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It’s a topic pet parents don’t think about that often, but should — cleaning the dog’s toys. Unless you’ve got one of those pups that destroys his toys in a matter of minutes, there’s a good chance his favorite stuffed toy could use a little freshening up or his favorite rubber bone could be harboring some serious dirt and grime.

Because dog’s generally use their mouths to play with their toys, it’s important that their toys be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. Not only to wash away dirt and grime, but to kill bacteria and other germs that tend to thrive on those slobber-laden, dragged-through-the-dirt, tugged-on, chewed-on, and loved-to-the-extreme toys.

When Is It Time to Toss a Toy?

You’ll want to inspect and evaluate your dog’s toys regularly and, in some cases, it’s better to toss and replace them than try to clean or repair them.

You’ll know it’s time to toss a toy if it’s too heavily chewed and chomped to be sufficiently cleaned, if it’s torn or tattered to the point that stuffing is falling out, or if it has parts and pieces just starting to fall or break off that can easily become a choking hazard or intestinal blockage if swallowed.

Cleaning Your Dog’s Toys

Many toys include care and cleaning instructions, often printed right on the toy or on a tag. Whenever possible, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting dog toys. If no such instructions exist, use your best judgement along with the following guidelines:

Rubber, Plastic, or Nylon Chew Toys:

While you may be inclined to wash plastic, rubber, and nylon dog toys in a dishwasher, be certain to ONLY use this method if the manufacturer has specifically stated the toy is dishwasher safe. The scalding water and heat of a dishwasher’s drying cycle could affect the structural integrity of the toy, causing it to both lose shape and structure as well as potentially releasing unsafe chemicals.

Instead, hand wash these types of toys in a sink or tub with warm water and and antibacterial dish soap. Use a toothbrush or scrub brush to get dirt and drool from crevices.

For especially grimy, gunky toys, pre-soak in a solution of one part vinegar to two parts water for about 15 minutes before washing with soap and water.

Thoroughly rinse with clean water and allow toys to fully dry – be especially mindful of toys that may fill with water while they’re being washed – before returning them to your dog’s toy bin.

Rope Toys:

Rope toys can very quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and other germs as the soft, absorbent fibers trap moisture and drool. Unfortunately, these toys will require a different method of cleaning than plastic or rubber toys.

A recent study found that microwaving household tools, like sponges and dishrags, was an effective method for killing bacteria, mold, yeast, and other icky stuff that grows in moist, cool environments. Your dog’s rope toys – those that are ONLY rope, without added elements like plastic rings, bones, or any metal of any kind – can be quickly and easily disinfected in the microwave. To disinfect your rope toys, make sure they’re completely wet by soaking in water for a minute or so, then microwave for about one minute to kill any living organisms in the toy.

Of course, microwaving rope toys will only disinfect them, but will not do much about dirt and grime build up. To clean these toys, simply toss in the laundry. Because they’re durable and designed to be tugged and chewed, they can be dried in a dryer as well.

Plush Toys (with or without squeakers, crinkles, or stuffing):

Like rope toys, plush toys can harbor all sorts of nasty microbes and need to be cleaned more frequently than other types of toys. The very best way to clean and disinfect stuffed or plush toys is to launder them in the washing machine.

When washing plush toys, use your judgement in determining which cycle will work best! Sturdy, heavier-duty dog toys should hold up quite well in a normal wash cycle – just stick with cold or warm water instead of hot, which could damage stuffing material, squeakers, or crinkle filling. If you aren’t sure your dog’s favorite stuffed toy will survive a normal wash cycle, opt instead for the delicates or gentle wash setting. Consider washing toys inside a mesh bag to prevent them from taking too much of a beating from your washing machine.

Most heavy-duty dog toys will do well in a normal dry cycle, too. But, more delicate toys, those with squeakers, plastic parts, or crinkle material, should be dried either in a low-heat cycle or hung on a line to dry. To speed along the drying process, squeeze any excess water out of the toys before drying or hanging.

Caring for Toys Between Cleanings:

• Remember not to neglect your fur kids’ toys! Take some time every few weeks to sort, inspect, toss, or repair toys as needed. Remember, dog toys are generally built to be chewed, tugged, tossed, buried, and loved. But, not all dog toys are created equal. If you’ve got a serious chewer, consider investing in “indestructable dog toys” that will withstand the abuse without becoming a hazard to your dog.

• Don’t leave toys outside in the elements! Rain and snow soaked toys can quickly become breeding grounds for mold and mildew, toys left baking in the sun can become brittle and, in extreme heat, can begin to leach dangerous chemicals.

• As a basic rule of thumb, remember, when in doubt, throw it out!

Do you have any additional tips for the care and cleaning of your dog’s toys? Share it with us in a comment below!

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    Slobber, dirt and grime build up on your dog’s favorite toys – ick! Before you toss them, you may be able to make them squeaky clean again.

    Some dogs go through new toys quickly but certain toys are designed to stand up to a lot of chewing and rough handling. The toys that last may be great, but they can harbor bacteria and other pathogens if you fail to clean them regularly. Cleaning your dog’s toys is not difficult, but you do need to be careful how you go about it to make sure that you do it safely.

    When to Clean or Toss

    At some point you will have to take stock of your dog’s toys and get rid of the ones that are in bad shape. Toys with pieces missing or that have been chewed heavily are best discarded. You should also discard any toys that have pieces hanging off (such as stuffed animal eyes) or other parts which could be a choking hazard for your dog. Finally, get rid of any toys that your dog seems to be eating, rather than just chewing on – this includes toys that are much smaller than they were originally. If the toy is in decent shape and doesn’t pose a choking hazard to your dog, you can clean it and give it back.

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    Cleaning Hard vs. Soft Toys

    The cleaning methods you use for hard versus soft dog toys will vary depending on the materials the toy is made from. Hard rubber toys are some of the most durable toys out there and they are also very easy to clean – just soak them in warm soapy water then scrub by hand and rinse clean. Some hard rubber or plastic toys can even be cleaned in the dishwasher, just make sure you run them through the hot cycle without any detergent – the heat of the water should be enough to kill any germs and to clean the toy.

    Soft toys like braided ropes and stuffed animals can be a little more difficult to clean. Although these toys are a little harder to clean, it is important that you do so because they can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria or other pathogens. For rope toys, your best bet is to soak the toy in clean water and then microwave it for one minute on high heat – this should be enough to kill any bacteria. A second option is to run the toy through the dishwasher on the hot cycle with no detergent. No matter which option you choose, handle the toy with care because it could be very hot and do not give it back to your dog until it cools down. The best way to clean stuffed animal toys is to toss them in the washing machine. As long as the toy is still in good condition it should hold up just fine.

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    Cleaning Products to Use

    If you don’t want to put your dog’s toys in the dishwasher or if you are worried that simple soap and water isn’t enough, there are a few cleaning products that are safe for dogs. The safest option may be a vinegar and water solution – just mix one part distilled white vinegar with one part water and soak the toys for 30 minutes. After soaking, scrub the toys and rinse them clean. You may be able to use a weak bleach-and-water solution as an alternative, but be sure to thoroughly rinse the toys before giving them back to your dog. You may also be able to find pet-friendly cleaning solutions at the pet store that are specifically designed to clean dog toys.

    Your dog loves his toys and he may form a deep attachment to some of them, even after they have become unrecognizable from chewing and rough play. At a certain point you have to decide whether or not the toy is really safe for your pet. If it is, a simple cleaning can go a long way but, if it is not, your best bet is to throw it out and replace it.

    5 Best Safe Dog Bones and Chews for Aggressive Chewers

    Last Updated on January 31, 2020

    Just so you know, this post may contain affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase through links on this page, Canine Weekly may collect a share of the sale or other compensation. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

    At A Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for Safe Dog Bones and Chews

    Looking for the best dog bones for your aggressive chewer?

    All dogs, from the smallest Pomeranian to the largest Mastiff, have an instinctual desire to chew. And it is your responsibility as an owner to help ensure your dog gets the chance to scratch this itch.

    In fact, chewing is more than just something dogs do for enjoyment or to pass the time — it can actually provide tangible benefits for your dog’s health and well-being.

    But you can’t just give your dog anything to chew on. You have to provide him with something that is safe and healthy, as well as something that will last long enough for him to chew for a while.

    And, if you want to ensure your aggressive chewer enjoys the experience to the fullest, you’ll also want to make sure it is delicious.

    Essentially, you want to give your dog something he can chew on for a while, yet digest it as easily as if it were food. You want edible dog bones or chews.

    If you are in a hurry, we’ve listed some of the best dog bones for aggressive chewers in the table below.

    Or, you can scroll down to learn more about the reasons dogs like to chew, the problems with real bones, and the best long lasting edible dog bones for keeping your canine healthy and happy.

    Our Top Pick GREENIES Original Dental Dog Treats

    • Tooth-cleaning texture scrapes plaque and tartar all the way to the gum line
    • Accepted by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC)
    SmartBones Rawhide-Free Dog Chews

    • Fortified with vitamins and minerals
    • Made from 99% digestible ingredients
    Blue Buffalo Dental Bones

    • Grain- and gluten-free formula helps avoid triggering food allergies
    • Contains only natural ingredients, with no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors
    Pawstruck MONSTER Braided Bully Stick

    • Made with no artificial ingredients, no hormones, and no chemicals
    • Manufactured in USDA- and FDA-compliant facilities
    EcoKind Himalayan Gold Yak Chews

    • Processed in a manner that removes all lactose and glucose
    • Each chew is 6 to 8 inches long and 1 to 2 inches wide

    Why Do Dogs Chew?

    Your dog’s desire to chew can be traced back to his wolf-like ancestors. These wild canines could only eat what they could catch, so food was always at a premium.

    This means that they would not only dine upon the flesh of the animals they killed but most other edible parts of the carcass as well, including several major organs, skin, and bones.

    Bones represented a very important dietary component for these prehistoric canines. They not only provide a considerable amount of calcium, which is important for proper bone development and a host of other biological processes, but many are also full of nutrient- and calorie-rich marrow.

    Accordingly, once the more delicious parts of a kill were eaten, these ancestors of modern dogs would sit down and begin working on the bones. They’d rasp off pieces of meat, cartilage and connective tissue with their tongues, and then bring their teeth to bear on the hard bone.

    Eventually, they’d wear the bone down enough to access the marrow and ingest a healthy dose of calcium in the process.

    The Problems with Real Bones

    While bones served as an important dietary item for primitive dogs, they also represent a serious health risk.

    Bones can and do splinter, which can send sharp bone shards through a dog’s digestive tract. These fragments can lead to blockages or perforations – both of which are often fatal.

    Chewing on bones can also cause broken teeth and other dental problems, which are both painful and potentially deadly for animals who depend on their teeth to survive.

    But because calcium and calories were so difficult for these ancestral dogs to obtain, it still made more evolutionary sense for them to continue to consume bones, despite the inherent risks.

    Most dogs consumed bones for the duration of their (often brief) lives and did so without incident; however, others undoubtedly died from the practice.

    However, your dog does not need to go to such extreme lengths to obtain enough calcium or calories. Most modern dog foods provide all of the calcium your dog will need, and obesity is a more common problem for modern pets than malnutrition.

    Therefore, it is not wise to provide your dog with real bones – the risks are simply too great.

    And to clear up a common myth: Cooking may make bones more likely to shatter, but even raw bones can break into numerous sharp pieces when chewed.

    Other Options: In Search of Safe Dog Chews and Bones

    The issue of dog bones and chews is a bit of a catch-22.

    On the one hand, dog bones and chews need to be hard enough to satisfy your dog’s desire to gnaw, and yet soft enough to prevent broken teeth.

    Check out the following video where Dr. Campbell, DVM discusses safe dog bones and what to watch out for:

    You’ll also want to ensure that the edible dog bone is made of ingredients that are easy for your dog to digest and pass, to avoid potentially fatal intestinal blockages.

    This limits the number of things that you can give your dog to chew.

    For example, while we’ve already explained the problems with real bones, antlers and hooves are often also too hard for your dog’s teeth, so they should be avoided too.

    Rawhide treats last a long time, and they’re probably not likely to damage your dog’s teeth, but the rawhide material can take a very long time to digest and the potential for gastrointestinal blockage is very real.

    Pig ears may last long enough to give your dog some good chew time, but power chewers will tear through them in a matter of seconds.

    Bully sticks are usually digestible and they aren’t very likely to damage your dog’s teeth, but they are expensive.

    Additionally, many pig ears, rawhides, and similar items become contaminated by bacteria during processing.

    There are a variety of crunchy treats on the market, but few will last long very long – they just represent additional calories, without providing the health benefits you are seeking. But don’t be discouraged.

    There is a solution: Edible Dog Bones.

    A Safer, Healthier Dog Chew for Aggressive Chewers

    To help solve this problem, several manufacturers have begun making edible dog chews and bones that can help satisfy your dog’s need to gnaw, provide a wealth of health benefits and pass through your dog’s system without causing problems.

    While none of these will last for weeks the way a real bone may, most will last long enough to delight even the most aggressive and determined chewers.

    Best Dog Bones for Aggressive Chewers

    If you are ready to give your dog some edible dog bones, consider the following five long-lasting dog chews. Each of these has been very well-reviewed by other dog owners and possess the majority of traits you’d want in safe dog chews.

    1. GREENIES Original Dental Dog Treats

    GREENIES Original Dental Dog Treats are some of the most popular and best-reviewed edible dog chews on the market. GREENIES are primarily designed to keep your dog’s teeth clean, but they often last long enough to give dogs some quality chewing time before they are eventually swallowed.


    • Tooth-cleaning texture scrapes plaque and tartar all the way to the gum line
    • Accepted by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC)
    • Made with all natural, easily digested materials
    • Fortified with vitamins and minerals
    • Made in the USA

    User Reviews: Most owners who have tried GREENIES are pleased with the product and end up making them a regular part of their dog’s daily schedule. While most owners found that the treats to be effective at keeping their dog’s teeth clean and breath fresh, some were disappointed that the treats didn’t last longer.

    The only real complaints about these products include customers who experienced shipping, handling or packaging problems. Additionally, very few dogs simply found the treats unpalatable.

    Bottom Line: GREENIES are a great option for most dogs and their owners, as they’re made from safe and delicious ingredients and provide significant dental benefits. They may not last as long as power-chewing dog owners would like, but they still offer a safe and constructive outlet for your dog’s instincts.

    2. SmartBones Rawhide-Free Dog Chews

    SmartBones Rawhide-Free Dog Chews are safe and tasty dog chews that should drive most power-chewing pets wild. Unlike rawhide, which can cause intestinal obstructions, these chews are made with digestible ingredients, including real chicken, peanut butter and vegetables.


    • Fortified with vitamins and minerals
    • Made from 99% digestible ingredients
    • Sold in convenient three-packs
    • Contain 9% protein

    User Reviews: Most owners were very pleased with SmartBones Dog Chews and rated them very highly. Most dogs seem to like the taste of these chews and enjoy ripping them up with their teeth. A few owners did mention that these could cause a mess on the carpet, so you probably want to give them to your dog on a tile or hardwood floor.

    Bottom Line: SmartBones Rawhide-Free Dog Chews are a great option for most dogs, and they deserve serious consideration. They’re affordably priced, and they are made with high-quality ingredients like chicken and peanut butter.

    They are made in Vietnam, which may give some owners pause, but edible pet products manufactured in Vietnam are typically of higher quality than those made in China.

    View Price on Amazon

    3. Blue Buffalo Dental Bones

    Perhaps better known for their premium foods, Blue Buffalo prides itself on producing only the best products, using only the highest-quality ingredients. Manufactured with a natural bone shape, designed to appeal to your dog’s inner wolf, these dog bones satisfy your dog’s need to chew and your need to keep him safe.


    • Grain- and gluten-free formula helps avoid triggering food allergies
    • Contains only natural ingredients, with no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors
    • Made with sunflower oil, a source of omega-6 fatty acids
    • Made in the USA

    User Reviews: As with most other Blue Buffalo products, most owners who try these chew bones become instant devotees. The vast majority of dogs appear to love the taste, texture, and resistance of Blue Buffalo Dental Bones, and owners appreciate knowing they are giving their dog the very best.

    As with most other edible dog chews, the most aggressive and determined dogs finished these very quickly (within 10 minutes or less), but more moderate chewers often enjoyed them across several sittings.

    Bottom Line: Blue Buffalo products are almost always worth trying. Even if they don’t end up being your final choice, you can be confident that you are experimenting with a product produced by one of the finest food and treat manufacturers in the business. Based on the majority of the user reviews, Blue Buffalo Dental Bones are one of the best dog bones for chewers.

    View Price on Amazon

    4. Pawstruck MONSTER Braided Bully Stick

    The Pawstruck MONSTER Braided Bully Stick is an 8-strand bully stick that is made from grass-fed cattle. Unlike most other bully sticks (also called pizzle sticks), these extra-large, extra-thick bully sticks are long lasting dog chews that should satisfy your canine for quite some time, even if given to a power-chewing pet.


    • Made with no artificial ingredients, no hormones, and no chemicals
    • Manufactured in USDA- and FDA-compliant facilities
    • Backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee
    • Available in 4-, 7- and 9-inch-long varieties

    User Reviews: Most owners raved about the quality of the Pawstruck MONSTER Braided Bully Sticks and were very pleased with their purchase. Most owners reported that – unlike many other bully sticks – these did not have an offensive odor. Finally, thanks to the 8-stranded, braided construction, they appear to last much longer than regular bully sticks.

    Bottom Line: Bully sticks are a great edible dog chew for dogs, but the problem is that most are too small for aggressive chewers. They’re also pretty expensive.

    But these 8-stranded bully sticks should last most dogs for hours (if not days), and they’re pretty affordably priced. Paraguay isn’t an ideal manufacturing location, but these chews are made in top-notch facilities, so they should be safe.

    View Price on Amazon

    5. EcoKind Himalayan Gold Yak Chews

    Yak chews have been used in Nepal for hundreds of years, and EcoKind Himalayan Gold Yak Chews are among the best ones on the market. They’re made from a combination of cow and yak milk, and they’re not only very tough and durable, but they are completely digestible too.


    • Processed in a manner that removes all lactose and glucose
    • Each chew is 6 to 8 inches long and 1 to 2 inches wide
    • Sold in several different quantities, from a single stick to a 5-pound bag
    • Made in USDA-compliant facilities in Nepal

    User Reviews: Although relatively few owners are familiar with yak chews, those who try them are typically very pleased with their decision. They are very safe for dogs, and most dogs seem to love the taste. They are also extremely tough and last for a long time. In fact, several owners reported that they typically provide about 8 to 10 hours of chewing pleasure.

    Bottom Line: EcoKind Himalayan Gold Yak Chews are a great bone for aggressive chewers. They are a bit pricey, but they last longer than most of the other edible chews on the market.

    These treats are made in Nepal, but they are made in high-quality facilities. This is unfortunately unavoidable, as there aren’t many places in the world that harvest yak milk.

    View Price on Amazon

    Benefits of Edible Dog Bones

    Some of the most notable benefits of edible dog chews include:

    • They can help keep your dog’s teeth clean. Many edible dog bones are designed with special abrasive surfaces, which help to scrape the plaque and tartar off your dog’s teeth. They won’t completely eliminate the need to brush your dog’s teeth regularly, but they will serve as an effective complementary strategy.
    • They can help provide your dog with a little snack. Though they are designed to take a while for your dog to ingest, edible dog chews do provide your dog with a few calories. While you don’t want to rely on the calories in these types of chews too much, they serve as a great way to tide your dog over if you are running late or his mealtime must be delayed.
    • Some edible chew bones provide important supplements. For example, some dog bones are formulated with glucosamine and chondroitin, which may help to protect your dog’s joints; others are fortified with omega fatty acids, to help improve coat and skin health.
    • Edible dog chews help provide your dog with something to do. Even the most pampered pets surely experience their share of boredom – you can only bark at the squirrels outside for so long. Safe dog chews give them something delicious and mentally stimulating to work on for a while.

    Things to Look for in Safe Dog Chews for Aggressive Chewers

    Not all edible dog bones are created equally. Some are marvelous products that provide a ton of benefits and only have a limited downside, but others can make your dog sick.

    And while every dog is an individual, with varying needs and idiosyncrasies, there are a few rules of thumb to keep in mind when selecting the best product for your dog.

    Try to Select Dog Chews Made in Countries with High Safety Standards

    Many owners are worried about purchasing foods or treats that have become contaminated with toxins. While you can’t do anything to completely eliminate this possibility, you can significantly reduce the chances of this occurring by sticking to treats made in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or Western Europe, whenever possible.

    This isn’t always possible, and you may notice that we include two products above that are not included on this list. However, Paraguay and Vietnam are both home to several high-quality, FDA-compliant facilities.

    Stick to Products Made with Healthy Ingredients

    Many low-cost edible bones and treats are made from high-calorie, sugar-rich ingredients and little else. Some even contain chemicals used to keep the bones together which can be hard on your dog’s stomach.

    Instead, opt for those chews and treats that are made with the same kinds of high-quality ingredients you’d want in your pet’s food.

    When Possible, Opt for Products That Provide Dental Benefits

    The best edible dog chews are designed to help scrape your dog’s teeth clean while he chews. Dental health is an often-overlooked consideration, but it is very important to take care of your dog’s teeth, so he can continue to chew his food as he ages.

    Use Caution When Purchasing Edible Bones for Dogs with Food Allergies

    Many edible dog bones are made with common allergens, such as corn, wheat or chicken meals. While many dogs can and do tolerate these ingredients, others can suffer from very itchy skin if provided with these types of items.

    You’ll need to work with your vet to establish exactly what causes your dog problems, and then avoid edible bones containing the offending ingredients.

    Be Sure to Select Edible Bones of the Proper Size

    If you select bones that are too small, your dog will simply chew it up and swallow it without getting the mental or dental benefits of a long chewing session. On the flip side, bones that are too large may not allow your dog to get a comfortable grip on the chew.

    Consult the manufacturer’s recommendations and use your own judgment to find the perfect size for your pup.

    How Often Should You Give Your Dog Bones or Chews?

    Edible bones are generally good for dogs, but too much of a good thing can lead to problems. For example, many edible dog bones are high in calories, which can cause your dog to put on extra weight over time.

    Accordingly, you’ll need to consider the caloric content of any edible bone, to ensure he stays fit and trim.

    Additionally, excessive treat consumption can also lead to nutritional deficiencies, as your dog begins getting more empty calories from the treats, and less from his food.

    You should, of course, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and consult with your vet anytime you decide to give your dog a new food or treat. However, assuming that your dog receives sufficient exercise and are generally healthy, he will probably benefit from a one-treat-per-day schedule.

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    Have you stumbled upon a great dog chew for aggressive chewers that you’d like to tell us about? Or do you have any questions or concerns? Let us know in the comments below!

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    If you have a dog that really likes to chew then you may have found it challenging to find a treat that is natural, durable and actually lasts longer than an hour! Quality treats that last don’t have to cost a lot but at the same time you can expect to pay more per treat than the less expensive pig ears, elk antler, meaty bones, and rawhide bones that are so popular.

    Scout has found some of the best dog bones for aggressive chewers. These long-lasting treats are great for strengthening your dog’s teeth and gums and preventing periodontal disease. It is important when making a decision on treats to follow some basic guidelines as well. Our favorite is the Nylabone Healthy Edible bone, which comes in a variety of sizes from small to large for power chewers of any weight.

    Scout’s Pick

    On Sale Today -38% 1,590 Reviews Nylabone Healthy Edibles Wild Venison & Bison Dog…

    • Delicious And Healthy Venison And Bison Dog Treats
    • Splinter-Free Alternative Dog Treats

    $5.99 $3.71 Buy on Amazon

    What This Article Covers

    What to Look Out For

    Dogs with strong jaws are much more likely to ingest portions of real bones than dogs who just nibble, which can be a huge choking hazard and wreak havoc on their digestive tract. You should be paying extra close attention to exactly what you’re giving your dog when you consider raw bones.

    Why Buy from Chewy?

    Because of their around-the-clock access to pet experts!

    See Chewy Video

    First, make sure the treat is sized appropriately for your dog. There are a lot of different sizes of treats out there. Small dogs need treats that they can actually get their mouth on without strain. On the other hand, you need to make sure that large dogs have treats that don’t pose a strong choking hazard.

    Country of origin

    Unfortunately, some countries do not have the same standards dog parent’s would like to see everywhere. You can find the best dog bones in the USA, Canada, and Argentina. Himalayan dog treats have good reputations for quality ingredients.

    Cost per treat

    Those with multiple dogs may need to consider cost more than others. The actual price tag of a treat can sometimes be misleading because a treat that lasts longer is a better value in the long term even if it is more expensive than you are used to paying.

    Cleanliness and odors

    Scout has tried to pick out treats and chews that have no odors, stains, or other unpleasantness to contribute to your household or cause bad breath. If you have a dog that sometimes loses or hides treats, then this can be an even larger factor.

    Does Breed Matter?

    When assessing the best dog bones for aggressive chewers and trying to source indestructible dog toys, many dog owners ask if the breed matters. Any type of dog can be a heavy chewer, but some breeds, like pit bulls, have extra strong jaws and can wreak havoc on even the most indestructibe dog toys. On the other hand, a small breed might not have the same bite force as a pit bull, but they can do damage to their toys easily enough.

    When you are looking for dog chew toys for your lightweight heavy chewer, you want to be sure they can’t do any damage to their tiny teeth. Little dogs love chewing on tennis balls and rope toys (but be sure not to pull!), but harder things, like elk antlers, could do some damage.

    If you have large dogs, you’ll want truly indestructible dog toys for aggressive chewers. Otherwise, they may splinter or break and be ingested, causing damage in their digestive tract. Regardless of what breed of dog you have, pay attention to their teeth and ensure their toys don’t get damaged to the point where they cause harm. Keeping an eye out for broken teeth also gives you an opportunity to check for plaque and tartar, while prioritizing periodental health.

    1. Best Bully Sticks 12″ Odor-Free Angus

    These 12-inch bully sticks are made to last a long time, even with larger dogs that really try to chew up their treats as fast as possible. These 100% natural treats come from free range grass fed cattle. Unlike some chews, these do not have an odor so if your dog stays inside with you part of the time, they can chew on this treat without worrying about bad breath. No artificial dyes or other ingredients means no stains on your floor, your dog, or you!

    On Sale Today -16% 2,148 Reviews Best Bully Sticks Odor-Free Angus 12-inch Bully… $43.99 from $36.99 Buy on Amazon

    2. Nylabone Healthy Edibles

    Most dog owners are familiar with Nylabone for their synthetic dog treats but they actually have a big range of treats to meet the needs of dogs from all backgrounds and all sizes. These long-lasting buffalo and venison bones for dogs are guaranteed to be splinter-free for a safe chewing experience free of choking hazards. These chews are made in the USA and will not grow mold so if your dog decides to bury a treat or loses one around your house you don’t have to worry about the mess and smell that some traditional bone chews can exhibit under the right conditions.

    Scout’s Pick

    On Sale Today -38% 1,590 Reviews Nylabone Healthy Edibles Wild Venison & Bison Dog…

    • Delicious And Healthy Venison And Bison Dog Treats
    • Splinter-Free Alternative Dog Treats

    $5.99 $3.71 Buy on Amazon

    3. Deer Antlers

    Deer antler and elk antler is naturally shed each year, so antler chews are a sustainable and renewable source of healthy dog chews. Antler chews last a very long time with even the most enthusiastic power chewers out there. Antlers are available in different sizes for the comfort of your dog.

    1,159 Reviews Deer Antlers for Dogs, Premium, Grade A, Deer…

    • 100% All Natural, Long Lasting Deer Antlers for Dogs
    • Tastier and healthier than nylon bones and rawhides

    from $15.99 Buy on Amazon

    4. Jack & Pup 6″ Bully Sticks

    These bully sticks are 6 inches long but thicker than a lot of other brands meaning they are going to last a power chewer a lot longer than thinner versions of the same length. No preservatives or artificial ingredients in these treats and they are made in the USA.

    224 Reviews LukPaw Dog Toys Nylon Tough Chew Toys Braided Tug… $4.99 Buy on Amazon

    5. Natural Himalayan Yak Chew

    Himalayan Yak sticks have increased in popularity over the years. Made from yak, cow milk, lime, and salt, these sticks last a long time and they offer a different flavor experience for dogs.

    379 Reviews Pawstruck Monster Himalayan Yak Dog Chew (6 to 7…

    • ONE MASSIVE DOG CHEW (approx. 6-7 ounces) made in the mountains of the Himalayas by local…
    • 100% NATURAL containing NO artificial ingredients, NO preservatives, NO gluten or grain, and NO…

    $16.99 Buy on Amazon

    6. Braided Bully Stick

    This is perhaps the ultimate bully stick because it is braided and super thick for a long-lasting and enjoyable chewing experience. These sticks are made from natural beef, giving the same experience as beef bones. While the price is in the $13-$15 range you have to realize that is 8 regular bully sticks braided together.

    1,124 Reviews Pawstruck 7″ Monster Braided Bully Stick for Dogs…

    • Made from intertwining 8 DIFFERENT BULLY STICKS, the Monster Braid has all the benefits of…
    • Contains NO artificial ingredients, NO hormones, and NO chemicals. These all-natural giant beef…

    $16.19 Buy on Amazon

    7. Holesome Valley Pork Roll Dog Chews

    Pork rolls are a less expensive alternative to the bully stick. They are not as tough so they will get chewed through a little faster but they are still a lot better than pig ears or rawhide bones that seem to get chewed up in no time at all. You get a full dozen treats so this pack is going to last awhile.

    66 Reviews Holsome Valley Pork Roll Dog Chew Treats All…

    • MADE & SOURCED IN USA ONLY: Our Premium All Natural handmade chews are 100% sourced and made in…
    • ALL NATURAL NO ADDITIVES OR PRESERVATIVES; Our pork hide dog chews unlike most beefhide chews…

    $23.95 Buy on Amazon

    8. Barkworthies Root Chew

    For those that are trying to avoid rawhide bones and raw meaty bones, there is this unique natural chew alternative. This chew is made from wood from the Araack tree that never splinters. If you have one of those dogs that like to chew on sticks and wood, then this might be a good option.

    27 Reviews Barkworthies – Root Chew – 100% Organic All…

    • Barkworthies
    • Misc.

    $19.99 Buy on Amazon

    9. Earth Animal No-Hide Chicken Chews

    Chicken bones are a no-no for dogs but these bones offer all that chicken flavor without all the danger. These 100% digestible chews are rolled, cooked, and dried for a long lasting and delicious treat.

    222 Reviews Earth Animal NoHide Chicken Chews 2 Pack (2.4 oz)

    • Earth Animal No-Hide Chicken Chews 4″ 2-Pack

    $11.83 Buy on Amazon

    10. Natural Cow Hooves

    Natural cow hooves are an affordable and long-lasting treat for your dog. These single ingredient treats will provide many hours of chewing entertainment. These are fairly large treats so they may not be the best choice for smaller dogs.

    1,919 Reviews Natural Cow Hooves for Dogs (10 Pack) – Made in…

    • Our natural Cow Hooves for dogs are MADE IN THE USA to ensure the healthiest and safest…
    • Each cow hoof is made with NO artificial ingredients, NO hormones, and NO chemicals. These…

    $17.99 Buy on Amazon

    Homemade Dog Treats and Chews

    If the best dog bones listed above don’t appeal, you can take a DIY approach to dealing with your power chewer.

    • Dog owners can look for durable dog toys, such as the famous Kong, and fill it with peanut butter for hours of chewing entertainment.
    • Consider visiting the local butcher to pick up some raw meaty bones or beef bones to give your dog a fresh treat for their teeth.
    • Pet owners who are also hunters can make the most of the animals which they hunt, by saving a deer antler or elk antler for their dog to chew on.
    • You can bake hardened homemade dog treats with peanut butter for small dogs who think they’re the Alpha of the pack when it comes to chewing.

    As with anything, be creative when looking at DIY options and be sure to take care of your dog’s teeth.

    Benefits of a Good Chew

    Good chews provide entertainment and help keep your dog’s mouth, teeth and gums clean and healthy. Healthy gums are of the utmost importance when preventing periodontal disease and other illnesses stemming from abscessed or splintered teeth. The Veterinary Oral Health Council recommends regularly using dental bones and dental chews, as well as using healthy dog treats for rewards. Be sure to brush your dog’s teeth often, to keep those power chewing teeth clean. Not only does this prevent bad breath, but it helps pet owners deal with their future senior dogs and offset the degradation of their teeth over time.

    If your dog has sensitivities and can only eat grain-free dog food, ensure any treats or chewers you provide your dog with are free of fillers. There are lots of great bones for dogs that don’t use anything damaging, beyond the basic raw bones.

    Providing quality chews for your dog will help curb destructive behaviors. Sometimes behavior comes down to just pure boredom. Dental health is often something that is overlooked in dogs. You can take care of both of these problems so easily with the list of long-lasting treats Scout has looked at for you!


    Dogs love to chew and a tasty bones can keep them busy for hours but some breeds can demolish them in seconds. Finding safe dog bones for aggressive chewers that can withstand hours of chewing and taste great can be fairly difficult.

    The best dog bones for aggressive chewers is the 100% Natural Bully Sticks that are a tough and healthy edible alternative to the rawhide chews.

    Dog bones come in a range of sizes and choosing the adequate size that does not cause strain upon your dogs jaw is vital. On top of this, you must also just how safe the dog bone is as some can have high toxicity or be a potential threat of choking.

    Best Edible Dog Chews For Aggressive Chewers

    Dog Chews/Bones Type Breeds
    Natural Bully Sticks Bully Stick Small To Medium
    Nylabone Healthy Edibles Bone Petite To Small
    Nature Gnaws Bully Stick Medium To Large
    Doggie Dealz Elk Antlers All Sizes
    Yak Snak Hard Cheese All Sizes

    Many dog bones are not only a tasty treat but they also provide a source of healthy nutrients to boost the dogs diet. Some dogs can become bored of chewable dog toys but bones that are edible entice the dog with a range of great tastes available.

    When choosing a bone, you don’t want to give your dog any old bone because some can be too hard and damage their teeth. However, you don’t want a bone that is too soft because they will chew through it straight away.

    At TopDogHub, we are strong favorites for edible bones compared to real bones as they are much safer and healthier. Below is a list of the best dog bones for aggressive chewers that are safe to eat and provide hours of chewing.

    All Natural Bully Sticks

    One of the most popular chews for aggressive chewers is the 100% Natural Bully Sticks, which are sourced from USA or South American cattle for the highest quality for your dog. They are USDA/FDA approved that contain no hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, chemicals or additives.

    It is a natural alternative to rawhide and they are a single ingredient and fully digestible. For those that want to improve dog dental hygiene with a chew, these will also help as they scrape away any tartar and plaque that has built up.

    Overall, they are a tough chew for aggressive chewers but due to the size of them, they best for small dogs as a larger breed such as a Labrador or Doberman would demolish these in seconds.

    Check it Out

    Nylabone Healthy Edibles Dog Chew Bones

    Nylabone produce a great selection of toys for dogs as well as edible dog bones such as these, which are designed for small dogs. They come in a range of flavors, which include chicken, bacon, filet mignon, roast beef and turkey and apple.

    They are a natural and healthy dog bones with a long lasting formula that ensures the flavor does not disappear. If you want your dog to enjoy a good dog bone, its vital that you get the correct size bone because they will simply ignore it otherwise. Therefore, due to the small size of these, they are ideal for petite breeds such as chihuahuas, jack russells and some puppies.

    Overall, they are the cheapest dog bone chews that can withstand hours of chewing but they wont be as strong as the small breed bully sticks as mentioned above.

    Check it Out

    Nature Gnaws Large Bully Sticks

    Nature Gnaws is another brand that produce bully sticks but these are much larger and suited to large breed dogs that chew aggressively. They are a single ingredient grass fed beef bully stick that can be chewed daily and improve your dog dental health.

    They are completely edible and are high in protein, without any added preservatives or chemicals. Compared to dog bones/chews that are made from plastic or rawhide, these bully sticks are a much healthier alternatives.

    Overall, they are the best dog chews for aggressive chewers with an excellent beef taste that your dog will love and healthy nutrients. These bully sticks are for medium to large breeds as your small dog may struggle with these due to their size.

    Check it Out

    Premium Elk Antlers Dogs Bone

    Antler dog bones are an alternative to bully sticks, rawhide and plastic bones and offer an odorless, non-synthetic and natural bone for your dog to chew on. They are available in a range of sizes that begin at 4 to 5 inches and go all the way up to 8 to 13 inches. However, this should reflect your dog breed and whether or not they are a puppy. However, if they are a puppy, we do recommend chews for teething.

    Finding dog bones for aggressive chewers can be fairly difficult because you need to find a bone that is hard but not too hard to chew on. These antler bones do exactly that and they last much longer than your average dog bone.

    These Doggie Dealz antler bones are the by far the best dog bones for aggressive chewers that have the right amount of hardness and are available in a range of sizes.

    Check it Out

    Yak Snak Himalayan Dog Chews

    Yak Snak are a popular brand known for their Himalayan dog treats that come in the form of an all natural hard cheese. The cheese is made from yak and cow milk with small amounts of salt and lime juice and they are 100% edible.

    A unique selling point of a Yak Snak is that once the chew becomes small enough, you can simply put it in the microwave and fed as a treat. You cannot do that with the likes of a bone, bully stick, rawhide or a toy of course.

    In terms of being suited to aggressive chewers, it is not as durable as the others because its a cheese texture but it will still last many hours in some cases.

    Overall, it is an excellent alternative to all the usual types and something to treat your dog too if they have been on the same bone for many years.

    Check it Out

    Dog Bones Buying Guide

    If your dog loves to chew, it’s important that they have a good selection of bones around the house to know on. Certain breeds of dogs are more aggressive than others and really enjoy chewing their way through even the toughest of bones.

    For example, pitbulls and labs really love to chew, particularly as they’re growing and teething. Because they are such strong breeds, they can chew through tough bones more quickly than other dogs. Since they don’t know their own strength, it’s important that they have plenty of bones to gnaw on.

    There are some special considerations to take into account if your dog is one that really loves a good, hard chewing session. It’s important that you find them bones and other bones that are appropriate for their needs. Here’s what to consider when shopping for bones for your aggressive cheer dog.


    The first and most important consideration, of course, is the durability of the bone. If your dog really liked to chew, they will go through normal bones very quickly. Because of this, you’ll need bones that are very thick and made out of tougher materials or ingredients that will challenge your dog.

    However, the bone should still have some give so it won’t damage your dog’s teeth. Ideally, the bone should be somewhat flexible and keep bouncing back no matter how hard your dog chews.

    Dog Bone Taste

    The flavor of the bone is another important factor to consider when making your purchase. Most dogs will love a bone with a nice meat taste to it. A bone created with delicious natural flavors is going to be a great investment for you aggressive chewer pooch.

    Since taste is a very personal thing for dogs, don’t be afraid to experiment with different flavors to find out what your dog truly loves.

    There are a variety of different edible bones on the market. Some are made with durable exterior materials, but you can put treats inside. Your dog will have to chew through the bone to get to the treats. Some bones are also completely edible. If you opt for an edible bone, be sure to check with your vet to make sure it’s appropriate for your dog’s diet. If you add too many calories to your dog’s diet, they could gain weight, which isn’t advisable.


    The size of the bone you pick for your dog is another very important thing to take into account. They should be sized appropriately for your dog’s breed. If the it is too small, your dog could choke, and they’re also more likely to go through it quickly.

    If you have a small dog, however, some bones may be too big for them, no matter how aggressive of a chewer they are. If its too big, it won’t be fun or satisfying for your dog.

    Made With Natural Ingredients

    Bones that are made with natural ingredients and materials are much healthier and safer for your pup than those made with synthetic materials or processed additives. You should always check to see what’s in your dog’s bone before making a final purchase.

    If you don’t recognize any item on the list, it’s important to do your research before giving it to your dog. Dogs are more sensitive than humans, so it’s always essential to look out for their health.

    Rawhide used to be one of the most popular dog chews for aggressive chewers but these days, many vets have said that rawhide is bad for dogs and you should avoid giving them these. You will also notice that all our recommendations in this article are alternatives to rawhide chews.


    It’s good to have an assortment of bones available for your dog so they don’t get bored. When a dog gets bored of their bones, they’ll be more likely to chew on items around your house, which should be avoided at all costs.

    Bones come in many different shapes and colors, and switching things up will keep your dog engaged. It’s also great for their mental and emotional development, and playing with a bone with you will be a positive bonding moment. It’s important to continually add new bones to your dog’s collection to engage them and keep them from getting bored.


    Many bones come in packs of multiples, which is excellent for dogs that really like to chew. If they move through bones fast, a pack of two or three will ensure they always have something to teethe on.

    Buying multiple bones at once is a great investment for your aggressive dog. It’s particularly helpful if there’s a variety. of shapes and colors available for variety. Although it may be a bit more expensive, it’s better to invest more money in bones that will last a long time and that your dog will love And use all the time.

    It’s important that your aggressively chewing dog has many bones. If they don’t, they will chew on your belongings, which is frustrating and dangerous for many reasons. Your dog could choke if they’re not chewing on an appropriate bone, and they could also damage their teeth.

    Repeatedly chewing on household objects also reinforces this negative behavior. If you need help training your dog, be sure to consult your vet or a professional dog trainer. They can give you tips on effective training, as well as help you pick a bone that’s safe and healthy for your energetic dog.


    Dog bones and chews come in a range of designs, tastes and target certain aspects of a dog health or ability. For example there are dog chews for dental hygiene as well as for aggressive chewers. Having a selection will ensure your dog doesn’t destroy the house as well as ensuring they are happy of course.

    All of our recommendations are edible and made of healthy ingredients to boost their diet in the right direction. As long as you get the correct sized dog bone or chew, you will be sure to have one happy dog.

    This is Fine Plush Dog

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    Most memes die an early death, but some live forever.

    Take, for example, the ‘This is Fine’ dog. Originally drawn as a comic in 2013 by K.C. Green, the dog brought out the very best in web culture: misery and adorable animals. Almost three years later, a Kickstarter campaign is selling 13-inch plush versions of the dog, as well as a magnet, stickers, and a playhouse.

    Because who doesn’t want a totally dissociated dog, surrounded by a burning world, in huggable form?

    The campaign has already raised over $125,000, even though its original goal was just $35,000.

    The original comic strip included the plush dog sipping coffee as the world erupted into flames around him. Green brought the dog back to life just recently, after the Republican National Convention used the meme to make fun of the Democratic National Convention.

    So the artist fired back with a terrifying tweet of his own:

    [email protected] @GOP haw haw

    — David M Willis (@damnyouwillis) July 27, 2016

    While the meme was discovered close to three years ago, it seems more relevant than ever before. Trump could become president. ‘Deez Nuts’ could become president. And just a few weeks ago, someone discovered that this dog’s butthole looks magically like a monkey in a fur coat.

    Sorry Green, but this plushie is more than fine. It is excellent.

    Merch with a mission.

    The world is filled with a wide variety of good dogs, but some are harder on their toys than others. You know the type: they take less than five minutes to turn a brand new stuffed animal into a cloud of torn cloth and stuffing.

    It can be a challenge to pick the right gift for these dogs knowing that you’re going to be shelling out money that leads to a big mess for you to clean up.

    I know this from first-hand experience.


    — Marcus Gilmer (@marcusgilmer) March 12, 2018

    So, what can you do to get something your high-energy, toy-tearing pup will enjoy for more than just one romp, while also being easy on your wallet? We’ve run down 15 solid options.

    1. Virtually Indestructible Ball

    The ‘indestructible’ ball is a steady companion for active dogs.


    Okay, so “virtually indestructible” doesn’t mean totally indestructible, but this Grimace-like toy is made of “hard, tear-proof polyethylene,” and that unusual shape means a lot of wobbly movement to keep your pup on their toes chasing it around. There are also a variety of sizes you can choose from depending on how big your furry friend is.

    Price: $16.99 on Chewy

    2. Tuffy’s Ocean Creatures Larry Lobster Dog Toy

    A lobster fit for a dog.


    This adorable toy is made of multiple layers of “tuff” material and features webbing around the edges rather than a single seam, making it tougher for your pooch to rip the toy apart at its weakest points. Like a real lobster, this toy lobster can also be played with in water. Bonus points: it looks pretty easy to throw to keep your pup running after at it, tiring your dog out in the process.

    Price: $15.88 on Chewy

    3. goDog Dragons

    The goDog Dragon is no match for your hard-playing dog.

    Image: Amazon

    In a similar vein to the lobster, these dragon toys come in a wide range of sizes and colors. These flying monsters are a bit different for your own four-legged beast because they have a minimal amount of stuffing, which makes for fun, different play over typical stuffed toys. Double seams also reenforce the toys for those tough playing pups.

    Price: $8.88 and up depending on color on Amazon

    4. Classic Kong dog toy

    The classic Kong toy for dogs

    Image: Petsmart

    This one’s labeled a “classic” for a reason: it’s a tried-and-true design that’s not just durable but designed to keep a dog occupied for a while. These chew toys feature a hollow in which you can squirt in any number of treats. If you want to get even more play time out of these toys, fill one with peanut butter and then throw it in the freezer for a frozen treat that’ll keep your dog occupied for a while.

    Price: $7.49 – 24.99, varies by size on PetSmart

    5. West Paw Zogoflex Tux

    The West Paw Zogoflex is similar to the kong while keeping dogs engaged

    Image: Dog Tuff

    If you want to up your game beyond the Kong, consider West Paw’s Zogoflex Tux. Like the Kong, it’s durable and features a pouch to stuff with treats or peanut butter to keep your dog engaged. But it has a completely different shape from the Kong that’s bound to confuse and delight your active pooch.

    Price: $15.95 for small, $19.95 for large on Dog Tuff

    6. Nylabone Dura Chew Power Chew

    Nylabones are a chewer’s best friend

    Image: Amazon

    If you’re dog’s a chewer, there are a variety of products from Nylabone that offer dogs long-lasting chewtastic times. Unlike rawhides or other chew toys that eventually get totally chewed down and consumed, these bones are made of nylon that offer up long-term chewing for active dogs. Bonus point: These toys make good supplementary dental tools.

    Prices: Vary by size and flavor on Amazon

    7. Sledgehog

    The sledgehog is designed to be a mouthful for destructive dogs

    Image: Bark Shop

    An ingenuous toy with an adorable design, the sledgehog is made of rubber and its ridged spikes make for fun bounces and also serve as grips for your dog’s mouth. Throw it around and watch it bounce in odd directions to keep your pup on its toes.

    Price: $14 on Bark Shop

    8. Tuppy Talon

    Okay, your dog loves to destroy toys, right? So why not give them a toy that’s meant to be destroyed? The Tuppy Talon is a perfect trick: what appears to be a fluffy toy ripe for destruction holds a second, more durable spiked ball inside for additional fun. It’s like two toys in one, and one heck of a bargain.

    Price: $10 on Bark Shop

    9. Ruff Dawg Dawg-Nut

    The Ruff Dawg Dawg-Nut is a perfect durable fetch toy

    Image: Dog Tuff

    Perfect fetch toy? Check. Lifetime durability guarantee? Check. Easily washable? Check. Usable in water? Check. The all-purpose Dawg-Nut is a perfect donut-shaped fetch toy for active dogs and it’s durable enough to stand up to aggressive chewers.

    Price: $18.95 on Dog Tuff

    10. Nuts for Knots Heavy Duty Rope

    You’ll never rope-a-dope your favorite dog with this fun toy


    Rope toys are always a good, durable choice for high-octane dogs, offering plenty of fun whether it’s for fetch, playing with a human, or a little wrangling with another dog. The heavy-duty rope will last a good while, and the loop on one end makes it easy to grip when you’re taking on your dog in a little tug-of-war. Just be sure to keep an eye on any fraying.

    Price: $2.99 to $16.69 depending on size on Chewy

    11. Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Snowball Dog Toy

    The Orbee-Tuff Snowball offers year-round fun, no matter the season.

    Image: Planet Dog

    Like a lot of similar toys, this one is perfect for fetch, for tug-of-war, or just letting your dog chew the day away. What’s special about the Orbee-Tuff Snowball Dog Toy is made out of non-toxic recycled materialize and features “a ‘Crystalline’ texture that stimulates teeth and gums, great for chewers.”

    Price: $14.95 at Planet Dog

    12. Cycle Dog Flat Tire Flyer-Flying Disc

    The Cycle Dog Flat Tire Flyer-Flying Disc offers a “wheel” good time for dogs

    Image: Amazon

    If you’re noticing a trend here, it’s toys that are hard to destroy and can be used to play fetch because high energy dogs need all the help they can get in getting their zooms out. Enter the Cycle Dog Flat Tire Flyer-Flying Disc. It’s easy for dogs to chase, but hard for them to ruin.

    Price: $16.66 at Amazon

    13. Mikayoo Fun Decoy Sandal Natural Cotton Rope

    The decoy sandal is perfect for you and your dog: they get to destroy something and it’s not something you have to wear.

    Image: Amazon

    Okay, so your pooch likes to chew up your shoes or your sandals or your slippers or whatever it is you choose to put on your feet. Fool them with these handy-dandy rope toys that offer plenty of chewing time and makes them think they’re destroying whatever they shouldn’t be, because what is dog if not a mischievous little furball?

    Price: $7.99 at Amazon

    14. JW Pet Good Cuz Dog Toy

    A two-legged toy for your four-legged friend

    Image: Chewy

    A bouncy, rubber toy that will bring lots of fun to your tireless dog, the squeaky JW Pet Good Cuz Dog Toy is another toy perfect for fetch or tug of war or just letting your pup chew and chew. The little toy’s “legs” are a quirky design touch that add good grip if you’re getting in on the fun with your dog. Fun bonus: There’s a devil-horned version for the naughty pooch in your life.

    Price: $3.95 to 7.95, depending on size on Chewy

    15. Buck Bone Organics Elk Antler Dog Chews All Natural Healthy Chew

    A big antler chew for a very good dog

    Image: Amazon

    If you need something to occupy your destructive dog for a good spell of time, these antler chews are the perfect option to keep them chill and chewing. It’s a durable treat that will require a lot of time and focus for your dog, keeping them entertained for quite a while. While the treat contains calcium and protein, it also helps keep teeth and gums clean thanks to all that chewing and won’t turn into a goopy mess like rawhide bones will.

    Does your dog make it his mission to destroy any toy that’s put in front of him? Do you find yourself replacing mangled dog toys every few weeks? If this sounds familiar, your dog is an aggressive chewer. Standard toys just won’t cut it. You need a dog toy that’s designed to withstand the toughest of chewing. While no dog toy can claim to be 100% indestructible (let’s face it, some dogs can chew through just about anything!), indestructible dog toys are tough enough to be a match for most dogs.

    We looked at dozens of indestructible dog toys to find the best of the best, based on factors including toughness, affordability, Amazon reviews, and quality of materials. We then narrowed down our search to 5 of the best indestructible dog toys you can buy today.

    Top Pick Chuckit! Ultra Ball

    Meet the Chuckit! Ultra Ball, the best indestructible dog toy.

    $10.99 USD

    The Chuckit! Ultra Ball is our top pick of indestructible dog toys thanks to its winning combination of durability, design, and affordability. Standout features include a lightweight, buoyant design, extra-thick natural rubber core, high-visibility colors, and a high-impact bounce.

    In This Article

    The 5 Top-Rated Indestructible Dog Toys

    Editor’s Picks Brand Rating
    Best Overall Chuckit! Ultra Ball 4.8
    Runner Up KONG Rubber Ball Extreme 4.6
    Best Budget Buy Chuckit! Fetch Ball 4.7
    Best Indestructible Dog Ball Chuckit! The Whistler Ball 4.6
    Best Indestructible Dog Disc West Paw Zogoflex Zisc 4.0

    *Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and can change

    Our Top Pick: Chuckit! Ultra Ball

    Looking for a virtually indestructible dog toy your pup will love? Check out our top pick, the Chuckit! Ultra Ball. This well-designed ball features a tough natural rubber core and sturdy walls for extended play. Aside from its durability, it stood out to us thanks to its colorful, high-visibility design, affordable price tag, and overwhelmingly positive reviews.

    The Chuckit! Ultra Ball is light enough to float on water, and has a high-impact bounce that will encourage your dog to leap to new heights. Reviewers it’s tough enough for aggressive chewers, and great fun to play with.

    Chuckit! Ultra Ball Key Features:

    • Durable natural rubber construction
    • High-visibility colors
    • Bounces high and floats in water
    • Easy to clean
    • Available in 5 sizes

    Our Runner Up Pick: KONG Rubber Ball Extreme

    Runner Up KONG Rubber Ball Extreme

    A super-tough ball designed for long-lasting fetch and chew sessions.

    $14.49 USD

    The KONG Rubber Ball Extreme is billed as the toughest and most durable dog ball on the market. It’s designed for dogs with strong jaws, and constructed from heavy-duty, all-natural rubber with a high bounce.

    The ball is available in 2 sizes, and is made in the USA from globally sourced materials. Reviewers say it can withstand aggressive chewing from powerful dogs such as Pit Bulls and Bulldogs.

    KONG Rubber Ball Extreme Key Features:

    • Made from tough, natural rubber
    • High bounce
    • Available in 2 sizes
    • Suitable for powerful chewers

    Best Budget Pick: Chuckit! Fetch Ball

    Best for Budget Chuckit! Fetch Ball

    A durable, high-bouncing ball in a value 2-pack.

    $8.39 USD

    The Chuckit! Fetch Ball comes in a value 2-pack, and is an excellent choice for the budget-conscious buyer. Each ball is made from natural rubber, and designed to withstand aggressive chewing. The high-bounce material also encourages your dog to leap and chase.

    The Chuckit! Fetch Ball is compatible with Chuckit! Ball Launchers and is resistant to dirt and slobber for easy cleaning. Choose from 3 sizes to suit a wide range of dogs.

    Chuckit! Fetch Ball Key Features:

    • Value 2-pack
    • Tough, natural rubber construction
    • High-bounce material
    • 3 sizes available

    Best Indestructible Dog Ball: Chuckit! The Whistler Ball

    Best Indestructible Dog Ball Chuckit! The Whistler Ball

    A rugged, high-bouncing ball that whistles when thrown.

    $7.95 USD

    Want to make fetch even more fun for your pup? You need Chuckit! The Whistler Ball. This indestructible dog ball features a unique design with four sound holes that cause the ball to whistle when thrown.

    Other great features include a tough design, high bounce, and easy-to-clean smooth rubber surface. The ball is also available in 3 different sizes, allowing a wide range of dogs to enjoy whistling games of fetch.

    Chuckit! The Whistler Ball Key Features:

    • Whistles when thrown
    • Made of tough rubber with a high bounce
    • Easy-to-clean smooth rubber surface
    • Available in 3 sizes

    Best Indestructible Dog Disc: West Paw Zogoflex Zisc

    Best Indestructible Dog Disc West Paw Zogoflex Zisc

    A tough, high-flying disc that’s perfect for games of fetch.

    $12.95 USD

    The West Paw Zogoflex Zisc is extremely tough, yet gentle on your dog’s mouth. It’s lightweight, floatable, and easy to throw, making it perfect for dogs that don’t play fetch with balls.

    The Zogoflex Zisc is built with durability in mind. It doesn’t puncture easily, and can even be used for games of tug! Many reviewers say this dog toy is fun to use and tough enough to retain its shape after months of use.

    West Paw Zogoflex Zisc Key Features:

    • High-flying disc design
    • Extremely tough
    • Soft on dogs’ mouths
    • 100% guaranteed against dog damage by the manufacturer
    • Made in the USA from safe, non-toxic materials

    Who Should Buy an Indestructible Dog Toy

    Dogs love to play, and toys are a great way to keep them mentally and physically active. This is important for a dog’s overall health and well-being, and can help curb destructive behaviors. Chew toys are especially beneficial as they satisfy a dog’s instinctual need to chew and help keep their teeth and gums healthy.

    If your dog is an aggressive chewer, an indestructible dog toy is a must. Not only will you save money on replacing chewed up toys, you’ll also avoid potential medical emergencies caused by swallowing pieces of indigestible material. If your dog is gentler on his toys, you may want to check out our review of the Best Dog Chew Toys, which looks at a variety of toys for both strong and weak chewers.

    Top Pick Chuckit! Ultra Ball

    Meet the Chuckit! Ultra Ball, the best indestructible dog toy.

    $10.99 USD

    An indestructible dog toy should have a few important features. Here’s what to consider when selecting an indestructible dog toy for your pup:

    Durability. Indestructible dog toys should be made of tough material that can withstand aggressive chewing. Toys made of materials such as durable natural rubber, double-knit rope, or tough nylon are excellent choices as they are specially designed for heavy chewers.

    Type of toy. Various types of indestructible dog toys are available, including balls, discs, tug toys, and chew toys. Some toys also make noises or dispense treats. Consider your dog’s personality and individual needs when selecting a toy to keep him entertained and engaged.

    Size. Indestructible dog toys come in a range of sizes. Choose a toy that’s appropriate for your dog’s size, and avoid toys that are too small as they can be a choking hazard.

    Safety. Look for indestructible dog toys that are made of safe, non-toxic materials that won’t pose a threat to your dog’s health. FDA approval is a good indicator of the quality of an indestructible dog toy.

    Guarantee. Some manufacturers of indestructible dog toys offer guarantees that their products won’t be destroyed by overenthusiastic chewing. If your dog is an especially powerful and aggressive chewer, a manufacturer’s guarantee will give you peace of mind that you can replace the toy at no cost if your dog manages to destroy it.

    What are indestructible dog toys?

    Indestructible dog toys are toys that are designed to withstand aggressive chewing. Although no dog toy can claim to be 100% indestructible, these toys are tough enough to be a match for most dogs.

    Do indestructible dog toys have a guarantee?

    Some manufacturers offer a guarantee against dog damage. This means that they will replace a toy if your dog chews through it. Check the manufacturer’s information before purchasing to see if the product is backed by a guarantee.

    What materials are indestructible dog toys made of?

    Indestructible dog toys are made from tough, durable materials such as natural rubber, double-knit rope, or nylon.

    What if my dog swallows part of an indestructible dog toy?

    If your dog swallows a piece of an indestructible dog toy, attempt to remove any foreign objects that may be lodged in their mouth and contact your veterinarian immediately for advice.

    Other Indestructible Dog Toys We Reviewed

    Top Pick Chuckit! Ultra Ball

    Meet the Chuckit! Ultra Ball, the best indestructible dog toy.

    $10.99 USD

    We looked at 20 other indestructible dog toys. Even though they didn’t make our 5 best indestructible dog toys list, they’re the best of the rest and each is still a great option for dogs that are aggressive chewers. The information you’ll need to compare each one is included with the listing.

    • Indestructible Dog Balls
    • Indestructible Dog Discs
    • Other Indestructible Dog Toys

    Indestructible Dog Balls

    Chew King Fetch Balls

    A multi-pack of colorful, tough natural rubber balls that feature spaces to tuck tasty treats inside.

    Key Features:

    • Made from strong natural rubber that retains its shape
    • Available in 2 sizes
    • Treat compartment
    • Value multi-pack

    Cost: $13.50

    Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Diamond Plate Ball

    A tough, bouncy ball that’s made in the USA and infused with natural mint oil to stimulate your dog’s senses.

    Key Features:

    • Non-toxic, BPA and phthalate free, FDA-approved
    • Floats and bounces
    • Infused with natural mint oil
    • Recyclable and dishwasher safe
    • Made in the USA

    Cost: $19

    Planet Dog Tuff Orbee

    This durable ball from Planet Dog features a fun globe design. It also floats, bounces, and has a minty flavor that’s irresistible to dogs.

    Key Features:

    • Made of non-toxic, FDA-approved materials
    • Infused with natural mint oil
    • Floats and bounces
    • Eye-catching design

    Cost: $12

    Rocco & Roxie Nearly Indestructible Dog Toy

    A stylish dog ball available in powder blue or navy that’s made of virtually indestructible, high-quality thermoplastic elastomer material.

    Key Features:

    • Virtually indestructible
    • Available in 2 stylish colors
    • Non-toxic
    • 100% guaranteed

    Cost: $15

    Snug Rubber Virtually Indestructible Dog Balls

    A multi-pack of colorful, 100% natural rubber dog balls that are non-toxic, easy to clean, and virtually indestructible.

    Key Features:

    • 100% safe and BPA free
    • Made of heavy-duty rubber that’s thick, tough, and durable
    • Easy to clean
    • 3-in-1 multi-pack

    Cost: $10

    West Paw Zogoflex Air Boz

    A rugged, almost indestructible dog ball that bounces high and floats for all-terrain fun. Reviewers say the West Paw Zogoflex Air Boz is long-lasting, lightweight, and durable.

    Key Features:

    • Available in 2 sizes and 3 colors
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Lightweight and soft
    • Almost indestructible

    Cost: $13

    West Paw Zogoflex Jive

    A recyclable, FDA compliant tough chew toy from West Paw that will keep your dog entertained and engaged.

    Key Features:

    • Floats and bounces
    • Bright, high-visibility colors
    • Made in the USA
    • Guaranteed to last

    Cost: $16

    Indestructible Dog Discs

    Hyperflite Jawz

    The Hyperflite Jawz is an ultra-tough, puncture resistant dog disc that’s competition approved and capable of record-setting distance throws.

    Key Features:

    • Ultra-tough and puncture resistant
    • Competition-approved canine flying disc
    • Features state-of-the-art aerodynamics, hi-tech polymers, and patented gripping surfaces
    • Made in the USA from high-quality materials

    Cost: $15

    RUFFWEAR Hydro Plane Floating Disc for Dogs

    An abrasion-resistant, brightly colored dog disc that flies and floats on water. The RUFFWEAR Hydro Plane Floating Disc for Dogs is firm enough to maintain its shape yet soft enough to be gentle on your dog’s teeth and gums.

    Key Features:

    • Water-friendly
    • Light and bright
    • Tough construction
    • Abrasion-resistant material

    Cost: $25

    Other Indestructible Dog Toys

    GoughNuts Interactive Dog Toy

    A virtually indestructible tug toy from GoughNuts that’s specially designed for power chewers. Most reviewers say the toy exceeds their expectations.

    Key Features:

    • Dual ring design
    • Interactive tug toy for extreme chewers
    • Virtually indestructible
    • Made in the USA

    Cost: $27

    GoughNuts Original Dog Chew Ring

    This original ring shaped toy from GoughNuts is available in a range of different colors and comes backed by an ironclad guarantee. If your dog chews through the outside layer to expose the red layer, GoughNuts will replace your toy free of charge.

    Key Features:

    • Virtually indestructible
    • 100% guaranteed against dog destruction
    • Floats and makes an excellent fetching toy
    • Designed for extreme chewers

    Cost: $21

    GoughNuts Tug Large Interactive Dog Toy

    This interactive tug toy from GoughNuts is designed for larger dogs with powerful jaw muscles.

    Key Features:

    • Large size tug toy
    • Heavy-duty rubber design
    • Strong and flexible

    Cost: $28

    GoughNuts MAXX Indestructible Chew Toy

    An extremely strong chew toy with dual layer technology that’s used by police K9 units around the world.

    Key Features:

    • Guaranteed for life
    • Large size is suitable for powerful dogs
    • Visual safety indicator
    • Made in the USA

    Cost: $28

    ONEISALL Durable Dog Chew

    A tough and durable bone-shaped toy for aggressive chewers made from safe, non-toxic nylon material.

    Key Features:

    • Tasty bacon flavor
    • Safe and non-toxic
    • Helps clean teeth and control plaque and tartar
    • 3 sizes available

    Cost: $13

    Pacific Pups Dog Rope Toy Set

    A set of 11 nearly indestructible rope toys for small and medium size dogs. Reviewers say these toys are durable and affordable.

    Key Features:

    • Complete set of toys for tugging, fetching, and shaking
    • Created to support Pacific Pups Rescue, a non-profit dog rescue in California
    • Money-back guarantee
    • Designed for aggressive chewers

    Cost: $22

    Pacific Pups XL Dog Rope Toy

    A super tough rope toy from Pacific Pups that’s designed for large dogs and aggressive chewers.

    Key Features:

    • Safety tested
    • Nearly indestructible
    • Designed for large dogs and aggressive chewers
    • Created to support Pacific Pups Rescue, a non-profit dog rescue in California

    Cost: $11

    RUFFWEAR Gnawt-a-Rock

    A rugged, treat dispensing toy that’s designed to bounce around erratically for more engaging play.

    Key Features:

    • Unique multifaceted design
    • Durable and chew-resistant
    • Made from sustainable natural latex rubber
    • Available in 3 bold colors

    Cost: $20

    RUFFWEAR Turnup

    An engaging dog toy with a unique shape that bounces unpredictably. The interactive design also features a space to hold kibble or small treats.

    Key Features:

    • Made from durable and sustainable rubber
    • Whistles when thrown
    • Includes space to hold treats
    • Brightly colored to engage your dog’s senses

    Cost: $11

    West Paw Zogoflex Tux

    A brightly colored, treat dispensing dog toy that’s 100% guaranteed against dog damage by the manufacturer.

    Key Features:

    • Extremely tough and durable
    • Dispenses treats
    • Non-toxic and FDA compliant
    • Recyclable and dishwasher safe

    Cost: $20

    Yotache Durable Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers

    An indestructible dog toy set that features a tough nylon bone and solid rubber ball that are designed for aggressive chewers.

    Key Features:

    • Colorful and interactive
    • Non-toxic materials
    • Suitable for aggressive chewers
    • Refund guarantee

    Cost: $13

    (Picture Credit: Amazon)

    While your dog might enjoy rawhide chews, too many can wreak havoc on your dog’s digestive system. Opt for an indestructible chew instead, like the Nylabone Dental Dinosaur Chew. This toy was designed to withstand heavy chewing, and its unique texture helps clear plaque off your pup’s teeth. Buy it on Amazon!

    goDog Dragons With Chew Guard Technology Durable Plush Squeaker Dog Toys

    (Picture Credit: Amazon)

    This is one of the few plush toys that can withstand an aggressive player or chewer. This adorable dragon is double-stitched to last longer, and it has a squeaker that is sure to provide lots of fun for your dog. This is a toy my dog has had since I adopted her in 2013, and it is one of the few original toys she still has. Buy it on Amazon!

    Buck Bone Organics Elk Antler Dog Chews All Natural Healthy Chew

    (Picture Credit: Amazon)

    This is another great option if your dog likes rawhide chews a little too much. This additive-free antler chew is full of calcium, phosphorus, and other vitamins and minerals to help keep your dog’s oral health in check. If you’re tired of finding half-chewed rawhides all over your home, try this out instead. Buy it on Amazon!

    Braided Animal Puppy Chew Toy

    (Picture Credit: Amazon)

    These toys are not only adorable, but they are pretty chew-proof, too. Since these toys are tightly woven rope, your dog will have a much more difficult time tearing them apart than their plush counterparts. You can grab them in packs, so your dog can keep one of these toys in each room of the house. Buy it on Amazon!

    Chuckit! Indoor Ball Dog Toy

    (Picture Credit: Amazon)

    For those colder months, it is nice to have a toy to throw around to your dog that won’t also accidentally smash a vase. This indoor ball dog toy is great for playing indoor fetch. It’s multilayered, which makes it difficult for dogs to chew through, and it rolls easily, which makes it fun for dogs to play with by themselves, too. Buy it on Amazon!

    RUFFWEAR – Gnawt-a-Rock Durable Dog Toy

    (Picture Credit: Amazon)

    If your dog likes to chew anything and everything they find in your backyard, consider throwing a couple of these outside. You can play fetch with this toy, as it is designed to bounce in an unpredictable manner, making the game all the more fun for your dog. All of the sides of the toy also help massage your dog’s gums. Buy it on Amazon!

    Goughnuts – Indestructible Chew Toy MAXX

    (Picture Credit: Amazon)

    For those who swear their dogs chew through every single toy, the Goughnuts ring is the way to go. The creators of this product are so confident in it that if your dog chews through to the red layer, they will replace it for you. The toy also floats, so it is great for dogs who like to play fetch in the water. Buy it on Amazon!

    West Paw Zogoflex Bumi Interactive Tug of War

    (Picture Credit: Amazon)

    How many dog toys fall victim to an intense game of tug-of-war? With the West Paw Zogoflex, you can play with your dog, or let two dogs play tug-of-war with each other, without worrying about the toy getting destroyed. The toy may look small, but it stretches to two times its length to make playtime extra fun for you and your dog. Buy it on Amazon!

    Does your dog have any favorite long-lasting chews? How fast does your dog chew through toys? Let us know in the comments below!

    How To Stop Dogs From Destructive Chewing

    15 Things Every Puppy Owner Must Have

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    15 Best Chew Toys for Puppies – Perfect for Teething Dogs!

    by Jessi Larson

    We hope you love the products we’ve carefully selected to recommend! As an Amazon Associate we earn a small share from qualifying purchases. 221 Shares

    When you become a new pup parent, it’s hard to know what the best chew toys for puppies are when there are so many options available. Where do you start?

    We’ve been through many, many toys between our dog, Toby, and the other pups in our family. Too many to count.

    After years of being around puppies and trying what seems to be every toy on the market, we’ve narrowed it down to our 15 favorites.

    1. Classic KONG for Puppies

    When it comes to the best toys for puppies, the classic KONG toy is something every new dog owner should buy, in our opinion. I’ve mentioned it before, but we STILL have the original KONG we got Toby when he was a puppy. He has completely demolished just about every toy he has ever received except the classic KONG.

    How it works is that you slip in a treat, a bit of peanut butter or both into the cylinder and your dog has to really work to get a taste. The outside is made of durable rubber, so it holds up to sharp puppy teeth.

    There are so many benefits to giving this to your puppy. For starters, it keeps them physically and mentally stimulated for long periods of time. (Which gives new puppy parents a much-deserved break!)

    Also, the puppy version of this product is especially good for soothing their sore gums and giving them an outlet for their aching chompers.

    2. Rope Toys

    A rope toy is a basic but essential toy for young dogs. A list of best toys for puppies just wouldn’t be complete without this.

    Dogs love to chew to the knotted rope and relieve some pressure on their teeth. As a pup parent, you can jump in and use the rope for a game of fetch or engage in tug of war.

    Also worth noting, a rope toy also has great benefits for their teeth. Chewing on the rope cleans their teeth, reduces plaque build-up and massages the gums

    3. Chuckit! Small Ultra Ball

    This is another toy that has stood the test of time for us. Toby goes through tennis balls in 30 seconds or less. No joke. He shreds it like he’s taking a bite out of an apple and spitting it out.

    But with the Chuckit! ball, he still hasn’t made a dent, which might be one of the most miraculous things I’ve ever seen in my life. We’re going on four years and it’s still going.

    In addition to being highly during, the Chuckit! ball bounces more than other balls and also floats.

    Puppies love to chew and have lots of energy, and this toy takes care of both problems.

    4. KONG Puppy Teething Stick

    Does it seem like your puppy is chewing EVERYTHING? Shoes, socks, furniture, your hand, pretty much anything they can get their paws on?

    The KONG puppy teething stick is a good distraction. Designed exclusively for a puppy’s mouth, the stick is highly durable and features grooves where you can add peanut butter or one of the KONG Stuff’N Easy Treat flavors to entice your pup.

    This toy retails for under $5, making it a much more affordable chew toy than your new pair of shoes.

    5. OurPets Smarter Toys Interactive IQ Treat Ball

    We love the OurPets Smarter Toys Interactive IQ toys. In fact, we own both the ball and the cube.

    For puppies, however, we highly recommend the ball. Why? It’s smaller and more manageable for puppies and moves more quickly.

    All you have to do is remove the top, add a small handful of dog food and put the top back on. Dogs push the ball around and slowly but surely, kernels of food pop out as their reward.

    Toby was a hyperactive, extra large puppy, and this toy kept him occupied for ages, so without a doubt, it’s one of the best toys for puppies.

    6. Nylabone Durable Dental Dinosaur Chew Toy

    Nylabone products are awesome because they mimic the tough exterior of a bone or rawhide but they’re much harder to destroy. In fact, Toby just finished chewing through his Nylabone after nearly four years.

    For the best toys for puppies, you can’t skip Nylabone. We love the adorable dinosaur-shaped chews. They’re so fun and youthful, just like a puppy.

    The long-lasting toy helps alleviate some of the tooth pain your pup is experiencing. And you see those ridges on the dino? They’re actually ridges to clean teeth and control tartar and plaque.

    7. KONG Puppy Flyer

    Playing fetch with a frisbee is something many new pup parents envision when they are raising their puppy. The KONG flyer gives you an early start.

    This toy differs from other frisbees in the fact that it’s smaller and more fitting for a puppy. Made out of a specialized rubber formula, the flyer provides a soft catch that won’t hurt a dog’s teeth. It’s also highly durable and stands up to a puppy’s chewing.

    If you have a young dog, this is one of the best toys for puppies you’ll find.

    8. Tough By Nature Hol-ee Roller

    This is a fantastic, versatile toy for young pups. The open design allows you to stuff treats, fabric, socks, whatever you want. It’ll be so close yet so far away, protected by the durable rubber casing.

    Some of the best toys for puppies challenge dogs both phsyically and mentally, and this toy definitely does both. We also love that it gives you the flexiblity to mix things up so your dog will never get bored.

    9. Nylabone Dura Chew Hollow Stick

    Toby had one of these as a puppy, and it was so interesting to see him chew this in comparison to rawhide bones. The rawhide bones would be gone within 10 minutes. Give him 10 minutes with the Nylabone Dura Chew Hollow Stick and he’d barely leave a scratch.

    Another great feature is that it looks like a stick – something dogs love to play with. This version is much better for them, though. No slivers or choking hazards.

    10. Best Bully Sticks

    Here’s an option that functions a bit as a toy, but also as a treat. Basically a treat that lasts longer than most & will keep your dog chewing for awhile!

    We’ve been giving these to our dog Toby for a long time now, and continue to give them to him as full grown lab. He totally loves these things and they’re a lifesaver when we need to occupy him for a little while.

    11. Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Dog Toy

    The Outward Hound borough toys are some of the cutest, most adorable options for dogs ever. We bought one of these for my brother’s dog, Theo, and he absolutely adores it.

    The squirrel seems to be their most popular design, which isn’t surprising considering how gosh-darn cute it is. (The version we got Theo is a banana with baby monkeys.)

    How it works is that you hide the stuffed animals in the “borough,” in this case a stuffed tree stump, and encourage your dog to seek them out.

    This is definitely not a great option for the most vigorous chewers, but for sweet, young puppies who need constant stimulation, it’s perfect.

    12. Toy Ball for Dogs

    This Toy Ball isn’t just a regular ball. It allows you to slip in a few treats into the claw-like teeth, giving your pup an incentive to keep chewing. This will definitely keep an active puppy occupied for an extended period of time.

    Another reason this is one of the best toys for puppies is that it helps promote good oral hygiene. The shape massages the gums and cleans teeth. Pretty genius if you ask me.

    13. KONG Puppy Goodie Bone

    This is a fun twist on a traditional bone. It uses the extra strong rubber material KONG is known far, so your puppy will have a hard time breaking the surface.

    To add to the entertainment, the KONG Puppy Goodie Bone features slots on the sides that are designed to fit the corresponding treats (sold separately). Or, you can simply add in a dab of peanut butter to keep their interest.

    14. Nylabone Small Puppy Teethe and Tug Toy

    If this looks like a baby teething toy, it’s no coincidence. Puppies deal with aching gums just like babies. This toy is a simple way to help your poor puppy relieve some of the pain. And with the oblong shape, you can grab the other end and gently tug while your dog chews.

    15. Spot Lil Spots Plush Blanket Toys for Puppies

    The toughest part about giving a puppy a stuffed toy is that there’s a good chance they’ll rip the stuffing right out. For whatever reason, once those little furballs get a tiny bit of stuffing, they can’t stop until the whole toy is shredded.

    But fortunately for new pup parents, the Spot Lil Spots Plush Blanket Toy has no stuffing (except for a little bit in the head). Pups love to chew on the fabric – which is highly durable – and listen to the crinkling noise, without the temptation of ripping the toy to shreds.

    This means as a puppy parent, you can rest easy that your dog won’t make a giant mess.

    Best Toys for Puppies – Which One is Right For Your Pup?

    Having a tough time figuring out which toy is right your puppy? If you’ve got a pup who loves to chew, the Nylabone products are a good fit. They help relief pressure and last for a very long time. For smaller or gentler pups, the stuffed toys are good options. And for those pups that seem too smart for their own good, the puzzle toys help keep them mentally stimulated.

    With puppies, it’s always a little bit of trial and error. You’ll never know which ones they prefer until you try them out, so we recommend buying a couple to see what’s best.