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In 2017, music legend Olivia Newton-John announced she had cancer for the third time. The cancer, already at Stage 4, had metastasized to her sacrum, a bone at the base of her spine.

Olivia, now 70, turned to her family for support, including husband John Easterling and daughter Chloe Lattanzi.

Chloe, 33, is Olivia’s only child from her marriage to actor Matt Lattanzi. The two met in 1979 on the set of Xanadu, and Chloe credits legendary actor Gene Kelly for introducing Olivia and Matt. The couple married in 1984 but split in 1995, according to Marie Claire.

Olivia Newton-John with daughter Chloe and ex husband Matt Lattanzi Getty

Chloe considers her mom her “best friend” and she is often seen rallying at her side as she undergoes treatment. For Chloe, supporting her mother is a way to give back to the woman who always showed her love.

In an article she wrote for an Australian magazine, Chloe described how her mother helped her in 2013 as she faced addiction, anxiety, and an eating disorder. “My mum is my hero, always has been and always will be,” Chloe wrote.

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Chloe still copes with anxiety and is open about her experiences in order to support others who are also struggling. “The whole point of being a public figure is to be of service and show your true self and vulnerability so you can connect with others,” Chloe posted to her Instagram, according to People.

In 2015, Chloe and Olivia had reason to celebrate. The pair released a rework of Olivia’s 1980 hit, “You Have to Believe.” The single hit number one on the Billboard Dance Club Songs. Chloe and Olivia became the first mother-daughter duo to reach the top spot.

Chloe aspires to sign with a label and release her own music. She self-released an album in 2016 and hopes to record more in the future.

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Like her mother, she is an artist in a family of academics. Olivia’s maternal grandfather was a Noble prize-winning physicist, and her father was a linguistic expert and code cracker who helped break the Nazi’s encrypted messages during WWII.

The Best of Olivia Newton-John

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Olivia Newton-John, 70, recently revealed she is battling cancer for the third time. The Grease star first learned she had breast cancer back in 1992, and had to face another bout in 2013. In 2017, she was diagnosed again and has been fighting ever since. Through it all, she’s leaned on her only daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, for support.

Here’s everything we know about their close relationship.

Chloe Rose Lattanzi was born to Olivia and her former husband, actor Matt Lattanzi, on January 17, 1986. Although Olivia and Matt divorced in 1995 after 11 years of marriage, the two worked together to raise Chloe.


Having grown up with famous parents, the now 33-year-old eventually found her way into the acting world, too. According to IMDb, she’s appeared in several TV movies, including A Christmas Romance, The Christmas Angel: A Story on Ice, The Wilde Girls, and Sharknado 5: Global Swarming.

Chloe is also a talented singer, just like Olivia. She has released a few singles, including “Play With Me,” and “You Have to Believe” (a reworked version of Olivia’s hit from 1980 that she sang with her mom).

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Sadly, the industry — both growing up with parents in it and with her own career — took a huge toll on Chloe. As she told The Daily Mail in 2013, she struggled with anxiety, which she says lead to “a self-destructive spiral,” that included an eating disorder, vodka and anti-depressant abuse, and cocaine use.

“I was in denial,” she told People about her battle with anorexia. “I pretended I was really strong — but my body was screaming for help.”

As of 2017, Chloe reportedly shared on Instagram that she was still experiencing anxiety. But as she wrote for Now to Love late last year, there’s one person she always could count on to be there — her mom.

“My mum is my hero, always has been and always will be,” she penned as a touching tribute. She was proud to share that she and her mom “have never been as close as they are today.” She also made it clear that she was committed to helping her mom through cancer as much as she could.

“My mum has taught me the power of positive thinking and enjoying every moment. We both try to protect each other. Mum stays positive and I do my best to stay positive, too.”

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Together, it seems, they can overcome anything.

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Olivia Newton-John’s daughter Chloe Lattanzi tackled her substance addiction “head on” so she could help her mother through her cancer battle.

The 70-year-old actress was diagnosed with breast cancer for the third time last year, and her 33-year-old daughter – whom she has with ex-husband Matt Lattanzi – has opened up about her “fight” to stay sober and how she entered rehab so she could be “happy and bright” around her mom through her health struggles.

Appearing on TV show ’60 Minutes Australia’, Chloe – who has also suffered with anorexia – admitted: “We say we all have our cancers.

“You know, mine is my battle with addiction.

“I have to keep myself sober the rest of my life and that’s a fight and it takes work. And we all have our cancers.

“I’m not trying to make her struggle sound small, I’m trying to say, I think it makes it easier to deal with when you go, ‘Oh yeah, everyone has a cancer.'”

On her decision to go to rehab in 2013 and her “severe depression”, Chloe said: “I wanted to be bright and happy and available and around for my mom when she was struggling with this and I thought I was okay but I wasn’t, I was still struggling with severe depression and I faced it head on.”

The singer-and-actress added how important it is to “deal” with “pain” and admitted it has made her a “better person”.

She added: “There’s no more running away from your pain.

“Deal with it, she needs you. I feel it’s made me a much better person.”

Olivia recently admitted she isn’t letting cancer hold her back, and said she is “doing well” despite her diagnosis.

She said: “I’m doing well. I’m thriving! This is my world.”

The ‘Grease’ legend has battled cancer on-and-off since 1994.

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CHLOE Rose Lattanzi has grown up in the public eye as the daughter of Olivia Newton-John, but now she’s making a name for herself in the showbiz world, as an aspiring singer.

Here’s everything you need to know about the 31-year-old who has been by her mum’s side during her health battle…

Getty Images – WireImage 9 Chloe Rose Lattanzi, pictured in 2016, is the only child of actress Olivia Newton-John

Who is Chloe Rose Lattanzi?

Chloe was born in Los Angeles on January 17 1986.

Her parents are legendary actress Olivia Newton-John and her first husband Matt Lattanzi.

Dad Matt is best known for his parts in Xandu, Grease 2, Catch Me If You Can and soap opera Paradise Beach.

Getty Images 9 Chloe has spoken about the difficulties of growing up in the public eye Getty Images 9 Chloe’s dad is actor Matt Lattanzi. Pictured in 2002, when Chloe was starring in Hair the musical in Australia

Chloe penned Can I Trust Your Arms, which was included in mum Olivia‘s 2005 album Stronger Than Before.

In 2008, she came third on MTV reality show Rock The Cradle, in which the children of 80s and 90s R&B, pop and rock stars competed to be crowned the best singer.

In October 2010, she released her debut single Wings And A Gun. Chloe also released an album, called No Pain, in 2016.

She has also done cameos in a number of TV shows, as well as playing Chrissy in the musical Hair.

Getty Images – WireImage 9 Chloe came third on Rock The Cradle, a singing competition for celeb offspring, in 2008

Has Chloe Rose Lattanzi had plastic surgery?

In March 2017, Chloe revealed her regrets over her plastic surgery past – claiming she was left looking “mutilated” after a botched boob job.

She’s reported to have had £310,000 worth of surgery, including a nose job, boob job, Botox injections and lip fillers.

Getty Images 9 Chloe pictured in 2000, when she was just 14

“All those things were a disaster,” she said in an interview with Woman’s Day.

“Not only did the lip implants look ridiculous, the first boob op I had in Australia when I was 18 left me looking mutilated.”

Chloe added that she had since had the botched work fixed, and was happy with her 32DD boobs.

Getty Images 9 With mum Olivia in 2005, shortly after having surgery

She has strongly denied claims that she had a rib removed to make her waist look smaller.

Chloe branded this rumour and “absolute lie”, adding: “I wear a waist trainer and work out to stay in shape.”

What’s Chloe Rose Lattanzi’s history with addiction?

Getty Images – WireImage 9 Chloe, pictured in 2007, has suffered from anorexia, anxiety and body dysmorphia in the past – but denies having a rib removed

Chloe has spoken openly about her teenage battle with anxiety, anorexia, and later body dysmorphia.

Her problems started at the age of 15 and, at the height of her eating disorder, she weighed just 6st 5lbs.

Chloe told the Mail Online she first tried cocaine at the age of 22, and was soon spending £80-a-day on the drug – while drinking vodka to “self-medicate”.

Getty Images – WireImage 9 She battled addiction to cocaine, alcohol and Xanax

The troubled youngster was also taking prescription drug Xanax, experiencing blackouts, and going on three-day benders.

She spent seven months in rehab in 2013 and is currently clean from cocaine and alcohol.

Who is Chloe Rose Lattanzi dating?

Getty Images 9 Chloe is engaged to James Driskill, and the couple live together in Oregon

Chloe is engaged to martial arts instructor James Driskill, and credits him with helping with her recovery.

According to the Mail Online, the couple now run a cannabis business in Oregon, where it is legal to possess and use recreational marijuana.

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Chloe’s addiction and anorexia.

Chloe’s struggles with addiction and anorexia have been the subject of much public attention since she was just a teenager.

In response, Chloe has used that attention as an opportunity to advocate for body acceptance and encouraged people to seek help for mental health issues.

In July 2016, she wrote on Instagram, “Being unashamed of your feminine form makes you strong. It takes strength to accept and love yourself.

“This is message is for every woman who has ever been called stupid or a bimbo for having confidence and for loving your body.

“Having big breasts does not make you stupid. It’s calling people stupid for having big breasts that makes you ignorant.

“I celebrate the sexy free confident woman.”

In October 2016, Chloe appeared on The Doctors to talk about how she’s learning to accept herself.

“When I was in the height of my body dysmorphia, I had a whole bunch of fillers,” she revealed.

“I’ve had that all removed from my face because I like the way I look naturally.

“I look back at myself and I as a teenager and I’m like, ‘What a beautiful young woman’. What was I thinking? Why was I so insecure?”

In the 60 Minutes interview last night, Chloe explained that Olivia’s cancer battle has “helped me heal my illness.”

“We say we all have our cancers. You know, mine is my battle with addiction,” Chloe told Liz Hayes.

“I have to keep myself sober the rest of my life and that’s a fight and it takes work.”

Chloe’s relationships.

Chloe is currently engaged to James Driskill, a martial arts expert. The couple have been engaged for nine years, although rumours have circulated for some time that they secretly wed.

James regularly posts photos of his Chloe, with the most recent one a week ago sparking pregnancy rumours because he captioned it, “Bahama Mama”.

View this post on Instagram

I am a lucky guy. That’s my Bahama Mama ❤️ I love you #chloelattanzi

A post shared by james driskill (@jamesdriskill) on Jul 27, 2019 at 5:09pm PDT

Chloe also credits James for helping her overcome her addiction.

“Seeing me with my fiancé James has brought Mum a lot of joy,” Chloe writes in her essay.

“She is thrilled I have found my soulmate, and loves that I have someone that adores and takes care of me.

“Mum can’t wait for us to get married and one day be a grandma.”

She’s back. Olivia Newton-John took some time recently to inform everyone that her daughter, Chloe Rose Lattanzi, has returned to Instagram more than a year after deleting her account.

The 71-year-old took to Instagram on Friday, November 1, to share the news. “My beautiful talented daughter Chloe is back on Instagram!” the iconic actress wrote alongside a snap of her with her only child, 33. “She has some fun and exciting things coming up!”

Chloe also spoke up about her return to the popular social media platform with her very own post. “I’m so happy to be back. It has been such a powerful, challenging past year,” the singer wrote next to similar pics of her with her mom. “Full of growth, healing, love, and rebirth. I am so excited to journey with you into the now. I actually have some big, exciting projects beginning in January.”


“It’s the inner journey that matters, you see,” Chloe continued. “Once I went inside and discovered I am not what I do. I am something much deeper. … With no title. I am you. You are me. Once you know your true value lies within. You can do anything, because your sense of self isn’t defined by whether you outwardly ‘succeed.’”

Chloe then goes on to mention her parents and other loved ones in helping her through her journey. “Thank you mama and James and papa and amazon dad and peanut and jelly for your unwavering love and support. … So excited! Yay!” she wrote.

It was back in August 2018 that Chloe decided to delete her Instagram in hopes of focusing on “healing and creativity.” “This is so hard,” she wrote at the time. “I just feel I’ve become addicted to screens and media and it’s distracting me from what’s real.”

We know that everyone is glad that Chloe has made her return, especially Olivia who is crazy about her daughter. In fact, the “Physical” singer even set some things aside from her career to pass down to her.


“I’ve kept a few things. I mean I’ve kept a few things of course for my daughter, and things like that,” the Grease star exclusively told Closer Weekly at the Julien’s Auctions: Property from the Collection of Olivia Newton-John VIP Reception on October 29. “Things that are very sentimental. But these were clothes, and it’s wonderful they’re going to be moved on and make some money.” So sweet!

Olivia Newton-John on daughter Chloe Lattanzi having kids: ‘I would love that’

Olivia Newton-John is looking forward to her daughter Chloe Lattanzi having kids of her own.

“I would love that, but yeah I have ‘grandogs’ right now,” the “Grease” star, 70, recently told Page Six.

Lattanzi, 33, has been engaged to James Driskill since 2010, and despite reports claiming the couple had secretly wed, Newton-John confirmed that they have not yet tied the knot.

“They’re talking about it, but they’ve been talking about it for a long time, so I don’t know when that will happen,” she said with laugh.

In December, Lattanzi wrote a tribute letter about her mom in Woman’s Day after the “Xanadu” star shared she had been diagnosed with cancer in her back, her third bout with the disease.

In the letter, Lattanzi wrote about expanding her own family and how Newton-John would be as a grandmother, saying, “Having a baby has been on my mind a lot lately, and when I’m ready I know Mum will be the best support system. We’ve been through a lot together, but not a day goes by when I’m not happy and proud to call her my mum.”

Newton-John told us that although she resides mostly in California and Lattanzi lives in Oregon, the pair try to see each other frequently.

“We were just there last weekend, and she was here the week before,” she said. “I see a lot of her and she comes and stays with me for a week at a time. It’s wonderful.”

In June, paparazzi spotted the mother-daughter duo on a shopping trip in Los Angeles, and Newton-John appeared to be in good spirits amid her health struggles.

Newton-John confirmed to us she is “really well” despite battling cancer for the third time.

She is currently focused on auctioning off some of the most memorable items from her career, which will benefit the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre, and her annual Wellness Walk and Research Run, which takes place on October 6.