Big bang theory apartment

Props seen in the kitchen include:

From the Pilot Episode:

OXO Good Grips kettle * Bamboo cutlery caddy Petre Devos poster Zevro dispenser
Bamboo cutting board nickel napkin holder by Arch Walter Drake fry pan Furniture Cove bar stools
nickel banana holder stainless paper towel holder Oster blender #6854 Oggi stainless canisters
stain nickel mug tree Fun Factory Caffe Mugs Fun Factory Soup Mugs Fun Factory Dinner Plates
Peerless faucet w spray Rogar half dome pot rack Modernist Cuisine set Battlestar Galactica toaster **
  • Tea kettle: The set features a blue kettle for Season One, switching to an orange one starting in Season Two
  • The Cylon toaster is VERY hard to find, you’re going to have to buy used or from a collector. They occasionally pop up on the online auction sites. The same model from the show can go for $200 or more in good condition, but similar models with slight differences can be had for $30 or $40.
  • Toaster oven (gets destroyed by the guys’ battle robot in “The Killer Robot Instability”)

From Season One, Episode 2: The Big Bran Hypothesis

Simple Human stainless steel step trash can

Sometimes WalMart has the smaller version for about $30, but it’s out of stock a lot. Check local stores. In the previous episode, Sheldon threw away bottle caps into an unknown container under the sink.

From Season One, Episode 3: The Fuzzy Boots Corollary

KitchInspirations bamboo bread box

Runs about $25. Target has a similar style for about $20 but the coloring is noticeably different.

From Season One, Episode 7: The Dumpling Paradox

Periodic Table Fridge Magnet

From Season One, Episode 8: The Grasshopper Experiment

McCormick gourmet spice rack

Appears on the counter to the left of the stove.

From Season One, Episode 12: The Bat Jar Conjecture

Batman Cookie Jar by Vandor

Came out in 2004 in a limited edition of 3,600. Now only available used or from collectors.

From Season Two, Episode 2: The Codpiece Topology

Rubik’s cube cookie jar (on far right of the counter)

From Season Three, Episode 14: The Einstein Approximation

Batman Lunch Kit with Cape The authentic one is a hard to find collectible. Expect to pay $75 or more for one in good shape or $30 to $40 used with broken zipper, etc. A cheaper, similar option is the Batman lunch sack for around $30

From Later Episodes:

  • wooden tea chest from WatchMaterial

When you watch your favorite shows, oftentimes you don’t realize all the tiny set details that the decorators work so hard to think of, so it feels like a real person’s home. But, whenever hidden easter eggs are shown, it completely blows your mind.

As CBS revealed on their website, The Big Bang Theory, one of the network’s big hits, is packed with clever easter eggs tying the show to reality, including a hidden detail about Penny’s (Kaley Cuoco) former apartment.

Since “Penny is very girlie,” set decorator Ann Shea told CBS, she wanted to bring bright colors into the walls and furnishings. Since she couldn’t paint the walls, she went with colorful furniture and accessories to create a “fresh-looking palette,” focusing on hues of turquoise, orange, purple, and lime. But that’s not all she did to make it personal.

Getty Images

Here’s what the kitchen looked like when Penny lived there:

Getty Images

Let’s zero in on her refrigerator. If you look closely at the photos tacked up on the fridge, you’ll see that they are all real photos of Kaley Cuoco with The Big Bang Theory cast and crew.

Take a closer look:

Getty Images

Some of the people you can spot in the pictures are Amy (Mayim Bialik), Bernadette (Melissa Rauch), and of course, Leonard (Johnny Galecki).

Now that Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Amy live there, things have clearly changed.

Getty Images

But some photos did make their way across the hall to Penny’s new place.

Getty Images


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“The Big Bang Theory” of evolution: The show honored smart misfits and let them grow

Nearly every saga’s origin story contains a detail about a central character’s dissatisfaction with the ordinary world’s working. Similar notes often appear in the prologues of scientific innovation or inventor profiles, interestingly enough. Both distill down to a simple thought: the world was missing something.

“The Big Bang Theory” origin story begins 2005 with co-creators Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady kicking around concepts at a kitchen table. In an interview for a story I wrote for Variety in 2016, Prady recalled that he was very unhappy at a job and decided to put together a pilot centered upon characters that, at the time, would be considered unconventional.


Although Lorre’s “Two and a Half Men” found success as broadcast’s most popular scripted comedy that season, the sitcom genre was struggling in 2005. Thematically speaking many of the series aped the classic family sitcom structure or sought to recapture the magic of “Friends.” In contrast, Prady wanted to bring characters to television who resembled ones he knew in his previous career as a computer programmer, “really, really smart guys who sort of move through the world a little differently,” he said.

“One of the things is that kind of person was always portrayed homogeneously,” Prady told Salon and a several other reporters at a recent press event. “And the people who are different in this way, it’s a very heterogeneous group.”

Like any winning formula, the ensemble that would eventually consist of roommates Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) and Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki), co-dependent best friends Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) and Raj Koothrappali (Kunal Nayyar), and the down-to-earth neighbor Penny (Kaley Cuoco) went through a trial and error period before the series finally hit the air in 2007 — just in time for the Writers Guild of America strike that halted to show’s freshman season.


And the series continued to make refinements, tweaking how Cuoco’s Penny was written in order to ennoble her real world intelligence, and eventually adding Melissa Rauch’s Bernadette and Mayim Bialik’s Amy Farrah Fowler to represent high-achieving women in science and academia. Neither Prady nor Lorre ever described any of these characters as nerds, or geeks or any other pejorative.

Twelve years and 11 more seasons after its debut season, “The Big Bang Theory” comes to an end on Thursday at 8 p.m. on CBS as the longest-running multi-camera series in history and the number one comedy in the world. Leonard and Penny have been married for several seasons, almost as long as Bernadette and Howard. Even Sheldon, whose extreme fastidiousness and abrasive grumpiness led to him becoming the series’ breakout character, began as a guy who didn’t like to be touched and ends it as a man who has learned to enjoy more than occasional acts of coitus with his match Amy.

A TV series’ overwhelming success doesn’t automatically necessitate paying homage to its departure, mind you. Many long-running TV series had their exits celebrated only to be forgotten soon after the last episode’s end credits are finished.


But “The Big Bang Theory” has always been a different proposition, which is why it’s bound to be kicking around in syndication for many years to come for reasons — affirming ones — beyond those having to do with savvy business contracts.

During seasons when networks frantically scoured the land for the working class comedy commonly thought to be absent from television, “Big Bang” continued to dominate by celebrating all outsiders, drawing comedy from awkwardness without making the awkward person the butt of the joke. Its comedy transcends partisanship, evident in a recent poll that found it is the only broadcast series that’s popular among both Democrats and Republicans.


“One of the things the show does is it has respect for different points of view and respects individuality and difference,” Prady said. “I mean, we don’t know Sheldon’s politics. But he once said, ‘When it comes to ‘Star Wars,’ I’m more of an Empire man.’ So where does he fit on the political spectrum? Where does Penny fit, where are these characters? We don’t particularly know.”

“But,” Prady added, “we know that the arguments would be vociferous. And we know that somebody would say in one of those arguments, ‘I agree with you but not for the reason you’re saying.’ So there would be disagreement among agreement.“

Simply put, it is a big tent series that celebrates intelligence, uniqueness and the vital importance of hard science in an era when scientific data and findings are constantly under attack, and it does all this without leaving anyone out of the conversation.



“I remember once there was a model who was here — a well-known, famous supermodel,” Prady said.


The rise of “The Big Bang Theory” coincided with nerd culture’s mainstreaming, having debuted a few years after the completion of the “Lord of the Rings” theatrical franchise completion but smack in the middle of the “Harry Potter” movie era.

Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj are bigger comic book fans and Trekkies than anything else, and fortunately for them, the rest of the world was quickly catching up to match their passion. Lorre, Prady and fellow executive produces Steven Molaro and Steve Holland went one step further, however, and made rock stars of the science world into TV stars as well, placing the likes of the late Stephen Hawking, public radio science host Ira Flatow and astrophysicist George Smoot on the same celebrity level as the late Carrie Fisher, James Earl Jones, Nathan Fillion and a number of “Star Trek” stars, including William Shatner, LeVar Burton and the voice of the late Leonard Nimoy.

We also owe the series a debt of gratitude for featuring “Star Trek: The Next Generation” alum Wil Wheaton as Sheldon’s nemesis and reminding the world of how smart and funny he is.

Despite all this, “The Big Bang Theory” did not receive much critical acclaim when it first debuted, and aside from coverage about its ascent in the ratings in its early years and certain milestone events — like Sheldon and Amy losing their virginity with one another, the death of Wolowitz’s mother and the birth of Howard and Bernadette’s child — it is not a regular subject of extensive analysis.


Such is the case with reliable ratings hits that are solid, reliably funny and inoffensive, perfect for network prime time in general but not commonly viewed as innovative.

However, while a number of writers theorize “Game of Thrones” will be the last TV series viewers around the world watch together, the fact that so many people retain a more or less consistent and abiding affection for “The Big Bang Theory” is underappreciated.

Compared to the HBO saga’s much-chronicled character development shortcomings, “The Big Bang Theory” has by and large taken great pains to allow each friend and relationship to move forward without violating the qualities viewers know about and connect with in them.

To Lorre, the secret of the comedy’s success is in the way it shows “people caring for each other in different ways, and maybe not being so good at it. But I think affection underlies all these relationships, even the adversarial ones. There’s an affection that hopefully causes the audience to care.”


“They’re not blood relatives but they behave like a family,” Lorre continued. “They eat together, they work together, they make each other miserable, like a family can do. But they’re there for each other when it’s gets difficult. And I think that’s aspirational. I think that’s what we all want.”

Early in the comedy’s existence, Prady and Lorre observed the audience’s unusual protectiveness toward Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj, a sensitivity that also blankets Amy, Penny and even the abrasive Bernadette.

Thus it’s understandable that the writers have been laying the groundwork to leave viewers with a sense of stability as opposed to the standard “moving on” tactic. In recent episodes, for example, Leonard confronts his emotionally frigid mother (played by Christine Baranski) about her inability to show him support and affection and, surprisingly, they reach a poignant place of resolution — something that’s eluded this pair for most of the series.

Raj, the last of the group to find love, a man once stymied by selective mutism rendering him unable to speak in a woman’s presence, trades in desperation for wisdom in one of the series’ sweetest scenes, giving Raj the kind of love declaration he always dreamed of, at an airport gate no less — by way of an unexpected source, albeit one that makes completely sense.


And appropriately, although the series ender teases a relationship-related development, the finale episode’s main question relates to career achievement, one that could mark the highest seal of approval on Sheldon and Amy’s professional collaboration.

No ensemble comedy that lasts longer than a decade could get away without featuring at least one wedding and a birth or two; “Big Bang” has given us a few of those, but grants as much significance, if not more, to its characters’ career leaps and the resultant tensions produced by those successes. When Wolowitz is selected for a space mission, or Leonard leaves Penny to spend months on a research vessel at sea, the writers thoughtfully and comedically wove the feelings of inadequacy, envy or anxiety into the scripts.

“Two and a Half Men” may have been Lorre’s first runaway network television success — like “The Big Bang Theory,” it also has a stage dedicated to it on the Warner Bros. Studios lot in Burbank — but the care and sensitivity with which the writers and producers developed Sheldon, Amy, Leonard, Penny, Raj, Howard, Bernadette and even poor dejected comic book shop owner Stuart (Kevin Sussman) has few parallels in the broadcast sitcom space.

When tracing the emotional development of Lorre’s oeuvre, “Big Bang” must be studied as the creator’s most significant place of metamorphosis. Without discovering the potency in treating human quirks with gentleness and respect, as the writers have through this sitcom’s characters, the profundity of “Mom” and the soulful heft of “The Kominsky Method” may not have manifested as brilliantly as they have.

A couple of months ago when Salon spoke with Prady and Lorre, neither had a plan for how the series would end — “I always personally liked those endings where you got the sense that you could come back and find those people kind of where they were,” Prady said at the time — but the episodes that have aired since then convey a sense that this show will land smoothly, in a way that seamlessly connects the end to the start. A brilliant formula for a successful syndicated afterlife, in other words.

What may keep it running strong many years from now, though, is something else. “I used to talk about the beginning of that Woody Allen movie where you see the two trains passing,” recalled Prady, referring to the film “Stardust Memories.”

“And he sees the other train, and he says, ‘Life is like there’s something going on and you don’t know how to get there.’ I’ve always felt that, and I felt that for these characters. And I think that turns out to be the human condition.”

Now mounted in Apartment 4A.

To commemorate their friendship in “The Rothman Disintegration”, Amy had commissioned a painting of the two of them, with a confident-looking Amy standing with her left arm draped over the shoulders of an uneasy-looking Penny, which Amy paid $3000 for to give to Penny to honor their friendship. The painting is huge, generally brown in color and considered ugly by most everybody who sees it. Also, Penny’s features in the painting are claimed by Bernadette, in her opinion, to be somewhat “masculine”. Penny accepts it and with Amy’s help, it is mounted on the right side of her entrance doorway. Penny decides to remove it when Amy is not around; however, Amy realizes this and, upset that Penny does not like the painting and assuming that Penny does not value their friendship, takes the painting back. Penny rushes over to Amy’s apartment to save their friendship and she takes the painting back. The painting is then remounted next to Penny’s entertainment center on the nonexistent wall facing the audience in Apartment 4B and is not seen again until Penny moves her belongings out of her old apartment (“The Property Division Collision”). It gets mounted in what is now Leonard and Penny’s apartment again mounted on the nonexistent wall facing the audience next to Leonard’s desk. It is also revealed that the artist committed suicide shortly after completing the portrait, which Amy considers will eventually give it considerable resale value.

In “The Property Division Collision”, after Sheldon and Amy move into Penny’s old apartment, Shamy offers the painting to Leonard and Penny; however, it ends up back in Apartment 4B. After Penny talks to Sheldon about Dr. Ramona Nowitzki’s interest in him, she tells the Amy in that painting that she tried to tell Sheldon what was going on in “The Long Distance Dissonance”.


Add an image

How can we forget this creepy painting? (Picture: Getty – CBS)

The Big Bang Theory fans have noticed a major plot hole in season 10 – and it has a lot to do with Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik) and Penny Hofstadter’s (Kaley Cuoco) er…shall we say interesting painting.

If we take ourselves back to the episode when Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) proposes to Amy (which was the cutest thing ever) we see Penny and Sheldon having one of their special heart to hearts.

During this conversation, Penny explained (in her old apartment where Sheldon and Amy are now living) that Nowitzki has a crush on him, which of course he is oblivious to.

Although when Sheldon goes to the bathroom, Penny looks at the painting and exclaims ‘Don’t look at me like that I tried’.

And that is all fine, but one eagle-eyed fan has noticed a plot hole about the painting, and they took to Reddit to share their thoughts.

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The post began: ‘So, I am really hooked and I’ve watched the entire series many times. And I just spotted this plot hole.’

The viewer went on to explain that if we go back a bit in season 10 to episode 10, Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki) and Sheldon argue over who will get what in their apartment.

The post continues: ‘In the first half, Amy and Sheldon bring the painting of Amy and Penny to Leonard and Penny’s apartment. At the end of the episode, we see that Penny and Leonard set up the painting in their apartment.

How did the painting get from one apartment to the other? (Picture: CBS)

‘Which brings us to the conclusion that the painting is no longer in Penny’s old apartment where Sheldon and Amy are living.

‘So. am I wrong in this case? Or am I missing something? As far as I remember there was no episode in between where the painting gets exchanged.’

So basically if you missed the plot hole – in episode 10, Penny and Leonard have the painting in their apartment….but in episode 24 the painting magically appears in Amy and Sheldon’s apartment – and you’d think Sheldon would be the first to notice.

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You can’t argue at the facts.

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The living room of Apartment 4A

Apartment 4A is the primary permanent set for The Big Bang Theory, and is the apartment where Sheldon Cooper lived until “The Cohabitation Experimentation” when he moved into Apartment 4B with his girlfriend, and eventual wife, Amy. At first it was only for five weeks due to Amy’s apartment being flooded but Sheldon and Amy chose to live there permanently. Leonard Hofstadter has lived in this apartment since 2003 and currently lives there with his wife Penny. It is situated in an apartment complex at 2311 North Los Robles Avenue. By season 8, after Penny and Leonard’s engagement, she was seen living there most of the time though not officially moved in. When viewed from the satellite photographs in “The Countdown Reflection” episode, it appears to be located at 215 South Madison Avenue. Due to the primary characters in the series, except Penny, being of the “nerd” social classification, the apartment has been dubbed as “Nerdvana” by Howard in season 1 episode 14 “The Nerdvana Annihilation”.

Apartment 4A is located on the fourth floor of the building across the hall from Apartment 4B, where Penny lived and where Sheldon and Amy live now. Apartment 4A is known to be a corner apartment, being that it has windows facing outside on two sides. It may, in fact, be one of only two apartments on the floor, and may therefore have outside walls on all sides (other than the wall shared with the fourth floor hall and stairwell.

Apartment 4A is also a hidden Easter egg (apt 4A = foray) – either a “great raid” or the voice of Rocky the Flying Squirrel and Karen from Frosty the Snowman, June Foray.

For information on the actual view from their apartment see


The apartment has one living room, one bathroom, and two bedrooms. A hallway links the living room to the bedrooms and bathroom. The kitchen is part of the main living area.

Immediately upon entering, the wall on the right houses Sheldon and Leonard’s desks and the TV. The wall ends in the kitchen part. This wall is rarely visible, being the wall that is the view into the apartment from which the episodes are filmed, and has only been shown on two occasions (one is in “The Euclid Alternative”, S2E5 and the other is “The Colonization Application”, S8E17). The first was a view of the apartment from the hallway and the second had Leonard sitting at his desk during Sheldon’s video.

Rare camera view.

The wall immediately to the left after entering the apartment has a long bookshelf that ends at a small closet, with the wall itself ending at a large window with a desk and telescope. These bookshelves, behind the couch, serve to hold the boy’s vast collection of books, some {w|software}, as well as an ever changing selection of their various collectibles. Pasadena City Hall can be seen from the window at the alcove, which has been used on several occasions:

  • “The Tangerine Factor” (S1E17), Penny throws her ex-boyfriend Mike’s iPod out of it.
  • “The Panty Piñata Polarization” (S2E07), Sheldon shows Penny that he hung her clothes from a telephone pole outside.
  • “The Einstein Approximation” (S3E14), Sheldon throws a whiteboard out the window, causing the sound of car tire screeching and car horns, implying that there is a fairly large road just down the window and that Sheldon just caused an accident.
  • “The Ornithophobia Diffusion” (S5E09), a blue jay lands on the window sill outside, which upsets Sheldon.
  • “The Countdown Reflection” (S5E24) Howard and Bernadette are married on a rooftop ceremony which is photographed by satellite.

After the window, there is a corner and the hallway that leads to the bathroom, as well as Sheldon and Leonard’s bedrooms. The kitchen area is a small area that has an island with rarely used barstools since they usually eat in the living room area. A window is located at the end of the visible wall of the kitchen area (which can be clearly seen in several kitchen area scenes, one typical instance is in “The Loobenfeld Decay” (S1E10), when Toby Loobenfeld talks with Sheldon in the kitchen area). Presumably, this window is one of the two windows (the other being the large window described above) that Sheldon has stated “creates a cross breeze” when he describes his Spot.

Sheldon, at one point in time, had painted luminous glow-in-the-dark arrows on the floor pointing to the various nearest emergency exits throughout the room. He shows them to Raj in “The Roommate Transmogrification” (S4E24), but gets rid of them before “The Friendship Contraction” (S5E15) when he explains that they were “wildly carcinogenic”.

Production-wise, the bathroom interior, Sheldon’s bedroom, Leonard’s bedroom and the connecting hallway are actually filmed on a different set than the rest of the apartment. The actual apartment set ends at a corner in the hallway immediately after the bathroom door which is for easier filming access and better view of the actors for the studio audience.


Leonard discovers how difficult it was for Sheldon’s former roommate to live with him.

In “The Staircase Implementation”, the story of how Leonard and Sheldon meet is revealed. Sheldon places an ad for a roommate after his former roommate, Sebastian, is driven to the brink of madness from Sheldon’s antics. Leonard encounters Sebastian on his way to the interview with Sheldon, and he tells Leonard to run far away. Leonard is accepted by Sheldon as his new roommate and inherits Sebastian’s former room, only to discover that Sebastian wrote “DIE SHELDON DIE” in red paint (like in a slasher film) on the wall.

At this time, the apartment also had significantly less furniture in the living room. Sheldon’s only placement was two lawn chairs and cinder blocks as the TV stand. Even at this point in time, Sheldon’s lawn chair was placed in the exact spot that he claims later on the couch. Their first major addition in furniture to the apartment was the leather couch, which Leonard buys for $100 from tenants on the first floor who were moving out; which is a great deal, since a new Moroni Havana Leather Sofa retails for around $1,500. Careful watchers may recognize the style of sofa; while the boys utilize the full three-cushion sofa, defective detective Adrian Monk from the series “Monk” sports the smaller, two cushion model, of the line.

In “The Bozeman Reaction”, the apartment got burglarized. Some of Sheldon and Leonard’s game systems and various games were stolen. The police were also called to the apartment in “The Zarnecki Incursion”, when Sheldon’s World of Warcraft account was hacked.

In “The Staircase Implementation”, an “apartment flag” is mentioned as a small blue flag with a coat of arms on it of a gold lion rampant on a Azure (heraldry)|field of azure on it. Flipping it upside down signifies that the apartment is in distress. In “The Roommate Transmogrification”, Raj was given a lapel pin version.

Sheldon’s apartment flag.

From “The Escape Hatch Identification” to “The Gyroscopic Collapse”, Raj set up temporary residence in Sheldon’s old room.


The bathroom is the first door down the hallway off the living room.

Check out The Bathroom.

Sheldon’s bedroom

Sheldon’s bedroom is located immediately after the bathroom. Sheldon usually keeps his bedroom locked, and supposedly rarely allows anyone inside, however, given the number of episodes where Leonard, Penny, his mother, Wil Wheaton, Amy, and others have been there, this appears to be more wishful thinking on Sheldon’s part than actual practice. There was even the fact that Howard and Bernadette conceived their daughter in Sheldon’s bedroom.

Sheldon eventually moved out, leaving his old bedroom vacant. This room was temporarily taken over by Theodore (who was hired by Sheldon to briefly stay there), Raj (until he got a new apartment), and even Sheldon (who used it for his work). With the news of Leonard and Penny expecting in the series finale, it can be safe to assume that they’ll use the vacant room for their new child.

Check out Sheldon’s bedroom.

Leonard’s bedroom

Leonard’s bedroom is the last room in the hallway. There is a ledge outside that runs by both bedroom windows. Sheldon uses this ledge during “The Bozeman Reaction” to access Leonard’s room because he is too paranoid to go out of his bedroom because they were burglarized earlier in the episode. When Leonard married Penny, she eventually moved into his bedroom with him.

Check out Leonard’s bedroom.


The kitchen of the boys’ apartment features an open floor plan that lets action flow easily between the living room and the kitchen space. The large butcher block type table provides a separate sitting area, allowing interactions in a setting more intimate than the clutter of the living room. The fridge and Sheldon’s tea box provide “busy work” as the actors interact within the kitchen space, and it occasionally functions as an area allowing characters to briefly leave the room and re-enter quickly, allowing the characters remaining in the living room to talk or interact at their expense. For example the guys and Penny often laugh at Sheldon’s quirks when he gets up to get a drink, and Penny famously touched Sheldon’s food (taking and replacing an onion ring) when he left his spot on the couch for a brief beverage errand.

For more info, check out The Kitchen

Living Room

The living room serves as the focal point for the majority of the “action” of the show. This is where everyone gathers, where gaming occurs, and where Leonard attempts to have intimate dinners with Leslie Winkle and Dr. Stephanie (constantly interrupted by Sheldon). The room serves not only to showcase Sheldon and Leonard’s furnishings, collectibles, and artwork, but also serves as general storage space, given the number of partially assembled computer cases and other items around the area, including a vast collection of books.

Known rooms:

  • the living room
  • the kitchen
  • storage closet
  • the bathroom
  • Sheldon’s former room (Raj moved into this room temporarily, before moving to Bert’s garage)
  • Leonard and Penny’s room (formerly just Leonard’s room)


Barewalls Vintage Flight III

Barewalls Vintage Flight III

CIATCS by Janet Van Arsdale

Seen to the left of the door in the pilot episode. Later replaced with the Captain Future poster. It is later seen atop the bookshelf to the right of Leonard’s bed.

Robots Exploring Desert

Robots Exploring Desert

By Michael Saul.

Located at right of the front door above the shelves since the pilot episode.

Forbidden Planet poster

Forbidden Planet Poster

From the 1956 sci fi cult film featuring Anne Francis and Robbie the Robot.

Located on the closet door – replaced by a poster showing a telescope inside a hangar in S01E02 – The Big Bran Hypothesis .

Nikola Tesla Lab poster

Image shows Serbian physicist Nikola Tesla at his lab in Colorado Springs, circa 1899.

Located to the right of the closet, above the DNA helix.

The Helix Nebula

Image by Hubble Space Telescope

Seen in the alcove.

Orion Nebula

Image by Hubble Space Telescope

Seen in the alcove.

The Pillars of Creation – Eagle Nebula

Image by Hubble Space Telescope.

Seen in the alcove.

The Whirlpool Galazy M51 + Companion

Image by Hubble Space Telescope.

In the pilot it appears on it’s side in the alcove. Starting in episode two, it is most frequently seen on the side of the fridge on the blackboard organizer. By season five, it moves around again, replaced with a WMAP image.

Electromagnetic Spectrum Chart’

Made by Boston Scientific and sold by American Educational Products. They update this chart every so often, so there are subtle differences with the one currently available today. The element chart portion in the one used on the set is in yellow, while the current version has it in orange . Seen leading from the living room into the hallway.

Captain Future poster

Character created by Mort Weisinger during the 1939 World Science Fiction Convention. Pulp character adventures published from 1940 to 1951.

Replaces vintage plane photo to left of front door in S01E02.

Solar panels against Earth’s horizon.

This one is at a slightly different angle than the one on the show. Seen in the hallway just outside Sheldon’s bedroom.

War of the Worlds poster

Painted by Frank R. Paul Seen in the hallway just before Leonard’s room.

On the wall in the hallway.

Similar to this print.

The Final Blow by Eric Joyner

Some people call this the “Rock Em Sock Em” poster.

Replaces a different poster, of a telescope, located in the living room on closet door.

The Incident by Eric Joyner

Framed artwork at the top left of the bookshelves behind the couch.


Spirit of St Louis radio

Two valve model

Red Dell XPS M1710 laptop

Note: (special edition)

Meade 70mm Telescope

Model: 20218 NG-97SM

Spirit of St Louis radio

Standard model

LogiTech iPod Speaker Station

(on the bookshelf by front door)

Alienware M17 Nebula laptop

(replaced Sheldon’s stolen Dell XPS)

Celestron 102 SLT Telescope

NexStar computerized model

Dyson 10″ White Air Multiplier

(later seen in blue also)

Dell XPS Adamo

(replaced Leonard’s stolen XPS)

Cordless phone

(since pilot episode)

aircraft vertical compass

(left of the front door since S01E04)

two antique phones with ringers

(on cardfile in alcove since S01E04)

Amazon kindle

(unknown which model)

Apple iMac

(unknown which model)


Restoration Hardware(newer model)

(with Sheldon’s spot)

Ektorp armchair

from Ikea

“The Thinker” bookends seen on Leonard’s desk and in the bookshelves behind the couch

Blue “Button Down” pillow

Seen on the couch in the pilot and early episodes.

Wedgwood Rayon Chenille Throw

Seen on the couch in the pilot and first several seasons

Better Homes & Gardens

Candlestick Lamp

Better Homes & Gardens

Silken Toast lampshade

Pillow Perfect Roxen Striped Pillows

Seen since

Gurli Orange throw pillow

Seen since , usually on the Ektorp armchair

Camel colored plush throw blanket by Simple Deluxe

Replaces the blue throw blanket in

Gurli solid beige 20×20 throw pillow from Ikea

Replaces the blue button down pillow in

Volume International Pendant Light Model V-4801-2

Seen hanging in the alcove

Walnut banker’s chair

Seen since S01E02

Black wall switch covers by Leviton Black outlet accent covers by Leviton
  • Round glass over large gear coffee table (where the gang usually eats and plays games)
  • desks (for the laptops and iMac near the back window)
  • Pubmaster dartboard by Sportcraft
  • swing arm floor lamp in silver/nickel finish
  • marble-topped island vegetable bin with 2 drawers and towel bar, to the left of the front door (you can tell this is a veggie bin because of the dual hinges on the front of the drawers, the drawers don’t pull out, but rather the front of the drawer pulls down/away, usually used for storing potatoes, onions, and other root veggies
  • 30 drawer library card file


  • Gaming is a huge part of the boys’ lives and constitutes the major aspect of their social lives. Gaming is SO big, in fact, that it now has its very own section on the wiki. See Games

Sheldon’s Desk

black mesh pencil cup by Rolodex silver mesh pencil cup by Design Ideas silver mesh desk organizer by Design Ideas
college-ruled composition books by Meade Products silver mesh pencil cube by Design Ideas 3-D Space Navigator mouse
Bazic large desktop calculator model 3001-48 Water droplet mouse pad Black metro mesh magazine files by OfficeDepot
Smeagol figurine special item included with the Lord of the Rings, Two Towers DVD Black wire mesh paperclip holder by OfficeDepot Silver wire mesh paperclip holder by OfficeDepot
Silver mesh CD Tower by Design Ideas
  • silver/nickel z-bar lamp
  • silver robot*

Science Stuff

, Vostok Soviet Orbital Launch Vehicle on the bookshelves behind the couch Universal Celestial Globe stars to the 5th magnitude, on the bookshelves behind the couch Nebula plasma ball (invented by Tesla), on top of the bookshelves behind the couch
Two 17 base pair DNA helix (stacked) from Less expensive teaching models can be found online as well. WMAP beach ball from the Astrophysics Division at Goddard Space Flight Center (NASA Blueshift) Meade 20218 NG-79SM 70mm Altazimuth Refractor Telescope (usually in the alcove)
Tyrannosaurus (T-Rex) First seen on top of a bookshelf in the alcove, but moves around to the desks, and the shelves behind the front door Space Shuttle Atlantis on top of bookshelf behind the couch – 1/100 scale from Tamiya – kit requires assembly and painting Armillary sphere on the card file (and in Leonard’s bedroom), used in medieval times to calculate the hours of prayer
Parasaurolophus figurine by YTC – on top of the card file RS Media robot by WowWee – on the cardfile in the alcove (eBay is your best bet here) RoboSapien figurine, usually seen in the bookshelves behind the couch
Wimshurst machine by American Educational Products – a static electricity generator – seen on the shelves behind the couch

  • The Meade 20218 NG-79SM 70mm Refractor Telescope gets replaced with a Celestron NexStar 102 SLT Computerized Telescope
  • Sheldon’s reverse osmosis machine

Star Wars items

  • Han Solo & Luke Skywalker, Heroes of the Rebellion in Stormtrooper Disguise Sixth-Scale Figures, Luke appears on top of the bookshelves behind the couch in . Han appears in Leonard’s bedroom in . These appeared in VERY limited edition.
  • In season 7 on the book case behind the sofa in the living room is a replica of the Yoda Lamp from The Empire Strikes Back. (First shelf down, far right side in the Scavenger Vortex episode. These are available from the manufacturer.)

Superhero Figurines

pilot] Batman DC Direct 13-inch collection, above the alcove Robin DC Direct 13-inch collection, above the alcove Captain Marvel DC Direct 13-inch collection, above the alcove
Green Lantern DC Direct 13-inch collection, above the alcove Aquaman DC Direct 13-inch collection, above the alcove Batgirl DC Direct 13-inch collection, above the kitchen
Black Canary DC Direct 13-inch collection, above the kitchen Superman DC Direct 13-inch collection, above the kitchen SuperGirl figurine 10 inch figurine by Japanese manufacturer, Kotobukiya
DC Direct 3: Super FriendsSuperman is on the trunk by the fridge, Wonder Woman and Batman are on the bookshelf by the front door, Flash not seen DC Comics Build-A-Scene, Part 1, All Star Batman and Robin on the shelves behind the couch next to the plasma ball DC Universe Classic Superman on shelf by front door
DC Universe Wave 3 Batman on shelf by front door Bizarro Sold as part of a special DC vs Masters of the Universe set, on shelf by front door
DC Direct Infinate Crisis Series 2: Firestorm on the bookshelves behind the couch, later by the front door DC Direct Ultimate Showdown: Green Lantern vs. Sinostro two piece statue set – GL is on the shelf behind the front door, Sinostro appears in a later episode DC Comics Gotham Knight statue on the shelves behind the front door, moves behind the couch in
Batman Black & White Mini Statue by Neal Adams, far right on the bookshelf next to the front door DC Comics Build-A-Scene, part 3, Green Lantern and Flash on the bookshelf behind the front door Batman ArtFX Statue Seen in the bookshelf next to Sheldon’s bed
DC Comics Build-A-Scene, part 2, Black Canary & Superman on the bookshelf behind the couch, limited edition of 2,200 DC Direct 13-inch Supergirl figure seen at far right of kitchen area Batman: The Dark Crusader Mini-Statue , on the bookshelf behind front door

Other film, television, pop culture

  • Dr. Who: a black dalek appears on the shelves behind the couch in The Nerdvana Annhilation
  • Lord of the Rings; Weta Gollum figurine— seen on Sheldon’s desk in “The Gorilla Experiment”
  • Game of Thrones:”Longclaw” sword (Sheldon and Leonard buy it at the comic book store in “The Russian Rocket Reaction”) — see this blog by the maker, Valyrian Steel, regarding their sword’s appearance on the show

Rubik’s Cube tissue box


  • Cutaway model of a DC-7 airplane. After the pilot episode, it gets swapped for a model of the space shuttle Atlantis.The plane shows up again in Leonard’s room in S01E09, “The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization”.
  • Leonard’s high school yearbook (read by Amy in “The Pulled Groin Extrapolation”)
  • Sheldon’s and Leonard’s whiteboards
  • stuffed animal “Timmy”, the monkey , can be seen sometimes on the end table next to Sheldon’s spot, other times on top of the bookshelf behind the couch
  • Magic 8 ball by Mattel
  • Rubik’s cube tissue box (seen in many episodes, but featured in “The Rhinitis Revelation” where Leonard holds it out to a sick Sheldon)
  • Christmas stuff
    • Batman/Bat Signal ornament
    • Superman logo ornament
    • Yoda stocking
    • R2D2 stocking
    • Darth Vader stocking

See Part 7: Shedding Light on Dark Matter of the book Unraveling the Mysteries of the Big Bang Theory by George Beahm (2011, BenBella Books, ISBN 9781936661312) for more fantasy, sci-fi, pop culture, and other items mentioned on the show in general.


  • Sheldon plans to never stop living with Leonard, which eventually happened in Season 10.
  • After the death of Carol Ann Susi, who provided the voice of Debbie Wolowitz, the producers added a small photo of her on the side of the refrigerator facing the audience as a tribute to her.
  • Throughout the time Penny dated Leonard, she often slept in Leonard’s bedroom with him. Even after their marriage, they usually have to stay here because of Sheldon as he often gets lonely and he might have abandonment issues.
    • They still use this room, even after Sheldon left.
  • According to Sheldon, there is a floor safe, a wall safe, and an Aquaman security camera, which Sheldon has had since 2012.
  • The final scene in the series takes place in Apartment 4A, specifically the main characters eating take-out after returning from the Nobel Prize ceremony.
  1. Gee, look, a Kindle on the The Big Bang Theory, Matt Burns, TechCrunch, 8 December 2009
  • The SPOT.
  • What’s in the frig!
  • L&S’s kitchen.
  • The kitchen set.
  • Tribute to Carol.
  • By the windows.
  • The hallway to the bedrooms.==
  • Living room area – watching Howard’s launch into space.
  • Front door area.
  • Penny in Sheldon’s bedroom taking care of him.
  • Kitchen area.
  • Optical laser chess set, seen by the alcove. Unique piece from Tommaso Baldacchini at Newport Corp. in Burbank, CA.Go to Optical laser chess set. Courtesy of Tommaso Baldacchini.
  • Early living room.
  • Couch was just moved in.
  • Early kitchen view.
  • Apartments 4A and 4B
  • The bathroom set
  • 4A Dinner for The Geology Elevation.
  • Last day of filming.
  • Leonard’s apartment door.

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Bazinga ! Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment is ready! You can now dive into Apartment 4A and visit each corner of Dr. Sheldon Cooper and Dr.Leonard Hofstadter’s universe, the 2 main scientists of the well known American TV show “The Big Bang Theory”, created in 2007.

Their flat is the place where most of their adventures occurs: that’s where they eat Chinese, watch television, play video games, read Comic Books, try new cosplays, and meet with their “nerd” friends Howard and Raj and their pretty neighbor Penny (a waitress who works at the “Cheesecake Factory”).

Our team really enjoyed designing it as we discovered in their apartment a lot of geeky accessories and incredible comic books inspired objects. We couldn’t recreate them all because of their specific shapes but we had a lot of fun trying to be as realistic as possible. We recreated the flat thanks to a 2D floor plan designed by artist Inaki Aliste Lizarralde that we uploaded on HomeByMe.

Here is the original 2D plan :

Once the walls were built, we entirely furnished the flat. Here’s the result in 3D:

So, as Howard would say, step now into the “Nerdvana”:

That’s MY spot :

This is the living-room where you can find the couch and Sheldon’s private spot on the left end of the couch: a particular seat that is his, and no one else is allowed to sit in it. Sheldon’s explanation: “in the winter that seat is close enough to the radiator to remain warm and yet not so close as to cause perspiration. In the summer it’s directly in the path of a cross breeze created by opening windows there and there. It faces the television at an angle that is neither direct, thus discouraging conversation, nor so far wide as to create a parallax distortion. “

The kitchen, open to the living room:

Sheldon’s bedroom:

Leonard’s bedroom:

The bathroom:

We hope you liked it! The apartment is currently decorated as it was when Leonard and Sheldon lived there in Season 1, but the artwork changes frequently, so feel free to redecorate it by copying the project in HomeByMe. Don’t hesitate to share it with your friends on Facebook , and to follow us on Twitter.

“Live long and prosper.” – Spock

  1. the big bang theory
  2. TV show apartment

Don’t miss this amazing deal!

The Big Bang Theory is at this moment the most popular TV show in the world. If you ever watched this show, you must know that primary setting is at Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment. This apartment (4a) is located on the fourth floor of the building, right across the apartment (4b) where one on the main characters – Penny – also lives. We tried to find as similar furniture products as possible to the ones on the set to help you decorate your apartment in Sheldon and Leonard’s style.

Dining Room

Dining/Prep Table


Price: $773.00

Cucina Americana Counter Height Extendable Dining Table is a similar table to the one piece from the set. The base of this table is stainless steel, and the top is solid maple wood. This prep table belongs to the Cucina Americana collection, and this product is made in the USA.

Living room



Price: $2,175.00

Georgia Sleeper Sofa will definitely fit in an apartment decorated in contemporary and geeky style. This sofa is upholstered in a rich full-grain, brown-colored leather fabric so the durability of it is ensured. Seat and back cushions are removable. This sofa will add a sophisticated look to your living room and for the more affordable price than the previous one.

Coffee Table


Price: $150.00

Glass Coffee Table is a nice solution in a case that you like this form of coffee tables, and have a limited budget. This coffee table will also add some elegance to your apartment, and the stylish pedestal base adds a unique and stylish feeling to your home.

Library Style Drawer Cabinet


Price: $288.99

This library cabinet could fit perfectly in a geek home in Sheldon’s style, and it’s a great piece of furniture to help you to organize your multimedia resources. This cabinet is made of oak wood, and it is also available in oak and walnut finish.



Price: $399.00

Ikea’s Ektorp armchair is a perfect choice for a living room in The Big Bang Theory style. The armchair is very comfortable for sitting. It has a removable cover which can be machine washed. The chair is 53 % linen and 47 % viscose/rayon. It is available in twelve different colors.



Price: $48.99

Romejin Striped Down Filled Throw Pillow is a great choice for you if you want to decorate your living room in this style. These pillows are nice, cozy and it’s available in four sizes. Cover material is 100% cotton and fill material is down/feather. The pillow is available in four different sizes.

Sheldon’s Room

Wooden Panel Bed


Price: $719.99

Capricorn Panel Bed by Mercury Row is great choice if you want to keep the look of your bedroom simple and tidy as Sheldon. Its design is timeless, so it will fit in any bedroom style.



Price: $1,029.99

Hazelton 5 Drawer Chest by August Grove is perfect for the people who like to organize everything perfectly in their closed closet compartments. It has five spacious drawers where you can put away your clothes and organize it.

Blue Shade Lamp


Price: $179.99

This casual blue lamp is a great solution to a man’s bedroom. It’s simple and high-quality table lamp that can be used on a nightstand.

How to give your living room the Big Bang Theory Look

In deciding on this sofa we had to look at a few similar styles until we finally chose this brown sofa from

Resembling the classic brown sofa you see in the majority of scenes in Big Bang Theory.

This sofa is priced at £999 and includes high quality top grain leather and can be found at

The Armchair

The famous armchair in Big Bang Theory that sits to the right of the brown sofa is normally used by Leonard and Penny.

We have gone for something similar here but not identical just to offer a little variety but you can go with whatever style you like here. I always find I never really specifically look at the armchair but always know it’s there so small designs and patterns on the armchair are most likely to go unnoticed.

Clear Glass Coffee Table

I must admit I was unsure as to what to go for here as in some scenes the coffee table looks clear and in others it looks dark glass. We went for clear glass in the end but if you would like a dark glass version of this table then there will be a link at the bottom of this post with an image of the dark glass coffee table.

Light Bookcases

The iconic bookcases that are one of the main features of Apartment 4a. Situated at the back of the room, behind the sofa, you will find the light wood bookcases. As you can expect with Big Bang Theory they are full of science books. In a recent episode you can see the bookcases featured more when Sheldon is looking for an alternative to his research in string theory and locates the geology book.

Please note we suggest buying two of the above bookcases so you can match the layout of the set.

Dark Bookcases

Similar to the lighter bookcases they are situated at the back of the room but the dark wood bookcases can be seen to the right of the sofa and next to the window.

If you look closely at the bookcases in some episodes you can notice that the bookcases have lighting under the shelves to brighten up the books.

The above bookcases don’t come with lighting but these can be purchased separately and you can pick up small LED lighting in packs of 4’s for a few pounds.

Please note we suggest buying two of the above bookcases so you can match the layout of the set.

The Rug

If you look closely you can see there are actually two rugs used on the floor, a blue one and then a multi-coloured rug, we have similar styled rugs to display and can match your floor to BBT style.

The rug is also known as Raj and Howards spot when everyone is eating. This is odd because, as you can see in the picture below, the armchair we featured earlier is vacant but I quite like the aspect of the sitting on the floor. I feel it brings a warm, family feel to the scene as I remember growing up family members would sit or even lie on the rug while we all watched television or had a chat about what had happened that day.

Side Table Next To Sheldon

The side table which is featured next to “Sheldon’s Spot” and the location of the table lamp is one of the most critical parts of the room to feature in my opinion. Who doesn’t love Sheldon and adding furnishing that have some resemblance to this spot in your home is one of the reasons you would want to make your home more like Big Bang Theory. Who doesn’t want their own “Sheldon’s Spot”?

Table Lamp Next to Sheldon

The iconic cream shade with the wooden base, which is available from John Lewis

I do however feel the table lamp is highly important to making your room feel similar to BBT as it is located next to “Sheldon’s Spot” one of the funniest scenes of BBT was when Leonard brought in the new sofa.

Single Dining Chair Next to the Armchair

Used by Leonard on the first picture, the dining table does amaze me a little. Why did they go for a dining chair instead of something more modern such as a bean bag or a retro chair?

However now it is there I wouldn’t change it as it is part of the scene you now think of when you imagine the Big Bang Theory living room.

You could go for a something unusual yourself here such as a retro chair. It’s how close you want to match the set at this point.

Office Chair

Situated in most episodes behind the camera the office chair is used by Sheldon in several episodes. Often used when video calling or working.

In these episodes the computer chair is a grey colour but we went for a black executive style chair. The one below is too good value not to be used. The one used in BBT is a grey computer chair (looks like a value computer chair) which can become irritable on prolonged use.

Having longevity and ergonomics in mind we went for an executive chair to provide more back support. (We were thinking beyond the first 7 days of excitement of having the same computer chair as BBT.)

Computer Desk

The computer desk used on Big Bang Theory is not frequently showed and when it is featured it tends to be at an angle that focuses more on the computer chair and the rest of the living room with the cast at the centre of the shot so it is hard to pinpoint the exact design of the computer desk

Below is a popular shot of the room where you can just see the top of the computer chair which is how the scenes are mostly filmed.

However there are a few scenes with the computer desk featured such as the scene below.

With it not being such a dominant feature in the room layout we suggest, a dark glass computer desks. Don’t forget the setup in BBT Apartment 4a is two desks, one for Sheldon and one for Leonard.

The classic trunk

Not always visible but you may notice the trunk to left of the sofas (opposite side to Sheldon). Not highly important you fit this in to make your room look exactly the same as the main items including the bookcases, chairs, sofas and desks but if you want to add the final touches I would add it in there.

You may notice that the one on set includes stickers so these can be added yourself to make the trunk personal to you.

The trunk can be found at The Front Room UK

Final Tips

Action Figures!!

No Big Bang Theory room is complete without the action figures scattered around the room. If you look closely throughout episodes you can see action figures scattered in places you just wouldn’t think.

Below are action figures above the dining table/bar table

Landscaping Ideas Big Bang Theory-colors, furniture and accessories and

We’ll show you some ideas for decorating the Big Bang theory Tvserie and run on a virtual journey through movie sets. Combinations of colors, comfortable furniture, with the exception of accessories for home entertaining – the television program offers a lot of interesting ideas!

Design ideas from the television series The Big Bang Theory

The first ideas of the living room interior design Sheldon and Lenard – the furniture is practical and comfortable. The diet neutral brown, interesting wooden chair and a comfortable sofa feature a seating area with friends. Holztecke the kitchen is in line with the rest of the furniture. Cumbersome idea for a study – including home office. Laminate optically connects the different areas in the living room. Many posters, figurines of comic book heroes and even a toaster with a Star Wars theme are just some of the creative ideas decoration.

Decorating ideas with soft decorations – Penny Room

In the halls of Penny, the connecting element is definitely the color beige. Large parts of the room are decided by a neutral color, which leaves room for a colorful decoration. Green is everywhere used as an accent color in the room – the carpet, the chairs, the many accessories for the home. Congratulations turquoise and focuses on the design – Penny sofa in the living room of the apartment is covered with turquoise, and the room, the bed linen is turquoise. The orange brings warmth and vitality inside, and subtle purple color remains in the background and successfully replaced the classic black. These decorating ideas can be applied easily in any room of the youth and the color scheme is just perfect for the girl open and sunny. Check out the rest of the room from the TV series!

Penny’s room – decorated with curtains and colored lanterns

Flat Penny-room with bright and cheerful colors

Room Howard

Laboratory – Leather Furniture and Home Office range

The comic book store – decoration idea posters

Luxury restaurant – Romantic atmosphere subtle lighting

The decoration of the Indian restaurant with statues of elephants

Furniture in the apartment bachelor Sheldon and Lenard

Decorating ideas for kids rooms for boys film series

Sticker with the cats of the songs in the series

House Toaster Star Wars inspired Sheldon and Lenard

Living in Apartment 4b, Penny had the opportunity to move in across the hall from Sheldon and Leonard. At the young age of 22, she didn’t realize that the shy, geeky guy across the hall would later become her husband.

Although Penny spent many nights at Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment (due to them having WiFi and dinner), she also adored her apartment across the hall. Since she couldn’t paint the walls, she made her space her own by adding bright colored decorations and furniture to add a little Penny to an otherwise dark apartment. And while many fans laugh at the fact that there was no way Penny could ever afford an apartment of that size on her own (by only working a few shifts at the Cheesecake Factory), we’re taking a look at some things fans may have missed.



If you take a closer look at Penny’s fridge the next time you’re binge-watching The Big Bang Theory, you may notice a few familiar faces.

The pictures on the fridge are real photos of Kaley Cuoco, the crew, and a few of herself, Melissa Rauch (Bernadette), and Mayim Bialik (Amy Farrah-Fowler)!


Thanks to our view of Penny’s apartment, we never see the wall that the couch is facing. The “wall” is where the cameras are and gives us a better view of what’s going on in the scene. It’s assumed that the wall that the couch is facing is where her TV is.

But once Amy and Penny became BFFs, Amy decided to celebrate their friendship by getting an oil painting done of them. The painting was so large and ugly, the only space available to hang the portrait was (presumably) above her TV. The cameras panned to the entertainment wall that one time to get a better view of the portrait and that was it.



When we first see Leonard’s view of Penny for the first time, she’s moving into the apartment across the hall. Leonard is transfixed on the beautiful blonde and can’t help it but introduce himself to her.

When the camera zooms over to Penny though, her apartment’s design is a hair out of place. When we look into Penny’s apartment, we can typically see her living room and the kitchen, but in this scene, the kitchen isn’t in the view at all.


When we take a look at Penny’s bedroom, it can be hard to visualize how the rest of her apartment is situated. The window on the left side of the picture faces the same view that we see when Penny is sitting at her cute dining table.

But what about this window next to her bathroom door? We know the window is real because Sheldon comments on it when him and Amy are doing their trial stay, but the window’s curtain has never been drawn back. This makes it difficult to visualize what her view would be like from that window since we always picture it being another wall to her room.



It’s hard to imagine a scene where Penny had her kitchen window open. For starters, many fans thought Penny’s kitchen window was fake due to her fake picture of palm trees on it. Kind of like the “fake” window in her room next to her bathroom.

However, when Amy and Sheldon move into Penny’s apartment, Amy has the kitchen window open!


Both Penny and Leonard’s apartments are on the fourth floor — the only two on the fourth floor, in fact. However, their address and general direction from different areas of interest seem to change.

In the earlier seasons, we learn that the address of their apartment complex is 2311 North Los Robles Avenue. That address seems to differ in season five when it’s said to be located at 215 South Madison Avenue. Funny enough, when you place both addresses into Google Maps, the two addresses are just a nine-minute drive from one another. However, that doesn’t seem to answer where Penny actually lives…



The specific view in the picture above is a rarity. The camera is often in the same position as Penny’s entertainment area but in this view, we can actually see her entertainment center.

Another time where this happened in the show is when Penny invites friends over to watch the Nebraska game when she and Leonard are newly dating. Other than that, we never see her TV.


Diehard fans know the real reason why Sheldon knocks three times before entering a room (he once walked in on his father and another woman), but why does he still knock when there’s a perfectly good doorbell that does the same job?

Doorbells are actually louder at times and more attention-grabbing. Funnily enough, Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment also has a doorbell and even Penny continues to knock!



In season three’s “The Adhesive Duck Deficiency,” Sheldon comes to Penny’s rescue after she slipped and fell in the shower. He helps her up and gets her dressed before heading to the emergency room.

The picture on the left is a cropped image of that scene where there is no bathroom mirror above her sink, just a picture. In the scene on the right, a bathroom mirror suddenly appears and is her sink now baby blue instead of the previous white?


Penny’s apartment decor has a ’70s vibe to it, filled with bright colors and fun patterns. In the episode “The Middle Earth Paradigm”, Penny throws a Halloween party at her apartment with a bunch of friends she somehow loses as the series goes on… Nevertheless, we see a bright green Skruvsta Swivel Chair that was once in her living room.

Over time, the chair disappeared and she found a new one that Sheldon was comfortable with, but the chair later pops up again in Penny’s bedroom! In real life, fans can actually buy the chair from IKEA!

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