Charter club down comforter

Level 3 Damask Medium Weight White Goose Down Comforter Review

Have a comfortable bed is important to me. There’s nothing that sets my mood for the day more than waking up in a clean room, on a comfy bed, with nice sheets, and a nice comforter. I can handle the rest of the house looking like a hot mess, but not my room. I have always wanted to try a goose down comforter, but have been worried about having feathers all over my room.

Recently I have been pretty lucky when it comes to having a comfy bed that has the best comforter on it. Let’s talk a little about this fabulous comforter. It’s a Charter Club Level 3 Damask Medium Weight White Goose Down Comforter, and it’s amazing. It not only looks fabulous, it feel awesome and does a wonderful job keeping us comfortable at night.

The White Goose Down Comforter is known for it’s 300 thread count cotton cover and damask dots. The comforter features ecoDown filling that has been put through a strict washing and sanitizing process to help reduce allergies, contains embroidered corner silk, and contains Baffle Box Construction. What’s Baffle Box? It help keep the filling in place, and does an awesome job.

Another feature that I really like about this Goose Down Comforter is the fact that it’s machine washable. With four children, work, and of course my blog I don’t have time to haul my comforter down to the dry cleaners, nor do I have the desire to. I can think of 1000 other things I would rather spend time and money on than the dry cleaners. Sorry I know there’s some of you that love taking clothing to the dry cleaners, but it’s just not something I feel that I need.

The Damask Medium Weight White Goose Down Comforter does a fabulous job keeping us warm at night, but not hot. I was a little worried about using it once it started to warm up, but we’re still using it and perfectly comfortable. You have to keep in mind I live in the desert, we’re already getting very warm.

Here’s a few things I really like about our new comforter:

  • Made to last – When you see this comforter you know it’s made to last. It’s very well made, they seriously thought of everything from thread count to finding a way to keep the filling from shifting. I have washed my comforter 3 times, and everything is still in place just as it was the day we put it on.
  • Easy clean up – To be honest I was worried about having anything white in my house. I’m a mother to four children, four dogs, and a kitty cat. I was surprised how good the comforter cleaned up, simply put it in the washer in warm water, on gentle cycle and its bright white looking fabulous again.
  • The weight – I thought the comforter was going to be too heavy, but it’s not. I actually like that it is a little heavier than most comforters, but I love how it feels sleeping under it. I don’t know something about the little bit of extra weight makes me feel more comfortable, and sleep better. I don’t have to wake up because the comforter has slid off one side of the bed.
  • It fits – I love how it fits my bed. I have had comforters in the past that barely cover the sides of my bed. Nothing drives me more crazy than buying a comforter and feeling like your purchased the wrong size. The Goose Down Comforter fits perfect, there’s enough of it that it covers the sides of the bed nicely. It’s also big enough for us while we sleep, there’s no pulling back and forth all night because one of us has most of the comforter. There’s plenty to get the job done.
  • It’s warm, but not hot– Yes, it’s nice to be warm. In my opinion there is a such thing as to warm, even in the winter. The comforter is not to warm, in fact both my husband and myself have been perfectly warm. It’s even starting to warm up outside and we are still using it. I’m honestly not sure we will take it off during the summer. We normally don’t remove the comforter from our bed in the summer, because if it’s hot outside we have our air conditioner on to keep us cool and our room seems to get cool at night. My husband likes to keep it cold in the house during the winter, and I get cold easy so I need something to keep me warm, a normal blanket doesn’t do the trick for me.
  • NO FEATHERS – I have not found one feather in my room. I have often considered purchasing a goose down comforter, but been afraid of feathers. It’s nothing like I thought, I should have purchased a quality goose down comforter long ago.

What I don’t like – I don’t want to get out of bed, lol. Seriously, on the weekends I used to get up and watch some toons with the kids. Now I have them jump in bed with me, and we all party it up in mom and dads bed. I don’t know that it’s a bad thing, the kids love it.

It’s soft and feels like home – I asked my husband what he liked best about the comforter. He said, “Its soft and it feels like home.” He’s right, it’s very soft and does have a very home feeling to it. I’m telling you our bed is more than just a bed anymore, lol. Its home, and now I cannot get my kids out of it.

Where I buy a product depends on more than just a great product. I want ot be treated good, customer service is very important to me. Really, think about it. You’re spending your money somewhere don’t you at least want to be treated like a valued customer? I know I do, and anymore quality service is becoming more and more rare.

The people at Swanky Outlet offer more than tons of great bedding products, they provided me with quality service every step of the way. They have been understanding, easy to talk to, and super awesome. Most of you know about my blog and computer issues, well it put me back a little bit. I worried about sponsors being upset because things did not go as planned. Swanky Outlet was amazing, totally understanding and just wonderful to work with.

I highly recommend the Charter Club Bedding, Level 3 Damask Dot Medium Weight White Goose Down Comforter, but I recommend Swanky Outlet as a company more. I will shop at Swanky Outlet again, not only because of their fabulous quality products, but because of the service I received. In the end quality customer serve is what keeps me coming back. So Swanky Outlet you can plan on seeing more of me.

Swanky Outlet has tons of awesome products, if you’re on the market for awesome bedding you really need to head over and check them out. They have some pretty fabulous sales going on right now that you’re probably not going to want to miss. Dress up your bed, you both deserve it. You can find Swanky Outlet on their Website, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.