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About English Breakfast Tea

Tea Type : Black Tea

Our award-winning English Breakfast combines the best traditions of builder’s tea with more aristocratic fine teas. Strong and highly caffeinated, this fine tea will start your morning properly, and keep you going throughout the day.
From India’s Assam growing region and famous Sewpur Estate, an outstanding example of a rich and robust, pure Assam wake up tea. For the ultimate English Breakfast tea, Tea Forté specially selected this exceptional organic leaf for its sweet malty body to delight those seeking the quintessential British cup of tea. A strong, complex cup with or without milk.
While Americans commonly use the English term “high tea” to refer to an aristocratic tea ceremony, this usage is actually incorrect. The UK and Commonwealth countries look at tea through both aristocratic and working-class lenses. One example of this is “builder’s tea” – strong tea drunk with milk and sugar that is named because it is a favorite of construction tradesmen. “High tea” refers to the physical height of the table, meaning it is tea served at a full-height table rather than a lower sitting table. In other words, high tea refers to combining the light meal of tea and dinner into a single meal. In fact, in some areas of the UK, dinner is referred to simply as “tea.” So, while it certainly sounds elegant, high tea is distinctly lower-class than the leisure-class tradition of having a “low tea” of light snacks followed by a more elaborate, later supper. Incidentally, “low tea” is a phrase that has largely dropped out of popular use, “afternoon tea” is more representative of how the British would refer to the luxurious tea parties of the scones and crumpets variety (as well as more casual afternoon affairs).
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    It awakes both body and mind, it’s strong enough to accompany a hearty breakfast and it will never come out of fashion. This timeless, full bodied caffeine rich tea is one of the most popular black tea blends in the world. With the history of over 200 years, English Breakfast has a lot of stories to tell.

    Is English Breakfast really the strongest tea in the world?

    What is English Breakfast tea

    English Breakfast is a tea blend, supposedly created by Robert Drysdale, a Scottish tea merchant and manufacturer in 1892. However, the story of breakfast teas is much longer. The traditional types are usually made from Chinese tea, and sometimes with the addition of stronger Indian leaves. Modern blends can be made from many different types of tea. They may include a combination of Assam and Darjeeling, Qimen and Yunnan, Kenyan and Chinese teas, or even a mix of teas from three or more countries.

    Interestingly, English Breakfast from the same tea merchant should always have the same flavor, regardless of the year. It may contain different teas in different ratios, but they should be blended to keep the flavor intact and recognizable. English Breakfast should never be a single origin tea. It’s made from both tea plants, camellia sinensis var. sinensis and camellia sinensis var. assamica.

    The best type of leaves for making English breakfast are smaller broken leaves, and even fannings and dust. Both of them are used for tea bags, which made it easier for English Breakfast to spread across the world and win over tea lovers’ hearts. Nowadays, English Breakfast, or some type of breakfast tea, is available in most convenience stores across the world.

    How much caffeine is in English breakfast tea?

    Modern English Breakfast is a blend of different black teas crafted with both the final flavor profile and caffeine content in focus. It’s usually made from broken tea leaves as they will release more flavor and caffeine, resulting in a stronger, bolder, richer cup of tea.

    The exact amount of caffeine will vary from type to type. However, you may expect somewhere around 30-60 mg of caffeine per cup. English breakfast is not necessarily the strongest cup of tea out there, but it is the one capable of matching a strong meal. Moreover, when made with sugar and milk, it can satisfy the taste buds of even the biggest coffee drinkers.

    The only caffeine free English breakfast teas are black decaffeinated blends. Although it sounds strange to decaffeinate a morning energy boosting blend, English breakfast is not only about caffeine. In the past, caffeine in tea was not as important as it is today. In the west, teas were a luxury, and were appreciated by their flavor, rather than health benefits and caffeine content.

    Varieties of English breakfast tea

    English breakfast is not the only available breakfast blend in the world. The traditional ones include Scottish and Irish breakfast, while the number of modern blends is countless. Irish breakfast is stronger and thicker than English breakfast, and has a very deep dark red color. It’s less sweet and more malty. Scottish breakfast is strong, malty, and usually has a woody note. Today, many other countries are producing their versions of breakfast blends. If a breakfast blends contain other ingredients besides black tea, they should only add a touch of flavor, never overpowering the malty and robust tea character.

    Best English breakfast tea

    The best English breakfast tea should provide enough energy in the morning and a well balanced full bodied flavor. It should be strong enough to handle both milk and sugar, without losing its character. There are hundreds of types of English breakfast tea and every producer has its own way of blending it. It can contain only Indian teas, or it can be made with teas from different countries, such as India, China, Kenya and Sri Lanka.

    English Breakfast will always be made with black teas, and may contain some other ingredients too, but it will never be made with herbal tea, oolong or green tea. The best cup should be bold, strong, but not unpleasantly bitter. In fact, it is supposed to have a lightly sweet note too. You should be able to drink it pure, or with added milk and sweetener. It should be full bodied, not weak and watery.

    Everest Breakfast, a blend of Assam and Yunnan teas

    How to brew English Breakfast tea

    To brew a cup of perfect English breakfast tea, use 2-4 grams of tea per cup of water. Although 2 grams will give a strong brew, 4 grams will undoubtedly give a better morning boost. Bring water to a boil and let it cool down to 203 °F. Some blends may require a lower temperature. English breakfast is one of rare teas that should be made using western style brewing technique. Multiple steeping will never give a strong enough brew in a single steep, and won’t be enough to hold the milk. Steep for 3-5 minutes.

    Longer steep will extract more caffeine and stronger flavor. Your tea should never be unpleasantly bitter, only slightly astringent. Some blends may contain different flavor notes, such as chocolate, wood, caramel or molasses. Milk should enhance the flavor and offer a new experience, rather than cover the bitterness of tea.

    English Breakfast Iced Teas

    Because of their robustness and maltiness, English Breakfast blends are a perfect choice for making iced tea lattes. For making an iced tea latte use at least 5 grams of tea and brew in 50 ml of nearly boiling water for 10 minutes. Fill the shaker with ice, add a sweetener, 100-150 ml of whole milk and shake. For a better flavor, boil the tea leaves in milk.

    Want to learn more? Find out which tea is better – English Breakfast or Earl Grey.

    Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is not to diagnose or treat any diseases, or to replace an opinion of a professional doctor. Never self-treat any diseases, or drink large quantities of tea, real or herbal, if you are suffering from serious diseases, are pregnant or breastfeeding. As every person is different, it’s impossible to make a general statement about the benefits or side-effects.

    Things to Consider Before Buying English Tea

    English teas are black teas which are usually rich, full bodied and robust with a sweet citric taste and dark brown colored with a slightly red tint. A black tea is one which has been allowed to fully oxidize (unlike a green tea) before it is heat processed and dried. During oxidation, the cell walls of the tea plant interact with oxygen and this turns the leaves from a green to a brown-black color. Oxidation also alters the flavor of the tea, adding maltiness, fruitiness and sometimes smokiness.

    A typical black tea contains around half the amount of caffeine than a cup of coffee and the less time that tea is allowed to steep or brew, the less caffeine it will contain. A cup of tea made with 6 oz of water will usually produce between 20 to 40 mg of caffeine, which will increase to 40 to 100 mg of caffeine when left to steep for four minutes.

    Black Tea Grading and Blending

    As a rule, the higher the altitude the tea is grown at, the slower its growth and the finer its taste.

    Black teas are graded as to whether they are whole leaf or broken leaf. Whole leaf is what is left in the sieve after the tea leaves have been sieved and whole leaf tea takes longer to steep and release its flavor than other grades of tea. Broken leaf is further sorted into pekoe, which is a leaf size rather than type of tea, fannings and dust or fines.

    Orange pekoe (pronounced ‘peck-o’) is the broken leaf grading typically used for Sri Lankan and Indian teas rather than Chinese and it is thought the use of the word ‘orange’ related to the marketing of Dutch East India Company imported tea in Holland and Zealand – the branding of ‘orange’ associated it with the Dutch royal family.

    Fannings are the pieces of broken leaf about the size of a pin head, and dust or fines is the siftings left from the broken leaf. A broken leaf tea infuses faster and gives a stronger flavor and broken leaf teas are usually used to fill tea bags. Some fannings can be more expensive and have more flavor than cheaper whole leaf teas.

    A blended tea is a mix of different teas to give different flavors, colors and aromas. Blends can contain as many as 40 different teas sourced from different estates and regions. Below are some of the teas which often feature in English tea blends and are associated with specific times or types of meal.

    Black Breakfast Teas

    Assam tea is grown in India, Burma and Tibet at elevations of between 3000 and 7000 ft. Assam brews to a darker color than Chinese teas and it has a deeper, maltier and more pronounced taste. Although typical in English breakfast blends, the spicy and rich malt flavor means Assam can be drunk in the afternoon, or indeed any other time of the day!

    Ceylon teas can vary greatly depending on where they are grown in Sri Lanka, as although this is a small island, it has much variation in its elevations. However, most Ceylon teas are generally full bodied, bold and brisk with some notes of chocolate, citrus or spice.

    The traditional English breakfast tea is full bodied and blended, usually from smaller leaf teas grown in Sri Lanka and India. It can also contain leaves from Kenya and China. An English breakfast tea should go well with milk and sugar and should suit a traditional and hearty English breakfast.

    Interestingly, the name English breakfast tea was though to have been coined in the US in 1843 when an English immigrant tea merchant in New York City started blending tea which sold for 50 cents per pound.

    An Irish breakfast tea is stronger and more complex than an English breakfast tea and is usually a blend of Assam and Ceylon.

    Black Luncheon Teas

    Darjeeling has a flavor sometimes described as honeyed fruit and it also has a lovely aroma. As Darjeeling availability is limited, it is usually blended. Darjeeling is well suited as a traditional afternoon tea and its complex, yet subtle taste goes well with spicier foods. China black tea also has a mild flavor and is suitable for serving with spicy foods.

    Black Dinner Teas

    Keemun is a Chinese black tea which has a full bodied, rich and strong flavor. Keemun also has smoky overtones and a floral aroma which compliments many Asian foods. Kenyan teas usually have a brisk flavor and rich flowery aroma that suit meals with poultry or wild meats.

    Although oolongs can vary in their oxidation levels, some oolongs are almost fully oxidized which puts them with black teas rather than greens. An oolong should usually be served black and its peachy taste suits spicier meals.

    Hosting Afternoon Tea

    Having afternoon tea, or a tea party is an ideal way to get together with friends, celebrate a baby shower, birthday, anniversary or any other type of celebration.

    Usually served around 4:00 p.m., afternoon tea was made fashionable in the nineteenth century when evening meals would be served around 8:00 p.m. which left a long gap between lunch(eon) and dinner. The Seventh Duchess of Bedford along with her friends is thought to have started the tea trend and even today, around 165 million cups of tea are drunk every day in Britain.

    Otherwise known as ‘having tea’ not ‘taking tea’ or ‘high tea’ (which was a traditionally a larger meal eaten around 5:00 p.m.), a traditional afternoon tea comprises of a pot of loose tea – tea bags would be frowned up on – alongside a pot of hot water, teacups, saucers, milk jug, sugar bowl, tea strainer and other accessories, including napkins for spreading on laps.

    If you are hosting a more formal and larger tea party, then you may want to provide three or four tea pots of different teas.

    A selection of small or finger sandwiches should be served, alongside cakes and scones. A scone is an individual cake which is broken up and typically eaten with jam and clotted cream. When scones are served at afternoon tea, this may also be called a ‘cream tea’.

    The tea should be poured into teacups by one person only and then milk and sugar passed around to add as required, or if you have brewed teas such as Earl Grey or lapsang souchong, then lemon slices should be passed around as well.

    When you add milk to tea, its tannins are fixed by the casein in the milk and this causes tea to lose its astringency. Milk may be added before tea is poured instead of after; especially if using porcelain teacups as the milk can help stop the porcelain from cracking when the hot tea is poured in.

    Drinking tea with milk seems to date back to around the 1680s when a French writer, Madame de Sevigne, suggested that an ill friend drank milk, but because the temperature of the milk would be unfavorable, she should add hot tea. By the middle of the eighteenth century, tea with milk was the custom in both France and England.

    Tea should be stirred by moving the teaspoon back and forth (from 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m.) rather than in large circles and avoiding clinking the spoon against the teacup. Once you have finished stirring, the spoon can be placed on the saucer at the side of the teacup. You can then place your napkin on your lap before holding your cup and saucer up and over the napkin and sip your tea while keeping your little finger firmly down! In between sips, the teacup should be placed back onto the saucer.

    When sandwiches are passed around, it is acceptable to just put one sandwich onto your plate and however small it may be, you should eat it in more than one bite.

    Once you have finished eating and drinking, your napkin should be left unfolded to the left side of your place setting or cup and saucer once set down on the table.


    In this article we have looked at the flavor of black teas such as Assam, Ceylon and Darjeeling which are often found in English teas, as well as how these teas are graded. We also considered what to look for when choosing an English tea; not least that it should be a blend which can be served with milk. We have also had a quick look at some of the etiquette involved in having afternoon tea.

    We hope that you have enjoyed our review of the best English tea and that you now feel confident in selecting an English tea, whether you would like to brew it iced, hot or even host a tea party.

    Fans of a “proper brew” are rejoicing after Yorkshire Tea is voted the nation’s favourite cuppa. The Harrogate-based tea company beat household favourite PG Tips — and fans couldn’t hide their delight.

    One tweeted: “Yorkshire tea, is the outright winner. It’s been proven by the masses. Got to go now, I need a brew. More tea vicar?” Another, Golden Eagle, wrote: “Makes me proud to come from the North.”

    Other tea lovers gave Yorkshire Gold the thumbs up with one fan, who described Tetley as a disgrace, tweeting: “Yorkshire Gold is the One True Bag.”

    A YouGov survey asked Brits which tea bag brand makes the best cuppa and the Yorkshire blend came out top with the backing of 25% of Brits. PG Tips claimed 22% with Tetley on 16%, Twinings on 6% and Typhoo loved by 4% of tea drinkers. Only 7% tea drinkers said they either didn’t have a favourite or didn’t know which was their favourite.

    The findings stirred up a lively debate on Twitter with many disagreeing with the result. Jim wrote: “Yorkshire tea is nice but massively overrated in my opinion. Twinnings Breakfast and Everyday are easily the best!”

    Amanda Aston agreed: “Twinings only 6%? Who did you ask? How on earth can PG Tips get a higher percentage than Twinings? (shakes head)… I always stock up on Twinings English Breakfast when they are half price in Tesco!”

    The Tea Club rated Yorkshire Tea but said other brands deserve the top spot, saying: “Twinings is overpriced, always weak. Tetley and PG shouldn’t be anywhere near Yorkshire Tea. Our votes always go to Punjana Tea, Ringtons or Miles Tea Coffees.”

    Gearrai Mac Liam agreed: “You appear to have ignored/omitted Punjana Tea, which would beat any of the teas listed. Strength, depth of flavour, colour — all exceptional. I’ve converted several English tea drinkers to this king of cha.”

    Just when the best tea bag brand teas had been named, Joel McKevitt throws “Aldi cheapo tea for me” into the mix and his tweet attracted one like.

    Another brand that attracted some interest is Clipper Teas, who were grateful to finally be mentioned. One user wrote: “Clipper — rich and luxurious, king of teas, gold tea with unbleached bags.” Another said: “Um where was Clipper Teas in all this? Superior in every glorious tea slurping way to the brands surveyed.” While King Fu Movie Guy added: “Clipper Teas. Organic for me.”

    One commentator, who didn’t have an opinion on his favourite brand, wrote: “Very interesting but will we still be able to buy tea after Brexit?” Before you start to stockpile tea, Golden Eagle was quick to handle this one. “We bought tea before entering the EU,” he reassured tea drinkers.

    Ranking teas – a serious business and in no way a storm in a teacup (Picture: Getty)

    It’s National Tea Day, which is obviously a very serious and important day, not least because we have to argue about which biscuit is the perfect match to go with your brew.

    Let’s not go on about just how critical tea is to the British identity.

    It’s like bowler hats in a way – nobody wears them (except gaudy American and everyone drinks coffee but it will still, forever, be a British thing.

    Tea seems to be at risk of becoming cool and niche now, which is a bit of a shame, not least because coffee is awful and smells like a broken heart on a barbecue.

    Anyway, let’s get to the serious stuff. It’s time to rank teas. Prepare to fight me.


    (Picture: Lipton)

    Have you ever been far from home, in a hotel room with liner-less curtains and a dripping tap and questionable stains on the coverlet?

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    Then you think, maybe making a tea with the hilariously tiny kettle might remind you of your Nan – it’s the sort of thing she’d do – and help you feel better.

    Well good luck with that, because said tea will inevitably be Lipton, dampner of spirits, mocker of taste buds, crusher of holiday dreams.

    It is worse than tea, it delivers the promise of tea only to spit in your slightly sad, homesick face with its distinctly un-tealike taste.

    If there was a place below the end of the end of a list it would be there but there isn’t so it’s here.

    Any brand of decaff tea

    (Picture: Tesco)


    Go away and drink a fruit tea and think about what you’ve done.


    (Picture: Tesco)

    Yes! That’s right! They really do still make this!


    (Picture: Tesco)

    Doesn’t like to admit it enjoys being dipped in hot water on a regular basis.

    No, no, it cries, look at me, I have a royal warrant, see, her majesty Queen Elizabeth II herself has appointed me to her house.

    I’m not like those other teas. It’s pronounced bouquet.

    Yorkshire Tea

    (Picture: Tesco)

    The tea of disappointing tea shops with fussy doilies and grated cheese and onion sandwiches on white bread, of stale, underwhelming tea cakes ‘for a treat,’ of mould in the window pane grouting, of small dead flies on the sill.

    It’s still very much tea though, so will do in a flask on a coach trip to The Deep at a push.

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    (Picture: Tesco)

    The nice guy of the tea world who your Mum thinks you should probably marry but who you’ll never marry because frankly he’s too f***ing boring for words.


    (Picture: Clipper)

    A Waitrose shop tea, a Labrador Retriever tea, a green welly and headscarf tea.

    In short, not quite an everyday tea, despite its claim.


    (Picture: Tesco)


    Any cheap supermarket own brand tea

    (Picture: Tesco)

    I don’t know about you, but the main reason I drink tea is to steady my nerves.

    Steadying the nerves is a third of the point of tea (the others obviously being ‘having something to warm your hands with while watching Loose Women’ and ‘having an excuse to leave the room when your uncle starts having the same argument with your brother at Christmas’).

    Anyway, for decent nerve-steadying you don’t want bags that cost £1 each or fancy-schmantzy brands.

    You want own brand tea – hot, strong, with three sugars.

    PG Tips

    (Picture: PG Tips)

    This is the best tea.

    My deepest sympathies if you are so uneducated in the drinking of standard popular British teas that you mistakenly believe any other to be superior.

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    MORE: The 19 stages of going for ‘one’ drink after work

    MORE: 20 British crisp flavours ranked from worst to best

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    TWININGS is now the nation’s best-selling brand of tea, overtaking PG Tips for the first time ever.

    Sales of the posh teabags jumped by 3.9 per cent to £107.9 million in the 12 months to mid-July, according to data from Nielsen compiled for The Grocer.

    2 Twinings has now overtaken PG Tips to become Britain’s bestselling tea brand

    In comparison, sales of the humble PG Tips dropped by 7.2 per cent to 98.7 million over the same period, as Britons ditched traditional drinks for healthier alternatives and upmarket brews.

    While 72 per cent of UK households drink standard black tea, the frequency is slowly declining as consumers seek out other types of beverages, according to a separate research from Kantar Worldpanel.

    The Queen’s teabag manufacturer’s trade was boosted by £10.5 million in sales of its Superblends and Cold In’fus – its new tea products which launched last year.

    The Cold In’fuse teabags are a healthy, sugar-free alternative to fizzy drinks – with roughly two calories per 100 ml.

    2 Twinings’ sales were boosted by £10.5 million thanks to its Superblends and Cold In’fuse products

    PG tips has also seen a bigger sales drip when it comes to traditional builder tea compared to its upmarket tea brand.

    Yorkshire Tea came third with sales rising by 5 per cent to £97.6 million, according to Nielsen data.

    The Grocer said: “Diversifying into areas such as cold infusions and functional teas has paid off for Twining, which gained nearly £4 million.

    “Meanwhile, PG Tips slumped below the £100 million mark as it bore the brunt of the black tea decline.”

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    Tesco is selling a toy Range Rover for £27.50 instead of £110


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    Nationwide suffers payment glitch leaving some unable to pay bills and rent

    Last year, the Sun pit posh teabags against the humble PG Tips and concluded that most don’t live up to expectations.

    We’ve also conducted a similar taste test also using Lidl products and found the majority of our tasters would swap staple goods for cheaper ones.

    But if budget isn’t issue, a hotel that’s just across the road from Buckingham Palace is now service ‘UK’s most expensive cup of tea’ that costs £500 for a pot.

    Tesco’s £1.10 tea triumphs in taste test over Tetley and it’s half the price

    We pay for your stories! Do you have a story for The Sun Online Money team? Email us at [email protected] or call 0207 78 24516. Don’t forget to join the Sun Money’s Facebook group for the latest bargains and money-saving advice.

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      • Originally blended to complement the traditional, hearty English breakfast, from which its name derives.

    Harney & Sons Loose Leaf Black Tea, Irish Breakfast, 4 Ounce

    • 100% Assam, like most traditional Irish Blends, this is a good way to start your morning
    • This tea is usually drunk with Milk and Sugar, so the flavors harmonize well with them
    • There are subtle notes of roast malt in this smooth Breakfast blend
      • Full-bodied tea that has some of the malty aromas found in other Assam’s
      • Steep for 4-5 minutes in boiling water before drinking

    Tea Forté NOIR Single Steeps Organic Loose Leaf Tea Sampler, 15 Single Serve Pouches – Bold Black Tea Varieties

    Single Steeps easy to use, pre-portioned pouches are a convenient and simple way to prepare the perfect cup of premium Loose Leaf Tea.

    Now tea aficionados and beginners alike can enjoy the wonderful taste experience of loose-leaf tea with perfect ease.

    Steeping delicious and exceptional tea is as simple as opening the pre-portioned pouch of tea, emptying the contents into a teapot or infusing Basket, and pouring the water over the leaves to steep the perfect 12 oz cup or pot of tea.

    Now tea lovers can prepare the perfect cup anywhere, perfectly.

    Each box contains fifteen Single Steeps pouches, 3 of each blend. Choose from eight unique Single Steeps collections.

    They are an ideal companion to our loose tea accessory collection.

    PG Tips Black Tea, Pyramid Tea Bags, 240-Count Box Pack of 2

    About the Product

    • Pack of two, 240-count boxes of PG Tips Black Tea
    • England’s number one tea
    • Made from the highest quality and most flavorful top two leaves and bud of the tea plant
      • Pyramid shaped teabag acts like a miniature teapot, giving the leaves more room to move
      • Harvested from tea grown in Ceylon in Kenya.

    Tea Forte Presentation Box Sampler with 20 Handcrafted Pyramid Tea Infusers – Black Tea Assortm

    The perfect introduction to the Tea Forte experience.

    Beautifully packaged and always appreciated, these curated tea collections are a most welcome presentation to the world’s most extraordinary teas.

    The open lid reveals a collection of handcrafted pyramid tea infusers, presented in a luxurious, gold foil lined wrapper, and detailed tea menu for easy blend selection.

    Twenty pyramid infusers with four pyramid infusers each:

    Black Currant, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Estate Darjeeling, Orchid Vanilla.

    Lipton Natural Energy Premium Black Tea, 40 Count

    • Lipton Premium Black Tea Bags have a rich taste, intense color and invigorating aroma.
    • Lipton Natural Energy has a blend with 75 mg of caffeine, compared to 55 mg of a regular Tea Bag, for a richer, fuller taste
    • Sturdy, secure lock-box for easy storage, and wrapped Stay Fresh tea trays to help preserve great tea taste and aroma
      • Enjoy Lipton Tea either hot or iced
      • Lipton Black Tea is made with only 100% Rainforest Alliance certified tea bags.

    Twinings Variety Pack of Four Flavors, Tea Bags, 20-Count Boxes Pack of 6

    • A traditional Tea with a rich taste and satisfying aroma
    • Steep Tea Bag for desired time
    • Our expert blenders source only the finest leaves cultivated to our exacting standards by trusted growers around the world.
    • Case of six 20-count boxes
    • Four expertly blended Twinings classic black tea flavors
    • Includes English breakfast, Earl Grey, Lady Grey and Irish breakfast teas
      • Wide variety of delicate to full-bodied Teas; each a natural source of antioxidants
      • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

    Harney & Sons Black Tea, Paris, 50 Tea Bags

    • Delicious blend created in homage to Paris
      • Fruity black tea with vanilla and caramel flavors, and a hint of lemony Bergamot
      • Medium body.

    Bigelow Earl Grey Black Tea, 20-Count Boxes

    • Pack of six 20-count boxes of calorie-free Earl Grey tea
    • Rich Black Tea flavored with natural bergamot
    • Gluten free, with no calories and no carbohydrates; Kosher Parve
      • An excellent source of healthy antioxidants
      • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging.

    Smith Teamaker Brahmin Blend No. 18 full leaf blended black tea

    • Our interpretation of English Breakfast with a slightly smoky finish
    • Black tea from Sri Lanka, China, and India
      • Our roomy, relaxed fit sachet encourages greater full leaf expansion to give you better flavor
      • Blended in small batches in Portland, Oregon.

    Taylors of Harrogate English Breakfast Tea, 50 Count Tea Bags

    Enjoy Taylors Of Harrogate English Breakfast Tea.

    Made With A Blend Of East African Teas High In Antioxidants; Brisk, Stimulating Flavor Taylors Is A Recipient Of The British Tea Council’s Best Cup Of Tea In England Award East African Teas Blended And Packed In England

    The Ultimate Guide to The Best English Breakfast Tea

    English breakfast tea is a classic staple in most tea lover’s cabinets. The tea’s rich history as the drink of choice for elite royalty in the United Kingdom adds an air of romance and indulgence that can be enjoyed by the masses. Featuring a caramel color and bold flavor notes, this tea pairs perfectly with a dash of milk and sugar. Purchasing high-quality tea blends means you can enjoy this tea to its fullest. Discover the best English breakfast tea and learn more about how to pick the right one.

    Where To Find The Best English Breakfast Tea

    English breakfast tea is a tea blend made using a variety of different black teas. The best teas are hand chosen by tea masters and professional tea tasters to elicit a unique blend of bold, rich flavor that is smooth and provides a brisk aftertaste. The main differences in English breakfast teas can be traced to where the leaves were sourced. The regional climate and harvest techniques impart different flavors to the black tea leaves. Most black teas used in English breakfast tea are produced in four regions including India, China, Sri Lanka, and Kenya.


    It’s no surprise that India produces one of the best English breakfast teas. The region was once a British colony during which time tea production was dramatically expanded. It’s also home to some of the best tea growing climates and the soil composition imparts delicious flavors you won’t find anywhere else on the planet.

    In India, Assam black tea reigns supreme. This tea is made from a special variety of the tea plant called Camellia sinensis var assamica which is grown in the Assam region of the country rather than its other famous tea province, Darjeeling. The leaves offer a robust flavor wrapped in a malty, smooth body. This type of black tea also ranks high on the list of black teas that best produce the classic brisk notes associated with a great cup of English breakfast tea.

    Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, produces a black tea known as Ceylon tea. Like India, this country was a former British colony. While the flavor profile of English breakfast teas from this region varies depending on the estate which produced it, most share some basic characteristics.

    Sri Lankan black teas offer hints of citrus and nutty flavors and tend to be less bitter than other black teas. They feature a brisk finish and moderate body and typically brew into a gentle golden brown hue. Sri Lankan producers also mainly produce loose leaf teas so it’s less likely you’ll find this blend in tea bags.


    No tea list is complete without the addition of the world’s most prominent tea producer, China. In China, Keemun black tea is the most popular variety used to brew English breakfast tea. While known for its production of green tea, China also cultivates an exquisite black tea that imparts new and more vibrant flavors. Keemun offers smoky notes that make black tea blends much more robust than other alternatives. In a Keemun English breakfast blend, you’ll find notes of chocolate, malt, and roasted flavors with a full body.


    African blends of English breakfast tea are most commonly found in tea bags or sachets. That’s because most producers in the region use the CTC (Cut-Tear-Curl) method to grind the black tea leaves into fine pieces. The result is a cup of tea with intense flavors and higher astringent notes. Kenyan black teas are also known for their bright and brisk flavors that brew into light brown hues.

    Brands With The Best English Breakfast Tea

    Not all English breakfast teas are created equal. Poor quality teas — that are often found on grocery store shelves — result in bitter blends that can be bland and boring. Fortunately, there are many tea brands that produce amazing breakfast teas with high quality, artisan flavor. Keep in mind, the addition of milk and sugar should be used to draw out the nuanced flavor of the tea, not cover up tannic and bitter notes. Here are some of the best English breakfast tea blends on the market.

    Cup & Leaf

    Cup & Leaf English breakfast tea is smooth, packed with flavor, and the perfect way to start off the day. This blend features Sri Lankan tea leaves offering citrusy and nutty flavors that are increasingly rare in breakfast blends. Mix it with a splash of milk, sugar, lemon, and mint to draw out the natural flavor profile of this tasty drink.

    Twinings is one of the world’s most recognizable tea brands. Famous for producing and developing some of the best British teas including Earl Grey, this company delivers a delightful breakfast tea blend that hits all the right notes. Twinings English breakfast tea features a blend of Indian, Indonesian, Chinese, and Kenyan black teas for a full body that is bursting with brisk flavor notes.

    Harney & Sons

    This company is another one of the British heavy hitters, delivering an exquisite black tea blend that is perfect for kicking your morning off right. The Harney & Sons English breakfast tea is made using Keemun black tea leaves, resulting in a richer, smokier flavor than other black tea brands on this list.

    Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Gold

    Taylor’s of Harrogate offers a breakfast tea blend that brews into a bright cup of golden sunshine with malty flavors and a rich body. The tea is made using high-quality black tea leaves from cultivators in Kenya, Rwanda, and India.

    Tetley English breakfast tea blends use a mix of African and Indian black tea leaves to craft a beverage that is loaded with rich, complex flavors. The Indian Assam tea adds malty notes that are enhanced by the full-bodied flavor of African black tea leaves.


    Tazo is a newer tea company that focuses on healthy blends that impart bright, bold flavors. Tazo English breakfast tea is made using hand-picked tea leaves that are sourced for their high-quality flavor and aroma. Each cup of this tasty tea features an energizing blend that is packed with bold and brisk tasting notes. The steeping time of this tea is a tad longer than most black teas — best steeped for five minutes or so — and doesn’t develop any bitter notes.


    Stash is a tea company known for its wide range of Fair Trade certifies organic teas. Stash English breakfast tea is available as both loose tea or in tea bags and features the characteristic malty flavor of blended black tea leaves and brews into a bright golden color.

    PG Tips is another famous tea brand that delivers the goods when it comes to breakfast teas. Known for producing one of the most expensive teas in the world, this company offers an English breakfast tea with a brisk finish and medium body.

    The Best Ways to Enjoy English Breakfast Tea

    Brew up the perfect cup of tea with one of the best English breakfast tea blends. Tea lovers will enjoy the invigorating aroma and bold characteristics of this delicious tasting tea. Best of all, this tea is suitable for all palates, making it a great choice whether tea is your favorite drink on the planet or you’re a new tea drinker.

    If you’re looking for other British teas to fall in love with, try other classics like Irish breakfast tea and Earl Grey, which is infused with bergamot orange for a citrusy and vibrant flavor. You can also look for organic English breakfast teas that offer the best tea flavor in each cuppa without harmful pesticides and chemicals that can alter natural tasting notes.

    Brew a hot teapot of your favorite English tea and start the day off right with a bold morning tea or add it to your afternoon tea spread as an iced tea with finger sandwiches and sweet and savory pastries. However you decide to brew, this bestseller is sure to join your list of favorite teas.

    We Tried 40+ Supermarket Teas. Here Are the Best

    Joël Penkman

    Drink tea regularly and you could reduce your risk of heart disease, neurodegenerative disease, diabetes, and obesity. From tea cocktails to kombucha and the now-ubiquitous matcha latte, tea seems to be everyone’s cup of you-know-what-these days. And according to a 2016 Mintel survey, the tea buzz is only expected to grow stronger as we continue to seek out healthful beverages that go beyond just a caffeine kick.

    “True” teas, such as black, green, oolong, and white, come from the Camellia sinensis plant. And while all four teas offer myriad health benefits, studies show that black and green teas are the front-runners in heart health, packing the most powerful antioxidant punch and helping reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke by 10 to 20%, according to data published in Food & Function.

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    Tea leaves are particularly rich in a class of antioxidants called flavonoids. These four teas have their own army of antioxidants posing different health benefits depending on how the leaves are picked, processed, and manufactured (this also gives each type of tea its signature color and flavor profile). They also come equipped with caffeine and an amino acid called theanine, which seems to heighten mental alertness.

    This is one of the most nutritious beverages you can consume:

    Herbal teas (including rooibos and chamomile) are technically tisanes—caffeine-free blends of herbs, botanicals, and fruits—and have varying amounts of antioxidants, but they are still healthful brews.

    RELATED: Researchers Discover Association Between Hot Tea and Eye Health

    To help you narrow down the ever-expanding options, our staffers sipped close to 50 bagged teas (keeping in mind accessibility and ease of brewing). These 12 get two pinkies up.

    Black Tea

    Black teas are the darkest and strongest because they are fully oxidized. You’ll recognize their robust flavor in classic breakfast teas and chai. One Archives of Internal Medicine (now JAMA Internal Medicine) study found that drinking three cups of black tea a day for six months lowered blood pressure. The same amount may also help lower triglycerides and total cholesterol, as well as keep diabetics’ blood sugar in check, per other research.

    The use of real bergamot fruit (as opposed to bergamot oil) gives this tea bright notes of citrus and malty undertones. The flavor is bold, but it goes down smooth and mellow, pairing well with a light breakfast. (Get it here.)

    Image zoom Kelsey Hansen

    A full-bodied tea with a delightfully spicy aroma; deep, malty flavor; and a rounded sweetness in the finish. The robust flavor makes it a great stand-in for coffee to add a kick to your morning. (Get it here.)

    Image zoom Kelsey Hansen

    Wonderfully spiced with scents of cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon and accents of black pepper and cloves. Spices linger on the back of your tongue and offer a delightful top-of-the-morning welcome. Serve hot or iced. (Get it here.)

    Image zoom Kelsey Hansen

    A citric, full-bodied tea with rich, complex flavors and a honey-sweet aftertaste. Great to perk up your morning and pair with anything from buttered toast to a heartier breakfast scramble. (Get it here.)

    Image zoom Kelsey Hansen

    BREW NOTES: Black teas fare well when steeped in extremely hot water (from 200 to 212°F). Steep for 3 to 5 minutes for maximum flavor.

    Green Tea

    Green tea leaves are steamed before being rolled and dried, helping lock in color and preserve their antioxidants. Green tea is rich in catechins, which are the antioxidants responsible for much of green tea’s health benefits. Studies show drinking one to three cups per day could help reduce risk of heart attack by 20% and stroke by 36%, plus reduce inflammation, fasting blood sugar, and total body fat.

    Zingy lemongrass and spearmint dress up the delicate green tea flavor, making it a great option for the newly converted green tea drinker. This soothing tea is widely available. (Get it here.)

    Image zoom Kelsey Hansen

    Delicate, smooth, and mildly grassy on the front end, this tea finishes with a hint of sweetness. An excellent green tea for beginners or for those sensitive to caffeine. (Get it here.)

    Image zoom Kelsey Hansen

    Bright, citric, and faintly sweet, this is for the enthusiast who appreciates green tea’s inherent grassy flavor. With notes of roasted barley and apricot, this one starts lively and finishes clean. (Get it here.)

    Image zoom Kelsey Hansen

    A full-bodied green tea that is bright and brisk with a smoky backbone, this is the tea to sip on a cold day to warm you from the inside out. Doctor it up with honey to balance the smokiness. (Get it here.)

    Image zoom Kelsey Hansen

    BREW NOTES: Water too hot may release tannins from the leaves, making the tea too astringent. Brew with milder water temperatures (from 160 to 180°F) for 1 to 3 minutes.

    Oolong and White Tea

    Oolong tea is party oxidized, making it more mellow than black but not as biting as green. A type of flavonoid in oolong called chafuroside may fight inflammation and help inhibit the development of intestinal cancers. White is the purest, least-processed tea, and it is fragrant and sweet. White tea is rich in EGCG, a catechin with protective effects against heart disease.

    Delicately fruity and slightly tangy from the passion fruit, this tea starts and finishes clean with a lovely harmony of exotic, sunny flavors. A great midafternoon sipper to combat those pesky post-lunch snack cravings. (Get it here.)

    Image zoom Kelsey Hansen

    Pleasantly, mildly tannic and ultrasmooth with a lemony, floral aroma and full-bodied flavor. Reminiscent of traditional black tea, this tea is equally enjoyable served warm or over ice. (Get it here.)

    Image zoom Kelsey Hansen

    Light and crisp with notes of citrus and lemongrass complemented by warm spice, this tea goes down smoothly and feels indulgent with a splash of milk. This one will perk up your afternoon and satisfy your sweet tooth. (Get it here.)

    Image zoom Kelsey Hansen

    Milky taste and creamy texture create a nuanced, less tannic cup. This tea is easy to drink and a great gateway option for new tea drinkers. The sweet flavor lends itself well to breakfast pastries or a light dessert. (Get it here.)

    Image zoom Kelsey Hansen

    BREW NOTES: Oolong can handle higher water temps (from 180 to 200°F) with steeping time ranging from 1 to 5 minutes. White teas fare better at milder water temps (from 160 to 180°F) for 1 to 5 minutes.

    Top 8 Teas You Can Buy From The Supermarket

    By GMB Nutritionist Melissa Fine

    Feeling lost in the tea aisle? We’re tea aficionados at GMB, so we guarantee these won’t end up collecting dust in the pantry…

    Pukka Three Ginger

    Trying to get into herbal tea but just aren’t a fan? Pukka might just make you a convert. Made with ginger, galangal and antioxidant-rich turmeric, this warming blend can help soothe the stomach, alleviate nausea and aid digestion. It’s got a little bit of a kick, and a touch of sweetness thanks to the addition of naturally sweet tasting but sugar free licorice (although this doesn’t taste licorice-y if you aren’t a fan of licorice tea).

    Pro-tip: brew for at least five minutes and keep the tea bag in the cup while you drink it so that the authentic ginger flavour really infuses.


    Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice

    The ultimate tea for curbing a sweet tooth, once you try Bengal you’ll never go back. Ingredients like cinnamon, roasted carob and vanilla make this blend taste super sweet (almost sickly sweet if you brew it strong) – but it’s SUGAR FREE. Add a dash of your go-to milk for a creamy cup of what tastes like dessert. Caffeine free too unlike most chai drinks. Anti-herbal tea peeps take note: it doesn’t taste herbal if you add milk.


    Higher Living Cocoa Chilli Tea

    Chocolate and spice and all things nice! Like a hot chocolate without the milk. Ingredients like licorice and smooth vanilla add natural sweetness, so there’s no need to add sugar.


    English Teashop Organic English Breakfast

    A great choice if you’re after a quality classic English Breakkie brew. Certified organic and certified by Fair Trade International, you can be assured this pick-me-up brew is chemical free, GMO-free, and supporting the Sri Lankan farmers behind the Ceylon black tea.


    Pukka Clean Matcha Green

    If you find green tea too bitter, give this one a try. By blending the perfect ratio of three green tea varieties (Sencha, Oothu and Suoi Gang) with matcha powder, Pukka has created a smooth green tea without the astringency you often find in other green teas.

    Fun fact: green tea is rich in the amino acid L-theanine, which has a calming effect on the brain. It also works synergistically with the caffeine present in green tea to improve cognitive (brain) function.


    New Twinings In’fuse Cold Water Infusions

    These are so cool and just in time for summer! Just drop an infuser in a bottle of cold water, pop the lid on, give it a good shake after three to five minutes, and you have legit iced tea! The range has no added sugars (other than fruit pieces) or sweeteners and comes in fun flavours like Rose Lemonade with rosehip and beetroot!


    Just Rooibos African Tea

    Love a cuppa milky black tea with after a meal? Many people are unaware that black tea (green tea too) contains tannins, which can interfere with nutrient absorption if consumed straight after a meal; iron absorption is particularly reduced.

    Rooibos, a South African ‘red bush’ herbal tea tastes quite a bit like a bolder black tea but is tannin-free – so you can enjoy it after a meal without it getting in the way of absorbing the goodness in your food, and without it staining your teeth (tannins are responsible for staining). Try it with or without milk.

    Bonvit Roasted Dandelion Tea Bags

    Try this if you’re trying to give up/cut back on coffee and in need of a coffee-tasting substitute… this is it! Dandelion serves as a mild diuretic so can alleviate bloating, and its subtle bitterness can help stimulate digestion.

    For Archive only – Old Version of this articles:

    Tea ranks among the most loved beverages in the world. Since time immemorial, people have been taking tea for various reasons. For one, it’s an ultra-effective stimulant thanks to its high levels of caffeine. Many individuals, therefore, develop a habit of taking a cup of tea before work, workouts or engaging in sports as a way of stimulating and preparing their bodies for various activities. Tea also has many health benefits as it contains antioxidants which help in boosting the immunity. Some types of tea also play a significant role in keeping the body fit by burning extra calories. Beyond all this, many people enjoy taking a cup of tea during leisure time as it’s a sweet beverage.

    Tea exists in a variety of types. Across the globe, you will find black, yellow, green, white, herbal, oolong, to mention but a few types of tea. Each type of tea demands distinct growth conditions depending on the climatic situation of the area where it’s grown. Again, the preparation of each type of tea is different from all the others. Various methods of packaging tea exist. We have tea that comes to the consumer in bottles, tea bags, canned, instant or the loose form, to mention but a few packaging ways.

    Below, we review the top ten best tea brands in 2016. We have done our research on the various tea brands available on the market, to emerge finally with a comprehensive list of the top ten. Our list comprises of different types of tea, grown in various parts of the world.

    10.Heavenly Tea Leaves Tea Sampler

    The Heavenly Tea Leaves Brand comes in to let you enjoy this gourmet packaging of 9 assorted loose tea varieties. After careful collection of the various tea varieties from organic farms, this company has managed to come up with this unique product. The included tea varieties are Flavored Green Tea, China Green, Black Tea, Flavored Black Tea, Herbal Tea, White Tea, Rooibos Herbal Tisane, And Flavored Rooibos Tisane. Each can constitute of about ten tea servings. Commercial tea cooks will enjoy exploring the making and the taste of the different tea varieties which also be appreciated by their customers. The gift box that carries the various cans is eco-friendly.

    9.Tazo Assorted Tea Sampler

    This tea product constitutes of 6 tea boxes. The Tazo brand is the Company behind the making of this tea product. Each of the six boxes brings you 20 tea bags. The included tea flavors in this product are passion, zen, earl grey, calm chamomile, organic chai, and the awake English breakfast. You can be sure to find your favorite flavor in this package. If you wish to work throughout the night or day, you can always rely on the various tea varieties included in this package. The tea varieties bring you varying caffeine levels that will stimulate your body and mind accordingly.

    8.Zhena’s Gypsy Tea Variety Sampler Tin

    If you are a tea enthusiast, then you might have come across the Zhena’s Gypsy Tea brand. It’s a company that understands the purpose of customer satisfaction in any business environment. In this product, they present us with an incredible packaging of various tea varieties. This product features four cans of tea one constituting of raspberry earl, another one with Egyptian mint, the third with ambrosia plum while the last contains the Italian chamomile tea. The offered tea packages consist of herbal infusions, and exquisite teas all of exceptional quality and rich in various underlying attributes. The manufacturer utilizes the historical blending principles employed by the old herbalist and monks as well as the latest tea related research to bring you this all-natural, premium tea package that will delight your senses and awaken your mind.

    Also see: What are good and bad Teas for women with pregnancy

    7.Twinings Tea Bags Sampler Assortment

    The Twinings Tea Bags Brand is humbled by plenty of positive feedback that the happy users of this product continue to express on the market. If you appreciate quality, excellent packaging, and diversity in making your tea, then you will need to have a look at this particular tea product from them. This package features 40 expertly enveloped tea bags. Inside the tea bags is a blend of tea and the exclusive VarieTea mints which add on to the taste and effectiveness of the tea. Each tea bag brings you a different flavor to diversify your taste and preferences when it comes to tea. Everyone will always find a flavor that suits his/her taste. The tea included in the tea bags is expertly handpicked and shipped while fresh in decent boxes to the manufacturer for processing. All the ingredients in this tea package are natural.

    6.Ahmad Tea Twelve Teas

    The Ahmad Tea brand presents you with this tea packaging. Ahmad is a tea company that has been in existence for many years. Their dedication to customer satisfaction and quality is evident in the collection, blending, and packaging of this twelve-teas product. This package contains 60 expertly assorted, foil-enveloped tea bags. The tea included in this product comprises of the black, fruit-flavor black, and the green tea types blended together in equal amounts. The excellent packaging preserves the flavor and aroma of the tea to ensure that you always enjoy all the constituents of this fantastic product right from the smell to the taste.

    5.Twinings Tea, English Breakfast

    If you have ever come across the Kenyan tea, then you would agree that it has its special way of stimulating the body and mind and making one feel excited. If you have never tasted the Kenyan tea, then count yourself lucky as the English Breakfast Tea brings you a professional blend of Assam and Kenyan Teas. The result is a traditional tea blend featuring a satisfying aroma and rich taste. The tea variety used in the making of this product is black tea. All the tea leaves used in the making of this tea product are expertly handpicked from organic farms in India and are freshly processed to ensure no ingredient escapes you. You are free to prepare the English Breakfast Tea with or without adding some milk. It’s also ok to sweeten the tea with sugar.

    4.Yogi Honey Lavender Stress Relief Tea

    Among the re-known tea brands, the Yogi Tea is known for its affordability. This is just one of the tea products by the Yogi Company that is making it big on the market. With less than $5, you can get yourself this tea package. It’s a natural certified product as it contains only natural ingredients so that you can be sure about its safety and health benefits. The included, expertly processed tea comes to let you relax while you enjoy sipping a cup or two of this delicious blend. It’s formulated by experts to help calm and refresh the body and mind. Passion flower and lemon balm leaf extracts are included in the making of this tea product to enhance the relaxation of the body and mind by releasing tension from the nerves. Spearmint and honey featured in this tea will help you achieve calm during a stressful day.

    3.Harney & Sons Black Tea

    At less than 10$, you can get yourself this tea package by the Harney & Sons company. It’s a delicious tea blend processed in Paris. It consists of fruity, highly concentrated black tea, caramel and vanilla flavors, and a little amount of lemony bergamot. You are free to prepare it without adding anything or include some sugar and milk. From its maker’s history, you can tell that this tea package is processed with utmost skills thanks to their many years of hard earned experience. The tea leaves used in its making are of the finest quality. The company has over 30 years of expertise in this field so you can trust this brand.

    2.Numi Organic Tea Numi’s Collection

    Among the inexpensive tea products is this package by the Numi Company. It comes with an affordable price tag, thus accessible even to people operating on strict budgets. This package constitutes of 18 tea bags filled with high-grade organic tea. The tea is 100{fb6dbafde8b07077c47190f01cc66a00f2a1889c1c1e7dc76005cbe93156625a} genuine, non-GMO, and organic. It’s a gift of naturally soothed, healed and roused tea which has found use in many homes and commercial establishments for over a century. The included tea varieties in its making are Green Tea, Golden Chai, Back Tea, Herbal Teasan, Pu-Erh Tea, and the White Tea. This tea product also consists of 100{fb6dbafde8b07077c47190f01cc66a00f2a1889c1c1e7dc76005cbe93156625a} natural fruits, spices and flower which contribute to its delicious taste and appealing aroma.

    1.Taylors of Harrogate Classic Tea

    Right from the packaging of this tea product, you can tell that the Taylors of Harrogate Company is not taking any chances as far as being competitive and satisfying their customers is concerned. This package consists of a total of 48 tea bags of 8 different tea varieties. The manufacturer presents you with six tea bags of each type. The tea types included are Earl Grey, Lemon &Orange, Decaffeinated Breakfast, Pure Assam, Organic Peppermint, Green Tea with Jasmine, and the Organic Chamomile. The Company features no short cuts in sourcing their tea ingredients. Only the best tea leaves are selected to ensure high-quality in their end product. Every tea leaf goes through a series of testing for quality and freshness. If you enjoy taking high-grade beverages, then Taylor’s tea will delight you right from the first sip.

    All the reviewed tea brands are of the finest quality. You will be sure to enjoy every cup of tea made from any of the reviewed products. The review of the top ten best tea brands in 2016 comes to closure by urging you to buy the best product. Don’t go for inferior quality tea brand just because it’s offered at a throwaway price. Go for the quality that you deserve.
    Enjoy your tea!

    The Most Luxurious Tea Brands in the World

    Ever wonder what kind of tea the Queen drinks? I took it upon myself to find out.

    Specifically, I wanted to know what the best luxury tea brands are. There are hundreds of different popular tea brands and it can be easy to get caught up in the torrent of options.

    To provide myself and you guys a better overview of the options, I spent a couple days researching and came up with a list of the most luxurious brands.

    If you don’t care to read the details, the best luxury tea brand I found was Harney & Sons if you’re in the US or Twinings if you are in the UK.


    Everybody has different needs. Check out the comparison table below to find out which option is best for you.

    Table of Contents

    Best Luxury Tea Brand Comparison Table

    Brand Our Rating Selection Quality Price (USD) Shipping Shop Online
    Harney & Sons
    Read Our Review
    5/5 4.5/5 $$ US:
    Free ground shipping
    Shipping rates vary
    See more info
    Shop Now
    Read Our Review
    4.5/5 2/5 $ UK:
    £3.95 standard shipping
    Depends on the site you order from.
    The Tea Spot 4.5/5
    Read Our Review
    4/5 4.5/5 $$$ US:
    Free ground shipping for orders over $60, otherwise $3.99
    Shipping rates vary
    See more info
    Shop Now
    TWG Tea 4.2/5
    Read Our Review
    4/5 4.5/5 $$$$ Free shipping within Singapore.
    US and International varies but is on the pricey side.
    Shop Now
    Yunnan Sourcing 4.1/5
    Read Our Review
    4.5/5 5/5 $$$ Standard site ships from China. US site ships from Oregon.
    Cost depends on order size.
    Cheap shipping from China can take up to 3 months.
    Stash 4.0/5
    Read Our Review
    5/5 3/5 $ US:
    Orders under $25 have a $5 shipping fee and orders over $50 have a $12 shipping fee.
    Shipping varies but is expensive & not recommended
    See more info
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    Loose Leaf Tea vs Tea Bags

    When choosing a luxury tea, it can be hard to decide between loose leaf tea and tea bags/sachets/pyramids.

    The main difference is that loose leaf tea requires more effort to brew, but taste better. You have to have either a teapot or a single-cup strainer. After brewing, the teapot or strainer has to be rinsed and dried.

    A tea bag is easier to steep and dispose of, but it often consists of lower quality tea and twigs that have been ground into dust.

    A number of the luxury sites listed above do sell tea bags or sachets with high quality tea. However, another issue with tea bags is they aren’t large enough for the tea leaves to expand and brew properly.

    Pyramid shaped bags do give the tea more room, but are still not ideal.

    So, the question of which you should choose depends on your budget and how much time you want to spend brewing and cleaning.

    If you want a high-quality tea to brew up for guests on a special occasion, invest in a teapot and a nice loose leaf tea.

    On the other hand, if you want something cheap, quick, and easy for your everyday morning tea, get a box of tea bags or tea sachets. Harney & Sons has a great selection of loose leaf tea sachets that you can check out here.

    How to Tell if a Tea is High Quality

    As a tea snob, I wince every time I see somebody unknowingly purchase low quality tea.

    So, here are a few tips you can use to spot premium tea:

    • Price isn’t always a sure signal, but a cheap bagged tea will usually be low quality.
    • When you can see large, unbroken leaves, the tea has been taken care of and is likely high quality. There are exceptions. Sometimes black teas are broken up to create a more brisk brew.
    • Keep an eye out for over-branded tea. Sometimes the most popular tea brands are also the lowest quality.
    • Buy from a reputable seller. Most tea you buy in strip malls from cheap shops will be low quality.
    • Check the reviews. Read what other people who have actually tasted the tea have to say.

    And a few more tips when buying tea in person:

    • Look at how the tea is stored. Is it kept in an air-tight container and stored in a cool, dry place?
    • Smell the tea. High-quality teas will be fragrant and aromatic.

    Keep these tips in mind but also listen to your gut. Intuition is one of the best ways to figure out if a tea is garbage or premium.

    Best Gift for a Tea Lover

    Each tea drinker has their own preferences when it comes to tea. If you know what type of tea they like, you can pick out some loose leaf from one of the brands above.

    Otherwise, consider buying them a piece of teaware or tea accessory. The Tea Spot has a unique line of custom developed “steepware” that you can check out here.

    I’ve also written articles taking a look at the Best Tea Infuser Mugs and the Best Portable Tea Infuser Bottles if you’d like to check out my recommendations regarding teaware.

    Most Expensive Teas in the World

    After researching this topic I became curious: What are the most expensive teas in the world? What does the queen sip during her most special occasions?

    Here are the most expensive and luxurious teas in the world:

    1. Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) – This tea can fetch as much as $1,200 for a single gram! At a price of 1.2 million for each kilogram, original Da Hong Pao is worth much more than it’s weight in gold. Da Hong Pao is heavily oxidized Oolong tea grown in the Wuyi mountains of China’s Fujian province. The most expensive varieties are harvested from tea bushes that have been there since the Song dynasty (960-1279 AD) and are under constant surveillance by armed guards. Cheaper varieties of this tea can be bough for much more affordable prices.
    2. PG Tips Diamond Tea Bag – This tea bag is literally encrusted in diamonds – 280 to be exact. At $15,000 per bag, this is the ultimate statement of luxury. It is sold only at Harrod’s tea store in London. Read more about it here.
    3. Narcissus Wuyi Oolong – Similar to Da Hong Pao, Narcissus oolong grows in the Wuyi Mountains of China. Vintage varieties go for as much as $6,500 per kilogram.
    4. Tieguanyin/Ti Kuan Yin (Iron Goddess) – Another Chinese oolong grown in Fujian Province. This rich oolong can be brewed many times over without loosing its flavor and sells for $3,000 per kilogram, although there are more affordable varieties.
    5. Yellow Gold Tea Buds – Young buds are clipped from the tea bush once a year and are then sprayed or dusted with real gold. This tea is safe to consume but is not safe for the wallet, selling for $3,000 per kilogram. TWG actually has some available if you’re interested. Check it out here.

    How I Picked the Results

    I started by researching what others had written on this topic, which was surprisingly little.

    From there I began compiling lists of what people consider the best tea brands overall. I narrowed this long list down to brands that specialize in luxury teas. Then, I did research on each individual brand to find out which are truly the best luxury tea brands.

    This whole process was done painstakingly over several days and took me 10 hours for the research alone.

    I belong to affiliate programs for several of these sites. No extra cost is charged to you and I didn’t let this influence my brand decisions. I could have chosen to include a number of other decent brands that had affiliate programs instead of some of the non-affiliate brands in this list.

    My Reviews of the Best Luxury Tea Brands

    Our Rating: 4.6/5

    Harney and Sons is an American tea company founded in 1983. They specialize in high quality loose leaf teas and herbal blends. There are several locations on the East Coast, but they are most known for their massive online store.

    If you need high quality loose leaf or herbal blends, these guys are a fantastic choice.

    They has a huge selection of loose leaf and herbal teas. Each of their tea categories has sub-categories filled with dozens of options.

    Harney & Sons also has tea sachets filled with high quality loose leaf tea. With these sachets, you don’t have to compromise quality for ease of use.

    And if you have a tea lover in your life, they have tea chests, gift cars, and accessories suited for any occasion.

    English Breakfast Collection

    For the quality that you get, Harney & Sons is incredibly affordable. A 1 lb bag of premium Earl Grey is $24 at the time of writing.

    Most of their loose leaf tea falls into the $7-60 range per 100 grams, and tea sachets vary between $o.75 and $1 per bag.

    Shipping prices are great as well. All orders within the United States include free ground shipping. Faster shipping is available at higher rates.

    International shipping rates vary. Check out their shipping page for more info.

    I gave Harney & Sons the highest rank because they are consistently good across the board. Their selection is huge, the tea is high quality, prices are affordable, and shipping rates are excellent.

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    Our Rating: 4.6/5

    Twinings is the oldest tea brand in the world and arguably the most well respected.

    The company was founded in London, England in 1706 by a man named Thomas Twining. His family was in the weaving trade but he decided to branch out.

    Tea was up-and-coming at the time so Thomas Twinning apprenticed under an East India Company merchant named Thomas D’Aeth. After learning the trade, he went into business and opened a tea shop in a prime location. That shop still exists today at 216 Strand in London.

    The original Twinings shop at 216 Strand in London

    Twinings was granted the British royal warrant by Queen Victoria in 1837 and continues to serve the Monarch to this day.

    The Queen drinks Earl Grey by the way. No brand is specified but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Twinings.

    Twinings also has an online store with a huge selection of tea bags and pyramids, loose leaf tea, various tea accessories, and gifts for any occasion.

    They currently have several lines of tea blends, including English Breakfast, Earl Grey and Lady Grey, and Superblends. Each line serves a specific purpose. English Breakfast includes different breakfast teas and Superblends are crafted for health and wellness.

    A variety of premium loose leaf teas are also available on their website. They have anything from flavored blends to herbal blends to luxurious single-origin teas. There are even a number of pu’erhs available.

    Twinings has a large range of prices and quality on their website, spanning from inexpensive low-quality tea bags to higher end pyramid sachets and loose leaf teas.

    You can expect to pay $0.05-0.20 per tea bag, $0.40-0.50 per pyramid sachet and between $10 and $60 for 100 grams of loose leaf.

    Most supermarkets only stock their tea bags, so you will have to order online from the Twinings UK website if you want access to their premium teas.

    There are multiple Twinings websites for different countries. Each separate site has a different design and selection. The Twinings UK website is the most well designed and has the largest selection.

    Shipping will be cheaper if you order from the Twinings site closest to you. If you live in the UK, standard shipping costs £3.95 and ships in less than a week.

    Their UK site ships internationally if you want access to the larger selection. Check out their shipping policies here.

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    The Tea Spot

    Our Rating: 4.5/5

    The Tea Spot is a quaint little tea vendor located in Boulder, Colorado at the base of the Rocky mountains. The company was founded in 2004 by cancer survivor Maria Uspenski.

    Maria discovered the health benefits of loose leaf tea as she was recovering from cancer. It is now her life’s mission to spread awareness of these health benefits. If you’d like to read more about the health benefits of tea, check out my Tea vs Coffee article.

    The Tea Spot donates 10% of all sales revenue to cancer charities.

    Tea Spot Founder Maria Uspenski

    In their online store, the Tea Spot has a large number of hand crafted loose leaf tea blends available. You can buy these blends alone or packaged in pyramid sachets.

    Their tea sachets are large and are made of a biodegradable mesh that is non-toxic and safe for the environment. This is one of the best designed tea bags I’ve come across.

    Besides their tea, the Tea Spot has created a custom line of Steepware to help brew your tea. The selection ranges from tea infuser mugs to tea tumblers and even equipment for making matcha. You can take a look at their Steepware here.

    The Tea Spot is middle-of-the-road when it comes to pricing. You can buy 100 grams of their loose leaf tea blends for between $10 and $35 or their large tea sachets for $0.55 to $1.50 per sachet.

    They have free ground shipping in the US for orders over $60, and a flat rate of $3.99 for orders under $60. International shipping rates vary. Check out their shipping info page for details.

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    TWG Tea

    Our Rating: 4.2/5

    TWG stands for The Wellbeing Group and is based in Singapore. The company was founded in 2008 as an attempt to create a high-end luxury tea brand.

    TWG Tea sells to independent vendors all over the world and have several tea salons and boutiques of their own. Their tea can be found in luxury stores and malls in numerous different countries. In their shops they sell unique blends of tea-flavored ice cream and pastries.

    While their boutiques are amazing, I’m going to be focusing on their online shop today. They have a sizable collection of luxurious loose leaf teas, tea tins, and tea bags as well as a number of accessories.

    Quite a few of their teas are sourced from what are known as single-estate farms. These small estates focus on growing small batches of premium loose leaf tea. Each estate is different and TWG Tea has a team of tasters that visits these estates to hand-pick the best batches.

    TWG Tea also sells beautiful luxury gift sets that would make a fantastic holiday or wedding gift for tea lovers.

    While their selection might be amazing, you are paying for the luxury experience. Their prices are expensive and shipping can add up.

    TWG’s website uses the Singapore dollar. The current conversion is $0.76 USD to every Singapore dollar. You can expect to pay between $15 and $50 USD per 100 grams of loose leaf and $1.25 per tea bag.

    No shipping page is provided by TWG Tea but they ship for free within Singapore. US and International rates vary. I live in the Midwest United States and shipping came out to $22 for a medium sized order.

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    Yunnan Sourcing

    Our Rating: 4.1/5

    I discovered Yunnan Sourcing from the recommendations of an online tea forum. They are a reputable vendor that sources tea straight from Chinese farms.

    They have a huge selection of Chinese whole-leaf teas. Each tea is sold in a batch with the year and season it was harvested, so you can be sure you are getting exactly what you want.

    The amount of information provided by Yunnan Sourcing can sometimes be overwhelming to a beginner. One thing that can help is clicking on a specific type of tea, like black tea, and sorting by ‘Best Selling’. Reading the reviews of other users on the site is also helpful.

    Imperial Gold Needle Yunnan Black Tea

    If you are looking for recommendations, here are a few for different tea types:

    • Black – Imperial Gold Needle Yunnan Black tea
    • Green – Imperial Dragon Well or First Flush Mao Feng
    • Oolong – Honey Orchid “Mi Lan Xiang” Dan Cong
    • Pu’erh – 2017 Yunnan Sourcing “Rooster King” or 2016 Yunnan Sourcing “Golden Needle”

    You can read more about each type of tea in my Types of Tea article.

    The price of Yunnan Sourcing’s loose leaf tea ranges from $5-30 for 100 grams of loose leaf. This is much cheaper than anything you’d find at a specialty tea shop, even with the expensive shipping costs.

    They also sell a number of teapots and various teaware. Their selection ranges from cheap $5 glass teapots to hand-crafted clay teapots in the $150 range.

    When buying expensive teaware, don’t go with the cheapest shipping option because it can break on the long journey. Yunnan Sourcing heavily wraps all teaware in bubble wrap to protect your items as much as possible.

    Yunnan Sourcing has two online stores. Their main store is based out of China and their secondary store is in Oregon. The secondary store ships to the continental US much quicker but the selection is limited.

    If you purchase from the Chinese store shipping costs generally go up and can take up to several weeks to arrive. Check out their shipping page for more info.

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    Our Rating: 4.0/5

    The name “stash” refers to the captain’s personal stash of tea on ships and boats that were used to transport tea around the world.

    Stash was founded in Portland, Oregon in 1972 and has since expanded into one of the largest specialty tea companies in the US.

    They have a massive selection of tea bags, loose leaf teas, teaware, and gift sets.

    Their tea bags aren’t nearly as high quality as a good loose leaf, but are better than most other brands in the same price range. You can find their bags in most supermarkets in the US as well as their online shop.

    Stash also has a collection of quality loose leaf blends available online.

    The Stash brand is what I would call an affordable premium tea. They may not be the highest quality, but they are high value and make a great choice for an everyday tea.

    Shipping is a bit pricey when ordering online. Orders under $25 have a $5 shipping fee and orders over $50 have a $12 shipping fee. Check nearby grocery stores first to see if they have what you want.

    It takes 3-8 business days for their teas to deliver within the United States. Canada and international shipping is expensive and not recommended.

    Find all their shipping details here.

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    Honorable Mentions

    I intentionally kept this list short to combat decision fatigue.

    However, here are some more luxury tea brands if you’re interested in exploring all the options. They are listed in order of personal preference:

    • Bellocq – specializes in luxury loose leaf tea
    • Art of Tea – fun tea blends and tea sachets
    • Harrod’s – luxury brand based in the UK. They have a line of premium teas.
    • White2Tea – like Yunnan Sourcing, they focus on supplying top-notch teas straight from farmers
    • Newby – luxury based London tea company. Variety of loose leaf and bagged tea blends.
    • The Republic of Tea – one of the largest online tea vendors in the US. They sell just about everything under the sun when it comes to tea.
    • Teavivre – another high-quality brand focused on sourcing tea straight from reliable tea farms
    • Deitea – Australia-based luxury tea brand
    • Mighty Leaf Tea – popular US-based tea vendor with a large line of custom loose leaf blends and tea sachets
    • Fortnum & Mason – luxury brand with a line of premium loose leaf teas
    • Capital Teas – quality loose leaf and herbal blends
    • Adagio – large loose leaf tea vendor based in the US. They also have a great forum and online community.
    • Tea Forte – premium loose leaf blends and pyramid bags

    Coffee may give you a jolt of energy, but tea is the type of beverage you can relax with. It’s hot, comforting, and available in so many varieties that you’re sure to find one you love.
    Whether you’re already a big fan of tea or you want to start incorporating it into your life, we have all the information you need to find your perfect brew. Our top choice is Tea Forte’s Single Steeps Lotus Tea Sampler Pack, which consists of a selection of black, white, green, oolong, and herbal loose leaf teas for you to try.
    Considerations when choosing teas
    Types of tea
    If you believe all tea is pretty much the same, think again. You can choose from many types of tea, each consisting of many varieties. These are some of the most popular options, though by no means all the available types of tea:
    Black tea: With its robust flavor, black tea is an excellent all-rounder. Often drunk with milk and sugar, common black tea varieties include Ceylon, Assam, and Darjeeling. English breakfast tea is a well-known, blended black tea.
    Green tea: Green tea is dried quickly and isn’t left to oxidize, hence its mild flavor. It’s usually consumed plain, without milk or sweetener, and is rich in antioxidants.
    White tea: Unlike black, green, and oolong tea, which are made from mature leaves, white tea is made from the immature leaves and buds of the tea plant. As such, it’s even milder and more delicate than green tea.
    Fruit and herbal tea: These aren’t technically tea in the truest sense and are sometimes referred to as “infusions.”
    Rooibos tea: Also known as “red bush” tea, rooibos is a naturally caffeine-free alternative to black tea. It has a much fruitier and more floral flavor than black tea, but many people enjoy the taste. It’s perfect for late-night tea drinking, when you want something that won’t keep you awake.
    Loose leaf tea vs. tea bags
    The majority of tea either comes loose or in tea bags. There’s no getting around it — loose leaf tea simply tastes better than bagged tea, but it’s more of a hassle to make and requires either an infuser or a teapot and strainer. Tea bags tend to be inexpensive and only need hot water poured on them, but don’t expect to get the highest quality tea inside.
    There are a couple of other options if neither tea bags nor loose leaf tea seem right for you. If you own a pod coffee machine, look out for tea pods. You can also buy bottled, pre-brewed tea, such as iced tea.
    Package size
    Check how many tea bags or ounces of tea you get for your money. Tea is sold in all sorts of quantities and configurations — you can try a variety pack if you’re not ready to commit to a particular type.
    These teas are a great choice if you’re trying to cut back on caffeine in general. Some teas are naturally caffeine-free, whereas others are decaffeinated.
    Tea varies in price depending on its variety, quality, and form. Expect to pay between $3 and $20 for 100 tea bags or between $10 and $50 for a 10-ounce pack of loose tea.
    Q. What temperature water should I use to brew my tea?
    A. If you’re not too worried about extracting the optimum flavor from your tea, boiling water (around 212°F) is a safe bet from brewing. While this is the best temperature at which to brew black tea, oolong, green, and white tea are more delicate and best brewed at lower temperatures, between 149 and 185°F. If in doubt, check the package your tea came in, which should tell you the ideal water temperature and steeping time.
    Q. What are blended teas?
    A. Blended teas are any tea products made by blending more than one tea variety or by blending tea with another ingredient. For example, English breakfast tea is a blended tea that contains Assam, Ceylon, and Kenyan teas in varying ratios. Earl Grey is also a blended tea, which includes differing black teas, bergamot oil, and occasionally other citrus ingredients.
    Teas we recommend
    Best of the best: Tea Forte’s Single Steeps Lotus Tea Sampler Pack
    Our take: Includes five delicious tea varieties and a total of 15 servings. Great as a gift or if you want to try a range of teas to find your favorite.
    What we like: Includes black, white, green, oolong, and herbal varieties. All organically grown. Excellent flavors. Some varieties can be steeped more than once to go further.
    What we dislike: Expensive.
    Best bang for your buck: Taylors of Harrogate’s Classic Tea Variety Box
    Our take: A selection of specialty tea bags from a quality British tea company at an affordable price.
    What we like: Includes a range of black, green, and herbal teas — 48 bags in total. No special brewing equipment needed. Tea comes from a reputable supply chain.
    What we dislike: Bags are packaged individually, which creates more waste.
    Choice 3: Twinings of London’s English Breakfast Tea K-Cups for Keurig
    Our take: Don’t own a tea kettle? No problem. This quality black tea is contained in K-cups to be used in a pod coffee maker.
    What we like: A pleasant English breakfast tea with a robust flavor produced by a respected tea maker. Includes 24 pods. Easy to make.
    What we dislike: K-cups aren’t environmentally friendly.
    Lauren Corona is a writer for BestReviews. BestReviews is a product review company with a singular mission: to help simplify your purchasing decisions and save you time and money. BestReviews never accepts free products from manufacturers and purchases every product it reviews with its own funds.
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