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Fall Favor Packaging: 22 DIY Ideas for Autumn Parties!

With all the fall celebrations coming up—from birthday parties to baby showers to Thanksgiving—you’re sure to be needing creative favor packaging ideas. So we scoured the web for inspiration that’s quick, easy, affordable and yet brimming with autumn’s rustic, natural charm. You’ll love these 22 creative packaging examples we found, ranging from bags to bottles to boxes. Each one is totally DIYable and perfect for presenting guests with awesome autumn favors!

Fall Party Favor Bags and Tags

When it comes to bagging your autumn gifts and favors, mini burlap sacks (1) are a great favorite. Just the thing for giving caramel apple ingredients, coffee beans, mixed nuts, and apple cider mix!

Favor pouches in muslin (6) or sheer embroidered organza (7) are lovely for holding home-baked cookies or autumn potpourri.

While ideas as simple as a band of patterned paper (4) around handmade pumpkin spice soaps, or the easiest cello bags or cones holding “Happy Trails” mix (2), winter berry granola (3), or camping-themed cookies (5) can be dressed up with the cutest printable tags!

Credits: 1 – Mountain Living / 2 – A Little Insanity / 3 – Always Order Dessert / 4 – Happiness is Homemade / 5 – Nico and Lala / 6 – My Design Dump / 7 – Bellenza

Fall Favors in Bottles, Jars and Buckets

Well-loved fall munchies and treats make the easiest favor options ever! Just present them in clever and charming containers. Think sweet and spicy rosemary nuts in mini espresso or shot glasses (1), S’mores trail mix in mason jars trimmed with customized chalkboard labels (7), and S’mores ingredients in mini tin buckets with a campfire theme (3)!

Give bottles of honey (2) a quaint finish with kraft paper “caps” and DIY beaded leaf tags. Layer creamy pumpkin-pie-in-a-jar (5) for an easy take-away treat. Or gift guests with your favorite blend of cooking spices presented in mini spice bottles (see our how-to here).

For non-edible favors, surprise guests with homemade sugar scrubs in canning jars. For a pumpkin pie sugar scrub, use petite glass jars and the cutest printable labels and tags (4); while for a cinnamon sugar scrub, present the jars with cinnamon sticks tied with twine (6).

Credits: 1 – Tastes Lovely / 2 – Bellenza / 3 – Michelle’s Party Plan-it / 4 – Pitter and Glink / 5 – Hungry Couple NYC / 6 – Consumer Crafts / 7 – Evermine

Fall Favors in Boxes and Baskets

If you plan to give odd-shaped or delicate edibles as favors, boxes and baskets provide sturdy protection—while being pretty, too!

Just look at these well-loved fall classics so delightfully packaged: peanut brittle in heart-shaped woven boxes (2), pretzels in brightly colored snack boxes trimmed with autumn leaf tags (3), caramel apples in clever die-cut fold-up packaging (4), mini apple pies in adorable pie boxes with window lids (5), home-baked muffins in recycled egg cartons (6), and apple cider and donuts in berry baskets (7).

And for non-edible favors like autumn potpourri, spice-scented candles, flower bulbs for planting and the like, why not craft your own origami-inspired gift boxes (1) using vintage patterned board, or DIY cardboard pouches made from toilet paper rolls (8)!

Credits: 1 – Gingersnap Crafts / 2 – Bellenza / 3 – A to Zebra Celebrations / 4 – Nutmeg Creations / 5 – Weddingstar (*affiliate link) / 6 – L’Art de la Curiosite / 7 – Think Garnish / 8 – Freckled Fawn, via Paige’s Party Ideas

Wouldn’t you just love to give and receive fall favors this creatively packaged? We know we would! Leave us a comment to let us know your favorites from our 22 picks!

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Inside This Post: 50 Alternatives for goody bags that aren’t candy, chochkies or junk. Alternatives for kid’s birthday party goody bags that won’t get tossed in the trash.

50 Alternatives for Goody Bags: No Candy, Plastic Toys or Junk

Gift bags are a nice way to say, “thank you” for coming to my child’s birthday and/or for bringing a birthday present… but how many of us cringe at filling these goodby bags with candy, plastic items from $1 bins and chochki pieces we don’t even want in our own homes?

The truth is… I hate goodie bags.

I don’t know about you, but when my kids bring home a goodie bag, I understand the thought behind them is nice, but my kids don’t need more candy or cheap toys that will inevitably break and I have to secretly bury in the bottom of the trash after they’ve gone to bed.

Wouldn’t it be nice to admit this birthday tradition is one we can go away with?

That’s exactly what I did several years ago – I swore off goodie bags, candy and any more miniature sized junk!

I began to replace thank you gifts with items

  • I knew would be used,
  • were appropriate right for the season,
  • wouldn’t give guests a sugar rush,
  • can be played with for longer than 24 hours
  • and well, you know…

Didn’t make me feel as if I was taking a twenty dollar bill and lighting it on fire.

I’ve put together a list of my favorite 50 alternatives to goody bags you can pull together for your child’s next birthday party and save yourself the headache of digging through the dollar bins.

50 Alternatives to Goody Bags (That Aren’t Junk)

Stage a Party Craft or Activity That Doubles as a Take Home Gift

My favorite tip for sending kids home with a momento from a birthday party is to get them involved in an activity or craft, that can go home with them!

Unless you’re hosting a birthday party at your local gymnastics studio or trampoline park, you’re likely looking for activities to do with the kids to fill party time. An organized activity or craft is perfect for getting kids to sit down together and to leave the party with something in hand.

Here are my favorite activities or crafts to do at a kid’s birthday party.

  • Decorate Your Own Pillowcase
    • Grab a stack of white pillowcases and nontoxic fabric markers and let kids doodle away. I’d recommend staying away from puff paint and fabric paints as you might not have enough time for them to dry completely before the party is over.

  • Decorate Your Own Canvas Tote
    • You can also use canvas totes to decorate with fabric markers and always come in handy at home!
  • Paint or Color a Canvas Masterpiece
    • Hosting an art themed party? This is perfect for budding artists. Simply set up an art station with paint, watercolors or markers and let kids create their own stretched canvas masterpiece they can bring home with them.
  • Paint Your Own Pottery
    • There are dozens of options for different kinds of pottery to have at a “paint your own pottery station” at a child’s birthday party including plates, vases, bowls and even a party kit with 6 bowls. The paint quickly dries while the party continues and then you can send each piece home with the child’s parent and include instructions for baking at their house and sealing the paint.
  • Make Slime
    • Make your own slime party sounds like a good ‘ol time! Whip up large batches of slime using a slime making kit and let kids add elements like beads, glitter, eyeballs, foam and then have containers they can save their slime and take it home with them when the fun is all done.
  • Picture Frame with a Picture from the Party
    • These are the wooden 4×6” frames I’ve used in the past and then I let the kids paint, color and decorate the frames with stick on foam pieces, glitter, rhinestones, puff paint, etc. I grab from a craft store. I’ll snap one group photo as the party starts and then send off my husband to print them on photo paper on our printer so when the kids leave, they take a finished photo frame with a picture of all the kids at the party.
  • Make Tie Dye Shirts, Towel or Accessory
    • This is one of our favorite activities to do in the summer but works perfectly for parties too! Whether you grab a set of t-shirts, hats, towels, sweats or other clothing or accessory, kids can get involved tying, twisting and tie dying their item and bringing it home afterwards. We just grab a tie dye kit which makes it easy, and get to work! This works best in the summer when you can set out items to dry in the sun.
  • Cookie or Cake Decorating and Take it Home
    • Sending kids how with a sweet treat they decorated is an easy alternative to goody bags. Set out a decorating station for cookies, cupcake or cake and let them design, embellish and turn into a masterpiece that can be slid into a ziplock bag or take-away box for later.
  • Paint or Make a Birdhouse and take home a bag of birdseed
    • Set up a paint your own birdhouse station for kids to brighten up a wooden birdhouse. Add twine for hanging and pair with a bag of birdseed and voila, an instant take home craft! I’d recommend buying a set of wooden birdhouses like this one, that already come assembled and include the twine.

Crafts to Take & Do at Home

While you may not have time, or the ability to do crafts at a birthday party, there’s no reason why you can’t send one home with each guest who came. I love to give out craft supplies, craft kits and easy at-home sets for kids that are creative and inspire imagination. Here are my favorite crafts to give to kids as an alternative to goody bags.

  • Play Doh with Mini Tools – tie a string around a container of play doh to a shape, cutter or mold and you’re all set!
  • Crayons or Markers – with so many fun sets of markers such as glitter markers, silly scent markers, window markers, and even metallic crayons, there’s a ton of options to choose from other than a standard set.
  • Coloring Book – grab a set of coloring books, like this 8-pack that even comes with stickers and let guests pick out a book before they leave.
  • Watercolor Set – watercolors have always been my favorite because they never stain or ruin clothes! hand out sets of watercolors & paintbrushes to guests to play with at home.
  • Stickers – do kids ever outgrow their fascination with stickers? Mine are almost 8 and haven’t yet so I know this is one of those options that can span a big age range. Stickers at the store can be so expensive so I recommend snagging a set like these animal variety sheets or puffy assorted stickers and mixing and matching a few sheets together. Tie the up with a bow and set in a basket to hand out when the party is over.

Goody Bag Options Good for Anytime of the Year

No matter when your child’s birthday falls, these alternative items are great for year round!

  • Book – this was an easy alternative to goody bags we’ve pulled out several times for my three kids. I don’t buy individual books because that can get expensive, but find sets of books online and then throw them in a basket for kids to pick one on their way out the door. Depending on age, these Eric Carle board books are adorable, or National Geographic early readers are a favorite with my son who likes to read, but is captivated by the world and animal kingdom.
  • Balloon – I never waste my money on buying balloons from the store because I usually grab a portable helium tank like this one (but it’s about half the price at Target, so use this link to see what it looks like and then head to the store) and fill up balloons at home. Every child gets a balloon, but be sure to make extras in case on pops and you don’t have to worry about tears.
  • Friendship Bracelets – set an hour aside a week before the birthday party and begin braiding and making friendship bracelets. Attach a special note from your child.
  • Keychain – I never realized how popular keychains were, or even that they are back to being “a thing” before my kids went to school. Now, I see kids loading their backpacks with keychains like it’s a badge of honor. May as well add to the backpack keychain collection with one of your own from the birthday party. Here are some puppy keychains, emoji keychains and squishy keychains.
  • Mini Puzzle – There are so many different puzzles you choose from including magic snake puzzles, travel collectible puzzle (24 pieces), and 24-piece wild animals pack.
  • Nail Polish – non-toxic nail polish tied to a buffing pad or nail stickers would make a cute bundle.
  • Mini Lego Set – you can find mini lego packs in check out aisles or something like these mini-builder sets would make a great option instead of candy or plastic junk in goody bags.

  • Rubix Cube – Give guests a brain teaser with a never-ending challenge of a mini rubix cube.
  • Card Games – Our family loves to play cards games and Uno, Old Maid and Go Fish are some of the easiest to start with. They also make great to give to kids as a alternative for goody bags!

Something Yummy to Eat (& Save for Later)

Sending something delicious home to enjoy for later is always a simple (and yummy) way to thank birthday party guests. Here are some ideas of easy to make or buy and package as a gift.

Just be sure to be conscious of any food allergies or dietary restrictions so no one gets left out.

  • Muffin
  • Cupcake
  • Cookies
  • Slice of Cake
  • Peanut Butter Bites
  • Bundt Cake
  • Donut
  • Caramel Apple
  • Ice Cream Sandwich

Sports Theme Ideas

My kids are active…. super active and that’s something that makes me really happy. Kids should be on the move, and sports and outdoor activities promote teamwork, friendly competition and movement.

  • Bouncy Ball – Grab a couple $1 bouncy balls at the grocery store or a place like Target and watch kid’s eyes light up when they get to take one home.
  • Playground Ball – These playground balls are also perfect for four-square, kick-ball and other fun games.
  • Knobby Ball – Not knobby balls only are these great as a sensory ball, but are great for learning how to play catch, also great for the pool or tub.
  • Jump Rope – This is a fantastic option if you’re looking to have an action-packed group activity with kids.
  • Scoop & Toss Set – This game is also known as jai alai and it is perfect to improve your children’s eye and hand movement coordination. This scoop ball game is not only for kids… so stay active, grab your ball & scoop, have fun and exercise at the same time!
  • Paddle Ball Set – paddle ball gamethis classic toy has given kids and adults hours of fun for generations! The is a great way to have fun, stay active and improve your motor skills and coordination. Increase your speed or use it upside down to make it more challenging and exciting!
  • Velcro Ball Catch – These usually come in a set of four paddles and four balls, perfect for splitting into two sets and handing them out.

Outside Toys and Fun

Kids should be outside playing and spending time in the outdoors. So… give them another reason to head outside, no matter what time of year it is!

Here are some fun ideas you can give to kids to get the moving, and taking in some fresh air.

  • Bubbles – grab a pack of bubble wands and tie a balloon or ribbon to each one for a colorful and fun gift.
  • Chalk – give out a pack of chalk and pair it with stencils for some serious sidewalk art and competitive games of hopscotch, four square or follow the line!
  • Frisbee – grab a set of frisbees for backyard fun at the party and give them away at the party’s end.
  • Kite – This Melissa & Doug Kite is made of nylon and not just plastic, so it’ll stand up with use.
  • Water Splash Ball – Water Splash Ball is excellent for playing water games. Whether you are a three-year-old kid or older, you can surely enjoy these little water shooters. Innovate your kids’ water balls using these water bomb balls that functions like reusable water balloons.

  • Water Balloons – back when I was a kid, water balloons had to be carefully filled up one at a time. No more, because now you can fill up to 100 water balloons in just one minute. These make for backyard fun for the entire family to take home.
  • Pool Noodle – You can find pool noodles anywhere for $1 – $2 each. Grab some for a great Summer gift idea!
  • Pool Toys – mix and match a handful of pool toys. a couple pool torpedoes, pool fish, pool rings and diving sticks for a splash bundle.

Something to Wear

This is always the easiest category to fill, because based on the time of year, you surely can find inexpensive wearable options for boys, girls, kids young and older. Here are a few ideas of wearable gift ideas.

  • Baseball Cap / Visor
  • Sunglasses
  • Necklace
  • Scarf
  • Mittens
  • Headband
  • Superhero Cape – these can be plain in various colors like these ones, or add a design to them on your own to jazz things up.
  • Hat / Beanie
  • Purse / Tote
  • Dress up Shoes & Play Jewelry – a princess dress up set like this one, lets little ones dress up and then go home in (ultra) style.

I’m curious, what other have you used as an alternative for goody bags?

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20 Goodie Bag Ideas for Kids Birthday Parties

With my youngest daughters birthday just around the corner, party planning is in full effect. I’ve picked a cute summery flamingo theme, planned the menu, and have started creating an awesome tropical backdrop.

This week I’m working on coming up with something fun to surprise our guests with.

With a little creativity, goodie bags can be such such an easy way to continue your theme and send your guests home with a little something to remind them of your fabulous party.

Plus, what better way to say thanks for coming than by sending your guests home with an extra special treat. Here’s 20 Creative Goodie Bag Ideas for Kids Birthday Parties that I really want to try!

Shark Themed Goodie Bags

My cute little nephew is six and is OBSESSED with sharks. I could see him being ALL OVER these shark goodie bags! Especially with those sharp teeth.

I would change them just a bit by adding larger googly eyes!

Inside the shark bags I would add: shark gummies, shark lollipops and these colorful gummy fishies!

Beach Bucket Party Favors

As summer approaches, my favorite goody bag for all summer parties are Beach Pails! They are cheap, colorful and a crowd favorite.

You can vinyl the outside on the pail (tutorial HERE) or just fill them with fabulous summer goodies like: bubbles wands, silly straws, beach balls and water squirters!

No Sew Mini Pom Pom Bags

Did someone say ‘no sew’!! Those might be my favorite two words ever!

How cute are these bags that require NO SEWING whatsoever. All you need is a little pom pom trim and fabric glue!

Rainbow Favor Boxes

Give me all the rainbows!! Over the years, I can’t seem to create enough rainbow content: Rainbow T-Shirts, Rainbow Treat Bags and this fun Rainbow Backdrop.

I love the idea of giving little kiddies rainbow favor boxes after a fun unicorn, rainbow or generic birthday party.

I would put Rainbow Candy Belts, Rainbow Lollipops and Rainbow Star Stickers inside.

Modern Dinosaur Bag

Is there anything more magical to a little boy than dinosaurs?! I think not.

And how simple and cute are these DIY Dinsoaur bags? They are made from simple party favor bags and paper!!

How cute would the be filled with: Dino Egg Kit, Dinosaur Tattoos and Dino Gummies.

Baseball Party Favors

My favorite and easiest way to create party favors are boxes of treats that coordinate with your party theme. Like these Cracker Jacks for a baseball party for example.

Tie a darling, coordinating, punny tag to the treat and wah-laa!! The most perfect party favor ever!

I have oodles and oodles of party favor tags in my PRINTABLE LIBRARY. Have you checked it out yet? It has hundreds and hundreds of printables at your disposal.

S’mores Summer Party Goodie Bags

My most favorite summer treat of all time are S’mores! I can think of nothing more darling than a pack of marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers all tied together as a sweet party favor.

Especially with a darling tag like, ‘here’s to S’MORE summer fun’ or ‘one s’more year’! (both tags can be found in my PRINTABLE LIBRARY).

Hot Air Balloon Party Favors

How darling are these hot air balloon party favors?! They can be made with any color of balloons, any base and be filled with all sorts of goodies!

Mariah of Giggles Galore has a cute tutorial on her blog of a Valentine Hot Air Balloon that you MUST check out.

Tool Belt Party Favors

I love the idea of a Tool Belt Party Favor for a Construction Party. I did something similar with the party I styled for Oriental Trading Co.

I stenciled the outside of the tool belt with each kid’s name and then filled the tool belt with all sorts of plastic tools.

Flamingo Favor Bags

Flamingo Parties are still ALL THE RAGE and the cutest party theme ever. I have LOADS of fun flamingo content of my blog for you to craft and party with: FREE Printable Flamingo Party Favors,?DIY Summer Decorating Ideas and a FREE PRINTABLE Luau Backdrop.

The one party favor bag is adorable! I would add: flamingo suckers, flamingo sunglasses and flamingo hair ties!?

Polka Dots & Pinwheels Party Bags

There is nothing easier than polka dots and pinwheels! Colorful, playful and are perfect for moms who don’t have time to DIY a whole entire party.

How cute would these pinwheels be with pretty much any theme! You could attach them to cut polka dot bags like show below.

Camping Treat Bags

We are planning a cute little camping party (well more more like camp-fire/s’mores party) for my nine year old and her friends.

I’ve been trying to decide on a party favor and came across these camping treat bags! They are SO darling and a breeze to make.

How darling are those tents on the front of the bag!

Inside I’m thinking of adding: kids flashlights, s’more roasting sticks and bug magnifier jars.

Lego Party Favors

Is there anything more fun to a boys and girls than legos? Honestly….I love them myself and they make the PERFECT party favor.

Place a bundle in a cellophane bag, watch the Lego movie and build the hours away!

Puppy Supplies Party Bag

Mermaid Party Favors with Printable Tags

Bubble Wand Airplanes

Paint Can Party Favors

Art Kit Party Favor

Slime Kit Party Favor

Gift and loot bags are such a cute way to thank your guests for celebrating with you at your special event! If you’re hosting a kids birthday party and are looking for adorable DIY Party Favor Gift Bags you’ve come to the right place.

These adorable DIY Party Favor Gift Bags are a great way to spoil your guests and offer a personalized thank you for celebrating and making your event extra special.

These creative DIY gift bags are generally quite easy to make and add a little something special to your birthday bash.

So, here are 50 adorable DIY party favor gift bag tutorials and ideas that you’re just going to love.

Don’t forget to pin this post to Pinterest so you can come back to it as we update with new and creative DIY birthday party favor gift bags!

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50 DIY Birthday Party Favor Gift Bags

To see a detailed tutorial please click on the name of each craft.

1. DIY Spiderman Favor Bag

2. Easy Tropical Party Favor Gift Bags

3. Despicable Me Minion Gift Bag

4. DIY Ballerina Favor Gift Bag

5. Adorable Penguin Gift Bag

6. Easy Little Fisherman Party Favor Bags

7. Magical Unicorn Party Favor Bag

8. DIY Trolls Party Favor Bags

9. Dinosaur Party Favor Bags

10. DIY Llama Party Favor Bags

11. Super Simple DIY Icre Cream Party Favor Bags

12. Donut Party Favor Bag Ideas

13. DIY Mermaid Party Favor Bags

14. Cactus Fiesta Party Favor Bag

15. Vintage Tea Party Favor Bag

16. Sweet Unicorn Party Favor Bags

17. DIY Lego Party Favor Bag

18. Easy Super Mario Party Favor Bag

19. Homemade Princess Party Bags

20. Thomas The Train Gift Bag

21. Puddle Jumper Gift Bags

22. DIY Butterfly Party Favor Bag

23. Mad Science Birthday Party Bags

24. DIY Ninjago Gift Bags

25. Wolf Gift Bag

26. DIY Brown Paper Favor Bag

27. Easy Construction Theme Birthday Favor Bag

28. DIY Sprinkles Loot Bag

29. Easy DIY Pineapple Gift Bags

30. Monster Favor Bags

31. Owl Goodie Bags

32. Easy Glitter Gift Bags

33. Emoji Party Bags

34. Sesame Street Gift Bags

35. Silhouette Gift Bags

36. Homemade Pineapple Loot Bag

37. My Little Pony Gift Bags

38. Easy Monster Party Bags

39. DIY Cars Loot Bags

40. Adorable Cow Party Favor Bags

41. Harry Potter Favor Bags

42. DIY Hello Kitty Gift Bags

43. Adorable Trolls Birthday Party Loot Bags

44. DIY Safari Party Favor Boxes

45. Dory Loot Bags

46. Super Hero Loot Bags

47. Easy Super Hero Favor Bags

48. DIY Superman Gift Bags

49. Marvel Super Hero Loot Bags

50. Wonder Woman Gift Bags

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed these 50 DIY party favor gift bags and opt to make one for your next birthday bash!

Please pin this post to Pinterest so you can come back to often as we update it with new and awesome DIY loot bag ideas!

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*We hope you enjoy all the crafty posts! Just so you know some links on this page may be affiliate links. For more information refer to our Privacy Policy.

One of the best ways to end a party on a good note is by providing your guests with a fun and treat-filled favor bag. It needn’t be a stressful, expensive or difficult exercise either, as creating your own party favor bags can be as easy as 1,2,3!

Thankfully, we’ve actually rounded-up 35 of the most simple yet amazing and eye-catching party goodie bags that you can create yourself within just one afternoon. Love geometric prints, watermelon, dip-dye, or anything Halloween-inspired (just to name a few)? We’ve got you sorted!

It’s time to gather your candy, dust-off your paint brushes and grab your scissors – Let’s dive into the following 35 DIY tutorials!

How stunning are these DIY Kool-Aid Dip Dye Party Favor Bags? A Bubbly Life is the talented crafter behind this project so she’ll show you how it’s done!

Alicia and Lois have created these gorgeous DIY party favor bags featuring metallic and colorful dots – We love them! You’ll certainly want to check out the fun tutorial.

These little DIY monster treat bags are perfect for a children’s Halloween party – don’t you think? Camille Styles even has an easy-to-follow tutorial to teach you how to make these.

Here are some more Halloween inspired party favor bags, this time from Craft-o-Maniac. These DIY ghost bags are fun and easy to create.

These DIY butterfly treat bags are a genius idea – Children are sure to love them! Crafty Morning is here to show you all how to recreate your own.

We adore these pastel, printed party favor bags from Damask Love and you’ll be surprised at how easy they are to create! No party is complete without some fun bags like these.

Pretty watermelon print seems to be all the rage now, so imagine our delight at discovering these DIY painted watermelon bags from Delineate Your Dwelling! The drawstring adds a great touch too.

Did you know that these easy lemonade party favors can be made using just a few simple materials? Design, Eat, Repeat is the talented blogger behind this tutorial, so be sure to check it out so you can recreate your own!

These black and gold chevron party favor bags are fantastic, plus Ella Claire Inspired’s tutorial will show you how you can use any wrapping paper that you fancy to recreate similar treat bags. How good is that?

Hello Sandwich is the queen of kitschy DIY tutorials that you just can’t resist. In this tutorial, she’ll show you how to make this DIY gift bag to fill with sweets at your next party. Brilliant!

These DIY bunny party favor bags are adorable! Hello Wonderful created these for Easter and we also believe that they’d be perfect for parties all year round.

These little material pouches not only look beautiful, but they’re also really practical as DIY party favor bags too! Want to make some for your next party? Check out the full tutorial via Intimate Weddings.

No basketball themed birthday party is complete without these DIY treat bags inspired by the same sport! Love the Day is the genius behind this craft project.

We adore these fruit inspired treat bags from Make and Tell and have a feeling both children and adults alike are sure to love them! What goodies will you hide in yours?

This colorful fringe treat bag from Martha Stewart is both colorful and fun! You’re sure to have a ball creating this DIY project.

The talented people at Minted have created their own versions of DIY party favor bags, this time featuring a modern-inspired aesthetic! You can also mix and match these patterns with your own desired colors.

Here’s another great idea for DIY party favor bags from Minted and these one feature stamped muslin bags for a durable yet fun alternative. They’re super easy to create too!

How wonderful are these DIY Liberty of London Favor Bags created by Oh Happy Day? They’re incredibly pretty and perfect for those extra girly occasions like bridal showers and little girls’ birthdays.

Words can barely explain our love for these DIY watercolor watermelon treat bags! Before we try to waffle-on too much, however, we urge you to check out the awesome tutorial from Oh Happy Day.

Who doesn’t love vibrant pink flamingos? Oh Happy Day has embraced her love of the creature to create these DIY flamingo party favor bags. They’re so fun to make by following this tutorial.

These DIY clown head party favor bags from Oh Joy are not just clever, they’re also super adorable too! We actually couldn’t believe how quick these were to make, so you’ll certainly want to see the tutorial for yourself.

These DIY pumpkin treat bags have been made from tissue paper, so they’re easy and affordable! One Little Project made hers for Halloween – Perfect!

Here’s a great DIY favor bag idea for Father’s Day! Paper Crave has created these tie and shirt bags and we think they’re amazing.

Paper & Stitch created these DIY typography favor bags for Valentine’s Day, but be assured that you can create these beauties any time of the year! What occasion will you make yours for?

These Dyed Favor Bags are quite simple to create using fabric dye and rubber bands. Paper & Stitch is the queen of crafty DIY treat bags and these are just one project in her extensive collection!

How cool are these DIY geometric pattern favor bags from Paper & Stitch? By buying the bags in bulk beforehand, these can literally take minutes to make!

These DIY heart favor bags look divine and are perfect for filling with all kinds of treats, whether it be popcorn, candy, or even a donut! Paper & Stitch will show you how to make them.

These DIY glitter confetti bags from Parties for Pennies could not be easier to make. The tutorial is a simple as 1,2,3!

Here’s another watermelon inspired party treat bag – we told you they were on-trend! This version is from Shoes Off Please and uses paper instead of paint – Marvelous!

Here’s one easy way to package your Easter eggs together for loved ones! So Festive has created this tutorial to show you how you can achieve the same results.

These DIY painted favor bags from Style Me Pretty are like Modernist paintings! The best part about this style is that you can truly paint whatever shapes or patterns your heart desires.

Sometimes there’s nothing like a simple red heart to truly express how much you care about someone. These DIY party favor bags from The Crafted Life will have you spreading the candy love with all of your guests!

These clever DIY pineapple party favor bags are from The House That Lars Built – no surprises there! We love the way in which the top of the bag is ‘fringed’ to look like a real pineapple.

Here’s a Disney-inspired party favor bag tutorial perfect for both boys and girls. This Ole’ Mom will show you how to create these Mickey and Mini Mouse favor bags.

If you have a young girl, chances are that she’s asked for a Frozen themed birthday party at some stage! These DIY Olaf party favor bags from Two Sisters Crafting will suit the occasion just perfectly.

There you have it – 35 DIY party favor bags that are perfect for your next celebration! Which ones were your favorites? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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11 DIY Party Favor Containers | Never let your guests leave the party empty handed! That’s my motto and now it can be yours too! In this post you will find 11 easy to make party favor containers made with items around the house! Handing out party favors doesn’t have to be a laboring or expensive experience. Completing your party with a fun customized party favor will leave your guests wanting to come back for more.

This is how I view a party favor….it’s been hours or days since the party ended when your guests opens their party favor and is instantly reminded of the great time they had. Not only is it a reminder of the fun but it’s a little way of you letting them know how much you appreciated them attending. So come along with me as I show you how easy it is to create a great party favor!

Whether you’re planning a kid’s birthday party, Mother’s Day Brunch, baby or bridal shower there is something here for you!


I’ll start with the easiest party favor that takes the least amount of effort and that’s THE PIPING BAG! I did say these party favor ideas were for things you have around your house…while not everyone has piping bags they are really easy to find and a great way to create a cute party favor. I have shared two ideas for filling.

The first being for a baby shower with the theme of rubber ducky. The duck items were purchased at Party City along with the candy. This is super easy and a really cute way to highlight your theme.

The second way was by simply filling the piping bag with a treat. It can be store bought caramel corn (like Cracker Jacks) a trail mix, nuts or make your own puppy chow like my CHERRY CHEESECAKE PUPPY CHOW. For a little added bonus a party horn!


It’s a party decoration, party game and party favor all in one! These fun Mini Piñata Party Favors are easy to make and can be filled with candy, tiny toys or both! You can also customize them to match any party color decor. Click the above link for the step by step directions.


Create your own customized party favor with only TWO supplies (not counting what you put inside)! Paper and staples! This is a fun and easy to way to let your guests know how much you appreciate them celebrating with you and is incredibly inexpensive! Click the above link for the step by step directions.


Add something special to your event! Perfect for a party favor, bake sale or to fill up at a candy bar. Click the above link for the step by step directions.


Use a can with a pop top lid ( I use fruit cocktail or peaches), remove the fruit, clean and create a fun filled party favor. Click the above link for the step by step directions.


Dress up a store bought cupcake! Purchase 8 ounce (2¾-inches tall) hard plastic punch cups ( I bought mine at Dollar Tree), add a cupcake decorated to fit the party theme. Place the cup in a party favor bag and tie closed. Hand out when the guests are headed out the door (I added the sprinkles and toppers).


If you’re like me you have tons of empty Starbucks bottles. Put those empty bottles to good use. Fill them with store bought caramel corn or make your own! Click here for a recipe—->>>>EASY CARAMEL CORN. Use a cupcake liner as the lid, wrap a rubber band around the wrapper and then ribbon or twine.


A great inexpensive way to make your own party favors! Add themed candy and small toys and you’ll have an awesome fun party favor! Click the above link for the step by step directions.


This is a simple way to let your guests know how much you appreciate them celebrating with you. This easy to make bag can be made with parchment paper or good old computer paper. Fill your cookie bag with store bought cookies or make your own! Like giant strawberry cookies! Click here for the recipe—->>>>SEMI HOMEMADE STRAWBERRY CAKE MIX COOKIES. Click the above link for the step by step directions.


I’m sure when you’re looking for party favor ideas using a sock never came to mind. I love using the unexpected and that’s exactly what this party favor is all about. As your guests are walking out the door hand out these fun party favors filled with little toys and candy. I think I love this idea the most! Click the above link for the step by step directions.


For this party favor all you need is lunch size paper sacks. Cut a few inches off the top and roll it down. To give it a rustic look add a torn piece of paper held on with a small cloth pin and use stamps for the wording. Fill with store bought popcorn, party mix, cookies….just about anything.

There ya go! 11 DIY PARTY FAVOR CONTAINERS! With these easy to make ideas I hope you can create some fun party favors! HAVE FUN! If you made any of these party favors please leave a comment and tell me what you did! ♥


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If you’re throwing a kids party and looking for ideas for what to put in the party bags… then here they are! We’ve hundreds of party bag filler ideas and gorgeous eco friendly party bag ideas too!

What do you put in party bags?

Planning a kids party can be hard work! So many things to think about – games, food, outfits, will the house get trashed…. should I book a venue, what theme shall I pick… the list goes on!

Cut yourself some slack with the party bags we’ve got a hundred ideas for party bag fillers so that’s one less thing to think about!

100 things to put into kids party bags

Party Bag fillers

  1. Balloon
  2. Parma violet sweets
  3. Party blower
  4. Paper hat
  5. Cute pencil
  6. Erasers
  7. Mini box of crayons
  8. Bubbles
  9. Glow sticks
  10. Mini jigsaw
  11. Mini pack of cards
  12. Top Trumps game
  13. Toy car
  14. Mini teddy bear
  15. Lego mini figures
  16. Fidget spinners
  17. Rubber spider
  18. Rubber snake
  19. Pack of sunflower seeds to grow
  20. Chocolate buttons
  21. Sugar mice
  22. Party sweet cone
  23. Stickers
  24. Strawberry laces
  25. Astro belt
  26. Mini dinosaurs
  27. Pot of play putty
  28. Mini water pistols
  29. Curly drinkling straw
  30. Kids sunglasses
  31. Whistle
  32. Bouncy balls
  33. Lollipops
  34. Pencil sharpener
  35. Hair bobbles
  36. Hair clips
  37. Wooden spinning top
  38. Cardboard fit together plane
  39. Hatching dino eggs
  40. Play tattoos
  41. Keyring
  42. Juggling balls
  43. Water bombs
  44. Paper masks
  45. Bracelets
  46. Nail art jewels
  47. Mini rubber ducks
  48. Mini pack play doh
  49. Mini troll
  50. Stretchy bugs
  51. Wooden bead bracelet
  52. Skipping ropes
  53. Elastics
  54. Notebook
  55. Pen toppers
  56. Glow up balloon
  57. Yoyo
  58. Chap stick
  59. Mini nail varnish
  60. Pack of cress seeds to grow
  61. Tiara
  62. Play rings
  63. Clip in coloured play hair extension
  64. Mini wind up toy
  65. Mini slinky spring
  66. Mini maze game
  67. Mini windmill
  68. Mini bat/ball
  69. Water squirters
  70. Chalk
  71. Mini football
  72. Finger puppet
  73. Pot of slime
  74. Headband
  75. Dress up pirate eye patch
  76. Fairy wand
  77. Whoopee cushion
  78. Candy necklace
  79. Chocolate coins
  80. Lipgloss
  81. Pencil case
  82. Book
  83. Packet of popcorn
  84. Mug
  85. Magnet
  86. Mini magnifying glass
  87. Marbles
  88. Polaroid photo from the party
  89. Stick on moustache
  90. Toothbrush
  91. Colouring book
  92. Cupcake
  93. Book mark
  94. Ruler
  95. Fortune teller fish
  96. Cardboard pirate sword
  97. Stencil
  98. Paper fan
  99. Magic wand
  100. Glow stars

Eco Friendly Party Bags

Okay… it’s good to be kind to the environment and cut down on plastic junk and there’s loads of companies now that offer plastic free party bags and eco party bag filler ideas. We’ve found a few companies that offer gorgeous eco party stuff the kids will just LOVE.

Paper Party Bags

  • Party Pieces – paper party bags
  • Little Party Parcels – paper party bags
  • Little Cherry – paper party bags
  • The Paper Party Bag Shop – paper party bags

Eco Party Bag Fillers

  • Plastic Free Party Bags – cute paper bags and eco toys and party bag fillers
  • Little Otter Party Supplies – gorgeous paper and canvas party bags, eco friendly party bag fillers and pre-filled party bags!
  • The Outdoor Guide – these party bags are super ethical! All the items are recyclable, biodegradable, reusable or compostable, and free from animal products!

Plastic Free Party Bag Filler Ideas

  • Mini notebooks
  • Colouring pencils
  • Hair bobbles or slides
  • Packets of seeds
  • Chocolate bar
  • Little wooden toys – spinning tops or wooden bugs
  • Books
  • Cupcakes
  • Cookies
  • Cardboard masks

Well we hope we’ve given you literally hundreds of brilliant party bag filler ideas and that your little ones leave happy with super cute party goodie bags.