100 female dog names

Our Giant List of 1600 Girl Dog NamesFemale pups are the cutest of the cute. Their adorable, chubby little faces are made that much more precious with their feminine charm. Picking the perfect name for your girly new puppy can be the biggest challenge out of the whole buying process. We've asked our giant list of subscribers to tell us their dogs names and here's what we got! Without further ado... Our Giant List of 1600 Female Puppy Names in Alphabetical OrderA • B • C • D • E • F • Read more [...]

A bear a bear

Customer InsightIn the last issue of Stakeholder Satisfaction I presented the results of new research from the YourSayPays panel that shed new light on UK consumers’ views about emotional engagement with the organisations they deal with. If you missed this article go to: www.stakeholdermagazine.comThe main conclusion was that customers are much more likely to become emotionally engaged when they have bad rather than good experiences with companies. Negative emotions such as irritation, frustration, Read more [...]

Battery operated outdoor lighting

Lara Robby When dining outside as the sun sets, candles or lanterns are great for setting the mood (and illuminating your spread). But they're also easily blown out by the wind and are a potential fire hazard. The latest lighting trend: LEDs, or light emitting diodes. LED lighting is a safe alternative to candlelight, plus it has a long lifespan and no messy melted wax. LED candles and lanterns are available in a variety of attractive styles, colors, and sizes that can add ambience and even romance Read more [...]

What is gin?

How to make sloe gin and our best sloe gin taste testLooking for the best sloe gin to serve to guests this Christmas? Read on to find the best sloe gin to buy and how to make your own sloe ginAdvertisementWhat is sloe gin?What is in sloe gin?Sloe gin is made up of sloe berries, caster sugar and gin.Recipe for sloe gin and tips1) Use the best sloes you can get your hands on2) Don’t use cheap gin. Here are our favourite British gins for you to try.You only get out what you put in, so make sure it’s Read more [...]

The house bunny 2

These 'House Bunny' Behind-The-Scenes Secrets From Anna Faris Are So, So HilariousA world where we barely knew who Anna Faris and Emma Stone were seems like such a strange one, but it's officially been 10 years since the two women first came onto our radar in the 2008 comedy The House Bunny. The story of Faris' aspiring Playboy girl Shelley helping a sorority of shy and awkward girls gain confidence is an understated classic, and the leading lady has definitely reminded us of that. These House Bunny Read more [...]

Desperate housewives coming back

(Photo: Rex )Desperate Housewives may have ended six years ago, but it seems like the drama is still ongoing.During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel that aired on April 10, a very pregnant Longoria talked about her upcoming role in Overboard, a remake of the 1987 classic film starring Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. Given that Longoria is already starring in a reboot, and with everything from Jersey Shore to Sabrina the Teenage Witch returning to television, Kimmel asked if the star would ever consider Read more [...]

Britax car seat clips

June 23, 2017 -- Chest clips for more than 100 models of Britax Child Safety cars seats are being recalled over concerns that a tab could break and create a choking hazard for infants. No injuries have been reported so far, the company says. More than 200,000 car seats are affected, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said in a letter to the company.The chest clip is on the Britax B-Safe 35, B-Safe 35 Elite, and BOB B-Safe 35 infant seats. The products were manufactured between Nov. Read more [...]

How to organize freezer?

If you don’t have an organized freezer, it can be a dreaded task to get anything in, or out of it. Rather than avoiding the issue and losing more food and money, check out some of these ideas on how to organize your freezer the right way. Check out our fridge hacks, too!16 Tips on How to Organize Your Freezer (The Right Way)Whether you have a side-by-side freezer, drawer freezer, or even a deep freeze chest, it seems there’s never enough room. Freezers can be a life saver because they give you Read more [...]

Kidde smoke alarms recall

Kidde recalls 400,000 smoke alarms that don't detect smokeCSPC.govIf you have a Kidde smoke detector, you should inspect it today. Models PI2010 and PI9010 have been recalled due to a manufacturing defect that inhibits their ability to smell smoke. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall on Wednesday. Head here for the details, or head to .If your model doesn't have the pill shape across the front as in the picture above, you're not affected. If it does, take it Read more [...]

Facebook friends near me

​Here’s how to share location on FacebookThe new live location feature introduced by Facebook lets you share your live location in Messenger. This is a simple-to-use feature that can let you share with your friends where you are right now. Available both for iOS and Android, you can also use this feature to send pinned location, which means any other location you wish to share. Sharing location on Facebook lets your contacts and friends discover where you are. Sharing live location lets you coordinate Read more [...]