Cone shaped hanging baskets

Types of Baskets

Top 10 flowers for hanging baskets plus our epic photo gallery of 70 flower planter ideas – huge variety of flowers and baskets.

One Spring I had the pleasure of selling hanging baskets at a roadside stand. It was a great job sitting in the sun surrounded by beautiful flowers making people happy selling spectacular hanging flower baskets for them, their spouse and/or parents.

Not all hanging baskets are created equal as you’ll see in our photo gallery below.

Some are spectacular beyond words. They are full, colorful and huge pouring out flowers like a fountain.

While most people buy hanging planters in the Spring (Mother’s Day is the biggest hanging basket occasion of the year), they can be enjoyed for 3 seasons.

The most popular hanging basket flower is the gorgeous petunia.

Petunias make for wonderful hanging baskets and they come in many colors including pink, purple, white, blue, red, yellow and orange. Combining colors such as pink and purple is a popular option.

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As you’ll see in our massive photo gallery below, you can use many types of containers as baskets for holding the flowers and/or plants. Examples you’ll see in our gallery include:

  • Plastic pots
  • Clay pots
  • Tin Pots
  • Buckets
  • Lightbulbs
  • Wire baskets
  • Whicker baskets
  • Mason Jar
  • Glass Bottles
  • Old Cooking Pots

Top 10 Flowers for Hanging Baskets

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Petunias are the queen of hanging baskets. They come in a multitude of flowers and the way they grow are perfect for hanging baskets. I just love the bushiness and crisp colors of petunias. Gorgeous.

2. Fuchsia

3. Million Bells

4. Lantana

5. Lobelia

🔥 TIP: !

6. Geraniums

7. Begonias

8. Impatiens

9. Chrysanthemums

10. Trailing Pansies

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Photo Gallery of Hanging Baskets

Here’s a great example of pink hanging flowers against a white backdrop. While many hanging baskets have multiple colours of the flowers this is a good example of showcasing how just one colour can look great with quite a bit of greenery. Finally I particularly like the chain used to hang the basket.

Here is a spectacular display of several hanging flower baskets and flower planners. This is an example of a living wall, which are typically just plants and grasses, but in this case it’s a living wall of many different types of flowers creating an extraordinary colourful display.

A close-up photograph of light pink petunias in a hanging basket.

A massive hanging basket filled with a huge variety of flowers, so full you can’t even see the basket, the flowers drape down creating a large hanging bouquet of purple, red, yellow, orange, pink and green.

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Here’s a great example of how you can hang hanging baskets from the wall rather than the usual overhang or beam.

A leafy hanging basket with pink flowers and a clay pot suspended by a woven sling.

A terrific example that not all hanging baskets need to be flowers. This is a beautiful purple pink and off-white leafy hanging basket.

Hanging basket with purple flowers out the top and white small flowers draping through the organic basket hanging below. This is a unique hanging flower basket that you see more and more.

I particularly like this hanging basket because of the classy white pot with large hatching white chain. The basket itself is is as pleasing to the eye as is the flower.

Hanging wicker basket with ceramic pot inside holding leafy and purple flowers.

A line of four hanging baskets all in white filled with a variety of flower colours. This is a great example of how attractive a line of hanging baskets can look.

Massive hanging flower basket exploding with purple pink and white flowers. This is a photograph of a truly magnificent hanging flower basket illustrating how robust and impressive they can be.

Example of two hanging flower baskets one on top of the other. If you have the height it’s a great way to really dress up the space with flowers.

Picture of an enormous hanging flower basket. Not only is the size and colour impressive but the hanging post is also notable. In fact this shows as a great example of how you can add hanging flower baskets anywhere with a wooden post and chain.

Example of a hanging flower basket that’s very wide instead of hanging down well below the basket.

A cute wire sculpture serving as the container for a small flower bouquet in a small wicker basket.

Two unique hanging flower bouquets and triangle organic baskets with large bushy flowers protruding out the top giving it an appearance of two suspended ice cream cones.

This hanging basket is an example of a small bamboo basket used to hold the flowerpot. This bamboo container is easily replicated and makes for an attractive basket.

Two large hanging flower baskets whose pots are held in large homemade bamboo containers that contain the flowerpots suspended from white wooden posts.

Example of a large hanging flower basket with a wide variety of flower types and colours including yellow, red, orange, pink and purple.

Attractive flower basket suspended by a small chain. The unique feature here is the draping leaves hanging from below the suspended pot.

Another example of a flower basket with greenery growing from the suspended pot.

I love how large this hanging flower is and in particular how the flower blooms grow all around it including underneath. You flock piece for conduction so good to consider this

Picture of small flower bouquets planted in tin cans that are painted.

Example of a dramatic hanging flower so full of flowers, including many types and colours, such as pink, white, blue, red, and orange, that you can’t see the pot. Also, it’s a great example of how much hanging flowers can enhance the appearance of the front face of a garage.

Log post used to hold up for hanging flowers in blue buckets in front of a tall leafy green hedge.

Spectacular pink hanging flower that is absolutely enormous hung by chain attached to a fence. Here is an example of how you can make a fence look beautiful. Imagine the entire length of fence with a series of hanging flower baskets that look like this.

A large garden with a series of incredible hanging flowers from trees in the midst of a large garden. This picture illustrates how beautiful a landscape can be through gardening. Without question the hanging baskets enhance this garden view.

Now that is one beautiful fence because it is lined with a dance series of multi-coloured flower pots containing purple, white, yellow, and pink flowers.

Example of a hanging flower basket that is a combination of flowers and plants.

Massive hanging basket with red flowers whose pot sits in a twisted branch basket.

Picture of a purple flower held in a matching light purple pot.

A clay picture held by its handle appearing to be pouring out elongated plants.

A picture collage of four incredible hanging flower baskets hanging from brick walls. A great example of how you can attach flower baskets to walls including brick walls making them look prettier.

Small colourful flower bouquet in a custom wicker style basket.

Photograph of several hanging flower baskets in a large open space.

Picture of a clear Mason jar used to a small white flower bouquet. This can be used to decorate an outdoor space by using many of them, for example, around or above a patio space.

A line of five small hanging plants in unique wicker baskets.

Example of a large yellow flowered hanging basket.

An old well bucket hanging from the log style beam turned into a large hanging basket.

Metal bucket use to hold a variety of flowers and a colourful arrangement suspended by matching silver chain from a wooden beam.

Whimsical metal buckets painted yellow and red with a hanger attached to them hanging from the wall of a house.

Glass jars used to hold small yellow and white flower bouquets.

Clear light bulbs used to hold a series of small white flower bouquets.

Example of hanging flowers without a basket. This is a woven quay of white and yellow flowers.

Picture of a beautiful round hanging flower arrangement suspended by an attractive white wired cage.

Photo of a purple and white flower arrangement and a hanging basket.

Terrific example of creative pots used to hold flowers. In this case old metal buckets and one old cooking pot.

Example of a series of small ceramic pots used as planters for hanging daffodils. Take note of the rope used to hold these small flowerpots.

Wonderful example of how hanging flower pots can really dress up the space around the home.

Example of how you can use wooden structures outside of your home to create a place to hang flowers.

Beautiful all purple flower hanging basket.

Close-up of a lightbulb used to hold a tiny colourful flower bouquet.

Example of a large all red flower hanging basket.

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There is so much variety in gardening as a hobby that you can come up with new projects and ideas every day. There are a few tried-and-true garden projects that are popular because they are simple and rewarding. Designing hanging baskets is one of those projects. Admittedly, I didn’t get into the ornamental hanging basket game until later in my gardening life. I have grown plenty of edibles like strawberries, herbs, and tomatoes in hanging baskets. But to design hanging baskets for ornamental plants was never on my basket list.

Until I visited the California Spring Trials and saw some of the most spectacular displays hanging from hooks all around the gardens. You can read more about that trip here. I have never been much for annuals either, but after that trip, I get it. Growing annuals is a celebration for the eyes: bursts of color and waves of blooms cascading over the edges. Sign. Me. Up!

To design hanging baskets this year with ornamental plants, I used my experience with container design and growing vegetables vertically to create this guide to make the whole process easy and successful to recreate at home by using the clock-face planting technique.

Clock-Face Planting For Simple Hanging Basket Design

This simple planting strategy takes the guesswork out of hanging basket design and ensures that you’ll have a beautiful basket every time.


  • Plants appropriate for a hanging basket
  • Soil mix for containers
  • Coconut fiber basket liner
  • Moss
  • Hanging basket planter

Make it!

First, choose your plants. For this design technique, you will want three different styles of plant: thrillers, spillers, and fillers. For one hanging basket, choose:

  • 1 thriller plant – the thriller is an eye-catching plant with stunning color, blooms, or foliage that will be central to the design.
  • 4 spiller plants – spillers are plants that grow over the side of the container and trail down, spilling over the edge.
  • 8-12 filler plants – the fillers are plants that will easily fill in any gaps between the other plants in the container.

To put your hanging planter together, begin by lining the whole basket with decorative moss. Nestle the fiber basket liner in next, so that it is covered up by the moss on the outside. The fiber liner will retain water and keep the plants moist, which is what you want in hanging baskets as they otherwise dry out quickly.

Add your soil to the center of the basket. Plant your thriller in the middle of the basket.

Now, add the spiller plants around the outside of the basket. Imagine the basket is a clock face and plant the spillers at the 3:00, 6:00, 9:00, and 12:00 positions.

Plant two or three filler plants in the gaps in between the other plants.

If there are still any gaps, fill these in with soil and water the whole basket thoroughly.

Hang your basket and enjoy.

Happy planting!

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Here is a gallery of Hanging Basket Ideas to help you with your next project. These ideas include recycled planters which will make your next project unique!

We can appreciate our gardens because they are ultimately a way for us to interact with nature. Whether we are introducing new man-made features to a landscape, or cultivating land to produce the best plants possible, we are interacting with the land and creating a space that is meant for everyone to enjoy.

Unfortunately in this progressive and fast moving world, people are often wasteful, and interacting with nature in a positive way has become less and less of a priority for the general public. But for those of us who still maintain a healthy garden, there are plenty of ways to combat the increasingly apathetic attitude of others.

By incorporating recycled material into the design of our gardens, we can reduce waste while simultaneously showing creativity and character. A great way to use simple recycled material is through hanging baskets. Whether used as a planter, a lantern, or a simple basket for miscellaneous items, there are all kinds of reusable objects that can be stylish and functional.

1. Plastic Soda Bottle

Image Source: Blogspot

This hanging planter has a simple and easy to make design. Cut out any section of a plastic soda bottle and fill it with soil to recreate your own soda bottle planter!

2. Tire and Chain

Source: Blogspot

An old popped tire can be a lot more than just an eyesore behind your garage, hang it from a chain around your garden and plant flowers inside, or use a board wedged in the bottom to create a shelf to hold outdoor decorations.

3. Bike Chainring

Source: Blogspot

This creative and unique hanger uses an old bike chainring to hold a small pottery planter. Hang multiple chainrings around your garden area to create a unique theme for your space.

4. Wine Bottles

Source: Blogspot

An elegant and classy hanging basket, this design utilizes old wine and oil bottles as planters for small Coleus Watermelon plants. A great alteration would be to fill the bottles with colorful rocks or sand to create a unique outdoor decoration.

5. Beer Cans

Source: Grows On You

A great way to get all the fellas to appreciate your gardening, this fun design uses several old beer cans glued together to form a basket for a planter or whatever decoration you may choose.

6. Colander

Source: The Micro Gardener

An old fashioned colander is hung here by two chains and filled with soil to serve as a decorative hanging planter. Instead of just tossing out old kitchen utensils like this, there are so many ways to reuse them creatively!

7. Rain Boots

Source: Interiorholic

If you just can’t get yourself to throw away the kid’s old rain boots, this is a great way to keep the memory around while also creating functional decor for your backyard!

8. Chicken Feeders

Source: Carl Legge

These old chicken feeders surprisingly make great planters for large hanging plants! They may not be the most visually appealing, but they can easily be painted to match any look that you may desire.

9. Chandelier

A unique way to use an old chandelier, this design is the perfect way to add that elegant touch to your backyard or garden. As shown above, hanging plants and vines look great with this particular design.

10. Vintage Birdcage

Source: About

This vintage birdcage will give any space a touch of class, it can be used to hold anything from a small potted plant to suet cakes for feathered friends.

11. Plastic Jug Planters

These recycled jug planters are ideal if you want to have several different hanging baskets. This example shows them all as planters, but they can be used to hold any kind of garden decor. You can also paint the outside of the jug to get the perfect look.

12. Water Can Basket

This classic watering can give your garden a rustic and authentic feel. It works well as a small planter or decorative basket.

13. Hanging Tin Cans

Simply drill holes in the top and bottom of a tin can and run a chain through the holes to create these stacked hanging baskets. Use them as decorative planters or even as a functional basket for small garden tools and utensils.

14. Bra Basket

This hanging container is a comical one and a little risque! Maybe not the best idea if you have little ones in your backyard, but this can design can be a great way to get peoples attention and liven up your garden space.

15. Tire Inner Tubes

Source: Blogspot

A surprisingly attractive design, these recycled tire inner tubes have been cut and shaped to make the perfect little hanging baskets. These can be hung from any fence or patio as they are small and easy to move.

16. Cooking Pot Planters

Source: Word Press

Instead of letting your mothers ancient cooking pots collect dust in the basement, bring them out and get some use out of them! String them up to create these rustic looking hanging baskets.

17. Melted Record Basket

Source: Etsy

A melted record can form a great bowl and hold any kind of decor that you may want to incorporate into your garden. This is a great way to utilize old records that you don’t need, and a great way to spice up your outdoor space.


Popular Garden Ideas

Popular Garden Ideas

One of my favorite things about living in the Pacific Northwest is the moss. Weird, I know. So when I was asked to do a Mother’s Day segment on New Day Northwest I was reminded of a moss lined hanging basket I saw earlier this year at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. The vendor was charging $99. I made mine for a fraction of that {under $10!}.

Luckily we have about as much moss as one could ever want growing in our backyard, so putting together a few moss lined hanging baskets was a snap.


  • Chicken Wire {Home Depot sells it}
  • Wire Cutters
  • Garden Gloves
  • Moss
  • Potting Soil
  • Flowers
  • Pattern Piece {Draw out a large circle, make an X in the center and cut it in to 4 pieces}


Put on a pair of thick garden gloves. Place your 1/4 circle pattern piece on top of the chicken wire and cut along the edges {give yourself about an 1″ allowance}.

** Notice how I left the edges squared off? If you do that you will have a little extra wire to work with. You don’t have to do it but I find that shaping the basket is a little easier when I do. Fold chicken wire into a cone shape.

Tuck the pointy bits of wire over one another to create a cone shape.

Stuff wire cage about 2/3rd full with moss.

Add a wee bit of potting soil to the center and then tuck small bedding plants {alyssum and lobelia work great} out of a few of the chicken wire combs.

Add a larger, more showy flower to the top {geranium, gerber daisy, etc} and viola!

An inexpensive but awesome looking masterpiece!

Now, how easy was that?