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I had the honour of writing a 4 page article on finding the right jeans for your body shape for a book called ‘Get It’ by Jacqueline Laurita and Jene Luciani which just launched a while ago! It’s a whole women’s guide on shopping, beauty tips, wellness and more, which is amazing. This article I’m sharing with you now on finding your perfect jeans is in the book, but slightly re-worded and written out differently, so you should definitely go and check it out! You can buy it in the UK here and in the US here.

All of us have different shapes, sizes and styles so finding the right pair of jeans can be a mammoth task. Luckily there are tips and tricks for each of you on finding the perfect pair of jeans and it couldn’t be simpler! All you need to do is follow a few of these steps and remember them when heading to the changing room of your latest denim department. It could save you a lot of time, stress and upset and hopefully help you in finding those long awaited jeans you have been looking for!

There’s a pair of jeans for every shape, so don’t worry! Just find yours below and start shopping! Just remember though that price does matter when it comes to good quality jeans. Premium denim will last you a lot longer, not bag out and it will be cut more symmetrical so you will often find a pair to last from the premium section. Don’t worry though, if the price is a little steep, they always have sales! You can check out the best online shops to buy premium denim here, but Shopbop and Revolve Clothing always have a great selection. Don’t forget you can find jeans for petite ladies here too, we haven’t left anyone out.


With more curves around the hip and butt and a smaller upper half, it can be harder to find jeans that balance out your proportions and are flattering rather than awkward. To really enhance your shape and give credit to your booty, just like Beyonce, look out for jeans with these fits:

– Bootcut or wider flares – These will help balance out the hips and keep your legs in proportion with the extra fabric around the calves.

– Long inseams – Having a longer length means you can wear heels under your flares and bootcut jeans. This will of course elongate your legs and make them look slimmer.

– Higher rises – I recommend buying your jeans with a higher rise as they are very balancing to your shape, plus they hide a multitude of sins if you suffer from muffin top issues like so many of us do.

– Jeans with a smaller fitting waist – Most ladies with wider hips often struggle to find jeans that don’t leave a gap at the back of their butt. I recommend trying something like Levi’s Curve ID Bold Curve jeans as they are designed specifically for your shape and are cut smaller in the waist than the hips.

– Larger pockets – It’s important to enhance your booty since you are blessed with it, so look for larger back pockets as small ones can make it look bigger.

– Stretch denim – Always look for stretch denim as it will hug your body better, creating a more sleek silhouette. Plus, it’s not as restricting as rigid denim.

– Boots – If you do want to go for a skinny jean, I always recommend tucking them into boots as it will help balance out the hips more and create a better shape.


You ladies are a lot luckier with this body shape as you can get away with most things and look great. With a hip to bust ratio of 50/50 and a slim waist, it’s all about the styling and keeping your proportions balanced. Here are some great jeans to look for:

– Skinny Jeans – I always think skinnies are the most flattering on hourglass shapes. Your chest and hips are in proportion with each other already so showing your legs off in skinnies only highlights that point. I find that bootcut jeans can actually overwhelm you and hide your frame.

– Higher rises – I recommend higher rises because the waistband will sit at the smallest part of your waist, this will also give the illusion of an even slimmer middle.

– Medium size back pockets – Don’t go too big or too small with your back pocket sizing, it’s important to enhance your butt so choose wisely!

– Skinny flare – If you want to do flared jeans, I would say choose a pair that are tight and skinny all the way to the knee and then give off a slight flare. This is much more flattering.

– Flares – If you are a much more curvy hourglass that above and carry a lot of weight on the hips, a flared jean will really help balance that out.


For those of you who carry your issues around your tummy area and always struggle to find jeans that are flattering or give you that shape you are looking for, there’s definitely options for you too! Embrace your body shape and work with it rather than against it. These are some tips to look for:

– Skinny Jeans – Skinny jeans can look really good when they are paired with a floaty, gypsy style top as this will hide your problem area but the skinnies will still be fitted, creating a balanced look.

– Rises – If you are more curvy and you want to hide your stomach, I recommend going for a high rise jean as this will hold everything in. If you are a more slimmer apple shape then lower rise jeans can give you a more curvy appearance.

– Trouser Jeans – If you want to balance things out, I recommend going for a trouser style jean as the wider leg from hip to foot will help with proportions.


Most often like the super model shape with extra height, long legs and a straighter hip area, you can find it hard to get jeans to fit in length and be flattering and feminine. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of choices for you. Look out for these:

– Inseams – If you want to go for a smart look, long inseams are the way to go as they will make you sleek and clean (try the Forever Karlie line from Frame). If you prefer something more fashionable and love the look of jeans with ankle boots, go for a cropped skinny and cuff them with your ankle boots. This will give more depth to your shape and lessen your height a little bit while looking chic.

– Skinny Jeans – Skinnies are always your best friend as they show off your figure beautifully. Just be sure to pick the most flattering pair for your butt and thighs.

– Skinny Flares – You can also get away with skinny flares as you have the height to pull it off. Don’t do baggy flares as they will overwhelm you, so make sure the flare starts below the knee and the fit above is tight.

– Rises – If you want to show off your height, go for a high rise, but if you want to make your legs more proportional, a low rise will work wonders.

– Boyfriend Jeans – Luckily, you can get away with boyfriend jeans and make them look amazing! Go for a slimmer fitting boyfriend and it will look great.


If you have worked hard enough to get an athletic body shape, there are still numerous jeans that can work for you. You don’t have to stick to the men’s department at all! You might have the upside down triangle shape with bigger shoulders and biceps, or you might have muscular thighs (see this post on jeans for muscular legs). Look for these options:

– Stretch denim – It’s important to go with a thicker, more stretchy fabric as rigid denim will not be comfortable on your muscular thighs. Make sure the denim is very stretchy as you need to keep your thighs slim and the butt tight too. I don’t recommend sizing up to accommodate your thighs in more stiffer denim as the butt will unfortunately end up baggy.

– Wide leg – If you are having trouble finding tighter fitting jeans to fit your thighs and butt, try a trouser style wide leg jean. They are loose enough to accommodate and will be flattering.

– Boyfriend Jeans – If a more casual appearance if your thing then I definitely say boyfriend jeans are the way to go. They are extra roomy in the butt and the thighs and will of course be comfortable.

– Straighter hip fits – You want to look for jeans that run larger in the waist than most as they will help fit smoothly against the square shape of the hips.

– Higher rises – If you are carrying a lot more muscle in the butt and hip area, I recommend a higher rise as you don’t want the dreaded builders or plumbers butt syndrome.

Body shape images courtesy of Milanoimai and Sarah Bond.

A New Way To Shop

Want the full scoop? Here’s our simple approach for finding the best jeans for you.

Over the years, we’ve seen high rise, low rise and everything in between. While we love to follow trends, it’s a good idea to figure out what rise best complements your body type—and take it from there.


If you want to show off your curvy hips, low-rise jeans are a great option. Just make sure they fit snugly at your hips to avoid the dreaded waist-gap problem. Athletic body types can also rock a mean low rise. Because you may not have the curve in your hips, the jeans may hang a little lower so make sure to choose a fitted style with stretch.


This is the most figure-friendly rise out there; comfortable for all body types, and a bit of a secret weapon for all of us who want a little more structure around our midsection. Mid-rise jeans are also really compatible with just about any top length, which makes them a great go-to all around.


This fit is often viewed as “retro” but the truth is, it’s classic. Athletic body types with smaller waists will love this fit. Hourglass shapes on the slender side look fantastic in high rise jeans with stretch. This is a perfect style for cropped tops and tuck-ins.

From classic to trendy, fit is a great way to express your unique personal style. There’s no one answer here, and we love to mix it up.

What are boyfriend jeans?

Like flares, there are varying degrees of this fit. For a dressier look, pair with a blazer and heels, and choose a more slim cut overall.

Boyfriend jeans are best for these body types:

Boyfriend jeans look great on apple and athletic shapes.

What should you wear them with?

Jeans that have a looser fit typically pairs well with fitted tops (skip the volume this time!). If you’re looking for the perfect fit, look for denim with lots of stretch to give you that ultra-laid back look. If you want something with more structure, opt for less stretch and a simple cuff at the hem.

What are straight leg jeans?

Straight leg jeans are the more laid-back, less body -conscious cousin of the skinny jean. If you’re not totally down with skin-tight jeans, try a straight jean instead.

Straight leg jeans are best for these body types:

Hourglass, apple and athletic shapes will all rock a straight leg with style and grace.

We love a classic straight jean wore with a simple ballet flat, tailored striped shirt and blazer for that Audrey Hepburn look circa 1958. More of a casual girl? An easy T-shirt, jeans and sandals (or boots) is a timeless uniform.

What are bootcut jeans?

This fit is a sort-of cousin to the flare, and look great with a boot heel that’s anywhere from 1.5-3”. It’s a more subtle wide-leg that’s a more modern take than their wild-child cousin from the 60s.

Bootcut jeans are best for these body types:

Hourglass and pear shapes love a good bootcut jean.

Bootcut jeans have major wearability—which is why they keep coming back. We love them with easy flats and booties alike and with their ultra-universal silhouette, it’s hard to pick which top to wear.

What are flared jeans?

There are flares, and there are flares. If you want to make a statement, rock a big bell (usually 10” or more across the bottom hem) that hits the floor.

Flared jeans are best for these body types:

Flares look great on pear and hourglass shapes.
Petite Tip: Look for the right inseam for you! You’ll want something that grazes the floor and doesn’t’ overwhelm your frame.

Flares, by their very nature, run long. Look for the inseam that’s right for you, and then choose your heel height accordingly. Play with proportion and either wear an oversized top for that ‘70s vibe, or go ultra-fitted to show off your waist.

What are skinny jeans?

Despite the name, this jean has nothing to do with your figure—it just means these jeans are the slimmest at your ankle compared to all other silhouettes. In fact, thanks to stretch denim, everyone should have a pair in their closet.

Skinny jeans are best for these body types:

All (yes, all!). But we get it—they’re divisive. It comes down to wash here: pear and hourglass shapes look best in dark wash skinny jeans, while apple and athletic shapes can try lighter washes year-round.

Skinny jeans are the perfect accompaniment to loose, oversized tops. Which, last time we checked were #trendingnow! Whether you’re curvy, straight or petite, play with the volume on top to create balance. If you love fitted tops, those work too! You’ll create a streamlined silhouette if you go for sleek on skinny.

Great news: When it comes to wash, it’s all blue skies for you—there’s really no wrong or right when it comes to wash—it’s all about your personal preferences. Generally speaking, darker washes are best for going dressy, and lighter washes are great for beachy vibes. But your blue (or black or grey or white…) up to you.

Dark Wash

A dark wash pair of jeans is universally appealing to all shapes & sizes (and wears over time like a dream). Look for dark blue and black washes to add to your collection. Make sure you know how to wash black jeans properly so they don’t end up fading.

Light to Medium Wash

We like to call this the workhorse wash. From day to night, summer to winter—it’s always appropriate. What’s a wash tip to keep in mind? The lighter the wash, the more casual the vibe. Pro tip: Look for a seriously faded wash and pair with a light neutral top for a monochromatic look.

Colored Denim

Elevate a basic jean-and-tee look with a darker hue like burgundy or olive. Punchier colors are great for warmer months.

Now that you know the jeans that’ll fit your figure best, don’t forget to tell your Stylist so she can send you your new favorite. Plus, they’ve got a lot of experience in finding their own perfect pair too!

When you’re ready for new denim, here’s how to tell your Stylist in your next Fix Note:

  • If you’re looking for a complete denim refresh: “I’m on the hunt for a few new pair of jeans. Can you send me 5 pairs of jeans in this Fix?”
  • If you want to try a new silhouette: “I’ve been wearing skinny jeans for too long, can I try a new silhouette?”
  • If you want to try a new wash: “I’m looking for a new wash—can I try something darker?”

Figured out your fit formula? Now tell your Stylist by updating your Style Profile today!

By: Stitch Fix




Experiment with new styles

While buying classic black or blue denim may feel like a safe investment, you shouldn’t be afraid to switch things up, argues Fiona.

This season, lighter washes and white denim are having a resurgence, so why not give them a try for a fresh feel?

“Don’t be frightened of white denim,” says Fiona. “Choose a more relaxed fit or a wide-leg style, and pair them with tan, camel and grey tones for a super-chic summer look.”

Soho Skinny Jeans Boden £50.00


Sienna Straight Leg Jeans M&S Collection £19.50

Marks & Spencer

Collection Weekend Ankle Grazer Slim Jeans, White John Lewis & Partners £17.50

John Lewis & Partners

Premium Wide Leg Jeans in Bone White



Denim Culottes High Waist, £24.99



How to make your bum look good in jeans

The secret to making your bum look its best in denim? “Seek out clever styles with built-in control panels to lift your bottom and flatten your tummy,” Amanda tells us.

“I’d recommend the denim brand NYDJ, which is available at John Lewis, as well as the ‘Shape & Sculpt’ range at JD Williams.”

FASHION DIRECTOR’S PICK NYDJ Marilyn Straight Leg Regular Jeans, Cooper Blue NYDJ £139.95

John Lewis & Partners

NYDJ Alina Skinny Ankle Jeans, Cooper Blue, Cooper Blue NYDJ £139.95

John Lewis & Partners

FASHION DIRECTOR’S PICK Black Premium Shape & Sculpt High Waisted Straight Leg Jeans Regular Length JD Willams £42.00

JD Williams

Per Una Sculpt & Lift Roma Rise Straight Leg Jeans Marks & Spencer £35.00

Marks & Spencer

Shape & Sculpt Vintage Blue High Waist Straight Leg Jeans Regular Length JD Williams £42.00

JD Williams

How to maintain your jeans

Once you’ve found your perfect pair of jeans, don’t forget to treat them with care – when looked after properly, denim really can last season after season.

“My top tip would be to wash your jeans as little as possible,” advises Fiona. “And, when you do, make it a cold wash.

“If your jeans have some stretch, you should also avoid fabric conditioner to maintain elasticity.”

Looking for more expert advice on caring for your denim? Checking out the Good Housekeeping Institute’s 10 golden rules for making your jeans last longer.

Related Story

How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans

This season, boyfriend jeans are in, and it is wonderful because girls now have another style of jeans to add to their collection. Coming from a girl who hates wiggling all over the room to get into my tight skinny jeans, I’m glad to have a style of jeans that I can wear casually or dressy, while still being able to bend my legs and sit down without cutting off my circulation.

Boyfriend jeans are most flattering to body shapes with a smaller lower half. For example, people with an apple shape or straight shape will look better in boyfriend jeans than people with an hourglass or pear shape. The reason for this is because boyfriend jeans are big and baggy, which give the illusion of a bigger bottom half. If you already have a bigger bottom half, then they will make your bottom half look bigger, and not look as flattering as they would on someone with an apple or a straight body shape. Apple shapes will be flattered in boyfriend jeans because they will balance out their bigger tops and give the illusion of a bigger bottom. Boyfriend jeans will also give someone with a straight shape a bigger bottom, and therefore, give the illusion of a pear-shaped figure.

*Disclaimer: You can wear whatever you want, whenever you want. As long as it makes you feel good, wear it. No matter what body shapes I say look better in boyfriend jeans than others, everyone is different. I am simply describing my opinion for most people.

After buying the perfect boyfriend jeans, you may wonder what kind of shirt or shoes to wear with them. They’re baggy, so it can be a big change from skinny jeans. Personally, I bought boyfriend jeans and then took a couple of extra weeks to be brave and wear them. As I wore them more and bought more pairs, I realized how comfortable they are, and I grew to love them. I learned what looks good, and what doesn’t look as good. Here’s a simple description of my opinion on how to wear them:

What kind of shirt to wear:

1. They look great with tighter shirts to balance out the baggy bottom. Wearing a casual T-shirt or even a camisole top (tucked in or not) will go perfectly.

2. Wearing a baggy top tucked in (maybe with a belt) will look good because you are still showing off your waistline, so this will show off your shape in a flattering way that isn’t showing off any skin.

3. If you’re looking to show a little skin, a crop top will go great with high-waisted boyfriend jeans. A fitted crop top will work well because it will show off your shape on top to balance out the baggy bottoms. Also, if you’re uncomfortable wearing a fitted crop top, a flowing crop top also looks good with high waisted boyfriend jeans since you are showing a bit of your stomach, and therefore won’t make your top half look bulky.

What shirts NOT to wear:

Wearing a baggy top will not give you any sort of shape because, like previously mentioned, the jeans are baggy so a baggy top will make the outfit look sloppy, and not show off your shape at all.

What kind of shoes to wear:

I find that any sort of shoe that goes below the ankle looks best. For example: sneakers, sandals, flip-flops, heels, wedges, or even ankle boots will go well as long as you pick the right shoe for the occasion.

What shoes NOT to wear:

High boots that go above the ankle will look weird because the pants will either have to messily be tucked into the boot, or the boot will have to go awkwardly underneath the jeans.

Where To Find The Best Jeans That Are Comfy, Fit Properly And Will Really Last

As one of the most democratic items of clothing, jeans are a wardrobe staple for nearly everyone (aside from my grandmother and the Queen of course). There are few situations in which jeans wouldn’t be welcome (save for weddings, maybe, or black tie dress codes) and they go with pretty much everything. While they can be brilliant once you’ve identified which styles fit and feel good, shopping for denim can be a nightmare.

I’m yet to meet a person who finds shopping for jeans enjoyable. Sizes can vary wildly, depending on where you shop, which can sometimes feel disheartening. This is why I would encourage you to dismiss the numbers on the label – instead, just go for what feels the best, because ultimately this is what is going to make you feel more confident in the long run. Bearing in mind the fact that different brands and labels use different fit models to determine sizes, I’d suggest that sizing is actually arbitrary, so don’t let this put you off.

Sizing aside, jeans can also be a bit overwhelming, given the fact that there is so. much. choice. There’s the trusted speciality brands – Levi’s and Wrangler, for example – as well as the high street names who are renowned for their excellent denim selection. Then, do you go for wide leg, skinny or straight? What about fashion’s new obsession with flares? Perhaps consider what you already have and how you like to wear them – that will help you to narrow down the options.

Browse some of the best new jeans on offer below to get a better idea of what’s out there. Of course, it’ll take a lot of trying on to know your best styles and brands, but once you’ve found your favourites it’ll make replenishing a lot easier.

SHOP: The New Season Denim Edit


Shop Our Pick Of The Best Jeans For Women:

1 of 10

Nothing says 70’s chic like a pair of high-rise denim flares.

2 of 10

I know what you’re thinking – theses are a little Avril Lavigne Sk8er Boi. But this relaxed boyfriend fit works with trainers and heels. Honestly.

3 of 10

Taking it back to the 50’s with this pair of button-up, cropped jeans.

4 of 10

These fit-and-flare jeans are actually super flattering and comfy, too.

5 of 10

You can’t go wrong with an ultimate classic pair of Levi’s – you really will wear them forever.

6 of 10

Skinny jeans may now be new, but if it ain’t broke… Wrangler does some of the best in a range of washes, too.

7 of 10

The Editor jeans have caused somewhat of a stir in fashion circles. A bit like your regular straight legs… but better.

8 of 10

Boyfriend jeans are easy to wear and super comfy. Wear yours with an oversized knit and boots for a cold-weather look you don’t have to think about.

9 of 10

White denim isn’t obvious for autumn/winter but these M&S jeans are changing our minds on that. The fit is lovely, they look far more expensive than they actually are and they’re a nice change from your usual blue jeans.

10 of 10

Cropped jeans are easier to wear than you might think. While they look great with trainers and tees, they’re also easy to dress up with kitten heels and a fancy blouse.

THROUGH changing fashion trends, a great pair of jeans is a timeless go-to.

You don’t have to shop designer to find the perfect pair, the trusty high-street is full of amazing denim retailers too.

7 Kylie Jenner, left, and Victoria Beckham, right, showcasing some cool jeans

Nothing beats the feeling of finding your favourite pair of jeans – ones that hug you in at all the right places, don’t bag at the bum and don’t cut into your stomach after indulging in a great meal.

Fear not, you don’t have to splash out for a great fit – Next has super cheap pairs and Topshop is great for tapping into the latest trends.

Topshop’s best selling Jamie jeans will always be a trusty go-to if you’re looking for long-lasting skinnies.

And of course, everyone knows high-street label Levi’s fly the flag for durable, high-quality denim – they look even better vintage.

Jeans can be styled in a variety of ways too. You can bring back Aaliyah’s trademark baggy jeans vibe or rock Gigi Hadid’s straight-cut distressed denim.

However you want to wear them, we’ve selected the best high street jeans for women, to save you spending months trying to find that magical fit.

1. Topshop


Its collection is affordable, durable and has a huge range of sizes as well as tall (leg 36) and petite (leg 28).

From the best-selling Joni and Jamie skinnies to its range of mom designs, Topshop has you covered for flexible, flattering jeans whatever you’re after.

Left to right:

  1. Vintage Indigo Raw Hem Jamie Jeans, £42 – buy here
  2. Black Jamie Jeans, £40 – buy here
  3. Mid Blue Raw Hem Straight Jeans, £40 – buy here
  4. Bleach Ripped Hem Mom Jeans, £40 – buy here

2. River Island


Another popular go-to for good quality jeans is River Island.

All their jeans are crafted from durable cotton-blend denim and cater for a range of body shapes. Personalise the fit by choosing between short, regular and long in staple cuts.

The retailer’s flares go up to a size 18, too.

Styles range from 1990s inspired “mom” and sleek skinnies, to on-trend cropped and wide legged numbers, so take your pick.

Left to right:

  1. Black Molly Reform Jeggings, £40 – buy here
  2. Mid Blue Bootcut Jeans, £45 – buy here
  3. Black High Rise Bootcut Flared Jeans, £40 – buy here
  4. Bright Blue Molly Jeggings, £40 – buy here

3. Levi’s


Levi’s needs no introduction, historically leading the way for worldwide denim, with a star-studded clientele from Marilyn Monroe to Alexa Chung.

Crafted from its world-famous soft cotton denim, all of Levi’s jeans are stamped with that iconic leather patch on the back.

From the skinnies boasting a waist-defining fit to the shaping jeans lifting your butt and lengthening your legs, everyone looks good in Levi’s.

Left to right:

  1. 721 High Waisted Skinny Jeans, £85 – buy here
  2. 312 Shaping Slim Jeans, £70 – buy here
  3. Mile High Super Skinny Jeans, £85 – buy here
  4. Ribcage Straight Ankle Jeans, £95 – buy here

4. Gap


Gap is another affordable go-to for trendy, quality jeans.

Its campaign timeline has been iconic, including the likes of Naomi Campbell, Madonna and Missy Elliot.

The skinnies are crafted from a premium stretch denim and even the wide-leg styles are still a low-stretch denim – Gap jeans’ flexibility suits the daily grind of modern women.

As part of the water-saving Washwell programme, all its plain denim jeans use 20 per cent less water than traditional washes.

But a black pair works well on nights out, too.

Left to right:

  1. Mid Rise True Skinny Jeans in Everblack, £54.95 – buy here
  2. High Rise Wide-Legged Crop Jeans With Button Fly, £54.95 – buy here
  3. Low Rise True Skinny Jeans, £54.95 – buy here
  4. High Rise Wide-Leg Crop Jeans, £49.95 – buy here

5. & Other Stories


As one of the most directional high-street retailers, of course our fave Scandi brand & Other Stories does denim well.

From kick flares to cargo jeans and overstitched denim, all of its jeans are bang on-trend.

Finessing that flattering, rigid silhouette, all of its flares and straight cuts are non-stretch.

Whereas the slim jeans have a little stretch – so choose what takes your fancy.

Or get them all – for under £70, they’re a high-quality steal.

Left to right:

  1. Straight Fit Stretch Jeans, £65 – buy here
  2. Tapered High Rise Jeans, £65 – buy here
  3. Flared Mid Rise Jeans, £65 – buy here
  4. Straight Mid Rise Jeans, £59 – buy here

6. Next


Next knows jeans should be an easy throw-on whatever the occasion with its range of stretchy relaxed denim.

Fashioned from a cotton-rich blend, these different styles all boast superior comfort with a little added stretch.

Whether you want to go for a Noughties bootcut or the 1950s Selvedge relaxed jeans, there are lots of affordable must-haves.

Left to right:

  1. Mid Rise Boyfriend Jeans, £28 – buy here
  2. Lift, Slim and Shape Skinny Jeans, £45 – buy here
  3. Enhancer Slim Jeans, £32 – buy here
  4. Lift, Slim and Shape Boot Cut Jeans, £45 – buy here

What are the best jeans for curvy figures?

Curvy figures can rock any denim style, from skinny to straight leg to mom and boyfriend denim.

The key is finding jeans with spandex and elastane, that offer a bit of stretch and maximum comfort.

When it comes to brands that curvy girls can’t get enough of, Levi’s is the fave.

The 311 Shaping Skinny Jeans from the US denim legend are particularly popular with the curvy crew.

Reviewers love their ‘great fit’ and the fact they are ‘very comfortable’.

What brand of jeans are the most comfortable?

One of the great virtues of jeans is how comfortable they are – while still lifting bums and being acceptable date-wear. It’s amazing.

Of course, not all jeans are created equal in terms of comfort – some are cool to go out in, but others are so soft and fabulous-feeling, you could sleep in them.

When it comes to brands, fans love Topshop’s Mom jeans, which many insist are the comfiest of them all.

The range is also superb: you’ll find these in every colour, wash and silhouette (oversized, distressed, high-rise, worker) you can think of.

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