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Nip and Fab is a skin care company built around the idea of creative formulas that leverage a number of well known ingredients, for a targeted treatment approach. This includes ingredients like bee venom, glycolic acid, Syn-Ake (a.k.a. snake venom), and hyaluronic acid, among others. Many of these Nip and Fab ingredients are quite popular and are used by a number of other skin care brands, and the savvy consumer may wish to comparison-shop to ensure that they’re getting their full money’s worth. Further, it’s vital to carefully consider inactive ingredients in Nip and Fab skin care products, to avoid unnecessary inflammation and other potential side effects.

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How Nip and Fab Works

Skin care products within the Nip and Fab brand don’t really follow a central philosophy. For example, some brands, like Olivella, may develop all of their formulas around a cornerstone ingredient. Others may focus on treating a specific skin concern, like wrinkles or hyperpigmentation.

Nip and Fab, on the other hand, is more focused on creating formulations with active ingredients that are well known and are not controversial.

Nip and Fab Ingredients

The best way to assess whether Nip and Fab products are right for you is to consider the ingredient list. Let’s take a look at some of the products in this line and the chemicals they contain.

  • Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme: These Nip and Fab skin care pads were formulated with a number of exfoliating ingredients, to improve skin texture and cleanse pores. Some of the formula constituents include glycolic acid, lactic acid, and salicylic acid. All of these work to dislodge dead and damaged skin cells – a process that improves skin texture and reduces hyperpigmentation. Additionally, the pads contain hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes the skin by drawing hydration to the area. The cost of this Nip and Fab product is quite affordable, at $15 for a jar of 60 pads.

  • Teen Skin Fix Breakout Rescue Pads: This item from Nip and Fab was designed primarily for cleansing pores and skin exfoliation. The main ingredient in these pads is salicylic acid, which breaks up pore plugs to reduce acne breakouts. Other active ingredients include witch hazel, for skin toning, and wasabi extract, to repair skin damage with antioxidants. At a cost of just $10 for 60 pads, these acne pads from Nip and Fab are quite affordable.
  • Glycolic Scrub Fix: The goal behind this face exfoliator from Nip and Fab is to improve skin texture, and to potentially remove hyper-pigmented lesions caused by acne scars and breakouts. As the name implies, this scrub relies on glycolic acid, which belongs to the alpha hydroxy acid category. Some of the other ingredients include salicylic acid, to cleanse pores; glycerin, to moisturize the skin; aloe vera, for its skin calming properties; and shea butter, to reinforce the skin’s protective barrier. This Nip and Fab scrub is quite affordable, at $10 for a 2.5 ounce tube.
  • Bee Sting Fix Lifting Mask: This Nip and Fab face mask was formulated with the goal of tightening the skin and moisturizing at the same time. The core ingredient in this mask is bee venom, which can stimulate the body’s natural repair processes to boost collagen in the skin’s support network. Additionally, this mask contains propolis extract, to moisturize the skin; propylene glycol, for its skin conditioning benefits; and urea, to increase hydration. The cost of this Nip and Fab mask is about $10 for 1.7 ounces.

Where to Buy Nip and Fab Products

Products from the Nip and Fab line are available from a wide range of distribution channels. Firstly, there’s the company’s website, where products can be easily purchase and are guaranteed to be covered under the company’s returns and exchanges policy.
Additionally, those looking for where to buy Nip and Fab products can find the items at such retailers like Walgreens, Target, and Ulta Beauty.

Nip and Fab Side Effects

Nip and Fab products don’t appear to contain controversial ingredients, like hydroquinone or sulfates. However, consumers may still experience an adverse reaction from the manufacturer’s products.

For example, some customers may develop Nip and Fab side effects due to the botanical extracts in some of the company’s products. Others may develop skin redness and irritation due to alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids.

Nip and Fab reviews do not suggest any particularly alarming side effects from using the company’s products. However, a small percentage of consumers has reported a wide range of issues, including over-drying of the skin and breakouts.

One of the reasons for such negative Nip and Fab reviews may have to do with the fact that some products have strong exfoliating ingredients. For example, consumers with sensitive skin may experience side effects from alpha hydroxy acids and develop skin irritation. Therefore, it’s vital to conduct a skin patch test before regularly using these products and not simply rely on Nip and Fab reviews.

One of the best things about being a blogger is that companies will send you items to try out so you can tell readers how you like it. You know I always keep it 💯 with you and today I’m going to show you some skincare products Nip+Fab sent me a few weeks ago that I’ve been trying out! Read on to see which ones are a bust or a must!

This post contains affiliate links

Nip + Fab sent me four products from four of their skin care lines. I had heard of this brand before, most likely from beauty pages I follow on Instagram, but I hadn’t noticed it in stores. Although I have a set skincare system and routine in place, I was curious to try out these products when they offered to send them to me. As you get older, you have to treat your skin accordingly and these have ingredients I think are good for my 30-something skin. When the box arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see four full-size samples in neatly and attractively packed!

I immediately saw use for the Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads, Dragon’s Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot, and the Kale Fix Clay Mask. I wasn’t too excited about the Bust Fix Night to be honest. Not that I wouldn’t love for the girls to look a little more full sometimes, but I just knew I wasn’t about to rub this stuff on my chest every day. Actually, I used it once and forgot about it so I can’t really give you a thorough review on that particular product. If you have tried it, let me know how it’s worked for you!

Nip+Fab Exfoliate: Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads

After removing my makeup with a makeup remover wipe, I would follow up with the cleansing pads. They are thin but did a great job of removing the excess and are a great size for removing eye makeup. Especially that stubborn mascara. I also used the cleansing pads in the morning before applying my makeup. Even after a couple of weeks, the cleansing pads did not dry out in the container and they held their pleasant blue daisy scent.

Nip+Fab Skincare products I am loving, that you need to know about!

The label says they are exfoliating pads and I guess the texture on them is for that but I couldn’t really tell that they were exfoliating my skin. However, the glycolic acid is to re-texture and re-surface the skin and the hyaluronic acid moisturizes and refreshes the skin. Each time I cleaned my face with these pads, my skin felt soft, smooth, and didn’t dry out afterward. I have other cleansers that claim to moisturize the skin but after a few minutes, my skin felt dry and tight…not with these! At all. As a matter of fact, there were a couple of times I forgot to put on my moisturizer afterward and went ahead and started applying my makeup because my face didn’t feel like it needed it.

Nip+Fab Hydrate: Dragon’s Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot

When I did remember to moisturize, I added two drops of the Dragons’ Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot to a pea size amount of my Simple Skincare Replenishing Rich Moisturizer. Usually, I don’t need anything extra but this winter weather has called for an extra boost to my cheeks and nose. The Dragon’s Blood can also be used by itself and I did that a few times at night. Okay, I know the name sounds a bit odd but dragon’s blood is a sap from the Croton Lechleri tree in the Amazon and it’s good for protecting the skin from environmental damage, helps with reducing inflammation and redness, and promotes cell regeneration. It also contains hyaluronic acid which also helps the skin look radiant.

Nip+Fab Soften: Kale Fix Clay Mask

Lastly, I used the Nip+Fab Soften Kale Fix Clay Mask three times since I got it (not as often as I’d planned). This mask is water based and has ingredients such as kale extract to prevent dryness, witch hazel, sweet almond oil, cocoa seed butter, shea butter, and a cocktail of other ingredients to help quench the skin’s thirst. I applied this on my face and the first thing I noticed was how thin it is. I’m used to thicker clay masks but the instructions say to apply a thin layer so that’s not hard to do with this product. I left it on for 10 minutes before rinsing it off. I didn’t feel or see a significant difference in my skin but again I didn’t use it as often as recommended. For best results, they say to use it twice a week. I’ll definitely keep using it, though, to see if I do notice any improvements.

As you get older, you have to treat your skin accordingly.

I will say, out of the four products I received, the Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads and the Dragon’s Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot are my favorite and I would actually purchase these. On the Nip+Fab website, they cost $12.95 and $24.95 respectively. You get 60 cleansing pads per container and 1 fluid oz of the Dragon’s Blood Fix, which will last quite a while since you only need a couple drops at a time. They both did a great job of hydrating my skin and making my skin really look more radiant. The Bust Fix Night is $16.25 for 3.4 fl. oz. and the Kale Clay Mask is $9.95 for 1.7 fl. oz.

I looked into it and found that Nip+Fab products are sold on their website as well as Target, CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, Amazon, and Ulta so you have quite a few places where you can find these and their many other skincare products. It also lets me know where I can go to replenish my faves when I run out!

Have you tried Nip+Fab before? Which of these would you want to try out for yourself?

Let me know in the comments!

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Have you ever wandered into your local Boots/Superdrug (or drugstore?) and wondered what all the different ranges of lovely new skincare products actually do, besides have really great packaging? In this post I’m talking about what Glycolic acid is, how it works for your skin, and if the affordable range from Nip & Fab actually works.

The Slice: Nip & Fab Glycolic Skincare Range
I’m fortunate enough to have relatively good skin and whilst my skincare routine has always featured minimal products, I generally only use products that I’ve spent a long time researching before taking the plunge and purchasing. When it comes to skincare I’m also one of those enabling people who, if you go into Boots with me and you’ve said you’re after a new moisturiser, will suggest you go to the higher end counters and invest in a good product because, after all, the skin on your face is the one area that will always need love and attention. Your face battles all the elements, all year around, and it deserves love and attention and good ingredients.

When I took a stroll into my local Superdrug to pick up a new cleansing water I noticed that the Nip & Fab Glycolic range was on offer (better than HALF PRICE). I already use Glycolic acids in my skincare routine in the form of the Mario Badescu Foaming Cleanser and the much loved Pixi Glow Tonic, but seeing as the Nip & Fab range had such a good offer on I decided to pick up the Exfoliating Pads, Serum and Moisturiser. After using these for over two months (and regretably forgetting to take a before and after picture) I decided to write a little post on my thoughts of the range, so keep on reading for my honest, in depth review for how they’ve performed for me below.

What is Glycolic Acid?
Now you might be thinking “hold up – why are you putting acid on your face?” if you’re not one for all things skincare and beauty, so let me give you a quick lowdown:

  • Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) is the group name for exfoliating chemical compounds.
  • The most common AHAs used in skincare are Glycolic, Citric, Mandelic, Malic, Tartaric and Lactic.
  • AHAs exfoliate the skin and stimulate collagen, whilst normalising the outer layer of the skin, or epidermis (the stratum corneum) and can regulate keratinization.
  • AHAs are best used to reduce signs of aging.
  • Glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane, and due to its small molecular makeup, it can easily penetrate the skin and therefore acts as an extremely effective exfoliator.
  • Using glycolic acid will help your skin have a smoother texture, more elasticity and even your skin tone, because glycolic acid restores the essential components of the skin that are damaged as we age.
  • As with any acid use you need to ensure you are using an SPF (but you should be using SPF anyway, even if you don’t currently use acids on your skin!).

With that said, how does the Nip & Fab affordable range hold up against all of the bold claims of how great glycolic acid can be for your skin?

Exfoliating Facial Pads

The pads are (according to Nip & Fab) “soaked in exfoliating glycolic acid (2.8%)” to retexture and resurface the skin. As a cleansing pad, this is probably a good amount of the acid to start the skincare routine off with.

The texture of the round pad is surprisingly soft and generously damp with product, and a really nice refresh to your skin either morning or night (they also have an EXTREME Night version with 5% acid – which I wouldn’t call that extreme as the Pixi Glow tonic contains 5%). These pads also include a douse of the wonderful hyaluronic acid (one for a future post) so that whilst cleansing you have a dabble of moisture for your skin too.

Does this work? Honestly, I haven’t noticed a massive difference in how my skin looks or feels when I’ve used these as a standalone product. Throughout the weeks I had tried the products without the use of the others for at least a week. I would say that they cleaned my skin, but no better than a good micellar water and cotton pad would. I hadn’t noticed any brightening or suppleness that some reviews have suggested, but I also haven’t thrown them away because they are still a nice cleansing “wipe” in the morning or evening after makeup has been removed. That said, I have amped up my gym sessions a lot in the last few months, and I’ve used one pad as soon as I’m home to rid my skin of any residual sweat in the pores, and I would say it’s helped to keep gym related pimples at bay.

Perhaps if you don’t already use acids in your skincare you would see more noticeable effects of using this product and should probably test drive this first, but if you do already use acids then I would suggest that the Extreme Night Version is going to perform better for you.

Would I purchase this one again? Probably not. Would I purchase the Night Version to test how good that is in comparison? Definitely, whilst it’s still on offer.
As I feel neither here nor there about this product, I’m giving it 5/10.

Glycolic Fix Serum

The serum contains 4% glycolic acid, “PoreAway” (whatever TF that is) that supposedly minimises the appearance of large pores, and aloe vera to soothe and calm the skin. The serum itself pumps out in a silicone-like texture, and needs working into the skin quite quickly, and then there is some residual sticky silicone texture until it’s fully absorbed. It has a light, fresh scent which is pleasing, especially before bed.

Nip & Fab suggest that this is best used as an overnight serum. In reading reviews and blogs before purchasing this serum, I found several posts that suggested that the serum made them break out in unusual spots overnight, even though their skin was normally very compliant. Skeptical (because I have had rave review products make me severely break out even though I don’t have particularly sensitive skin – the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish for one…) I was concerned with whether the serum would do the same. And it did. *Keep on scrolling if you don’t want to read my serum soliloquy*

This is the first product of the three that I had used when I purchased them, and the following morning I woke up with spots in two places on my face that never get spotty: smack bang on the centre of the apple my right cheek, and one just below my dark circle in line with my left tearduct. I’m mapping them so precisely because they’re such strange places for me to get spots. In fact, I can confidently say I’m 99% sure that I’ve NEVER had large, angry red spots in those locations before.

Naturally I felt very paranoid about their appearance, because if I get spots they’re in the normal hormonal places or around my hairline or forehead when I’ve been working out a lot, and I’ve grown accustom to the usual locations of my face dwellers. I felt the need to tell everyone (probably actually just one person) I’d seen the following day that I’d tested out a new skincare and it had resulted in some unusually located spots.

So I left it a week for the spots to go down. Each night I would side eye the serum on my bedside stand. I felt like it was taunting me, waiting for me to use it again so it could give me another strangely placed spot, like… on my other apple of my cheek… So in that week of serum-free skincare, I used the moisturiser (coming up). Now I don’t know if using the moisturiser had built up a resistance to the ingredients in the serum, but the next time I used the serum (cautiously) I woke up the next morning and there were no spots.

Long story short, I’m still very wary of this serum. I keep waiting for the next time it’s going to give me a spot. It’s not the percentage of the acid that had caused strange spots, as mentioned; the Pixi Glow Tonic contains the same amount of acid and I’ve never had an issue at all, so I’m sure there’s something else in the serum that had caused that reaction.

Does it work? With prolonged use I have noticed that my skin looks brighter in the morning when I’ve used the serum the night before, and washing it off with water in the shower I can feel my skin is smooth and supple. I’ve noticed my pores look clearer, but that could be an overall effect of using the range as a whole, not just this serum.

Ultimately I do like the product, but any product that I am essentially scared of using because of the potential effects makes me wary of its use, and it’s definitely not my favourite serum that I’ve ever used.

Even with the issues I’ve had with the serum, I’d still give it a 7.5/10 in terms of performance.
When it works – IT WORKS! Whilst the product is on offer, and if you’re someone with good skin, I would say purchase this if you’re in the market for a new serum or a product with a relative amount of glycolic acid.

Post-Glycolic Moisturiser

I’ve saved the star of the show until last, and ironically it doesn’t even have glycolic acid in it. This moisturiser contains witch hazel, shea butter, silica and niacinamide all aiming to soothe, smooth, mattify and reduce pores, and it also contains SPF30 for good measure, and is designed for post-glycolic use because of the soothing properties.

The moisturiser says it’s lightweight, but the product itself is quite viscously thick. As you apply it to your face it’s quite heavy and sticky, but once on your face you can immediately see a glow surfacing from your skin, and the stickiness almost acts as quite a nice base for your everyday makeup (if using for night out makeup I would recommend applying this at least 30 minutes before priming, so the product has time to settle into your skin more).

I’ve used this moisturiser daily (after testing the other products on their own), and I don’t know if it’s because of the combined use of occasionally using the pads in the morning, or the odd serum pump at night, but with daily use of this moisturiser I’ve noticed a huge improvement in the overall appearance of my skin.

Particularly on my forehead I’ve seen fewer “little” pimples (you know, the tiny ones only you can see with a 2x zoom mirror?) and a general radiance and clearness on my forehead, and the blackheads on my nose have significantly reduced. I honestly don’t know if the effectiveness is because of it’s combined use with the other glycolic products, but because I use them so inconsistently in comparison to the moisturiser I’m tempted to assume it’s not, and that there is something in this moisturiser that really works.

Overall, I’d give this moisturiser a strong 9/10. It’s a product that works, and is definitely worth a try, but with its thick consistency I feel I squeeze a lot on to my fingertips because of the thick product that has to be worked quickly into the face. In comparison to a light moisturiser that does something very similar for my skin (e.g. The Origins GinZing) which lasted much longer than I think this product will, I’m not sure I’ll pay full price to use this moisturiser again.

To summarise, I think the range is definitely worth looking at if you’re looking for an introduction in to Glycolic acids at an affordable price (especially whilst it’s on offer at Superdrug), to test which percentage of the exfoliating acid works best for your skin. I was a quite underwhelmed by the products initially, but on reflection I’m now considering whether the success of the moisturiser has been with thanks to the use of the other products in the range. One thing I can say is that all of the products have a lovely light, citrus scent to them, which makes their application very enjoyable, if you like those scents. I’ll continue to use these products until they’re used up, and maybe add an edit to each section with my “used up products” thoughts.

For other information on Glycolic acid, I would absolutely recommend Caroline Hirons’ blog. If you haven’t heard of her before, you’ll hear of her again here for sure. I would also strongly recommend the Pixi range and The Ordinary skincare range for further Glycolic acids that work wonders.

*Please note that this is a very honest review, with products purchased from my own hard earned cash and is not sponsored in any way.*

Further reading:

LET’S face it – anytime we hear about a skincare product that actually targets problem skin, we pretty much throw our money at it.

Well brace yourselves acne sufferers because there’s a new problem skin solution that’s racking up the five-star reviews on Amazon… AND it promises to leave the complexion radiant and glowing too.

4 Nip + Fab recommends using these exfoliating acid pads two or three times a weekCredit: Amazon

  • Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Extreme Night Pads, £6 for 60 from Amazon – buy now

Ideal for tackling fine lines and wrinkles as well as acne, Nip + Fab’s Gycolic Fix Extreme Night Pads have a concentrated blend of AHA and BHA acids which exfoliate the skin.

The super affordable product also includes salicylic acid which is known to dissolve the skin debris that clog up pores and cause break-outs.

Meanwhile, the glycolic acid content gently exfoliates the outer layer of dead skin cells and promises to leave skin spot-free and glowing.

Currently available to buy from Amazon for just £6 for 60 pads, the brand recommends that customers swipe a pad over clean skin two to three times a week as part of their evening skincare routine.

4 This happy customer was delighted with how the pads transformed her spot-prone skin

But while the prospect of incorporating acids into your skincare routine may sound daunting, acne sufferers can’t get enough of these super-strength pads for targeting stubborn spots.

In fact, one thrilled customer revealed that these £6 pads worked better than any spot cream she’d ever been prescribed.

Giving the product a glowing, five-star review, the woman revealed she had struggled with acne since the age of 14 and said: “I can remember the endless nights of using hundreds of different creams and washes.

Blogger Farah Dhukai claims £2 ‘baby bum cream’ cleared her pus-filled acne in just three days

“But nothing worked. I was even prescribed antibiotics for my skin at one point due to the acne being so sore.”

After stumbling upon this Nip + Fab product, the customer added: “I have been using these for six months now and they are my absolute favourite product and I will never use anything else now.

“I honestly can’t rate them enough.”

4 One fan said they don’t need foundation after using this productCredit: Amazon 4 Another said the pads leave skin ‘clean, glowing and smooth’Credit: Amazon

Meanwhile, another spot sufferer claims these left their skin so radiant and clear that they don’t need to wear foundation after using them.

They wrote: “I use these every night with the other products in the range. Clear skin that doesn’t need foundation is the result for me.”

Another happy customer added: “These are excellent pads. Leave skin clean, glowing and smooth.”

BRB off to bulk order some cheap as chips skincare.


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