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9 Ideas For A Truly Unique Christmas Eve Box Your Kids Will Love

20 Nov 9 Ideas For A Truly Unique Christmas Eve Box Your Kids Will Love

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A Christmas Eve Box is a great way to make the night before Christmas fun for kids and the whole family. Here are 9 unique Christmas Eve Box ideas your kids will adore.

Christmas is a magical time for kids, full of wonder and expectations. It’s also the perfect time to bring the whole family together, celebrating family traditions, spending more time enjoying each other’s company and making memories. One way to get everyone together is with a fun tradition that’s becoming more and more popular: A Christmas Eve Box.

What Is A Christmas Eve Box?

The night before Christmas can be just as fun as Christmas morning with a Christmas Eve Box. Typically, the box will contain treats and small gifts that kids can open up and enjoy on Christmas Eve. It’s not supposed to be a Christmas gift, but it can help divert kids’ attention from all the gifts sitting under the Christmas tree that they know they can’t open up yet.

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In short, Christmas Eve Boxes are about getting everyone together and making the night before Christmas fun for the whole family. Think of it as individual supplies for a fun family night!

How To Make A Christmas Eve Box

For toddlers and younger kids some of the Christmas Eve Box essentials include:

  • Christmas themed pajamas
  • A Christmas movie or a book (or both!)
  • Their favorite sweets and treats
  • Hot cocoa and marshmallows
  • A small toy
  • A letter from Santa

For older kids and teens, the Christmas Eve Box can include some more grown-up items like:

  • A fuzzy robe, slippers or slipper socks instead of pajamas
  • A classic Christmas movie they haven’t seen or a new young adult book or graphic novel
  • Popcorn, candy or their favorite snacks
  • Hot cocoa and marshmallows
  • A game, puzzle or craft project

These are the basics and what you’ll find in a typical Christmas Eve box. But with a bit of creativity and imagination, you can turn an ordinary Christmas Eve box into a truly unique one that your kids will love. Here are 9 ideas to make your Christmas Eve boxes memorable — choose one or all of the ones you know your kids will enjoy.

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1. A Custom Hot Cocoa Mug

You can surprise your kids with a custom hot cocoa mug with their names, a personalized character or even a photo. Find a mug that fits your kids’ personalities, favorite characters, interests or one that will make them smile and it will be something they’ll get to use year-round. Here are some of our favorite Christmas mugs for kids.

Shop: Christmas Mugs For Kids

  • And don’t forget the hot chocolate and marshmallows!

    2. A Letter From Santa Keepsake

    Sure, you can print a letter from Santa or even hand write one yourself. But if you’re looking for something that your kids won’t be as likely to lose or toss away, consider this unique alternative. This laser engraved wood postcard can be personalized with the message, name and address you choose and it comes with a matching wood stand so you can use it as a display. And it will make a great keepsake for your kids as they grow older.

    3. Personalized Christmas Socks

    Most kids won’t get excited about seeing something as practical as socks in their Christmas Eve box, unless you get them these fun personalized socks! Adding your child’s name or photo is sure to make these socks their favorite ones to wear on Christmas. These socks will also make a great addition to their Christmas pajamas!

    • 4. A Unique Cookies For Santa Plate And Mug

      Leaving cookies and milk for Santa on Christmas Eve is a lovely tradition that kids really enjoy. It helps the little ones think about the needs of others, and learn about sharing and caring. To make the tradition even more special, you can personalize Santa’s cookie plate and mug for milk.

      • 5. All I Want For Christmas… Custom Sign

        Using the same photo prop each year can be a fun way to show how your kids are growing and changing from year to year. It will be fun for them to see these photos one day too! A custom dry erase sign where you can fill in the blanks each year is a popular photo idea and a unique way to commemorate Christmas Eve. Add this All I Want For Christmas… custom sign to your Christmas Eve Box this year and you’ll be able to use it every year.

        6. Custom Puzzles, Coloring Books & Games

        A nice way to keep your kids busy on Christmas Eve is to include a puzzle, coloring book, a game or another activity that they might enjoy. Personalizing these items makes them a bit more special and unique. Here are a few of our favorites.

        Shop: Christmas Puzzles, Coloring Books & Games For Kids

        • 7. Personalized Santa Hat

          Another neat addition to the Christmas Eve Box is a custom Santa hat with your kid’s name on it. It’s another item that kids will be able to use year after year and it always looks great in photos.

          8. Personalized Kids Ornaments

          By Christmas Eve your Christmas tree has likely been decorated for several days or weeks. But it’s not too late to add to it! Help your kids remember this Christmas with their very own ornaments they can hang on the tree each year. Personalize the ornaments with their names, photos or special messages. Choose ornaments that represent their current interests, hobbies and activities they’re involved in. Or simply choose a sweet ornament you know they’ll adore and add their name and year.

          Shop: Personalized Christmas Ornaments For Kids

          • 9. Family Popcorn Bowl

            If watching your favorite Christmas movie is on the agenda for Christmas Eve, then a custom popcorn serving bowl for the whole family is the perfect addition. For ice cream or other treats, you can also get personalized snack bowls with your kids’ names and a fun or festive saying.

            Bonus: Personalized Christmas Eve Box

            Make your Christmas Eve box truly one-of-a-kind by using a personalized version with kid’s names printed right on the lid. With a vintage-inspired design and a nostalgic feel, this unique keepsake box can add a touch of whimsy to the gift. You can add one or more names and reuse the box each year.

            Whether you choose just one of these ideas or all, we hope that it helps make your Christmas Eve boxes more special, unique and memorable for your kids. Share your Christmas Eve box photos, ideas or suggestions with us on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.

            Christmas Eve Box for Kids

            Here is the perfect Christmas gift for the whole family and the best part is… You get to open it EARLY! Yippie! We have so many Christmas Eve box ideas for you to make your holiday’s even merrier! Our Christmas Eve box for kids has free printables and we’ve even included exactly what you need to buy to fill this box. So what are you waiting for? Certainly, your family would love their very own night before Christmas box! So print out the free printables, pick up a few fun items, and pack your own Christmas Eve box with tons of magic!

            This post contains affiliate links. To learn more about ’em, .
            Christmas Eve is almost here! Is the excitement building up inside of you? Well, I’ve got another thing for you to be excited about…

            A DIY Family Christmas Eve Box

            …to open up before Santa makes his way down the chimney! So cute, right?! I haven’t gotten to the best part yet, FREE printables! We’ve made it so easy for you to have a DARLING Christmas Eve box for kids and for your whole family to enjoy together. I can’t wait for my little family to open theirs up and see all of the goodies inside. We have all of the Christmas box ideas you could ever need, so get ready to grab a pen and get shopping!

            Putting this Christmas Eve gift together is super easy and fast! Simply, gather a few things to put inside and then print out all of these cute gift tags to dress it up! Undoubtedly, every Christmas Eve box should have Christmas jammies! However, if you’re like me and want to save a little money, you can even just throw in pajamas you already have and slap a tag on them!

            Create Your Own DIY Box

            The Christmas Eve Box ideas and printables are free! So you get all of this sweetness and holiday magic with just a little effort on your part!

            Plus, the darling Christmas Eve box flap printables turn any boring box into something FUN and cute! Undoubtedly the printables dress up the project and add that finishing touch of magic to your night before Christmas box.

            Christmas Eve gift ideas can be tough considering the very next day, your house will be exploding with gifts. That’s why Christmas boxes for kids are a great way to create traditions and holiday spirit, rather than just adding to piles of toys.

            Christmas Box Ideas

            You can add whatever you know your family will love, especially because the tags are vague enough to allow you to put your own creative spin on things if you’d like! However, I’ll share the goodies I always put in mine. So you have all the inspiration you need to launch into action with your own Christmas box ideas!

            Tags Included in the Printable Pack:

            Now, these are great items for any Christmas Eve box, followed by a tag that would pair perfectly. So here we go!

            • Pajamas Tag: Nestled All Snug in Your Beds
            • Christmas Book Tag: “Twas the Night Before Christmas”
            • Christmas Movie Tag: “It’s a Wonderful Life!” “Laughing All the Way”
            • Christmas Holiday Socks {Or Slippers} Tag: “For your Mistle-toes”
            • Popcorn Tag: “I Brought Some Corn for Popping!”
            • Hot Chocolate/Mug Tag: “Baby it’s Cold Outside”
            • Candy/Cookies Tag: “And to all a ‘Sweet’ Night”, “Save some for Santa!”
            • Box Tags: “Handle with Cheer”, “Open on Christmas Eve!”

            Fun Family Traditions

            When you’re done, you’ve got a box bursting with Christmas Cheer! Truly, EVERYTHING you need for a fun and memorable Christmas Eve with your family! Now, whether you choose to give this Christmas Eve box to your family on December 1st, or wait and save it as Christmas Eve gift ideas, it will still surely be a hit! Our night before Christmas box would be a fun family tradition to open on Christmas Eve. It is bursting with holiday cheer and so many fun ways to create memories with the ones you love the most.

            Excited?! So what are you waiting for? Print them out and give these Christmas Eve gift ideas a try this year!

            Christmas Eve Box Tradition and Ideas

            Several years ago I decided I really wanted to start some Christmas traditions with my family. Traditions are a big part of what make holidays and events special and fun! Today I’m going to share a fun tradition we started a few years ago called the Christmas Eve Box. AND I’ll share some great Christmas Eve Box ideas that the entire family, kids AND adults, will enjoy!

            What Is The Christmas Eve Box?

            After we spend the evening with my family eating soup bowls, singing our favorite Christmas songs, my own little family will head home to have our own Christmas Eve time together! For years we’ve done the traditional Christmas Eve PJ’s, but I decided to mix that up a bit with the Christmas Eve Box.

            As a kid, I was always begging the parents to let us open a present early. So, why not make it a tradition and set aside some family-oriented items for a Christmas Eve box? A Christmas Eve Box is a fun tradition where the family opens a box together and enjoys fun things to share with each other! You can wrap everything up if you want to, or just leave them unwrapped inside the big box.

            Where do you get the Christmas Eve Box?

            You can use whatever you want to hold the items, a bag, a box, a chest, etc. It doesn’t have to be the same each year. If you want a durable box that you could use year after year, consider a Bankers Box. Just find something big enough that you would be able to fit a variety of things in. Reinforce the seams and edges with tape, then wrap it in a nice Christmas paper.

            Christmas Eve Box Ideas

            You can put whatever you want in the Christmas Eve Box. If there’s a story or activity that you already do as a tradition each Christmas Eve, go ahead and put it in the box each year. You can put just one item in there or you can include many. Totally up to you. My objective is to include something that the family can do together that very evening. It is fun to include a surprise item or something new too. I also want to include at least one item that is Christ-centered to remind us what Christmas is really about. You can wrap the items individually before placing them in the box, or not!

            Nativity Set

            My kids treasure the fun little Nativity sets we’ve picked up thru the years. It’s always SUPER FUN to pull them out the following year after we’ve gotten them. Many times they’ve forgotten about what we got and find joy in pulling it out of the Christmas storage boxes again! Find some cute Nativity Sets here!

            Family Christmas Movie and Popcorn

            You could bring back an old classic or show one your family hasn’t watched together before! There are a ton of Christmas movies to choose from! Last year we watched the early 2000’s classic, Christmas with the Kranks… we’ve NEVER seen it before and we loved it! It was also fun to just get a picture of life before internet and smart phones! Ha ha! My kids also LOVE watching Home Alone… and it’s funny for them to see Donald Trumps cameo too. 🙂 This year I’m thinking of The Man Who Invented Christmas. Let me know if you think it’s a good one!

            Card Game, Board Game or Puzzle for the Family

            We love playing games together as a family. I can always snag a great deal on a game during the holiday shopping season! Some of our favorites the the entire family can play are Headbanz, Spot It, and Telestrations.

            We also enjoy working on a big puzzle together during the Christmas break! This Thomas Kincaid Tangled puzzle was one of our favorites. A Disney themed puzzle (or Harry Potter!) would be sure to please! These are fun ideas to do together all year long!

            A Christmas Book

            We like to get a new Christmas book every year or so. I have a basket of books that we set out near the Christmas tree and the kids enjoy looking at them from time to time or taking one up to their room to read at night. Some of their favorites are The Polar Express, Room for a Little One, and a Christmas recordable storybook that my parents recorded their voices reading to years ago.

            Christmas Pajamas or New Blankets

            You can always find great deals on pjs on Amazon, Old Navy, Kohl’s, or Walmart! Follow our online deals database to find deals! It’s always fun to have new warm fuzzy PJ’s! You could even just do pajama pants! One year I did the Big One fuzzy blankets from Kohl’s… those have been great because they don’t outgrow blankets and they’ll be used for years!

            Hot Chocolate Mix, Hot Cocoa Maker, or Mugs

            Years ago we got a hot chocolate maker and the kids LOVE pulling it out all winter long to make some yummy frothy hot chocolate! It’s a fun winter family tradition!

            Slippers or Socks, Christmas Music, Homemade Gifts for Each Other

            You could get your kids in on the action too and give them an assignment to add something for the family to the Christmas Eve box! We have a Christmas playlist on Spotify, so buying music isn’t a thing for us anymore… BUT warm fuzzy socks are ALWAYS a delight! You can find fun Christmas socks fairly cheap at stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Ross!

            I hope that you can take this tradition and modify it to best fit your family! Kids love opening up presents on Christmas Eve! Might as well use that present to create more family time and memories. I think this helps us step back from the materialistic view of Christmas and focus more on what matters most… LOVE!

            Holidays are for spending time with the people you love and creating wonderful memories with special traditions. The Night Before Christmas Box is a perfect new tradition to start for your little ones. This will make Christmas eve and Christmas morning even more fun and memorable! Here is everything you need to make your box perfect. I started doing this special tradition with my daughter last year and it was the best. It made Christmas even more exciting for her (and for me as well!) I loved having special Christmas Eve pjs for her to wear. We watched our favorite Christmas movie while enjoying all the fun goodies and activities I included in her special Christmas Eve box. This is a perfect holiday tradition I look forward to doing for my kids every year and it’s pretty simple to put together!! Disclosure: this post contains some affiliate links.

            1. An Elf’s Story DVD ($9.99): This movie is based on the bestselling Christmas tradition The Elf on the Shelf. A fun movie to get the whole family in the holiday spirit.

            2. Home Accents Christmas Day Snowman Mug: This snowman mug is just perfect for some hot coco on Christmas eve night!

            3. Santa With Toy Sled Glass Ornament : Give your kids a special santa ornament for them to hang up on Christmas eve night.

            4. Wilton Pre-baked Gingerbread Tree Kit: (Similar) Building a gingerbread house is a great holiday activity to do with the kids. It will be fun and maybe even a little messy at times but that’s all part of creating fun holiday memories!

            5. William-Sonoma Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows Gift Set: This may just be our most favorite hot coco mix ever! Even the tin that it comes in is just too adorable. It is a European-style hot chocolate that will sure be a favorite for both the kids and the adults.

            6. Carter’s 2-Piece Snug Fit Cotton PJs: Carter’s has adorable holiday PJs that your kids will love wearing for Christmas eve. Added bonus is that the little ones will look super cute and festive Christmas morning.

            7. Ty Inc Disney Frozen Sven The Reindeer: (Similar)Who doesn’t love the adorable reindeer Seven? Your kids will love snuggling with Seven while drinking hot coco and watching a Christmas movie.

            8. Madeline Christmas Activity Book: This activity book is filled with reusable stickers, Christmas crafts and games. Your kids will enjoy celebrating a Parisian Christmas with Madeline and her friends.

            9. Ho Ho Ho Santa Gift Box: (Similar) Make sure to put all of the Christmas eve goodies in a special holiday box. The little ones will be super excited opening up this special box.

            10. Fairisle Booties: (Similar) Don’t forget to add a cute pair of Holiday slippers! This is something your little ones will love using all throughout the winter.

            11. The Night Before Christmas Books: Give your kids a special Christmas book to read before bed. You can choose from New York, Paris and The South. The books follow Mr. and Mrs. Claus while they sightsee and shop in our favorite cities and sites. It’s the perfect way to end the night.

            What will you be adding to your Night Before Christmas Box?

            Happy Holidays!

            xo Vanessa

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            I know I get a little excited at Christmas (understatement alert) but I really like making the magic for everyone. That includes the grown ups, and in our house I’ve started a new tradition of Christmas Eve boxes for adults. I joked about it with Adam last year but never followed through, however this year I have and I’m thrilled with it!! It’s so fun, nothing is in there that I wouldn’t have already given to him, or that he wouldn’t have already indulged in at Christmas, so I didn’t really go crazy…

            Anyway, here are 18 Christmas eve box ideas for those of you that want to make adult Christmas Eve boxes, they are such fun and well worth making for each other to encourage the festive mood 🙂

            1. New pjs or lounge wear
            2. A festive Christmas Jumper
            3. A CD or iTunes Voucher
            4. A pre-mixed alcoholic drink
            5. A personalised mug
            6. A hot chocolate sachet
            7. A personalised glass
            8. Miniature alcoholic drinks
            9. A cheese & biscuits selection
            10. Chocolate liqueurs
            11. Speciality chocolates
            12. A DVD
            13. Slipper socks
            14. Bath bombs
            15. Candles
            16. Body wash
            17. Kindle voucher
            18. New book

            If you think along the lines of stocking fillers that will help the build up to the day then you are on the perfect track – we love having Camembert with bread, ham and chutney on Christmas Eve, with an alcoholic beverage or two, whilst curling up watching a movie. Perfect!

            H x

            15 Christmas Eve box ideas that children and adults will love

            Traditions at Christmas time are truly special, and totally different for each person and family.

            You could probably argue for weeks about when the Christmas tree goes up , when the stockings are opened and what the best Christmas film is (Home Alone, obviously) but it won’t change anything because traditions are there to be kept forever.

            But a new Christmas tradition has emerged in recent years: Christmas Eve boxes.

            If you’re not aware of it, it’s when people are given a box or bag of goodies ahead of December 25.

            A Christmas Eve box from Asda (Image: Asda)

            The box itself can range from a shoebox prettily decorated to a keepsake wooden, personalised box.

            And really the idea, it’s for anyone who is bursting with excitement for Christmas and can’t wait to open presents.

            Sound like anyone you know?

            Then here are some ideas for what to put inside Christmas Eve boxes for children and big kids.

            Christmas Eve box ideas for children

            1. Pyjamas


            Unicorns + Christmas = Perfection. PJs are £6-£7 from Matalan.

            2. Christmas colouring book

            It’ll keep them busy and while they get excited for December 25.

            3. The Night Before Christmas book

            Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

            Would it even be Christmas Eve if you didn’t read Clement C Moore’s timeless verse?

            Every Christmas Eve brings with it hushed anticipation and wonder. Here is the story of this magical night, when children around the world await the arrival of the gifts that symbolise all the warmth and love of Christmas.

            Christian Birmingham illustrates the one pictured, £6.99 from Waterstones.

            4. Reindeer food

            Father Christmas needs his reindeer to be on top form, so it’s best to leave some food for them. Try mixing oats with edible glitter.

            5. Christmas film

            Video Loading Video Unavailable Click to play Tap to play The video will start in8Cancel Play now

            Introduce the children to a classic Christmas film or something they haven’t seen before. It’ll get them excited for Christmas, and may give you a bit of time for some last-minute wrapping.


            (Image: Richard Swingler)

            It’s no good watching a Christmas film without popcorn now, is it?

            6. Slippers

            Because you need to stay cosy on Christmas Eve.

            7. Hot chocolate


            Cosy nights in call for hot chocolate. Just the thing while watching Christmas films.

            If you’ve already got the cocoa, how about flavouring it? These spoons are a delicious treat that will satisfy any chocoholic. Perfect for plunging into your hot chocolate, it includes a selection of different flavoured milk chocolate topped with marshmallows. It costs £10 from Debenhams.

            8. Chocolate money

            Because nothing says Christmas like Chocolate money.

            9. Candy canes


            A real Christmas favourite, the peppermint-flavoured candy canes can be eaten or hung on the tree. The ones pictured are £1 for 12 from Wilko.

            10. DIY Christmas crackers

            There are plenty of kits which allow you to personalise Christmas crackers. You can even add your own Christmas cracker jokes, if you fancy.

            11. Make Your Own Reindeer Antlers Craft Kit

            Make your own reindeer antlers craft kit (Image:

            A lovely gift for creative children, and it would make the perfect project for parents and creative children to make together.

            The one pictured costs £11 and is suitable for children over the age of seven.


            12. Jigsaw puzzle

            You can spend Christmas Eve putting together a festive jigsaw

            13. Little cans of pop

            Like the ones you get on flights. Fun and cheap!

            14. Snow globe


            A beautiful keepsake that will be treasured for many years to come.

            The one pictured costs £19.95 from

            15. Personalised bauble


            A final bauble to pop on the tree before the big day.

            You can choose the name and colour ribbon for the bauble for the one pictured, and then fill them with sweeties, glitter, paper shapes or anything you want.

            They cost £8.50 from

            Christmas Eve box ideas for adults

            1. Marshmallows to toast


            Is there anything more cosy than toasting marshmallows? This one is strictly for grown-ups. the gin lover’s kit includes a pack of elderflower and London Gin marshmallows, a pack of vanilla bean marshmallows, a toaster, skewers and a pot of gin and tonic caramel sauce.

            It costs £22 from

            2. Little bottle of Champagne or prosecco

            The perfect Christmas Eve treat

            3. Christmas film and popcorn

            Sip some mulled wine and watch your favourite Christmas film with some popcorn.

            We love Billy Bob Thornton ias Willie in Bad Santa, pictured above.

            4. Bubble bath

            Enjoy a Christmas Eve soak before a busy Christmas Day.

            5. PJs


            Get into the spirit of things with some Christmas PJs.

            This reindeer print pyjama set from New Look costs £17.99.

            6. Chocolate money

            You are never too old to enjoy chocolate money.

            7. Gin baubles

            (Image: Pickering’s Gin)

            The baubles are filled with 50ml of Pickering’s Gin and come in a brightly coloured gift pack of six. They are decorated with a Pickering’s ribbon to hang from your tree and the set costs £30.


            8. Socks

            Because you can never have too many.

            9. Quiz

            Earn bragging rights with a Christmas Eve quiz.

            10. Christmas selfie props

            Just bring out this bag of novelty props and have everyone choose a silly accessory or two for the camera.

            The one pictured, from Amazon, costs £1.40.

            11. Candle

            Curl up and enjoy A Christmas cancdle with a warm, spicy scent.

            12. Miniature Baileys

            The Irish whiskey cream liqueur screams Christmas.

            13. Brownies

            (Image: Huw John, Cardiff)

            Gift a sweet treat with some gooey brownies, the ultimate chocolate gift treat.

            The ones pictured are Gower Cottage Brownies.

            14. Eye mask

            So you can get a good sleep before Father Christmas’ arrival.

            15. DIY crackers

            Get ready for Christmas Day lunch by making your own crackers for the occasion.

            Fill them up with little bottles of booze, candles, or other gifts.

            A Christmas Eve box is generally a small box gifted to children the night before Christmas. You can fill it with anything your kids might like! In the past few years, Christmas Eve boxes have become very popular, as they turn the night before Christmas into something special to look forward to!

            But they can also be used for adults and can be a fun way to keep Christmas Eve exciting for the grown-ups too! Find below some info on how to get your Christmas Eve box as well as unique ideas for what to put inside (for both children and adults).

            Wooden Christmas Eve Boxes

            First of all, if you haven’t already got a Christmas Eve box, a personalised one is a great idea. Seeing their name on the box can really add to the fun and allows kids to take pride in their box!
            You can get one for each child or to make things easier get one for the whole family, and fill it with gifts for everyone. Most boxes are similar sizes, our Christmas Eve boxes are 26cm wide, 15cm tall and 18cm depth and made from pine wood, plus you can reuse this box every year to keep the magic alive!
            However, if you’re looking to save money, you can simply use a cardboard box and create your own.

            Christmas Eve Box Fillers

            So, what should you fill them up with? The options can be varied as it will mainly depend on the recipient’s tastes and what their interests are – but here are a few of our favourite ideas.

            Ideas for Kids

            If you’re looking for some quick ideas, see our bullet points below. Keep scrolling for more detailed ideas.
            • Pyjamas or slippers
            • Christmas mug (with hot chocolate/marshmallows inside)
            • Fluffy socks
            • Christmas plate/glass for Santa and his reindeer
            • Craft kits or colouring books
            • A Christmas film (accompanied by popcorn)
            • Christmas decorations for them to hang up
            • Toiletries (toothbrushes, bubble bath, bath toys etc.)
            • Blankets
            • Santa key
            • Stockings, if they don’t already have one
            • A goodbye letter from the mischievous elf
            • Hot water bottles
            • Puzzles or Games

            Ideas for Adults

            • Loungewear
            • Gift cards of vouchers (kindle, iTunes, shopping vouchers etc.)
            • Scratch cards
            • Toiletries (body wash, bath bombs, bubble bath etc.)
            • A Christmas or horror movie
            • Mini alcoholic drinks or alcohol gift sets
            • A Christmas jumper or t-shirt
            • A personalised mug or glass for warm Christmas drinks
            • Chocolates
            • Scented candles
            • Christmas games or board games
            • Christmas decorations
            • Personalised calendars with your best snaps of the year
            • Funny Christmas socks

            So, What to Choose for Your Kids?

            Games for Kids

            What a better to spend time together during the long night before the big day than to play a game or two? You’ll see – the longer you’ll play, the quicker time will pass and keep them occupied! Get some ideas of games to play in our wide range of cheap games for kids of any age, starting from £3.99 only.

            Personalised Books

            Make your kids appear in their own story with a personalised book. The night before Christmas book is just perfect for Christmas Eve – your kids can read the tale of Christmas Eve, right before living it themselves. You can even add a happy Christmas message to the inside, for that extra special touch.

            Reindeer Food

            Buy a few bags of “magic” reindeer food for the little ones to sprinkle on the lawn before they go to sleep – a nice way for your kids to feel useful by helping the reindeers as they fly from home to home ;).To cut down the costs, you can also buy a few bags of oats, muesli, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, or even dried fruits, and make it yourself. Simply fill some sandwich bags, and

            Letter from Santa

            Bring a smile to your child’s face with a personalised letter to let them know that Santa is on his way! Choose your favourite design, customise the letter with photos of your children and their names and Santa will send it officially from the North Pole! A very cheap little gift which can mean a lot to your child and make this Christmas a little more magical.

            Sweets or Chocolates

            Add a few sweets, chocolates, or popcorn to the box to nibble on while you are playing or watching a movie. A good idea is the popular “bean boozled” game, which allows the family have a simple yet funny game to play.

            Craft Kits

            Bring your kids inner artistic taste and introduce some craft kits in their box – a great activity to do on the night as it may give them something to focus on! From painting unicorn moulds, making Christmas cards with a mega Crayola tub full of pens, making colourful slimes, or creating jewellery, nail art or bracelets. We’ve got a few handpicked kits for any age, browse our range here.

            Teddy or Soft Toys

            Get them a Christmas teddy with their own name embroidered on to keep them company for the night! It can be something they use every Christmas and sleep with each Christmas Eve to help them cope with the excitement.

            A Special Christmas Decoration

            Get your kids their own Christmas bauble with their cutest photo and name on – a great gift for them to hang on the Christmas tree and feel valued! Or, if you are looking to create your own Christmas ornaments this year, we have a short blog on how to create your own Christmas decorations.

            A Recipe for Cooking

            Initiate your kids to do some cooking with you and encourage them to help with the Christmas dinner! You could even get them cute little kids aprons in order to make them feel even more in charge. You could also print an easy recipe of something you know they love to eat but don’t get to eat that often, such as a chocolate fondue, cupcakes and more.

            Our Favourite Adults Prezzies

            Photo Socks

            Create a unique pair of socks and personalise them with your very own photos. Whether you upload your favourite animal face, your favourite actor – or a family member on them, you can select along our festive templated designs the one that will make them laugh and keep their toes warm on the cold night before Christmas.

            New Comfy Pyjamas

            Get cosy and snuggle into new comfy pjs! For an extra family feel you could even get the same pyjamas in different sizes so that everyone looks the same – perfect for a funny family photo to remember or print some day! Or simply get matching pyjamas for your twin kids, or as a newlywed couple.

            Personalised Mug/Glass

            Make your own Christmas mug to face the cold months ahead in a cheerful way! Browse through Christmas mug designs or even engraved glasses to find a customisable template you might like. For beverages ideas, read our blog on our Christmas cocktail to find ideas of hot or cold flavourful drinks made of a variety of spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, chai, vanilla, orange, honey, mandarin or cranberry.

            Christmas Classic Movies

            With hundreds of Christmas classics to choose from, why don’t you get add a new movie to their Christmas Eve box every year? Popular choices if you don’t have them already include: The Grinch, Elf, Arthur Christmas, Jack Frost, Home Alone or The Polar Express.

            Christmas jumpers or onesies

            Get cheerful and cosy with a new Christmas jumper or reindeer onesie this year – a perfect to stay warm and lounge around the house! With super-cosy designs featuring everyone’s favourite Christmas characters, you won’t be able to resist a brand-new Christmas jumpers. Scour down the charity shops or vintage stores to add keep the price low 😉


            Get festive bathing underway in spirals of vibrant colour and scent with Christmas bath bombs that make any holiday a jolly-day. You can also get a set of body wash, bath bombs and bubble bath to have a consistent scent throughout your relaxing bath experience. Check our range of health and beauty gifts to find Heathcote and Ivory retro baubles and belles 12 days of Christmas Treat, or Heyland & Whittle Clementine and prosecco candle, diffuser and spray – perfect to make the house smell like Christmas!


            Used since immemorial time for practical, religious, ceremonial, relaxing, romantic or decorative purposes – candles are just unavoidable. Their smell, flame, and the atmosphere they create makes them the perfect and cheap object to have. Choose a nice Christmassy scent (like mandarin, cinnamon, cloves, pomegranate, pine etc.) and choose a festive design to make it your own.

            Set of Playing cards

            Get your children a brand-new set of playing cards with their favourite TV series, or film branding? There’s a lot to choose from, whether they are Harry Potter fans, or absolute Friends addicts.

            Alcohol Small Bottles (unicorn tears)

            A special Christmassy cocktail served in your own personalised glass – what a better way to get in the Christmas spirit than with… spirit (of course)! You can get add some sparkle to your drinks with our raspberry unicorn tears gin and balloon glass gift set. If you and your partner are into gin you could also get our unique gin baubles set of six filled with South Bank London Dry Gin – a fun way to make the most of your Christmas decorations.

          • We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.

          • Christmas Eve Box traditions are simply lovely to start with your family, and children will adore getting a Christmas Eve box as an early festive gift.

            If you’re looking for a special Christmas tradition to make this year even more magical, why not surprise your little ones with an early present and make them an adorable Christmas Eve box?

            These sweet boxes have been gaining popularity amongst parents, and this year there’s even more ideas out there for how to make your own version truly special.

            If, like ours, your kids find waiting until the big day arrives to get their hands on their Christmas toys just too tough, then a Christmas Eve box is most definitely for you.

            What is a Christmas Eve box?

            Christmas Eve boxes are traditionally given on 24th December as a special treat to get kids feeling as festive as possible before Santa arrives. It’s a lovely way to add another special memory to your Christmas period and can be a sweet tradition to keep for years to come, which your children will look back on when they have their own families.

            But before you start worrying that you’ll be expected to go out and buy another whole load of presents, on top of what we already know is a very expensive time of year, it’s worth remembering that Christmas Eve boxes aren’t about fancy gifts.

            The idea is to fill it with things that get your child excited for Christmas, and things that they can use on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. You could even use smaller presents you’d bought for the big day to fill them, to continue the fun for even longer!

            What to put in your kids’ Christmas Eve box

            Credit: Getty

            In your Christmas Eve box you can add festive trinkets that are typical of the season and can be used on Christmas Day. You can actually put things in here that you would have bought anyway, like a Christmas stocking, your kids will love opening and putting them up themselves.

            • Festive pyjamas – Getting your family a new pair of Christmassy pajamas to wake up in on Christmas morning will look so sweet in any photos when you’re all opening your presents.
            • Reindeer food – Make a cute festive bag and pop in some little biscuits, carrots, hay or dog treats and pass them off as reindeer food. Your child will be so excited to put it out for Rudolph and his friends.
            • Christmas stocking – Whether it’s the same one every year or if you choose to do something a little different and buy a personalised one, if you put this in your Christmas Eve box your children can hang them up themselves.
            • Christmas film – Most Christmas films are relatively old and can be picked up on DVD for a few pounds, plus you can start a tradition of watching a new one every Christmas Eve.
            • Nice list certificate – This is a fun one – Congratulate your children for being good this year and make them a ‘nice list’ certificate.
            • Christmas story book – This is lovely if your children are younger, but even as they get older it will become a heart-warming tradition.
            • Christmas sweets or chocolate – There are lots of Christmas-themed goodies around, and this one is super easy to pick up from your local supermarket.
            • Festive mug, hot chocolate and mini marshmallows – Perfect for snuggling up and drinking while you watch your Christmas film.
            • Cosy Christmas socks – December is the perfect month to own some comfy bed socks to keep those little toes warm.
            • Christmas ornament – Getting each child their own individual Christmas ornament is a lovely tradition to start, they can hang their new one on the tree every Christmas Eve and keep them for their own tree one day.

            What to put in your teens’ Christmas Eve box

            As your little ones grow you’ll have to adapt the Christmas eve box contents to reflect their new taste. But, just because they’re teenagers now doesn’t mean they don’t still (secretly) love the festive magic from a Christmas eve box. We’ve found some inspirational ideas for the teens in your life this Christmas.

            • iTunes card – Many teens these days download music, so an iTunes card is a very welcome gift. You can get one for just £10, if you want.
            • Cinema tickets – Let the Christmas eve box spread the message of Christmas: spending time together as a family, and gift a family cinema voucher – they can even choose the film!
            • Christmas Bookmark – Winter is the perfect season to stay in and curl up with a good book.
            • Deck of cards – Challenge them to learn a magic trick or two.
            • Christmas giftcard – Nothing makes a kids feel more grown up than shopping on their own, with their own card. Plus, wait for the Jan sales and they can bag a bargain.
            • Giant chocolate bar – Curling up with a movie and bar of chocolate as big as your head is definitely a Christmas eve tradition any teen would be keen to be a part of.
            • Christmas bath bomb – Christmas is cinnamon, whether it’s in a cookie or in your bath. Some cost just £5 from Lush!
            • Christmas pillow case – As with Christmas pyjamas, a fun festive pillow case to change on Christmas eve really helps deliver the Christmas message!

            Where to buy a Christmas Eve box

            Christmas Eve boxes don’t need to be anything extravagant, and if you fancy making one yourself all you need is a box big enough for the treats you’ve bought and a bit of imagination when it comes to decoration. You can keep it simple and write a Christmas message on the front, or you could wrap it in Christmas paper.

            If you’re not feeling super crafty or running a little low on time, here are some places you can buy a beautiful Christmas Eve box to present your little one with.

            View this post on Instagram

            Happy Saturday everyone! Had to take a lot more items off today as we have sold out! We still have this bumper kit left – down to our last few and only 1 more week left until we close for the year!! So grab them whilst you still can xx

            A post shared by Christmas Eve Box Fillers (@christmaseveboxfillers) on Dec 7, 2019 at 6:01am PST

            You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a Christmas eve box – this gorgeous one (that you could keep for years to come) is on sale at Matalan for just £2.50 (reduced rom £5), and will fit in perfectly with your festive decor!

            Buy HERE from Matalan, £2.50

            This option from John Lewis is very chic, and we love the colourful design – perfect for a Christmas eve box! It’s a little more expensive at £14,40 (reduced from £18), but we expect it would be a worthwhile investment.

            Buy HERE from John Lewis & Partners, £14.40

            Christmas Eve boxes really don’t need to expensive, as proven with this sweet one from Hobbycraft. You’ve also got the option to add extra embellishment with some tissue box. And it would work well for storage after the festive fun is over, too!

            Buy HERE from Hobbycraft, £3.50

            This fun and colourful box from Tesco also comes with a selectio of stickers, so you can add your child;s name for a personal touch!

            Buy HERE from Tesco, £4

            Will you be making a Christmas Eve box for your child this year? Head over to Facebook and let us know

            The curious case of the Christmas Eve box

            Image copyright Nikki Francis Image caption Isaac and Olivia have enjoyed their Christmas Eve tradition ever since three-year-old Isaac was born

            A carrot for Rudolph and a mince pie for Father Christmas are traditions that most British families associate with 24 December. But as so-called Christmas Eve boxes gain popularity, do they add to the festive joy or simply pile on pressure for parents?

            Christmas Eve boxes are typically given to young children as a way to break up the anticipation of the next day with some small gifts and activities.

            “It’s been part of our Christmas routine for three years,” said Nikki Francis, a mother-of-two from Leamington Spa in Warwickshire. “If I’m honest I’ll make a Christmas Eve box forever.”

            They can be as simple as a cardboard box or as elaborate as an engraved wooden chest, filled with sweets, pyjamas, films, books and games.

            But many parents are oblivious to the Christmas Eve box – while others understandably feel that a box adds to the stress and workload of keeping children entertained over the Christmas holiday.

            Image copyright Jenny Southern Image caption The Christmas Eve box: a pre-gift that has taken hold in the UK – which many parents may wish to ignore

            Mrs Francis, a teaching assistant, gives seven-year-old Olivia and three-year-old Isaac a box of matching pyjamas, hot chocolate and festive films to get them ready for bed.

            “Lots of parents have the same idea,” she said. “Everyone’s at home, the shops are shut and the children are waiting for Christmas to begin.”

            She admits that it “piles pressure” on families on tight budgets or those who feel Christmas customs are getting out of control.

            “Some of my friends just don’t get it,” she said.

            The elf on a shelf is another Christmas craze which she says can “tip the balance from cute to bonkers”.

            ‘Sell-out’ boxes

            Families are now sharing ideas for Christmas Eve boxes on Pinterest, with posts from parents in the US and Canada as well as in the UK.

            Google says the number of people in the UK searching for Christmas Eve boxes on its shopping tab reached its highest ever-point between 13 and 19 November 2016.

            While it doesn’t release overall figures, Google said search volumes were triple that of 2014.

            Retailer Matalan’s new line of 10,000 empty Christmas Eve boxes sold out by December, while online retailer Notonthehighstreet said sales of its Christmas Eve boxes had increased by 364% since last year and were in their “thousands”.

            Things commonly found in Christmas Eve boxes

            • A family board game to play in the evening
            • A set of pyjamas they can wear at night and on Christmas morning
            • Some hot chocolate in a festive mug and bubble bath for before bed-time
            • A Christmas film or festive book to read
            • Some Christmassy sweets and chocolate like coins and candy canes
            • Treats to feed the family pet dressed up as “reindeer food”
            • A personal letter from Father Christmas reassuring your child they are on the “good list”

            Consumer expert Prof Vince Mitchell said we cannot pin down when Christmas Eve boxes began – but that it was a festive tradition that had been “waiting to happen”.

            “There’s no pretence this is an ancient tradition” although we do already share a Christmas Eve “lull” when children anxiously wait for the next day, he said.

            “It’s not a day we prepare well for. Boxes solve that problem at a click of a button.”

            Prof Mitchell suggested parents are also influenced by gift-giving elsewhere in Europe, where children from many countries receive their presents on 24 December.

            But in the UK, Christmas Eve boxes are fast becoming a “clever retail invention”, Prof Mitchell said.

            Image copyright Christmas Eve Box Image caption Boxes typically contain some hot chocolate for before bedtime or an activity

            “They heighten the anticipation of the following day, which is key to children’s Christmas experience,” he said.

            Middle-class families “who have everything” and families who save up for Christmas are those most likely to buy a box, he added.

            “This isn’t a fad,” Prof Mitchell said. “The Christmas Eve box will develop in terms of what they contain and we’ll see a variation in prices from £10 to £100.”

            Buy or build?

            Wooden boxes engraved with a child’s name and ready-filled versions are available online for around £20 to £40.

            But Jenny Southern, a craft-maker from Southport, said it was easy to make a personalised Christmas Eve box that is not just like “another toy”.

            “I make a lot of gifts anyway and have always done a box for my seven-year-old,” she said.

            Image copyright Jenny Southern Image caption Craft-maker Jenny Southern makes boxes, which she says keep children busy the day before Christmas

            She suggests writing a child a letter from Santa telling them that they have made it onto the “nice” list.

            Another idea is to include a door hanger with a bell and ribbon on it, which the child writes their name on.

            “Include an activity – it keeps children busy, so parents have some time to prepare the turkey,” Ms Southern said.