Best christmas dresses 2016

Five Best (Affordable) Christmas Party Dresses

Christmas is coming, everyone!

Starbucks has rolled out their red cups and the heating in our house has been switched on, which means it’s time to watch festive films, make mulled wine, search for gifts…and panic about office Christmas party dresses!

I usually prefer to spend my time and money on travel than clothes, and I’m sure many of you feel the same way, so to help you in your quest for stylish Christmas party dresses that still leave you money for a winter break, I’ve compiled my five affordable favourites.

1. The not-actually-a-dress option

Sleeveless double layer jumpsuit – £35
from: Missguided

Sometimes a dress just doesn’t feel right for the occasion, so if you want to step away from your regular office party number, rock a jumpsuit instead.

Equal in glamour to a dress, but way more fun, this soft pink one-piece can be made more festive with some sparkly jewels and killer heels. A jumpsuit may be a bold choice, but it’s a great twist on regular cocktail attire, and one that’ll make you stand out from the crowd.

2. The classic Christmas party dress

Asos lace skater dress – £25
from: Asos

Nothing says Christmas more than red and lace, making this festive dress the perfect choice (the price tag helps, too!).

It’s cute, it’s fun and it’s totally office appropriate, meaning it ticks all of the right boxes. If (baby) it’s cold outside, this dress would also look fabulous paired with opaque black tights and ankle boots.

3. Not your average LBD:

Wrap maxi dress with pockets – £38
from: Asos

Everyone loves black Christmas party dresses, but wearing one doesn’t mean that you need to be boring.

This piece from Asos is simple, classy and elegant, but with some unexpected details like pockets and a flirty thigh-high slit. I have this dress in navy blue and I love how comfortable and flattering it is.

A little black dress is a wardrobe essential, so you’ll be sure to get more wear out of this than just one party. Just add a glittery statement necklace for a pulled-together Christmas look.

4. The playful trendsetter:

Multi-way skater dress in crushed velvet – £20
from: Club L

I am absolutely obsessed with velvet, and all the Christmas party dresses I’ve been coveting have been made with this fun (and warm) fabric.

This multi-way skater dress can be worn in three different ways, which means you can wear it again and again. To transform it into Christmas party perfection, I’d accessorise with a bold red lip and ankle boots.

5. The flapper:

Lace & beads halter strap embellished dress – £45
from: Lipsy

Nothing screams Christmas party dresses like a bit of glitter.

This nude embellished dress is its own accessory, so you don’t have to worry about adding jewellery. I’d pair this fancy frock with emerald green shoes and a matching clutch.

Please note: this post was originally written in 2013 but has been updated for accuracy and relevance.

It’s my office Christmas party next week. What should I wear?
Everyone, everywhere
Glad you asked, everyone! People tend to think this is not something they need put much thought into. Just that dress from French Connection two years ago and some lip gloss, right? That’ll do!

In fact, dressing for the office Christmas party is probably the trickiest fashion quandary you’ll face all year. All outfits send a message. Some say: “Yes, I might be a middle-aged man, but have you seen my skinny black jeans? These have never seen the inside of a B&Q, I can tell you, mate! I’m all about the clubbing!” Others say: “Hello, I like to hibernate from November to March. Yes, I am in my pyjamas at 1pm on a Wednesday, what’s your point?” (See question below.)

With an office party, you need your outfit to make so many conflicting statements that we can only start to grasp what is needed by laying them all out. Here is what you need your outfit to say: “Hi! I’m actually surprisingly attractive, aren’t I? And you always thought I was just a mousey office person. But I’m not attractive in a now-you-want-to-sleep-with-me way, because that would be really awkward in the office. No, it’s more of a fun and funny but definitely-out-of-your-league way, so that you’re now nicer to me at work and maybe feel a little wistful when you think of me, but you know you could never, ever try it on with me. I’m like your mate’s really hot partner, right? Think of me like that. Also, I’m a lot more interesting than you thought, aren’t I? This outfit shows someone with secret depths of creativity, someone who is a little more woke, a little more on it than you thought. It’s the kind of outfit worn by someone who gets invited to secret midnight gigs, which is totally how I spend my evenings after you see me leave the office, not just sitting on my sofa wishing Bake Off was on. No, never. You respect me more now, don’t you?”

For men, this means a suit that actually fits; for women, this means a dress that isn’t two years old and from French Connection. That’s the other thing about office parties: the message is tricky, but the bar is pretty low.

I’ve been hearing a lot about something called “hygge”. What does this mean, from a fashion perspective?
Mike, by email
Look, for the record, I really did try, OK? Because I, along with everyone else, got the memo sent to every columnist in Britain that the topic this season was something called “hygge” and that it was absolutely essential we treat it as an actual thing, under pain of losing our lofty status as opinion churners for hire. Sure, a couple of other things were happening this year that we could have written about – something in the political world, I think? – but hygge was the big one, the issue on which we absolutely must express opinions. To the laptop!

Yet two months have passed since the hygge klaxon went out and still, from me, nothing. I know! It makes no sense. I once wrote 4,000 words for a fashion magazine about how a store moved its shoe rack from one end of the store to the other. Surely I, of all people, could conjure up some kind of excitement/outrage/bigger meaning about hygge? No, I could not.

‘My friends are so used to seeing me in my pyjamas that, when one of them saw me in a dress recently, he was genuinely concerned that someone had died.’ Photograph: Getty Images/Monkey Business

I get that hygge is a real thing in Denmark. I also get that clever, good writers are writing books about it. But, try as I genuinely do, I cannot see hygge as anything other than Danish for “choosing to be cosy instead of miserable and uncomfortable”. You know what? I think I’ve got that down pat already. Perhaps my fellow columnists have heretofore been living in the kind of photogenic but clearly horrible modern houses you see in fashion magazines’ homes spreads, all chrome and corners and bare, slate-grey floors on which they click about with their pointy-toed stilettos. The sort of homes with sofas as hard as boards and cupboards you can’t open because door handles are verboten. I, on the other hand, am au fait with the concept of getting into one’s pyjamas, ideally by 3pm in the winter, lighting a fire, inviting friends over and settling down with a giant pot of macaroni cheese. My friends are so used to seeing me in my pyjamas that, when one of them saw me in a dress recently, he was genuinely concerned that someone had died.

So, trying to be excited/outraged about hygge feels like attempting to stir an emotion about air, water or anything else that is just “the stuff of life” to me. I mean, thanks for validating my lifestyle choice of staying home, eating chocolate and wearing socks – I raise my hot water bottle in appreciation. But, seriously, does anyone live differently? This smacks of a trend that exists purely to sell to people things they already have. But that’s absurd – fashion would never do that.

So, I’m sorry. I appreciate that this will result in my invitation to the columnists’ Christmas party being revoked. I might even have my name removed from the Columnists’ Golden Charter, meaning – Oh, cruel world! – I’ll never appear on Have I Got News for You or Question Time. But I must live my truth. As Tony Blair said, albeit possibly not about hygge, I am the insurgent now.

Choosing the perfect Christmas party dress can be tricky, from lacy to sparkly, mini to floor-length, there are a huge array to choose from, and we all want a dress that flatters our figure to the max.

Here are a few of our favourite dresses this festive season, with tips on how to choose the right dress for your shape.

To show off gorgeous arms…

If your arms are your best asset, then there are lots of lovely dresses this Christmas which are either sleeveless or short-sleeved. Embroidery and detailing around this area will also draw attention to your best bits. Just make sure you take a coat or jacket in case it gets chilly!

Joanna Hope Beaded Overlay Dress, £95, JD Williams

Jacquard Midi Dress, £90, Oasis

Cherry Blossom Maxi Dress, £59, Warehouse

Lori Lee Dress, £129, Coast

Lorraine Kelly Spot Dress, £65, JD Williams

To highlight your curves…

Blessed with a curvaceous bod? Opt for a waist-cinching or bodycon dress in a luxurious fabric for ultimate Christmas party chic.

Lorraine Kelly Peplum Lace Dress, £65, JD Williams

Long Sleeve Sequin Dress, £89, Marks & Spencer

Black and Silver Dress, £120, JD Williams

Amber Lace Dress, £160, Phase Eight

Levana Velvet Dress, £109, Monsoon

For fabulous legs…

If the Christmas party isn’t an opportunity to get your legs out, we don’t know what is! These mini-dresses are sexy yet elegant.

Faux Fur Trimmed Dress, £176,

House of Fraser

Poppy Ruffle dress, £140, French Connection

Izzey Lace and Crepe Dress, £150, Whistles

Main image: Getty

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10 Outfits To Shine At Your Office Christmas Party

We are all geared up for Christmas right now — from decorations and music to food and even fashion, we cannot *be* more excited for this festival! With everyone and everything being in the holiday spirit at the moment, we find ourselves in a massive fashion dilemma, ‘what exactly do I wear?’ Dressing up is fun, when you know what you’re going for — I mean a nightout with friends requires you to go a little OTT with your party wear, while a dinner with family will call for something sober and formal. The queries set in when you have to attend multiple office parties and you’re left questioning, ‘how do I dress to impress, yet not go overboard with my ensemble?’ Well, picking out dresses for your office Christmas party sort of falls between the two, where you need to play it a little safe, yet definitely add that party element to your outfit.

One style tip from us would be to keep it simple, yet classy — don’t go for a crazy revealing outfit, after all, you are still on work-time with the bosses still watching you like a hawk. Scroll down to see what online shopping outlet Myntra has in store for you, as we pick out our favourite office party outfits from its collection that you can wear this Christmas.

1. All About You Lace Shift Dress (Rs 2,499)

Lace is something that is constantly on trend, especially when it comes to occasions such as Christmas. Keeping that in mind, this dress would be apt for an office Christmas party, as it is subtle yet elegant, especially with its simple and sombre colours.

2. Forever 21 Solid A-Line Dress (Rs 1,049)

This dress works wonderfully for the season, mainly due to its colour. The keyhole neckline adds that party oomph to it, turning it from a boring skater dress to something you can elegantly rock at a party!

3. All About You Black & Gold-Toned Striped Sheath Dress (Rs 1,609)

Everyone should own a little black dress — for the times when you really have no clue how to style your outfit, an LBD will totally come to rescue. This sheath dress isn’t any plain ol’ LBD though! The black and gold tones sort of add that extra texture to it that takes it up a notch or two.

4. Forever 21 Bodycon Dress (Rs 1,889)

This bodycon dress is quite simple yet uber elegant. It is one where you can play around with the accessories and jazz it up for an office party. Layer on a statement necklace and strap on a pair of elegant heels to get ready to go!

5. Miss Chase Women Maroon Solid Sheath Dress (Rs 799)

Subtle yet sophisticated, this sheath dress is ideal for a Christmas dinner party at your office. The overlap around the chest breaks the monotony of the solid colour, making it more than just a boring office dress.

6. Marie Claire Women Fit & Flare Dress (Rs 2,299)

What stands out in this dress is the laser cut neckline that is present. A semi skater dress, this is ideal for someone who doesn’t want to wear something absolutely fitted, yet not something completely baggy.

7. Moda Rapido Women Black Printed A-line Dress (Rs 454)

If you want to keep things really, really subtle and want to take your office dress straight to the party mode, then this is perfect for you. The A-line shape and monochromes makes it a safe bet, if you’re not too sure what to wear.

8. Moda Rapido Women Yellow A-Line Dress (Rs 999)

Adding a bit of colour in your life, the yellow is what makes this dress standout. Breaking away from the normal winter shades, the hue of yellow will give you that perfect pop for winter.

9. QUIZ Women Navy Striped Shirt Dress (Rs 2,299)

This dress is suited for a semi-formal party that requires you to dress smartly. Along with this being the cutest sleeveless shirt dress ever, the vertical stripes are totally slimming too. If your party is more sit-down rather than dance away, this midi dress will be your ideal choice!


Florals are a trend we’ve being seeing season upon season, with celebs also choosing to wear prints from this elegant family. If you’re going for a dressy Christmas party that will be probably held at a 5-star hotel, then you cannot go wrong with this one. Keeping the rest of your ensemble quite simple, you need to let the dress speak for its beautiful self!

Office party, family get-together, or a crazy night out with your friends – no matter what the occasion, you must ensure that you turn heads wherever you go, right? Log onto Myntra, shop your picks, and then send us all your party selfies! Happy Holidays, you guys!

*This article is dedicated post in collaboration with Myntra.

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Dress code for Christmas Dinner…rumor it is…

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It’s officially the holiday season, and you know what that means. It means shopping for holiday dresses! This year I have two fancy holiday parties to attend (be still my heart) so I went all out with the dress shopping. I decided to do a full feature on the gamut of holiday dresses available, covering all lengths, fabrics, and colors. The best part? I shopped with a budget in mind; all the dresses featured here are less than $150–many of them significantly less than that. I’ve also provided as much detail as possible to help you select a dress. For sizing purposes, I’m 5’8″ tall, 135 lbs, and usually wear anywhere from a 2-6 in dress sizes.

Enough chatter, lets get to the dresses! I give you: The 12 Party Dresses of Christmas. I hope you have as much fun with this post as I did–because I had a TON of fun shooting this one.

On the 1st day of Christmas
ModCloth gave to me…
a floral sequin dress

white sequin floral dress ModCloth
silver heels Aldo (similar)

Important Details:

  • Price: $99.99
  • Size I’m Wearing: small
  • Bra Type: strapless
  • Fit: waist hits a bit high on me, so this dress is best on a short frame
  • Wrinkle Care: fabric likes to wrinkle, so a steamer is a requirement
  • Forgiving?: yes – the fit-and-flare shape leaves lots of room for second helpings or extra hors d’euvres

Shop this look:

On the 2nd day of Christmas
ModCloth gave to me…
a green lace strapless dress

green strapless lace dress ModCloth
gold heels Ivanka Trump* (similar)

* As always, it’s important to me to note that I purchased these pumps long before the 2016 election. I do not support Trump and I am currently boycotting Ivanka’s line.

Important Details:

  • Price: $99.99
  • Size I’m Wearing: small
  • Bra Type: strapless
  • Fit: runs a bit tight, length is average
  • Wrinkle Care: none needed
  • Forgiving?: very – the fit-and-flare shape leaves lots of room for second helpings or extra hors d’euvres
  • Other Details: the bodice has nice boning that holds its shape and there is a layer of stiff tulle sewn into the lining that gives this dress a lot of flare

Shop this look:

On the 3rd day of Christmas
ModCloth gave to me…
a mint tulle floofy dress

mint tulle dress ModCloth
black heels Forever 21 (similar)

Important Details:

  • Price: $69.99
  • Size I’m Wearing: small
  • Bra Type: strapless
  • Fit: runs a short
  • Wrinkle Care: the tulle tends to wrinkle so a steamer is needed
  • Forgiving?: very – the fit-and-flare shape leaves lots of room for second helpings or extra hors d’euvres

Shop this look:

On the 4th day of Christmas
ModCloth gave to me…
a silver sequin dress

silver sequin dress ModCloth
silver heels Aldo (similar)

Important Details:

  • Price: $71.99
  • Size I’m Wearing: small
  • Bra Type: regular
  • Fit: runs a bit long
  • Wrinkle Care: the tulle tends to wrinkle so a steamer is needed
  • Forgiving?: moderate – this dress isn’t super tight, but it doesn’t flare at the waist either
  • Other Details: This dress has two layers – a top layer with sequins and a lining layer. They look a bit see-through upon close inspection, but if you wear it with nude underwear it looks just fine.

Shop this look:

On the 5th day of Christmas
Nordstrom gave to me…
gold beads and sequins!

gold flapper dress Nordstrom
nude pumps BCBGeneration (similar)

Important Details:

  • Price: $148
  • Size I’m Wearing: 2
  • Bra Type: regular
  • Fit: runs a bit large, particularly in the waist
  • Wrinkle Care: none need
  • Forgiving?: moderate – this dress isn’t super tight, but it doesn’t flare at the waist either

Shop this look:

On the 6th day of Christmas
Nordstrom gave to me…
a red lace strapless dress

red lace strapless dress Nordstrom
gold pumps Ivanka Trump (similar)

Important Details:

  • Price: $108
  • Size I’m Wearing: small
  • Bra Type: strapless
  • Fit: true to size
  • Wrinkle Care: none need
  • Forgiving?: no – this dress is tight in the waist
  • Other Details: This dress has a nice high-low effect between the front and the back that makes it just long enough for work parties but short enough to be sexy

Shop this look:

Be sure to check back on Tuesday for Part 2 of The Twelve Party Dresses of Christmas, which has all kinds of gowns and fancy dresses for black tie parties.