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For 2016, Christmas partywear comes in all guises, ranging from the traditional festive dress through to the more daring pyjama suit.

Velvet and lace are key fabrics for an on trend look, while sequins and lurex add that ever-popular Christmas sparkle.

In terms of colours, black is always a favourite, and can be dressed up with statement jewellery. However, if you’re feeling a little more colourful, then a sumptuous floral print is super glamorous.

Personally, I think comfort is extremely important in my partywear; I want to be able to dance, eat and drink with ease, after all!


I love a laidback vibe to my outfits, but I’m certainly not adverse to a sequin or two – they always play a big party in my ‘dressy’ looks, teamed with a beautiful pair of heels to flatter my les and a great coat to arrive at the venue in.

Here are a few of my favourite partywear looks available on the high street now..


1. The Lace Dress

Out of all the dresses I have tried on, this has to be my favourite!

The beautiful cut skims over any lumps and bumps, and a high neck means you can get away with the shorter hemline.


The fabric looks delicate and expensive, and I love the sleeves in particular, as the lace creates a flattering ‘cape’ look.

In terms of styling, add a pair of black, leopard print or colour pop heels to finish this look. Then you just need to through a maxi-coat over the top and head off to your party!

Dress, £170, Whistles; Shoes, stylist’s own (see similar here, £80, Dune); Coat, £95, Wallis; Bag, £64.50, Aurora London

2. The Sequin Skirt

Separates are a great way to create your own bespoke partywear and to stand out from the crowd.

Take, for example, this velvet sweater and sequin skirt – they’re both really comfortable and together create a show-stopping outfit.


They’re also very versatile items; the skirt would look equally great with a cashmere jumper and black heels.

Jumper, £29.99, H&M (available in store); Skirt, £39.99, H&M; Shoes, stylist’s own (see similar here, £69, Topshop); Bag, £17.50, Wallis

3. The Pyjama Style Suit

So this is definitely an acquired taste, and you need to be prepared for the ‘Are you wearing PJs?’ jokes, but the pyjama suit is bang on trend and personally, I find it one of the most chic and comfortable party looks.

This pyjama suit is from Monsoon and I adore the stunning colours and flattering cut. For an extra colour pop, add bright shoes like these pink ones.


Personally, I’d wear something like this to host Christmas day at my house, or perhaps a dinner party. And while I know wearing the whole ensemble might seem daunting, you can always break it up. The pyjama top looks amazing teamed with black trousers and heels, or you could combine the trousers with a plain, black top and heels for a chic party outfit.

Top, £69, Monsoon; Trousers, £69, Monsoon; shoes, stylist’s own (see similar here, £51.75, Topshop); Fur jacket, £79, Topshop


£29.99, H&M; £24.99, H&M

£95, & Other Stories; £180, Whistles

£69.99, Mango; £79, & Other Stories

£49.50, Marks & Spencer; £160 Isabel Marant at

Read more of Fran’s fashion tips on her blog, The Fashion Lift.

(Images: Fran Bacon/Victoria Metaxas)

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We’re looking down the lens of party season, and if you’re currently being blinded in your quest for the perfect outfit with a dizzying overload of sparkle, Studio 54-style flounce, and body-con dresses that don’t quite accommodate the feasting that goes hand-in-hand with festive season, then let this post be your guide. There’s nothing wrong with all of those things – in fact, they are the things that can make party season so fun – but they’re just not everyone’s cup of tea. So let’s say that if crystal-dipped dresses feel far more costumey than a real life outfit choice, then it’s time to slide down to the polar opposite end of the sartorial scale and slip into a suit.

I love dressing up. I love that clothes can make you whoever you want to be for the day or night, so that’s why flipping between chic dresses to cool-girl suits appeals so strongly to me. And when invites start flooding your inbox, it helps to have an arsenal of styles ready to go so you don’t get tagged in the same LBD over and over (#socialsuicide) Plus there’s something inexplicably sexy about a suit – it’s all in the subtleties of it. Filtered in midnight black velvet (ticking a huge AW16 trend box), Dorothy Perkins’ loosely-tailored two-piece has this louche, fluid, laid-back sultry vibe which is just perfect for party season. It shows that you care, but not too much. Consider it the cooler, sexier, more nonchalant sister who has a bit of an attitude after a couple of espresso martinis to the standard party dress.
Oh this thing? I just threw it on…

And drilling down to another fine point behind the benefits of getting suited up for a shindig, answer me this: how many times did you wear the party dress you wore last Christmas? Was it once? Because I’m sure as hell guilty of slipping on the sparkly maxi dress purchase I made last year just the one time, never to be worn again (apart from the two times I thought it would be fun to wear it whilst tidying my room but let’s not talk about that…) With a sleek suit, however, half of its charm lies in being made from two components that you can style separately. Throw this blazer jacket over a slinky slip dress when hitting up Christmas cocktails for Friendsmas, then wear your velvet trousers with a cosy jumper in the office.

But if you can’t say no to a bit of glitz, an onslaught of sparkling accessories will amplify this suit. A twinkling embellished clutch amps up the feminine factor, whilst glittering Cinderella-style shoes give a fairy tale finish without the whole leaving your shoe on a step/getting your ass saved by a prince BS.

Dorothy Perkins Trousers, Blazer, Top, Shoes, and Bag All items c/o of Dorothy Perkins, with monetary compensation made for the creation of this post

An Elegant and Sophisticated Approach to Holiday Party Attire

Or how to be the classiest looking guy at the office Christmas party

All Christmas parties are not created equal and require different types of dress and levels of formality. You’ve got casual get-togethers with friends, dinner with the family and, of course, the office Christmas party.

In a world where you’ll generally see a simple shirt, tie, blazer and slacks combination or the ever- (and very played out) ironic ugly Christmas sweater, there’s ample room to make a classy statement.

Here’s an outfit that’s an elegant and sophisticated take on Christmas party attire.

| WEARING | Z Zegna suit, Uniqlo turtleneck, Vintage silk scarf, Cartier watch, Shoes c/o Paul Evans | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

If you plan to wear a suit, swap the shirt and tie for a turtleneck. It’s an unexpected and elegant move. From a color standpoint, keep it tonal. Grey suit, charcoal grey or black turtleneck.

Add a lightweight silk scarf for added interest and the perfect seasonal accent. Remember, as always, that scarves can be both aesthetic and practical. You’re going for the former here with our best friend this winter, the “indoor scarf”.

The holidays are a great time to trot out the oxblood shoes. Another great way to add a subtle, seasonal sartorial touch to anchor your outfit.

Thanks for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

Brian Sacawa
He Spoke Style


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The holidays are here, which means it’s time to break out the sequins and put together your most festive holiday look. If you have a Christmas party or two marked on your calendar, get some ideas on what to wear with today’s style inspirations request.

Krystal writes, “I know this is last minute, but I am attending my college alumni Christmas party and I don’t have anything to wear. Can you please provide some ideas? Although it is December, I live in Florida so the weather is still nice. Thanks for your help!”

Jazz up a classic black and white look with a pussybow blouse styled with a black sequin midi skirt.

Give the look a festive feel with a cheeky red box clutch, a pair of crystal-embellished satin sandals, chandelier earrings, and the perfect red lip.

Rock a v-neck velvet midi dress with a pair of strappy ankle-lock sandals.

Add a monogram suede shoulder bag with gold tassel detail and gold jewelry for a chic finish.

Opt for a red long-sleeve midi dress for a flirty and festive holiday look.

Complete the look with a python gold-chain shoulder bag, silver metallic ankle-lock sandals, and a pair of dazzling gold chandelier earrings.

Lastly, shimmer in an asymmetric top paired with a green sequin midi skirt.

Dress things up with a pair of embellished Manolo Blahnik Hangisi pumps, an acrylic box clutch, and gold jewelry.

What do you think of these chic holiday outfit ideas? Which look would you wear to your next holiday soiree?

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It’s officially holiday party time, y’all! Are your calendars suddenly seeming suuuuper full? Raising my hand over here! It’s such a fun time of year, but also pretty overwhelming, right? One of my favorite parts for the parties is getting dressed up. It’s the one time of year where fabrics like velvet and sequins are appropriate and everything feels a little fancier – I love it for a couple months! I’ll be talking about anything and everything you’d EVER slash need to know about what to wear to a Christmas party.

In this article I’ll be covering the different types of parties you might have on your calendar, the many different possibles occasions, and then ending with different dress styles and suggesting when and why each might work.

What To Wear To a Christmas Party: Things To Consider

Since there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to what to wear to a holiday party, I wanted to cover it all for you. And since having an idea of what you’ll wear to parties in advance reduces the stress big time, I wanted to write this early in the season. Hopefully, everything below will help you have a better idea of what to wear to all parties!

What kind of event is it?

First off the type of event makes a huge difference on what to wear. If its a holiday office party you might want to consider where it’s being held and how formal your office is. At this occasion, I would avoid any short dresses/skirts and anything too flashy. You want to look festive, but still, wear something office appropriate. If the party is being held by family or friends I would consider asking the host what the party attire will be. You know your family best, think about what they would be wearing. If the event is a gala or fundraiser consider that those parties tend to be on the dressier side. This gives you a chance to bring out your favorite cocktail dress or long evening gown.

Where is the Christmas Party taking place?

If the invitation didn’t say what attire to wear a good tell is often from the event location. If they request your company at a ballroom or hall. you’re probably going to wear a semi or formal dress. On the other hand, if it’s a fun and trendy restaurant or bar you might want to wear something more festive and on trend to fit in with the crowd. My go to when invited to a Christmas party hosted at someone’s house is always dressy casual.

Who is hosting the Christmas Party?

If you’re going to a friend’s party, you know the style is probably more laid back and you can get away with something showier. If it’s an elderly person’s party or someone you want to impress (say a mother-in-law or something along those lines), opt to go more conservative. Being a little more dressy and conservative will never get you in trouble!

Is there a requested attire for the Holiday Party?

So, the invitation says the attire? You have no worries then! I wouldn’t try to push too many boundaries on the dress code, but do look festive and have fun! If there isn’t, depend on the location and who is hosting to plan your outfit. A friend’s party in their apartment is obviously going to be more casual and trendy than a company party in a banquet hall.

Also, What’s The Occasion for the Christmas Party?

Office Party

This is fun because you get to show your style a little more – and wear a little higher heels – but you 100% want to be comfortable and appropriate. Just because it’s a party doesn’t mean you can forget you’re at work. I suggest wearing something you’d wear to work but switch up the fabrics. Velvet trousers or a skirt (doesn’t have to hit your knees like work but I’d avoid a mini) are a fun way to safely amp up your look! Tights work well with a dress too if you think the dress is showing too much skin without. For more specifics on what to consider when figuring out what to wear for your office holiday party, I did an entire post on the topic with a little more of my thoughts here!


Probably the fanciest party you’ll go to this season, so dress for it. I’m a big fan of long dresses made of lace for galas – or even velvet this season. You still want to look conservation – similar to a work party – but fancy. Feel free to show a little back or have a knee-high slit if you want to show a bit of skin in a classy way. A beautiful red dress (Pretty Woman style) is also ideal for a holiday gala or fundraiser!

Casual Gathering

Super easy to dress for, and probably the most creative you can get. For laid back holiday parties, I love a good leather, black, or velvet pant and then a fun top. Definitely make sure you’re not doing TOO much on both ends of your body though – if your pants are flashy, wear a more muted top and vice versa. A sequin or velvet top would be great with plain black jeans or a simple leather mini. You can get away with booties or something other than heels here too.

Semi-Formal Gathering

I’d go with a simple LBD (more on this below) or cute dress. I don’t think you can go wrong with a dress for semi-formal. Depending on the weather, who is hosting, and location, you can decide if the dress should be more classy or fun. I’d stick to heels, too.

Let’s Talk Dress Options for a Christmas Party

Okay, so you’re probs going to wear a dress (or possibly a midi skirt? more on that below), so let’s talk about the different options out there and when and why each type might be your best option.

The Little Black Dress (LBD)

This dress is a go-to for any occasion. Before you go and get a super trendy dress ask yourself if a classic LBD would do the job. I have a couple and definitely recommend having options when it comes to black dresses. You can a sexy open back LBD, long formal black dress, and a short and feminine dress. They all serve a unique occasion and are all great to have in your wardrobe. Use accessories to your favorite to up the festive vibes – a sequined clutch, statement earrings, fun shoes, etc.

The Going-All-Out Sequin Dress

This is a little harder to pull off and have it look chic, but a sequin dress can be really festive for the holidays. The trick to making a sequin dress look nice is making sure that 1) its appropriate for the event 2) it is not an overly shine-y sequin 3) its in a neutral color or muted color (not neon). It should also be classy. Since sequins are pretty flashy, make sure the dress isn’t super tight or showing off too much skin—it’s Christmas, not Vegas!

The Flattering A-Line Skirt (or Pleated Skirt)

I love a good skirt/top combo for holiday parties (in fact, I did a whole post on wearing this combo to your OFFICE holiday party!). It’s usually appropriate for any setting and skirts are just so flattering on everyone! You can have tons of options too as far as patterns, fabrics, and colors. I tend to lean towards jewel tones and think they compliment most peoples skin tones. Plus, a deep emerald skirt is the perfect amount of holiday color for a party while still looking chic.

Shop the Post: Likely Red Pleated Dress // Baublebar Crystal Drop Earring (old but Similar HERE) // Kristin Cavallari Lace Up Pump // YSL Black Clutch

More Dress and Accessory Options:

Christmas Party Wear Ideas

Hey everyone, I don’t know about you but I am definitely in full Christmas mode this week. Christmas, where I live, involves many nights out so this week I began my search for some outfits. Seeing as nights out are quite casual here, I especially love dressing up when I get home and what better time than Christmas to go all out. Be ready for lots of outfit posts on my Instagram (Retroflame). To help you with your search, I’ve looked through some of my favourite online sites and picked out some pieces to give you some inspiration for the festive season ahead..

You simply can’t go wrong with a dress for any of the nights out over christmas. It’s an outfit in itself so it’s always the easiest option when you’re rushing (which I always am). You can also keep them as casual as you like and pair them with heeled boots, which I love to do here in New york or you can dress them up heels. I’m adding this Off the shoulder one straight into my basket. Here are a few more nice ones I’ve come across..

I love jumpsuits for christmas because a) It’s so cold and they cover you up more than a dress would usually and b) They are so simple and easy to wear. I would usually opt for one during Christmas if I am going for a nice dinner with the girls or my family. I also think they are a great option for Christmas Day. I love this black blazer styled one and this simple powder blue option too. Here are a few more that I’m loving..

…And of course you couldn’t wear any of the above without a cute clutch and heels to match. An embellished clutch is the perfect way to dress up any outfit. I’m so obsessed with this Velvet black one with pearl detail. When it comes to heels personally, I think once you have a simple black, gold & nude pair you are pretty sorted for any outfit you choose and you can really mix it up over the different nights out. I’ve already purchased these strappy nude ones and I love them. Here are a few more options..

So there you have it, my top picks for all of the christmas nights out/parties ahead. I’ve made a collage of all the options below to give you a better look. I really hope this makes your christmas shopping a little less stressful and helps you get through it a bit quicker Happy Shopping!

I hope you are all having a great week!

Erika x

Christmas party season is upon us, and having spoke to employers at different times about this, and they do find this to be an issue as their employees turn up inappropriately dressed, I thought I’d do a quick post on what to wear to your office Christmas party.

What you need to remember is that this party is still a business function, it’s not a get together with your friends or family. Your boss, and if they have one, their boss is there, and judgments are being made, whether you like it or not.

Yes you may be friends with your colleagues, but as your work is paying for it, you still have to respect that it is a work do, and that you need to behave as you would normally behave around your work colleagues. So careful, don’t let the spirits go to your head!

Three Rules of Office Party (Work Function) Attire

1. Don’t show too much skin. Too much cleavage, back, stomach or legs brings too much excitement, and that is not what is called for amongst colleagues. Sure you can wear that mini dress to the nightclub on the weekend with your friends, just don’t wear it to anything work related.

2. Don’t wear your business suit, it’s OK to get dressed up, you don’t have to stay safe, and boring all the time. If you don’t have time to go home and change, consider adding a sparkly top to your dress trousers, and maybe a pair of glam sandals.

3. If there is a theme, of any sort, dress to it. Sure you may not choose to go ‘black and white’ to your friends’s black and white party, but for a work function, remember, it means that you will be judged as ‘not a team player’ or ‘lacking in imagination’, something so simple can hold back your career prospects.

Show off your personality whilst remaining appropriate, that’s the key to work party success!


5 Ways to Wear Your Party Dress

December 8, 2016

Party season has well and truly begun. I’m sure a few of you have the first lot of Christmas nights out this weekend (some may have already started). With all those holiday parties comes the added pressure of finding something to wear. Chances are you will know some of the same people at every event. This puts so much pressure on us to wear something different for every party. Which increases the temptation to run to the nearest store and buy the first outfit you see. But as we all know this is how we end up buying things we don’t need and wouldn’t wear again. Pressurised purchases never end well. Not to mention how unethical and unsustainable a new outfit for every party is. But what if you just wear the same dress to ever party this year.

I know what your thinking, I can’t wear the same dress to every event people will notice. To be honest the chances are that most people are too busy thinking about their outfit to notice what you’re wearing. Could you tell me what your friends were wearing the last time you saw them? So go ahead be an outfit repeater this party season. You can break the cycle of buying un-needed clothes just for one party by wearing the same dress to every party. You can make it feel different by having some fun styling it up in unique ways. It’s also a more ethical and sustainable way to dress for the party season. I’m going to show you 5 ways to wear the same dress to every holiday party without anyone noticing.

The Office Christmas Party

For the big office Christmas party show of the dress by keeping accessories simple. Here I’ve just added a pair of heels and a simple clutch bag. The outfit is smart enough for the fanciest party but doesn’t feel like too much. Of course, if your style is more fancy add lots of glitzy jewellery or maybe some faux fur.

The Family Gathering

For a family event, I’ve added a turtle neck jumper underneath. This adds some extra warmth and it helps dress down the look. I’ve teamed it with my over the knee boots but a pair of flat boots would also look great. This outfit is smart enough that it looks like you’ve made an effort but still casual enough for a relaxed family gathering (which is hard to do).

Night Out With Friends

I love this outfit, adding the skirt has completely changed the style of the dress. I think this outfit would be perfect fro pre-Christmas drinks with friends. It’s less formal than the dress alone but is still as smart. Team with heeled boots and a clutch bag for a night out on the town.

After Work Drinks

Going out straight from work can be difficult. You need to dress professional while at work but don’t want to completely change your outfit before heading out. Here I’ve added a button down shirt underneath the dress to give it a professional look but it’s still suitable for after work drinks. With this outfit there’s no faffing about trying the change in the work toilets, just top up your lippy and go.

Christmas Lunch

You want to look smart at your Christmas lunch but it needs to be comfortable enough to eat a large meal in. Wearing the looser fit boxy t-shirt over the dress will help conceal any post-lunch food babies and make sitting in the dress more comfortable.

The Dress

If you plan on wearing the same dress to every party this season I recommend keeping it simple. People might start to notice that you’ve worn a gold sparkly dress to everything. Although if you want to wear that gold sparkly dress go ahead. My dress was from Reiss a few years ago (bought in the sales) so isn’t available anymore. However, you can style up pretty much any dress in these 5 ways. I prefer the navy dress as it’s a little different from the usual black but still neutral enough to wear to every party. I’ve found a few different navy dress options below for you.

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Christmas party outfits – the best style savings and bargains

December is a month of celebration.

There are work Christmas parties, catching up with friends and family, boxing day, New Year’s Eve and the big day itself.

That’s a lot of dressing up and outfits. But don’t fret- we have a list of the best style savings to be had this Christmas.

There are plenty of bargains to be found on statement dresses, shoes, accessories and jewellery for both men and women.

We have your seasonal outfits covered at bargain prices:


On ASOS you can find a range of different brands such as Glamorous, New Look, River Island, Office and many more

The online fashion outlet has up to 60% off New Year’s Eve and Christmas styles for women.

The NYE favourite picks include dresses, jumpsuits, playsuits, blouses, skirts, pants, accessories and shoes – so you can buy your whole outfit in one place.

They also have a range of clothes from maternity wear to plus size, petite and tall.

It also has up to 60% off men’s partywear.

That means there’s massive savings to be found on everything from three piece suits to wallets and cardigans.

Browse the collection here.

Topshop & Topman

Topshop and Topman have plenty of seasonal offers on so you can find a Christmas outfit at bargain prices

Topshop are currently running seasonal offers which includes up to 30% off the December style edit.

It wouldn’t be December without a bit of sparkle and statement outfits, so women looking for a Christmas outfit are sure to find something for them.

The season offers include a £20 saving on a playsuit, £30 saving on stylish coats and £20 savings on going out shoe boots. Browse savings on womens clothes here.

Topman has up to 50% off seasonal styles for men.

The savings include a suit jacket reduced from £110 to £65. Browse all here.

River Island

River Island currently have 40% off selected lines including going out clothes and shoes

River Island has up to 40% off selected seasonal lines in store and online.

On the website customers can also find half price reductions on selected products such as the sequin turtle neck crop top which is reduced from £40 to £20 and the grey satin duster jacket reduced from £60 to £30. Look through the sale items here.

Men are also treated to up to 40% off on selected lines in store and online.

This includes shoes, suits, shirts, jumpers and much more. Shop the River Island seasonal sale here.

Miss Selfridge

There are seasonal style saves to be found at Miss Selfridge this December

Miss Selfridge has 20% off full priced items in the run up to Christmas and a further reductions of up to 50% off selected sale items.

Some of the items are exclusive to online such as the black lace trim slip dress reduced from £35 to £20 and the silver mesh skirt reduced from £25 to £10.

Certain shoes and accessories have up to 50% with savings of over £20 to be found.

Shop Miss Selfridge sale and reductions here.

Clothes found on has up to 40% off partywear for men and women and children.

The partywear includes everything from dresses, tops, skirts, jackets, footwear and accessories, beauty products and haircare.

The website also has style edits depending on how long you have to get ready from 30 minutes to three hours- so you can pick your style according to your time.

Shop here.


Next have Christmas clothes for the whole family

Next have sections online dedicated to party and occasion wear for the Christmas period for women, men and children.

At the moment there are not many savings on the Christmas collection- however- there is currently a clearance sale with most items half price or less.

The clearance sale includes going out outfits such as the Lipsy range and leather high heel shoes reduced from £95 to £25. So there are massive savings to be found at Next.

Shop Next online or browse the items here.

Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins have 25% off clothing, shoes and accessories in the run up to Christmas

Christmas has come early at Dorothy Perkins who have 25% off clothing shoes and accessories.

The online exclusive deal gives customers 25% off knitwear, shoes, boots, dresses , jumpsuits, accessories and more.

There are over 900 different dresses on offer at the moment on Dorothy Perkins online but the sale is limited time only.

Shop the 25% off sale here.

Best Women’s Christmas Outfits For 2019

A gorgeous selection of women’s dresses, jumpsuits, pants and tops, that will have you pretty and prepped for any upcoming event this Christmas.

Picking up the perfect dress for your Christmas party, relaxed BBQ with friends, or summer holiday away is simple with this beautiful selection of easy-to-wear stylish outfit ideas. All these outfits can be effortlessly transformed from day to night with the addition of a few easy touches.


This playful red and white party dress is perfect for any Christmas catch-up! Dress down with a pair of flats, or opt for heels and some red lippy if you’re heading out at night.



Sky blue and lemon… who would have thought it would look this good?! The perfect summer Christmas attire if you ask me!



Step out in effortless style with this jumpsuit. This jumpsuit is as versatile as it is comfy and will soon become your new go to wardrobe piece.



Style this dress with some sandals for the daytime or dress it up with some heels for a night time look!



This slip-on tee dress is soft, flattering, and virtually crease-proof, making it an easy and quick go-to dress this Christmas.



If you want to feel like a goddess this Christmas, this gorgeous silk dress with keyhole detail and beautiful billowing silhouette will definitely tick that box!



Delicate sweetheart neckline and frilly straps with smooth tailored pants means this jumpsuit is set to impress! Oh, and don’t forget the pockets…



This is the bright, colourful and comfy summer outfit you’ve been searching for! What’s not to love?!



Perfect for a breezy lunch or end-of-year do, this leopard print dress is easy to style and comfortable too!



This is the perfect outfit for any expecting mum. Designed in a stylish polka dot print, this comfy dress features a pretty frill hem and sleeve, plus the elasticated waist will accomodate your growing belly.



I love this easy-to-wear and flattering white floral cami, and it that looks perfect layered over white jeans or pants.



Patterned with pretty florals, this bold red linen-blend flippy mini dress is perfect for Christmas parties and events!



This stunning dress is both flattering and easy to wear. Pair with a natural hat and slides for an effortlessly chic Christmas look.



The most comfortable and versatile outfit you can add to your wardrobe is the Charlotte Dress. A must have like this one just wouldn’t be complete without pockets too!



You can’t go wrong with a stunning neutral outfit to get you through your day in style!



This stunning black dress with one shoulder design will have you on the forefront of this season’s latest trend. The perfect little black dress for your Christmas event!



Team this gorgeous vibrant dress with some thin gold necklaces and flats or go for a bolder look with solid black or white accessories and a pair of heels.


READ MORE: Mum On The Run Makeup

Christmas Party outfits for women over 40 and a Christmas tree farm

It’s getting closer….Our weekend was a rush of decorating and entertaining. Here’s how it went.

Festive Friday

I was working at home for the day but then had to go to a client’s drinks party. Although they were all wearing suits because they’d gone straight from the office, I felt fine wearing a jumpsuit. It’s such a saviour for things like this…not too smart, not too casual, not too dressy…

Jumpsuit – this year’s version; Jigsaw ponyskin heels (past season); Necklace; Earrings

Sociable Saturday

On Saturday morning we went down to the farm early to choose our tree. I didn’t intend for these photos to be on Midlifechic so I’m not in an ‘outfit’ but readers in the US and Australia have been telling me how much they’re enjoying the rural scenes so I thought I’d share some.

It’s been raining a lot recently so there was a lot of mud – not quite the Christmas card scene that we dream of but we had fun anyway. You can see the glee on the teens’ faces as they spot the boggy patch behind me…

Packable compact coat; Boden jumper past season (this year’s version); Jeans; Earrings; Hunter Boots

… it took less than five minutes for them to start to get dirty!

It was good to get the middle son out into the fresh air. He’s in the middle of his mock GCSEs and has been revising (or at least appearing to) so we haven’t seen many smiles on his face recently.

I’ve been trying to help him by interrupting his procrastination on a regular basis. I think this shows how he’s feeling about my ‘help’ at the moment!

Still it’s amazing what a bit of mud and a saw can do to lift the spirits if you’re 15…

…and it’s even better if you’re 13…

…or a dog.

You can get yourself completely soaked…

…and then be told off by your mum!

I was trying to explain the type of tree that we needed to avoid which they all found highly entertaining but you’ll know what I mean – the ones that droop and shiver, then drop all of their needles…

…and at last I was satisfied and we found one to take home.

Ankle boots

By then we were in a hurry to get changed because we had friends coming round for drinks which gave me a chance to wear what is now my favourite party top of all time.

Velvet top; Indigo Jeans; Gold Shoes; Long necklace; Short necklace and earrings, Links of London past season

Christmas party outfits for women over 40

The annoying thing about my local friends is that they refuse to let me take photos in case they end up on Midlifechic (as if)! Luckily I have my friends at the Over40Collective for party outfit inspiration. We may live a long way away from each other but we can still have a virtual Christmas party and here are their Christmas Party outfits for women over 40.

Here’s Liz from Whatlizzyloves who looks as though she is coming to top my glass up for me…

(read her post here)

…Annette from LadyofStyle is being healthy with a dash of fruit in her cocktail…

(read her post here)

…Lisa from The Sequinist is at the door, waiting to come in…

(read her post here)

…Michelle from RetroChicMama is just coming down the road.

(read her post here)

Catherine from notdressedaslamb…

(read her post here)

…and Michelle from Barefacedchic are not far behind!

(read her post here)

Sparkling Sunday

So, on Sunday we finished putting the decorations up and then Mr MC and I went out for some fresh air as the pre-exam atmosphere was getting heavier by the hour. In case you’re wondering, I’m sitting on the old 17th century stocks where people were punished by having their hands and feet tethered so that villagers could throw rotten eggs and fruit at them. As he took my photo, Mr MC entertained himself by listing all of the things that could have led me there!

Uniqlo cashmere jumper (out of stock in this shade but other colours here); Silver roll neck; Jeans; Boots past season

So come on Christmas. Having kicked off the celebrations I’m feeling very much in the mood to finish work and relax (although our clients seem to have other ideas). The house is ready…

…the eldest is due home this weekend…


Nativity Set

…and Father Christmas has already been through the village once to give oranges to the children.

I’m sorry for being behind on the comments section again, I have been reading them and smiling as they come in. I just need to find a little time to myself so that I can get back to you. In the meantime, I really do thank everyone who has voted for me in the UK Blog Awards. If you haven’t had chance yet there isn’t much time left – and it honestly is a five second job for which I will be forever grateful. I’ll be back on Friday.

Disclosure: Christmas Party outfits for women over 40 is not a sponsored post

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