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ChiliPad™ Cooling and Heating Mattress Pad

  • Features a cooling and heating temperature control system
  • Regulates the surface temperature of your mattress
  • Uses soft medical grade silicone tubing to circulate regular water through the pad
  • A built in 48″ L connection tube that connects the pad to the control unit
  • Control the temperature either directly on the control unit or conveniently in bed with the wireless remote control
  • Dual-zone queen, king, and California king pads have separate tubing and independent control units for each side
  • Set the temperature in 1 degree increments from 46 degrees to 118 degrees F
  • The control unit averages less than 80W of energy use
  • 150 thread count
  • Fits mattresses up to 14″ D
  • Twin size single zone mattress pad measures 38″ W x 75″ L
  • Twin extra-long size single zone mattress pad measures 38″ W x 80″ L
  • Full size single zone mattress pad measures 53″ W x 75″ L
  • Queen size dual zone mattress pad measures 60″ W x 80″ L
  • King size dual zone mattress pad measures 76″ W x 80″ L
  • California king size dual zone mattress pad measures 72″ W x 84″ L
  • Filled with 100% polyester
  • 100% cotton
  • 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Imported

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Sleeping is very vital for our physical and mental health. Therefore, we all need healthy sleep. However, the current competitive world doesn’t allow us to achieve that easily. We either sleep less than ever before or don’t have a proper sleep which affect our daily productivity. For this reason, I would like to introduce you to one approach which can help you to sleep more comfortably, i.e. the heating and cooling mattress pad. Heating and cooling mattress pad combo are recommended by the sleeping experts to help those who always get up tiring every morning. Have you ever figured out why? There might be several causes, but one of them maybe because you haven’t placed a good enough bed mattress pad that can offer you the cozy warmth as well as the soothing calmness. This is why here we have brought together the top best heating and cooling mattress pads, which will surely give you the utmost comfort. Check out the list below:

List of the 8 Best Heating and Cooling Mattress Pads in 2020

8- ChiliPAD Cube Cooling and Heating Mattress Pad With Temperature Control

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Packed with many advanced features, ChiliPAD Cube heating and cooling mattress pad is made to meet your all needs. It even offers you the freedom to operate it from under your bed itself with remote control. Furthermore, it runs on a water-based system, which distributes the water through micro-pads all through the pad and creates a soothing sleeping aura for you. You can adjust the temperature according to your needs. Moreover, it is also designed with heat-trapping properties that further enhance the performance of this heating cooling mattress pad.

Key functions:

  • It is water-based system using silicone micro-tubes in the pad.
  • Range of temperature: 55 to 110F or 12.8 to 43.3C
  • Energy use: only 80 Watts per cube which is very energy efficient.

ChiliPAD Cube Cooling and Heating Mattress Pad Review

Video by The Sleep Sherpa

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7- BedJet 3 Climate Comfort for Beds, Heating and Cooling Mattress Pads with Cooling Fan + Heating Air

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If you need such a heating and cooling mattress pad that can fit in almost all types of beds and mattresses, turn your head to BedJet 3 climate comfort mattress pad. It is designed with a powered ventilation system, which vomits the heat out of your bed and provides you soothing calmness on the bed. Moreover, it works smoothly the opposite way too. In fact, it can offer you relaxing warmth in a second in the winter season. To make it work the best, adjust the temperature as per your needs. Either you have a king-size bed or a rollaway bed, this cooling and heating mattress pad can help!

Key functions:

  • Temperature control by the degree you wish.
  • Auto or manual airflow adjustment.
  • Dual-zone setup with programable biorhythm sleep cycles.
  • Updatable control program

6- BedJet 3 Climate Control for Beds, Cooling Fan + Heating Air Dual Temperature Zone in King Size

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Another BedJet mattress pad that will offer you sweet warmth and relaxing coolness in a fraction of the moment. Unlike other heating and cooling mattress pads, it is designed with dual temperature control for kin-size bed lovers. The pad offers you the freedom to keep different temperatures to each half of the bed, especially when your partner prefers different temperatures from you. Yes, you can keep one part of your bed warm and the other one cool at the same time. In addition to that, the pad is also suitable for smaller types of beds to use if you like.

5- Sunbeam King Heated Mattress Pad, Quilted Construction for Enhanced Comfort with 10 Heat Settings

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If you love polyester over other fabrics, Sunbeam King Heated mattress pad is made for you. Constructed of pure polyester, the mattress pad can fit in up to 18 inches deep bed and mattress. If you also look for the best mattress to buy along, you can also find here the mattresses which make with the best quality at an affordable price. Back to the heated pad, it is also designed with a multi-setting controller, which allows you 10 different heat levels. Moreover, it also has a preheat feature that makes the bed warm even before you jump into it. On top of all, it comes with a long warranty of 5 years.

Key features:

4- Cooling Gel Mattress Topper – Bed Cooling Mattress Pad to Help You Stay Cool, Silent and Comfortable

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Pillowtex cooling gel mattress topper works completely different from other cooling and heating mattress pads. It is actually a gel that you need to place under your bed sheet. Thus, it will absorb the body heat and give you a soothing calmness. Not only this, but it also makes sure to keep your body temperature in level with the room and surrounding temperature. The best thing about this cooling and heating mattress pad is that it needs no electricity and makes no noise either.

Key features:

  • Cooling gel mattress pad.
  • Flexible use without the need for electricity.
  • Can be used in combination with a cooling bedroom system.
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

3- Mattress Cooler Classic Chilled Water Sleep Cooling System

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Simple, affordable, and effective are the words that describe this heating and cooling mattress pad the best. Just place it in any corner of the bed, and you’re done. Interestingly, it consumes little to no electricity, unlike other heating and cooling mattress pads. The chilled water flows through the cooling tubes and spreads evenly inside the mattress pads. Thus, it sinks the heat and provides a fresh calmness. To get the best experience, make sure to flush the system every now and then.

2- Cool Care Technologies Cooling Gel Pad Activated Cooling Gel Technology, No Water or Electricity Required

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If you have to travel more often but you can’t compromise with your sleep at any rate, the Coo Care technologies cooling gel pad is there for you. What makes it travel-friendly is its mind-blowing functionality. Unlike other heating and cooling mattress pads, it needs no electricity and no water. You just need to place it under your bed sheet. It is pressure-activated, so as you’ll lie on the bed, it will start functioning instantly. Interesting, this remarkable cooling and heating mattress pad is incredibly affordable too.

1- Navien Mate Bed Warmer Dual-Temp Non-Electric Water Powered Bed

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Navien Mate bed warmer is the most eco-friendly and energy-efficient heating mattress pad on this list. Given the fact, it takes very little electricity. Furthermore, it is designed with dual temperature control, which allows you the freedom to set two different temperatures at the same time on the same bed. In addition to that, it is inbuilt with hydronic technology, which never fails to keep you warm even at the freezing temperature. And, you can adjust the temperature with the help of a remote controller at any time.

Final call!

After an exhausting day, our heart craves for a relaxing and cozy mattress to reduce fatigue and tiredness. Isn’t it? So, buy one of these cozy heating and cooling mattress pads and restore your energy instantly. Along with this pad reviews, I also have reviews of the top bed covers and air mattresses as well. Feel free to check them out in case you are in need of them. Have a sound sleep!


  • Use year-round for temperature comfort
  • Temperature control: 46 degrees to 118 degrees F
  • Built-in timer
  • Machine washable in a front load washing machine
  • Weight limit on the pad is 500 lbs per zone
  • 90 day warranty and 2 years for the tube
  • Usage of 120 volts

The ChiliPad CUBE Heating and Cooling Temperature Control System takes care of both hot and cold, warming or cooling your bed by pumping water through a network of pipes beneath you. The built-in cooling and heating system uses a water circulation system to regulate the temperature of your sleeping surface. The ChiliPad Digital Bed Temperature Control System is an effective solution that provides relief from night sweats and hot flashes caused by warm sleeping environments. Why cool your whole house when you can cool just your bed? It takes more energy to cool a houseful of air than to cool just your bed. With the ChiliPad Digital Bed Temperature Control System, you can save costs year-round by controlling just your bed temperature instead of an entire house.

The ChiliPad fits any size mattress and is available in both single and dual zone control. If you don’t sleep alone, you might opt for the dual-zone pad that lets you control both sides independently. The dual-zone ChiliPad is perfect if you share your bed with someone who doesn’t get as cold or hot as you do in the winters and summers. Put an end to the fans, extra blankets, and battles over the thermostat with a dual-zone ChiliPad Digital Bed. Easily adjust the temperature and decide just how hot or cool you want to sleep, with a wireless remote control. The ChiliPad Bed Temperature Control System has a 3 year warranty and a 90 Night Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with your ChiliPad within 90 nights from the purchase date, we will take back the product and refund the purchase price.

Additional Info:

  • 90 Night Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Designed for ultimate sleep comfort
  • An energy efficient alternative to heating or cooling the entire house
  • Personal temperature control system
  • Independent temperature control for couples

So, I’m back again with the latest chapter of the New Mattress Saga (see previous posts for back story).

Just purchased a cooling mattress pad — the one with “Outlast Technology” (Lord only knows what that is).

The pad arrived and when we took it out of the box, it had an extremely strong, chemical odor. So we decided to wash it before trying it on the bed.

The instructions say it’s ok to launder it and put it in the dryer (on low heat), though air drying is preferred.

Off my boyfriend went to the laundromat.

When I arrived home later, The Boyfriend had a sheepish look on his face. Turns out, the mattress pad disintegrated in the dryer! The entire bottom side of it was completely torn up, with sticky, white fluff everywhere. He said he dried it for a short period of time, on LOW.

I contacted the retailer, and they told me the pad should be ok in the dryer, but air drying is preferred. So they are sending me a replacement.

Now what? Another stinky mattress pad is en route…will that be a problem again? And we don’t even know yet if the cooling mattress even works!!

The cooling pad is needed to correct the overly warm, overly expensive Stearns and Foster pillowtop that we are still evaluating.

Anyone else had the same problem(s) with this type of pad?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

The Best Cooling Mattress Pad for You

Rank Product Highlights Warranty

Chilipad Cube Mattress Pad

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  • Material: Cooling tubes with soft
    quilted topper
  • Thread Count: 150 thread count
2 year limited warranty

BedJet V2 Heating and Cooling System

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  • Helps regulate dual sleeping preferences
  • Complete bed temperature control at any time of year
  • Timed settings for savings on your electricity bill
60 day trial and 2 year limited warranty

Slumber Cloud Nacreous Mattress Pad

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  • Hypoallergenic, so no need to worry about allergies acting up
  • Easy to clean – can be put in the washing machine
  • Made of cotton – soft to the touch
60 Days

SleepBetter ISO-Cool 11-Ounce Pad

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  • Hypoallergenic, so no need to worry about allergies acting up
  • Easy to clean – can be put in the washing machine
  • Made of cotton – soft to the touch
30 Day Return

Exceptional Sheets Bamboo Mattress Pad

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  • Hypoallergenic
  • Not prone to sagging
  • Good for kids and people who have asthma
1 year warranty

Buying a new mattress is an important decision. Some people find it difficult to sleep on any old mattress, and others can fall asleep standing up. People are so different and they all need to find the optimum mattress that suits them. After the mattress is purchased, the next step is to ensure that you will be as comfortable as possible. You can do this by looking into mattress cooling pads.

The Top 5 Best Cooling Mattress Pads

1. Chilipad Cube Mattress Pad


  • Weight limit: 500 pounds per zone
  • Polyester and cotton blend
  • Thread count is 150

The ChiliTechnology Company motto is “Sleep Cold, Sleep Better” and their products are designed to put you in control of your sleep temperature environment. The ChiliPad Cube is the newest of the ChiliPad line of sleep comfort, providing both single and dual temperature controls ranging in 55 to 110 degrees through circulated heated and cooled water. The pad is a surprisingly thin, soft quilted topper with micro medical grade silicone tubing set throughout to circulate water for temperature control. The material of the pad itself is a 150 thread count poly-cotton blend to allow for breathability, and is very soft.

If sleeping hot is an issue for you, you need soothing warm for joint pain relief, or you would like a consistent surface temperature within your control, then the Chilipad Cube system is for you. The pad design provides a consistent, soothing surface temperature that’s a pleasure to lay upon. The pad is available in single, twin, twin XL, full. queen, king, Cal king, and Split Cal king sizes, so there’s really no excuse. If you own a bed and are looking for a cooling pad, the Chilipad Cube will provide that soothing cool sleep that you crave.


  • Temperature range 55 – 110 DegF
  • Wireless Remote
  • Dual control options
  • Comfortable


  • Cube placement may be awkward
  • Need to provide a waterproof mattress protector

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2. BedJet V2 Heating and Cooling System

  • Weight is 15.4 pounds
  • Materials: N/A (uses your sheets!)

The BedJet allows for both cooling and heating depending the time of year and your specific needs. It can be controlled not only through a wireless remote, but is also bluetooth enabled through your smartphone. It was developed by a former NASA engineer who launched the product in 2015 on the popular show Shark Tank and through online crowdfunding. Since then it has become a popular sleep industry investment for anyone looking for individualized night time temperature control.

This is a pretty versatile product and just about anyone should find a degree of comfort with it for both heating and cooling effects. It is easy to setup and use, and rather fun to play with if you download the app for personalized settings. Aas an added bonus you do have dual climate options to keep your entire household happy.

  • Both cools and heats your body
  • Can work with your own sheets, or optional BedJet Comforter
  • Is specific to helping eliminate body moisture and sweat from the bed
  • Loud blowing noise on high setting
  • Sheets pull loose easily
  • Cord is short but is required for Underwriters Laboratories Compliance

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3. The Slumbercloud Nacreous Mattress Pad

  • 100% Lyocell top fabric for unparalleled temperature regulation
  • Made from a top Outlast ® viscose fabric and inner Outlast ® liner fabric
  • Thread count is 350

A good mattress cooling pad in particular would be the SlumberCloud Nacreous Mattress Pad. This pad is high performing, and will be a good choice for curing overheating during sleep. You no longer need to dread waking up drenched in sweat every single night. When you are sleeping, the cooling pad will automatically absorb heat from your body when you are too warm.

Later, when you cool down, the pad will release heat back to your body utilizing Outlast technology. This pad is simple to use. You do not need to plug anything in (as some other models require), all you need to do is place it on top of your mattress and fall asleep on it. It is available in a variety of different sizes, including: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and cal-king. As well, you could choose a different colour from the options of blue, dew drop and mauve.

  • Hypoallergenic, so no need to worry about allergies acting up
  • Easy to clean – can be put in the washing machine
  • Made of cotton – soft to the touch
  • Not economical
  • Very thick and a bit heavy

Read our full review.

4. ISO-Cool 11-Ounce Quilted Mattress Pad

  • Weight is 5.5 pounds (for the queen sized)
  • Warranty is 5 years
  • 300 thread count

The second model of mattress pad to consider would be the Iso-Cool 11-ounce Quilted Mattress Pad. Say goodbye to your sleepless nights with this mattress pad from Iso-Cool! It has the ability to sense when your body temperature is changing. It will accordingly adjust the temperature so that you feel like you are always at an optimal level.

The way that the pad senses the change in temperature is through microscopic Phase Change Material beads. The pad is made entirely from cotton. On the inside, it is filled with RichLoft spiral spun polyester fiber fill. It is available for purchase in four different sizes. Those sizes include: full, queen, king, and California king.

  • Well-constructed with good materials
  • Very soft and comfortable due to the cotton material
  • Is quite light and easy to move around if you want to adjust it
  • Some people have found that the pad does not stay in the right place on the mattress
  • Is very thick, so it can bunch up underneath you
  • Does not last a very long time

Read our full review.

5. Exceptional Sheets Bamboo Extra Plush Cooling Mattress Pad

  • Weight is 12. 1 pounds
  • 1 year warranty
  • The bottom layer is polyester
  • Skirt is made from polyester, nylon and spandex

The fourth mattress cooling pad option is the Exceptional Sheets Bamboo Extra Plush Cooling King Mattress Pad with Fitted Skirt. The material in this mattress pad is a bamboo cover filled with RevoLoft Cluster Fiber. This fiberfill is hypoallergenic and will not irritate your skin. As well, the fiberfill is meant to feel like real down from geese and ducks. You can enjoy the soft comfort without having to deal with irritating poking and allergy attacks. This cooling pad has been used in many 4 and 5 star hotels. The fiberfill is what makes it possible for the pad to keep its shape while having such good air circulation.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Not prone to sagging
  • Good for kids and people who have asthma
  • A bit on the pricier end
  • Heavier than other similar products

Read our full review.

Why Do You Need a Mattress Cooling Pad?

Foam mattresses are one of the more common types that people tend to choose. There are many different types of foam that can be made into mattresses. For instance, there is polyurethane foam, memory foam, gel foam, reflex foam, and latex rubber foam, among others. All these options are great, except that foam mattresses tend to cause a sleeper to overheat. You can opt for a latex version which usually has air holes that promote better air circulation and tend to keep you cooler. But, regardless of your bed, having a mattress cooling pad can alleviate the uncomfortable cause of poor sleep.

Tips on Choosing a Mattress Cooling Product

The first thing to think about is what kind of material you are looking for. This can lead into all kinds of factors that you wouldn’t even have thought to consider. Typically, a mattress pad will be made out of cotton, latex or wool, and will use Outlast Cooling Technology. If you have an allergy to any of these materials, they can automatically be crossed off the list. Cotton pads will be the simplest option, as they can just be put in the washing machine. They will most likely be the thinnest option. However, cotton tends to be the weakest and least durable of the three.

Latex and wool pads will be able to withstand more. They are resistant against mold and dust mites, which is important if your home is a bit damp from the humidity in the air. Wool pads are more absorbent, so they will take away sweat and moisture. This will leave you feeling cool and airy. However, if it is longevity that you are looking for, latex might be your best bet. Latex is known to last many years without wearing out.

Advantages of Mattress Cooling Products

The major advantage of having a mattress cooling pad is because it is cost-effective. It is much cheaper to buy a pad than to go out and get an entirely new mattress. At the same time, you are still getting a cool and comfortable sleep. You are not sacrificing comfort for cost. Having a mattress cooling pad is really the best of both worlds!

If you live in a warm climate, it is likely that you are familiar with humidity. Unfortunately, there isn’t too much that we can do about that. But having a cooling pad means that you can sleep in your home in comfort. You do not need to consider moving away from your warm climate in order to escape the overheating and the resultant insomnia.

Another benefit is that the mattress gives you a more balanced sleep. It will cradle your body, so that you get the right amount of support. This is turn can help align your spinal cord while you sleep. The pressure will be taken off your hips and shoulders, and you will start to feel more refreshed during the day.

Attributes that Differentiate Mattress Cooling Products

As mentioned previously, the materials that are used in cooling pads are a key factor in the decision process. However, there are a few other attributes in addition to look out for. Some cooling pads simply have the purpose of relieving the annoyance of overheating. Others will work towards making you as comfortable as possible, which includes alleviating pain from your joints. This can come as a blessed relief to some people. It can be difficult to find a mattress and pad that works for you specifically to reduce your pain.

As well, if you would like a pad that is soft, you will most likely choose one that is made from cotton. If you would rather have the extra support for your back, you will be looking at other kinds of pads. For instance, latex pads are better if you want a greater amount of support for your back and joints while sleeping.

Any cooling product worth checking out should use Outlast Cooling Technology. It’s something that was originally made by and for NASA. It’s a material that uses PCMs (phase changing materials) and is integrated into the material to help keep the body and bed cool. It absorbs excess heat from you when you don’t need it, stores it, and then releases it back when your normal temperature cools down.

The size of mattress pads is another factor. Certain pads can weigh more than 30 pounds, while others do not weigh much more than five pounds. This definitely will make a difference if you are constantly having to move the cooling pad around to adjust it or wash it. If you choose a pad that has a good or high level of density, then it will tend to last longer and hold its shape better than a low density pad. However, if a pad has a higher density, it sometimes won’t dispense of as much heat. But a good quality open cell foam product would definitely be more breathable and keep you slightly cooler than one without. There comes a point where a trade-off is necessary.

The Controversy About Mattress Cooling Products

There are a few points in particular that critics will complain about when it comes to mattress cooling pads. For instance, people will wonder whether the pad will stay the proper shape. They feel as though the pad will slowly start to degenerate and lose its density. It is true that pads will eventually start to wear out. However, the material of the pad will greatly affect the speed of degeneration. Gel pads, for example, will start to wear out more quickly than a latex one.


After learning a little bit about mattress cooling pads, we went through some of the reasons to buy one. This was followed by several product reviews showcasing similar products. Also these cooling pads all had similar functions, they also all had unique differences. The clear winner of the product review was the The Slumbercloud Nacreous Mattress Pad.

This cooling pad was the winner, because it could clearly hold its own in the world of cooling pads. Its use of Outlast technology is a major bonus. It is a soft, high quality material, and has no danger of invoking allergy triggers. The price is a little high compared to the other products, but the quality is very high.

Therefore, it is worth the extra money that is required at the start. The good air circulation in this cooling pad is what makes it a good choice for keeping you nice and cool at night. The material that is used in this pad is not likely to start sagging anytime soon, so you will have a good amount of support for a long time to come!

This Cooling Mattress Pad May Be the Solution to Your Sleep Woes

Night sweats, or excessive perspiration while you’re sleeping, don’t often signify a serious medical condition—but they can be uncomfortable and awkward, especially when you wake up and notice your pajamas and sheets are soaked in sweat. Whether you’ve always been a hot sleeper or are dealing with night sweats for the first time because of menopause (dang hormones!) or certain medications, they’re still just as bothersome—and they can even affect the quality of your sleep. Regardless of the cause, the best course of action is to optimize your sleeping environment so you can stay as cool as possible throughout the night. (Of course, if your night sweats become particularly bothersome or severe, be sure to contact your medical provider.)

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One simple way to cool yourself down at night is to invest in a cooling cotton mattress pad, like this one from Oaskys that more than 2,000 Amazon customers love. Made of 100 percent pure cotton, the breathable topper ditches goose feathers—which can trigger allergies in some—but still feels super soft, cozy, and lightweight. Even customers who’ve tried other mattress toppers raved about this highly-rated option.

Thanks to its cool cotton squares, one customer—who called it “soft and fluffy”—said it feels like “sleeping on a cloud.” Another shopper added: “It’s soft, adds a luxury feeling to my bed, and stays cool all night as promised.”

Image zoom

To buy: Oaskys Cooling Cotton Mattress Topper, from $40;

Some even say the cooling addition to their bed helps them sleep better. Just take it from this reviewer, who braves the South Florida heat: “Our bed is cooler with the mattress topper than it was before and our overall sleep has improved significantly. I LOVE this mattress topper, and would recommend it to anyone.”

This particular pad seems to be a popular choice among those who own memory foam mattresses and want to cool them down a bit: “I bought this to see if I slept less ‘hot’ on my memory foam. I do! This did the trick!” said another customer.

At just under 6 pounds, the affordable topper comes in a vacuum-sealed bag (spread it out for a few days to let it plump up before washing and spreading on your bed) and is available in twin through king sizes to fit a variety of mattresses. In addition to giving you an extra layer of plush softness under your sheets, it’s also sturdy (meaning it won’t move around or slide off the mattress itself while you’re snoozing) and machine-washable. A few reviewers mentioned that the quality and texture of the topper was not affected in the least bit after machine-washing and tumble-drying it.

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Nothing beats a great night of sleep, so if you’re looking for a simple, cozy addition to your bedding that’ll keep your body temperature cool and improve the quality of your shuteye, we have a feeling this will become your new go-to for catching dream-level zzz’s. Nighty night.

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How to Sleep Cool

While the merits of being cool are up for debate, there’s a proven benefit to sleeping cool.

From making it easier to fall asleep, to waking up feeling more rested, maintaining lower temperatures at night can reap many rewards.

Seasonal fluctuations in temperature and humidity will have a direct effect on your sleep environment, which can affect the quality of your sleep. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of steps you can take, including a cooling mattress pad that will ensure your bed is a haven of restfulness.

So while we can’t recommend a cool leather jacket or a popular pair of skinny jeans, our top six “be cool” tips can at least ensure higher quality sleep:

  1. Keep the bedroom around 67 degrees. Naturally, any conversation about staying cool at night will start with room temperature. Personal preferences may vary, but generally speaking, 67 degrees Fahrenheit (19 degrees Celsius) is considered an ideal sleeping temperature for comfort. Regardless of the season, maintaining a steady temperature should be fairly easy to do using your home’s thermostat. If you have a smart home system, you can program settings for increased energy savings during the day, and ideal sleeping temperature starting at bedtime. Since many thermostats measure the temperature at a location in the hallway, you can use a stand-alone thermometer located in your bedroom for increased accuracy.
  2. Maintain a relative humidity between 30 and 50%. Like the saying goes, “it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.” In other words, even a moderate temperature can feel too warm when mixed with excess moisture in the air. This is because humidity hampers your body’s natural ability to maintain body temperature through sweating. Keeping the relative humidity between 30 and 50% will not only enhance comfort, it will also help reduce sleep inhibitors like dust mites and mold. Thankfully, your air conditioner does double duty as a dehumidifier, and if you don’t have A/C, a stand-alone dehumidifier (for summer use) or humidifier (for winter use) can be purchased at a home improvement store. Using a stand-alone humidity gauge in your bedroom can help you monitor and adjust humidity levels as needed.
  3. Run fans in the bedroom. Fans help keep you cool because circulated air does a better job evaporating sweat from your skin. This, in turn, helps your body regulate temperature. If you use a ceiling fan in the summer, set it so the blades rotate in a counterclockwise direction. This creates a cooling downward air flow. In the winter, remember to switch to a clockwise setting so the fan blades create an upward flow which redistributes warm air.
  4. Use breathable sheets. You don’t want the fabrics touching your skin to absorb moisture and trap it next to your body. Instead, they should wick moisture away, helping to keep you cool. A great way to accomplish this is by using sheets made from a breathable material. A great example is Protect-A-Bed’s Crisp Hypoallergenic Tencel® Lyocell White Sheets, which in addition to their wicking properties, are allergen-free, and offer stretch properties to offer you more freedom of movement.
  5. Use a cooling mattress pad. Even when sleeping on the right set of sheets, the heat your body produces has to go somewhere. A cooling mattress topper can make a big difference in your comfort level. For example, Protect-A-Bed’s Cooling Mattress Pad Therm-A-Sleep Snow Protector helps you regulate temperature from shoulder to toe. Thanks to a proprietary fabric technology called “Nordic Chill,” this cooling mattress topper dissipates heat 10 times faster than comparable cotton mattress pads.
  6. Use a cooling pillow. To this day, you wear a hat in the winter because your mother said you lose the most heat from your head. That same logic holds true when trying to maintain a comfortable sleep temperature. As such, a cooling pillow can help you regulate temperature where it matters most. The Snow Cooling Pillow With Shredded Memory Foam Fill also features “Nordic Chill” technology, helping you dissipate heat 10 times faster than you could with a typical cotton pillow.

Bringing all of these tips together can help you create the ultimate cool and comfortable sleep environment. We hope you found this article helpful toward getting better rest!

Featured Cooling Products

Sleep Number may be best known for its adjustable air beds, which are built in a way that either automatically adjusts to meet the sleeper’s needs (360® Smart Beds) or allows the sleeper to change the firmness and support of the bed with the touch of a button (Value Beds).

The Sleep Number beds tend to be popular with couples because they can be made with dual air chambers, so each person can adjust to their preferred setting without compromising.

What else is there to know about Sleep Number beds and can a person find the best match among all the options available? In this Sleep Number Bed review, we cover every detail about Sleep Number beds, plus factors to consider before making a purchasing decision, including who manufactures the beds, what special sizes options are available, features, and more. Don’t forget that in-home trial period and warranty, too.

Who Makes Sleep Number Beds?

Sleep Number beds are made by Select Comfort Corporation (Select Comfort), which is a public company. They design, manufacture, market, and distribute beds, proprietary beds, and other sleep-related accessory products and are headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Select Comfort was founded by Robert Walker and JoAnn Walker in 1987. Today, the company has around 3,700+ employees and was listed as the 87th best Small Company in America by Forbes.

Select Comfort has two manufacturing plants – one in Irmo, South Carolina and the other in Salt Lake City, Utah – which distribute products in the United States and Canada.

What The Numbers Mean

Sleep Number is all about beds, but in case it wasn’t obvious, they’re also all about numbers.

A person’s Sleep Number number (also called a Sleep Number setting) corresponds to the individual’s ideal firmness and support. Numbers range from 0 to 100 and the higher the number, the more air/firmer the feel of the Sleep Number bed will be.

Likewise, the lower the Sleep Number, the less air will be in the air chamber and the softer the bed will be.

Sleep Numbers are super personal and can change. If an individual determines what he or she thinks his or her setting is in the store and go home and don’t like it, there is no reason the person can’t adjust the number till he or she finds a good fit.

The Most Popular Sleep Number?

The most popular Sleep Number is in the 35-40 range. When I asked a representative why this is range is so popular, I was told: Sleep Number is really based on personal preference and what is most comfortable for each person, the 35-45 range gives great support and pressure relief for most.

Sleep Number also told us that, in terms of models, some common options are the C2 for the price point, P5 for the best value, and I8 for best comfort and the added cooling.

How Do I Find My Sleep Number?

A Sleep Number can be determined either before or after purchasing a Sleep Number bed. It will really all come down to what feels “right” to the individual.

Those who want to know their number before purchasing a mattress, they can visit their closest Sleep Number store and have a sales representative walk them through the process. At the store, the person will rest on a Sleep Number bed and they will inflate/deflate the floor model till they find a comfortable spot.

After purchasing a Sleep Number bed and having it delivered and (potentially) set up, individuals can use the remote it comes with to start determining their Sleep Number. Instructions are provided Sleep Number’s website; some of the steps include asking the sleeper to lie in their “waking up” sleep position and letting the mattress to go from soft to firm and back from firm to soft. This way can identify which firmness level is best.

To read more about how to find the right Sleep Number, click here.

Bed Construction

Enough about numbers, let’s talk about what’s actually in a Sleep Number bed.

Air Chambers

All Sleep Number mattresses come with one or two air chambers. These air chamber(s) use a pump to bring in air that will inflate or deflate the chamber based on the individual’s Sleep Number setting. Sleep Number calls this feature “DualAir technology.”

The higher the number (it goes up to 100) the firmer the mattress will be. When there are two air chambers, each person can adjust the amount of air in their air chamber based on their personal preference.

The S1 and S3 value beds will come with a single remote and the 360 smart beds (the rest of the options) will just adjust to the person’s needs automatically and do not come with remotes.

Air chambers make up the base of all Sleep Number models except for the Innovation Series beds, that feature 1” or 2” foam base pads. These pads are used to add height and support, according to Sleep Number Customer Service representatives.

Comfort Foam

All Sleep Number mattresses come with at least one layer of comfort foam that rests above the air chamber(s) and below the mattress top.

Sleep Number offers a variety of different comfort foam layers in a range of densities and thicknesses from 2” inches thick to 7” inches thick.

The higher the series, the more cushion/thicker layer each mattress will have. For example, the C2 model will be the firmest (with a 2″ foam layer) while the I-10 model wil

l have the most cushion (7” layer).

360® Smart Beds – Responsive Air Technology

These beds have technology built into the mattress construction that senses the sleeper’s every moment, from heart rate and breathing and then automatically changes the firmness, comfort, and support using the brand’s “responsive air technology” feature.

Sleep Number Series/Model Breakdown

Sleep Number offers two types of beds:

  • 360® Smart Beds
  • Value Beds

The 360® Smart Beds are organized into three categories: Classic, Performance, and Innovation.

Each series essentially builds off the other. The Classic Series beds, the C2, and C4 offer the most standard options while the Innovation Series has the largest, thickest layers and most added features.

Classic Series:

The Classic series models are the most basic mattresses. They will have the firmest feel to them because there is the least amount of layers between the air chamber and the top of the mattress.

C-2 C-4
DualAir ™ Adjustability Yes Yes
Profile Height 8″ 9″
Comfort Layer Thickness 2″ 3″
Responsive Air Technology Yes Yes
SleepIQ Technology Included Yes Yes
Pressure Relief Layer No No
Temperature Balancing No No
Queen Price $999.99 $1,699.99

Performance Series:

The Performance series offers enhanced pressure relief comfort layers. The most popular model, the P5, is a Performance Series bed known for its great balance of firmness and contoured cushion.

P-5 P-6
DualAir ™ Adjustability Yes Yes
Profile Height 10″ 11″
Comfort Layer Thickness 4″ 5″
Responsive Air Technology Yes Yes
SleepIQ Technology Included Yes Yes
Pressure Relief Layer Yes Yes
Temperature Balancing No No
Queen Price $2,399.99 $2,899.99

Innovation Series:

Innovation series the top of the line temperature balancing material built into the covers. This feature is supposed to absorb excess heat and release it as the sleeper gets cool until the perfect balance is found.

I-7 I-8 I-10 I-LE
DualAir ™ Adjustability Yes Yes Yes Yes
Profile Height 11″ 12″ 13″ 12″
Comfort Layer Thickness 5″ 6″ 7″ 6″
Responsive Air Technology Yes Yes Yes Yes
SleepIQ Technology Included Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pressure Relief Layer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Temperature Regulating Yes Yes Yes Yes
Queen Price $3,599.99 $3,599.99 $5,099.99 $4,999.99

Value Beds:

Sleep Number’s Value Beds are the only ones that don’t come with sensors that will automatically adjust the firmness, comfort, and support. The Value Beds can be adjusted with a single remote.

They include a 1.5″ inch comfort layer and five zones that contour to the body to help reduce uncomfortable pressure points. Value Beds are shipped directly to a person’s house with no option for set-up and install.

S-1 S-3
DualAir ™ Adjustability Yes Yes
Profile Height 10″ 11″
Pillow Top Plush European
Responsive Air Technology No No
SleepIQ Technology Included Yes Yes
Comfort Layer 1.5″ 1.5″
Temperature Balancing No No
Queen Price $899.99 $1,499.99


While sizes vary depending on the model, most Sleep Number beds come in standard sizes that will fit most traditional frames and box springs:

Twin 38” x 75″
Twin Long 38” x 80”
Full 54” x 75”
Double 54” x 75” (same as Full)
Queen 60” x 80”
King 76” x 80”
California King 72” x 84”

Sleep Number beds also come in some unique and specialized sizes: Split King and FlexTop King (and Cal King)

Dimension Description
Split King 76” x 80” split all the way to the foot of the bed
FlexTop King 76” x 80” split only at the head of the bed
FlexTop California King 72” x 84” split only at the head of the bed

The Split and FlexTop mattresses are best paired with a FlexFit Adjustable Base. For example, with a Split King, the sleeper can raise/lower just the head and feet of his or her side of the bed. If the person’s partner is snoring, he or she could raise the head of just their side with a FlexTop.

Modular & Adjustable Bases

Since Sleep Number is all about individualized comfort, it is not surprising that they also make different types of bases for the mattress.

Sleep Number makes one modular base and three different adjustable bases for their mattresses: FlexFit 1, FlexFit 2 and FlexFit 3.

Note: A Sleep Number’s modular or adjustable base is not the only base that works with a Sleep Number mattress. All one needs to have is a flat and sturdy surface for the mattress or the individual may potentially void his or her warranty.

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Modular & Adjustable Base Descriptions

Modular Base:

This modular bed base is a standard base that is designed to be both sturdy and durable. Sleep Number says it will last 20 years or more and prevent sagging in the mattress. It is also easy to get through narrow spaces and set up in smaller rooms so it could be ideal for apartment living.

FlexFit 1:

Raises the head of the bed; one remote will control the elevation of the bed and adjust the Sleep Number in the same device.

FlexFit 2:

The most popular FlexFit Base. It raises the head of the bed like the FlexFit 1 and offers the following additional features:

  • A “Zero Gravity” option that raises the head and foot in a way that leaves the sleeper feeling weightless
  • Partner Snore™ technology allows one partner to raise the other partner’s head (Available with Split King, Split California King and FlexTop® King beds.)
  • Timer feature changes the raised part of the bed at a certain time in an effort to shift the sleeper into a different position at a designated time.
FlexFit 3:

Includes all of the features in FlexFit 2 and the following features:

  • Turn on a soft light under the bed and control the nightstand lamps with one button
  • Massage soothes tired muscles and leaves the sleeper feeling rejuvenated

The FlexFit bases also come in two types: Silhouette and Traditional. Here is the description I got from a representative: The silhouette is an optional upholstered surround for our FlexFit adjustable bases. The Traditional option does not include the upholstered frame, and customers will be able to see the legs underneath like a regular frame. If a person chooses the Traditional option, we recommend purchasing our Smart™ Skirt Bed Skirt.

***From Sleep Number: The FlexFit™ adjustable base is not covered under our 100-Night In-Home Trial and is non-returnable. Delivery and set up outside the standard Comfort Service. When purchasing online, one must select the Home Delivery option. Standard UPS shipping is not available for adjustable bases.***

SleepIQ Technology

SleepIQ Technology senses how a person sleeps and provides data that lets him or her make modifications to optimize his or her night’s sleep. It can let someone know what that person’s best sleep hours are and help him or her find the best Sleep Number setting.

It also connects to a number of health and wellness apps*, including:

  • Fitbit
  • MapMyFitness
  • Apple Health
  • Microsoft Health
  • Nest

*This list was provided by a Customer Service representative and is subject to change.

Only some models come with SleepIQ Technology included in the mattress, but the technology is available to be added to any Sleep Number bed.

How To Choose The Right Model

There are several resources and ways to decide which mattress (and/or base) is the best match.


Sleep Number’s website offers details, photos, FAQ’s, and images of each Sleep Number bed. They let potential customers compare models across series and have a Live Chat feature that should answer virtually any question. People can also get a quote or make a purchase online and through the Live Chat feature.


Sleep Number sells their beds in Sleep Number stores nationwide. Sleep Number Customer Service was unable to tell me exactly how many stores there are but estimated somewhere near 400.

Sleep Number stores can be found across the country, including Alaska and Hawaii. There are no international stores at the moment.

A sales representative at the store can help anyone who walks in find their Sleep Number and guide them towards the right model. They have a variety of beds out and available for testing if a person wants to feel one before he or she makes a purchase.

Beds come with a 30 or 100 night trial period plus a 25-year limited warranty.

Who Might Want A Sleep Number?

  • People who like air beds- First and foremost, the core of the Sleep Number bed is the adjustable air mattress. Those who have had a positive experience with air beds, they will probably like what Sleep Number has to offer – especially with all of its adjustable features.
  • Couples who sleep differently– Couples who have different support level preferences may like Sleep Number beds because most beds can be made with dual air chambers that allow each person to decide how firm their side of the bed will be. Some models – like the I-10 – even have comfort layers that can be adjusted on each side.
  • People with physical injuries or medical conditions– Whether it’s a bad back, occasional heartburn or recovery from an accident, Sleep Number’s adjustable mattress, and FlexFit bases allow people to get comfortable easily and then re-adjust when they’re back to normal.
  • People who want options and flexibility– Individualized comfort is the name of Sleep Number’s game, so it’s no surprise that people who want to be able to change things up on a nightly basis will like these models. Sleepers can adjust the firmness, pick a model whose layers fit their needs – some can even help to sleep cool – and they can add a FlexFit base for even more sleeping options.

Who Might Not Want A Sleep Number?

  • People who love memory foam– Depending on what is available, there are one – possibly two – Sleep Number models that offer a comfort layer made with memory foam. Those who love the feel of classic memory foam will be limited on Sleep Number beds, which are – at their core – adjustable air beds.
  • Couples who like to sleep close together– One of the biggest complaints from couples is that a sagging/division is created in between the dual air chambers on the bed. Couples who like to sleep close or cuddle in the center of the bed feel as those they are sinking into the middle of the bed.
  • People who do not want to deal with technology– People who prefer a simpler tech-free bed, Sleep Number may not be the best fit. Sleep Number’s 360 Smart Beds will adjust to the sleeper’s needs automatically and the Value Beds will need a remote for adjustments. The remote will signal a pump to inflate/deflate air into the air chamber(s) in the mattress to adjust firmness. Sleepers who want insight into their sleep habits will need to utilize the SleepIQ technology, which can be connected to other apps on a person’s smartphone.
  • People on a tight budget– Of the 10 models currently available at Sleep Number, only two are available for under $1,000 at a Queen size (at full price). This is the C-2 360 Smart Bed and the S-1 Value Bed. Those wanting additional comfort layers, cooling features and maybe a specialized FlexFit base will need to be ready to spend upwards of $5,000 for a Queen bed with added comfort features.

Common Praise

  • Couples love being able to personalize the firmness of their side of the bed. The dual air chambers available on most models (and depending on size) means that someone who prefers a firmer bed doesn’t have to compromise with a partner who likes more cushion. If one person likes to sleep on their side and another doesn’t, they have a great solution here.
  • People with back problems or medical issues that require them to sit up at different points love the flexibility of Sleep Number beds. They can adjust the firmness of their bed for a couple of nights if needed and can raise/lower the head of their bed with a FlexFit Adjustable Base depending on their current needs.
  • There was heavy praise for the longevity and durability of the Sleep Number bed. People came back to Sleep Number’s site to say they’ve had their bed for 10+ years and they are still comfortable. Of course, not everyone was able to stay comfortable in their bed for a decade without experiencing issues, but people tended to have their Sleep Number bed for a long time.

Common Complaints

  • As with all products, some people just did not find their Sleep Number bed comfortable. These types of reviews are common and typically all come down to personal preference. Those who are unsure about investing in a Sleep Number bed, go to a store and try one in person to see what they think.
  • People reported being frustrated with the limitations attached to Sleep Number’s 100 Night Trial Policy and their 25 Year Limited Warranty. People complained that they purchased an adjustable base without knowing that it wasn’t a part of the trial and couldn’t be returned. People were also upset that they had to pay a portion of the cost to fix their Sleep Number bed after the first two years of their 25-year limited warranty. It would be worth reading both the policy and warranty in full before making a purchase.
  • One popular complaint was a sagging or slight valley created in the mattress between the two air chambers. This seemed to be a bigger complaint about models that had thicker comfort foam layers. Couples expressed disappointment in not being able to cuddle in the middle of their bed without feeling like they were falling/sliding into the center.

100 Night In-Home Trial Period

Sleep Number allows customers to take their Sleep Number mattress home to try it out for a certain period of time and under certain conditions. This is sometimes referred to as the “100- Night In-Home Trial” or the “In-Home Trial Policy.”

Here are the basic conditions of the trial period. Be sure to read Sleep Number’s policy in full on their website

  • Sleep Number® beds and DualTemp™ layers are covered by an In-Home Trial Period that begins the day your new Sleep Number bed or layer arrives.
  • The In-Home Trial Period for all Sleep Number mattresses is 100 nights. It can take about 30 days for your body to adjust to a new mattress, and we are confident that by the end of that 30 days you will have found your ideal Sleep Number setting and be well on your way to better sleep.
  • If, however, after sleeping on your new mattress for a full 30 nights, you are not completely satisfied, contact us before the end of the 100 night In-Home Trial Period to arrange for the return of your Sleep Number bed or layer.
  • For DualTemp Layer purchases, the In-Home Trial Period is 30 nights. If you are not completely satisfied with your new DualTemp Layer, contact us before the expiration of the 30 night In-Home Trial Period to arrange for its return.
  • The FlexFit™ adjustable base is not covered under our 100-Night In-Home Trial and is non-returnable.

Core Line 25 Year Limited Warranty

Sleep Number®’s “Core Line” of mattresses: C2, C4, P5, P6, I7, I8, and I10 models and Sleep Number® modular bases purchased after May 1, 2017, are covered in the 25-year limited warranty.

It is highly recommended that potential customers and already existing customers read the full warranty policy on the website. There are some important insights and we’ve listed a couple here:

  • Sleep Number will essentially cover the cost of a manufacturing or product defect in full for the first two years of the warranty.
  • There are several things you can do to void your warranty. Some of these include staining/damaging your mattress with liquids or fluids, ripping off the legal tag, opening the remote and forgetting to keep your original receipt (to name a few).
  • After the first two years, you are responsible for a portion of the price needed for any repairs or replacements to your mattress or base.

360 Smart Bed® 25 Year Limited Warranty

This warranty includes all Sleep Number 360™ smart bed mattresses (our “Smart Beds”) and Sleep Number 360™ smart bed integrated bases and frames purchased after January 1, 2017.

Once again, we suggest that you read the full warranty policy on the website. There are some key notes:

  • Sleep Number will essentially cover the cost of a manufacturing or product defect in full for the first two years of the warranty.
  • There are several things you can do to void your warranty. Some of these include tampering with the Firmness Control system or remotes, staining/damaging your mattress with liquids or fluids, ripping off the legal tag, opening the remote and forget to keep your original receipt (to name a few).
  • After the first two years, you are responsible for a portion of the price needed for any repairs or replacements to your mattress or base.

Here are more details on Sleep Number’s warranties.


Are Sleep Number beds any good?

Sleep Number beds are good for sleepers who have back problems, want to personalize their firmness settings, or want a durable mattress. Sleep Number’s claim to fame is their adjustability, but they are commonly praised for their durability as well.

Is the Sleep Number bed an air mattress?

Yes. All Sleep Number mattresses come with one or two air chambers. These air chamber(s) use a pump to bring in the air that will inflate or deflate the chamber based on the sleeper’s Sleep Number setting. Sleep Number calls this feature “DualAir technology.”

The higher the number (it goes up to 100) the firmer the mattress will be. With two air chambers, each person can adjust the amount of air in their air chamber based on their personal preference.

How long do Sleep Number beds last?

People came back to Sleep Number’s site to say they’ve had their bed for 10+ years and they are still comfortable.

Of course, not everyone was able to stay comfortable in their bed for a decade without experiencing issues, but people tended to have their Sleep Number bed for a long time.

Can Sleep Number beds help with back pain?

People with back problems or medical issues that require them to sit up at different points love the flexibility of Sleep Number beds. They can adjust the firmness of their bed for a couple of nights if needed and can raise/lower the head of their bed with a FlexFit Adjustable Base depending on their current needs.

What is the most popular Sleep Number?

The most popular Sleep Number is in the 35-40 range. When I asked a representative why this range is so popular, I was told: Sleep Number is really based on personal preference and what is most comfortable for each person, the 35-45 range gives great support and pressure relief for most.

What is the most popular Sleep Number bed?

In terms of models, some of their most popular Sleep Number beds are the C2 for the price point, P5 for the best value, and I8 for best comfort and the added cooling.

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