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Amazon’s Best-selling Umbrella Is Nearly Indestructible — and It Has Over 5,000 Perfect Reviews to Prove It

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Never have we ever gotten this excited about an umbrella before. But it’s not just any old umbrella, you see. It’s an Amazon best-selling umbrella with waterproof Teflon coating and a wind-defying, fiberglass rib design that can withstand heavy gusts of wind without breakage. Oh, and it has a lifetime replacement guarantee. Yeah.also

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We’re not the only ones impressed by this Repel travel umbrella. Over 5,000 Amazon shoppers have given this umbrella a perfect five-star rating, waxing poetic about the umbrella’s easy automatic design (not only does this umbrella instantly open with just a push of a button, it also closes automatically with the same button, making for easy, one-handed handling) and fast-drying canopy.

Image zoom Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, $23

Amazon user Valley Girl brought it on their trip to rainy Ireland and England, sharing in their five-star review, “I was really impressed with the Teflon coating, as the canopy did not get soaked through. The droplets stayed pooled on top of the fabric and I was able to easily shake them off.” The umbrella’s compact also design makes it perfect for travel.

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Amazon user K deems this umbrella perfect for work commutes too, writing in their five-star review, “If you are in need of a small, lightweight umbrella for daily commuting to and from work, I highly recommend this umbrella. It repels water and dries quickly, which is a great benefit when walking into the office on a soggy morning.”

But you should really try it out for yourself. Head to, where you’ll find the Repel Travel Umbrella for $23.

Not much money for major peace of mind

Most umbrellas from street vendors cost only $10. Truth be told, though, if an umbrella’s life span is only a few storms, the cost of keeping dry can quickly add up.

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I’d never spent $24 on an umbrella before. However, it was easy to do once I saw the Repel’s 4.4-star rating from nearly 6,000 reviews.

It’s also Amazon’s best-selling folding umbrella, and the lifetime replacement guarantee was too great to ignore. If your Repel windproof travel umbrella breaks at any time, the company will send you a new one for free. You don’t even need to send in the broken umbrella.

It would take a lot of wind to break it

In my experience, rain doesn’t ruin umbrellas. Wind does. So when I recently packed for a trip to El Medano, a beautiful, windy beach town in Spain that hosts the Professional Windsurfers Association World Cup, I figured it would be the perfect place to test my new umbrella.

Packing it was a breeze, pun intended. It’s only 11.5 inches long and 14 ounces.

Then, the day I used my Repel windproof travel umbrella in El Medano, the wind was averaging 18 mph. Still, my umbrella performed remarkably.

Disclaimer: Strong gusts can cause this umbrella’s canopy to turn inside out. However, thanks to the umbrella’s “wind-defying nine-rib construction” the framework doesn’t break. Most umbrellas this size feature only six to eight ribs. And they’re usually aluminum. Not only does this umbrella have an extra rib, or three, but each one is reinforced with fiberglass. So all I had to do the one time my umbrella canopy inverted was pop it back out.

It keeps you dry with Teflon

I stood under a shower with a newspaper to see if it would really hold up.Katie Jackson

This umbrella boasts the same protective coating as your favorite nonstick pans. It’s waterproof, so you never have to worry about it leaking. I even tried the umbrella in my shower, and I came out bone dry. (I didn’t spend hours in the shower, but when The Wirecutter, a New York Times company, did 62 hours of research and tested more than 40 umbrellas, this one came out on top.)

Furthermore, the teflon prevents any water from pooling and makes the umbrella easier to shake off. Instead of the normal five or six shakes it takes to get all the water off, this one requires just one.

Opens and closes with the push of a button


Sure, Mary Poppins’ umbrella had a cool parrot head handle. But in the midst of a surprise downpour, or needing to board a bus with a line of people behind you, novelty means nothing. A second or two means everything. That’s why I love that this umbrella’s handle has a button that quickly opens and closes the canopy.

I’m also finding that I don’t need to fight it to get it back into its travel sleeve. Since it does such a good job of staying dry, it slips in easily.

In one word: It’s Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Even if I had this umbrella in all six colors, I’d never be able to compete with Queen Elizabeth’s stylish collection. And unlike Mary Poppins’ magic umbrella, the closest this one will ever get to flying is soaring on a plane inside my luggage.

Still, when it comes to staying dry in even the windiest of conditions, I feel confident with the Repel windproof travel umbrella in my hand. It’s worth it.

WE MAY only be a few days into September, but autumn is already rearing its head.

Thankfully, it doesn’t look as though we’ll have to worry too much about wet hair and damp clothes this year – thanks to a best-selling windproof umbrella.

4 It looks as though we may have found a way to avoid our umbrellas turning inside out in the wind this autumnCredit: Getty – Contributor

According to makers Newdora, the brolly has a flexible structure made of fibreglass and “high quality stainless steel” that won’t “break under the effect of strong winds”.

This is in comparison to standard umbrellas, many of which “break easily under wind pressure due to their structure and rigid bundles”.

Its cover is made from polyester taffeta, a material the brand claims is “stronger and more wear-resistant” than other fabrics.

It’s “certified for 10,000 deployments”, is “portable and lightweight” and boasts a large diameter that will protect you from heavy rain.

4 Newdora claims its brolly is ‘windproof’ and will stop you from getting wet even in the heaviest rainCredit: Newdora/Amazon

  • Newdora windproof travel folding umbrella, £12.76 from Amazon – buy now

Not only that, but the umbrella comes with a “drip-free pouch”, so you can pop it in your handbag without your belongings getting wet.

It has a sophisticated “open and close button”, allowing you to extend and retract it in less than one second.

This means you can easily open it with one hand – perfect if you’re also clutching your bag/child/coffee cup.

4 The umbrella comes in a ‘drip-proof’ pouchCredit: Newdora/Amazon

Tempted to invest? Impressively, the product has racked up hundreds of five-star reviews on Amazon.

One shopper commented: “This is a really heavy duty umbrella.

“It didn’t blow backwards in strong winds and because of the case it comes in you can put it in your handbag without it getting wet.

“Probably the most I’ve spent on an umbrella but the quality is worth it.”

4 The product’s button allows you to open and close it in less than one secondCredit: Newdora/Amazon

Another wrote: “This is really well priced for what it is. I always seem to have my hands full while out with the kids, the automatic open/shut function makes it less of a hassle.

“I have had a few standard umbrellas that have caught my skin while shutting it, this eliminates that possibility!

“I love that it has a carry bag that soaks up the water and prevents my handbag from getting wet! Really great item!”


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