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On the How Did This Get Made? podcast, three comedians and a guest discuss particularly bad movies, an idea initially spurred by a conversation about Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas figured that the movie was bad enough—and the conversation lively enough—to warrant putting it out into the world. Five years and 100 episodes later, they’re still doing it. For their 100th episode, Scheer, Raphael, and Mantzoukas talked about the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Junior, which inspired their podcast’s logo. Scheer and Mantzoukas spoke to The A.V. Club about how the show came together, and what to expect for the next 100 episodes.

The AV Club: What do you remember about the night you were talking about Wall Street 2 and decided to make a podcast?

Jason Mantzoukas: I just remember how much we all had to say about it. We talked for a long time. And as we were trying to make sense of it, it just kept getting funnier and funnier. The deeper we got into trying to figure out why our minds were so boggled by that movie the harder we were laughing.

AVC: Did you ever imagine it would last for 100 episodes?

JM: Not at all. It was just something to try and see if we could make work. But once we started, it was pretty clear we had something, and so I’m not at all surprised we’ve gotten this far. It’s really fun and I think we all enjoy each other so much, it’s pretty much a delight to go in and discuss these movies every few weeks.

AVC: Where did the idea for a Junior poster come from? How long have you known you wanted to do Junior for the 100th episode?

Paul Scheer: I actually don’t remember. I feel like it was created by a fan after our first few episodes and we adopted it, much to Earwolf’s chagrin. In the beginning we were pretty reckless at using copyrighted material, like our Nic Cage shirts which we had to pull pending a lawsuit. So if you created our logo let us know.


The idea to do Junior came up recently. People had been asking forever, and oddly I never had seen it nor heard anything about it, so it never was at the top of our list. But then as we approached 100, it seemed to be in the air that it was going to be the focus. The listeners spoke and so we jumped on it. So basically we steal all our good ideas and designs.

AVC: Is there a movie you really want to do, or is requested a lot, that has so far been vetoed for one reason or another?


PS: Face/Off. It’s consistently the most requested film we get asked to do but Jason holds firmly that it’s “too good” to be on the show. I think any movie with Nicolas Cage, John Travolta, a magnetic prison, and face-switching fits the bill perfectly. In many ways, that movie lays the groundwork for the Crank and Fast And Furious franchises. The other movie that I don’t know whether we should do is The Fifth Element. That’s a movie people seem to request often but I can’t tell if it’s actually “good-good” based on the response online. So I’ve held off on that for long time.

AVC: What’s the least enjoyable movie you’ve done so far—a movie you would never want to watch again for any reason?


PS: We’ve been lucky. We try to avoid movies that aren’t just plain bad and boring, but even with our research we get boned occasionally. It’s gotta be The Last Airbender—it’s just joyless in every way. Season Of The Witch and In The Name Of The King were also really ugh-fests, but Airbender was a special type of boring that was tedious on every level. I wouldn’t wish a screening of that film on my worst enemy.

AVC: Who picks what films to watch and what factors into that process?

PS: I’m primarily responsible for picking the films, so I try to go about it in two ways. I want to make sure before we watch it, and before we tell our listeners to watch, that it’s actually good-bad or at least fun to watch. Life is too short to watch really shitty movies. We have two amazing interns, Nate Kiley and Avaryl Halley, that do the dirty work. They are our Beefeaters, if you will. They watch the films before we do and report back. Without them, we’d probably do a lot more clunkers.


Second, we also use fan suggestions but to a lesser extent. I basically watch what they recommend and when there is a recommendation that keeps popping up, I take note and we do it.

AVC: I actually think that The Room is a great movie. I know that it’s absolutely terrible, but it’s so far on the other side of great that it becomes great. Did any of the movies you’ve done so far strike a chord in that way, and you’ve actually watched it many times since it was done for the podcast?


PS: Oh, I totally agree, I’d rather watch 100 The Rooms than one Last Airbender. I think the movie I’ve seen the most is Old Dogs, which was the impetus for the podcast. It’s so bizarre, so weird and oddly convoluted, that it’s kinda magical. I think the movies I’m most intrigued by tend to be four-quadrant movies, which are movies that try to please everyone because they normally fail so spectacularly, or films that just have a clear and clean voice and say “fuck you,” like Crank.

AVC: There have been some common threads on the podcast, like Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Hulk Hogan, and Cage. Is there a particular star or type of movie that you most enjoy watching specifically for the show?


JM: I love all those guys. And I love also so many of the genres we cover. But in the end it’s Nic Cage, as both star and genre.

AVC: Paul has noted Sleepaway Camp as one of his favorite episodes just because of how insane it is, and that he had never heard of it or had any idea of the influence it had on so many people. Is there an episode that stands out for you after 100 shows?


JM: Same for me, Sleepaway Camp. Both because it is so bananas and crazy, but then also the show that resulted, all the confusion about who was who in the opening scene, was itself so funny and crazy. That one really stands out for many reasons for me.

AVC: Have you ever tried to re-watch Sleepaway Camp to figure it out?

JM: Never.

AVC: Is there a movie you’d like to do again for the podcast? Maybe something like The Room but with another cast member to give a different perspective?


PS: Would I love to interview Nicolas Cage about The Wicker Man? Yes! But I don’t. Generally we leave much left unsaid. Whatever we cover is what we wanted to cover. We don’t have to censor ourselves, but the scenario you describe of getting a chance to interview someone involved in the movie would be amazing and we’ve gotten to do that with Vanilla Ice and the director of Skyline. So those follow-ups are fun, but ideally you want and need that person to “get” the show.

AVC: If Nic Cage came on for an episode of the podcast, would he actually make a great guest, or would it just be awkward?


PS: Depends on the Nic Cage you got. I actually think he’s a very interesting, surprisingly quiet guy. Very serious and not bonkers like his lifestyle and films suggest. I’d love to really have him talk about his career. In many ways he’s the most fearless actor working. He makes these huge choices and does so many different types of roles. He never plays it safe, and I bet the reasons for his choices are just as fascinating as his performances.

AVC: You’ve now done a Bond, an Ernest, several Fast And Furious movies. What franchise is next? Why have you steered clear of long-running horror franchises like Friday The 13th or A Nightmare On Elm Street, or any of the Halloweens that feature Michael Myers?


PS: Good question! I don’t know. Most franchises are pretty solid. We do want to do a Trilogy of three-quels. I am fascinated when the gas is out of the tank but they keep making the movies. For example did you know there is a Slapshot 3 with the original Hanson Brothers? Just the trailer upset me on a deep level.

AVC: It seems like the podcast industry is so new and so different than radio or television because you don’t really face cancellation. How long would you expect to do How Did This Get Made??


JM: I really don’t know. I feel so lucky that we’ve made it to 100. It makes me very happy that I get to spend a good portion of my year with Paul and June in a room, or better even, live at Largo, talking about movies and making each other laugh. And how great it is that people are walking around, working out, and finger-blasting each other while listening to our ranting and raving. That’s pretty bonkers.

Can’t you hear it now? For NPR News in Washington, I’m Giles Snyder—and here’s some awesome content.

Perhaps this is too cruel. Meg Goldthwaite, NPR’s chief marketing officer, told me by email that the new theme celebrates Morning Edition’s 40th birthday. “It was time to create fresh music that was engaging, energetic, and holistically reflected the program as it lives today,” she said.

Read: Why do NPR reporters have such great names?

Rewriting the Morning Edition theme was never going to be easy. Yet updating a beloved jingle is not an unprecedented challenge. Fox tinkers with its NFL fanfare every few years without much drama. The Jeopardy theme sounded very different three decades ago. Even the Empire Today carpet jingle—800-588-2300, Empire!—has gone through more than a dozen iterations since 1977, with the core material intact. Morning Edition has squandered the thing that most brands would die to have: a sense of history and authenticity, a link to the past. “I’m basically the same age as that song, and I’ve heard it on the vast majority of the days of my life, and I’m a little shocked to learn that I might not hear it again,” said the New York Times reporter Binyamin Appelbaum on Twitter last weekend.

So why did NPR do it? The writer Joshua Benton speculates that it’s a “going-away present” to Jarl Mohn, NPR’s outgoing chief executive. Apparently Mohn has thirsted for a new theme for years. Since he took over NPR in 2014, he has emphasized the local member stations and engaged in “relentless over-promotion” of Morning Edition and All Things Considered, NPR’s afternoon flagship. That campaign has worked, and NPR listenership is moderately up. This is to be celebrated. NPR, lousy theme or no, is one of the country’s finest and most trusted news organizations, and the new theme is meant to signal its renewed focus on news.

But the new theme represents an impulse that dogs the American press as a whole and NPR in particular—“the CNN-ification of NPR,” as the newsroom employee put it. The U.S. press is afflicted by a chronic lack of humility. In the current flare-up, prompted by post-2016 soul-searching, you can see the disease in the gradual tendency of every print outlet to resemble The New York Times and every broadcast outlet to mimic CNN. The instinct is always to talk at you, not with you. Maybe that CNN-ification—and the internal desire to compete with CNN at a minute-to-minute level—is why so many have compared the new theme to that of The Newsroom, the short-lived Aaron Sorkin HBO project about television news. “It sounds like a theme for a fake radio show that would be on a scripted drama,” Andres said. And the reason why, he said, is that “it’s a little self-important.”

I should confess my bias: I am one of those new listeners that Mohn snagged. Five months ago, I happened to find the Morning Edition theme on YouTube, and as the hi-hat glimmered and the jazz guitar began, I was surprised to find myself transported. Suddenly, I was sitting in the back of my dad’s Mazda sedan, being driven to elementary school, listening to the NPR sports commentator Frank Deford, the car smelling of seat leather and something acrid that I couldn’t place.

It’s a brutal winter out there this year, fellas. When you’re cooped up in your house as buckets of snow are falling outside, the winter blues can start to set in. To help you ward off cold season sadness, we’ve gathered up six of our favorite funny podcasts to conquer the winter blues.

The History of Standup

Explore everything from the origins of the term “stand up comedian” to the first brave souls to ever attempt the job in this history podcast hosted by career comedian Wayne Federman. Each episode, Federman schools his friend Andrew Steven on all there is to know about the history of stand-up comedy. The duo is typically joined by a guest, the likes of which have thus far included professors of comedy, like Judd Apatow and Margaret Cho, among others. We’re sure it comes as no surprise that gathering a group of funny people to record a podcast talking about comedy is, well, funny, but the true heart of this show is Federman’s genuine passion for the history of his craft as he dives into questions you didn’t even know you had, such as “Did the mafia invent the term ‘stand-up comedian’?” and “How did comedy evolve from vaudeville to being taught at universities?”


Anna Faris is Unqualified

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, you’ve heard of actress and all-around delight Anna Faris. Each week on her podcast, Anna Faris is Unqualified, the Mom star and her co-host, Sim, field listener questions, dole out relationship advice, and chat up guests like Yvette Nicole Brown, Dax Shepard, David Spade, and more. Despite the hosts’ self-proclaimed lack of qualifications, the advice portion of the show is full of heart and a palpable desire from Faris and her panel to help listeners who call in. This authenticity doesn’t take away from the humor, though, as Faris and her guests crack jokes and exchange friendly roasts. The show’s warm balance of humor and compassion make it both heartwarming and side-splitting.


This Sounds Serious

This Sounds Serious is a scripted comedic take on the true crime genre, which has soared to such massive heights of popularity as to be nearly unavoidable in the podcast space. It delves into the strange death of a famous weatherman found drowned in his waterbed and the even stranger story of his brother, whose 911 call upon discovering his brother’s body may be the strangest part of the story altogether. The show is beautifully produced, with a narrative style that recalls genre giants like Serial and Sword & Scale and perfect audio drops that fully sell the journalistic style. The world-building is a feat in and of itself, with a deeply fleshed-out background for the story’s players and voice acting that sells every syllable.


How Did This Get Made?

It’s a formula as old as time: get a group of friends, put on a hot mess of a movie, and spend a solid few hours tearing it a new plot hole. On How Did This Get Made, hosts Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas, and June Diane Raphael, along with special guests, take this classic formula and cook up a delicious movie review show that is somehow just as hysterical if you’ve never seen the film being discussed. Past guests have included Conan O’Brien, Dan Harmon, Ike Barinholtz, and a whole lot more. The show’s fast-paced conversation makes for a wild deep dive into everything that’s wrong with the world’s worst films, and the panel’s riotous commentary on every plot hole, strange decision, and bit of busted dialogue will certainly keep the blues at bay.



Doughboys is, in the show’s own words, “the podcast about chain restaurants.” Every episode, hosts and comedians Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger discuss, review, rant, and rave about restaurants with a special guest. Past guests have included John Hodgman, Sarah Silverman, Scott Aukerman, and more. Episodes begin with the boys and their guest riffing about their lives for a while before jumping into discussing their favorite eats and eateries from across the globe, as well as (sometimes) their very own experiences working in food service. The show is an entertaining mash-up of comedy and food review, full of hashtags and hot takes on such issues as home fries vs. hash browns and chips on a sandwich.


My Dad Wrote a Porno

What should have been (and perhaps was) a painfully awkward discovery by Jamie Morton has now become a wondrous journey for his co-hosts and listeners. So wondrous a journey, in fact, that My Dad Wrote a Porno has become the most successful podcast in UK history. In case you haven’t heard of it yet, My Dad Wrote a Porno is a wild journey through the erotic stylings of Morton’s father, who decided to whip up some sexy literature in his retirement. So now, here we all are, enjoying the tales of Belinda the sexy saleswoman and her creator’s comically fundamental misunderstanding of anatomy. Each episode, Morton reads a section of his father’s risqué writings to his co-hosts, James Cooper and Alice Levine, as well as a swatch of hungry listeners just waiting to laugh, cry, and cringe at the next installment. While you may not want to blast this baby on speaker, trust us: the ride is worth putting those earbuds in.


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Life is hard. The news is stressful. And sometimes you just need a break from *gestures broadly at everything happening in the world right now.* .

Fortunately for anyone looking for a bit of escapism of the madness of everyday life, we have two words for you: comedy podcasts.

While there are heavy-hitter comedy shows like The Nerdist, Comedy Bang Bang, and WTF With Marc Maron, there are also a plethora of other podcasts that will help you digest what’s happening in the world, expose the absurdity what’s happening in the news and pop culture, and ultimately leave you in fits of laughter.

Some of these shows cover current events and some of them will give you (extremely dubious) advice, but no matter what, these 11 podcasts that will make you laugh your ass off.

1. My Dad Wrote A Porno

My Dad Wrote A Porno has a purely descriptive title: host Jaime Morton discovered that his dad had a secret hobby of writing erotica. So Morton did what any person would do: read it out loud and broadcast it to the world.

In addition to reading from his dad’s book, Morton is joined by two friends — James Cooper and Alice Levine — who deconstruct what happens in each chapter, switching between hysterically laughing at some of the more absurd sections of the book to deadpan analysis of our protagonist Belinda Blumenthal and her adventures.

Tl;dr, it’s very awkward and very NSFW podcast about what happens when you discover the sexual fantasy of your parents. How can you not laugh at that?!

(Author’s note: This podcast literally had me cackling in the street while listening. Sorry to the Brooklynites that I scared with my sudden outbursts.)

Episode to start with: “The Job Interview”

2. Keep It

Crooked Media may have launched with a slew of politics shows, most notably Pod Save America, but if you’re not listening to the network’s pop culture show Keep It, you’re truly missing out.

Hosted by journalist Ira Madison III, who is often joined by Kara Brown and Louis Virtel, the show is a weekly discussion podcast that breaks down what’s happening in the entertainment world.

The title comes from Madison’s Twitter catchphrase “keep it,” which is the two-word clap back Madison uses to shut down the trash news that comes through his Twitter feed. But what makes the show especially good is the extreme amount of chemistry between the panelists as they provide pop culture analysis that’s simultaneously thoughtful, brutal, and hilarious.

Episode to start with: They Cancel Roseannes, Don’t They?

3. Baby-Sitters Club Club

Aaaaahhh remember the Baby-Sitters Club, that classic ’80s and ’90s children’s book series about a group of babysitters who are just trying to earn a buck while also dealing with the challenges of growing up. Well, have you read those books again recently, as an adult?

Hosts Jack Sheppard and Tanner Greenring have, and wow, those books are nothing like you remember.

Each week in The Baby-Sitters Club Club, Shepherd and Greenring read one of Ann M. Martin’s classic novels, and deconstruct it. But what makes the show so hilarious are the many theories that Shepherd and Greenring generate about what’s actually going on in the town of Stoneybrook. Is the Baby-Sitters Club marxist? And are the characters secretly in a parallel universe that’s actually a beehive? Who knows, but after listening to this podcast, you won’t be able to read The Baby-Sitters Club the same way again.

Episode to start with: Kristy’s Great Idea

4. Judge John Hodgman

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, and you just need a little bit of advice. And that’s where Judge John Hodgman comes in.

In the podcast, comedian John Hodgman (who you may know as PC from those early aughts Mac vs. PC commercials) arbitrates the petty grievances that crop of in our day to day lives.

Whether he’s deciding if a wife should be freed of her lifelong agreement to let her husband order the toppings of the pizzas they order or whether it’s okay to meditate at work, Hodgman delivers very serious rulings to very absurd debates that’ll leave you in stitches.

Episode to start with: Pizza Parley

5. Lovett or Leave It

Sometimes the best way to deal with news is to laugh at it, and for anyone who wants to poke fun at current events, there’s Lovett or Leave It. Each week, host Jon Lovett is joined by comedians, journalists, and more to “deal with whatever bullshit came flying over the transom in our broken, insane political nightmare factory.”

Episodes are recorded live in front of an audience and include a mixture of discussions, pop quizzes, and games, which means you’ll be just as informed as you are entertained.

Episode to start with: Rudy Giuliani, Esquire

6. The Read

You know those conversations with your best friend that get crazy because you hold absolutely nothing back. That’s exactly what The Read is.

The show is a pop culture podcast hosted by friends Kid Fury and Crissle. Each episode is composed of a few segments: “black excellence” (where the hosts shout out good news that’s happening to the black community), “hot topics” (which is a discussion of what’s happening in the pop culture), “listener letters” (where Kid Fury and Crissle give advice to people who write in), and the titular segment “the read” (where the hosts each rant about something that’s weighing on their hearts).

But what makes the podcast so funny is that Kid Fury and Crissle will drag literally anything and everything. Passionate and irreverent, listening to The Read feels like hanging out with your friends.

Episode to start with: Beychella

7. How Did This Get Made

Have you ever watched a movie that’s so bad that you asked yourself “how the hell is this even real?!” If so, you’re not alone because that is the exact subject of How Did This Get Made.

Each week, actors Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas watch movies that are so bad they’re amazing and talk about it. And you know that feeling you get when you watch an objectively bad movie and just spend the entire time making fun of it with your friends. That’s exactly what this podcast is, for 189 episodes and counting.

Episode to start with: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

8. All Fantasy Everything

You’ve heard of fantasy football. Maybe even fantasy The Bachelor and fantasy RuPaul’s Drag Race. But have you heard about a fantasy breakfast food draft? Or a fantasy “Mike” draft (you know, who’s the best person named Mike).

Enter All Fantasy Everything. As the name implies, the show makes a fantasy drafts out of, well, everything. Then, host Ian Karmel along with a rotating cast of guests debate each topic until a champion is crowned.

Episodes are ridiculous, unexpected, and sure to make you laugh.

Episode to start with: Fictional Detectives

9. 2 Dope Queens

If you’ve ever wanted to see a comedy show but don’t have the time to go in person, we have three words for you: 2 Dope Queens.

The show is part standup set, part discussion podcast hosted by comedians Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams. In each episode the duo talk about everything from online dating to the tiny house trend, which means conversations are always fun and varied. Additionally, episodes are recorded live, giving each discussion a performative flair that’ll make you feel like you’re carrying around a comedy club in your pocket as you listen.

Episode to start with: Sitting Too Close to Queen Latifah

10. Dear Hank and John

If you’re a human on the internet, you probably know John Green and Hank Green, the brother duo that helped shape the YouTube world with their vlog series The Vlog Brothers. And then by launching VidCon. And then with John’s hit novels The Fault In Our Stars, Turtles All The Way Down, Looking For Alaska, and more.

But did you know that the duo also has a podcast too? And it’s freaking hilarious.

Dear Hank and John is an advice podcast where Hank and John attempt to answer your most absurd questions, like “what are the rules of doctor-patient small talk” and “what do I do with 23 plastic molds of my teeth.” In addition those bigger advice segments, the show is chock-full of jokes hiding everywhere from their intro where they announce “the elephant in the room” to phrase of the week where each brother is challenged to sneak a phrase recommended by a listener into their conversation without the other brother noticing, which means whether you’re a new listener or an old fan, you’ll still find something fresh and new in each episode.

Episode to start with: Eleven Peas

11. Thirst Aid Kit

Listen, we all thirst. It’s human. It’s natural. And it’s the topic of writer Bim Adewunmi and Nicole Perkins’ show Thirst Aid Kit.

Thirst Aid Kit is a weekly about your love, sex, and your favorite celebrity boo thangs. The podcast is unapologetically filthy, as the hosts talk about your crushes, read fan-fiction, and in general, share the thirst that we all know and feel.

Episode to start with: We Learned to Spell Jake Gyllenhaal

Whether listening during a long commute, throughout long work hours, or even recreationally, listeners frequently turn to podcasts. Celebrating a diverse range of topics from funny to serious to sinister, a podcast almost definitely exists within each listeners’ specific interests –– there’s even a podcast devoted to determining whether every single Mike Myers film is actually good.

As podcasts continue to grow in popularity, they bring with them more possibilities for what podcasts can be and focus on. But one podcast type remains constant and thriving: comedy. Everybody loves – and needs – a good laugh. But some comedy podcasts rise above the rest. We have compiled 10 of the most side-splitting podcasts for those days when you just need someone to tell you that Shrek is a masterpiece.

10 Anna Faris is Unqualified

Anna Faris is an underrated comedian. Most known for being Marvel star Chris Pratt’s ex-wife, rather than her comedic work, the comedian hosts this interview and advice podcast that is equal parts hilarious and heartwarming. As the name suggests, Faris is unqualified to be giving advice but she tries her best. And she does so with her endearing and comedic flair.

Each week features a different celebrity guest, usually a comedian or comedic actor, who Faris interviews. Following the interview, they call someone and attempt to help them solve a problem. Usually, the listeners are calling in for relationship advice, and the listeners hear Faris and company’s oft-hilarious take on the situation.

9 Guys We F****d

There’s nothing more awkward than running into an ex-hook up. Well, unless you’re Corrine Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson, who do so willingly. The comedy duo even bring their ex flings onto their podcast to answer a bunch of questions, about everything from ghosting a hookup to orgasms.

This sex-positive comedy podcast discusses sexual topics with humor, hitting on everything from hook up tips to trauma relief. The podcast is frequently visited by sex workers and people in comedy, so it is another podcast that is both funny and educational. Plus, the hosts’ candid discussion of sexual topics makes the podcast an enjoyable and inclusive listen, in addition to being hilarious.

8 Yo, Is This Racist?

There is something special about comedy that can also enlighten. In Yo, Is This Racist?, Andrew Ti and Tawny Newsome answer questions via email and voicemail about whether or not something is racist. Oftentimes, the podcast also features visiting comedians or other guests who give their input.

Though Yo, Is This Racist? Is a comedy podcast, it is also a genuine microscope into how to navigate the world in a meaningful and mindful way, focused on how society handles race issues. By framing race issues in a casual and comedic light, the hosts are able to discuss these topics in an inclusive yet educational way –– all the while remaining funny.

7 How Did This Get Made?

From “The Room” to “Face/Off,” horrible movies sometimes develop a following that brings them into eternal fame –– or infamy. In How Did This Get Made?, a trio of comedians watch and make fun of genuinely terrible movies. Hosted by comedians Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas, movie criticism has never been so funny.

Similar to sitting on a couch making jokes about a bad movie with friends, How Did This Get Made? is filled with clever quips about some of the worst movies of all time. Bringing movie lovers together to discuss movies –– especially bad ones –– is a perfect setup for a great comedy podcast. In a standout episode, they discuss 1993’s Demolition Man with visiting guest Wyatt Cenac.

6 My Favorite Murder

It’s hard to decide whether to classify My Favorite Murder as a true crime or a comedy podcast, because in reality it is both of those things. Hosted by comedians Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, My Favorite Murder manages to take the macabre topics of murder, and other true crime situations, and turn it into comedy. The topics range from well-known murders like the Jonestown Massacre and the Golden State Killer to lesser-known murders and survivor stories.

The two women often delve into tangents throughout the course of each episode, making the serious topics easily digestible for listeners. Plus, the hosts are genuinely funny people who are clearly passionate about what they do, making My Favorite Murder an educational and funny listen.

5 The Dollop

Two Ls that go hand-in-hand: Laughter and learning. Similar to a favorite history teacher, The Dollop addresses the history of the United States through comedy. Comedians and hosts, Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds, aren’t afraid to get weird and abstract in their pursuit of telling American history. That makes for an entertaining, if not sometimes jarring, podcast experience.

The hosts try to select subjects that are humorous or peculiar in their own right, then add their own comedic instincts into the mix. In one peculiar episode, the hosts discuss William Post, the most unlucky lottery winner in history. For those looking for a podcast that is equal parts absurd, funny and educational, The Dollop is the right find.

4 My Brother, My Brother and Me

My Brother, My Brother and Me begins with a warning: Listeners shouldn’t follow their advice. Hosted by three brothers, Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy, My Brother, My Brother and Me is an advice podcast that rarely features useful advice. The three brothers are comedians who often delve into riffs and tangents as they answer questions from viewers and Yahoo! Answers. In one episode, a viewer asks the brothers for help convincing his wife to let him get a pet tarantula. The brothers decide to rebrand the spooky spiders with a social media campaign and parade.

The beautiful thing about My Brother, My Brother and Me is its genuine warmth between the three brothers as they laugh together, and make the listeners laugh along with them. Plus, sometimes they actually dole out some pretty solid tips.

3 My Dad Wrote a Porno

Upon discovering that his father had a secret penchant for writing erotic fiction, host of My Dad Wrote a Porno, Jaime Morton, did the obvious: He made a podcast about it. My Dad Wrote a Porno features Morton and his two friends, James Cooper and Alice Levine, as they read excerpts of Morton’s dad’s erotic fiction.

They dissect exactly what is happening in each chapter, sometimes in disturbing detail. In one episode, the protagonist is handcuffed to a trellis in a medium-sized maze and visited by several sexual clients. The podcast features both quips about the novels and legitimate literary comment about the protagonist’s adventures. The strangeness of this podcast’s topic is exactly what makes it so bizarre and hilarious. My Dad Wrote a Porno is a NSFW podcast that comes with guaranteed cringes and laughs.

2 2 Dope Queens

Listening to 2 Dope Queens feels like sitting at a wild, hilarious brunch with friends. The casual conversational style takes listeners through a wide range of topics, as comedians Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams riff off of each other. Bonus: Every episode is a live recording, so there is an authenticity to each episode that gives it a truly hilarious spin.

2 Dope Queens doesn’t exactly have a set topic, but the hosts are such funny people that the podcast is sure to be a funny listen. Plus, its lack of singular topic gives it more possibility to run wild. In one episode titled “Black Nerds,” Williams recounts her visit to the Sims office, which was a childhood dream realized for the massive Sims fan.

Even more awesome: 2 Dope Queens takes special care to highlight women comedians and comedians of color.

1 Comedy Bang! Bang!

In some ways, Comedy Bang! Bang! is the pinnacle of comedy podcasts. Starting as a radio show, the popular podcast has also had its own television run. Comedy Bang! Bang! has inspired generations of comedians and aspiring podcast hosts.

Hosted by Scott Aukerman, Comedy Bang! Bang! features a wide berth funny guests, including Paul F. Tompkins, Lauren Lapkus, and Jason Mantzoukas. Each episode, the visiting comics do comedy on tape. This oftentimes means performing as a character. A mix of character work, Aukerman’s funny interviews, and a selection of recurring bits, Comedy Bang! Bang! is a must-listen for anyone interested in comedy, podcasts or, especially, both.

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2 Dope Queens

While the wind blows outside and you’re watching the hail pellets hit your window, or while you’re sitting on a crowded TTC bus during your morning commute, you may want to lighten the mood with a good laugh! From sex talk to philosophy to the inner workings of the mind, we have got the funniest podcasts here to brighten your day.

Here is our list of the best comedy podcasts you need to listen to in 2019.

Do you want to listen to a couple of hilarious gals? Definitely give these New Yorkers a chance. Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson are two black women that do live comedy shows all about their lives in the big city, record them and then post them as a podcast. The podcast is now planning its end, but there are so many hilariously fun episodes to choose from. Check them out on their HBO special that comes out this month!

And you thought YOUR parents were cringe-worthy. Jamie Morton found out his dad wrote a collection of erotic novels and decided to read them. He now reads one chapter a week on his podcast alongside the company of his best friends, Alice Levine and Adam Cooper. Plus, the sensual words mixed with their British accents make everything so much better.

Guys we F****d

All those questions that you’ve ever wanted to ask about sex are finally being answered. Corrine Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson have come together to create a crazy, sex-positive duo in this podcast. While they bring in people who are in the sex industry and comedy circuit, they also bring in men that they’ve slept with and ask them a bunch of questions.


The SCARIEST podcast that is probably out there, without ever being scary! This improvised podcast consists of four guys from Toronto who literally do not know what they’re saying on their show, but it works and makes for a great story. Kind of.

My Brother, My Brother and Me

Ah, brotherly love. This podcast brings together three brothers who truly have something to say. Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy are here for the people. They offer advice on the challenges of life and specifically state that they are not experts on anything, but they try their hardest anyway.

Do you ever watch a movie and wonder how someone ever thought it was good? Same. June Diane Raphael, Paul Scheer and Jason Mantzoukas watch some of the worst movies that anyone has ever seen and talk about how horrible they are. You can even recommend what movies they should watch by tweeting at them, @HDTGM!

WTF With Marc Maron

Intelligent comedy is something that takes time to achieve and once you get to that level, never let it go. Marc Maron has been doing his podcast for almost 10 years, with a growing list of 990 episodes. While also working on shows like Glow, Maron brings in guests that create insanely interesting conversations.

Sooo Many White Guys

If you thought 2 Dope Queens was good, just wait. Phoebe from 2DQ has another show where she speaks on how tired she is of white men. She is finally taking the reins and showing the world how many amazing people there are, actors and artists alike, that are not white men, and there are a LOT.

That’s How I Remember It

Do you ever watch a movie and then try to explain it to someone else, but it just never really does it justice? That is exactly how this podcast will make you feel. Four Toronto besties/improv artists come together to try to tell the storylines of classic movies to the best of their abilities (which is not that good, like…at all).

The Basement Yard

The most random show with the most random topics. Joe Santagato runs this super fun show that has the craziest topics that you have never even thought about, but are genuinely curious about. Joe, himself, even describes the show as being one that is so strange that he doesn’t even know what it’s about. I guess you’ll have to listen to see!

Best podcasts you can listen to in 2019

Podcasts have really stepped into their own as a medium in the years since the term was first coined in 2004. Now, there are nearly a million podcasts with tens of millions of episodes to listen to, making it really difficult to separate the best podcasts from the enormous catalogue.

To help, we’ve made a list of our favorite podcasts in 2019, covering tech, design, sports, entertainment, and more. Check out all 15 podcasts (plus our honorable mentions) below!

Best podcasts to listen to in 2019

Before we get into our list of the best podcasts, you should know that Android Authority and our sister sites have a number of great podcasts published every week. Here’s the rundown:

Android Authority Podcast — Here we discuss the week’s Android news, plus in-depth coverage of the latest devices and trends. Producer Adam Doud is quite the busy bee, so expect anywhere from one to four episodes a week. Listen on Pocket Casts, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts.

SoundGuys Podcast — Produced by our sister site, the SoundGuys podcast is about everything audio. From deep dives into the history of MP3s and audio codecs to explorations of the effect music has on your workout, there’s something for all audiophiles to enjoy. New episodes are released every month. Listen on Pocket Casts or Apple Podcasts.

DGIT Daily Podcast — If you’re looking for a quick primer on the day’s most important tech news, look no further than the DGIT Daily Podcast. Every day host Adam Doud (we told you he’s busy!) runs through the top stories in 10 minutes or less. Listen on Pocket Casts, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts.

Read also: 10 best podcast apps for Android!

Best podcasts in 2019

1. 99% Invisible

Topic: Design, Architecture

Frequency: Weekly

Length: ~30-40 minutes

99% Invisible, or 99pi, is one of the biggest and best podcasts around. Host and producer Roman Mars exposes some unseen or underappreciated element of the built world, ranging from homeless-proof park benches to the design aesthetic of the Las Vegas strip. Each episode is a gem, and with more than 350 episodes released as of writing there’s plenty of topics to choose from. It’s one of a number of great podcasts under the Radiotopia network.

Listen on Pocket Casts, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts

2. Radiolab

Topic: Science, philosophy

Frequency: Bi-weekly

Length: 30-60 minutes

Radiolab has been around for nearly two decades, and if you haven’t already listened you’re in for a treat. Hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich dive into a specific topic in detail, using unique sound design and story-telling techniques. These quirks might put off some listeners, but it’s one of the best informative podcasts around.

Listen on Pocket Casts, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts

3. The Lowe Post

Topic: Sports (NBA)

Frequency: Weekly

Length: 30-90 minutes

ESPN‘s Zach Lowe, the phenom of NBA analysis and all-around good guy, has grown his podcast into arguably the NBA’s premier source of insight from reporters, players, coaches, and insiders. NBA beginners won’t find themselves lost, while those that mash F5 during trade season will find a lot to enjoy.

Listen on Pocket Casts, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts

4. You Must Remember This

Topic: Hollywood history

Frequency: Weekly (seasonal)

Length: 40-60 minutes

You Must Remember This is a podcast from the mind of Karina Longworth, and it uncovers the juiciest stories from the early years of Hollywood. If you’ve ever been curious about the lives of Hollywood stars before the age of social media, this is the best podcast to learn everything there is to know.

Listen on Pocket Casts, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts

5. The Adventure Zone

Topic: Fiction, D&D, Comedy

Frequency: Weekly

Length: 60+ minutes

This podcast started life as a My Brother, My Brother and Me spin-off episode, where the McElroy brothers and their dad play a game of Dungeons and Dragons for fun. The Adventure Zone quickly transformed into a thrilling fantasy opus full of memorable characters and unforgettable moments, spawning a huge cult following along the way. There are no shortage of tabletop RPG podcasts, but TAZ’s winning combo of dramatic flair and irreverent humor maintained across its two full arcs (so far) transform it into a surprisingly moving podcast you should grab immediately… with arms outstretched.

Listen on Pocket Casts, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts

6. Revisionist History

Topic: History

Frequency: Weekly (Seasonal)

Length: 40-50 minutes

Revisionist History is a podcast from the mind of The New Yorker staff writer Malcolm Gladwell. Like his books, the podcast picks apart a specific topic and provides an alternate explanation of the themes or motives behind it. In this case, the topics are all misunderstood moments or elements from history, including the Founding Fathers of the US being criminal smugglers, the ambiguity of the semicolon in the Second Amendment, and the decline of the McDonalds french fry.

Listen on Pocket Casts, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts

7. Ear Hustle

Topic: Prison life

Frequency: Bi-weekly

Length: 30-40 minutes

Ear Hustle is another great podcast from the Radiotopia network. Originally recorded from behind the walls of San Quentin State Prison, it gives inmates a path to tell stories about life on the inside — and the struggle to reintegrate into society afterwards. From behind the mic, inmates drop their guard and give a true, human look into the reality of incarceration in the United States.

Listen on Pocket Casts, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts

8. This American Life

Topic: Variety

Frequency: Weekly

Length: 60 minutes

No list of the best podcasts is complete without This American Life. Ira Glass’ hour-long radio-program-turned-podcast has been running for nearly 25 years, and to this day provides a template that countless new podcasts emulate. Each episode is centered around a theme, which is explored in a number of segments or “acts.” These can range from field journalism to fictional stories to high profile interviews, but they are always produced to an incredibly high standard.

Listen on Pocket Casts, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts

9. Criminal

Topic: True crime

Frequency: Bi-weekly

Length: 20-40 minutes

Criminal is another of the best podcasts on the phenomenal Radiotopia network, and easily the best produced of countless true crime podcasts out there. Host Phoebe Judge has one of the smoothest voices in the podcasting world, and runs us through the events of the crime without shying away from the gruesome details. Everything from the writing to the sound design is impeccable, making it well worth a listen.

Listen on Pocket Casts, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts

10. Welcome to Night Vale

Topic: Variety, fiction, poetry

Frequency: Twice monthly

Length: 30 minutes

Welcome to Night Vale is an unusual podcast, and doesn’t fit neatly into any specific category. Each episode is a radio broadcast in the fictional town of Night Vale, where unusual occurrences are the norm. Fans of radio theater will love it, and the team behind the podcast frequently tour with live shows around the US and Canada.

Listen on Pocket Casts, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts

11. Lore

Topic: Folklore, mystery, supernatural

Frequency: Twice monthly

Length: 30-40 minutes

Are you afraid of the dark? If not, you will be after listening to a few episodes of Lore. Aaron Mahnke twists dark folklore and supernatural stories from around the world into compelling stories, made even creepier by an eerie soundtrack recorded specifically for the show. To top things off, the stories are largely based on true stories.

Listen on Pocket Casts, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts

12. Recode Decode

Topic: Tech, politics

Frequency: Weekly

Length: 60-80 minutes

Recode Decode is an interview podcast from Vox, where long-time tech journalist Kara Swisher interviews the whos-who of Silicon Valley. In their candid conversations, tech execs, politicians, and celebrities reveal their big ideas and how they’ll shape the future of the world we live in.

Listen on Pocket Casts, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts

13. The Daily

Topic: News

Frequency: Daily

Length: 20-30 minutes

The Daily is a daily news podcast from The New York Times, hosted by some of the best journalists in the world. It’s released without fail by 6AM, perfect for getting up to speed during your daily commute. Topics are primarily focused on the United States, so this might not be the best choice for global listeners.

Listen on Pocket Casts, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts

14. No Such Thing as a Fish

Topic: Variety

Frequency: Weekly

Length: 40 minutes

If you’re a fan of the comedy quiz show QI, then No Such Thing as a Fish is the perfect podcast for you. It features the writers of the show discussing the random bits of knowledge they encounter while doing research for the show. Like the show it’s technically educational, but it’s also hugely entertaining.

Listen on Pocket Casts, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts

15. Reply All

Topic: Varies

Frequency: Bi-weekly

Length: 30-60 minutes

Gimlet Media’s star podcast Reply All is nominally about internet culture, but in reality it’s a bi-weekly exploration of modern life. Topics range from the mundane to the profane, with everything in between. Episode formats also change from week to week, with some deep dives into specific topics and other more conversational episodes between hosts, contributors, and Gimlet founder Alex Blumberg.

Listen on Pocket Casts, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts

Best podcasts: Honorable mentions

There were a lot of podcasts that were just short of making our list, but here are a few:

  • Anthropocene Reviewed — This quirky podcast sees author John Green reviewing two elements of the human-centered planet on a five-star scale. Descriptions vary from humorous to moving, and topics vary from hot dog eating contests to chemotherapy.
    • Listen on Pocket Casts, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts.
  • Best Friends with Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata — Two best friends tackle all kinds of friendship-related issues in this comedy podcast. The chemistry between the two is unbeatable, and listening will leave you in a good mood for the rest of the day.
    • Listen on Pocket Casts, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts.
  • Caliphate — Caliphate is a limited series podcast from the New York Times exploring the Islamic State. There is no better primer to the complex history of one of the most relevant groups in modern times.
    • Listen on Pocket Casts, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts.
  • Skipped on Shuffle — Obscure music lovers rejoice! Android Authority‘s own C. Scott Brown co-hosts this podcast about compelling but overlooked songs by popular artists.
    • Listen on Pocket Casts, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts.
  • S-Town — This fantastic podcast didn’t make our list only because it’s limited to one season, but that season tells the powerful first-person narrative of an usual character in Woodstock, Alabama. The less you know before listening, the better.
    • Listen on Pocket Casts, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts.
  • The Bugle — This very British satirical news podcast was initially hosted by Andy Zaltzman and John Oliver (of Daily Show fame), but now Zaltzman breaks down the global news with a rotating list of guest hosts.
    • Listen on Pocket Casts, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts.

That’s it for our list of the best podcasts in 2019! Which one will you stuff your playlist with today?

27 Funny and Comedy Podcasts to Listen To in 2020

Last Updated on December 19, 2019

There might be affiliate links on this page, which means we get a small commission of anything you buy. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Please do your own research before making any online purchase.


Did you know that listening to funny podcasts on a regular basis can make you feel happier?

Life can be stressful. Whether you’re at home, in your workplace, at school, or even commuting, you can run into stressful situations or be thinking about something in your life that isn’t going quite as planned. Even when you turn on the TV to relax, the news and current events will likely stress you out.

Sometimes you just need to take a break—and often a good laugh will do.

That’s when funny podcasts come in handy.

These funny podcasts are full of humor. A good joke or funny statement can actually combat mood disorders. It seems that laughter can really be the best medicine when you are feeling bad, mentally. It’s been proven by science! As stated in an article on Live Happy, laughter and fun are powerful agents in alleviating the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and other conditions.

How does laughter help mental health, you ask?

Laughter and humor trigger the release of dopamine and serotonin, the hormones that can lift your mood. They can even increase the production of endorphins, which relieve your brain from chemicals that allow you to feel pain.

Because of that, most psychologists suggest watching shows or listening to live entertainments that bring joy and laughter.

By the way, in addition to watching or listening to funny shows, there are science-backed habits that increase your happiness. I recommend checking out Happier Human to discover the 53 specific habits you can incorporate in your life to raise your level of happy.

In this post, we have compiled the 27 best and most entertaining podcasts that you can listen to this year. If you want to feel happy every day, watching or listening to them once or twice a day might not be a bad idea.

27 Comedy & Funny Podcasts to Listen to in 2020

1. Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

This weekly podcast series premiered on November 18, 2018, when Conan O’Brien’s talk show was on a break. O’Brien announced that, despite the fact that he has interviewed thousands of people during his lifetime, he has yet to develop a lasting friendship. He thought that by starting a podcast he would have a better chance of bonding with his guests.

Some of the guests O’Brien has had on his podcast include Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell, Kristen Bell, and Dax Shepard. This funny podcast has gotten great positive reviews from its listeners. Fans note that they enjoy listening to a more vulnerable, behind-the-scenes feel from the host. O’Brien uses self-deprecating humor, which makes the show feel accessible to listeners as well.

2. Anna Faris Is Unqualified

Anna Faris created this podcast due to her love of talking about relationships. Each episode includes an interview with a celebrity or someone who is active in pop culture, as well as phone calls with listeners who are seeking relationships and other advice. Anna and her co-host, Sim Sarna, have made over 150 episodes of this podcast to date.

Some guests who have appeared on this show include Macaulay Culkin, Julia Stiles, and Stan Lee. Faris talks to her guests about being in the entertainment industry and does an occasional improvisational comedic sketch with them. Listeners find this weekly podcast to be both funny and useful.

3. Uhh Yeah Dude

This is a weekly hour-long podcast hosted by Seth Romatelli and Jon Larroquette. The duo uses this time to talk about interesting things they saw on the news during the previous week, as well as personal experiences. The fun podcast has received positive reviews due to its unique concept of talking about things that are going on in the world that no one else is really discussing.

The hosts welcome live audience input through calls and texts, making this an interactive experience. The show airs two new episodes each Friday and is currently in its 13th year.

4. WTF With Marc Maron

WTF with Maron has become one of the most iconic comedy podcasts since its release in 2009. Stand-up comedian Marc Maron has welcomed numerous celebrity guests to his show, including Robin Williams, Jim Norton, and Ray Liotta.

New episodes are available every Monday and Thursday. Maron often references his own life, as well as happenings around the world. His raw conversations with well-known personalities are honest, funny, and thought-provoking.

5. My Dad Wrote a Porno

This is a British podcast hosted by Jamie Morton, James Cooper, and Alice Levine. The premise revolves around a guy, Jamie Morton, who discovers that his dad wrote pornography throughout his life, simply as a hobby. Each episode features Morton reading a chapter of his father’s amateur series, along with the reactions and commentary of Cooper and Levine, who are both hearing the material for the first time.

Many people find this interesting concept as one of the funniest podcasts available. This podcast has gained a large following since its beginning in 2015, boasting over 120 million downloads. It comes out with new episodes every Monday.

6. My Brother, My Brother and Me

This hilarious weekly advice podcast is hosted by brothers Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy. The episodes revolve around the brothers using comedy to answer questions that have either been submitted by listeners or uncovered on Yahoo! Answers.

Since its beginning in 2010, this podcast has consistently been listed on “Top 10 best funny podcast” lists. Some notable guests to date include Elsie Fisher, John Hodgman, Marilu Henner, and Jimmy Buffett. The brothers release updates for this show every week, and even have a television series based on the podcast.

7. The Adventure Zone

This biweekly podcast hosted by My Brother, My Brother, and Me personalities the McElroy brothers, along with their father, Clint McElroy, is loosely based on the popular game Dungeons and Dragons.

Each episode highlights the family solving puzzles, battling their enemies, and moving their characters up in a series of comedic encounters. This podcast was developed after the brothers played Dungeons and Dragons on an episode of My Brother, My Brother and Me with their father, which was met with rave reviews.

If you are familiar with Dungeon and Dragons, this might be the right podcast for you.

8. Bertcast

This podcast is hosted by stand-up comedian Bert Kreischer. Each Wednesday, a new episode comes out featuring Bert interacting with a fellow comedian. Since its inception in 2012, Bert has recorded the episodes for this podcast from his Man Cave, which was built thanks to a home renovation reality TV show.

Some well-known guests that Bert has had on his show include Brian Regan and Finesse Mitchell. Listeners appreciate the hilarity and approachable vibe of this podcast.

9. How Did This Get Made?

Hosted by Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas, this irregularly scheduled weekly/bi-weekly podcast deconstructs and makes a mockery of bad movies.

The hosts feature a new guest for each episode as they make jokes about movies that they find to be hilariously bad. Some notable guests they have had on their show include Daniel Radcliffe, Dave Franco, and James Franco.

This podcast has gained a large following since its beginning in 2010. Listeners especially enjoy the “second opinions” that the hosts report, which are originally found on Amazon in the form of five-star reviews.

10. You Made It Weird With Pete Holmes

Hosted by Pete Holmes, this podcast began with the concept that Holmes would ask his fellow comedian guests about three obscure facts he knew about them.

However, the show has evolved into a more natural conversation about a variety of topics, such as comedy, religion, and sexuality. The podcast has also grown to feature guests outside of the comedy profession, including pastors, authors, and scientists. Some notable guests include Rob Bell, Rob Delaney, Andy Samberg, and Bill Nye.

11. Never Not Funny

This weekly podcast is hosted by comedian Jimmy Pardo and co-host Matt Belknap. Listeners can enjoy free episodes every Wednesday, and prime episodes each Sunday. The hosts welcome a guest in the second half of each episode and engage in insightful and hilarious free-form conversation with them.

The topics discussed on this podcast range from pop culture and music to personal or interesting anecdotes. Listeners especially enjoy a segment called Judge Jimmy, where the cast settles a dispute submitted by a listener. Some notable guests to date include Andy Daly, Sarah Silverman, Chris Elliott, Colin Hanks, and Conan O’Brien.

12. Doug Loves Movies

In 2006, Doug Benson came out with this weekly comedy podcast, which was originally named “I Love Movies With Doug Benson.” Benson hosts various heavy-hitting guests each week, such as Mark Cohen, Chris Distefano, and Amy Miller, to talk about comedy and movies that they either love or hate.

Some regular features of this podcast include Name That Movie, Tweet Relief: Tweets About Movies, Watch This/Not That, From the Corrections Department, and Whose Tagline Is It Anyway?

13. Your Mom’s House

This comedy podcast is hosted by married comedians Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky. The couple discusses topics such as ongoing events, comedy, and anecdotes from their daily lives. Some notable guests they have hosted to date include Bryan Cullen, Joe Rogan, and Bill Burr. This podcast was nominated as a comedic finalist in the Best Comedy category of the 2012 Stitcher Awards. Listeners enjoy weekly updates on Tuesdays.

14. The Joe Rogan Experience

This daily audio and video podcast is hosted by comedian, actor, sports commentator, and TV host Joe Rogan, and has grown to become one of the most popular podcasts worldwide. The concept of the podcast is Rogan having a conversation with friends and famous guests, such as Brian Redban, Sam Harris, and Andrew Yang. Rogan also welcomes various other comedians, actors, musicians, authors, and more. There are over 1,000 episodes of this podcast to date.

15. Comedy Bang! Bang!

Formerly known as Comedy Death-Ray Radio, Comedy Bang! Bang! is a weekly podcast that has been on the air since 2009. Hosted by comedian Scott Aukerman, who also created and hosted the TV series of the same name, this podcast offers a mix of conversation and character work from today’s most popular comedians.

Many notable guests have appeared on the podcast, such as David Cross, Andy Daly, Michael Cera, “Weird Al” Yankovic, and Aziz Ansari. Listeners find this podcast to be hilarious and unpredictable. The show’s format occasionally includes game segments, such as guests playing characters or impersonating certain celebrities, sometimes for the whole episode.

16. The Worst Idea of All Time

This podcast is hosted by New Zealand comedians Tim Batt and Guy Montgomery. The duo watches and reviews the same film each week for a year, which is typically one that neither has seen and is largely considered to be a bad film. Some films that they reviewed so far include Grown Ups 2 (for 52 weeks) and Sex and the City 2 (for 52 weeks). This year, they are reviewing We Are Your Friends. In order to add some positivity this their comically negative conversation, the hosts include a “shining light” segment in each episode, highlighting their favorite part of the movie for the week. New episodes are released every week.

17. The Comedian’s Comedian

The Comedian’s Comedian, hosted by Stuart Goldsmith, is an interview-style podcast where Goldsmith interviews comedians about their process of writing and performing standup comedy.

Some notable interviewees to date include Russell Brand, Stewart Lee, and Patton Oswalt. This weekly podcast (with updates released on Mondays) has been up for several awards.

18. Harmontown

This live, semi-weekly comedic podcast started on June 6, 2012. Dan Harmon, who is the creator of the TV series Community and Rick and Morty, hosts this podcast alongside Whose Line Is It Anyway? actor Jeff B. Davis. This podcast started as a live, monthly show, but became a weekly occurrence after Harmon discontinued his work on Community.

The original idea for this podcast started with the hosts’ discussions about how to reduce the number of flaws in society and therefore create a utopian world. Harmon and Davis envisioned that this could happen with the creation of a lunar colony that would occur in front of a live audience. The podcast often has guest appearances, with some notable guests including Jack Black, John Oliver, Aubrey Plaza, and Ben Stiller.

19. The Dollop

This bi-weekly podcast has been hosted by comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds since 2014. Each episode features a historical event or person that has been selected for its humor or uniqueness. In every episode, Anthony presents a new topic to Reynolds, without Reynolds knowing ahead of time what the topic will be. The Dollop has consistently been voted into various top 100 lists. Some topics from past episodes include the history of firefighters, George Washington (and his teeth), and the Straw-Hat Riots.

20. Fake the Nation

In this podcast, Negin Farsad, along with her funny and politically savvy friends, talk about current events and what is going on in the news, making their listeners laugh and think at the same time. This podcast comes out with updates every Friday.

21. The Read

This weekly pop culture podcast hosted by vlogger Kid Fury and internet sensation Crissle West doesn’t hold back when it comes to hurting people’s feelings. Each episode features the hosts discussing and analyzing pop culture and current events. The hosts are longtime friends, which adds to their clever banter that brings listeners back every week. This is also an inclusive podcast, as both hosts are open about their personal lives and sexuality.

Each episode begins with a movie quote chosen by Kid Fury, and ends with an acronym that is created by Kid Fury, and that’s typically inspired by something discussed in the show that day. Some other segments include Black Excellence, where the hosts celebrate a high-achieving person in the Black community; Hot Tops, in which the duo talks about current events; Listener Letters; and Crissle’s Couch, where Crissle shares something she has learned from her mental health provider and The Read.

Listeners enjoy updates every Thursday, and some notable guests include Kelly Rowland, Shaun Ross, and Jennifer Lewis.

22. Lovett or Leave It

This weekly podcast is hosted by Jon Lovett, a well-known speechwriter and screenwriter. Each episode features a loose panel discussion about politics in everyday, simple language. This is a live panel podcast with guests from a variety of backgrounds, including journalism, comedy, and politics. Topics discussed include recent news stories, focusing especially on US politics and President Donald Trump’s administration.

Some panel guests have included comedians Sarah Silverman, Brett Gelman, and Paul Scheer, screenwriter Wil Wheaton, and journalist, Katie Nolan.

23. Hannibal Buress: Handsome Rambler

Hannibal Buress is a comedian, writer, and actor who is a fan favorite on both the big and small screen. In his successful podcast, which updates once or twice a month, Buress has hosted an eclectic variety of guests ranging from rappers to fellow comedians. Some notable guests have included Neil Brennan, Al Jackson, and Chance the Rapper. The premise of this show revolves around Buress living on the road and sharing his stories and thoughts from the road with his listeners.

24. Judge John Hodgman

This weekly, comedic podcast features host John Hodgman acting as a judge in the courtroom, examining real-life disagreements within a fictional courtroom setting. In each episode, Hodgman listens to and offers judgment on a petty dispute between two call-in guests.

Hodgman’s co-host, Jesse Thorn, acts as a “bailiff” who interjects comedic questions and observations throughout the mock trial and interviews the defendants before and after the verdict is announced. Listeners can call in as “expert witnesses” to offer their thoughts regarding the case. Although this podcast is made purely for entertainment purposes, the disputants in each case verbally agree to abide by Hodgman’s ruling before the case is presented.

Listeners love the pure entertainment of this podcast. New updates are available every Wednesday.

25. Citation Needed

Citation Needed is a collaborative podcast of comedians who were looking to create an interesting, unique, fun show for listeners. In 2017, Citation Needed was born with the premise of the hosts choosing a subject, reading a Wikipedia article about it, and pretending to be experts. The hosts aim to show how misleading some information on Wikipedia can be while also providing listeners with some information and a laugh. This show comes out with updates every Wednesday.

26. Dear Hank and John

Dear Hank & John is a podcast hosted by Hank and John Green, two brothers who are both authors and who do various projects in the entertainment business. During the show, Hank and John respond to emailed questions that have been sent in by listeners, and offer uncertain advice. They also talk about off-the-wall subjects such as the latest news on Mars, and third-tier English football club AFC Wimbledon.

The podcast is laid out in a standard format, starting with an opening section, which is followed by the main portion of the show, a news segment about Mars and the AFC Wimbledon football club, and finally a discussion about what the brothers learned that day. Updates are available to listeners every Monday, and an exclusive episode has been made every year since 2015 to benefit the annual Project for Awesome fundraising campaign.

27. The Bugle

This satirical news podcast was created by John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman in 2007. The hosts focus on news from around the world, but their primary focus is on news stories in the UK and US. The podcast is currently hosted by Andy Zaltzman and a rotating set of co-hosts, who have included Wil Anderson, Nish Kumar, and Al Murray.

This show updates once a week and offers a funny commentary about the most and least important news stories around the globe. The satire in this series is admired for its wit, originality, and hilarious nature.

A Final Word on Funny Podcasts

As it turns out, laughter is indeed the best medicine. Whatever you’re feeling or going through, good humor can always turn a gloomy day into a happier one.

Each of the funny podcasts we list above has its own style, format, and structure. Nevertheless, they all are good sources of laughter and happiness.

Try listening to an episode or two from each of these 27 funny podcasts so you can figure out which of them can tickle your giggle the most. Once you find the best ones, subscribe to them and listen during your free time.

Actually, you can listen to them even when you’re busy, as this can make your work easier. You may even sneak an episode in while you’re commuting. Find happiness in whatever you do by subscribing to these podcasts. If you’re looking for other types of podcasts, you can check out these mindfulness podcasts too.

Finally, aside from engaging your funny bone, there are other ways to achieve happiness. If you’d like to know more, I recommend you check out Happier Human to learn about 53 habits that science has proven to increase happiness in your life.

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Seven comedy podcasts you should download immediately

Comedian, writer and actor, Cariad Lloyd guides us through some of her favourite comedy podcasts…

Cariad Lloyd

I love podcasts. And I love comedy. So I guess you could say I’m a GREAT match to tell you about comedy podcasts. Neil Nunes is also really into them but he was too busy and when they asked him to write this he said “bugger off” but in a lovely deep voice: just imagine it, so lovely…

I spend a large amount of my time listening to or watching things that make me laugh, which helps when you also do a podcast about grief (Griefcast), although it is surprisingly uplifting too. So, here is my list of current top comedy podcasts. All guaranteed to make you giggle, laugh and make a weird squeaky sound you have to style out at work so it looks like you are actually doing that data entry you said you were.

Friday Night Comedy

If, like me, you are out clubbing at Fabric on a Friday night, necking Negronis and dancing to Drake remixes then this is for you*. Picking the top comedy favourites from Radio 4’s stalwart programmes, from The News Quiz, to Dead Ringers to The Now Show – this is the ultimate way to catch up on your favourite Radio 4 comedy without having to stay in. Because of course you’ll be out listening to some top bangers.

  • Friday Night Comedy podcast

* I have never done this, but it’s what all woke lit baes are doing so you can use it if you need to impress a young person.

Beef and Dairy Network

Are you interested in Beef Farming and Dairy herds? Then this is the podcast for you! A hilarious and surreal take on the beef and dairy industry hosted by comedian Benjamin Partridge. Hard to explain but well worth a listen, featuring such delightful guests as Mike Wozniak, Mike Bubbins and Henry Paker. I can’t explain it – you just have to download it and you will soon understand that cow-based comedy has been missing from your life.

  • Beef and Dairy Network Podcast
  • Beef and Dairy Network on BBC Radio 4