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ALDI’S buns and veggie burgers have scooped the top prize in BBC Good Food’s taste test, while Asda’s BBQ sauce has also nabbed victory.

The food magazine blind-tasted over 110 supermarket products across 18 different categories from 10 of the UK’s biggest supermarkets.

17 Asda’s £1 BBQ sauce was a firm favouriteCredit: Asda

And it’s now revealed the results so that shoppers can make sure they pick up the tastiest treats for summer BBQs and picnics.

There are even options for veggies and vegans.

So whether you want burgers, hot dogs or pork pies, here’s what you need to know.

Best burger buns – Aldi

Aldi scooped the top prize in the baps category with its Specially Selected brioche burger buns, which cost 79p for a four-pack.

17 Aldi’s brioche buns cost just 79pCredit: BBC Good Food

Judges praised their “soft”, “buttery” taste and added that they were sweet without being overly sickly. They also liked the fact they came conveniently pre-cut.

Best classic burger – Morrisons and Sainsbury’s

The judges couldn’t pick between two supermarkets in this category so they crowned Morrisons and Sainsbury’s as joint winners.

17 Morrisons’ beef burgers were a hitCredit: Morrisons

Morrisons for its best beef and bone marrow burger, which costs £3 for a two-pack (340g) and Sainsbury’s for its Taste the Difference steak and caramelised onion burger, which costs £2.50 for a two-pack (340g).

Judges said Morrisons’ burger was “beefy and well seasoned” while they loved the handmade texture of Sainsbury’s.

Best vegetarian burger – Aldi

The judges loved Aldi’s The Deli sweet potato burgers, which cost £1.49 for a pack of two (230g).

17 Aldi’s veggie burger tasted great on the BBQCredit: BBC Good Food

They enjoyed the slightly curried, dhal-like flavour and thought they held together well when barbecued.

Best vegan burger – Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s Love Your Veg! The smoky ‘Jack’ quarter pounder scooped the prize for the top vegan burger.

17 Judges said meat eaters and non-meat eaters alike would enjoy this vegan burgerCredit: BBC Good Food

Judges said both vegans and meat-eaters alike will enjoy them.

They’re currently reduced from £2.50 to £2.25 for a pack of two (227g).

Best barbecue sauce – Asda

Asda’s classic BBQ sauce was the most balanced the judges tried and they thought it would go well with everything.

Better still, it costs just £1 for a 460g bottle.

Best hot dog buns: Tesco and M&S

17 Judges like M&S brioche hot dog bunsCredit: M&S

Tesco and M&S take the joint prize when it comes to the best hot dog buns – but Tesco’s significantly less.

Tesco’s four pack (280g) of hot dog brioche rolls cost 95p, while M&S’ six-pack of brioche posh dog rolls cost £1.90.

17 Tescos hot dog buns cost less than M&S at 95p a packCredit: Tesco

Best sausages – Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference smooth pork sausages were the stand-out in this category with their “perfectly seasoned”, herby and peppery flavour.

They cost £2.50 for a pack of six (400g).

Best vegetarian sausages – Tesco

Tesco’s meat free Lincolnshire-style sausages were heralded as an “all-round crowd -pleaser”.

17 Tesco’s veggie sausages were an all-round crowd pleaserCredit: Tesco

They cost £1.75 for a six pack (264g).

Best vegan sausages – Waitrose

Waitrose’s vegan whirls in Italian style & Spanish style came top trumps for their “distinctive, impressive flavours”.

But judges pointed out that their swirled shape does make them tricky to stuff in a classic hot dog bun.

17 Judges said these whirls were tasty but you wouldn’t fit them in a hot dog rollCredit: Waitrose

They cost £4 for a four-pack (400g).

Best kebabs – Tesco and Waitrose

It’s a joint win for Tesco and Waitrose when it comes to the best kebabs.

17 Waitrose’s tandoori chicken kebabs were the joint winner

Tesco for its four Korean-inspired chicken kebabs costing £4 for a 305g pack and Waitrose for its four tandoori chicken breast kebabs also costing £4 but for less at 250g.

Do note that Tesco’s kebabs are currently sold out online.

17 Tesco’s Korean kebabs were also a popular choiceCredit: Tesco

Best vegetarian kebabs – Waitrose

Waitrose’s vegan tandoori kofta kebab costing £2.99 for a 280g pack takes the top spot.

17 Waitrose’s vegan kebabs proved popularCredit: Waitrose

Judges said it would go well in a hot dog bun or served with salad.

Best barbecue fish – Tesco

Judges loved Tesco’s “vibrantly flavoured” salmon popsicles in chilli and lime.

17 Judges said these Tesco fish kebabs were “vibrantly flavoured”Credit: Tesco

They cost £4 for a 177g four-pack although they’re currently sold out online.

Best barbecue joint – Co-op

Co-op took its one and only first prize for its ready-to-cook garlic and herb spatchcock chicken, which costs £6 (1,135g).

It has to be cooked in the oven first but judges said it “crisps up nicely” on the BBQ to finish.

Best sausage rolls – M&S

Who doesn’t love a sausage roll at a picnic? M&S’ handcrafted Wiltshire ham, pickle and cheddar sausage roll scooped the prize in this category.

17 M&S’s sausage rolls have cheese and pickle in themCredit: BBC Good Food

Judges loved the addition of “smoky ham, slightly sweet pickle and full-flavoured cheese”. They added that the pastry is “golden and flaky”.

A pack of four (188g) costs £2.80. in this pork sausage roll.

Best pork pie – Tesco

Tesco’s large Melton Mowbray pork pie was said to have a “nicely seasoned” filling and a “lovely even coloured” pastry.

17 Tesco’s pork pie was “nicely seasoned”Credit: Tesco

It costs £2.50 (440g) although it’s currently unavailable online.

Best scotch egg – Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference scotch egg was the “clear winner” with its “well-seasoned” meat and “golden brown” bread crumbed-coating.

17 Sainsbury’s scotch egg was “well-seasoned”Credit: BBC Good Food

It costs £1.30 (140g).

Best vegetarian picnic snack – M&S

Judges said M&S’ handcrafted roast butternut and red onion rolls were a great example of a a veggie roll which isn’t trying to be meat.

A four-pack (188g) costs £2.80.

Best potato salad – Sainsbury’s and Waitrose

17 Waitrose’s potato salad proved popularCredit: Waitrose

Sainsbury’s came top with its Taste the Difference potato salad while judges also loved Waitrose’s yogurt-dressed Charlotte potato salad.

Waitrose’s version costs £2 (270g) while Sainsbury’s comes in at £2.10 (275g).


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For those with a charcoal BBQ, here’s our step-by-step guide to firing up your grill.

And if you fancy something a bit different then you might want to head to Aldi where it’s selling two-in-one charcoal BBQ grill and smoker.

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We can’t stress enough that these are last-ditch, in a pinch options. If you don’t have the time to make your own homemade burgers, these are some of the better patties you can buy at the store.

BUBBA Sweet Onion Burgers

Every BUBBA burger is large and extremely fatty. In terms of taste, that makes them a bit better than a lot of their leaner counterparts. The best of the lot are the Sweet Onion Burgers that are made with real sweet onions. You could do far worse.

White Castle Frozen Sliders

We used to order Crave Cases a bit too frequently at White Castle, and while the store-bought version of their famous sliders aren’t as good as a dozen from the restaurant, they’re not that bad. Unfortunately, they don’t come with chicken rings.

Trader Joe’s Grass Fed Angus Beef Burgers

Trader Joe’s has a lot of hidden gems tucked in their narrow aisles. One of the best store-bought burger options is their Grass Fed Angus Beef Burgers that come in packs of four. They’ve got a high enough fat content to stay juicer than other hockey puck options at your local grocery store.

Private Selection Applewood-Smoked Bacon & Cheddar Angus Beef Patties

These burgers have received praise for good reason. They might just be the best patties you can pick up at the store. The Wisconsin cheddar and applewood-smoked bacon are blended in with the beef so toppings aren’t really necessary.

President’s Choice Portobello Swiss Vegetarian Burgers

We know it doesn’t have any meat in it so many of you will just dismiss it like Ron Swanson would, but trust us, this burger is mighty tasty. Packed with swiss cheese, each patty oozes goodness.

Our Favorites

Full-Sized Burgers: Kroger Mini Burgers: White Castle

For me, frozen burgers induce fear and wonder in equal measures. “Morbid curiosity,” you might say. Judging by the results of a recent poll about these frozen, ready-to-microwave burgers, the majority of AHT’ers (65 percent) are foes of frozen burgers, but the remaining 35 percent, along with several commenters, admitted to eating them in extenuating circumstances (when no other burgers are available), or because they actually like certain brands (White Castle sliders in particular).

One commenter suggested a taste test. At the time, it seemed like the only logical thing to do. By the end, I ended up regretting it, but also learned a few things along the way.

The Contenders

I searched the frozen food section of three major grocery store chains (Albertsons, Ralph’s, and Grocery Outlet) to gather as many different brands as possible. The seven different frozen burgers I discovered can be divided into two camps: full-sized burgers and mini-burgers. The only other major difference was whether or not they had cheese (the Banquet and Ballpark burgers were the only cheese-free burgers). Here are all of the brands I tried. Weight measures include buns, cheese, and toppings (when applicable):

Full-Sized Burgers

Mini Burgers and Sliders

The Criteria

Given that it’s not fair to compare frozen burgers to anything but other frozen burgers, I was looking for the best burger of the bunch, not evaluating the frozen burgers using the same standards as a burger you’d get from a restaurant or fast food chain (or make yourself, at home), though it turned out in the end that at least one sample fared favorably to its restaurant counterpart.

That being said, microwaveable frozen burgers should at least somewhat resemble fresh burgers in terms of flavor, texture, and overall appearance. At minimum, the patty should be beefy, the cheese should be melted, and the bun should be warm, soft, and squishy.

The Results

Frozen Kroger cheeseburger.

Of all the burgers I tried, there were two that stood out as clear favorites, one in each of the full-sized and mini burger categories: the Kroger one minute cheeseburger and the White Castle microwaveable cheeseburgers.

The main problem among the failed burgers was the beef. In most cases, the patties tasted like salty meat mush—no beefiness per se, just a general “this is probably meat” feeling. Taken together with the cheese and the bun (which got soggy in the microwave), you end up with a mushy, mono-flavor food unit.

Kroger One Minute Cheeseburger

The Kroger brand one minute cheeseburger is packaged individually, and sells for $1.99. The patty is about the same size as a fast food cheeseburger, but with a more substantial bun. Like all of the frozen patties, the beef was on the mushy side, but because it’s flavored with “natural smoke flavor” it has a more pronounced savory flavor than any of the other burgers I tried. Depending on your personal preferences, this will either be a good thing or a bad thing. The smoke flavor is intense, like a Burger King burger. You’ll either love it or hate it.

The other area where this burger excelled was its bun. It emerges from the microwave warmed through but not overly mushy. Its low point is the cheese, which looked decent before it was microwaved, but melted right into the patty and had no discernible flavor.

White Castle Microwaveable Cheeseburgers

White Castle’s microwaveable mini cheeseburgers ($4.49 for six mini burgers) earned quite a few props in the frozen burger poll.

The beef is scant on these pint sized cheeseburgers and doesn’t have much flavor on its own. The heavy lifting is left to the dehydrated onions, and they do a decent job of upping the overall flavor of the sliders. Combined with the slice of American cheese (which is nice and tangy) and the steamed bun, it’s definitely one of the best brands on the market.

Kenji, who happens to live by a White Castle in NYC, volunteered to taste the frozen cheeseburgers side-by-side with fresh-from-the-store samples. Here’s his take:

They’re pretty similar, although the microwaved versions are not quite as tender or pillowy (you also have to add your own ketchup and pickle). White Castle burgers are always as much about the onions as they are about the beef, and that’s definitely the case here. I also tried following the steaming instructions on the back of the box (8 minutes on the stovetop or 15 in the oven), which is the way to go if you want true-to-store experience. They end up softer and more evenly cooked than in the microwave.

White Castle mini cheeseburgers cooked using the steaming method

The microwave instructions on the back of the box suggest thawing the mini burgers in the fridge before microwaving them. This extra step pays off because the nuke time is cut nearly in half, from 60 seconds to 35. The less time the burgers spend in the microwave, the better, especially as far as the bun is concerned. When cooked from a thawed state, the bun was much less mushy.

So, what did I learn? Two things. One: just like with normal burgers, you need to be picky about where you get your frozen burgers, and two: empty burger boxes make a great cat fort.

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All products linked here have been independently selected by our editors. We may earn a commission on purchases, as described in our affiliate policy.

Quick ‘N Eat Fully Cooked Choice Angus Patties (12 ct.)

These Quick ‘N Eat™ Fully Cooked Choice Angus Patties (12 ct.) offer a fast and simple way to prepare delicious meals for the whole family. The patties come in a convenient 3-pound box that’s easy to store in a freezer.

What’s in Quick ‘N Eat Fully Cooked Choice Angus Patties?

These flavorful patties are made with real Angus beef, which gives it that soft, juicy texture that makes them irresistible. Since they’re all natural, they don’t contain any artificial ingredients. These patties are also packed with protein to fill you up. Whether you’re serving them to others or eating a patty for yourself, you can expect a restaurant quality, off-the-grill flavor.

These Quick ‘N Eat™ Fully Cooked Choice Angus Patties (12 ct.) offer a fast and simple way to prepare delicious meals for the whole family. The patties come in a convenient 3-pound box that’s easy to store in a freezer.

These flavorful patties are made with real Angus beef, which gives it that soft, juicy texture that makes them irresistible. Since they’re all natural, they don’t contain any artificial ingredients. These patties are also packed with protein to fill you up. Whether you’re serving them to others or eating a patty for yourself, you can expect a restaurant quality, off-the-grill flavor.

Who Makes Quick ‘N Eat Fully Cooked Choice Angus Patties?

These beef patties are from Lopez Foods, Inc., which is one of the top meat companies in the United States. As of today, Lopez Foods is recognized for their commitment to producing fresh food and distributing it to the public.

Unbeatable Convenience

Since they’re fully cooked, this pack of Angus beef patties is ideal for anyone who’s short on time. If you’re in a hurry, these patties can be prepared and served in no time at all. You can heat them up in a microwave when it’s time to chow down. You can also use a grill or a skillet. On the back of the pack, you’ll find directions to make preparing your meal even easier.

Growing up, our burger knowledge was probably limited to whatever brand your family was throwing on the grill come summer. As we got older, our tastes developed. Not only did we learn the joy of the right burger build, we learned that the meat composition itself made a big difference. Burgers aren’t just about what you put on top of them. What’s inside them makes a big difference.

So, whether you are an avowed carnivore or just watching your weight, there’s a great burger for you. Here’s some of our favorites, and how to best enjoy them.

Laura’s Lean Ground Beef
A lean, low-fat, all-natural option, this contains the same flavor as traditional ground beef, but without as much guilt. This beef has less than 10g of fat per serving, is humanely raised, vegetarian-fed, and free of hormones and antibiotics, making it a healthier alternative burger choice for people who don’t want to sacrifice taste.

Grow & Behold
Kosher meat is known to be free of fillers and additives, making it a popular choice among even those who do not necessarily adhere to the religious dietary guidelines.

Grow & Behold’s glatt kosher pastured beef is lean and full of flavor. Don’t be afraid to mix your meat for new flavors — you can lighten by adding veal, or intensify by adding lamb.

Omaha Steaks Filet Mignon Burgers
Sometimes you just need a next-level burger. This filet is buttery, tender, and extra juicy. These can be enjoyed on a grill, but we really love them pan-fried. Just sauté in a hot non-stick pan for seven or so minutes on each side.

Beyond Meat Beyond Burger
The burger is made of pea protein and looks, cooks, and tastes like hamburger. It starts pink (like raw hamburger) and cooks to burger brown. Cooking this will be a lot like a traditional raw burger, but with less time: Season to taste and cook on preheated grill or pan-fry on medium-high heat for three minutes per side.

The Original Skinny Burgers By Gold & Masters
This burger use a custom blend of chicken and grass-fed beef raised without antibiotics and no added hormones for their juicy, healthier burgers. These have 25 percent less fat, 40 percent fewer calories, 33 percent less saturated fat, and 10 percent more protein than typical 80/20, four-ounce burgers, and they do this without sacrificing taste via a patent-pending process that mixes the chicken and 100 percent USA grass-fed beef chuck and brisket. These burgers are best when prepared on a hot cooking surface and not pressed down. Preheat the grill, flat-top, fry pan, or other cooking surface to 350º and lightly coat it with an olive oil cooking spray. Place the burgers on the cooking surface and leave them for three minutes. Don’t press down. Flip burgers and cook for three minutes more. Don’t press down. Use a food thermometer to check for an internal temperature of 165º.

Babeth’s Feast
Try their antibiotic-free lamb sliders for a nice bold change from your tradition of beef burgers. These are best enjoyed medium rare and well seasoned. Pair with some feta, mint, and garlic mayo to complement the flavors. Lamb is much more tender than beef or turkey and should reach a perfect medium rare after about five minutes on the grill.

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Are you looking for the best frozen hamburger patties currently available? The good news is: we spent the weekend reviewing 16 different premade burger brands. After some serious eating, a shortlist was created of the top eight options. We then reached out to our food-obsessed network on Facebook for their favorites as well as “soaking in” some of the online chatter to bring you the best.

Table of Contents

Best Frozen Burgers

#1 Best Overall Frozen Burger Patties: Ball Park Beef Patty at Amazon.
“100% beef meat with a flame grilled flavor”.

#2 The Runner Up: Glenmark Angus 1/3 LB. Burger at Amazon
“Quality 1/3 pound Angus beef patties”.

#3 Best frozen vegan burger: Carla Lee’s Nut Burgers – at Amazon
“The tastiest burger patty without any meat”.

Our criteria for testing the patties

Taste and texture

We placed the most weight on this factor. There seems little point in having a delicious looking patty that is nutritious if it tastes awful. Good flavor is paramount.

A rustic patty with chunks of distinguishable meat was our preference rather than finely ground ingredients that may, or may not, have been meat.

Type of meat used

The wellbeing of a cow during its life plays an important role in the quality of the meat. A stressed cow provides lesser quality meat. So look for brands that organically raise their cattle and allow them to roam free. Also look for hormone-free beef that’s GMO free.


We eat with our eyes so that patty needs to look amazing: a decent size, juicy, and a color and texture that actually looks like quality meat.


Price should always be a consideration; no-one likes being ripped off.


If nutrition is a big factor in your buying decision then making your own may be a better option. Frozen meat patties tend to contain plenty of extra sodium as well as “extra ingredients” you wouldn’t find in the homemade version. However, you’ll be pleased to know the brands on this page scored a lot higher on this attribute than many other products we looked at.

5 benefits of buying frozen burger patties

Food safety

Nasty bacteria, like E. Coli, thrive in fresh meat that is out of the fridge. Although there are precautions the home chef can take to reduce getting sick, frozen food is safer. Transferring food from the freezer directly to the grill is a very safe way to cook.


Cooking with ready-made burgers is as easy as opening a box. No mess, no hassle, less washing up. If you’re the food provider in a hectic household, you’ll appreciate this time saving.


If your household is prone to “extras” showing up for dinner, it’s handy to have a box of patties ready to go for these types of emergency.

Less food waste

Food waste is a big problem on this planet and even the smallest reductions can help. When you make your own batch of fresh patties it’s hard to get the quantity spot on. Using frozen hamburger patties is an exact science; simply count, cook and serve.

Great taste

Getting the seasoning right for a novice home cook can be a challenge. Choosing the frozen version means all you need to focus on is getting the right combination of fillings.

The best frozen hamburger patties

Let’s take a look at our favorite products in a little more details, including the pros and cons of each.

1. Ball Park Patties – Best Overall

Ball Park Beef Patties are made from 100% premium beef and taste juicy and full of flavor. Each bag contains 6 patties that have been pre-cooked using a flame grill method. This seals in the barbeque flavor for maximum taste. It also means if you’re in a huge hurry, it’s possible to microwave them and have amazing smoky tasting meat in minutes. You also don’t have to worry about raw meat on the inside, being a pre-cooked meat.

The Ball Park patty is gluten free as well as being free from by-products, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors. What it does contain is protein, with an impressive 19g per serve.


  • Lovely, flame grilled taste
  • Pre-cooked for convenience
  • 100% beef patties
  • An excellent microwave burger


  • Contains corn syrup

2. Glenmark Angus 1/3 LB. Burger – Runner Up

Glenmark Angus 1/3 LB. Burger provide six juicy, fresh tasting 1/3 pound patties. Made from 100% USDA approved Angus beef, this product offers exceptional value for money. There are no unwanted fillers in this product – just quality beef.

Thanks to flash-freeze technology the flavors are locked in during processing. It’s like eating the fresh version, only there’s a lot less work involved in this option.

Glenmark don’t just focus on producing delicious food. They also have policies in place that minimize waste reduction as well as conserving energy. We thought this was a bonus.

  • Excellent taste and a good size
  • Great value for money
  • USDA approved 100% Angus beef
  • Filler free
  • An environmentally focused company
  • They’re big, so not ideal for kids that aren’t big eaters. (Note: the sizing is also a pro)

3. Carla Lee Nut Burgers – Best frozen vegan burger

With veganism trending upwards we thought it was important to include a vegan patty that could hold its own against the others. The Carla Lee’s Nut Burgers original patty offered a surprisingly tasty option for those on a meat free diet. In fact, even those who love meat protein may find these quite acceptable for the occasional meat-free Monday session.

A box of these burgers provides four 3.5oz (99g) patties made from an innovative combination of organic brown rice, carrot juice, sunflower seeds and cashews, along with some additional seasoning. This burger offers 9g of protein which, while less than others on this list, is still not too shabby if you’re looking to up your protein intake.

Eating one of these patties on their own may not be to everyone’s taste. But combine it with a toasted bun, and a collection of fresh seasonal vegetables and you’ve got yourself a very healthy, delicious dinner.

  • Organic ingredients
  • Ideal option for those on a vegan or gluten free diet
  • Free from fillers, MSG, preservatives
  • The flavor won’t suit everyone’s palate

4. Old Fashioned Omaha Steak Burgers

Old-fashioned Omaha Steaks come as a box of 12 individually wrapped 4oz beef steaks. They’re made from high quality 21 day aged beef with an impressive 19g of protein per serving.

Omaha steaks are an affordable option that perform well on taste but don’t include the unwanted fillers or preservatives. They’re also ground twice during processing to enhance the flavor.

  • Thick, quarter pound patties
  • Individually vacuum sealed
  • Ground twice for added flavor
  • Preservative free
  • Sourcing of beef is not as transparent as other brands

How to make the perfect burger

Once you’ve chosen the perfect patty and cooked it, you’ll need to add the extras. Check out the infographic below which shows how to make an incredible burger. If you prefer to make your own burger patty too, check out this burger recipe.

How to make a delicious burger with frozen patties.


Can I grill frozen burgers?

Frozen burgers can be grilled, baked or microwaved directly from the packet without defrosting. Because the internal meat is frozen, it is important to check that the patties have been cooked right through before serving.

Is it OK to eat pink hamburger meat?

Eating beef patties with a pink inside is considered safe, so long as the internal temperature of the meat has reached 160F.

How long is frozen beef good for?

The shelf life of frozen beef patties will vary depending on the ingredients. Refer to the “best by” dates to determine the shelf life of your meat.

How do I keep burgers from shrinking?

The most common reason that burgers shrink is cooking at a temperature that’s too high for the meat. To reduce shrinkage, cook the burgers at a lower temperature for longer. Choosing a patty with a meat to fat ratio of 80/20 will provide a good tradeoff between taste and shrinkage reduction.

Final Words

Sometimes writing for a food website can be tough, but not always. Take this article for example. We decided to research (taste test) the best frozen burgers on the market so that you know what’s good and what’s not. Although there were some unpleasant products, the majority were actually quite enjoyable. We’ve included the best in this review.

Although you’d do well choosing any of these options, at a push I’d recommend Ball Park Beef Patties based on flavor, meat quality and price. For a vegan option try Carla Lee’s Nut Burgers which don’t sound appealing to a meat eater like myself – but were actually very enjoyable.

Would you ever buy frozen hamburger patties or is that unthinkable? Let me know on Facebook or Instagram.

We recently purchased a box of the Chop House frozen burgers by Holten and decided to review them. As it turns out there are 4 variations of this line of burgers this review is specifically about the Angus Beef Brisket Steak Burger. The other versions are Angus Chuck, Angus Sirloin and a Certified Angus Beef. These are available at most mass retailers and grocery stores everywhere.

As far as frozen hamburgers are concerned the Chop House burger line is at the higher end of what you will find in your grocery store. At just about $10 for 2lbs or 6 – 1/3 pound USDA Choice patties.

The packaging is attractive with all your basic nutritional and cooking instructions. What sets it apart for me is that USDA Choice logo. This is not something you typically see on frozen burgers of any kind.

As soon as you see these burgers out of the box you can tell that they are not your typical burger. The 1/3 pound patties look like they have some heft and you can see larger chunks of meat in them. I like it already!

These patties are individually frozen with wax paper separating each. They separated easily with no prying needed. We grilled them as we do any frozen burger (you can find that here).

The grilling process only had two things to note:

  1. On the first flip they were picture perfect and didn’t look like any frozen burger we had ever cooked before.
  2. Towards the end of the grilling process there were the typical flare-ups that you get with frozen burgers, just slightly less.

The Bottom Line of the Chop House Frozen Burgers Review:

These are by far the best mass produced frozen burgers we have ever tried. When you bite into them they have a meaty chew that you normally do not find in a fine grind burger. The angus brisket flavor really pops as well. We are fans of brisket burgers and these burgers almost taste like the fresh ground brisket from the grocery store.

If you like to have some frozen burgers around for unexpected company or just want something different I do not hesitate in recommending the Holten Chop House Angus Brisket burger.

Note: Since this article was written have had the Certified Angus Beef burger for the Holten Chop house line. It was not nearly as flavorful as the brisket burger. We would give that one 3 out of 5 stars.

How to grill Frozen Burgers

A frozen burger doesn’t have to be a bad burger. If you grill them properly.

Hamburger Serving Basket Classic Red Slotted Set of 4

Hamburger serving baskets not only make for a great presentation they are a economical way to serve a crowd with no cleanup.

$0.99 $0.88-11%

From the package:

If you’re a burger lover, you no longer have to compromise quality for convenience when buying a frozen burger. Not with CHOP HOUSE Steak Burgers. Our burgers boast proprietary, butcher-style grinds so they’re bursting with flavor. Frozen fresh with a unique handmade look, CHOP HOUSE is sure to become the burger lover’s go-to-option. Enjoy!

It is important to note that we are in now way compensated for this review. We purchase the products from the grocery store and write an honest review from our experiences.


aka Sultan of Sizzle

I have been blogging about and selling grilling tool for over 12 years. A Certified Food Safety Professional, KCBS member, award winning writer and have over 10 years experience in the food service industry.

“I have experienced some of the best food this country has to offer and nothing is better than the food that comes off my own grill!”

Summary Reviewer Mike 4theGrillReview Date 2019-05-10 Reviewed Item Chop House Frozen Burgers Angus Beef Brisket by Holten Author Rating 5