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Simple and Natural: Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas for 2015

Whether your tree at home is real or artificial ( we prefer Artificial Christmas Trees), you’ll find inspiration for decorating the centerpiece of your holiday home. Decorating the Christmas tree is an annual tradition many families enjoy, but the tree itself doesn’t need to be traditional. During the holiday season, the Christmas tree is the shining centerpiece of your home. Trim your tree with these inspirational decorating ideas. A Christmas tree dusted with snow looks even frostier when decorated exclusively in shades of silver, white, and cream. Simple paper-and-glitter ornaments mix well with vintage metallic pieces. Glitter ornaments are easy to make and can be saved from year to year. We’ve already discussed in other articles of the Christmas decoration, available all the trimmings, as highlight of the crib or salon, etc.. But we have not helped you to decorate your Christmas tree. For today we gather a beautiful collection of simple and natural decorations that are in trend for this winter: enjoy our article Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas for 2015!

Christmas is just around the corner. You’ll know it’s getting near when malls are getting crowded with shoppers, air is filled with Christmas spirit, Christmas songs are played everywhere and, of course, when Christmas trees are set up. It seems like Christmas is not complete without a Christmas tree. So, have you decorated your Christmas tree? Not yet? Can’t decide how to decorate your tree? Well, maybe these beautiful Christmas tree ideas that shine in Pinterest community give you some inspiration.

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From traditional to modern, from rustic to minimalist style Christmas tree, there are plenty of decorating ideas that you can try. It’s up to you. You can even mix-match ideas and styles to create a unique, beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Browse through these popular Christmas trees from Pinterest to get inspired.

Decorated Christmas Tree

Here’s a mix of blue, gold and turquoise Christmas tree decorations. The turquoise mesh ribbon wrapped around the tree gives off the feeling of elegance and the light that is strategically placed around the tree made it stand out. No wonder, it captured the heart of more than 1,200 Pinners.


White Winter Christmas Tree

Are you dreaming of having a white Christmas? Achieve it with this majestic white Christmas tree decorating idea. This Christmas tree is so beautiful it gathered more than 4,300 repins on Pinterest.


Elegant Christmas Tree Decorating

Here’s another Christmas tree that captured the interest of 2022 Pinterest folks. Who wouldn’t love this tree? The combination of purple, blue and gold ornaments and mesh ribbon blended together and turned into this beauty. Not to mention that it perfectly complemented with the living room interior design.


Santa Christmas Tree

Decorated by Laurie of Two Sisters Crafting, this Santa Christmas tree is considered as “dream Christmas tree”. According to her, after a few attempts and practice, she was able to decorate this beautiful Christmas tree (and shared the experience on her blog). This definitely deserves all the love from Pinterest fanatics. It has been repinned for more than 2k times already.


The Grinch Christmas Tree

Keep your Christmas tree unique and one-of-a-kind with this decorating idea. This one is a nine-foot tall Grinch-inspired Christmas tree, having a red mesh ribbon wrapped around it, some Christmas light and a green Christmas ball as a topper. This Christmas tree decorating idea is loved by 3863 (and counting) Pinners.


Purple and Gold Christmas Tree

Purple mesh ribbon, plus blue and gold ornaments, this Christmas totally shined on Pinterest. It has been repinned 2536 times.


Simple and Minimal

Keep your Christmas tree simple yet beautiful by using two-toned ornaments – white and gold. This one got around 2967 repins as of today.


Colorful Christmas Tree

A rainbow on a Christmas tree. No wonder this was loved by 5800 Pinterest folks.


Snowman Christmas Tree

You can be as creative as the designer of this Snowman Christmas tree. Use your imagination and play around with your materials. You can use huge buttons, some ornaments and black hat for the snowman. This Christmas tree has collected around 3753 repins as of today.


Rustic Christmas Tree

What a beautiful, sparkling tree. It’s no surprise that it has 4,300 repins.


Waves of Colors

Here’s another rainbow-inspired colorful Christmas tree.


Country Christmas Tree Idea


Black and White Tree

Keep it elegant and classy with the combination of black and white ornaments.


Designer’s Christmas Tree Decorations

Red and green – the traditional Christmas colors – look so stunning in this designer’s Christmas tree. Use striped and solid colored mesh ribbons.


Blue and Silver Tree


Minimalist Christmas Tree


Red, White and Sparkle


Rustic Wooden Wall Christmas tree


Black and White Ombre Christmas tree

Oh, this is such a cool idea! An ombre Christmas tree. More than 5,500 Pinners loved this idea too.


Hanging Christmas Balls Tree

This is both unique and creative! A hanging Christmas tree made out of Christmas baubles and strings.


Pinecone Christmas Tree

But if you’re running out of space and you simply want a small Christmas tree, this pinecone tree is for you. This can be a good centerpiece too.


A Christmas Cheer

A bright, cheerful Christmas tree, filled with ribbons, swirls and stuffed toy. This is perfect if you have kids at home. They’ll surely love this.


Golden Christmas Tree


Outdoor Christmas Tree

A perfect Christmas tree outdoor display! Garland shaped into Christmas tree and decorated with Christmas light for sparkles. This is both easy and creative. Maybe that’s why it’s loved by 3911 pinners out there.


Red, Silver and Sparkling Christmas Tree


A Nightmare Before Christmas Tree


Lush and Full

How to decorate a Christmas Tree


Natural Woodsy Theme Christmas Tree


White and Blue Christmas tree


Red and White Delight


Classic Gold, Red Christmas Tree


Candy Cane Christmas Tree


Pallet Christmas Tree


Minimalist Winter Wonderland


Coastal Christmas Tree


Holiday Card Christmas Tree Display


Gorgeous Decorated Tree


Woodsy Christmas Tree


DIY Snowman Tree


Fashion-inspired Christmas Tree


Cardboard Cartoon Tree


White, Silver Tree


Traditional Green and Red


Vintage and Cozy


Cozy Rustic Tree


Clever Christmas Tree Alternative


Ocean Hues


Classic White


Black Christmas Tree


Retro and Jolly


It’s officially time to start trimming the tree and decking the halls! TV host and home expert Monica Mangin from East Coast Creative is sharing her best Christmas tree decorating ideas, and even has tips to help you decide what type of tree works best for you this holiday season.

The great debate: Real or artificial?

People are very passionate about their tree preferences. I’m personally a fan of both real and artificial — we do a combo in my home! Before you start decorating, it’s important to decide what type of tree is right for you.

The pros of real trees:

  • It’s all about the experience. Chopping down or picking out a tree with your family is just about as nostalgic as it gets.
  • It smells great. A fresh cut pine tree will have your home smelling like the holidays.
  • There’s a huge variety. No two trees are exactly alike. Fresh trees offer a range of shapes, sizes and styles.

The cons of real trees:

  • They’re messy. Certain varieties drop more needles than others, but regardless, it’s guaranteed to be a bit of a mess with a live tree.
  • You need to water them regularly. Live trees require a bit of TLC! Daily watering is a must to keep it alive throughout the holidays.
  • It’s an annual expense. You need to pony up yearly for a new tree. This adds up over time.

Both real and artificial Christmas trees have pros and cons. Laura Olivia Photography / Lowe’s

The pros of artificial trees:

  • They’re convenient. Artificial trees are easy to set up and most come pre-lit, saving tons of time.
  • They’re mess free. There are no pine needles and sap to clean up.
  • You’ll save money. Although a good artificial tree might cost more initially, the long-term savings are huge compared to buying a real tree every year.
  • They’re picture perfect. An artificial tree is perfectly uniform. If you’re a perfectionist, a faux tree might be the way to go!

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The cons of artificial trees:

  • It’s the same every year. The tree is identical year after year. For some people that’s actually a good thing, but if you crave variety, you may want to consider a real tree!
  • There’s no nostalgia. Unless pulling the tree from storage holds a special place in your heart, there’s less nostalgia than choosing a live tree each year.

Homespun family tree tips

Most family trees are filled with a crazy (and fun) mix of ornaments from keepsakes to kids’ handmade creations. They’re sentimental and special, but can sometimes feel a little chaotic. These are some of my best tips to add a little “calm” to your family tree.

There are some easy tips to make your tree come together. Laura Olivia Photography / Lowe’s

  • Light it up. Add large bulb string lights in addition to the smaller traditional size strands. You can also add these in addition to the lights that come with a pre-lit tree.

How to string Christmas tree lights

Dec. 2, 201501:09

  • Don’t be afraid to go big. Jumbo ornaments balance out the “eclectic keepsakes” and give the tree a unified feeling, even if there’s a lot going on!
  • Personalize it. Create a handprint tree skirt as a keepsake.

All you need is some paint is to create this tree skirt. Laura Olivia Photography / Lowe’s

Choose a theme

Decorating a tree is a great opportunity to go all-in on a style! Theme options are practically endless, but below are a few of my favorites this season.

1. Modern flocked tree

Flocked trees have become popular recently. These artificial trees have the magical vibe of fresh snowfall. Flocked trees work great with a ton of different styles, but for this one we went with a modern DIY theme.

All it took a was a hot glue gun and some bathroom tile to create these ornaments. Laura Olivia Photography / Lowe’s

  • Think outside the box. Almost anything can be an ornament. We used copper pipe fittings threaded with twine and hot glued hooks onto black marble hexagon bathroom tile to create these modern ornaments. It cost just $20 total.
  • Pop a collar. Tree collars are a fun alternative to traditional tree skirts and come in a variety of styles. It gives a cleaner, streamlined look to the base of your tree. Some of my favorites are rustic woven, hammered gold and other metal finishes.

Try a tree collar this year instead of the traditional tree skirt. Laura Olivia Photography / Lowe’s

2. Fashion-inspired rustic tree

I looked to my closet for inspiration for this one! The buffalo check has a very cozy, but hip feel to it, giving off a bit of a hipster vibe.

The buffalo check turns this Christmas tree from rustic to hipster. Laura Olivia Photography / Lowe’s

  • Make a creative garland. Use ribbon as a garland for an easy, inexpensive way to infuse a specific style onto your tree.
  • Use florals. These are a designer secret for decorating trees! Flowers, berries or pine cones are a unique element that add texture and visual interest to any tree.
  • Make handmade ornaments. Wood slice ornaments are an easy DIY project that look awesome on rustic style trees. All you need are wood slices (you can cut them fresh or grab some at the craft store), black paint and metallic paint pens. Customize them with family names or inspirational holiday words and phrases.

These handmade ornaments are budget-friendly and easy to make. Laura Olivia Photography / Lowe’s

If you’re looking for even more theme ideas and designer tricks, check out my 2019 Tree Decorating Guide over on East Coast Creative Blog.

Christmas is a joyous occasion. Every year, it is celebrated to rejoice the birth of Jesus Christ. It is this time of the year when family and friends come together to celebrate, have fun and spend quality time with each other. As a custom, the house and the Christmas tree decorations are carried out as a family. With so much merriment in the air, what better time than now to get your home get ready for it?

Let’s look at some ways you could decorate your home to make it more like Christmas.

1. Your Own Personal Fireplace

It is believed that on the eve of Christmas, Santa Claus comes down the chimney to provide presents for those who weren’t naughty but nice. Since we don’t have fireplaces installed in India, why not to make one? Take a piece of canvas or thermocol or cardboard and paint it. Paste it on your living room’s wall and voila! Your fire-place is ready! Use any colours as you see fit and produce something special. It is something unique and can brighten up those dull walls.

2. Colourful Wreath

Most homes love to have a wreath hanging on their front door to mark the start of the season. But instead of getting a natural wreath, creating your own goes a long way. Take two pieces of thick cardboard, cut circles into both and paste them together. Paint them, stick beads, use ribbons and make your own wreath. Be creative and come up with something that will stand out. The results could be wonderful.

3. Seat Hangers

The chairs in your living room or dining room need a Christmas makeover! Take a long piece of cloth, string and red tape. Hang them behind the chairs, use the red tape to create a ‘Merry Christmas’ sign over the cloth. Then, hang it on the chair and see how it brightens the room instantly. If you are not able to get a long piece of cloth, just the red ribbon tied in a bow fashion will do wonders.

4. Light Up Your Front door

Get an assortment of Diyas or kerosene lamps and place them in front porch or near the front door. Arrange it in such a way so that it comes across as inviting. For instance, if you have a ‘welcome’ mat, just arrange a few candles on either side. You can even have it for the entire season.

5. Mini-Trees

Gather an assortment of green leaves. Cut a cardboard in the shape of a Christmas tree and stick all the leaves on the cardboard, engulfing it. Make it stand either on a stationary box or on a tea cup. You can add some sparkle to make it glow. Let your creativity go wild and make as many as you want and place them around the house.

6. Christmas Stockings

In most homes, there are always old socks you don’t need. Get a few socks that are fairly in a good shape and decorate them using buttons. Use red and white colours to keep the Christmas theme. Depending on the size of your family, write their name on it. You can hang it across walls or on the Christmas tree itself. It’s up to you.

7. Paper Ornaments

Some people don’t want to go through the hassle of buying ornaments from the store to decorate their Christmas tree. They can be fairly expensive and are easily breakable. The next best thing is to create your own. Take chart paper or felt paper to make small ornaments. Maintain a color theme that will go with the rest of the decorations.

8. Window Dressing

This one can be fun. It’s for the whole family. It could even be a fun family task. Using chart paper or cardboard, you could fashion crystals, reindeer or even Santa himself. Create them and just paste them over your window.

9. Christmas Wall

This is very interesting. Choose a wall and dedicate it entirely to create a souvenir for this Christmas. It can be ornaments, Christmas cards that you are sending out this year or even Santa Claus figurines! It can be anything you want it to be. Try it out.

So go ahead and make your home ready for Christmas. Team Urban Tree wishes you all Merry Christmas 🙂

Prestige Decor Blog

Reading Time: 5 minutes

With Christmas just around the corner, preparations and decorations at home are at full speed! From a decadent candy buffet to a charming mantel display, capture some Christmas magic this year and make your days more memorable and merry! How? We have listed the best and most stylish inspirations that will get everybody in the festive spirit and create awe with their simple-to-pull-together details and lovely touches!

1. Treats anybody?

Image: pinterest

Treats never fall out of season so this Christmas set up the table with a colorful delight of sweet tidings! As for the centerpiece, create the ultimate holiday effect with a no-fuss arrangement filled with fluffy marshmallows and, of course, white and red peppermint balls. Finally, candy canes, chocolates in rich color variations, and ribbon candy make fantastic sides.

Tip: Your table can also look festive with stuff you can find in your backyard, too! Wood slices, for example, log time as makeshift cake stands or chargers and add a rough-hewn touch. If you fancy unusual place settings, take vintage sleigh bells (you can find plenty on eBay) and slide name cards into the slots (old handwritten style). It is amazing how easy it is to find cheap and inspiring pieces for the makings of a lovely table runner!

2. Opulence Right Above your Head

Image: houzz

Who said that sparkly snowflakes and gorgeous baubles belong only to the Christmas tree? Allow then to amaze you, as part of an overhead lighting, with sparkly decorations and see your room getting in a joyful Xmas mood in an instance. Just try to stick to silver and pale blue or any other winter palette combination you see fit and finish it off with a stylish ribbon (satin will be super) hanging loosely from the chandelier, and you will be alright!

3. Striking Simplicity

Image: realsimple

When trying to decorate the home for Christmas, the key to success is to be able to inject your personal style into the details. This is the only way your holiday décor will feel at home and since the game is played on details, why not turn a bar window sill into an elegant nook with little effort? Take glass jars (use varying shapes and heights) and fill them with any leftover balls. It is a high-impact, dramatic display that definitely catches the eye!

Tip: You can do the same to create a show-stopping, festive arrangement. To pull it off successfully, take a glass hurricane and fill it with an assortment of ornaments. Use lush greenery to surround it and voila. A head-turning arrangement with simple decorative elements that speaks to your style!

4. Creative Countdown

Image: pinterest

Transform a traditional Advent calendar into a charming countdown that speaks to the spirit of the season by replacing leaning mirror and filling it with small, numbered bags (pin size) containing favorite treats! This unique adaptation of the classic Advent calendar will take you to a lovely (and delicious!) journey throughout the month of December! Or you could create an awesome knit stockings advent calendar as shown in the picture!

5. Frosting with Style!

Image: pinterest

Make your holiday gatherings super special. Set a sophisticated winter-white table with a hint of texture and warmth. How? Simple! Layer the surface with an ivory runner (if you can get your hands on a delicately embroidered one, the better). To complete the look, use frosted pinecones to fill silver mint julep cups and dazzle everybody!

6. Dreaming of a White Christmas!

Image: pinterest

An all-white Christmas tree sets a festive tone without a doubt. However, you can accentuate the brilliance and pure richness of white with shimmery silvers, clear glass, and white ornaments that will help create an utterly captivating, airy, and soft effect!

7. Mantel Displays that Stand Out!

Image: centsationalgilr

Lavish greenery gives endless opportunities for sweeping displays along the mantel. Dare a seasonal spread with apothecary jars filled with cranberries and bring the look to a different level by accenting the jars with sparkling pine cones and fruit that will add a warm glow.

Speaking of dashing mantels, you can also try a wreath in the shape of a star. Create the perfect Christmas scene by adding country-like stockings and cheery, bright presents.

8. Set the Scene!

Image: pinterest

The first greeting when someone enters your home is made at the entryway. Animate a tablecloth with a bewildering wintry scene and introduce some unexpected characters into your décor (i.e. small, snowy, artificial trees, reindeer, etc.).

9. Spread Cheer!

Image: pinterest

Welcome gifts are always great ways to treat people you love. This year, sweeten a garland with gifts for overnight guests. Hang candy-filled coffee mugs on the banister garland and offer them as they head up to their temp digs! I am sure they will be pleasantly surprised!

10. Front Porch Decked: Check!

Image: pinterest

Make a wreath from twigs covered with lichen and moss. This will set an unfussy tone for guests. Now, if you follow their stay with mulled wine, your warm welcome will have taken new dimensions!

Additional Tips and Christmas Decorating Ideas:

1. You won’t believe it, but an old orchard staple can transform into a magnificent holiday display. Just attach season’s greetings to a string and secure them with clothespins. To complete the fruitful holiday display, add a chalkboard, where everybody can write well wishes!

2. If you a lover of rustic charm, you can use a vintage tobacco basket (try Etsy or eBay) to show off the influx of Christmas greetings. Just tuck well wishes into the reed strips that overlap!

3. Mason jars make excellent entry table or mantel displays. Take six of them and fill them with greenery, tinsel, ornaments or whatever pleases your heart and assemble them in a pyramid. For the final touch, wrap the pyramid with a shiny garland and don’t forget to top it with a star! Your Mason Jar Christmas tree is ready to impress.

4. Bring nostalgic tones with a wooden crate, simple popcorn garland, and glass ball ornaments in lieu of a tree skirt. Add a fir wreath and place them above the mantel and complete with solo sprigs of pine. Spread them across the house and reinforce the stuck-in-time vibe of your home while also adding an organic element.

Want Christmas Decorating Ideas for your Windows? Or maybe some Modern Christmas decorating ideas? We got you covered!

  • 1 / 9Chevron Chevron Photo: Michael Blanchard

    Christmas is in full swing at the White House. Announced earlier today, First Lady Michelle Obama chose four fashion designers and one of her favorite event planners to turn her not-so-humble abode into a winter wonderland of sorts.Carolina Herrera, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim of Opening Ceremony and Kenzo, and Duro Olowu were asked to embellish one room each: the White House Library, the China Room, and the Vermeil Room. Bryan Rafanelli, who has coordinated and decorated several state dinners and official events for this administration, was tasked with overseeing the design and execution of the rest of the interior spaces for the holidays. He worked closely with FLOTUS and the White House Social Office to develop and represent her 2015 theme, Timeless Traditions, accordingly. Twenty volunteers from Rafanelli’s team, as well as almost 100 volunteers from 35 states, spent five days trimming trees and hanging ornaments. Above, a look at the incredibly stunning and very merry outcome.

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