Corky and shirley ballas

She grew up in Wallasey in the North of England with her mother Audrey and brother David.

Her love of ballroom dance started aged seven when she took her first class in her local hall.

The talented youngster then started competing in competitions from the age of eight and, at 15 she moved to North Yorkshire to compete with British Ballroom Champion Nigel Tiffany.

They got engaged when she was 16 and a year later they moved to London.

However, she was then asked to try out to be Sammy Stopford’s partner, they fell in love and got married and went on to become one of the fastest rising couples in ballroom dance.

They danced together from when she was 18 to 23 and won all the major titles worldwide.

The pair then parted ways and she met Corky Ballas, who she married and had son Mark with in 1986.

Corky and Shirley competed together and won their first professional Latin title in 1984 and went on to win it a further eight years in a row.

In 1990, they moved back to the UK and went on to win the Open British Professional Latin title in 1995 and ’96.

Shirley was previously a judge on the American version of Dancing With The Stars.

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Shirley Ballas: what you need to know about the new head judge

She competed first with Nigel Tiffany, then with Sammy Stopforth, before meeting American Corky Ballas.

Shirley and Corky married and moved to the USA. Shirley had to train Corky from scratch but they went on to compete together before moving back to the UK to compete in the 90s. Shirley gave up competitive dancing in 1996 and focussed on becoming a coach and judge.

2.She’s won loads of titles.

Shirley danced with Sammy Stopforth from the ages of 18 to 23. During this time, they won all the major titles worldwide.

Shirley was equally as successful with her next partner, and husband, Corky Ballas. Together they are the most successful Latin champions in American history – with an eight-year run undefeated. Corky and Shirley’s success continued when they moved to the UK to compete.

Shirley was a three-time Latin American Champion at the British Open To The World in Blackpool, where she reached the finals 17 times, is the only person ever to have won the contest with two different partners, and remains the youngest ever female to reach its finals.

She is also a 10-time United States Latin American Champion and multiple-times British National Champion.

3.She’s previously coached a Strictly favourite.

Former Strictly pro Camilla Dallerup, who lifted the Glitterball trophy in series six with her celebrity partner Tom Chambers, was once coached by Shirley.

“I love Shirley,” Camilla told us.

“Shirley was my coach for many years and a big part of my own career.

“She is a great choice – a lady who indeed has walked the walk both as a coach and as a professional competitive dancer.”

4.She also coached on Come Dancing.

Shirley coached some of the competitors in the Strictly’s non-celebrity predecessor Come Dancing.

“It was still a great ambassador for ballroom. People might look back now and think it’s old-fashioned, but then it was exactly right,” Shirley commented to Dance Today about Come Dancing’s impact.

5.Her son is famous in America.

Shirley’s son Mark Ballas has appeared on America’s version of Strictly. He has appeared on 18 seasons of the show as one of the pro dancers and has been very popular. During his time on Dancing With The Stars, Mark has won the show twice, come second three times and third three times.

Shirley was also a guardian for two other popular Dancing With The Stars professionals while they studied with her in the UK when they were teenagers – siblings Derek and Julianne Hough.

As well as appearing on Dancing With The Stars, Mark, Derek and Julianne have all moved into singing and acting as well.

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Catch up on the series so far on BT TV via the BBC iPlayer app.

Strictly’s Shirley Ballas reveals boob job was done to save her dying marriage

Strictly Come Dancing head judge Shirley Ballas has revealed the breast implants she is removing over cancer fears were put in to save her marriage.

The 59-year-old had her bust increased from 32B to 34DD in 2002 while she was with her second husband Corky Ballas.

She told the Daily Mail, she had the boob job after finding out Corky was having an affair and she wanted to feel more attractive.

The pair had been married for 23 “turbulent” years when Shirley, who was then 41, uncovered his infidelity.

Shirley with her ex-husband Corky Ballas (Image: Internet Unknown)

She said: “We were at the tail-end of our relationship. Things were starting to unravel.

“I’d found out about one of them with the nanny. She used to take care of Mark when he was little.

“I’d been blind to it. You’re young. You are working so hard and travelling all over the world. I think a lot of other people knew a lot more than me and didn’t tell me.

“It was only when he’d been seeing another girl in the States for three-and-a-half years and they got found out that he had to tell me. I thought: ‘To save this, I need to make myself more attractive.’

Shirley and Corky were award-winning dancers (Image: Daily Record)

“For years Corky was what I call a jokester. He’d tease me with things like, ‘You’ve got breasts like two currants on a breadboard’ or ‘You’ve got a sunken chest like a pirate’s something or other.’ He didn’t like my teeth until I got braces at 25.

“It’s like a little pickaxe that goes, chip, chip, chip, until, in the end, you think you are ugly.

“He said the affairs were just about sex. ‘It’s nothing to do with you. I love you,’ he told me. But I never got a grip around that. That’s when I got these.

“I thought I’d have this fantastic bust and everyone would look at me and think I was amazing.

Shirley with some of her Strictly co-stars (Image: Instagram)

“After the operation I did feel fantastic: I’d put a bra on and I had a cleavage.”

However her marriage ended despite the surgery and Shirley is now in a happy relationship with actor Danny Taylor who is 13 years her junior. They met last Christmas.

Shirley’s mum and auntie both have cancer and she lost another auntie to the disease, so when she received a warning during a mammogram, she decided that it was time that the implants were removed.

Shirley said: “So what if you’ve got a smaller bust? I think it’s only since I’ve been with Danny that I’ve realised that.

Shirley Ballas, right, is now having her implants removed (Image: Instagram)

“When I told him I wanted to remove my breast implants, we sat down and spoke about it. I’m 150 per cent self-conscious that I’m older than him. He’s 100 per cent with me on this.”

Shirley’s operation has been scheduled for October 29.

The popular TV judge is said to have the backing of her bosses at the BBC to have the surgery midway through the current series of Strictly.

She told The Sun: “My doctor says I have recuperation of a week, but I want to do Strictly on the Saturday night.”

Shirley and Corky were world champion Latin dancers (Image: Daily Record)

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There have been further health issues that are thought to have been attributed to the implants, with Shirley complaining of chronic fatigue.

It is this that is believed to cause the chronic fatigue which Shirley says she has “suffered with even over the last year.”

Shirley will reject the idea of having smaller implants as she doesn’t “want any foreign bodies in my body.”

Shirley previously underwent a breast augmentation in 2002 (Picture: BBC)

Strictly Come Dancing’s Shirley Ballas admits that she thought her breast implants would help ‘save’ her marriage to ex-husband Corky Ballas.

The head judge of the BBC dancing series previously underwent a breast augmentation in 2002 and had her breast size increased from a 32B to a 34DD when her marriage with Corky took a rocky turn.

‘It was only when he’d been seeing another girl in the States for three and a half years and they got found out that he had to tell me,’ she told Mail Online.

‘I thought, “To save this, I need to make myself more attractive.”’

Shirley later confessed that her ex-husband was a ‘jokester’, and would always tease her about the size of her breasts and teeth, until she got braces at the age of 25.

And although her former husband, who she divorced in 2007, said the affairs ‘were just about sex’, Shirley was not convinced.

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‘He said the affairs were just about sex,’ she continued. ‘“It’s nothing to do with you. I love you,” he told me. But I never got a grip around that. That’s when I got these .

‘I thought I’d have this fantastic bust and everyone would look at me and think I was amazing.

Shirley is now planning on getting her breast implants removed (Picture: ITV/Rex)

‘After the operation I did feel fantastic: I’d put a bra on and I had a cleavage.’

However, the 59-year-old later became more appreciative of her more natural, smaller bust since she started dating acting Danny Taylor.

‘It isn’t until you’re at peace with yourself that everything about you is beautiful. So what if you’ve got a smaller bust? I think it’s only since I’ve been with Danny that I’ve realised that,’ she added.

This comes as Shirley is set to have her breast implants removed after being told by a healthcare professional during a mammogram that it might not be possible to check for cancer behind the implants.

The Strictly judge is set to have the implants removed by the end of October, and she believes that they have been the cause of her chronic fatigue as well.

‘There are rumours that scar tissues cause chronic fatigue which I have suffered with even over the last year,’ she previously told The Sun.

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‘But if they take out the scar tissue it would involve bigger surgery and perhaps a reconstruction. But I don’t want any implants in. I don’t want any foreign bodies in my body.’

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