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In the bathroom there’s really not much space for creativity. Almost all the elements that need to go in there have specific elements that have to be respected. But there are also some smaller elements that allow room for originality and that give you the opportunity to personalize the décor and change the atmosphere. One of these elements is the shower caddy. It’s a very useful piece but it’s also an element that comes in many different shapes, sizes, designs and colors. Here are a few untraditional shower caddies that we think would brighten up the atmosphere.

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These 3-basket shower caddies come in two very vibrant and bold colors. They are simple but they also stand out with their color. They feature built-in drainage holes and hinged plastic arms and they’re very practical.Available for $14,99 each.

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If you prefer something a little more cheerful, something that the kids would love too, these octopus shower caddies are the perfect choice. They have eight latex arms for shampoo bottles and other bathroom supplies.Available for $35.

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This is a chic shower caddy designed like a white branch. It has three stacked shelves and they’re decorated with bright white birds, metal rails, hooks and round hole for easy access and practicality.Available for $35.

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This modular shower caddy consists of a rectangular, rust-proof metal frame and four detachable shelves. Each shelf includes a removable silicone insert with perforations, perfect for toothbrushes and razors.Available for $70.

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Made of natural teak wood, this shower caddy is an unexpected addition to the bathroom. It includes two removable hooks and features soft foam that prevents sliding and scratching. The wood is unsealed.Available on .

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This is a friendly-looking shower caddy. It’s an owl-shades caddy and features a beautiful blue color. It has two shelves and two hooks and it’s great for families with children. Cheerful and practical at the same time.Available for $24.

This post is sponsored by Project Sunlight Re-Think Recycling at Albertsons-Safeway via Lunchbox.

Most of you know that I have really fallen for the Suave Sea Mineral Infusion line. The entire line is great and it is so convenient that I can go grocery shopping at my local Safeway AND pick up my hair care products! My family has gone through a few bottles recently and I was inspired to recycle the extra bottles because of the Project Sunlight Re-Think Recycling at Albertsons-Safeway. Unilever Personal Care Products are made from commonly recyclable plastics so you are definitely saving more thank you think when you choose to use them! I was shaving my legs in the shower a few days ago and after the razor fell off of of the shelf for the 100th time I decided that my project would be this do it yourself shower caddy!

If you are unfamiliar with the Project Sunlight Re-Think Recycling at Albertsons-Safeway it is a project that is encouraging people to “Rinse. Recycle. Reimagine.” One extra step each day can mean a lot. Whether it’s a shampoo bottle, soap carton or a makeup container, taking the time to recycle in the bathroom means you are doing your part to bring some added sunshine to the planet we all share. That’s why Unilever is educating shoppers about bathroom recycling and driving them into Albertsons-Safeway stores to save on the products you need – and save a little more when you do the right thing.

So the way that I made it happen is actually very simple. I took off the cap to my Suave bottle and stripped the sticker labels off the side.

I then used a marker to map out my cut lines and did a rough cut off the top with a pair of scissors.

After having the top cut off I went in with my X-Acto knife and smoothed out my cut lines so that it looked more like the shape I had in mind. I also used the knife to cut a hole out of the back so it could hang from the hook in my shower.

I chose this specific design because I always jump in the shower with hair clips in my hair because I forget about them and then have nowhere good to store them. The small strip at the tip is the perfect size to clip them onto, while the little flap at the bottom holds my konjac sponge and shower puff. Of course, don’t forget how perfect it is to stick your razors into. If you are in college this would be perfect to transport from your dorm room to the showers.

I hope this DIY Shower Caddy and the Project Sunlight Re-Think Recycling program inspires you and makes you think about how you could be reusing your bathroom products. Save More Than You Think with Unilever Personal Care Products at your local Albertsons-Safeway stores today! Use the store locator to find one near you and save $5 when you spend $15 on participating Unilever Personal Care products!

Rinse. Recycle. Reimagine.

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The last time I lived in a college dorm was my sophomore year of college, over 13 years ago. Starting my junior year, I moved to an off campus house with girlfriends and said goodbye to dorm life by throwing away my shower sandals & caddy in exchange for a bedroom without bunk-beds and a shower that wouldn’t cause foot fungus. Who would have thought over a decade later a shower caddy would be one of my best morning routine time savers?

So before I indulge you in explaining my seemingly juvenile bathroom accessory, let me assure you that I don’t still use shower shoes 🙂 .

The toiletry caddy idea originated after my husband and I purchased our first condo 5 years ago in Chicago. This was the first time that we lived in a two bathroom home. I typically wake up earlier during the weekdays and according to him I make A LOT of noise getting ready in our master bathroom. I offered to use the guest bedroom in the morning, but our guest bathroom was super small and didn’t have drawers for all my toiletries. I ended up making MORE noise each morning trekking my toiletries from our master bath to the guest bath. Poor Joe couldn’t get any sleep in the mornings.

So I started throwing all my toiletries in an extra shower caddy …..

Here’s what you need to make your own shower caddy organizer:

Since you can’t create a toiletry caddy without a caddy, that will be your first step. Mine is so old that I can’t find it online anywhere, but here, here and here are a couple good options. My preference is plainer the better as I find that too many compartments and gadgets sometimes make organizing HARDER!

Next pull out all your toiletries that you use on a daily basis. (I’m not talking about the super hold hairspray that you only use on a Saturday night.) Put all your day-to-day toiletries in a row from most used to least used, left to right. (this isn’t 100% necessary, but it IS kind of entertaining). In the event that you don’t have room for everything, those items on the right won’t make it in the caddy. And I’ll admit it. Toothbrush wasn’t the furthest left for me 🙁 .

Remember all those make up bags you get with your free gift at department stores? Put them to use by storing your makeup inside!

Same thing for cotton balls & q-tips.

For any of my toiletries that are rather large (mouthwash, I’m looking at you), I transferred in to smaller Container Store clear container. For the mouthwash I went for a tall narrow container in order to optimize the most room in my caddy. The small white one? Baby powder ( = my version of dry shampoo). Take a look back up at the photo of all my toiletries to see how often I use it 🙂 .

Now all you need to do is make a little room under your sink to store your shower caddy once you’re finished getting ready in the morning!

Note that I don’t put my straightener, curling iron or hair dryer in my caddy. I just don’t use these everyday and don’t have room.

The benefits of using the shower caddy:

  • I can easily transfer to any of our bathrooms to get ready in (I HATE sharing a bathroom in the morning)
  • All my toiletries that I need are right in front of me (therefore no sifting through drawers)
  • It makes me reduce the number of random products that I use in the morning
  • Storage is easy underneath any bathroom sink cabinets

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  • Unless you’re blessed with an amazing dorm room complete with its own bathroom, you need a shower caddy to hold all your products as you go to and from the communal showers.
  • The InterDesign Orbz Shower Tote Holder and Organizer is the best one you can buy with its many compartments, cute design, and affordable price.
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Sharing a bathroom with strangers is hard. Most college dorms have communal showers on each floor that you have to walk to every time you want to wash your hair. Other dorms have bathrooms right in the unit, but if you’re sharing one bathroom with four other girls (like I did during my first two years of college), you’ll still need a shower caddy to carry all your products.

Most people just buy whatever shower caddy they see first during their last-minute dorm shopping spree, but they often end up with a shower caddy that doesn’t fit their needs. You really only need to think about the shower caddy’s design, so here are the main ones we cover in this guide:

  • Plastic caddy: Plastic caddies are durable, sturdy, easy to clean, and they won’t get water damage. We recommend the ones with compartments because the different sections make it easy to store everything from shampoo and conditioner to toothpaste and your razor. The main downside is that they’re not flexible or easy to store.
  • Mesh totes: Mesh shower totes are easy to carry, durable, and often less cumbersome than plastic caddies. Some have pockets to hold products securely, and others just have one big compartment. The downside here is that some bags fall over when set down on the floor and not all mesh is mildew resistant.
  • Fabric toiletry bag: Toiletry bags are more subtle than other shower caddies because they zip right up to look like a piece of luggage. When you unzip them, several pockets are revealed with all your products inside. Often, you can hang them on a door hook for easy access to all your products. The downside to these bags is that they’re not waterproof, so if you can’t hang yours up or set it down in a dry space, it may be problematic.

Here are our picks for the best shower caddies you can buy:

  • Best overall: InterDesign Orbz Shower Tote Organizer
  • Best plastic caddy: Sterilite Bath Caddy
  • Best toiletry bag: L.L. Bean Personal Organizer Toiletry Bag
  • Best collapsible shower tote: Handy Laundry Dorm Shower Caddy
  • Best mesh shower tote: Saltwater Canvas Mesh Dorm Shower Bag
  • Best lockable caddy: Shlocker Shower Locker
  • Best fun caddy: Shower Squid
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The best overall

source InterDesign/Business Insider

The InterDesign Orbz Shower Tote Holder and Organizer holds all your toiletries as you troop to the communal showers or shared bathroom.

The InterDesign Orbz Shower Tote Holder and Organizer keeps all your shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and so on in place so you can carry it along with you into the communal showers or shared bathroom.

It’s important to have one of these and to remove it from the shared bathroom (if you have one) when you’re done each time so that you’re never without your toothbrush in case your roommate stays in the shower for ten years.

The InterDesign caddy can hold all sorts of products, thanks to its two big side compartments and its smaller organizer in the middle. The handles are relatively comfortable to hold, and there are air holes in the design to help your belongings dry out after your shower.

Perhaps the best part is that you can get it in a few colors, including black, coral, lemon, mint, and white. Amazon buyers love this shower caddy, and it has an average star rating of 4.2 on Amazon. The only criticism buyers make is that the small version wasn’t big enough for their needs, so take note of how big it is: The InterDesign caddy measures 11.75 by 6 by 12 inches.

Pros: Dividers keep products in place, nice handles, easy to carry, multiple sizes

Cons: A tad pricey

The best plastic shower caddy

source Sterilite/Walmart

The Sterilite Bath Caddy has five compartments, a sturdy handle, and good drainage holes.

If you’re not sold on our top pick, the Sterilite Bath Caddy is a great alternative. It’s made of a tougher, stiffer plastic and it has a short handle in the middle, which is surrounded by five compartments.

The largest compartments on each side of the caddy easily hold shampoo, conditioner, and other large products. You’ll also find two smaller compartments on one side of the handle and one medium one on the other side. The smallest sections are great for toothbrushes, toothpaste, and razors, while the medium one may hold a hairbrush or loofah.

Since it’s likely to get a bit wet in the showers, the caddy has drainage holes at the bottom. You’ll want to clean it from time to time, but plastic is easy to wipe down. It measures 15.2 by 9.8 by 9.5 inches, so it’s a bit longer and wider than the InterDesign caddy.

Pros: Sturdy design, lots of compartments, good handle, drainage holes

Cons: A bit pricey

The best toiletry bag

source L.L. Bean/Business Insider

The L.L. Bean Personal Organizer Toiletry Bag is a discreet bag you can take with you to the communal showers when you travel.

The L.L. Bean Personal Organizer Toiletry Bag holds tons of toiletries, but it zips them all up in a cool looking travel bag that you can take anywhere you roam. When you unzip it, it folds out to reveal all your products, and you can hang it up on the bathroom door.

You can store all your toiletries in the different-sized pockets. Some of them have zippers to keep your stuff in place. The largest section at the bottom should be able to hold full-size shampoo and conditioner bottles and then some. It also has mesh compartments to separate products better.

L.L. Bean sells it in several sizes, too, so you can pick whatever size is right for your needs. The large version measures 12½ by 11½ by 4 inches, and we expect it’ll be the best size for most people. The medium version is good if you need something a tad smaller.

There’s a removable mirror inside, too, and a hook for easy hanging on a door hook or rack. Some buyers say the large and family size bags are too big and heavy to hang properly without stretching awkwardly, so keep weight in mind when you buy the larger sizes.

One of the coolest things about the L.L. Bean Toiletry Bag is that you can use it later in life after college when you go on extended trips or vacations.

Pros: Attractive bag, tons of compartments, a hook to hang it, good for travel, multiple sizes and colors

Cons: Can be too heavy to hang, expensive

The best collapsible shower tote

source Handy Laundry

The Handy Laundry Dorm Shower Caddy folds right up into a slim circle when you’re not using it.

If you’re short on space and you don’t want to have your shower caddy full all the time, you’ll love the collapsible Handy Laundry Dorm Shower Caddy. It has a flexible wire frame that holds it upright when you’re using it, but it conveniently folds flat when held by the elastic strap for easy storage. It’s just like those pop-up laundry hampers, but smaller.

The caddy is made from a durable nylon mesh with an open top and a reinforced nylon strap for carrying it or for hanging it up. There is a drainage hole in the bottom of the caddy, and the mesh shouldn’t absorb too much water or collect mold.

The Dorm Shower Caddy measures 8 by 12 inches, and it holds several full shampoo bottles and other products without any problems. You can get it in tons of different colors and patterns, too, so you always know which one is yours.

Pros: Many colors and patterns, folds up flat, holds lots of stuff, easy to carry, affordable

Cons: Durability unknown

The best mesh shower tote

source Saltwater Canvas/Business Insider

The Saltwater Canvas Mesh Dorm Shower Bag has lots of room for toiletries and a lovely design.

The Saltwater Canvas Mesh Dorm Shower Bag will hold all of your products and then some. This durable mesh bag is made out of what the company calls, “outdoor mesh,” so it should dry faster than almost any other mesh shower caddy.

It has a doubled back strap that runs through the bag for added strength and stability. There are three outer pockets that hold smaller shower items, and the big compartment in the center can hold four to five bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and other large products.

This very popular shower caddy is also recommended by Wirecutter in its college supplies guide, and Amazon buyers love it, too.

Pros: Durable, lots of space, easy to carry, strong strap

Cons: Some Amazon customers complain material is too stiff, some may find it too large

The best secure shower caddy

source Shlocker

Not only does the Shlocker keep your grubby roommates’ mitts off of your shampoo, it puts your showering products out of sight and tidies up your bathroom.

I hope to goodness that I’ll never, ever need something to protect my toiletries in my bathroom, but for anyone with potentially thieving roommates, the Shlocker is an excellent idea.

The rustproof, combination-locking Shlocker has a shelf, four toothbrush/razor holders, and an anti-fog mirror, along with drain and ventilation holes throughout to keep mildew at bay. The two suction cups that attach to your bath or shower’s tiles will purportedly support up to 40 pounds of weight.

At 2.8 pounds, it’s not our lightest-weight recommendation, but it might be worth the slightly higher price tag for the peace of mind, especially for those who invest more in their haircare products.

While some Amazon reviewers have found the suction cups faulty and others wish it were larger and more accommodating, most buyers are complimentary of how surprisingly sturdy the unit is. Just be sure to follow the detailed installation instructions and don’t put it on any textured finishes or grout lines. – Owen Burke

Pros: Secure, low profile, holes for draining and circulation

Cons: Sort of expensive, suction cups might not work in all showers

The best fun caddy

source Jens Widerberg

The Shower Squid is adorable, whimsical, and has nine grippy, adjustable tentacles for holding bottles and cans of various sizes.

No, maybe you don’t need this Shower Squid, but why can’t shower caddies be fun, too? With nine tentacles, there should more than enough room for all of your toiletries on this clever little cephalopod.

We especially like that you can hang your bottles upside-down from the Shower Squid so that you can not only dispense your shampoo with a single hand but use up the entire contents of the bottle.

These adorable little squids may not make for the most conventional shower caddies, but they work, after all, and seem to be pretty durable, especially compared with plastic that can easily be stepped on and destroyed. – Owen Burke

Pros: Versatile, fun, easy to store

Cons: Expensive

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