Cat in the picture

What do cuddly kitty cats and hooting owls have in common? Off the top of our heads, we can think of three similarities: 1) they’re both animals, 2) they’re both nocturnal, and 3) they both have really pretty round eyes that glow in the dark.

Yeah, we know, finding comparisons between birds and mammals is kind of like grasping at straws! That said, these animals do sometimes have one other thing in common—they look alike. Don’t believe us? Just take a gander at this illustration and tell us if you can find the cat hidden among the sea of owls:

We promise—there really is one in there….

Still, don’t see it? Don’t feel bad; it took us nearly 10 MINUTES (we know, embarrassing, right?!) to solve this particularly difficult puzzle.

Because we don’t think it’s necessarily fair to leave you with such a headache-inducing conundrum, we thought it would only be right to provide you with a few of helpful hints:

1) The hidden feline has the same fur color as the owls’ feathers.

2) The cat’s mouth is open in the same diamond shape as her high-flying friends.

3) She is wearing an ornate collar around her neck.

Ok, maybe the clues aren’t the most helpful ones in the world, but they are better than nothing. Now that you have them to add to your mental toolkit, recommence your kitty search party!

Helpful techniques for solving brain teasers

Still having trouble locating that missing cat? If so, perhaps it’s time that you start rethinking the way you approach these mind-numbing visual puzzles. Check out these expert tips via Brilliant:

1) The best way to identify a visual incongruity is to first identify the visual patterns in the puzzle. Pay attention to the color palette used in the illustration, as well as the general shapes and sizes of the subjects. Oftentimes, zeroing in on these details will quickly give you the answer to the question posed.

2) Rotate the illustration, if needed. Once in a while, these brain teaser artists will play tricks on you by flipping the entire concept on its head, so to speak.

3) One trick we like to do is slice the illustration into halves, and sometimes quarters. This works particularly well if the visual puzzle is bothering your eyes. You can also zoom in on parts of the photo (though we always kind of feel like we’re cheating when we do this). Either way, have some eye drops ready—some of these brain teasers sure can be tiring.

Yep, we weren’t lying when we said that this was a tough one! To finally get the answer to this mind-bending visual puzzle and to learn more about how these brain teasers are good for your health, be sure to watch the video below.

We’d love to get your take on this hidden kitty brain teaser! Were you able to solve the puzzle right away? If so, did you use any of the above techniques? Do you have an even harder visual puzzle that you would like to share?

Cat hidden in a wood pile stumps the internet

The internet loves to be stumped. The internet loves cats. Those two obsessions come together in a single photograph making the rounds on social media. On Twitter, people are challenging each other to find a cat hidden in a pile of wood within 10 seconds. At least one Twitter user is 20 minutes into the challenge and still flummoxed.

The image seems to trace back to a Reddit post from a month ago from user jmankruse. It comes with the caption “When you see it!” According to jmankruse, the cat is named Lloyd. Lloyd would totally ace the Monty Python game of “How Not to Be Seen.” Here’s a hint for your visual hunt: His advanced wood-pile hiding ability relates to the color of his fur. A photo hosted on Imgur already has more than 100,000 views.

It seems the internet likes nothing better than to spend many long, excruciating minutes trying to find weird things hidden in photographs. Already this year, the online world has obsessed over an object hidden in a brick wall and a phone that blended into a rug. Will the madness ever end? Probably not. And if you still can’t find the cat in the wood pile, check out the solution here.

Here’s a puzzle for you: Can you find the cat lounging in the woodpile below? He’s hiding in plain sight.

The photo has been making the rounds online since it was posted to Reddit on Sunday.

Need a hint? Try looking for a place where a feline would lounge for a cat nap.

You’ll kick yourself when you find it.


This kitty has definitely found a place where it can really blend in.

Still can’t find it?

Look at the top of the wood pile in the center of the image. You’ll see the cat stretched out on a log facing the camera.

The photo is still puzzling some Reddit users. Some wrote that they started seeing cats where there weren’t any.

“Before I saw the real cat, I was convinced I had found the creepy cat looking through the stacks in a shadowy spot. Just below and left of the real cat,” wrote one user.

“The cat face I saw also looks like a small human face,” wrote another user. “Maybe red-ish eyes. Only half the face peeking. I can’t see anything else now. Damn.”

Enjoy puzzles like this one? Try to find the beautiful woman hiding in these rocks. Also, see if you can spot the 500 sheep hiding in this photo.

This post was originally published on August 4, 2016.

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There’s A Cat Hiding In This Photo And Almost No One Can Find It

In the natural world, things are not always what they seem. What looks like a snake could turn out to be a clever little caterpillar, and an ordinary apple could turn out to be so much more.

That’s why it’s important to look at everything carefully, because who knows all of the things you could be missing out on.

If you look at the picture below, you’ll probably just see a giant pile of firewood at first. Look closer, though, and you might find something else that doesn’t belong…

When you first look at this photo, you probably see log upon log of chopped firewood. While it might not seem like it, rest assured, there’s definitely more than initially meets the eye. There is a cat hidden somewhere among those logs! It’s certainly not easy to find, but it’s definitely there. Did you find it yet? Make sure to check every nook and cranny…

Reddit / jmankruse

Here it is! Look at that adorable kitty perfectly camouflaged there on top of the wood! The color of his fur makes him blend in perfectly with the wood. On top of that, his eyes are shut, which makes it even tougher to distinguish him from the logs.

Reddit / jmankruse

How long did it take you to find him? If I didn’t check the answer, I’d be searching all day!

Want even more fun? Check out the top Boredom Therapy games!

Courtesy Gergely Dudás-Dudolf

During the Halloween season, you can never be too sure about what might be hiding in the shadows. Is it a ghost? A goblin? Or a black cat? Luckily, this drawing by Hungarian illustrator Gergely Dudás is more sweet than spooky, but it is hiding something. Can you see where the little black cat is hiding among all of the bats?

Have you found it yet? Hint: the cat is the same color as the bats but it doesn’t have any wings. If you’ve already found the little feline and are ready for another puzzle, see if you can find the ghost hidden in this tricky photo.

If you’ve given up or want to check if you’re correct, you can find the solution here. You can find the cat by counting in three bats from left to right in the bottom row. The cat is touching the right ear of the third bat in. It looks like it has wings because the two bats next to the cat have their wings on top of it, but don’t be fooled, it’s the cat.

If you think you’re a pro at these puzzles, or just want to do more of them, the creator of this puzzle, Gergely Dudás actually has a whole book of them. It’s called, Bear’s Spooky Book of Hidden Things: Halloween Seek-and-Find, and you can get in on Amazon for under $8. Dudás also has a Christmas themed puzzle book if you prefer to find festive things. If you think you have a knack for finding hidden animals, see if you can spot the animals camouflaged in these pictures.