Collagen lip mask reviews

We tried the plumping lip mask celebrities swear by — here’s what it’s really like

The INSIDER Summary:

  • Emma Stone made KNC’s collagen lip mask popular after posting a selfie of her beauty prep for the Golden Globes.
  • The $5 lip mask claims to plump, condition, moisturize, and hydrate lips.
  • We tried the mask and took before-and-after photos to see our results (or lack thereof).
  • Our reviews are mixed — the mask didn’t make a huge difference to our lips and we had trouble with the fit of the product, but in some cases it proved to be hydrating.

When we first saw KNC’s collagen lip mask, it was on Emma Stone’s face in an Instagram showing her beauty prep for the Golden Globes.

Of course, Stone looked amazing on the Golden Globes red carpet. And other celebs with gorgeous lips like Kim Kardashian have worn the makeup artist-approved mask.

Naturally, we were curious to see if the bright pink, pout-shaped mask — which is meant to condition, moisturize, plump, and hydrate lips — actually works.

Here’s what happened when a few of us on the INSIDER team tried the $5 lip mask.

Chloe’s experience:

Chloe, before (left) and after (right) using the mask. Chloe Pantazi/INSIDER

I was obsessed with “La La Land,” so I was looking forward to trying the same lip mask as Emma Stone. I’m game for anything that might help me look remotely like her/worthy of Ryan Gosling’s affections.

I felt super glamorous — right up until I opened the packet, and some liquid spilled out on my hand. I wished I’d opened it upright, rather than sideways; it would be helpful to have a warning on the sachet, though it might make the cute, minimalist packaging less pretty.

The packaging is cute, but the liquid inside spills when opened sideways. Megan Willett/INSIDER

The mask sits in a mini plastic tray inside a packet filled with liquid. Chloe Pantazi/INSIDER

Positioning the mask over my lips, I realized instantly that I wasn’t going to get much air. So I took the mask off, and widened the slit in the middle before reapplying so I could breathe. Maybe I stretched it too much, though, as the mask kept slipping, and the top of my bottom lip kept escaping.

Wearing the mask felt like I had dunked my lips in jelly, and was in the midst of a balancing act to keep them on. I kept pressing the mask down with my fingers to keep it in place. (I probably should’ve tried this lying down, not standing up.) Despite this, I could feel the collagen in the mask working. My lips were tingling pleasantly.

After 20 minutes, I removed the mask. My lips essentially looked the same, but maybe slightly fuller from the side. My lips felt a lot smoother, though. I usually apply lip balm before putting on my lipstick, but to test the mask I hadn’t put on any balm that day. And when I applied lipstick after using the mask, it looked nicer than it usually does.

Megan’s experience:

Megan, before (left) and after (right) using the mask. Megan Willett/INSIDER
I was really excited to try out these lip masks. As you can tell from my before picture, I have really thin lips, which were looking especially dry after a week of wearing lipstick. I had to go to a friend’s party, so I decided to try out the mask out before doing the rest of my makeup.

Taking out the lip kit, some water fell out of the package as I removed it — not the best start. After cleaning up, I slapped the jelly-like lips onto my own.

Immediately, I thought they were going to fall off. There was some type of slit in the lips, but my lips were so thin, they could sit comfortably under only one part of the lip mask. The entire thing felt like it would slide around and was not as secure or close to my face as I was hoping it would be.

It felt a little tingly, which was fun, but not quite as tingly as those lip venom lip glosses that I used to buy all the time. I hung out awkwardly for exactly 20 minutes, before taking it off.

I was disappointed by the results. Obviously I wasn’t expecting Kylie Jenner lips, but I was hoping they’d seem bigger than before. Instead, they looked like they usually do.

Brianna’s experience:
Brianna’s lips before (left) and after (right) using the mask. Brianna Arps/INSIDER

I was so excited to finally get my hands on the KNC lip mask because so many people have given it rave reviews, super celebs included. And the fact that the packaging and product itself is pretty and pink made waiting to try it bittersweet.

I had high hopes but was a tad skeptical off the bat. The jelly lips were large. However, just as I assumed, they weren’t quite large enough to properly fit over my natural lips. I struggled to keep the mask on and even poked a tiny hole in it during the process.

My lips were intentionally dry, so I could test out the mask’s claim. I wore matte lipstick for a few hours, and before unwrapping the mask I removed the lipstick with a cotton ball dipped in a tiny amount of coconut oil. The amount of oil wasn’t enough to interfere with testing since I wiped off the excess sheen before placing the mask on my lips.

Immediately after putting it on, I felt a tingling/burning sensation. From testing out a similar “plumping” product, I figured the reason why I was uncomfortable was because of whatever the mask was soaked in/infused with before packaging. I’m not a fan of anything that tingles too much or burns.

As mentioned earlier, the mask wouldn’t stay on because my lips — as with a lot of things — didn’t fit the mold. Rather than holding it on for the suggested 15-20 minutes, I gave up around approximately seven minutes of trying.

Overall, I’m not a fan of the KNC lip mask and won’t be purchasing it in the near future unless the brand makes alternate versions for those with lips like mine or improves the current top-seller.

These 7 Best Lip Masks For Dry Lips Will Bring Life Back To Your Cracked Pout

Lip masks are actually worth adding to your beauty routine, especially in the dead of winter. They may sound like another frivolous and expensive addition to your makeup kit, but they’re actually top-notch, deep conditioning treatments that can 100 percent change your lipstick game. Here are the best lip masks for dry lips if you’re looking to rehydrate your pout.

Brows had a moment in the spotlight, but it was the pout that became 2015’s It facial feature. That won’t be changing in 2016 as beauty brands continue to release more lipstick formulations, colors, and even lip treatment products. One product above all, however, is weaseling its way into everyone’s makeup kit, and for good reason: Lip masks are deep conditioners that treat peeling, flaking lips in a way your average, drugstore lip balm can’t.

Most masks include high percentages of nourishing ingredients like agave and vanilla. Some, however, go the extra mile by including collagen so while you use them, they both plump and dissolve dead skin cells. Certain brands carry enzymes that fight the effects of dry, aging lips by plumping them up and reducing the fine lines that can make lipstick so hard to wear. Have I convinced you yet?

Here are some of the cult favorite lip masks you need if your pout is suffering:

1. Clinique All About Lips

Clinique All About Lips , $22, Amazon

This light-weight cream is perfect for applying under your lipgloss or lipstick, creating a smooth surface for application.

2. Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask , $35, Amazon

This leave-on mask moisturizes thanks to a bio-active blend of organic agave nectar, jojoba oil, vanilla CO2 extract, and tons of antioxidant trans-resveratrol.

3. Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch

Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch , $9, Amazon

This plumping patch looks even more ridiculous on, but don’t be fooled. It plumps and hydrates with a delicious blueberry scent.

4. Bite Beauty 5 Night Fix for Lips

Bite Beauty 5 Night Fix for Lips , $15, Amazon

This helps buff and rejuvenate your lips. It’s perfect if your lips are peeling and flaking in the cold weather. Bite Beauty was one of the first companies to come out with deep treatment lip masks, so they know their stuff.

5. Aritaum Ginger Sugar Overnight Lip Mask

Aritaum Ginger Sugar Overnight Lip Mask, $12, Amazon

Beat the winter blues with this citrus scrub. It’s infused with orange oil, so it brightens your lips while dissolving dull, dead skin.

6. Fresh Sugar Lip Polish

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish , $25, Amazon

Real brown sugar helps gently lift away flakes of skin so your lips are baby smooth again.

7. Aquareveal Smooth Talker Water Peel for Lips

Aquareveal Smooth Talker Water Peel for Lips $26, Space NK

This soft, gentle applicator is exactly what painful, hurting lips need.

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Best Lip Masks for Hydrated, Luscious Lips

Although you likely know your way around a lip balm, sometimes your lips need a little extra something to keep them healthy and hydrated. That’s where lip masks come in. Similar to eye masks, face masks, and hair masks, lip masks can target your specific concerns and act as the perfect accompaniment to daily lip balm applications. Some can even help temporarily plump the look of your lips, dissolve dead cells, and prep your pout for lipstick. Pucker up and keep reading for a few of our favorite lip masks.

Kiehl’s Buttermask for Lips

This overnight lip treatment is formulated to hydrate your lips while you sleep. Inspired by the brand’s popular Butterstick Lip Treatment, this moisturizing lip mask — with coconut oil and wild mango butter — will give you a softer, more hydrated pout after just one use.

Wilma Schumann Mouth & Lips Age Defying Masques

Looking to return ideal moisture to your pout? Reach for these pink, lip-shaped masks formulated with skin-loving ingredients including hyaluronic acid, peptides, collagen and glycerin.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Formulated with vitamin C, antioxidants and a Berry Mix Complex, this cult-favorite mask is a must for your collection. It also contains Moisture Wrap technology, which creates a film over lips to lock in moisture.

Mamonde Lip Sleeping Mask

Catch some zzz’s while flooding your lips with moisture with Mamonde’s Lip Sleeping Mask. The formula is enriched with moisturizing extracts found in plum blossoms and can help to gently exfoliate lips while ensuring moisture stays put.

Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch

This serum-packed mask boasts a hydrogel texture that’s soothing and comforting to your pout. Trust us when we tell you it’ll be hard to resist a selfie with this lip patch on, but you’re better off waiting to take one until it comes off. Why? Because that way you can truly show off your newly soft and hydrated lips!

Patchology FlashPatch Hydrating Lip Gels

Need to hydrate your lips on the go? Patchology’s Flashpatch Lip Gels are perfect for when you only have a few minutes to get your pout looking pristine. Whether you’re prepping for a date or a night on the town, these fast-acting lip gels work to moisturize and soften your lips quickly.

Sarah Happ Sweet Clay Lip Mask

A lip mask formulated with bentonite clay? Tell us more! The formula — with its rich, frosting-like texture — can help regenerate your pout with its luxurious and thick consistency. We like to think of it as the ultimate dessert for our mouth — without actually ingesting anything, of course. To use, slather the formula onto your lips and leave it on for up to 20 minutes before wiping away with a tissue or wet washcloth.

KNC Beauty All Natural Collagen-Infused Lip Mask

Say no to lifeless lips and yes to a gorgeous pout with this collagen-infused lip mask. Pop it on over your mouth for 15 to 20 minutes. Towards the end, you’ll start to feel a tingling sensation, which is expected, and your lips will be perfectly primed for lipstick. For best results, exfoliate your lips with a gentle scrub before using the mask.

Peach Slices Aqua Jelly Lip Mask

This refreshing jelly mask is packed with hydrating ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, honey and Japanese yuzu citrus with vitamin C. Your lips will be left feeling smooth, moisturized and plumped. With all these benefits, we could hardly believe that this mask costs less than $4.

Your Overnight Action Plan for Dry Lips

How to Properly Exfoliate Your Lips

This Nighttime Lip Routine Will Keep Your Pout Looking Fresh AF

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