In the past, most parents were picking from a pretty well-defined set of names,” Laura Wattenberg, the creator of, told US News. “Today,” she said, “we get names everywhere.”

On the girl’s side, Sophia took the crown of most popular name for the third straight year.

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The list of the most popular baby names in the United States is in, and Noah and Emma take the top spots for boys and girls, respectively, in 2014. Every year the Social Security Administration releases their analysis with the past year’s most common baby names.

The SSA includes those names that are at least two characters long and for which the state, sex and year of birth of the baby are on record.

Here are the top 50 most popular baby names for boys and girls, along with the number of babies given that name, in 2014.

1 Noah 19,144
2 Liam 18,342
3 Mason 17,092
4 Jacob 16,712
5 William 16,687
6 Ethan 15,619
7 Michael 15,323
8 Alexander 15,293
9 James 14,301
10 Daniel 13,829
11 Elijah 13,694
12 Benjamin 13,687
13 Logan 13,579
14 Aiden 13,296
15 Jayden 12,878
16 Matthew 12,809
17 Jackson 12,121
18 David 12,078
19 Lucas 12,078
20 Joseph 11,995
21 Anthony 11,490
22 Andrew 11,069
23 Samuel 10,859
24 Gabriel 10,826
25 Joshua 10,764
26 John 10,600
27 Carter 10,599
28 Luke 10,431
29 Dylan 10,350
30 Christopher 10,278
31 Isaac 9,868
32 Oliver 9,365
33 Henry 9,350
34 Sebastian 9,237
35 Caleb 9,143
36 Owen 9,100
37 Ryan 9,026
38 Nathan 8,902
39 Wyatt 8,812
40 Hunter 8,759
41 Jack 8,685
42 Christian 8,388
43 Landon 8,180
44 Jonathan 8,035
45 Levi 7,958
46 Jaxon 7,635
47 Julian 7,611
48 Isaiah 7,530
49 Eli 7,428
50 Aaron 7,334

Top 50 girls’ names of 2014

1 Emma 20,799
2 Olivia 19,674
3 Sophia 18,490
4 Isabella 16,950
5 Ava 15,586
6 Mia 13,442
7 Emily 12,562
8 Abigail 11,985
9 Madison 10,247
10 Charlotte 10,048
11 Harper 9,564
12 Sofia 9,542
13 Avery 9,517
14 Elizabeth 9,492
15 Amelia 8,727
16 Evelyn 8,692
17 Ella 8,489
18 Chloe 8,469
19 Victoria 7,955
20 Aubrey 7,589
21 Grace 7,554
22 Zoey 7,358
23 Natalie 7,061
24 Addison 6,950
25 Lillian 6,869
26 Brooklyn 6,767
27 Lily 6,727
28 Hannah 6,512
29 Layla 6,428
30 Scarlett 5,965
31 Aria 5,893
32 Zoe 5,828
33 Samantha 5,680
34 Anna 5,639
35 Leah 5,563
36 Audrey 5,531
37 Ariana 5,461
38 Allison 5,440
39 Savannah 5,433
40 Arianna 5,240
41 Camila 5,194
42 Penelope 5,062
43 Gabriella 5,051
44 Claire 4,991
45 Aaliyah 4,850
46 Sadie 4,823
47 Riley 4,761
48 Skylar 4,732
49 Nora 4,708
50 Sarah 4,647

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