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These Cooling Bed Sheets Are the Secret to a Sweat-Free Night—Here Are the 5 Best Sets


If you often toss and turn during the night because you can’t find the perfect temperature for your room, or your sheets make you sticky and sweaty, you’re not alone. Some people naturally are “hot sleepers” during the night, but there are a few solutions that will instantly turn your bed into the sleep oasis you’ve been dreaming about.

While you might have just invested in a cooling comforter for the summer, you can’t forget about the type of sheets on your bed, since that’s directly in contact with your body during the night. When shopping for the best cooling bed sheets, knowing the type of fabric is key—some of the most popular types are made from linen, percale, or eucalyptus. Linen tends to trap less heat than cotton because of its looser weave; percale instantly feels cool and crisp to the touch since it’s closely woven cotton or polyester; and eucalyptus fibers are super breathable and have natural, temperature-regulating properties. Since waking up in a sweat totally throws off your body’s sleep cycle, cooling sheets are here to stay all year long.

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Below, we’ve rounded up our top five picks for the best sheet sets that will keep you cool through the summer—and even into the winter when the heat indoors starts pumping. Trust us, if you’re a hot sleeper, a cooling bed sheet set should be at the top of your shopping list.

Image zoom Brooklinen

1 Brooklinen Linen Core Sheet Set

Since linen is one of the best fabrics you can wear for summer, it’s a great solution for the bedroom, too. These 100 percent linen sheets can be used all year young—they’re breathable during warmer temperatures but cozy during the colder months. For more cooling sheet options, we’re a big fan of Brooklinen’s percale sheets that are cool to the touch and have a pretty matte finish.

To buy: $249-$269;

Image zoom Amazon

2 Mellanni 300 Thread Count Percale Sheet Set

Amazon’s best-selling sheets now come in a cooling option! These 100 percent percale cotton sheets are breathable, durable, and chemical-free. Plus, Real Simple readers can use the code RSPERCALE20 for 20 percent off through December 31, 2020.

To buy: $35-$43;

Image zoom Buffy

3 Buffy Eucalyptus Sheet Set

If you’re not familiar with the natural home goods brand Buffy, the company offers some of the most innovative bedding online. The brand’s Cloud and Breeze cooling comforters have become best-sellers with more than 15,000 five-star ratings and counting. Like the comforters, Buffy’s sheet set is made with 100 percent eucalyptus fabric, which provides a naturally breathable and cool sleeping environment.

To buy: $150–$200;

Image zoom Slumber Cloud

4 Slumber Cloud Stratus Cooling Sheet Set

When soft and cooling meet, you get this extra-buttery cooling sheet set from Slumber Cloud. Designed with a unique temperature regulation method using NASA-engineered Outlast fibers, these sheets keep even the hottest of sleepers comfortable at night, allowing an even deeper sleep without overheating. The sheets naturally adapt to the fluctuations in your temperature to provide maximal cooling all night long.

To buy: $159;

Image zoom Parachute

5 Parachute Percale Sheet Set

For the summer nights that are just too unbearable, these 100 percent Egyptian percale cotton sheets are a dream come true. As soon as you hop into these sheets, you’ll never want to get up—they are lightweight, crisp, and truly do feel cool against your skin.

To buy: $109-$149;

Best Cooling Sheets

What to Look for When Shopping for Cooling Sheets

The ideal cooling sheet set will allow your body to settle into a temperature that’s comfortable for sleep and remain that way throughout the night. They’re a must-have during the hot, muggy months of summer or if you live in a place that’s warm year-round. We also recommend them if you tend to sleep hot regardless of the season, which can be an issue for tall or overweight individuals, and those with a partner who sleeps hot. When shopping for cooling sheets to help induce a deep night’s sleep, there are a few things to understand about cooling sheets that will help you pick the best set for you.


Not all fabrics are created equal when it comes to their ability to help you reach the ideal sleeping temperature, which is roughly 65 degrees. Hot sleepers need extra-breathable materials like cotton, linen, bamboo, silk, microfiber, and tencel, which, when not blended with other materials, sleep much cooler than other fabrics. Egyptian is the most popular cotton choice, but it is also the most expensive. Linen comes in even cooler than Egyptian cotton and can be found at a wide variety of prices. Fabrics like microfiber, Tencel, and bamboo can be even more affordable.

Thread Count

Thread count is most often associated with softness, with higher thread counts indicating a softer feel. This number can also indicate a sheet’s cooling properties. Higher thread count sheets have more threads per square inch, which may leave you warm and sweaty. A thread count of 200 to 400 is a nice range to aim for when looking for cooling sheets, but the ideal number will vary depending on the fabric you choose.

Natural and Organic Options

‘Organic’ and ‘natural’ are becoming common terms in the bedding industry as manufacturers warm up to consumers who are environmentally conscious. Natural and organic products can hike up prices a fair amount, so you’ll want to check the label for certifications regarding these claims.


The term weave refers to how the fabric is stitched together. The weave affects the breathability of the fabric as well as its texture, two qualities that, in turn, impact how much moisture the end product will retain and how it will feel to the touch. Here are the weaves that are best for cooling, breathable sheets:

  • Percale – These are lightweight, breathable, and a favorite among hot sleepers. They have a matte finish that’s crisp and cool, and the weave pattern helps improve durability and reduce pilling.
  • Sateen – Sateen has an aesthetically-pleasing sheen but a friendlier price point than it’s sister fabric, silk. It feels slightly heavier than percale but still airy to the touch.
  • Satin – This is a pricier, luxurious material with a weave that allows breathability and coolness.

Who Might Need Cooling Sheets?

Since you sleep on your sheets every night, you’ll want to make sure you’ll be happy with your decision for a long time. It’s important to consider whether or not you need cooling sheets in the first place since the decision to buy them can significantly narrow your bedding options. Cooling sheets have increased greatly in popularity over the last few years, but here’s a list of individuals they may be appropriate for to help you evaluate whether they’d be a good fit for you:

  • If you live in a warmer climate, like Florida, where temperatures are high throughout the year.
  • If you live in a place where spring and summer are particularly hot and humid.
  • If you or your partner are overweight and tend to sleep hot throughout the night.
  • If you frequently wake from perspiration in the middle of the night or often wake to a moist, sweaty bed.
  • If you work out regularly and experience slightly higher body temperatures throughout the night, regardless of climate or bodyweight.
  • If you’re a woman going through menopause and experiencing unexpected hot flashes, or if you’re a woman and regularly experience an increase in body temperature around your menstrual cycle.
  • If your home or apartment has a weak air-conditioning system, or you’re trying to cut energy costs and avoid turning on fans or lowering the thermostat.

Whether you have night sweats year-round, occasionally sleep hot on a particularly warm evening, or anticipate hosting guests who you suspect to be hot sleepers, owning at least one set of sheets with proven cooling properties is a good idea.

Care and Maintenance

When shopping for the best cooling sheets for your bed, you’ll likely notice the variety of styles, colors, patterns, sizes, and materials available. While each sheet set will come with its own unique instructions for care, most cooling sheet sets are machine washable. To play it safe, we recommend washing sheets on a cool setting and drying on a low heat or air dry setting. Some manufacturers may recommend hang-drying sheets.

Pay careful attention to labels when treating stains. Some sheets may take bleach well, but it could ruin others. When in doubt, use the least chemically aggressive method possible. Most bedding companies also have cleaning details on their websites, if the tag on the product doesn’t provide clear instructions or warnings.

Sifting through the different brands and many types of bed sheets online, takes a lot of time. There are hundreds of different cooling sheets on Amazon alone, and they All claim to be help you sleep cool at night. But nobody has the time to read through all the reviews and spend days researching products like we do!

That’s why we put together the Complete Guide and Reviews for the Best Cooling Sheets on Amazon for 2020.

In this article, we will go through all the details of what sheets help you sleep cooler at night. We’ve put together an easy-to-read comparison chart with all the main features and benefits of the most popular cooling sheet brands.

Finally, we also included a complete guide to help you find the coolest sheets within your budget. In our guide, you will find answers to all the frequently asked questions about sheets that help you stay cool in the summer.

At, we’ve been reviewing and testing bedding products for years. We provide our feedback and honest reviews to our readers to help them with their buying choices.

You can jump to any section using the table below:

Introduction to Cooling Bed Sheets

Cooling sheets are designed to keep you cool during hot summer nights. They are great for people with night sweats and live in hotter climates.

There are a couple of different methods used to achieve the cooling effect. The first method used by companies to make bed sheets that keep you cool, it to use thinner materials. This seems like a good idea, but in fact it can very often cause you to stay hot and sweaty.

Another method of making cooling sheets is to use certain types of fabrics. The fabrics will have to be able to wick away moisture from sweat and still be breathable to allow cool air in.

You will notice bamboo fabrics commonly used in making bed sheets and cool you the most. Other types of fabrics you will find will be cotton, microfiber and rayon. I will go through all the pros and cons for each cooling fabric in our guide. In the meantime, below is a comparison chart with the main features of the best selling cooling sheets on Amazon.

Top 5 Sheets to Help You Stay Cool at Night

Photo Product Name Main Features Link
Classic Bamboo
Cooling Sheets
by Cariloha
  • Over 1,500 Positive Reviews
  • 100% Viscose from Bamboo
  • Crazy Soft and Cool
  • Lifetime Quality Guarantee
Photos &
Full Review
Night Sweat Sheets
by Peachskinsheets
  • Night Sweat Bed Sheets
  • 1500 Thread Count
  • Made in USA
Photos &
Full Review
Bamboo Viscose
Bed Sheets
by Pure Bamboo
  • 100% Bamboo Viscose
  • Cool and Soft Sheets
  • Double-Stitched Seams
Photos &
Full Review
Performance Cooling Sheets
by Sheex
  • Breathable Structure
  • Keeps you Cool and Dry
  • Super-Soft
  • Durable and Easy to Wash
Photos &
Full Review
Brushed Microfiber
Cooling Sheets by Mellanni
  • Over 50,000+ Reviews
  • Brushed Microfiber
  • Available in 30+ Colors
  • Lifetime Guarantee
Photos &
Full Review

Reviews for the Best Selling Cooling Sheets on Amazon

Below we have included full reviews of our favorite cooling sheets that we featured in our comparison chart above.

Here you can find out the pros and cons of each brand along with important information about the companies that make cooling sheets. We also included the different sizes and colors they come in and links where you can buy cooling sheets.

1. Cariloha Classic- Softest 100% Bamboo Viscose Bed Sheets

The Classic bamboo sheets by Cariloha have also made it to our top 10 list for many reasons. Of course we’ve already mentioned a few reasons that makes Cariloha unique, but I’ll mention a few more! Since Cariloha is a US based company, it is held to the high standards of the FTC. Their sheets are made in Turkey, which produces some of the highest quality bed sheets and fabrics.

We’ve based this review solely on the King size sheets, and found they were nothing short of perfection. The Classic bed sheets are pure viscose but are lighter compared to the Resort sheets. The reason is the lower thread count. The classic sheets have a 230 thread-count while the heavier resort sheets have a 400 thread-count. But they are still soft as silk and some of the coolest bamboo sheets we’ve tested.

You have a couple more options in bed sizes. They are available in Twin, Full, Queen, King and California King sizes. The Queen and King size sheets come in 5 different solid colors: Sage, White, Ivory, Sandy Shore & Bahama Blue. But the other sizes are only available in Ivory.

If I had to choose between the 2 styles of cool sheets Cariloha offers, these would be my favorite. I personally prefer their lighter weight and would be willing to sacrifice a bit of softness for it.


  • 100% Viscose from Bamboo
  • Very Cool and Soft
  • 18-inch Deep Pockets
  • Excellent Value
  • Lifetime Quality Guarantee


  • Limited color options

2. Night Sweat Sheets by Peachskinsheets

Peach Skin Sheets has been crushing the mattress sheet game since 2013. These are night sweat sheets are designed not to absorb, but pull moisture away from the body and release it into the air, leaving you with a cooling sleep experience.

These sheets come in all sizes from Twin, Queen, and King to the in between sizes such as California or Split King. We can’t forget to mention the broad variety of colors that these sheets are offered in. From Almond Ivory to Beach Blue Aqua, Peach Skin sheets offer theirs in 19 different colors. Peach Skin sheets have a thread count of 1500, making them noticeably soft and silky to the touch.

Peach Skin Sheets have a SMART design fabric, specifically engineered for comfort. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort nor quality with these sheets. They are chemical free, naturally antimicrobial, and great for sensitive skin.

They pride themselves on being “The Original, One and Only Authentic Brand,” and their signature peach zipper pull is featured on every sheet package. With their free swatch program, you can get the feel of the fabric and match the right color before ordering. In the rare occasion that the customer is dissatisfied, PeachSkin Sheets has a 30 day money back guarantee.


  • 100% money back guaranteed
  • Moisture wicking material and breathable fabric
  • Wide variety of colors and sizes
  • Fast drying


  • Skin oil has been left on the sheets

3. Pure Bamboo Sheets- Luxuriously Soft and Cool Bed Sheets

Next we reviewed the sheets by “Pure Bamboo”. These sheets are also made with 100% organic bamboo viscose and not blended with any other materials for maximum softness. The company is so confident you’ll fall in love with their sheets, they provide a 100% money back guarantee.

We tested the queen size sheets and noticed a few differences compared to other cooling sheets. First of all, they have “pocketed pillowcases” that can tuck in instead of hang out to the side. The fitted-sheets have 16-inch deep pockets along with the 360-degree elastic (which we love).

These are 300 thread count viscose sheets which makes them lighter and cooler than the Cariloha sheets and more like microfiber. But they kept us cool at night and were also soft and luxurious as silk.

You can choose from 4 different bed sizes: Twin, Full, Queen & King. Both the standard and fitted-sheet were larger in size compared to the average bed sheets. They are available in 5 solid colors: Ivory, Sea Glass, Sand, Silver Pearl & Sterling Blue.

To conclude, I really enjoyed these sheets. They gave us the best value and best bang for our buck compared to more expensive night sweat sheets we reviewed.


  • Bamboo Cooling Sheets
  • High Quality Stitching
  • 16-inch Deep Pockets
  • All-around Elastic, Fitted Sheet
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee


  • Lighter than other viscose sheets

4. Performance Cooling Sheets by Sheex

SHEEX is a New Jersey-based company started in 2007 by two fitness fanatics praising their athletic gear’s superior moisture-wicking capacity and quick drying features. Their adventure started with a single comment on the comfort and quality of the material, growing into a bedsheets featured all over stores worldwide.

SHEEX fabrics have been tested at Diversified Testing Laboratories and over 10 of their Performance sheets are covered by US and non US- patents and applications.

They breathe nearly 50% than traditional cotton, reducing sleep disrupting temperature fluctuations at night. SHEEX uses an ultra-soft athletic surface on their sheet sets and pillows. Their elastic lines fitted sheet sits comfortably around any mattress with 6 offered sizes and 12 different colors. The colors are known to stay true, even after a series of multiple washes.

The top sheet is big enough to tuck in at the bottom and doesn’t come loose no matter how much tossing and turning. The ultra smooth athletic inspired material prevents dust and pet hair from sticking to it as well.

With long lasting wrinkle-free durability, these sheets get softer with every wash. They’re engineered not to shrink, fade, or pill. There is no bleach or fabric softener necessary for these products, making them very easy to take care of for many years to come.


  • Refrains from dust collection
  • Highly breathable material
  • Includes pillow cases
  • Highly tested and patented


  • The stretchiness can be uncomfortable to some
  • Customers have reported the pillow cases to be fairly long

5. Brushed Microfiber Cooling Sheets by Mellanni

The Mellanni Brushed Microfiber Bedding is the #1 Best Seller amongst fitted bed sheets on Amazon. The reason for their success? Priced below many other cooling sheets, with 4 and a half star ratings, their philosophy is simple: providing the best quality product for an affordable price.

Their tactic was simple: find what the public themselves want in a bedsheets. The answers were always the same, “Luxurious, soft, comfortable… easy to care for AND affordably priced.”

The Mellanni bed sheet set has an 1800 thread count, making it extremely soft to the touch. It is wrinkle, fade, and stain resistant, as well as hypoallergenic. They come in all sizes and a whopping total of 38 different colors.

Taking care of these sheets is a breeze. As they are fade, stain, and wrinkle resistant, there are no details washing instructions. Simply machine wash with cold water and dry on low heat.

The Mellanni bed sheet set comes with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases. The fitted sheet has a deep pocket with elastic on all edges unlike their competitors. All of their products are made with the highest quality double brushed microfiber or cool Egyptian cotton.

Mellanni is so confident that you’ll love their product that they offer a lifetime 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. There are no questions asked, and you don’t even have to face the hassle of returning the product.


  • Quality and comfort for a low price
  • Easy to care for
  • Incredible return policy
  • Soft and comfortable


  • This specific bedsheet set fits mattresses up to 16″
  • A small chance of pilling

Cooling Sheets Comprehensive Buying Guide

We’ve all had the feeling after a rough night’s sleep. The one where you wake up too warm and a little sweaty. Okay, maybe a lot sweaty. It’s that awkward, un-restful feeling where you can’t wait to jump in the shower and wash it all away. But like a bad dream, it’s hard to shake a bad night’s sleep. It takes time for your body to cool down and recover. Let’s face it, this is no way to start a day. Thanks to cooling sheets, those days and nights might soon be over forever.

Cooling sheets are a must have, especially during the hotter, muggier spring and summer months. Not only do these magical sheets help you fall asleep faster, they help keep you nice and comfortable throughout the night so you wake feeling refreshed, which is a very refreshing thought.

With cooling sheets, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for performance. The most important factor in keeping you cool is actually keeping you dry. Dryness equals coolness. And being cool keeps you comfortable. And being comfortable allows you to get a blissful six, eight or even ten hours of sleep. It’s a virtuous cycle of relaxation as you sink deeper and deeper into sleep as your cooling sheets bring a peaceful rest.

Sounds blissful, right? So how do the sheets actually keep you cool?

Different Types of Sheets to Keep You Cool in Summer

  • Bamboo Cooling Sheets: Thinner but surprisingly more durable than cotton sheets, this microfiber doesn’t pile nor shrink. It does a good job allowing air flow which keeps your skin dry and cool.
  • Cooling Egyptian Cotton Sheets: Lightweight, breathable, and cool to the touch, this natural material also possesses good wicking properties, eliminating moisture while dialing up the comfort.
  • Rayon Sheets for Hot Sleepers: A man-made microfiber made from natural fibers such as bamboo, silk or cotton. The process of turning plant fiber into viscose then manufacturing that as ultra-thin microfibers produces very light cooling sheets that allows for great air flow.
  • Microfiber Sheets that keep you Cool: Synthetic fibers such as polyester are man-made. Less breathable than cotton, not only does polyester provide poor air circulation but is also a poor choice for sensitive skin. Sheex cooling sheets have the perfect formula for the best microfiber cooling sheets on Amazon.
  • Cool Silk Bed Sheets: While fantastic to the touch, the silky feel hides the fact that silk sheets do not sleep cool. The fine weave traps heat, creating an overly warm and ultimately uncomfortable sleeping environment.
  • Soft Cashmere: The breathability of wool and impressive wicking capabilities help regulate body temperature in the summer. A worthwhile investment, cashmere also affords the luxury of keeping you warm in colder months!

Best Cooling Sheets Benefits and Features

Stay Naturally Cool: The miracle of cooling sheets starts and ends with material from which they are made. Cotton certainly has its place as among the better cooling sheet for hot sleepers . It’s ability to wick moisture away naturally keeps your skin nice and dry throughout the night. You can also decide just how much comfort you wish to indulge in based on the thread count and type of cotton the sheets are made from.

Bamboo Sheets: Bamboo is a totally new and different kind of cooling sheets! When you think of microfiber, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Polyester? Rayon? Bamboo? Definitely the first two as they are the most popular microfibers used in cooling sheets. But bamboo? Not the most obvious choice to make a sheet that would provide cooling as well as comfort. When you look a little closer, you’ll see that this unlikely source delivers a surprisingly wonderful night’s sleep.

With a thicker and longer thread than cotton, bamboo is a fantastic fiber source. The plants are dissolved in a viscose liquid (look for Oeko-Tex certification) and the resulting cellulose is pushed through tiny holes to make the thread. In turn, those threads are woven into a tight pattern to give a silk soft, luxurious feel. But again, luxury without comfort doesn’t mean a thing.

When it comes to turning hot sleepers into Fonzi-like cool ones, Bamboo delivers.

In warmer weather, the ultra-thin threads expand in hot weather—allowing it to breathe better than cotton. Just don’t let the thinner quality of bamboo cooling sheets fool you. This microfiber sheet never pills or shrinks for a long-lasting, making it a durable investment.

Bamboo is just the tip of the microfiber cooling sheets, as it were. Rayon and other microfibers can provide nocturnal relief with the best of them. Often found in high-end hotels due to their softness and durability, microfiber sheets are cool to the touch and offer a softness that is hard to match.

Performance Cooling Sheets: Another type of sheets that keep you cool at night have entered the arena. Performance sheets use the same fabrics and technology as athletic clothing. If you’ve ever owned a Dri-Fit shirt by Nike or “Heat-Gear” from Under Armour, you’ll know what I mean.

This type of synthetic fabric is now being introduced into bed sheets to to absorb heat from your body and wick away moisture.

Leading the way is a company called Sheex that is led by a couple of passionate gym teachers turned entrepreneurs. They took their passion for sports clothing and brought it us in the form of cool bed sheets.

The Right Mattress will also Help you Sleep Cooler at Night: Your first night wrapped in cooling sheets will be a thrill like no other. Swaddled in breathable goodness, you might not even need that cup of coffee in the morning! But why stop at sheets? If you’ve ever felt like a baked potato on too many mornings, cooling sheets will certainly help unwrap you from that sensation

And you can do more. Choosing a mattress that doesn’t hold heat will multiply the rejuvenating effects of the microfiber sheets. Innerspring and latex mattresses are known to dissipate heat throughout the night while permitting air to flow more freely. That directly translates into a better sleeping atmosphere and allows you to get the most from your cotton or microfiber sheets.

Staying Cool at Night and Reduce Sweating: When you think about it, cooling sheets work a lot like your air conditioner. The key to a properly functioning AC is that it eliminates damp air. Dry air doesn’t hang on to the heat and becomes much cooler. Likewise, the best cooling sheets pull moisture away from your skin, leaving it dry and blissfully at ease, which makes them perfect for hot sleepers.

Tips to Care for Your Cooling Sheets

  • Go Solo: Wash sheets alone or with other sheets ONLY. Zippers and buttons are snag-hazards and can greatly reduce the durability and feel of your sheets.
  • Cold For Cool Sheets: Cold water wash/gentle cycle is recommended but as always, read the label to see special instructions from the manufacturer.
  • Chill with the harsh chemicals: Use a mild laundry detergent and avoid bleach at all costs.
  • Sun-dried sheets: If your situation allows, hang your sheets out on a line. Sunlight kills of any germs and microbes that the wash may have missed. If you can’t use Mother Nature to dry your sheet, be sure to mother them in your dryer by avoiding high temperatures. And skip the iron as that will do more damage than good.


The best cooling sheets are perfect for hot sleepers and can save you money in the long run. You have several options to choose from, but bamboo viscose is our favorite for providing natural cooling and wick away moisture the best.

The results are in! Cooling sheets really are the coolest way to a great night’s sleep.

Can you use flannel sheets year-round?

To cover this topic in a single word: yes.

For those of you whose attention we still have: welcome, information seekers. This guide will give you some help choosing the right flannel sheets for your bedroom, and show you how versatile Lands’ End sheets are for year-round use.

Flannel sheets are synonymous with coziness, comfort, and warmth. This is for good reason – flannels are brushed woven fabrics that are soft and have a bit of nap to them (that’s what makes them feel all fuzzy). It’s the fuzzy nap of flannel that helps it insulate better than most other sheets. We source our flannel from a family-owned mill in Portugal, and they make flannel the way it’s meant to be – able to stand up to Scandinavian winters and Mediterranean summers.

What most people don’t realize is that flannel isn’t just warm – it’s super breathable, too. That makes it perfect for summer months. The weave structure of our flannel sheets allows them to breathe and keep you cool when you need them to, and insulate when it’s colder. Many of our customers ditch their comforter in the summer and use their flannel top sheet as a thin flannel blanket in the summer – just the right amount of warmth.

What you might not have considered is that we sell a variety of flannel sheet sets here at Lands’ End. Two weights of sheets – 5oz. and 6oz. flannel – help you choose just how much cozy factor you’re going for. An ounce of difference goes a long way here – the 6oz. is our warmest and heaviest sheet, while the 5oz. is more moderate, maybe better for year-round use. For those who want an Earth-friendly flannel, we also just introduced organic cotton home products, made from the best organic cotton we could get our hands on.

Once you’ve made the choice between our flannel options, why not personalize your bedroom décor with monogrammed bedding? Adding a monogram to your sheet set is a great way to make things feel more personal. Get a set of Lands’ End flannel sheets for every bedroom in the house, and have them personalized for every member of the family. Don’t forget: they make great gifts, too.

If you’re looking to get extra cozy this winter, why not get a flannel duvet cover? We make those too! You’ll be glad that you decided to combine the coziness of flannel with the soft cloud-like effect of a duvet. Throw on some Lands’ End flannel pajamas or maybe a flagship flannel shirt and you’re guaranteed to be in flannel-ful heaven.

  • Completing the set: making the most of flannel sheets
  • Upgrade your bedding: a buyer’s guide
  • Flannel vs. plaid
  • How flannel sheets are made
  • 5 ways to survive a Wisconsin winter

How to Find a Cool Sheet That Will Get Rid of Night Sweats

We test how sheets feel on award-winning equipment. We test how soft, cool, crisp, etc each sheet feels to your touch. Because sheets have hand-enhancers to make them feel good when new, we wash every sheet 10 times and then test it again. Then we select the best performing sheets to sell on our website.

We have tested 825 top-selling sheets made of almost every type of material and weave.

Night sweats are the #1 reason to buy cooling sheets

Night sweats are not uncommon. 41% of people visiting a doctor have had night sweats at least once in the past month.

Specifically, menopausal women experience the worst kind of night sweats. They have few options. Medical treatment choices are expensive and could have dangerous side effects.

The safest course of action for women in menopause is to make lifestyle changes. This includes using cooling bed sheets.

But there are also other reasons to consider a cooling bed sheet

  • High internal temperature. The body usually maintains its temperature in a healthy range. But you can have a high internal temperature. This could happen with some illnesses such as diabetes or hyperthyroidism. Or it could happen for no reason. Either way, a high internal temperature disrupts your sleep cycles. This hampers your ability to get high-quality deep sleep.
  • Memory foam mattresses retain heat they absorb while you sleep. Effective cooling sheets will help dissipate that heat.
  • Humid climate. If you live in a humid climate, you will sweat more.
  • She’s hot, he’s not. Couples fighting over the AC remote is not uncommon. Reportedly, 25% of married couples argue about temperature control. Are you “thermally incompatible” with your partner? If you sleep hot, the right kind of cooling sheets will stop things from heating up.

  • Night sweats in children. If you are a parent, your child may have night sweats. You may have seen your child drenched in sweat when you check on him at night. The right sheets will make sure your child is well-rested.

Sometimes, changing sheets with the season feels like the right way to welcome a new season. For example, at the start of summer, start using your cooling sheets. Tell yourself that it’s officially time to laze in bed with your favorite cold beverage!

Why is it so hard to find a cooling sheet?

Because most of them are not right for you. Each type of cooling sheet works for a specific type of people.

Everyone’s body is different. Usually when the body gets hot, it sweats to cool down. But sometimes, you could be hot and not sweat much. Or you could have cold sweats without feeling hot. This could be because of hormonal changes, stress, illnesses, etc.

Similarly, there are different types of cooling sheets:

Breathable sheets: They prevent sweat building up by encouraging ventilation.

Absorbent sheets: if you do perspire, these absorb the sweat.

Moisture wicking sheets: These sheets pull the sweat from your skin and send it to the outside of the sheets. From there, the sweat evaporates into the air.

No one type of sheet is the best, but each has specific advantages.

How to find a cooling sheet?

There are 2 things that determine how cool a sheet is:

1. Material – what the sheet is made of

2. Construction – how the sheet is made, its threadcount, weave, etc.

Natural sheets are a safe choice for moderate sweating

Cooling sheets have traditionally been made of natural materials like cotton. They are a safe choice because they have stood the test of time.

The biggest advantage of natural fabrics is they absorb moisture. But there is a limit to how much sweat they can absorb. Sheets are quite thin and so they can get drenched.

So they are good for sleepers with light to moderate sweating.

But synthetic sheets are better at handling heavy sweating

Synthetic sheets are usually made of polyester, microfiber or high-tech performance blends. Some ‘experts’ recommend that you avoid synthetic sheets if you are a hot and sweaty sleeper.

That’s not true.

It’s true that synthetic sheets are not good at cooling you down.

But they can get rid of more sweat than any natural sheet can.

This is because natural sheets absorb moisture, but synthetic sheets wick away moisture. Once a natural sheet gets drenched with sweat, it can’t absorb any more. But sweat continually evaporates from the outside of a synthetic sheet. So it can continue to wick away more.

Synthetic sheets are great for sleepers with heavy sweating.

For instance, our No Sweat sheet is the best sheet we’ve found for dryness after testing over 800 sheets. No Sweat is made of polyester and nylon. It has topped our tests for dryness. It also scores well on coolness and is much smoother than cotton. This works very well for people with extra-sensitive skin.

Cotton sheets are the most popular natural sheets

You can’t go wrong with cotton sheets for coolness. Cotton’s two biggest strengths are: it transmits heat well, and it absorbs moisture well. It cools you down better than any other natural material.

It is also more durable and affordable than most alternatives.

Cotton has 2 drawbacks:

  • Doesn’t hold color well. In standard tests called dry crocking tests, cotton generally tends to rub off color. It also becomes stiff and cardboard-y when dyed with dark colors.
  • Wrinkles easily, especially if it’s pure cotton. Treatments to reduce wrinkles wash out after a few washes. Pure cotton sheets will wrinkle.

Be cautious about ‘superior cotton’

There are 3 main kinds of superior cotton used in cooling sheets. Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton and Supima cotton. They are superior to regular cotton because their fibers are extra-long. Sheets made from longer fibers are softer and more durable.

1. Egyptian cotton is a much-abused term

Authentic Egyptian cotton was traditionally the gold standard for cotton sheets. It was soft and durable, even if it wrinkled.

But “Egyptian cotton” has become a much-abused term. A lot of manufacturers claim that their sheets are made of 100% Egyptian cotton. But there is no policing system to check if their claims are real. It’s not uncommon to hear complaints from ‘Egyptian cotton”s dissatisfied customers.

2. Pima cotton can produce some of the coolest sheets

Pima cotton is a high-grade cotton grown in the US, Australia and Peru. Its fibers are finer, smoother and stronger than regular cotton fibers.

The coolest sheet we have ever found, after testing 825 sheets is Easy Breezy. Woven in Portugal, it is made of 100% pure Pima cotton. It is also the lightest sheet we’ve ever tested.

What makes Easy Breezy so cool and light?

Easy Breezy is so light because the yarn used is very fine (thin). To create this fine yarn, the mill has to work with very small batches. It has to spin and weave the yarn much slower to create that level of quality.

But Pima carries the same risk as Egyptian cotton. Without testing in a fabric lab, it is hard to tell if a sheet is truly made of Pima. Often manufacturers will label their sheet “Pima cotton sheet” when it only has 30% Pima cotton.

3. Supima is the best cotton for cooling sheets

Supima is the best cotton for cooling sheets. It has the longest staple fibers used in sheets, and is 100% grown in America. Supima fibers have fewer loose ends. So they’re less likely to form pills (rough little balls on the surface of the sheet).

The best part about Supima is its reliability. It is tightly regulated from the cotton farm to the finished sheet.

For example, inspectors regularly visit Supima factories. They make sure Supima is not mixed with other fibers. They also make sure it is not woven on the same machines that weave non-Supima products.

To prevent adulteration, Supima cotton is tagged with DNA markers. A manufacturer cannot make a sheet with 10% Supima and 90% inferior cotton and pass it off as a genuine Supima sheet.

The only downsides of Supima is that it is expensive, and has few producers.

We found two sheets made of Supima that are very cool – Supercale and White Tie. Supercale is a cool & crisp sheet. It feels similar to the best cotton sheets of the 70s and 80s. White Tie is a crisper, high threadcount (more on that later) sheet.

If Supima is superior to Pima, why are our two Supima sheets not as cool as our Pima sheet (Easy Breezy)?

It goes to show that using the best cotton is not everything. How that cotton is spun and woven to construct the sheet matters.

Percale is usually the best weave for cooling sheets

The two most popular weaves for cotton sheets are percale and sateen.

Percale is lightweight, crisp and durable.

Sateen is soft, smooth and has a lustrous sheen on the surface.

Percale is cooler than sateen because

  1. it has a looser weave than sateen, thus allowing heat to escape, and
  2. it creates a crisper sheet that allows easier ventilation than sateen does.

But sateen is dryer than percale because it’s drapier. It sits much closer to your body thus absorbing any excess sweat on the skin.

If you shop for a cooling sheet at a store that only offers these two weaves, percale is a better bet.

But there are other weaves that are sometimes cooler than percale.

Look at the 3 coolest sheets we found after extensive testing:

  • Easy Breezy uses batiste weave
  • White Tie uses twill
  • Supercale uses percale.

So looking for percale is a useful rule of thumb, but it’s not definitive.

Just like threadcount.

Medium threadcount sheets are usually best for cooling sheets

High threadcount sheets feel more cozy and luxurious than low threadcount sheets. Often they are more durable.

There are two issues with high threadcount sheets:

1. It’s hard to find genuine high threadcount sheets.

Threadcount is the number of threads used in one square inch of fabric. To increase the threadcount of a sheet, manufacturers usually have to use finer yarn. This generally makes the sheet higher quality.

So shoppers started looking for high threadcount sheets.

Manufacturers figured this. Some of them started to artificially increase the threadcounts of their sheets.

Buying a high threadcount sheet is like a box of chocolates, as Forrest Gump’s mamma would have said. You never know what you’re gonna get.

2. High threadcount sheets trap heat.

High threadcount sheets have a tighter weave to pack in all those fine yarns. This tighter weave means the gaps between the yarns are fewer, and smaller so heat isn’t allowed to escape but is trapped instead.

Medium threadcount sheets (200-350) are your best bet for cooling sheets.

But just like with the type of cotton and weave used, this is only a rule of thumb.

Let’s look at the three coolest sheets we found in our testing:

  • Easy Breezy has a threadcount of 320
  • White Tie has a threadcount of 500
  • Supercale has a threadcount of 210

Our 500 threadcount sheets are too high to be considered medium threadcount. But they are much cooler than other sheets.

Beyond cotton, other materials are used to make cooling sheets.

Bamboo sheets are cool, breathable and absorbent

With bamboo sheets, we need to separate the facts from the hype.

First, the good news.

Bamboo sheets are light, smooth, breathable and antibacterial. They are also cooler to the touch than cotton sheets.

Beyond that, bamboo can absorb 40% more water than cotton. So a bamboo sheet is a great choice to absorb sweat.

But like with other natural materials, there’s only so much sweat bamboo sheets can absorb. With profuse sweating, bamboo sheets will get drenched and cannot absorb any more.

Bamboo sheets are also very pliable. They drape close to the skin and absorb even more sweat.

Bamboo sheets are terrific cooling sheets for people who have trouble falling asleep, and who may sweat moderately.

Despite the bamboo hype.

Bamboo sheets became popular because they were considered quick-drying, soft, anti-microbial and eco-friendly. All of these claims are at least partially false.

Compared to cotton, bamboo sheets are not any more quick-drying or softer. For instance, our Easy Breezy sheets are softer than any bamboo sheet we’ve tested.

Are bamboo sheets anti-microbial and eco-friendly? The FTC found that “bamboo sheets” could be made from any plant or tree. This is because they are made of rayon, a material that can be made from the cellulose of any plant or tree. All rayon sheets are anti-microbial, so are bamboo sheets.

Further, your bamboo sheets are not as sustainable and eco-friendly as they claim to be. This is because manufacturers need harsh chemicals to help convert stiff bamboo stalks into soft silky fibers.

Why did bamboo sheets acquire all this hype? Manufacturers love bamboo sheets because bamboo grows very densely and rapidly. So cultivating bamboo is inexpensive. And with its popular reputation of being eco-friendly, they can charge high prices for it.

Bottomline: Compared to cotton, bamboo sheets are more absorbent and anti-microbial. They’re not more quick-drying, softer or more eco-friendly.

The best bamboo sheet we found is Second Skin, after testing over 800 sheets. It tested as being an effective cooling sheet, very soft, and it was the drapiest set of sheets we have ever tested. It’s sourced from a top-notch reliable supplier in China, where a fifth of the world’s bamboo is grown. It also has the Oeko-Tex certification (Certificate Number BWHO-103206). This confirms that the sheets have been tested for the absence of 100 harmful chemicals. This takes care of one of the big issues most bamboo sheets have. That’s why we love recommending Second Skin.

Do you you like bamboo sheets but need an eco-friendlier alternative? Tencel sheets are a good option.

Tencel sheets are an eco-friendlier alternative to bamboo sheets

Tencel sheets are produced similar to bamboo sheets, with two differences:

A) More sustainable. They are made from eucalyptus trees, which grow easily in areas not friendly to vegetation, and

B) Fewer chemicals. Lenzing Fabrics, an Austrian company produces Tencel. It uses a non-toxic solvent to extract the cellulose from the wood. This solvent is easier to filter and re-use.

Tencel fibers have all the advantages of bamboo sheets. Plus they are more eco-friendly. Their main drawback is that they are very expensive. Sometimes they are twice the price of a genuine Egyptian cotton sheet.

Linen is a good option, if you like a textured feel:

Linen clothing is a great option for hot & humid climates, or in the summer.

But surprisingly, linen sheets are not as cool as you would expect. Research shows that cotton is up to 16% cooler than linen. Our tests confirm this result. The average coolness score of linen sheets we tested was 58 (out of 100), while for cotton sheets, it was 73.

Linen also has a coarse texture prone to extreme wrinkling. This is popular with some people who like the casual lived-in look. For others, it can take some getting used to.

Linen sheets are more expensive than cotton sheets. But quality linen sheets are more durable. We prefer linen sheets from Belgium, France and Portugal. They shed and shrink less.

Where linen excels is at at absorbing sweat. Its hollow core holds 50% more water than cotton. Linen sheets are therefore good for sleepers who have light to moderate sweating.

If you are looking for linen’s specific texture and feel, go for it. Otherwise, a bamboo sheet is a cooler alternative.

Cotton flannel is good for sweaty sleepers in the winter

Wait.. aren’t flannel sheets supposed to keep you warm in the winter?

That’s true, but some of us have night sweats even during winter. That’s when cotton flannel sheets are a good breathable option.

Flannel sheets are great to keep the bed instantly warm for you in the winter. But they don’t have to make you hot and sweaty. A high-quality cotton flannel sheet will keep the bed warm for you all night. But it will absorb moisture and prevent you from overheating.

Let It Snow is the best cotton flannel sheet we’ve found in our tests. It has extra-fine yarn that is closely woven. This packs 10% more cotton than other cotton flannel sheets.

Tip: Want a neat trick to stay comfortable in the summer? Place a flannel sheet between your regular top sheet and your blanket or comforter. The cotton flannel will make your whole bed much, much softer — without warming you up.

Read our guide on flannel sheets for the winter to learn more.

Stay away from silk sheets

Silk is definitely not a good choice if you’re looking for cool bed sheets. While having an instant touch that feels cool, silk is finely woven and the fabric tends to trap heat. Fancy winter gloves have liners made of silk!

If you want a cooling sheet that looks and feels like silk, Tencel sheets are probably a good option.

Synthetic sheets are best to help profuse sweating

Polyester sheets are not very good at conducting heat. Especially when woven tightly, they trap heat from escaping.

But they are very good at wicking away sweat to the outside of the sheet from where it can dry away. Because the sweat evaporates and dries up, the sheet can continue to wick away more sweat. That’s why polyester sheets are the best cooling sheets if you sweat profusely at night.

Polyester sheets are also very durable, inexpensive and dye well. They are usually blended with other materials where the polyester lends its strength.

For instance, our No Sweat sheets are the driest set of sheets we’ve tested. It cools effectively. It is a blend of polyester and nylon.

Microfiber sheets are okay for tight budgets

Microfiber sheets are synthetic sheets made of polyester and other synthetic materials. Microfiber sheets have many advantages over other fabrics:

  • Inexpensive compared to most fabrics
  • Wick moisture well
  • Hold color well even when dyed or printed with the darkest of colors
  • Can be washed and dried without a lot of precautions
  • Don’t wrinkle easily, unlike cotton

Microfiber doesn’t absorb but simply wicks moisture away.

Microfiber sheets are stretchy. Some people don’t like them because they feel the sheets are too clingy. Others appreciate the low prices, rich colors and low maintenance of microfiber sheets. The weight of microfiber sheets is a good guide to their quality. Be wary of inexpensive microfiber sheets as these are generally too thin and will not last.

Performance sheets are not that great at cooling you down

We see a lot of sheets being sold nowadays that claim to be all about performance. Do these high-tech sheets work as well as they claim?

Take Sheex for instance. Their TV commercials are gorgeous to look at, and they claim to make cool sheets. But when tested, their sheets have very average scores on coolness (53 on a scale of 100).

Why are Sheex sheets so ineffective at cooling? For one, they are knitted, not woven. You’ll see knits most often in your cozy old t-shirts. They are stretchy, pliable and clingy. They sit close to your skin and reduce ventilation. So while they are soft, they are not ideal for making cooling sheets.

Further, Sheex is made of polyester (87%) and spandex (13%). This makes it more likely to wick away sweat, rather than cool you down.

Like other knitted sheets, Sheex sheets are good at keeping you dry, not at keeping you cool.

High-tech fabrics work well if they have permanent treatments

There are other performance sheets made of high-tech fabrics.

For instance, Nano-tex says it uses nanotechnology to “transform the molecular structure of fabrics”. It also supposedly has an “advanced moisture-wicking system.” claims to balance skin temperature using embedded microcapsules. These “absorb heat and prevent moisture from even making an appearance”.

Do high-tech sheets work? Some high tech sheets perform very well before their first wash. But after a few washes, the chemical finish wears out and the sheets lose their coolness. This is why some customers leave rave reviews after their first night on those sheets. But a couple of months and a few washes later, they are disillusioned.

Look for high-tech treatments that are permanent. These treatments make mechanical enhancements to the yarn such as introducing heat-absorbing particles. So they don’t wash out.

Even so, keep your expectations low with high-tech sheets. They can absorb only a tiny amount of heat. The parts of the sheet in contact with your skin gets heated up quickly. We have never found a high-tech sheet that is cool enough to win our tests.

The only way to decide if a high tech sheet is cool is by testing it after many washes, which is what we do.

The best cooling sheets we have found:

  • Easy Breezy: Our coolest sheets. Exceptionally breathable, and weigh half as much as sheets with the same threadcount. Made in Portugal from Pima cotton.
  • White Tie: Crisp, full-bodied sheets. Made in India from Supima, the best cotton for sheets because of smoothness and durability.
  • Supercale: Outstanding combination of cooling and crispness. Easy to maintain sheets. Made from Supima in Italy.
  • Second Skin: Cool-to-the-touch bamboo sheets. Very drapey. Made in China from bamboo rayon/viscose.
  • No Sweat: Our best sheet for dryness. Best for profuse sweating. Blend of polyester and nylon. Very smooth and hypoallergenic.

“We have been using flannel sheets year round for the past 20 years. These are by far the softest, thickest, nicest flannel sheets I have ever bought. They keep you warm in the winter & cool in the summer.” ­­– Betsy from Bradenton, Florida

It was late fall in Pemaquid, Maine, in a seaside cottage on the water, when I first slid between a pair of welcoming old flannel bed sheets. Science says that flannel’s brushing process, mastered by Portuguese artisan craftspeople, fluffs up the downy surface, or “nap” of the fabric, creating tiny pockets of air. These pillows insulate, and hold in glorious body heat. Warmth and softness at the end of an active day kayaking and hiking? Yes, please. It’s like sinking into a hug.

What Is Flannel—Isn’t It the Same as Brushed Cotton?

The thing that makes a fabric flannel is the brushing those Portuguese artisans developed: nowadays it’s a mechanical process where fine, metal brushes gently loosen and raise the minuscule fibers in a fabric’s weave, which in turn creates a ‘nap’ and gives flannel the familiar softness we all crave, whether it’s in our beloved flannel shirt, or our inviting sheets.

And what of brushed cotton? Some insist it’s the same thing as flannel, while others maintain brushed cotton has been softened—call it flannel-ized—on one side only. These purists hold that for a material to be considered a true flannel, it must be brushed on both sides. You could call it picking at, well, fibers.

A Brief History of Flannel

The wonders of flannel feel fresh to me, like a new discovery, but 17th-century Welsh farmers knew the truth. To them, it was gwlanen, the warmest lightweight fabric with the best range of motion available. Their wives and women began carding wool, and weaving this element-resistant fabric made of worsted yarn, for wearing in the fields. Flannel finally reached America’s shores in 1869, at first popular among the working class. While the earliest versions were all wool, today there are many more types of flannel, made in wool, cotton, or even synthetic fabrics.

Flannel vs. Cotton Bed Sheets: Which Are Better?

Bed sheets can in fact influence your well being: nobody needs to explain the benefits of sleeping soundly. Are flannel sheets better than cotton sheets? The answer is, sometimes. Because flannel is inherently soft, it does not irritate your skin—this appealing quality may matter to you if you have a skin condition, for example eczema, or if you simply enjoy flannel’s exquisite feel. And like cotton, flannel is breathable: it allows air circulation and helps wick away moisture from your skin. Most of us would agree that flannel also feels exceptionally warm.

Cotton sheets, by contrast, promise the maximum amount of air circulation, and can actually help you stay cool in the heat. So it’s no surprise we defer to our cotton percale bedding in the warmer months, and our flannels in the winter. Insofar as softness, cotton sheets can also be supremely soft: it’s mainly a matter of the thread count. And both cotton and flannel sheets are easy to wash and maintain, so that’s a win-win.

Are Flannel Sheets Warmer than Cotton Sheets?

Flannel sheets at least feel warmer. Why? Because flannel’s napped surface traps body heat and helps retain it—in other words, it insulates you. The comparatively smoother surface of cotton sheets can’t do that, but cotton ‘wins’ in the warm summer months precisely because it does not retain heat.

I’ll admit that I’m something of a sheet snob these days, after a youth of sleeping in practical, economical, rough-hewn poly-cotton-blend bed clothes. I learned the joys of high thread count, Egyptian cotton sheets largely in sleek, cool, upmarket hotels. Now I treat myself to sets of my own.

Only in recent years, though, have I become a convert to the soothing delights of brushed flannel bedding. Sure, there was always something romantic about the idea…it was much touted in the film The Sure Thing, starring my teen heartthrob John Cusick. Along with Daphne Zuniga, he dreams of renovating a Vermont farmhouse, and kitting it out with well-worn flannel sheets.

Now I find myself seeking comfort and warmth to support me through the stretch of winter days and nights ahead. I’m relishing my plush purple slippers, wrapping myself in my fleece bathrobe, and I’ve dressed my bed in brand-spanking-new flannel sheets. And I, for one, am grateful for those Welsh farmers’ innovation. While I neither must toil outdoors in the damp fog, nor rely on burning peat to warm my home, the luxury of my snug flannel jammies and my toasty, sumptuous flannel bedding cheers and soothes me.

Waking up drenched night after night is bad enough, but being too hot can also throw off your sleep cycle and interfere with your ability to get quality shut-eye, according to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF). To the rescue: cooling sheets, which can keep you from overheating while you sleep. Here are the best cooling sheets to buy right now. A sweat-free night’s sleep awaits!

PeachSkinSheets Night Sweats: The Original Moisture Wicking Sheet Set PeachSkinSheets $89.95

Best Overall: The Original PeachSkinSheets Moisture Wicking Sheets

Moisture-wicking sheets work by pulling moisture off the surface of the skin, says Dr. Breus. This option is specifically designed to do that and more: Its SMART fabric is also stain-resistant, ultra-soft, and super breathable. For even more ways to get a better night’s rest, don’t miss these natural sleep aids.

Mellanni Bed Sheet Set Mellanni $24.70

Best Value: Mellanni Bed Sheets

Made with breathable microfiber that helps keep you dry, these extra-soft sheets are available in nearly 40 colors and come with a lifetime guarantee. Maybe that’s why a whopping 48,000 people have given them a collective 4.5-star rating on Amazon, making these sheets a #1 bestseller.

Linen Core Sheet Set linen $279.00

Best Linen Sheets: Brooklinen Linen Core Sheets

Linen sheets are great for hot sleepers because they’re light and breathable compared to other fabrics. While linen isn’t as soft as cotton, it has a cozy, textured look and is much more durable. Brooklinen is known for selling some of the best linen sheets out there, and these navy chambray sheets are no different. Made with the high-quality Belgian and French flax, these cooling sheets have been stonewashed to give it a super soft feel. Plus, each piece is individually pre-washed and dyed.

Lausonhouse 100% Pure French Linen Sheet Set Lausonhouse $179.99

Runner-Up: Lausonhouse 100% Pure French Linen Sheets

These lightweight, luxurious sheets are available in seven pastel hues, from chambray blue to mauve, for a touch of calming tones to your bedroom. Each set comes with two pillow cases, a flat sheet, and a fitted sheet. Since linen sheets are delicate, it’s recommended you wash them in the gentle cycle and line dry them if you can.


Best Cotton Sheets: Parachute Percale Sheets


You’ve heard about them on Pod Save America—now it’s time to try them out for yourself. Made in Portugal with 100 percent long-staple Egyptian cotton, these soft, comfortable bed sheets are the definition of understated luxury. They’re lightweight, breathable, and are easy to clean in the washing machine: Use cool water with a mild liquid detergent and avoid bleaching. Tumble dry low and use wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets.

Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set CHATEAU HOME COLLECTION $72.25

Runner-Up: Chateau Home Collection’s Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Cotton fabric is one of the most breathable textiles on the market, says Dr. Breus. We like these sheets from Chateau Home Collection, which are woven with 100 percent Egyptian cotton. They’re sweat-wicking and temperature-balancing to keep you cool. Best of all, they’ve been tested to ensure durability and meet the standards for strength, thread count, pilling shrinkage, and color fastness.

Zen Bamboo Luxury 1500 Series Bed Sheets Zen Bamboo $26.49

Best Bamboo Sheets: Cariloha Classic Bamboo Sheets

There’s a reason why bamboo sheets are becoming popular: Not only is the fabric soft and comfortable, but it’s also eco-friendly. Cariloha claims that its sheets will keep you “three degrees cooler than cotton sheets.” Plus, they naturally keep odors and allergens away from your bed. In fact, the viscose—a fiber in bamboo fabrics—helps prevent skin irritations that can flare up with sheets that are chemically treated. Each set comes with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases.

Zen Bamboo Luxury 1500 Series Bed Sheets Zen Bamboo $26.49

Runner-Up: Zen Bamboo Luxury 1500 Series S Sheets

These have a combination of bamboo and microfiber, offering you the best of lightweight and cooling sheets. They’re hypoallergenic, which means they prevent dust mites, mold, and other allergens from jumping into bed with you. Plus, they’re stain- and wrinkle-resistant, so they look brand new every time you use them. Maybe that’s why more than 2,000 Amazon reviewers can’t stop raving about them. An Amazon reviewer writes, “These sheets are simply amazing! I love bamboo! These are just as soft and cool as my set of $120 Egyptian cotton sheets. The first night I slept in them, I got in bed and they felt so cool and soft.”

Stratus Sheet Set $139.00

Best High-Tech Sheets: Slumber Cloud Stratus Sheet Set

Cooling and perfectly weighted, these ultra-soft sheets are designed with cotton and NASA-engineered temperature-regulated fibers that provide you with the best conditions for cooler, deeper sleep. They’re more breathable than regular cotton sheets and help prevent overheating by adapting to the fluctuations in your body temperature.

One Slumber Cloud customer says, “If you’re a hot sleeper, especially in the summer, this sheet set is for you. Combine it with the mattress cover and you’ll sleep like you’ve never slept before. You’ll wake up cool and rested.”

SHEEX Performance Sheet Set SHEEX $175.00

Runner-Up: Sheex Original Performance Sheets

A blend of polyester and spandex, these sheets are as soft and smooth as they are functional: Sheex claims that its bedding “transfers body heat two times more effectively than traditional cotton sheets.” Thanks to its thermoregulating technology, these sheets have temperature control and wicks moisture and sweat. A set includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases for a peaceful night of rest.

10 Grove Irving Bed Sheet Set $160.00

10 Grove Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Crisp is the best word to describe these sheets. Sourced from Italian mills and sewn in the U.S., 10 Grove’s sheet sets are for the hot sleeper who prefers cool, airy bedding to jersey-like cotton that can sometimes feel grimy after night sweats. The direct-to-consumer start-up offers four styles, each with varying degrees of sophisticated embroidery, and you can buy sets or separates. You also have the option of a percale (matte) or sateen (subtle sheen) finish. Sizing includes all the standard options, plus Twin XL and Cal King. Request a swatch ahead of time if you’d like to try before you buy. “I am very impressed,” says one reviewer. “It is such high quality and the packaging was beautiful but not too wasteful.”

Magnolia Organics Dream Collection Sheet Set Magnolia Organics $79.95

Magnolia Organics Dream Collection Sheets

In addition to white, these sheets are available in six calming colors. Plus, these organic cotton sheets have just the right thread count at 300. It’s low enough to allow air to easily pass through, keeping you cool and dry, yet high enough for the fabric to feel satiny and cozy. These fitted sheets also have a deep pockets to ensure that they stay on your bed, no matter how much you toss and turn. An Amazon reviewer says, “They’re cool and soft and made a huge difference on my new mattress. One of the best features is the elastic around the fitted sheet edge, which holds the sheet firmly in place.”

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Maria Masters Maria Masters is an experienced health journalist with more than a decade of experience interviewing doctors, nutritionists, and other experts for publications such as Prevention, Men’s Health, and Everyday Health.

For many sleepers (myself included), staying cool throughout the night can be a challenge. Fortunately, some bedding is built to be cooler and more breathable than the rest. But how are you supposed to determine which bedsheets are going to be the best for keeping you cool and cozy?

Well, I’ve rounded up six of my favorite sheet sets specifically for hot sleepers. So, whether you’re trying to stave off summer night sweats, or just love the airy caress of a breathable set of sheets — this review is for folks who love to sleep cool. Read more to learn about the best cooling sheets.

The Best Cooling Sheets

Most Breathable
Layla Sheets Layla Sheets

The Layla Bamboo sheet set is made from 100% viscose from bamboo. For those of you who are a little unclear about the word “viscose,” it essentially refers to the process used to turn natural bamboo into fabric.

Doesn’t expire

Smoothest Feeling Sheets
Casper Sheets Casper Sheets

A soft, crisp feel makes the Casper Sheets ideal for those who like to sleep cool.

Crispest Feeling Sheets
Brooklinen Sheets Brooklinen Sheets

Woven with long staple cotton, these Brooklinen sheets are both soft and comfortable. Enjoy 10% off your order with code SLEEPOPOLIS10!

Best Bamboo Sheets
Purple Sheets Purple Sheets

These sheets are uniquely stretchy, moisture-wicking, and super soft — and they go great with a Purple mattress!

Best Garment Washed Sheets
Lime & Leaf Sheets Lime & Leaf Sheets

Cool, crisp, and oh-so-soft garment-washed sheets offer sleepers a super cozy place to sleep the night away.

Coolest Sateen Sheets
Saatva Lofton Sheets Saatva Lofton Sheets

Saatva sheets are woven from 100% long-staple organic cotton into a 300 thread count, which is intended to offer a feel that’s soft, durable, and breathable. They are sateen woven which means they are going to be a bit more silky in feel, and less crisp. Additionally, they offer a light, lustrous sheen rather than a solid, matte finish.

Doesn’t expire

Best Linen Sheets
MagicLinen Sheets MagicLinen Sheets

Enjoy the gently massaging, cooling caress of 100% linen sheets from MagicLinen, and save 10% on your order with the code SLEEPOPOLIS!

Why Are These The Best Sheets for Hot Sleepers?

While the sheet sets in this roundup feature different fabrics, weave styles, and designs, they all have one main thing in common — they were designed to keep you cool. Whether it’s due to extra breathable materials, moisture-wicking properties, or a super lightweight construction, each of these sheet sets offer their own uniquely cooling qualities. The fun part is deciding which bedding is best for your body, your bed, and your lifestyle!

So, let’s take a closer examination of each sheet set so you can find the cooling bedding of your dreams.

Most Breathable

The Layla sheets are extra breathable

Layla Sheets

Up first is one of my all-time favorite bamboo bedding essentials — the silky and lustrous Layla Sheet Set.

The Layla Sheet Set comes with all the cooling perks of bamboo-based bedding. It’s moisture-wicking, very breathable, and has a lightweight quality that keeps the bed feeling fresh and airy. As an added bonus this bedding is made from 100% viscose from bamboo, a material known for its silky feel and lustrous sheen.

Make no mistake — these sheets are also very durable, but because they’re not blended with any other material (which can add some weight to the fabric), they are very light and breezy. Personally, that’s one of my favorite things about this set — the fabric lies ever so gently on the body and feels uniquely soothing on my bare skin. So if you’re a sleeper who likes to ditch the PJ’s before climbing into bed, I heartily recommend the Layla Sheet Set.

Additionally, pure bamboo-based bedding is sustainably sourced and naturally hypoallergenic, so eco-friendly sleepers or those with sensitive skin should feel free to roll around with Layla. In fact, anyone looking for a silky, lustrous sheet set to keep them cool should definitely look into this sheet set!

Interested? Learn all the details about this bedding in my full review of the Layla Sheet Set.

Layla Sheets Layla Sheets

The Layla Bamboo sheet set is made from 100% viscose from bamboo. For those of you who are a little unclear about the word “viscose,” it essentially refers to the process used to turn natural bamboo into fabric.

Smoothest Feeling Sheets


Similar to the Lime & Leaf sheets, Casper’s Cool Supima sheets are made from 100% long-staple Supima cotton, and feature a breathable percale weave. So, these sheets are light, airy, and, as the name suggests, cool to the touch.

However, what I think is kind of special about these sheets is that they offer a really nice balance between smooth and crisp. When comparing all of these sheet sets side by side, the feel of Casper’s bedding falls right between Brooklinen’s super crisp feel, and Lime & Leaf’s smooth, garment washed feel. So, you’re still getting that crisp, hotel-bed feel, but there’s also a creamy-smooth factor at play as well.

The folks at Casper say that these sheets were crafted to feel “sublimely balanced,” and I can’t say I disagree. Oftentimes, percale bedding is crisp at the expense of smoothness. Conversely, sateen bedding is often smooth and not at all crisp. But these sheets have a very inviting blend of both traits.

Something I, personally, like about Casper’s sheets is they aren’t just breathable — they actually feel cool to the touch as well. So, if you love a cool, breathable set of sheets, but want to make sure you’re not missing out on any smoothness, these might be the sheets for you.

These sheets range in price from $100-$170, depending on which size you get. If you want the full scoop on Casper’s Cool Supima Sheet Set, check out my full review!

Casper Sheets Casper Sheets

A soft, crisp feel makes the Casper Sheets ideal for those who like to sleep cool.

Crispest Feeling Sheets


If you’re looking for that classic, crisp set of white cotton sheets — this is one of my top picks. They are woven from 100% long-staple cotton, feature a very breathable percale weave, and a 270 thread count. They have a super soft and durable feel, but they are also very light and breathable — making them ideal for sleepers who run hot.

In general, percale woven bedding lies lighter on the body, and provides better airflow as compared to sateen bedding. So, the light, airy nature of these sheets serves to help the sleeper stay cool all night. But the thing that sets this sheet set apart from the others we’re looking at here is its super crisp feel.

Crispness is also a common characteristic of percale bedding, but these may very well be the crispest percale sheets I’ve ever tested. They evoke a fresh, hotel-bed feel that many sleepers might find particularly comforting. So, if you’re a sleeper who needs a light, airy sheet set to help keep cool, but also loves a very crisp feel — these are probably going to be right up your alley!

These sheets range in price from $109-$149. And if you want to learn more about my personal experience testing these sheets, be sure to check out my full review of Brooklinen’s Classic Core Sheet Set!

Save 10% Brooklinen Sheets Brooklinen Sheets

Woven with long staple cotton, these Brooklinen sheets are both soft and comfortable. Enjoy 10% off your order with code SLEEPOPOLIS10!

Best Bamboo Sheets


The Purple sheets offer a totally different feel as compared the Brooklinen sheets (and every sheet set I’ve ever tested, for that matter). But rest assured — they bring some fabulous cooling qualities to the table.

These sheets are made from a blend of spandex and viscose from bamboo which combines to offer a super stretchy, light, and breathable feel. So, this light breathability is going to do a great job of keeping sleepers cool — but because this bedding is bamboo-based, we can enjoy some extra perks that are unique to this material. For example, bamboo has a reputation for being durable, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and naturally moisture-wicking.

The moisture-wicking ability of these sheets further serves to keep sleepers cool, dry, and feeling fresh. So, if you’re prone to night sweats and want to give bamboo bedding a try, I heartily recommend these sheets. Not to mention, the durability of the bamboo works with the stretchiness of the spandex in a way that makes these sheets feel like you could pull, billow, and wash them again and again, and they’d always return to their original form.

Pricing for these sheets ranges from $99-$129 which, in my opinion, is a great value (especially since bamboo bedding tends to come with a high price tag). If you want to learn every last detail about these sheets, or learn more about the benefits of bamboo-based bedding, check out my full review of Purple’s sheets!

Purple Sheets Purple Sheets

These sheets are uniquely stretchy, moisture-wicking, and super soft — and they go great with a Purple mattress!

Best Garment Washed Sheets

Ready for bed with the Lime and Leaf sheets

Lime & Leaf

Alright, moving on to the Garment Washed Sheet set from Lime & Leaf! These sheets are made from 100% long-staple Supima cotton, which is widely regarded as one of the higher quality cottons out there. So, this bedding offers some strong durability, but also feels airy and light.

These sheets are percale woven so, like I mentioned before, this weave style lends itself to better breathability which will help keep the sleeper cool. But because these sheets are garment washed, they offer an extra-soft, casually lived-in feel that separates them from the rest of the sets we’re looking at here. The garment washing process leaves them feeling less crisp, but still very cool to the touch.

More: For those who are not sure about what garment washing is — it’s a technique within textile manufacturing that’s used to enhance the softness and comfort of the fabric, while also giving it a uniquely ‘worn-in’ aesthetic.

The folks at Lime & Leaf describe the feel of these sheets as, “how their grandmothers’ sheets used to feel — cool from the percale weave, and soft from many years of washing.” And I’d have to agree with that assessment! So, if you’re a hot sleeper who loves the feel of cool, light, sheets (but also wants to see what this worn-in, garment washed feel is all about), I recommend you give these sheets a try.

Pricing for these sheets ranges from $164-$228, depending on which size set you choose. And if you want to learn every last detail about these sheets, check out my written and video reviews of the Lime & Leaf sheets!

Lime & Leaf Sheets Lime & Leaf Sheets

Cool, crisp, and oh-so-soft garment-washed sheets offer sleepers a super cozy place to sleep the night away.

Coolest Sateen Sheets

Saatva Lofton

Speaking of sateen bedding, allow me to introduce the only sateen woven sheets on this list — the Saatva Dreams Lofton Sheet Set.

These sheets are woven from 100% long-staple organic cotton into a 300 thread count, which offers a feel that’s soft, durable, and silky. In general, sateen woven sheets are more silky in feel, and much less crisp. Additionally, a sateen weave tends to produce a thicker sheet that lies heavier on the body, and is less breathable. So, between the two weave styles, percale almost always sleeps cooler.

However, these sheets are among the lightest, most breathable sateen sheets I’ve ever tested. True to a sateen weave, they feel very silky to the touch, and offer a pretty, lustrous sheen. But every time I sleep on these sheets (these are the sheets I have at home), I’m surprised by how light and cool they are.

So, sleepers who love the silky, lustrous nature of sateen bedding, but wish it didn’t sleep so darn warm — I really recommend you try these sheets. Not to mention, they are certified organic and a product of Fair Trade manufacturing. So, eco-friendly sleepers, and folks who prioritize ethically sourced bedding might be particularly compatible with these sheets.

These sheets range in price from $125-$215 (depending on which size you get), and are offered in a variety of colors. For my full thoughts on this sheet set, check out my review of the Saatva Dreams Lofton Sheet Set!

Saatva Lofton Sheets Saatva Lofton Sheets

Saatva sheets are woven from 100% long-staple organic cotton into a 300 thread count, which is intended to offer a feel that’s soft, durable, and breathable. They are sateen woven which means they are going to be a bit more silky in feel, and less crisp. Additionally, they offer a light, lustrous sheen rather than a solid, matte finish.

Best Linen Sheets


And last, but certainly not least, we have the Woodrose Sheet Set from MagicLinen. Now, these sheets are made from 100% linen, which is widely regarded as one of the most breathable fabrics out there. So, anyone who’s ever worn a linen garment might already know about its cooling properties. However, there’s something special that separates these sheets from some other linen bedding out there.

Because these are made from pure linen, they’re going to offer great airflow which is, of course, going to serve to dissipate body heat. Linen is also naturally moisture-wicking which helps keep the sleeper dry, and stave off those night sweats. Of course, what sets these sheets apart from the others on this list is the texture.

Linen has a texture that’s more coarse in nature, kind of in a gently massaging way. However, something special about these sheets is that they’ve been stone washed. Similar to the garment washing we see with the Lime & Leaf sheets, stone washing serves to boost that softness factor, and make these sheets a little more flexible. So, if you love how breathable and cooling linen is, but wish it were a little softer and less coarse — I definitely recommend you give MagicLinen a try!

Now, in general, linen comes with a higher price tag — and these range in price from $209-$309. However, linen bedding is ultra-durable, sustainably sourced, and offers a unique aesthetic and feel. So, if you’re a linen-lover, these might just be worth the investment.

For all the details on these sheets, check out my full review of the Woodrose sheets from MagicLinen!

Take 10% off your order! MagicLinen Sheets MagicLinen Sheets

Enjoy the gently massaging, cooling caress of 100% linen sheets from MagicLinen, and save 10% on your order with the code SLEEPOPOLIS!

So, Which Sheets Should I Buy?

Well, now we know that all of these sheets offer their own, special cooling properties. But let’s go over all this beddings’ highlights so you can get a good idea about which sheet set is the best for you.

Brooklinen Classic Core Sheets

  • Very Crisp — In my opinion, this sheet set’s claim to fame is all about the crispness. They offer a fresh, hotel-bed feel that would appeal to sleepers of all styles — but especially to those for whom sheets can never be too crisp.
  • Super Light — These sheets lie very light on the body. So, in addition to being breathable, they also offer an airy, lightweight quality that’s ideal for hot summer nights.
  • Bedding Essential — These sheets fall into the category of bedding essentials. They’re white, cotton, percale, and crisp which, in my opinion, is a must-have for every bedroom collection. So, if you’re looking to boost your bedding essentials, this is a great place to start.

Save 10% Brooklinen Sheets Brooklinen Sheets

Woven with long staple cotton, these Brooklinen sheets are both soft and comfortable. Enjoy 10% off your order with code SLEEPOPOLIS10!

Purple Sheets

  • Stretchy & Soft — The combo of bamboo and spandex leaves these sheets feeling super stretchy, durable, and oh-so-soft. So, if you love the cool breathability of bamboo, but want to try a stretchy set of sheets that flex with your mattress — these are the sheets for you.
  • Moisture-Wicking — Bamboo is naturally moisture-wicking and, fortunately for us, these sheets adopted that property. This bedding’s breathability and moisture-wicking ability combine to keep the sleeper feeling cool, dry, and fresh.
  • Great Value — Of all the sheet sets we’re looking at here, these are the least expensive. Typically, bamboo-based bedding comes with a higher price tag, so these are an exceptionally good deal.

Purple Sheets Purple Sheets

These sheets are uniquely stretchy, moisture-wicking, and super soft — and they go great with a Purple mattress!

Casper’s Cool Supima Sheets

  • Balanced Feel — These sheets offer a really nice balance between crisp and smooth. So, if you love a nice, fresh crispness, but want to make sure you’re still getting some smoothness as well — these blend both of those traits very well.
  • The Casper Look — The style of these sheets mimics the aesthetic of the Casper mattress. So, if you have a Casper mattress, and you want a sheet set to (literally) match, these are the sheets for you.
  • Cool to the Touch — Beyond breathability, these sheets feel cool to the touch. So, they’re going to dissipate body heat and actively serve to keep you cool all night.

Casper Sheets Casper Sheets

A soft, crisp feel makes the Casper Sheets ideal for those who like to sleep cool.

Saatva Dreams Lofton Sheets

  • Silky Feel — Of all the sheets on this list, these offer the silkiest feel. They are sateen woven, so you’re getting that sumptuously smooth handfeel — but they also keep you cool!
  • Lustrous Sheen — True to a sateen weave, these sheets offer a very pretty lustrous sheen. Folks who like their sheets to have a luminous shine should strongly consider these!
  • Elegant Drape — In keeping with that sateen personality, these sheets offer a body-conforming drape that silhouettes your shape in an elegant-yet-comfy way.

Saatva Lofton Sheets Saatva Lofton Sheets

Saatva sheets are woven from 100% long-staple organic cotton into a 300 thread count, which is intended to offer a feel that’s soft, durable, and breathable. They are sateen woven which means they are going to be a bit more silky in feel, and less crisp. Additionally, they offer a light, lustrous sheen rather than a solid, matte finish.

MagicLinen Sheets

  • Stone Washed — Folks who love the coarse texture of linen (but wish it were toned down just a tad) might be especially compatible with these sheets. Because they are stoned washed, they are softer and more flexible as compared to linen sheets that have not been through the stone washing process.
  • Sustainably Sourced — These sheets are made from 100% linen which is derived from natural flax fibers. So, sleeping on a fabric that’s naturally and sustainably sourced is a nice perk for eco-friendly sleepers.
  • Ultra-Breathable — Linen is widely regarded as one of the most breathable fabrics out there. So, it’s going to do a great job of dissipating your body’s heat, helping you to stay cool the whole night through!

Take 10% off your order! MagicLinen Sheets MagicLinen Sheets

Enjoy the gently massaging, cooling caress of 100% linen sheets from MagicLinen, and save 10% on your order with the code SLEEPOPOLIS!


How do cooling sheets work?

Cooling bed sheet fabric that is both breathable and absorbent. These types of fabrics are designed to allow the body’s skin to breathe. This can help prevent some of the moisture that comes from night sweats and can wick away moisture.

What else can I use to keep my bed cool in addition to cooling sheets?

Some people sleep hot, suffer from night sweats or are going through menopause. Whatever the reason may be, if a consumer wants to add extra cooling options they can pair cooling sheets with a cooling mattress protector, cooling comforter, or cooling blanket.

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For the last month I have been testing a Tencel sheets set by Malouf. This is my first experience with Tencel, so I had no real expectations going in. You may have already seen Tencel in other products. It’s a performance fiber used in a variety of fabrics and clothing items. Tencel is exceptionally strong, soft, easy to maintain, and offers great cooling.

But can these Tencel sheets pass the rigors of the Sleepopolis sheet test? We put Malouf’s Tencel sheets through our full test! Continue reading below for the full review.

Woven Tencel Sheets by Malouf Woven Tencel Sheets by Malouf

Tencel sheets are naturally cooling, moisture-wicking, and super-soft — and these are no exception!

Don’t have time to read it all?

Construction & Materials

The Woven Tencel sheets are built from 100% Tencel. These sheets use a sateen weave. Sateen is the most common weave that you’ll find in most sheet sets. The sateen weave is woven so that there are more fibers on the surface of the fabric. This type of construction creates a soft, smooth, and luxurious feel.

The thread count is 300. Thread count is most certainly an important consideration when purchasing a new sheet set. However, it’s not everything. Many companies use thread count deceptively to try and trick consumers. At a certain point, you start to see diminishing returns from higher thread count. 300 thread count starts what I would consider the luxury / performance sheet market. Anything below that and you might see quality / feel issues. However, as you venture upwards of 300 the quality / feel difference isn’t as dramatic as many thread count numbers would seem to indicate (especially when you get above 600).

Woven Tencel sheets by Malouf

The Tencel sheets by Malouf can be machine washed on a normal cycle. For drying they recommend drying on low heat, and while the sheets are still damp remove them from the dryer and line dry (or hang above the shower curtain rod if you’re an apartment dweller like myself).

These sheets are designed as a universal fit. The fitted sheet will fit any mattress with a depth of 6″-22″. Additionally, the sheets are available in a wide variety of colors including: dust, ecru, harvest, ivory, opal, and white…for my male readers, that’s yellow, beige, blue, teal, light pink, and white. Lastly, these Tencel sheets are available in all of the standard sizes including: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King, California King, Split Queen, Split King, and Split California King.

Build Quality

For build quality I am primarily focused on the materials, stitching, and overall construction of the sheets.

Regarding the materials used, the presence of the Tencel thread at all is noteworthy. But more than that, the fact that it’s 100% Tencel really takes these sheets to the next level. Many Tencel sheet sets, especially those in the $30-$75 range tend to be Tencel blends, usually with cotton. If you’re going to opt for Tencel I think it makes more sense to get a sheet set that’s 100%.

Tencel sheets (non-ironed), on a standard King sized platform bed

The stitching on the Tencel sheets was quite simply incredible. The flat sheet had two 1/4″ loose threads, one on the corner of the foot and one on the corner of the head. Beyond that, the sheets were flawless. There were no flaws on the fitted sheet and no flaws on the pillow cases. The stitching was neat and feels / looks quite strong. Overall, I’m very impressed with the build quality of these sheets, especially for the price point.

Durability & Performance Tests

To test the durability of these Tencel sheets I perform a few simple, but telling tests, that can help to give you an idea of the quality and performance you can expect.

Shrinkage Test

First up, we have the shrinkage test. In this test I take measurements before and after washing and drying. Washing / drying shrinkage is a major concern with any sheet set. Additionally, dramatic shrinkage can indicate lower quality fibers within the sheets.

For the shrinkage test I use the flat sheet and pillow case, as these allow for more accurate measurements. All 4 sides of the sheet are measured for increased accuracy and the total surface area of the sheet is analyzed before and after washing / drying. For the flat sheet I saw a 3.9% decrease in the size after washing and drying compared to the baseline. For the pillow case I saw a 2.4% decrease in the size of the pillow case after washing and drying compared to the baseline. Both of these numbers are quite good and well within normal limits. Any shrinkage below 5% is considered very good.

Shrinkage test – 3.9% decrease for the flat sheet, and a 2.4% decrease for the pillow case

Damage Test

Next, we have the damage test. My first damage test is simply an assessment of the existing flaws in the sheet (see above). Next, I compare any new or exacerbated flaws post washing /drying. Most damage is likely to occur during washing and drying.

The two existing loose threads on the flat sheet saw a slight increase in their size post-washing, increasing from 1/4″ to 1/2″. Additionally, I noted 3 other loose threads that surfaced along the primary edge seam of the flat sheet. One 1/2″ loose thread, one 1″ loose thread, and one 2″ loose thread. These threads look like the finishing weave and not the functional sheet weave coming undone. As such, they are less critical of a durability issue. The pillow case and fitted sheet remained in virtually flawless condition. There were no noticeable loose threads or other damage on either of those.

Color Test

Third, we have the color test. In this test, we are testing how well the colors actually stay in the fabric. Colors that bleed indicate a lower quality material and/or dye. Additionally, it could cause bleeding on your clothes or other items you wash with these sheets.

To test the colors I first soak a pillow case with hot water. Next, I wring the water out by using a rolling pin to press the pillow case into a stack of paper towels. Dyes or fabrics of lower quality will easily bleed their colors or other residue onto the paper towels. My testing process show zero discernible dye or other residual on the paper towels.

Results of the Tencel sheets dye test – Zero discernible dye or other residue

Feel, Cooling, & Style

Overall, I have been exceedingly impressed by the feel, cooling, and general appeal of these Tencel sheets. That sateen weave gives the sheets a smooth and crisp feel every time you get into bed. One of the most commonly asked questions and concerns for sheet sets is, “how soft are they?” On a scale of 1-10, where 1 is the most soft and 10 is the least soft, I would rate these sheets at a 2-3 out of 10. The saaten weave combined with the Tencel fibers create a delightful feel.

Close up of the head of the Tencel sheets

The feel is further helped by the cooling of the sheets. I wouldn’t describe the sheets as feeling “cold”, but they certainly have a noticeable coolness to them when you first lie down. The coolness largely persists even after lying in the same position for several hours. They feel slightly less cool than after the initial lie, but even after hours they are ~80% as cool as when I first got into bed. Tencel is turning out to be one of the most interesting materials I’ve ever tested.

According to Lenzing Fibers (the creator of Tencel), Tencel is designed to be…

More absorbent that cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen.

At the conclusion of my tests I feel that all of these claims are substantiated. When compared to a 100% cotton sheet Tencel is noticeably cooler and softer. Additionally, the sheets do a great job of continually wicking sweat from the sleeping surface. Tencel fibers actually trap moisture within the fiber itself, beneath the surface of the sheet. This is what helps the sheets stay cool, while also greatly reducing bacteria growth (decreases by up to 2000 times vs. synthetic materials based on a 2004 lab test at Innsbruck Medical University).

These Tencel sheets have a clean and modern aesthetic. There’s very little in terms of added adornment or finery. Just exceptional materials, simple design, and great build quality.

Should you buy the Woven Tencel sheets by Malouf?

There are few sheets that have impressed me quite as much as the Woven Tencel sheets by Malouf. They are affordable, well made, use high-quality advanced materials, sleep cool, and have a nice softness to them. They are everything you would expect a great set of sheets to be.

I would recommend the Tencel sheets to sleepers who:

  • Want a soft feel – these Tencel sheets have an above average softness. On a scale of 1-10, where 1 is the most soft and 10 is the least, I would rate them at a 2-3 on the softness scale.
  • Want great cooling – the combination of the breathable fiber and moisture absorptive properties allow these sheets to provide a noticeable difference in terms of cooling. Even after several hours of sleeping in the same spot the sheets continue to have a crisp and cool feel.
  • Want luxury sheets for an affordable price – at ~$90 for a Queen set it really is hard to go wrong with these. Great material quality, solid build, and good feel. They are a small bump in price vs. cheap sheets, but a massive bump in performance.
  • Want Eco-friendly – Tencel fibers are created in a closed loop system. The solvent used to process the fibers is 99% recyclable.

For more information on Tencel visit To shop for the Woven Tencel sheets by Malouf visit

Cool, Soft, & Highly Affordable
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The Woven Tencel sheets by Malouf are everything you would expect from a luxury sheet set. They have a delightful crisp and cool feeling, combined with great softness and a simple modern aesthetic. Made from 100% Tencel fibers, these sheets offer a dramatic performance bump over more common fibers. And finally, at $90 for a Queen set these sheets offer tremendous value for all sleepers.

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