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This is a list of useful travel accessories to make your life easier when you are on the road. How many have you got already?

Let me start by saying I’ve seen many articles about “must-have” travel accessories out there that made me laugh out loud. These list-of-things-you-must-have-but-actually-you-dont-need-at-all include everything from wine bags and tampon flash drives – to luxury camping hammocks (WTF).

This list is for the everyday traveler and has actually useful stuff.

I’ve already addressed some of them on resources page and on my online shop. Now I’ll be more detailed.
The travel accessories below are supposed to save you either space, time and/or money and make perfect Christmas or birthday gifts.

Adventure awaits!
But maybe you don’t need tampon flash drives.

🧳 Best travel accessories to keep you organized

1Document Organizer

Let’s start with THE most important thing you carry on a trip. Nope, it’s not your laptop nor your mobile. It’s your documentation, especially your passport. Keep your documents tidy and safe is a must.

If you’ve no idea what to get, a basic Amazon organizer does the job.

Amazon Basics RFID Travel Organizer

Compact, secure and with lots of space for all documents and cards.

2Packing Cubes

I’m a mess at packing. Once I arrive at my destination, my luggage quickly becomes chaotic piles of clothing. Not to mention finding specific items is almost impossible.

That’s why I’m not exaggerating when I say this was one of my best travel purchases EVER. These little helpers makes any packing – and unpacking too – much more tidy and neat. A must for any modern traveler.

Set of 6 Packing Cubes

Say goodbye to messy packing. 3 different sizes to pack your clothes.

3Travel Bottles

Oh, the enjoyable security lines in airports where everyone is forced to show off their guts and keep liquids to ridiculously tiny amounts. This is where travel bottles can be of huge help and save some money.

Note: The standard in airports worldwide is for containers in carry-on bags to not surpass the 100mL / 3.4 oz of liquid each.

Oursunshine Squeezable Travel Bottles

Pretty much any container with the right capacity will do, but squeezable ones like this set have extra points for functionality.

4Digital Organizer

Don’t you find it astonishing the amount of SD Cards, cables, plugs and adaptors we travel with nowadays? Usually, one of the pockets in my backpack is exclusively dedicated to these “accessories of accessories”, but it soon can become a huge mess.

Unfortunately this potential mess won’t be over soon in 2019. An electronics’ organizer helps keeping everything neat and organized. Look for an waterproof one like this to add extra protection.

5Duffel Bag

I only use trolleys or conventional luggage in short urban getaways. In most destinations, carrying a backpack or duffel bag is more comfortable, convenient and efficient than a luggage.

On my article about backpacking in Asia, I have a whole section about the important features to look for in backpacks.

For my trip to Japan, I recently bought this The North Face’s duffel bag. You can use it both as a handbag and as a backpack which makes it super versatile.

The North Face Base Camp Duffel-Medium

My most recent purchase for smaller trips. Absolutely love the build quality and material of this thing. It doesn’t come cheap, but it doubles as backpack and is durable and comfortable on your back. Several sizes too.

6Day Backpack

Backpack: a true symbol of the freedom of travel.

Whether you’re going urban or rural, to a beach or to a mountain, a backpack is essential to carry the usual vacation stuff throughout your day.

Make sure you go for an unassuming (and basic?) backpack on the outside, but functional on the inside. This one is a good example. This way you can keep your stuff organized without drawing attention to precious stuff like laptops or DSLR cameras.

Geeky Explorer Travel Shop

My travel shop on Amazon with all you need for a smart and hassle-free travel.

📱 Essential Gadgets

7International Travel Adapter

Depending on where your destination is, this can be essential. A good adapter will provide you with all the possible outlets worldwide, ensuring you always stay charged abroad.

Universal Travel Adapter

Essential for a modern traveler. What I love about this particular adapter is that comes with 4 USB ports, so you can potentially charge 5 devices at the same time. Works in 150+ countries.

8Multi USB Charger

If the previous item has not enough 5 USB ports, invest in a multi-USB port. Let’s be honest, it’s the 21st century – who hasn’t faced the true first-world problem of not having enough power outlets to charge all the devices? Some hotel rooms are scarce in outlets and simply can’t deal with all the charging needs of a modern day traveler.

With the USB port type on the rise across gadgets, this problem will just become more frequent. A multi-USB hub charger can be the solution, particularly if you’re traveling in a group.

Tip: to future-proof this purchase, look for USB 3.0 ports, like this one:

6-Port USB Wall Charger

Conveniently charge all your devices at once with this compact USB hub. One of the 6 ports is equipped with a fast USB charging technology (up to 4X faster than standard chargers).

9Mobile WiFi Hotspot

Since I’m always traveling with a lot of gadgets or within a group, getting all the devices connected is a HUGE first world problem. A mobile router unlocked to all networks is a game changer: reliable, easy to use, and a potential huge money-saver.

An important thing to look at is the list of frequencies the device supports. Mobile operators in each country use different ones and their SIM card will only work in that range of frequencies. My previous hotspot didn’t work with ANY operator when I traveled to the US!

HUAWEI 4G LTE Mobile WiFi Router

Put any SIM card in the world inside and it will share the data across all your devices via WiFi (up to 10!). The battery lasts 12 hours of working. Can’t recommend it enough!

10Power Bank

Even though we are planning to send men to colonize Mars, for some reason manufacturers still refuse to launch phones, cameras and other devices with batteries lasting for days. Result: everyone needs extra juice when on the road.

Invest in a compact and potent device. Everything below 10,000mAh is pretty much not worth it – remember they tend to lose capacity over time. Here’s a list of power banks to get you started.

Portable Charger Anker PowerCore 20100mAh

With 20,000 mAh capacity, this power bank is guaranteed to give you battery to charge your devices for days.

🤖 Best travel accessories to keep you healthy

11Hand sanitizer gel

For years I’ve underestimated the effect of hand sanitization. Some even say most food poisoning cases are caused by dirty hands rather than the food itself, which makes me feel a bit uneasy! Since then, I always travel with a gel like this.

Keeping your hands germ-free regularly is a great idea. You may not realize, but you’re touching all kinds of stuff when you’re traveling. This is the first layer of protection you have for viruses and bacteria causing all kinds of diseases.

Nano Pure Next Generation Hand Sanitizer

This water-based gel forms a molecular bond that stays active on the surface of your skin and protects against germs and bacteria.

12Mosquito Repellent

It’s no exaggeration to say a good mosquito repellent is one of the best things any traveler should invest, especially if you’re going to tropical countries. I mean it CAN SAVE LIVES. Tip: pick one with high DEET content, like this one below.

Ben’s 100% DEET Mosquito, Tick and Insect Repellent

Offers 10+ hours of protection and contains 100% DEET, recommended for protection against mosquitos, ticks, and biting insects.


Melatonin regulates the sleep and your day cycle. Its levels basically determine when your body is ready for sleep. When you travel, this balance can be very quickly disrupted.

When you’re switching continents, this can be great to quickly adjust to a different timezone and minimize jet lag. Kids or perhaps even grown ups – why not? – have the gummy bear version which I’m a bit obsessed about.

Natrol Melatonin

This 100% plant-based supplement can help you to achieve a good night’s sleep, no matter where you are.

📸 Photo & Video

14Digital Camera

Smartphone cameras are getting incredibly powerful year after year and have the advantage of being lighter and more user-friendly. One day they will be able to fully replace a digital camera.

That day hasn’t come yet. DSLR and mirrorless cameras are still superior in some aspects, such as optical zoom. If you are into photography and want to take top-notch pictures, you should consider investing in an extra camera.

Now of course there are cameras (and lenses) for all budgets, but for traveling size does matter so aim to buy something compact and light. I had my old Nikon Coolpix p610 for years because of its 60x optical zoom, but the new version is even more powerful: 83x optical zoom!.

Nikon COOLPIX p900 Digital Camera

With a fantastic 83x zoom, this camera is great for close-ups, something your smartphone simply can’t do.

Sony Alpha a6000 Camera

Smaller than most DSLRs, taking staggering 24MP photos and very intuitive to use with WiFi and NFC connectivity, this is a great camera for beginners.

15GoPro Camera

I once thought a GoPro was only for snowboarders or crazy people who jump out of buildings.

I got to say I’ve been amazed by the versatility and creative potential of this little action camera. Since it’s so compact and easy to function, you can also create cool-looking videos of more standard vacations (no more shaky videos!).

Anyway here are my favorite uses of a GoPro camera so far:

  • Dynamic activities – whether you’re surfing, skiing or zip-lining, there’s nothing better than a GoPro to capture the moment. Underwater videos also look DOPE.
  • Big attractions – monuments like the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona or the Burj Khalifa in Dubai are impossible to fit the frame of a single photo/video. Until you use a GoPro.
  • Memory videos – if the hundreds of photos you take on your trip remain on a folder in your computer they’re just worthless. And if you decide to show them to family and friends you’re just killing them of boredom. A short dynamic video made of GoPro clips is fun, engaging and enjoyable.

GoPro 7 Black

For the new version, GoPro improved the video stabilization and the voice control and you can still take 12MP photos and film 4K HD videos. It’s now also completely waterproof (up to 10M).

Wide-Angle lenses on a budget

If you’re on a budget or simply don’t want to carry around another gadget, have a look at wide-angle lenses for your smartphone. Pixter has a SuperFishEye that might do the job for you.

Here’s my review after a day using it in Barcelona.

🔒 Best travel accessories to keep you safe

16Money Belt

Almost secret agent material.

Keeping your belongings safe is a major concern whenever you’re going to less safe places. Personally, it was useful in the craziness of Naples and specially in Rio de Janeiro, where safety is the #1 concern.

The thing is: any big city nowadays suffer from pickpocketing and bag-snatching issues at some level. A money belt is an inexpensive way to keep your pocket money and even some documents invisible at all times.


It’s often overlooked and one of those things you don’t realize it’s useful until you need it. Depending on where you’re heading, a padlock can be tricky to find. It’s a simple way to add an extra layer of safety whenever you are away from your stuff.

I especially recommend packing one if you tend to stay in hostels or need to ditch your luggage between check-out and your flight back home.

18Security Camera

A Nest security camera can give extra peace of mind when you’re away.

Nowadays there are plenty of options for affordable home security cameras that send you email or phone notifications whenever there’s movement detected.

The most popular is Nest with a range of outdoor and indoor solutions. Extra peace of mind and allows you to take quick action if unwelcome visitors decide to show up.

💆‍♂️ Best travel accessories to keep you comfy

19Microfiber Towel

Plenty of the accommodation places I’ve stayed in don’t provide bathing towels. Specially in Asia. When they did, they charged for them as a first-necessity item they are.

A simple microfiber towel like this one does the job, does not occupy much volume and dries super quickly. Plus, it can double as a little blanket!

Rainleaf Microfiber Towel

In spite of its tiny size, it absorbs water effectively and dries fast afterwards. Super handy while you’re traveling.

20Compression Socks

Not only compression socks keep your feet warm, they also improve your blood circulation and make your legs feel less tired after much sitting or standing. It’s not the most stylish of accessories but they can make all the difference in that long-haul flight.

21Water Purifier Bottle

A water purifier bottle is an obvious asset to have in third-world countries where tap water is not drinkable.

But even in countries where tap water is drinkable, having an extra purifying bottle is useful. Apart from avoiding always have to shop for plastic water bottles, it’s much more environmentally conscious. I predict this travel item will become more and more of a thing amongst travelers in 2020.

GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier Bottle

This bottle makes clean drinking water in only 15 seconds from any fresh water source. Oh and removes chemicals and 99.999% of most viruses, bacteria (including E.Coli) and cysts in the process.

22Travel Pillow

The first time I went to Asia I arrived drousy, sleepy, and with severe neck pain after my long-haul flight. Definitely not my best moment.

If you’re taking a flight longer then 6 hours, strongly consider something to support your neck while you rest. It can really make a difference for your posture and energy when you get to the new place.

TravelRest Travel Pillow

This pillow has a superior design which doesn’t force your neck to come forward like in other pillows. Plus, it’s compressible which means you can carry it lightly throughout your trip.

23Ear Plugs

A set of ear plugs can be useful for that loud hostel, when you want to escape the world for a few moments at a crowded airport, or, my favorite use case, for flights. It’s hard to rest up when there’s people talking, flight attendants passing by, and children crying all the time.

Additionally, these ear plugs below are designed to deal with in-flight ear pressure due to the changes in altitude.

Mack’s Ear Plugs

Regulates air pressure due to altitude changes in your ears, while it keeps noise levels down. A must if you want to relax on your flight.

🤖 Best travel accessories to keep you entertained

24Noise Cancelling Headphones

A GOOD pair of headphones is an investment few regret to make. It can help you focus and in the context of a trip, improve your travel experience. If you’re seeking a pair, go for the noise-cancelling headphones, extremely useful in loud environments like a plane or a train.

Some of my favorite brands right now are BOSE and Beats.

BOSE Noise-Cancelling Headphones

These over-ear phones are some of the best in the market right now. 3 levels of noise cancellation, seamless Bluetooth pairing, and even with built-in Alexa assistant.

Beats Studio3 Noise Canceling Headphones

Premium listening experience, adaptive noise cancelling, and up to 22 hours of battery life. You can’t go wrong with Beats.

25Headphone Jack Splitter

Even though the tendency is Bluetooth phones, sadly shared-Bluetooth isn’t a (mainstream) feature yet. How to make two or more people listen to the same music, podcast, or movie in the good’n’old audio jack?

A jack splitter basically shares the sounds between 2 (or more) headphone sets, so you can watch that movie with your SO or friend sitting next to you. It can also be useful to share audioguides of attractions and museums.


I can assure you those are not my hands.

Tablets are getting thinner and lighter which makes them a great alternative to packing a bulky laptop. It’s perfect to watch movies, plan your daily itinerary or even sketch/draw landscapes you don’t get to see every day. Not to mention take advantage of some cool and useful travel apps. Just please don’t use it to take photos, that just looks silly.

Make no mistake: an iPad is not for everyone. If you’re looking to disconnect on your travels, you should look into taking the least amount of gadgets possible.

On the other hand, if you’re doing a longer trip but still don’t want to take your laptop, an iPad can be very useful. From my experience, they blow out the competition in reliability and CPU power.

Which iPad to get?

The new iPad Pro might be too much (in both size and specs) for the standard traveler but you can’t go wrong with either the iPad (2018 version) or its smaller brother, the iPad mini 4.

Apple iPad with WiFi 32 GB

Your computer away from home! With 9.7″ Retina display, 128GB of capacity it’s guaranteed to give you many hours of entertainment on the road.

27Amazon Kindle

If you are into reading, a Kindle is a great option to bring lots of books with you without occupying much space.

I recently got into the habit of reading books during my travels which is great to 1) pass time on trains and planes 2) learn new perspectives on the country’s culture.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

The Paperwhite version is waterproof and has a 300 dpi glare-free display allowing you to read on the beach and in bed at night. Plus, a single battery lasts weeks!

Extra: For the ones left behind

As important as the items to bring with you, are the things that can you save a lot of trouble back at home.

First of all, don’t forget the members of the family left behind! Pet feeders are great for cats, rabbits and hamsters when you’re away for a short period of time.

Don’t neglect plants too. A plant waterer can avoid you getting back home to a dry foliage show.

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What are the best travel accessories for you? What can’t you travel without?
Share your favorites so I can add them to the list!

Travel Like a Pro: The 11 Best Travel Accessories to Invest In

I’ve spent a lot of time on the road in the past several years—so much so that it’s almost comical. And when you’re away as often as I am, traveling with mediocre gear (such as a cabin trolley with wobbly wheels or earphones that work intermittently) is out of the question.

After all, ill-considered packing decisions can lead to massive inconveniences, delays, and a very foul mood—if you don’t have a sense of humor about the indignities of modern travel. So save yourself the trouble and buy the best travel accessories you can afford.

Save for some essentials such as neck pillows and fleece travel blankets, here are some other bulletproof items that have vastly improved my business trips and vacations—and I’m guessing they’ll make a world of difference for you.


Last year at Baselworld, I fell in love with the Tudor Black Bay GMT. When you work in two time zones as often as I do throughout the year, it’s invaluable to have a watch that can do the math for you. With the dial of a classic Tudor divewatch the Black Bay GMT has a Pepsi bezel calibrated for 24 hours and a snowflake hand for an additional timezone. It’s also made of stainless steel and is waterproof up to 200 meters, which means it’s a true road warrior that can take you from the boardroom to the hotel to the beach.

Tudor’s Black Bay GMT has a Pepsi bezel calibrated for 24 hours and a snowflake hand for an… additional timezone. And it’s waterproof up to 200 meters.

Photo: Tudor


I always packed Bluetooth speakers with me. Why? Because for all the technological advances in the hospitality space, it boggles the mind that circa 2008 iPhone and iPod docks still furnish most hotel rooms—no matter how chichi the property is. A few years ago, I was devoted to Jawbone’s Mini Jambox until the company went bust. The good news: My dad, a music enthusiast, recently introduced me to the JBL Clip 3. It’s completely waterproof and features a built-in clip that attaches to showerheads, bikes, backpacks, and more. So if you want to listen to your tunes in that outdoor hot tub, no problem.

The JBL Clip 3 speaker is perfect for anyone who’s forever on the go. And because it’s waterproof… you can take it anywhere without having to worry, even on beach vacations.

Photo: JBL


It may sound like such an insignificant thing but traveling with a pen is an absolute must. When in transit, you’ll more often than not have to fill out a disembarkation form. And the last thing you need is to scrounge around for one—or bother the flight attendant to borrow hers. So just make like a boy scout and be prepared. Think about it this way: Seasoned passengers who do show up with a pen don’t always love the idea of sharing, especially after a relatively long flight. Personally, I like the Kaweco Classic Sport rollerball because it’s just the right size and it glides through paper. Plus: It’s teeny tiny at 10.5cm—so it fits anywhere.

The size of the German-made Kaweco Classic Sport Rollerball (at 10.5cm lengthwise) makes it perfect… for travelers, especially those who like to pack minimally.

Photo: Kaweco


You must always carry a “go bag” inside your carry-on. Let me explain: When you get to your seat on the plane, don’t frantically fumble around your backpack (or purse) searching for all your in-flight necessities. Instead, pack a good-sized pouch with your earphones, medication, chocolate, lip balm, and whatever else you may need. That way you can simply grab the pouch, toss it in your seat, stow your cabin luggage, and relax. My choice is Montblanc’s clear Nightflight bag, which was initially intended to store liquids. But I like seeing what I’ve got in there, in liquid form or not—it makes it infinitely easier to look for stuff when the cabin crew turns the light down.

Montblanc’s clear Nightflight bag was originally intended for storing liquids during travel. But… it’s also superb for holding your in-flight needs.

Photo: Montblanc


This is not to be confused with the aforementioned “go bag.” This particular pouch is actually where I store one credit card and a few foreign bills—enough for a taxi and a meal. And depending on where I’m going, it’s most likely going to hold transit cards as well (such as Hong Kong’s Octopus or London’s Oyster). Sometimes I’ll have a business card or two in there, because you never know who you’re going to run into. Why don’t I just use my regular wallet? You see, my beast of a wallet is typically nestled at the very bottom of my gargantuan purse—to make it difficult for pickpockets. So it’d be inconvenient to pull out the entire thing out and count change when you’ve just landed. So I like to stash my small pouch where it’s easily accessible, such as the outside (or inside) pocket of my bag. Easy peasy.

This Anya Hindmarch pouch is ideal for carrying foreign currency and transit cards, unlike other… large and unweildy travel wallets.

Photo: Anya Hindmarch


Of all the things I bring on vacation (or a work trip) my trusty travel adapter is up there on the priority list. And it took me a while to find the absolute perfect one. My criteria: It’s got to be lightweight, it’s got to have converters that’ll work everywhere, and USB ports are a must. This nifty one from Bestek works perfectly and it even comes with its own travel pouch.

Bestek’s international travel adapter works everywhere. Plus, it’s lightweight and comes in its own… carrying case.

Photo: Bestek


Personally, I’m a big Rimowa fan: My cabin trolley and suitcases are all made by the brand. They may not look sizeable (because they don’t expand) but you can fit a whole lot of stuff into them. Plus, they look good—very sleek and modern. Beyond that, they’re nearly impossible to damage. I’m not ashamed to admit that they’ve never let me down, even when I’ve loaded them up with seriously heavy souvenirs. And by heavy I mean 12 bottles of wine and Scotch—on more than one occasion. The Trunk Plus line in particular can hold enough for a two-week trip. And for the large Check-In line, you can purchase garment bag inserts, as I have, to keep those freshly dry-cleaned shirts free of wrinkles. But pro tip: Only purchase the polycarbonate (not aluminum) pieces. They get less dings and are a helluva lot lighter.

Rimowa’s Trunk Plus line is capable of transporting a great many things and is perfect for those who… don’t travel light.

Photo: Rimowa


Whenever I see a woman wearing high heels in an airport, the first phrase that comes to mind is “rookie move.” And yes, I’m profoundly aware that it’s not the nicest of sentiments and can be downright mean. But wearing uncomfortable shoes while you’re traveling will bring you nothing but misery and pain. Literally. Even beyond the airport, travelers just ought to invest in comfortable footwear. Imagine having to lug suitcases around in stilettos. Or walking cobblestone streets in Europe. Even shopping around, say, the gargantuan malls in Hong Kong will leave stiletto-wearing women in agony. So stick to a pair of easy flats, such as Repetto’s Brigitte ballerinas. They’re easy to trot around in and immensely practical. Plus points: They look good and can be dressed up or down.

Comfortable shoes are a must when traveling. And Repetto’s Briggite flats are stylish enough to… dress up for when you have social engagements to attend.

Photo: Repetto


I used to use cans: the Bose QuietComfort 25. And it was phenomenal for a while. Then it died. As a replacement, I followed a dear friend’s advice and bought the QuietComfort earbuds and it’s changed the way I travel. It blocks out noise just as well as its QuietComfort 20 cousin and perhaps maybe a tad better. Not only does it protect you from the aural assaults of chatty passengers, crying babies, and the occasional mid-flight announcements about the food service—it also fits anywhere. The lightweight buds come in their own case and even fits in my jacket pocket—when it’s not in my “go bag.”

The beauty of Bose’s QuietComfort 20 earbuds lies not only in its ability to reliably block out… unwanted chatter. It’s also compact enough for easy storage.

Photo: Bose


As far as I’m concerned, every traveler should have a folded up Pliage—either in their cabin trolley or in their check-in luggage. Call it the emergency bag. Over the years, I’ve found myself needing space for random things: laundry, extra shopping, or having to unload overweight bags. And sometimes you may even need it to do some light food shopping—because let’s face it, nobody likes paying a hefty premium for bottled water, juice, and snacks from the hotel minibar. Trust me, having the Pliage has saved me from many potential travel woes.

Longchamp’s foldable Le Pliage is as practical as it is cool, especially when you need an extra bag.

Photo: Lonchamp


My motto is: Never leave home without at least two power banks, most especially in remote areas where your chance of finding an outlet is practically zero. Even where I live, in New York City, it’s easy to drain your phone’s battery just by going about your daily routine. So just imagine how infuriating it’d be if you found yourself stuck in a foreign country with no means to call a cab, an Uber, or God forbid, an ambulance. In this day and age, where people are constantly out and about (myself included), it’s just wise to have backup power because there’s nothing more maddening than running out of juice when you need it the most. And the best way to prevent that is to be prepared with completely charged power banks. My choice: Anker’s Powercore Slim 5000 and Powercore 10000. Unlike most power banks, these don’t conk out easily. I’ve had both of mine for years.

Anker’s power banks are the best in the market: They last long and charge fast.

Photo: AnkerWhen it comes to travel, I am overall anti-gadget; like many independent travelers, I’d rather pack light than lug tons of stuff around in an attempt to carry every convenience of home with me on the road. That said, some travel gadgets are essential to just about every packing list. Besides your smartphone—which is a given for just about all of us—I’ve come up with the 12 best travel gadgets that deserve inclusion in your carry-on.

Universal (All-in-One) Plug Adapter

After years of thrashing through a bag of adapters before every international trip, I was thrilled when all-in-one adapters started appearing on the market—that is, until I tried to use one in actual wall outlets.

Some outlets are recessed, requiring an extender that seemed not to be included in most adapter sets. Some adapters didn’t seem to correspond to the shape that you found in the guidebooks for the country you were visiting. Others were poorly made and came apart after a few days’ use.

That is mostly over, as today’s all-in-one adapters address most of these issues with a built-in extender on the European adapter plugs. Most have enough options that you will never be out of luck, and they tend to be better made to boot.

A couple of well-reviewed choices include offerings from NEWVANGA and EPICKA.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

“Noise-canceling headphones were probably the best travel investment I have made,” says pro photographer Erik Dresser, who logs tens of thousands of air miles each year for his work. Dresser notes that the headphones let him shut out the general din of the aircraft so he can relax more easily, permit him to sleep in flight without getting woken up by chatting passengers and crying babies, and signal to others that he is not up for socializing.

USB Flash Drive

A USB flash drive (also known as a thumb drive) can come in handy on any number of occasions while traveling, such as sharing a document with the hotel front desk so they can print it for you or accessing a photo of your passport if it’s lost or stolen.

Amazon lists thousands of these; most work pretty well.

Portable Phone Charger

On two separate occasions in the past few years (a company party and a fundraiser), the “party favor” was a small, rechargeable USB phone charger, probably the most useful and welcome party favor in history. The only thing about “party favor” quality chargers is that they tend to fail pretty quickly, so purchasing a good one is probably worth the money.

This one from Anker will give you a heap of charges, which beats buying drinks you don’t need at a coffee shop just to be able to plug in.

For a bit more money, this one from RAVPower gets stellar reviews from many experts. For more ideas, see SmarterTravel’s list of the best portable chargers.

Car Charger

If you will be renting a car or driving your own vehicle on a road trip, bring a car charger/adapter. Recharging your stuff while driving helps combat the “not enough accessible outlets in the hotel” factor and allows you to use your device to map your route, play a podcast, or distract your kids in the back seat without running down the battery.

Some car chargers are designed to charge your phone very quickly; the PowerBear Fast Car Charger seems to be the leader in this realm.

Weatherproof Phone Case

In my informal gadget survey of friends who travel frequently, the one thing that few of them owned but many were thinking of getting was a weatherproof phone case. At home, such cases often seem overly bulky, but when traveling they’ve found it more common to get caught out in bad weather.

“Ziploc bags work to protect the phone, but actually using the phone through a wet plastic bag is a mess,” one noted.

LifeProof cases are the go-to for many hardcore travelers, while PunkCase is a well-regarded option at a lower price point.


Bringing a tablet as well as a phone had always seemed like just too much stuff to me—until newspaper and magazine apps started getting good. I used to leave home with more than five pounds of paper reading material, which I left behind for other potential readers in airplane seatback pockets, gate areas or hotel lobbies; now I download magazines and books to a tablet.

Tablets come in a wide range of price points; to browse.


For heavy vacation/travel reading, many hardcore readers swear by the Kindle because it’s so easy to read outside in strong light. If you read a ton while traveling, and in all kinds of places, a branded Kindle e-reader is probably the way to go in lieu of a tablet.

Solar Charger

For hardcore travelers who might spend long periods of time away from plugs of any kind—such as backcountry hikers, climbers, and campers—solar chargers are a useful addition to a packing list. Sure, part of the point of heading into the backcountry is getting away from connectivity, but that doesn’t mean that GPS devices, cameras, or even smartphones are completely verboten.

Leading brands for solar chargers include Goal Zero and Suntactics.

Mobile Hotspot

Depending on which cell phone plan you use, a mobile hotspot can save you money on international plans and data charges. These devices broadcast a secure, dependable Wi-Fi signal you can use in any country, without having to rely on sketchy public Wi-Fi signals or use your own pricey data. Well-reviewed options include devices from Huawei, GlocalMe, and MightyWifi.

Sun-/Insect-Repellent Shirt

This isn’t exactly a gadget, but clothing has become quite technical in nature and can provide more than just routine cover. Many companies make pants, socks, and shirts that provide specific protection from both sun and insects, including measurable UV protection as well as EPA-certified insect repellent properties. Many are lightweight and breathable as well, making this a “tech” purchase perfectly suited to travel.

I have this Patagonia shirt in a very light color, which works pretty well; you can find similar offerings for both men and women here.

Smart Suitcase

We’re in the early days of smart suitcases, but the idea is extremely compelling—being able to check on your smartphone where your bag is, how heavy it is, and whether it has been opened. Many smart suitcases even provide the ability to charge devices through a USB connection.

There are also simple tracking devices you can put into your luggage, so that might be another way to tap into this type of tech without going all in on an expensive bag. As this tech comes into its own, soon enough tracking our own bags might seem almost routine.

Away’s The Carry-On will charge your phone and comes recommended by gear review sites, including SmarterTravel.

More of Our Favorite Travel Items

Which travel gadgets do you consider essential? Let us know in the comments below.

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Editor’s note: This story was originally published in 2017. It has been updated to reflect the most current information.

Best road trip gadgets: Don’t leave home without this car-friendly tech

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start planning your next road trip. And, whether it’s to see family in the next state, explore somewhere new with friends, or embark on that coast-to-coast adventure you always dreamed of, technology is ready and waiting to make the miles pass more quickly.

This guide includes satellite navigation systems, action cameras, headphones for your passengers, and ways to make your car smarter, connected and more gadget-friendly. You can even install Alexa for $50.

Satellite navigation


These days it’s increasingly likely that you car will have a navigation system of its own, but these vary in their abilities and are often out-performed by a dedicated unit, or even your smartphone.

For those wanting a dedicated unit, TomTom and Garmin are the manufacturers to look for, having led the sat-nav market since its inception. The $250 TomTom Go 6200 has a 6-inch touch screen, worldwide maps, Wi-Fi, voice control and live traffic information for re-routing you on the fly. If you prefer Garmin’s maps and interface, try the $160 Nuvi 57LM, which has a 5-inch touch screen, lifetime updates, live traffic data, and can be fitted with an optional reversing camera.

Maps app


Alternatively, you could use your smartphone. Google Maps is free and works very well, serving up clear directions, live traffic data and easily accessible information on local amenities like gas stations.

Google-owned Waze (iOS and Android) is another free option, which provides directions partly based on data shared by the app’s millions of users. Obstructions are reported by the community and traffic jams are flagged up because the app knows the location, speed and direction of each active user. That way, if the app sees users getting held up, others will be offered an alternative route.

Always check local traffic laws for the states and countries you plan to drive in, as many jurisdictions forbid you from interacting with your smartphone while behind the wheel.

Smartphone mount


If you opt for a mapping app, you’ll want a smartphone mount. These can be attached to the windscreen with a suction cup or to an airvet with a clipping mechanism. iOttie is a good brand to look out for, with the $25 Easy One Touch offering a simple and secure way to keep your smartphone comfortably in sight, but without being a distraction.

Magnetic phone holders, like this $8 option from Aukey, clip to an air vent and have become more popular in recent months. They require you to stick a magnetic strip to the back of your smartphone (or the back of its case) which can be difficult to remove when you come to sell it, but this offers a quicker and simpler solution to conventional windscreen mounts.

Dash cam


Also growing in popularity are dashboard cameras, or dash cams. These face forwards through the windshield and constantly record video as you drive. Although the legal status of the video they record varies by country, the footage can theoretically be used to prove blame if you get into an accident.

More advanced dash cams also alert you to local speed cameras and sound a warning if you do not slow down for an obstacle ahead, drift out of your lane, or are too close to the vehicle in front. Some can be hooked up to a secondary camera facing out of the rear windshield, and some stay active for 24 or 48 hours after you park up, then record when they detect movement or an impact.

Dash cams like those from Crosstour start at around $30 to $40, while more expensive units with higher video quality and more features, like the Rexing V1, cost between $100 and $200.

Action camera


Sticking an action camera to the outside of your car will help capture shots of the jaw-dropping scenery any well-planned road trip will take you through. Although there are a lot of budget cameras available, GoPro is the market leader and hard to ignore. Whether you opt for the $129 Hero Session or the $400 Hero 6 Black, you will get excellent video and strong build quality.

A huge rage of accessories (from GoPro and third parties) means you can fit these cameras to almost anything, make them waterproof (although most new models are already), and control them from your smartphone – handy if want to start a time-lapse from a GoPro stuck to the roof.

360-degree camera


Stepping your road trip movie up a gear, how about a 360-degree camera? These can be used to create flat 180-degree or 360-degree video, where you drag the video around to explore the scene, or to make footage for a virtual reality headset.

At the entry level there’s the second-generation $100 SamsungGear 360 – although you’ll need a recent Samsung smartphone to get the most out of it. At the mid-range there’s the new $300 Lenovo Mirage Camera, and for those on a larger budget you should try out the $700 GoPro Fusion, which features 5.2K video capture, voice control and some impressive cinematic shooting modes

Plug-in Alexa


Alexa is best known for her smart home abilities, but there are now ways to take Amazon’s virtual assistant on the road with you. The $50 Roav Viva by Anker plugs into your car’s lighter socket and also acts as a USB charging hub.

You can ask the assistant to bring up driving directions on your smartphone, control music playback, search for a local gas station and add events to your calendar. You can also ask Alexa to control your smart home devices from the road, switching on the heating if you leave work early, or illuminating the driveway lights as you turn onto your street.

Gaming and entertainment


As fun as road trips can be, the view out of the window can quickly become monotonous. To help keep your passengers happy, the $299 Nintendo Switch offers multiplayer console gaming in a portable package. Backseat Mario Kart on a twisting road might not go down too well, but simple party games like 1-2-Switch will keep passengers entertained, not carsick.

Pair the Switch with wireless, noise-cancelling headphones like the $290 Bose QC35 and you’ll be on to a winner – especially because the second-generation QC35s come with Google Assistant built in.

Lighter socket USB adaptors and power inverters


A car full of smartphones, tablets and even a games console is going to need more than the single USB port many vehicles come equipped with. Thankfully, a good amount of power can usually be drawn from the cigarette lighter, then used to charge smartphones and even run more demanding appliances, like a laptop.

For around $10 you can get a lighter adapter with two USB ports, or for a larger budget look at the circa-$30 power inverters sold by Foval or Bestek, which can charge via USB and AC sockets.

Power bank


Power banks are a road trip essential, letting you quickly charge your phone or tablet when the car’s USB ports are all being used. They come in a wide range of sizes and currently top out at around 20,000 to 25,000mAh. The $30 Ruipu portable charger can power two USB devices at once and is rated at 24,000mAh, which means it can fill a smartphone more than five times over.

OBD2 scanner


Although this article is mostly about keeping your passengers entertained and connected, an OBD2 scanner is an important device to consider before your next road trip. These plug into the universal OBD2 port, often found below the steering wheel or in the foot well, and can tell you more information about any error lights your car is showing, and the service schedule.

The $70 Foxwell NT30 is a good option for the auto enthusiast who already has a good understanding of what they are looking for, while the $99 Verizon HumX comes with a 4G connection to give your car (and its passengers) an internet connection.

Bluetooth kit


Almost all new cars come with Bluetooth, but jump back a generation and connecting smartphones to vehicles was less common.

Thankfully, this is easy and cheap to fix. Lots of manufacturers produce devices which plug into the lighter socket, take music from your phone via Bluetooth, then broadcast it as a radio frequency. Tune your car radio to the right frequency, and your phone’s audio comes through the speakers. These devices, such as the $18 Nulaxy Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter, also often come with a USB port to keep your phone’s battery topped up as you drive.

Wireless travel router


Finally, we have the portable (and wireless) travel router. There are two types of product here; the first creates a wireless network for your devices to connect to and share data across. Devices like the $40 RAVPower FileHub Plus act as a wireless network-attached hard drive, which you can connect to and either stream films from, or upload files to – useful if the road trip photographer wants to upload their snaps and share with the group without spamming the WhatsApp chat.

The second device is a mobile hotspot, like the $150 Netgear Unite Explore. This is powered by USB and broadcasts a 4G network for devices to connect to via Wi-Fi. You could use your smartphone as a hotspot instead, but dedicated routers tend to offer higher data speeds and a more reliable connection.

27 Travel Gadgets That Are Too Cool To Resist

This post contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you, if you make a purchase through these links. See our full disclosure here.

Some of them are just too fun to miss, others add extra convenience to our experiences, yet others open up new realms in the world of technology. You’ve guessed it: we’re talking about travel gadgets!

These smart tools that have forever changed the way we experience the world are life-savers for today’s travelers. They solve some of the most annoying travel problems, keep our stuff organized on the go, and make the best gifts for travelers.

Here are 27 cool travel gadgets ready to make your trips safer, easier, or simply more enjoyable.

World’s Smallest Travel Steam Iron

Featuring a 420-watt motor and three fabric heating levels, this mini travel steam iron is the smallest of its kind in the world. The compact device is about the size of a computer mouse and can be extremely useful for business travelers who are on the road and need to remove the inevitable wrinkles from packed clothing.

Smart Carry-On Suitcase

Finding the best carry-on luggage for your next vacation depends on a number of factors, including your personal style, design preferences, and needs. For those who want to look and feel like James Bond, Samsara is for you!

Made of lightweight aluminum alloy, this futurist carry-on is sleek, compact, and loaded with tech features. A built-in LED light illuminates when the bag is opened in dim light, the flat top allows you to use it as a portable working surface while traveling, and its removable power bank with a USB-C connection can power a mobile device up to 10 times. On top of that, the suitcase is fireproof, recyclable, and comes with a smart tracking app that lets you know its location at all times, and when and where the bag is opened in your absence.

OCLU Action Camera

The sleek, aerodynamic design along with its innovative software, state-of-the-art processors, and a myriad of accessories to choose from make OCLU the perfect travel companion for the adventure inclined.

Aside from delivering high-quality photos and videos in any situation (films in 4k at 30fps or 1080p at 120fps), the award-winning 4K action camera is IPX7 water-resistant and comes with GPS functionality, electronic image stabilization, and a standard tripod screw, which makes it universally compatible. Another cool feature is LiveCut, a unique editing function that lets you delete unwanted content on-the-fly.

Pocket-Size Washing Machine

Whether you are backpacking through Europe, going on an African safari, or traveling on a budget in South Asia, you are going to love the Scrubba Wash Bag. Equipped with a flexible washboard, this lightweight, pocket-size wash bag will not only help you do your laundry anywhere on the road, but also save you money and time.

With only 2-4 liters of water and a bit of washing liquid, you’ll have your clothes fresh and clean in less than 3 minutes. So yeah, we think it’s pretty safe to say it’s one of the best travel gadgets for campers, backpackers, and anyone venturing off the beaten path.

Sandless Beach Mat

© CGear Sandfree Limited

Calling all beach lovers! The C-Gear Original Sand-Free Mat is a revolutionary beach accessory that’s literally impossible to cover with sand. Initially intended for military uses, this clever sand-free ground sheet is perfect for a fun and stress-free beach outing. Finally, no more annoyingly sticky sand! Now you can make the most of your seaside experience while lounging in the warm sunshine, reading a book, or spreading out a picnic.

Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot & Power Bank

With Skyroam Solis, you don’t have to worry about foreign SIM cards or roaming charges when traveling the world.

One of the best mobile Wi-Fi hotspots on the market, this ingenious connectivity gadget offers unlimited 4G LTE service in over 130 countries around the globe. Each device can support up to 5 connections and also works as a portable charger for your phone or tablet while on the move, thanks to its integrated 6000 mAh power bank. A day pass is $9 and gives you unlimited internet access for 24 hours.

Best Travel Drone

With its new 4K Hasselblad camera, intuitive smartphone control, and a staggering 31 minutes of flying time, DJI’s upgraded Mavic Pro 2 is no doubt one of the best travel drones out there. The compact, foldable device is packed with intelligent features and can fly as far as 4.3 miles away, allowing you to capture the beauty of your surroundings in flawless HD video at 4K/30fps or 1080p/120fps, as well as photographs in 20MP RAW or JPG format.

Perfect for travelers always eager to immortalize and share their adventures on the go, this sleek & silent high-tech flying camera comes with GPS, 10 optical sensors that help it avoid obstacles, as well as copious flight modes, including tripod and selfie settings.

Convertible Backpack

Who says a backpack has to be bulky and boring? Crafted from 1680D Cordura® ballistic nylon, the Aer Flight Pack 2 is as durable as it is practical, not to mention slim, compact, and carry-on approved.

Created with traveling professionals in mind, it sports a smart, versatile design that allows you to switch it from backpack to shoulder bag to briefcase in seconds. Whether used as a daypack or flight companion, this rugged & refined convertible bag has room for all your work and tech essentials and keeps them organized with a multitude of pockets and compartments.

3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal

A gimbal is one of the best smartphone accessories you can take along on a trip, and this 3-axis handheld stabilizer from Funsnap does its job exemplary. Designed to reduce shaking when shooting moving footage, Capture 2 takes your vacation photos and videos to the next level with features like auto face tracking, an intelligent zooming wheel, and a variety of time-lapse modes (slow-motion, motion lapse, and hyper-lapse).

The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip, which, along with the gimbal’s portability and ease of use, makes it a game-changing travel gadget for vloggers and YouTubers who spend a lot of time shooting. Capture 2 is powered by a 4000mAh built-in battery that promises to run for 12 hours in a row, and also supports action cameras like GoPro.

Use this coupon code at check out – Capturetec09, and benefit from a 10% discount on your next purchase.

goTenna Mesh

Designed to keep Android or iOS devices connected even when there is no cellular service, goTenna Mesh lets adventurers communicate while off the grid. Made of rugged materials, this slick, pocket-sized device uses Bluetooth-LE to pair with a smartphone, enabling users to share messages and location info instantly within a range of up to 4 miles in open areas.

Compared to the original goTenna, this new and improved backcountry communications tool comes with revolutionary mesh networking technology that allows private 1:1 and group chats or public broadcast messages through other devices to extend beyond point-to-point range.

Smallest Automated Travel Vacuum

Small, smart, and stylish, VAGO is the ultimate travel packing gadget. Equipped with a pressure detecting sensor, this automatic vacuum pump removes all the air inside your suitcase, condensing the clothes to half their size, thus leaving plenty of room for souvenirs and other things you may buy on your trip.

It’s an essential travel tool, especially if you’re adding a bit of shopping to your trip, or traveling somewhere cold and need to bring along some heavy winter wear.

Water Purifier Bottle

Most of the travelers’ health problems are caused by contaminated drinking water, which means a water purification system is a must when traveling abroad. This is especially useful when venturing into remote locations with harsh environmental conditions or destinations such as the Middle East, Central America, Asia, or Africa, which are also known for their unsafe tap water. Fortunately, these days there are many products designed to help in such circumstances.

GRAYL’s Ultralight Purifier, for instance, is a state-of-the-art device capable of transforming almost any tap or clear natural water source into pure drinking water in just 15 seconds. Perfect for travelers and outdoor adventurers, each 0.50-liter bottle comes equipped with a replaceable purifier cartridge (lasts for about 40gal (150L)), providing protection against viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, as well as many chemicals. This is an excellent way to get safe drinking water on the go, while at the same time, saving money on bottled water.

Ultraportable Bluetooth Speaker

Allowing people to listen to music anytime, anywhere, a portable speaker is a must-have for any traveler who wants to make the most of the outdoors without compromising on any of the luxuries of the indoors. At only 14 x 8 x 2.8cm, Bang & Olufsen’s Beoplay P2 is one of the smallest on the market, but don’t let its minuscule size fool you, as sound quality is nothing short of grand.

Smart features such as gesture or voice controls, along with a sleek, minimalist design that’s also dust and splash resistant, plus up to 10 hours of playtime per charge make this easy-to-use portable Bluetooth speaker a reliable travel companion.

Best Tree Tent

Experience the wilderness like a pro with the Tentsile Connect Tree Tent, a dangling two-person shelter combining the comfort and versatility of a hammock with the security of a tent. Designed for the ultimate arboreal camping experience, this awesome piece of travel gear comes with fold-away doors and a removable rain fly, and can also be attached to other Connects to create one suspended super-camp.

The unique design and sturdy, high-quality materials make this portable treehouse ideal for year-round outdoor adventures.

S’well Teakwood Water Bottle

A practical and fashionable travel accessory, the S’well Teakwood Water Bottle makes hydration on the go simple and stylish. Made of BPA-free stainless steel, the sleek, innovative device combines double-walled, vacuum-sealed design with a handsome matte finish that resembles the look and feel of natural teak, being able to keep drinks cold for 24 hours, or hot for 12 hours. Its wide mouth is a smart touch too, allowing for easy filling, cleaning, and adding ice.

The bottle is unbreakable, toxin-free, and perfectly sized for all your travel plans, be it an outdoor music festival, a hike up the mountains, or that sightseeing city trip you’ve always dreamed about.

Flask Light

Part flashlight, part booze container, this unique multifunctional tool is one of the best travel accessories for glamping enthusiasts, festival goers, fishing aficionados, and anyone in between.

In addition to holding 10 ounces of your favorite beverage, the VSSL Flask includes 2 collapsible stainless steel shot cups, a bottle opener, a compass, and a powerful LED flood beam flashlight. If you ask me, I’m pretty sure this would also make an inspired Christmas or birthday present for the outdoor adventurer in your life.

Video Recording Sunglasses

Snapchat’s fans will fall in love with the company’s second generation of video recording glasses. Just like their first product, Spectacles V2 is not just cool and good looking, but it actually protects your eyes from the sun, too. Its main function, however, is to record snaps of your day and sync them to your Snapchat Memories, which makes it a fun travel accessory, whether you’re playing tourist in your own city or heading overseas.

The new camera-enabled eyewear is slimmer, classier, and lets users take photos, in addition to 10-second video clips. Both photos and videos are now in high definition, and you can also record a few feet underwater. Download speeds are three to four times faster, colors are more down-to-earth (onyx black, ruby red, and sapphire blue), and audio quality has been improved thanks to a second microphone. The glasses’ bright yellow case, which doubles as a portable battery charger, is now less bulky and splash-proof.

Hi-Tech Foot Warmers

Known for making cold-weather activities as comfortable and enjoyable as a day at the beach, foot warmers are some of the best winter gadgets money can buy.

On your next adventure in snow, frost, and freezing temperatures let the innovative ThermaCELL Heated Insoles take your feet comfort to the next level. Equipped with state-of-the-art thermal technology, these remote-controlled foot warmers will keep your feet warm and dry thanks to a thermostat-driven control system and a water-resistant fabric liner which protects them from moisture.

Female Urination Device

Travel is not always glamorous, especially when seeking to experience the world on a budget. Unsanitary hostel bathrooms, camping sites with poor facilities, and dirty public toilets are just some of the problems travelers have to deal with while abroad.

Well, designed exclusively for women, GoGirl solves many of these issues by allowing girls to pee while standing up. Small enough to fit in a purse, this smart hygiene product made from medical grade silicone is the best gadget a female traveler can bring along on her great adventures.

Wine Bag

Designed by Jakob Wagner, the Menu Baggy Winecoat is a stylish and practical wine bag ideal for picnics, romantic beach dinners, and other alfresco occasions that require meals away from home.

Despite being easily portable, this hard-wearing, adjustable wine tote is quite fancy, and if you want your wine chilled on the go, there’s also room for an ice pack. This could make an ideal gift for a wine lover, too.

Best Multisport GPS Watch

Combine style and adventure with the new Garmin Fenix 5, one of the best multisport outdoor watches on the market.

Complete with a wide range of tracking capabilities, plus built-in GPS and smart notifications, this versatile, lightweight device has you covered whether you’re skiing in the Alps, swimming in the Med, of hiking off the beaten path in Nepal. Available in multiple models, with a selection of QuickFit interchangeable bands (in premium leather, metal, or silicone) to choose from.

Personalized Sand Imprint Flip Flops

Leave your thoughts in the sand with these fun, original, and affordable flip flops by FlipSidez. All you have to do is choose your size and color, add a creative text or symbol, and wait for your made-to-order flip flops to be delivered. You can wear them as a cool beach accessory that will cheer up your friends, give them as a personalized gift, or use them to express your individuality and send messages.

Credit Card Folding Utility Knife

With its sleek design and surgical blade technology with an extra-long 65mm cutting edge, Cardsharp2 is indeed an excellent travel gadget. Ideal for explorers, adventurers, and any well-prepared traveler out there, this stylish 13-gram credit card folding knife is constructed from ultralight polypropylene, making for a sophisticated cooking knife, but also an extremely useful survivor tool when hiking or camping in the woods.

Solar-Powered Inflatable Light

If you’re looking for a smart and sustainable source of light for your next adventure, look no further than LuminAID. After 6-7 hours of charging in the sun, this innovative inflatable lamp produces up to 16 hours of LED light. Not to mention it’s portable, waterproof, and weighs around 56 grams.

Ostrich Pillow

Ostrich Pillow is an extremely useful accessory for when you’re on the go and just need a quick nap to refresh and increase productivity.

Envisioned by Kawamura-Ganjavian architecture and design studio, this groundbreaking product prevents jet lag (a common problem for long-distance travelers) by providing you with a micro sleeping environment. Although it might seem a little weird, its design is fun and intuitive, featuring polystyrene filling and a soft interior that allows you to sleep anytime, anywhere without being distracted by noise, light, and other things going on around you.

Iron Man Charger

A unique Marvel-inspired gadget, the Iron Man Mark V Armor Suitcase Mobile Fuel Cell comes equipped with an outstanding 12,000 mAh battery capacity, helping you power your mobile devices on the go. The charger is compatible with most smartphones and any other USB-compatible gear, and its two USB ports allow you to charge two devices simultaneously.

Bound to thrill any Iron Man fan, this cool gizmo is actually a 1/4 scale replica of the original suitcase that brings to life Tony Stark’s armor in Iron Man 2’s Grand Prix de Monaco race track scene.

Smartphone Breathalyzer

Compatible with iPhone and Android devices, the BACtrack Vio Smartphone Keychain Breathalyzer is a fun and affordable way to estimate your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). The gizmo is shaped like a USB flash drive and connects to your smartphone via the free BACtrack app. Be aware though, this breathalyzer doesn’t have a professional-grade sensor integrated, so don’t use it to judge whether or not you are sober enough to drive.

30 AMAZING Must-Have Travel Gadgets for 2020!

In today’s world, it’s pretty easy to become gadget crazy. With so many fun and easy to use gadgets available on the market, most of us probably own at least one kind of gadget for almost every area of our lives. They help us make day to day life easier and get boring tasks out the way in sometimes a matter of minutes (like spiralising vegetables, for example – which I know is totally not related to travel, but it is one of my favorite day to day life gadgets!).
The world of travel is also no exception when it comes to gadgets. We are seeing more and more new and innovative travel gadgets becoming available that help make traveling a whole lot easier and manageable. From smart suitcases, saving us bags of space to solar powered chargers, there is a gadget out there to suit all your travel requirements.

To introduce you to the world of travel gadgets we have picked out our top 30 travel gadgets available to purchase online that we guarantee will make your adventures easier and more efficient than ever before. And will be the envy of all your friends. Practical and covetable – it’ll be tough to decide which one to add to your kit first!

Disclaimer: This very helpful post about the best travel gadgets contains affiliate links, which means that should you click any of the links and make a purchase I may get a small commission at absolutely no cost to you. If you are thinking about buying any of these travel toys gadgets (for yourself or anyone else) – please consider using the links below. And you can read the legal stuff about it all in my Disclosure.

30+ of the Best Travel Gadgets you can’t (and shouldn’t!) live without

Crenova Clip-On Cell Phone Lens

To help you achieve the perfect shot with your phone, this clip-on lens set from Crenova features three lens options, including a 128° Superwide Lens + 0.45X Wide Angle Lens + 20X Macro Lens. Take your photography game up a notch for less than it costs to have a couple drinks at the bar! Check the best price here.

USB rechargeable batteries

In a ideal world, we would be able to charge everything via USB/mains electricity, and whilst we are getting closer to that as a society, unfortunately some items still require actual batteries. You can reduce your impact on the environment by picking up some of these fast charging, eco-friendly USB rechargeable batteries and do your bit for the planet. Grab your kit here.

RELATED – Looking to reduce your impact on the planet? These super practical Eco-Friendly Travel Accessories + Solid Toiletries for Travel are a step in the right direction!


This new beaut 4K sports camera from GoPro is waterproof, features a voice activated control and a shake free, touch screen display along with built in time-lapse, hyperlapse and timewarp functions; it’s so steady that you don’t even need a gimbal! Seriously, if you have ever been on the fence about buying a GoPro, now is the time to jump in! Check prices in your country here.

Gopro Dome, Waterproof Case for GoPro Hero 8

For your GoPro HERO7, a hardened optical acrylic transparent dome, offering high visibility with an anti-slip and extended dive handle grip. Suitable for swimming, snorkelling, diving and water sports this waterproof dome will allow you take your GoPro absolutely anywhere. Check Prices here.

Antler Atom Spinner Hand Luggage Case

This isn’t just an ordinary hardside spinner, it is super light, sturdy and stylish. What more could a frequent traveler want?! Check Current Prices Here.

NEED MORE OPTIONS? – The Antler Atom is one of our top rated hand luggage cases, but if you would like to see our other top picks or are looking fr a bag with specific features, read our full CarryOn Suitcase Guide here. And if you are looking for checked luggage – read about the best Hardside Luggage on the market.

DJI Mavic Pro Drone

Create draw dropping footage with the pro drone from DJI Mavic. Featuring a 4K camera, this drone can fly up to 40mph for as long as 27 minutes and it folds down to the size of a water bottle when you’re finished filming. Grab your FlyMore Combo Kit here.

goTenna Mesh SMS & GPS Device

Stay connected even when you’re off-grid with the goTenna Mesh. Allowing you to send texts without cell service, this handy gadget is also weatherproof and has up to 24hrs of battery power. Buy a set here.

Portable Wifi Hotspot

If staying connected to the world wide web is essential for you when you travel, investing in your own personal wifi hotspot device is a no-brainer. There are two different types to choose from: the ones that require a local data sim to be inserted from the country you are visiting; and the ones that come with pre-paid data (as selected by country). Click over to our guide to the Best Mobile Hotspots for Travel and find your perfect companion.

Travel Iron

One of the smallest travel steam irons available on the market. At only 13.2cm long the soleplate is non-stick and the 1.4 oz water tank provides heat and steam in 15 seconds, making it ideal to whip out of your bag if your favorite dress/shirt got horribly creased on the way to your next adventure. It also comes with a handy travel bag too and weighing in at 430g, you’ll hardly even know it is there! Grab yours here.

UE Bluetooth Speaker

Enjoy your favourite tunes wherever you are with these compact, portable bluetooth speaker from Ultimate Ears. With a 66ft connection range and up the 15hrs of playtime, this speaker charges via USB, making it the ideal companion whilst traveling. Add in that it is waterproof and plays music whilst floating, maing it perfect for pool parties, or floating out in the ocean! Buy this essential piece of travel kit here.

Sony A600 Compact System Camera

Snap the most stunning photos that will make all your Instagram fans go WOW with this Sony A600 compact mirrorless camera. Featuring a hybrid autofocus system and a 16-50 mm power zoom lens and 55-210mm lens, this camera is one of the easiest to use on the market, and is Wifi enabled so you can quickly send that perfect shot to your phone to share on social media without needing to plug the SD card into a computer. . COMPARE TRAVEL CAMERAS – Looking for a different kind of travel camera? (Full frame, action, 360 etc?) Take a gander at our post about the best cameras for travel photography and pick out your favorite.

Roku Express Streaming Player

Watch all your favourite TV shows and movies with the Roku streaming player. Offering HD streaming of over 150,000 movies/shows this streaming stick comes with no hidden monthly costs. You’ll never miss an episode of the latest cult show while you are away, and is perfect for a bit of downtime after a hectic few days on the road. Check prices and availability here.

bonVIVO VitaliTEA insulated glass bottle

Not only is this glass infuser bottle from bonVIVO a fabulous eco-friendly water bottle option, it is also made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass making it suitable for both hot and cold drinks. It is also extra durable, protecting it against breakages. It is perfect for short, weekend-esque type getaways (buy one here), but for longer or more outdoorsy adventures, we recommend insulated stainless steel bottles as they are lighter. Click here to read our full travel water bottle comparison post and find your perfect travel partner.

ThermaCELL Heated Insoles

The perfect partner for your shoes if you are travelling to colder parts, available from ThermaCell. These heated insoles are rechargeable and can be trimmed to fit any shoe size. Keep your feet toasty here.

Samsung Galaxy Watch / Apple iWatch

When it comes to wearable tech, this choice boils down to whether you are in the Apple or Android camp. Both have similar features, inc. integration with other devices, heartrate monitors, GPS and electronic payment apps. They are also lightweight, with anti-glare lenses – but the main difference is the battery life: The Apple Watch has an 18 hour battery life and the Samsung Galaxy can last 4 days(!!)
Which camp are you in? Samsung Galaxy or Apple iWatch.

RELATED: Click here if you need a little more help in choosing which Smartwatch is the best for travel

Wacaco Minipresso

No longer will you have to go without your morning coffee whilst travelling with the Wacaco Minipresso. This compact, lightweight, powerful coffee make is manual, meaning you can get your coffee fix whenever, wherever you want. Get your coffee fix here.

Victorinox Swiss Card Lite

The Victorinox Swiss Card Lite features everything from a blade, scissors, pin, pen, ruler, tweezers, ruler and even a magnifying glass. Making this the perfect portable credit card sized multi-tool. McGyver-it-up here.

LuminAID PackLite Max Phone Charger

A revolutionary 2 in 1 gadget from LuminAID this lantern also doubles up as a phone charger. This super cool travel gadgets is also waterproof, floatable, offers up to 50hrs of light and can be rechared via main or solar energy. Perfect for back country adventures, camping and ‘in the dead of night’ astro photography shoots! Get Illuminated here.

TRLT Travel Pillow

It’s one of the comfiest travel pillows available making it the perfect travel companion. (Another very comfortable and often recommended travel pillow option is the Ostrich Pillow, but I prefer the TRLT because it is much more compact).
The TRLT Travel pillow offers unique neck support and comfort to help you power-nap wherever you are. Order this lifechanging sleep maker here.

PacSafe Stylesafe Anti-Theft Backpack

Keep your belongings safe with this anti-theft backpack from PacSafe. Featuring an anti-slash material and lockable zippers you can rest easy when travelling with this bag. And it looks cute too. Check prices & availability here. Going on an adventure? – We’ve reviewed the best backpacks specifically for female travelers, and written a guide about how to pick the right one for you.

Soluser Portable Solar Charger

This external battery powered charger pack from Soluser features two waterproof USB ports and a solar phone charger power bank which is good for up to 500 charges. This portable charger is one of the best travel gadgets for any trip. Get yours here.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

The award-winning LifeStraw water filter utilises an advanced membrane technology, filtering up to 1,000 litres of contaminated water, allowing you to drink water safely, wherever you are.

JYDMIX All In One Universal Travel Adapter

The all in one universal power adapter from JYDMIX is your must-have travel charging accessory. With a universal adapter and three USB ports (most adapter plus are limited to dual USB charging ports) this charger is compatible in over 200 countries and fits practically every international outlet.

Senneheiser PCX550

These state of the art noise cancelling, wireless headphones from Sennheiser allow you to adjust the level of noise cancellation, depending on your environment so you can listen to some soothing music or just relax in peace, no matter how much noise is going on around you. Jump straight in an buy a pair here – or if you’re not fully convinced, read our complete review of the Sennheiser PCX550 Headphones here.

WD 2TB Portable Hard Drive

With all the photos you are snapping on your travels, you never know when some extra storage might come in handy. This portable storage drive from Western Digital offers you up to 2TB of extra storage and features a USB 3 port making it compatible with most devices. Back up your stuff here.

Amazon Kindle Fire 7 with Alexa

This bestseller will allow you to enjoy millions of eBooks, movies TV shows, music and much more, wherever your travels take you. Now thinner, lighter and featuring better battery power this is the kindle everyone needs in their suitcase. Grab one for yourself or as a gift here.

Compression Packing Cubes

These are absolutely one of my most favorite travel gadgets on the planet. They’re like regular packing cubes, except they have built in compression zips to make your packing that much smaller! Travel packing organization AND space saving? Yes please. Invest in a set for as little as $20.. you won’t be disappointed! TRAVEL TIP – Check out our list of the Top 10 Packing Cube Sets for Travel here.

Did you find the travel gadget you were looking for in our guide? Maybe you found some you didn’t even know you needed… until now!

We hope you have found our travel gadgets guide helpful and remember, if you think we’ve missed any top travel toys, erm I mean, gadgets, be sure to mention them in the comments below and tell us what you think of any of these items, if you decide to get one to try for yourself!

And if you liked this post, please tweet, pin or share on Facebook, I’d really appreciate it!

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Hi There! Thanks for reading my buying guide to The Best Travel Gadgets (that you never knew you needed!) I just wanted to let you know that this post contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase something after clicking a link, I may get a small commission – which is at absolutely no cost to you. If you enjoyed this article and are going to be searching for some of the things I mention anyway, I would love it if you could click through from the links above & thank you in advance! Read my full Disclosure here. Thank you for reading the MakeTimeToSeeTheWorld travel blog posts.

30 AMAZING Must-Have Travel Gadgets for 2020! was last modified: January 20th, 2020 by Vicki Garside

  • Business travel gadgets

    1. KNOMO Amesbury travel bag

    Best for: Business travellers

    KNOMO’s range of travel accessories are practical and super professional looking. Our pick is the Amesbury, a spectacularly tough 15” top zip laptop bag-cum-briefcase made from full-grain leather and available in black and brown. The spacious main compartment has a shockproof rear-section to protect your laptop from pretty much anything you can throw at it. Turbulence, do your worst.

    2. Aukey Power Bank 

    Best for: Smartphone addicts

    This light rechargeable battery pack has a whopping 10000 mAh capacity, so it’ll keep your phone topped up multiple times during your journey – perfect if you’re always snapping videos for your Instagram stories. The built-in safeguards protect your phone from overheating and overcharging, while the tough scratch-proof case can stand up to being chucked in your hand luggage. It has two charging ports, so your travel buddy can give their gadget some juice too.

    3. PlusUs: LifeCard

    Best for: Flashpackers

    The most compact portable charger around, the LifeCard is nearly as thin as a credit card. It’ll fit comfortably into a wallet or purse, ideal for emergencies when you’ve drained your main battery pack – the standard LifeCard has a capacity of 1500 mAh. We bet you won’t find a better looking battery pack, either. The brushed stainless steel and laser welding give it a premium look and feel. It’s also available in brushed copper, mirror polish stainless steel and a (very flashy) gold sheen.

    Best travel gadgets for aspiring travel photographers

    4. Joby GorillaPod for Smartphones

    Best for: Selfie lovers

    Standard tripods are big, bulky and hard to travel with which is why we love the GorillaPod. It’s light, foldable, great value for money and well-designed. The tentacle legs provide stability on rocky, uneven ground, and can even be wrapped around trees and fences. This mini tripod is a solid solution for capturing incredible sunrises and sunsets, as well as hands-free selfies of you and your travel buddies. Because it folds up small, it’s an ideal gadget for travelling and is super easy to squirrel away in your hand luggage.

    5. Khyanna Mini Drone

    Best for: Next-level selfie takers

    Beautiful aerial shots from around the world are becoming a popular sight on Instagram, and you can join the trend by snapping up your very own drone. Taking these own breathtaking shots doesn’t have to be expensive – the Khyanna Mini Drone costs less than £30. It’s light, travel-friendly and can be used for some seriously fun selfies.

    Don’t forget to check the local drone laws where you are travelling – Nicaragua has a complete ban on flying drones, unless you have a permit.

    6. Polarizing Filters

    Best for: DSLR owners

    Few things are more frustrating than having your perfectly set-up photo shoot ruined by over exposure, so keep some polarising lens filters in your camera bag to avoid glare. They work in the same way as polarised sunglasses, minimising lens flares, darkening skies and keeping the exposure from becoming too light.

    Our tip: Check the dimensions of your DSLR lens to make sure the filter fits.

    7. GoPro Hero5

    Best for: Adrenaline addicts

    If you’re a keen rapids rider, mountain climber or deep sea diver this tough little action camera will turn your memories into crisp 4K photos and video. The GoPro Hero5 is waterproof up to 10m without a special case, perfect for beach and waterfall days, and has a voice control camera for the ultimate in hands-free technology. It also automatically transfers imagery wirelessly onto your phone, so your adventures can go straight on social media.

    Beach travel accessories

    Ready to hit the beach with your waterproof travel gear? Check out the UK’s best beaches to start planning.

    8. Polarised Lens Sunglasses

    Best for: Sun-seeking adventurers

    Sunglasses with polarised lenses dramatically reduce the glare caused by light reflecting off of water – perfect whether you’re planning an active holiday cycling around Alpine lakes or simply lazing around on a bright sunny beach in the Canaries. They come in all different shapes and styles: look for ones with a 100% protection guarantee against harmful UVA/UVB rays.

    9. Swimsuit by Cynthia Rowley

    Best for: Surfer chicks

    Cynthia Rowley’s stylish range of surf wear is probably the coolest way to protect your skin from the sun – and the ravages of leaning your forearms on a body-board. It’s made of Nylon/Spandex for a close and comfortable fit, giving you full range of movement. It has an SPF 50+ for sun protection and comes in a variety of colourful prints. It’s a great alternative to a wetsuit when you’re surfing in the warm waters of dream destinations like Gold Coast, Australia.

    10. Karrimor Dry Bag

    Best for: Sailing trips and beach days

    While we feel great after a refreshing dip in the sea, our phones (and spending money) unfortunately don’t. Packing your non-waterproof essentials on a dry bag can help to make that bucket-list boat trip more enjoyable, as you won’t need to worry about any splashes. This simple piece of kit doesn’t cost much, and it packs up small – perfect as a day bag.

    Next stop, island hopping through the Canaries!

    Road trip travel gear

    11. Besteck power Inverter

    Best for: Tech-heavy travellers

    If you’re heading on one of road trip destinations this summer, you’ll want to keep your electronics charged. We recommend swapping your external battery pack for a charger that plugs straight into the car’s 12V electric system. The Bestek 300W MRI3011J2 Power Inverter has a UK plug outlet and two USB charging ports, perfect for keeping your laptop and smartphones fully charged throughout your trip.

    12. Rii Himbox HB01 Bluetooth kit

    Best for: Music fans with old cars

    If your current set of wheels lacks Bluetooth support, and you don’t fancy shelling out for a whole new stereo, pick up a Bluetooth kit. Rii’s Himbox HB01 offers top-notch incoming and outgoing sound quality, has easy-to-use controls and can draw its power from any USB power source – this means you can use your 12V port for something else.

    13. UV Window Shade

    Best for: Family road trips

    If you’re so fair-skinned you catch yourself turning red at the slightest hint of sun, even inside your car, the Britax EZ-Cling Window Shade will make summer drives less painful. It’s easy to stick to your car windows, and provides great sun protection for passengers – especially kids with sensitive skin. There are lots of shade models to choose from and it’s made from super durable material to keep those embarrassing car tans at bay.

    Best travel gadgets for backpacking

    14. Etekcity digital luggage scales

    Best for: People who simply can’t travel light

    These are especially handy on longer trips, when you accumulate a few souvenirs along the way. Widely regarded as the best luggage scale on the market, these help you keep track of your added weight and reduce the chances of those unexpected baggage fees. It’s a practical and well designed tool that comes with useful extras – such as the ability to switch between pounds and kilos for those transatlantic trips. Maximum capacity: 50kg. Impulse shopping spree in New York, anyone?

    Really can’t deal with packing light? Maybe it’s time to check out this wearable luggage.

    15. JBL Flip 4 Portable Speaker

    Best for: Music lovers

    Bluetooth speakers are an essential piece of travel kit: whether you’re singing in the hostel shower or chilling by the pool in your private luxury villa. The JBL Flip 4 is especially handy for holidays. It’s waterproof, so you can bring your own soundtrack to Bangkok’s Songkran water festival. Sound quality is terrific as it has a built-in noise and echo cancelling speakerphone – perfect for beachside conference calls. The rechargeable battery offers up to 12 hours of play time – so you really can bring the party everywhere.

    The Best Travel Gadgets of 2019

    This story was written in collaboration with Forbes Finds. Forbes Finds covers products and experiences we think you’ll love. Featured products are independently selected and linked to for your convenience. If you buy something using a link on this page, Forbes may receive a small share of that sale.

    Time to upgrade your gadgets for travel?


    With the ongoing advent of new technology, packing checklists have grown to more than outfits and toiletries to include a long list of electronics, gear, and the many wires and chargers needed to support them. Not only are travelers thinking about how they’re going to dress and where they’re going to go—they’re worried about how to photograph themselves in those outfits, plus how to get the best shots of the sights and, probably, their food.

    But it’s not just frivolous items either—in an ever-connected world, even leisure travelers are frequently expected to stay productive and check in with work emails. And what about those photos of the kids that grandma is expecting? That means making sure devices like phones, cameras, tablets and laptops stay charged and ready to go.

    Looking to streamline your travel checklist? From clip-on lenses for high-quality phone photos to universal adapters and the best battery charger on the market, here are the nine best travel gadgets to bring on your work trips and vacations.

    Skyroam Solis X


    Speaking of connectivity: While traveling internationally is easier than ever, staying truly connected while abroad can still be tricky, what with costly phone plans and weak data coverage. Enter the Skyroam, whose original Skyroam Solis was named by Forbes as the best Wi-Fi hotspot on the market last year. This month, however, the company is launching its Skyroam Solis X, an even more powerful hotspot that they’re billing as “the world’s first WiFi smartspot.” You can either purchase or rent the device, which essentially gives you a gigabyte of worldwide full-speed 4G LTE mobile data for a monthly fee of $9. The Solis X specifically allows you to connect up to ten devices, and is also fitted with a virtual assistant, remote camera, and power bank.

    Shop Now

    ASUS MB169B+ Portable Monitor


    For those in creative professions (or really anyone accustomed to working with dual-screen setups in the office), losing a monitor can slow down productivity significantly. Thankfully, today’s portable monitors are sturdier, brighter and lighter than ever. The best among these is perhaps this 15.6-inch, full-HD monitor—the slimmest and lightest on the market—from ASUS, which is powered entirely by USB. Included in the bundle is the sleek, metallic screen, a two-way adjustable stand and a protective sleeve.

    Shop Now


    Aukey Ora iPhone Clip-On Lens

    The quality of mobile photography continues to improve at a rapid rate. For under 20 bucks, you can take your phone photos to the next level with the best adjustable clip-on lenses out there. Aukey’s lens kit includes a wide-angle option with a 140-degree view and a 10x macro lens for zooming in. Made of aluminum alloy, they’re tough enough for outdoor trips and adventure photos. If you’re packing light, this is a great alternative to dragging along a bulky DSLR and camera bag.

    Shop Now


    Bestek Universal Travel Adapter

    Running out of power on the go is every traveler’s nightmare. So get you an adapter that can do it all. Amazon’s bestselling universal travel adapter allows you to charge seven devices simultaneously—there are three outlets and four USB ports. There’s a built-in voltage converter, should you want to power a hair dryer or electric toothbrush. It’s light and compact, and comes with a 5-foot detachable power cable to reach even the most inconveniently located hotel outlets. And interchangeable plugs that work on every continent.

    Shop Now


    Anker PowerCore 13000 Portable Charger

    For truly portable power, consider Anker’s selection of high-speed chargers. These include this compact two-port option, which can charge an iPhone 8 almost five times and an iPhone X three times. If you have a new Macbook, Anker’s also got this option with a USB-C connection.

    Shop Now


    Fancii Cool Mist Personal Humidifier

    For those who travel to areas with high elevation or who, like me, have experienced respiratory issues with dusty or dirty hotel air-conditioning units, it’s a good idea to pack a portable humidifier. The benefit of this particular device is that there’s no special water bottle required—simply twist on a regular plastic bottle and you’re good to go. The unit can be powered via a USB cord or by 3 AA batteries that will last up to 18 hours.

    Shop Now


    GoPro HERO7 HD Waterproof Action Camera

    Relive all your underwater adventures with this 4K60, 12-megapixel action camera. Built-in stabilization ensures quality videos as deep as 33 feet (any deeper and you’ll need a waterproof case). For those needing advanced functionality, the camera offers 30x speed increase, voice control and Facebook live-streaming capabilities.

    Shop Now


    Lemontec Portable Garment Steamer

    If you travel often for business, forget that clunky hotel ironing board and remove wrinkles with this portable mini steamer. The device takes about a minute to heat up and offers about 9 minutes of steam ironing. While smaller options exist, their water capacity means you’ll need to refill constantly; meanwhile, Lemontec’s device takes a good 6 ounces.

    Shop Now

    Sennheiser PXC 550


    Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless Over-The-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones

    We’ve all been on a plane with a crying child or intrusively loud adult conversations. So when you need to block out the din, these noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones from Sennheiser ofter a high level of comfort and audio quality. Additional features include voice prompts, touch controls, smart pause and automatic on/off power.

    Shop Now

    Victorinox Swisscard Lite


    Victorinox Swisscard Lite Pocket Tool

    If you need the functionality of a multi-tool while traveling, this pocket-sized, 13-tool option from Victorinox—the company behind Swiss Army Knives—includes a small detachable blade (more of a letter opener, but you still need to remove it if you’re traveling), scissors, a straight pin, ballpoint pen, tweezers, magnifying glass, two screwdrivers, ruler and a LED mini light. The best part? It fits right in your wallet.

    Shop Now

    57 Brilliant Travel Accessories Every Traveller Must Have in 2020

    Travel smarter and safer in 2020 with 57 of the best brilliant travel accessories. Everything from the best adapters, earplugs, space-savers, safety to tech gadgets.

    The smart design of this washable pillow prevents your head from falling forwards as you sleep. Suitable for adults and children and perfect to use on airplanes, buses, trains, cars, camping, while backpacking, wheelchairs, airport terminals, or even while watching TV.

    Buy on Amazon

    2. Pack more with these awesome space bags! I have 20 of them!

    Buy on Amazon from $19.99

    3. This Clever Tank Top with Secret Pockets

    Keep your passport, cash and credit cards safe with this versatile tank top. Perfect for both warm and cool climates. It can even fit your cell phones and keys.

    Buy on Amazon for $39.90

    4. This Anti-Crease Shirt Transporter

    Save time on ironing! This Tupperware for shirts and blouses is called the Shirt Shuttler, perfect for those trips when you know you’ll be spending a night out on the town or in a boardroom, or both!

    Buy on Amazon for $24.99

    5. This Convenient Water Bottle with Built-in Pill Organizer

    Great way to take your medication while on the go! This water bottle can store your medication for each day of the week. The medication holder can also be detached. Holding 23 oz. or 600ml, the bottle cap also doubles as a cup. Ingenious!

    Buy on Amazon for $13.99

    6. This SoundBender for iPads

    If an iPad is your only source of entertainment on the road, for either you and/or your kids, then make sure you get the most out of the sound of your iPad with this SoundBender. This audio-boosting attachment words for iPads 2 to 4. A magnet secures the enhancer onto the iPad while it “bends’ the sound toward you. Nifty trick!

    Buy on Amazon for $12.99

    7. This Optical Camera Lens for Smartphones and Tablets

    Leave your bulky camera at home and turn your iPhone or Android smartphone or Tablet into a high-performance camera! Get up close with its 10x Optical zoom, smooth image stabilization and capture those special moments even in low light conditions.

    Buy on Amazon

    8. Get this cute secret pocket infinity scarf

    Buy on Amazon for $9.95

    9. This Travel-sized Wireless Router with USB Media Storage

    Convert any wired network to a wireless network and stay connected! Not only that you can also stream your videos, photos, and music to your connected media devices. If that wasn’t enough, back up and free up space on your mobile devices by using an attached USB flash drive or hard disk.

    Buy on Amazon for $17.99

    10. This Travel Door Alarm

    For peace of mind, attach this pocket-sized alarm to your door or window. There’s also a LED flashlight built-in.

    Buy on Amazon for $11.99

    11. This Multi-Bag Stacker

    No more bag juggling, just use this nifty strap that connects suitcases and bags together through their handles.

    Buy on Amazon for $10.26

    12. These Amazing Space-Saving Laundry Soap Sheets

    Add water and the sheet will dissolve instantly. They also come in shaving, body wash, and hand soap versions.

    Buy on Amazon for $6.90

    13. Protect your phone from water, drops and scratches with this Lifeproof Case

    Buy on Amazon for $31.25

    14. This Digital Luggage Scale

    You’ll never be surprised with having to pay for excess weight at the airport again. This compact and lightweight luggage scale can weigh up to 110 lb / 50 kg luggage. No batteries required.

    Buy on Amazon for $7.99

    15. No more breaks and leak with this inflatable bottle bag

    This versatile roll-up travel bag suspends items in an inflatable air cushion to protect your bottles such as wine and olive oil. No more nasty surprises and messy spills when you open your suitcase.

    Buy on Amazon for $29.99

    Want more? Check out these 43 Amazing Money Saving Tips for Smart Travellers

    16. Stay Organised with this Awesome Travel Jacket Hoodie

    Buy on Amazon Ladies $79.99 and Men’s $79.99

    17. Take Awesome Photos with a Clip-on Wide Angle & Macro Camera Lens (Samsung, Android, iPhone)

    Buy on Amazon $31.99

    18. Keep your Laptop and Other Items safe with a Portable Safe

    Keep your things safe with this portable safe. Fill it with your belongings, pull it shut, and lock it to the sturdiest thing in your room. From the base of a sink a pipe or a large, heavy piece of furniture. This way you don’t have to carry your valuables with you everywhere you go, which also puts you at risk.
    Buy on Amazon $89.95

    19. This Vintage Laptop and Travel Backpack that Charges your Gadgets

    Buy on Amazon $25.99

    20. The Only Travel Adapter You’ll Ever Need PLUS Dual USB Ports (Covers 150 Countries)

    Buy on Amazon $15.99

    21. Create Your Own Secure Wi-Fi Network and Back Up Your Photos with a Wireless Travel Router

    Buy on Amazon $17.99

    22. Always Be Ready with a Pocket, Picnic and Beach Blanket

    Buy on Amazon $24.99

    23. For Those Who Love a Mini Electric Toothbrush

    Buy on Amazon $7.99

    24. Keep Your Drinks Hot on Long Haul Flights with this Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug (Different Colours Available)

    Buy on Amazon $19.95

    25. Get This Gorgeous Multi-Use Travel, Hiking, Camping Bag Rucksack

    Buy on Amazon $35.99

    26. The Smartest Carry-on suitcase with GPS, Remote Locking, Battery Charger, Built-in Scale

    Buy on Amazon $419

    27. Keep your toiletries organized with this waterproof organizer

    Buy on Amazon $12.95

    28. Stay clean with these laundry sachets

    Buy on Amazon $11.99

    29. Keep all your documents in once place with this travel wallet

    Buy on Amazon $12.99

    30. Charge three accessories super fast with this portable compact charger

    Buy on Amazon $33.99

    31. Get some shuteye with this contoured sleep mask

    Buy on Amazon $12.90

    32. Avoid the knots and get this nifty cable organizer

    Buy on Amazon $18.99

    33. Sleep anywhere with the ultimate ergonomic neck supporter

    Buy on Amazon $28.99

    34. Pack like a boss with these space-saving packing cubes with shoe bag

    Buy on Amazon $15.99

    35. Keep your stuff safe with this TSA approved luggage lock

    Buy on Amazon for $6.99

    36. Keep your jewellery organized with this compact jewellery box

    Buy on Amazon for $10.99

    37. Never buy a cabin luggage again with this durable and lightweight case

    Buy on Amazon from $$95.76

    38. Stay hydrated with this collapsible water bottle

    Buy on Amazon for $10.95

    39. Breathe easy with this USB or battery operated mini humidifier

    Buy on Amazon for $24.99

    40. Take your music with you with this wireless and waterproof Bluetooth speaker

    Buy on Amazon for $19.99

    41. Stay entertained with movies, TV shows, songs, Kindle e-books, apps and games on Kindle Fire

    Buy on Amazon for $79.99

    42. Get safe drinking water wherever you go with the LifeStraw water filter

    Buy on Amazon for $19.95

    43. Get 18 in 1 multi-purpose credit card size pocket tool

    Buy on Amazon for $9.81

    44. These cabin-approved leak-proof travel bottles for makeup and cosmetics

    Buy on Amazon for $6.99

    45. Wash your clothes wherever you are with this machine quality wash bag

    Buy on Amazon for $42.44

    46. Hang up your washing with this Travel Clothes Line

    No more hanging your delicates over hotel room chairs. This pegless washing line stretches up to 2.5metre and can be to affixed to either a wall or furniture with its metal hooks or suction cups.

    Buy on Amazon for $8.95

    47. Get this beautiful waterproof travel and passport wallet

    Buy on Amazon for $11.99

    48. The only worldwide travel charger and power adapter you’ll ever need (UK/US/AU/EU/JP) + Dual USB Ports

    Buy on Amazon for $25.99

    49. Alert others when in trouble with this safety whistle

    Buy on Amazon for $5.50

    50. Stay charged on the go with this mini power bank

    Buy on Amazon for $14.99

    51. Take your phone underwater with a universal waterproof case

    Buy on Amazon for $5.99

    52. Protect your camera with this anti-theft shoulder strap

    Buy on Amazon for $26.87

    53. Take this lightweight tripod anywhere and wirelessly take pictures and video

    Buy on Amazon for $11.99

    54. Protect your gear with this anti-theft shockproof backpack that’s ScanSmart TSA friendly and water resistant

    Buy on Amazon for $45.99

    55. Charge your phone and tablet with this USB solar charger

    Buy on Amazon for $59.99

    56. Keep your phone clean with this sanitizer and universal phone charger

    Buy on Amazon $49.99

    57. Boost Circulation with these highly-rated compressions socks

    Buy on Amazon for $15.95

    Stay tuned! I’m constantly updating this page as I discover the latest and greatest travel accessories. If you’re going backpacking or long-term travelling, check out my ultimate travel packing list. Got a favourite travel accessory? Share it below! 🙂

    • We’ve compiled a list of 26 must have travel gadgets that every traveler ought to have in their travel kit (or at least think about having). In this list of the best travel gadgets, you will find a multitude of travel gadgets including:

      • Essential travel gadgets
      • Unique travel gadgets
      • Cool travel gadgets
      • Practical travel gadgets
      • Top Tech travel gadgets
      • Business travel gadgets
      • And more!

      What is a Travel Gadget?

      What’s a travel gadget you ask? Great question. A travel gadget is some piece of gear or technology that solves a common traveler problem. And if you travel you are gonna run into some funny, weird and downright frustrating travel problems (tangled headphone cords, anyone!?).

      Some of these air travel gadgets are pretty cool. Some are pretty, let’s say, unique. Some, essential. Do you really need them all? Probably not, but some of them really ought to be in your travel kit! And some might just be for fun. Some might be more geared as a business travel gadget, while others might be more targeted as a vacation travel gadget. Either way…we got ’em.

      Here are the 26 travel gadgets (well, it’s now more than 26…in fact a lot more!) Stay tuned because we keep adding new ones)! Let’s dig in.

      By the way, where applicable, we’ve highlighted a few travel gadgets that specifically apply to business travelers (an area we focus on a bit here at the CBoardingGroup). You will know them by this moniker:

      Best Travel Gadgets – a big ole list

      We have categorized this list of travel gadgets into the following buckets: Tech, Clothing & Beauty, Health & Fitness, Safety and Other.

      Must Have Travel Gadgets – Technology

      Tech, tech and more tech please! We all love tech when we travel and there are some pretty good travel gadgets here. From chargers to headphones to adapters and more. Check ’em out!

      Poweradd 2-Outlet Mini Portable Travel Surge Protector (essential business travel gadgets)

      This portable travel surge protector is pretty sweet. It’s small (5.5in x 1.3in) and includes 2 USB ports. In addition to the surge protected standard 3 prong outlet is also has a wrap around cord for easy storage. Comes with lifetime technical support (in case you can’t figure out how to plug stuff in…lol). We also believe that a travel surge protector is one of the essential travel gadgets travelers need to have – especially business travelers.

      Universal Travel Power Adapter

      This little gadget is definitely a must-have if you do any sort of international travel. For example, I am heading to Poland soon and snagged one of these to make sure I could translate my US-based power to the system used by Poland.

      Speaking of Power Adapters, here’s a quick video that our readers might enjoy that talks about several different international travel adapters and how to use them, etc:

      Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones –Â

      The Beats Solo3 wireless headphones are extremely high quality headphones and perfect for traveling. You can read our review of them here.

      Backup wired headphones

      While we prefer fancier on-the-ear or over-the-ear headphones we also always bring a set of backup wired headphones. Maybe we forgot to charge our fancy Bose headphones or maybe they got damaged by some yahoo stomping down the aisle (ugh!). If you have a backup set, you are in the money though. There’s a lot to choose from, but we recommend these affordable fellas from Betron:

      Check the Price!

      Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

      The Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale is “…designed to save you stress and money when traveling by airline. With a weight capacity of up to 100 pounds (50 kg) and no setup necessary, you are able to measure the weight of nearly any bag in an instant, at anytime and anyplace.”

      This gadget to weigh luggage will make sure you do not go over the weight limit on your checked bag.

      We’d love it if you pin this:

      Flight Flap Phone & Tablet Holder – cool travel gadgets

      Tired of having to hold your phone or tablet in your hand the whole flight while binge watching Mad Men? Or perhaps just tired of having to jerry rig your phone to stay propped up on the tray table? You need the Flight Flap Phone & Tablet Holder which is specifically designed for airplane travel.

      This must have air travel gadget “allows you to place your device where it can be easily viewed at eye level, reducing neck and back pain and making your travel experience more comfortable.” We love this cool little device which is why we rank it as one of the best air travel gadgets on our list! Update: I just bought this for my oldest son (and recent college graduate) and he absolutely loves this. It is now his new favorite piece of travel gear.

      NTONPOWER Portable Charging Station & Travel Power Strip

      Only one plug accessible in your hotel room? No problem. This handy travel gadget can solve that for you. The NTONPOWER Portable Charging Station & Travel Power Strip is the perfect solution for plugging multiple devices in on your trip.

      QEES Leather Cord Organizer

      If you’ve ever traveled for longer than five minutes you know how infuriating it can be when you pull your charger and headphones and other other cords you have in your travel kit out. It’s a tangled mess!

      The stylish QEES Leather Cord Organizer is compact and functional easily accommodating and protecting several power cords and headphones. Use this piece of travel gear to stow all of your best travel gadgets!

      ELFRhino Earbuds Holder and Cord Organizer

      If you are looking for something a little simpler to hold your earbuds then the ELFRhino Earbuds Holder and Cord Organizer is a simple, functional and affordable. And it comes in several different great colors. It is the perfect affordable travel gadget to add to your kit without breaking the bank.

      Here’s our product review, btw, on the ELFRhino Cord Holder

      We don’t have a lot of small travel gadgets on our list, but this fit the bill and it’s the perfect travel gadget for your stocking come Christmas, perhaps?

      Anker PowerCore 20100 – one of the latest travel gadgets we added

      Nothing more frustrating than your phone or tablet dying on you with 3 hours left to go on your flight. That’s why the Anker PowerCore 20100 is one of the best gadgets for air travel. This is one of those great travel gadgets that easy to overlook, but so critical to add to your kit.

      Check the Price on the Anker PowerCore 20100 – a great tech travel gadget

      Read my product review on the Anker PowerCore 20100 here. If I had a top 10 travel gadgets list…this would be on it at around #3. 🙂

      The DJI Mavic Pro Travel Drone Kit – overall best travel drone

      The DJI Mavic Pro is consistently ranked by drone enthusiasts as a “best value” sort of drone. For travelers looking for the right combination of features, value, and quality without breaking the bank, this is your win. ranks it 9/10 and calls it the “best flying eye candy you can buy.” PCMag calls it “The Best Small Drone.” Many drone enthusiasts rate the DJI Mavic Pro as the best drone for travelers.

      Listen, I get it. This isn’t an essential travel gadget. In fact, it falls more into the category of fun travel gadgets, but that’s exactly why we added it. Because it’s badass! Drones are just cool. And they are a great travel gadget to add to your next vacation. Bam! Now, go convince your spouse.

      Check Price

      Speaking of Travel Drones you might be interested in some comparison shopping for Travel Drones. Check out to find out more!

      Finally, if you’ve already bought a drone and simply looking for tips and tricks on how to travel with your drone check out these great ideas:

      • 7 Tips for Traveling with with a drone: the experts weigh in
      • TSA Drone Policy
      • Delta Drone Policy
      • American Airlines Drone Policy
      • United Airlines Drone Policy
      • Airline Drone Policies

      goTenna Mesh to send messages when off the grid

      See goTenna Price

      The goTenna Mesh is a one of the best new travel gadgets on the market. It allows you to daisy chain your phone to it and it to other goTenna Mesh’s thus keeping you connected.

      The goTenna Mesh crates a backup communication network for you use during emergency situations when cell service is down, etc. Yup…a wicked cool travel gadget if you ask me!

      Travel Camera Bundle

      A high quality travel camera is always a nice thing to consider for your gadget collection. For example, the Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR Camera Bundle is the perfect kit for your next trip.

      And if you are looking for a mirrorless camera check out this post from Year of the Monkey on the Best Mirrorless Travel Camera.

      Best Travel Gadgets – Clothing & Beauty

      The best clothing or beauty related travel gadgets and travel gear you might need (or want).

      World’s Tiniest Travel Iron (w/ case)

      Wrinkled clothes suck. Hotel irons suck too. With the Aproca Mini Travel Steam Iron with Travel Case you trip doesn’t have to suck though.

      This micro travel iron is a great practical travel gadget to add to your packing list. It’s compact, but functional. Weighs 4 oz! Is tiny at 6.6 x 5.3 x 3.5 inches (one of our smallest travel gadgets). It comes with a great hard case and most importantly…it works!

      Portable Travel Steamer

      Sometimes getting an iron out really isn’t convenient or the right thing to use anyway. Hotels don’t usually have steamers, and while the old “use the shower steam in my hotel bathroom to take the wrinkles out of my pants” trick is pretty handy, it doesn’t solve every wrinkle we face.

      A portable travel size steamer could be the lightweight gadget your trip needs. The Pax Travel Steamer is 8 x 5.5 inches which means it easily fits in your luggage. Best of all, it takes only 60 short seconds to heat up (which is great if you are dashing out the door of your hotel room and spot that nasty crease in your shirt…ugh!).

      Shacke Pak – 4 Set Packing Cubes – Travel Organizers with Laundry Bag

      Personally, I think Travel Organizers & packing cubes are lame. But gosh darnit they sure seem to be popular. If you are the kind of person who can’t get organized when you pack the Shacke Pak Cube Set will give you all the essentials to get your travel life more organized. What peeps tells us is is this one of the pieces of gear / gadgets to make travel easier. I guess…

      Put your skivvies in one container, your shirts in another and so on. Go on, get organized already with this fast-becoming-essential piece of travel gear (just not essential for me). 🙂

      Cosmetic Travel Bag Hanging Toiletry Organizer

      See Price!

      Hang the Hikentue Cosmetic Travel Bag and Hanging Toiletry Organizer in your hotel room closet for easy access to all of your beauty products. It’s compact size still gives you the room you need for your favorite conditioner while giving you easy access (when opened and hung) to all of your favorite toiletries.

      And it’s available in five colors including the lovely grey, below. Exactly the sort of travel gear I might just buy my wife for Christmas!

      butyface Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror

      Tired of applying your makeup with crummy lighting in your hotel room? Never again with the butyface Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror that easily fits into your makeup bag and gives you the light you need to get your game face on.

      Must Have Travel Gadgets – Health

      It’s hard to stay healthy when traveling. But with these must have healthy travel gadgets you can get a leg up on changing that!

      Trtl Travel Pillow – essential travel gear

      Sleeping on a plane is possible. Well, it’s not if you don’t have the Trtl Travel Pillow which gives you comfortable neck support designed for upright sleeping. Get through that brutal long haul red-eye flight in virtually no time by sleeping through it!

      For more travel pillow ideas, check out our post on Top Travel Pillows!

      And if you are looking to go a little higher end consider the Trtl Pillow Plus which ain’t cheap, but it’s the pillow we consider the best travel pillow we’ve ever used.

      Nomader Collapsible Travel Water Bottle

      Staying hydrated is a key part of staying healthy while you travel. Many airports now have water refill stations on the other side of the security checkpoint. The Nomader Collapsible Travel Water Bottle is one of the most popular bottles around. You can read our review of it right here!

      Alternatively, the Que Travel Water Bottle is another interesting option. We recommend you steer clear of the Baiji Water Bottle.

      Manduka eKO SuperLite Travel Yoga and Pilates Mat

      Get your downward dog on no matter where you are at – even a Hampton Inn in Minot, ND! The eKO SuperLite Travel Yoga & Pilates Mat is the perfect travel mat to take with you on a trip without killing your valuable luggage space.

      This is exactly the kind of travel gear the healthy traveler would go for…you know who you are!

      PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer Gel Infused with Essential Oils – essential travel gear

      See a PriceFight those nasty travel germs with the travel sized PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer Gel Infused with Essential Oils. These bottles easily attach to your backpack or suitcase for easy access and are under the TSA guidelines for liquids so you will have no trouble getting them through security.

      And this batch is infused with essential oils. So, like basically, it cures cancer and stuff.

      This isn’t really a travel gadget per se, but it’s definitely travel gear…and it’s a must-have.

      Best Travel Gadget: Weighted Ropeless Jump Rope

      The Benvo Weighted Ropeless Jump Rope (say that 3 times fast) is the perfect travel gadget to through in your bag on your next trip. Not only is ropeless, it includes a removable weight that allows you to increase or decrease your workout intensity.

      Lightweight, effective and tangle-free, it’s perfect for some quick jump roping in your hotel room. You know, the kind that doesn’t knock over the lamp and pull the TV off the wall!

      Nima Peanut Sensor

      This healthy travel gadget is fast becoming one of the most essential travel gadgets travelers suffering from allergies can bring with them. Make sure your food is truly allergy free when traveling with this cool travel gadget.

      My sister’s children all suffer from various food allergies – some of them deadly peanut allergies. This makes travel difficult for them. Use the Nima Peanut Sensor and simply add a small bit of food to the tester and bam…find out the truth.

      This is actually becoming one of the most popular travel gadgets on our list…and we can see why!

      Check the Price on the Nima Peanut Sensor – an Essential Travel Gadget

      Must Have Travel Safety Gadgets

      All of the best travel safety gadgets and gizmos you didn’t know you needed to stay safe while you travel.

      Speaking of staying safe, you might be interested in the 9 Hotel Safety Tips – You Need to Know. Or 9 Travel Safety Tips to help you stay safe on your next trip.

      TSA Approved Luggage Locks – for when you check your bags

      The #1 Travel Hack of All Time is never check your bag. Seriously, don’t do it. But, if you have to (and honestly, sometimes you do), you should lock it.

      But you need a TSA Approved Luggage Lock so they guys in blue don’t cut the lock when they search your bag! The TravelMore 4 Dial TSA Approved Luggage Lock fits the bill perfectly and is the perfect travel security gadget to add to your kit.

      SABRE Wedge Door Stop Security Alarm with 120 dB Siren – for your hotel

      Feeling a little unsafe in your hotel room? Don’t trust those flimsy door latches? No problem. The SABRE Wedge Door Stop Security Alarm sounds a 120 db (aka really flipping loud) alarm if someone attempts to open your door.

      Wake yourself up and the guest in the room next to you up…and frankly, the entire hotel floor with this neat, must have travel gadget.

      MUNIO Designer Self Defense Keychain – a travel safety gadget

      The MUNIO Designer Self Defense Keychain is a traveler’s alternative to pepper spray or stun guns. It’s airport safe and can be used to gouge and jab an attacker with the semi-sharp point.

      Sometimes even a small deterrent like jabbing an attacker in the arm with your key ring can be all it takes to get them to move on.

      RFID Blocking Passport and Document Protector

      See a Price!

      Imagine losing your passport while on vacation to Niger. What a hassle. With the Venture 4th Travel Neck Pouch Neck Wallet (an Amazon Best Seller for this category) you don’t have to worry about that happening.

      Nor do you have to worry about someone remotely jacking your ATM card due to the RFID blocking feature of this neck wallet.

      Must Have Travel Gadgets 2019 – Other

      These are all of the travel gadgets that don’t fit into any single category, but are certainly worth considering for your must-have list!

      Travel Umbrella – one of the essential travel gadgets

      See a Price on Amazon

      14 seconds after it starts raining in NYC, umbrella vendors magically appear hocking $17.00 umbrellas that are so crappy you might as well just get soaked.

      But no more! Come prepared with a travel umbrella that easily fits in your travel kit without taking up too much space.

      The Kemovan Travel Compact Umbrella comes in 12 colors, is super compact and fairly durable – for a travel umbrella. Throw it in your purse or carry-on backpack and never get caught in the rain again.

      I believe that a travel umbrella is one of the essential travel gadgets ever traveler ought to bring with them.

      Pin Me:

      Wallet Ninja 18 in 1 Multi-purpose Credit Card Size Pocket Tool – a cool travel gadget

      Gone are the days of bringing a cool Leatherman multi tool on the plane (Thanks Terrorists). But the Wallet Ninja 18 in 1 Multi-purpose Credit Card Size Pocket Tool is eighteen tools in one and fits into your wallet like any old credit card.

      Way cool! I love this must have travel gadget. Frankly it’s one of the most interesting and neat travel gadgets on our list!

      Here’s a video of the Wallet Ninja in action:

      Here’s a quick video of a few travel gadgets worth looking at!

      That’s all of the best travel gadgets 2019…peace out

      Ok, that’s it. 26 (actually, it’s more than that now! A lot more…) of the coolest, neatest, must have travel gadgets and cool travel gear out there. I hope you enjoyed the list and stay tuned…who knows we might even find more amazing travel gadgets and gear out there!

      What piece of travel gear did we miss in our list of best travel gadgets 2019? What is your essential travel gadget? Your favorite gadgets for air travel? We want to know! Drop us a comment or tweet us. And, don’t forget to follow us on social media including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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