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It’s summertime and for many of us, that means there could be some traveling in the weeks ahead. While carrying bags and walking through busy airports and train terminals can be a hassle, one way to make things easier is to use suitcases that are both durable and easy to handle.

To find the best suitcases, the Consumer Reports National Research Center surveyed nearly 65,000 Consumer Reports subscribers. We got viable data back from 27,191 people (a brand had to have been rated by at least 100 respondents). We found that the brand, Briggs & Riley, came out on top both for carry-on suitcases and for midsize and large suitcases.

Among the most important requirements when choosing carry-on, midsize and large luggage were wheelability, according to 64 percent of respondents, and durability, according to 61 percent of our readers. Durability, which takes into consideration zippers, handles and the fabric type among other things, was the single greatest predictor of overall satisfaction. By contrast, style and brand name, were only important to a small fraction of our readers.

Carry-On Luggage

The good news for shoppers is that if you buy carry-on luggage from one of the 16 brand names listed in our suitcase Ratings, you’ll probably be happy. About 86 percent of the 8,218 survey respondents who told us about their carry-on suitcases were highly satisfied with all of the brands listed in the survey.

While no brand was significantly better than the others, Briggs & Riley scored higher than most for its ease of carrying, wheelability, ease of packing, and durability. Readers also liked that the brand was easy to stow.

The great thing about carry-on luggage is that you don’t have to choose the most expensive brands to be satisfied. For lower priced suitcases, Costco, which tends to sell moderately priced suitcases falls in the middle of the pack.

Midsize and Large Suitcases

When looking for larger suitcases, though, brand names make a difference. We got 18,973 qualified responses on 24 midsize and large suitcase brands.

Among the highest rated midsize and large suitcase brands were Briggs & Riley, Eagle Creek and L.L. Bean. Overall, 76 percent of respondents were highly satisfied with their midsize or large suitcases.

Interestingly, American Tourister was one of the most popular brands used by our readers, yet it fell towards the bottom of the ratings.

Editor’s Note: This article was based on a survey conducted from January through March 2016. It was sent to Consumer Reports Online Annual Active subscribers. Our results include 27,191 total responses regarding all sizes of suitcases.

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“Have you packed your bags yet?”

This is a common question people are asked when they’re about to start a vacation, yet it’s something so many of us put off thinking for as long as possible!

Whether you’re taking your family on a vacation or traveling for business, one of the most important things to think about is packing, especially what luggage to use.

And while you might be confused by all the different choices of luggage available, the great news is that there’s a perfect suitcase or travel bag out there for you and your family. You just need to decide what’s important to you about travel luggage.

When I started writing Olympia luggage reviews, I couldn’t believe how many different luggage pieces were available. No wonder people get so confused!

Why Choose Olympia Luggage?

Olympia is an international company based in California, that’s been around for over 3 decades. It’s dedicated to providing quality travel products that are of high quality, durable and reliable no matter where you’re traveling.

Olympia’s luggage design is cutting-edge and has innovative and functional features. The company owns a few patents for design- I’ll be sharing these innovative features with you throughout my Olympia luggage reviews.

You’ll notice that Olympia luggage is stylish, and the company is continuously improving its classic, best-selling luggage pieces.

I think Olympia’s a great brand of luggage, because it’s known for being reliable, offering you comfort, style, quality and affordability.

For traveling families, these qualities are important. You want luggage that’s practical, has extra features and keeps in mind that family travel is different to solo travel! Those extra pockets and organizational features can be a life saver while traveling with young kids!

Olympia Luggage Collections


Although Olympia has many different luggage models, types and sizes, there are 5 main Olympia luggage types that I’ve reviewed for you.

Hard-sided Luggage

Hard-sided luggage has become more popular in recent years because it’s made from high-tech plastic materials such as polycarbonate and ABS, while others are made of aluminium or have aluminium components. This makes hard-sided luggage more durable and lightweight than other types of luggage.

Soft-sided Luggage

Traditionally, soft-sided luggage has been the most common and popular as it’s been around for many years. While hard-sided luggage might seem the best option, travelers love soft-sided because you can squeeze in more items and “overpack”. This is because the fabric tends to stretch.

Duffel Bags

When traveling, you wouldn’t normally think to use a duffel bag. Duffel bags are not only for athletes! They’re great to use if you’re packing bulky items such as camping or skiing equipment. You might use a duffel bag if you’re going to Europe on a ski trip.

Duffel bags have wheels and built-in handles that make them behave like a luggage piece but still have the great features of an ordinary duffel bag. And, they’re price makes them great value!

Olympia Luggage Reviews: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Olympia and Olympia luggage.

Q. Does Olympia have different types of luggage that I can choose from?

A. Yes. Olympia is a diverse luggage brand that offers a luggage solution for all types of travelers. Olympia sells hard-sided luggage, soft-sided luggage, duffel bags, carry-on luggage pieces, backpacks and other travel-related products. You can choose luggage with fixed wheels or luggage with spinner wheels. The choices are endless!

Q. Does Olympia luggage come as a set?

A. Yes. Olympia has luggage ranges that can be purchased as a set. This is handy for families who need more than one luggage piece or for those traveling for long periods of time who need to pack lots of things. It’s often economical to buy luggage as a set than individually.

Q. Is Olympia luggage expensive?

A. When buying luggage, it’s important to not only look at the upfront cost, but the cost over the long term. You can buy a cheap luggage piece, but if you need to replace it in a year or two, then this becomes expensive.
Olympia is a brand that prides itself on its quality, reliability, and trust. You can find a different luggage piece to suit your budget, however Olympia is NOT a cheap brand.

Olympia Tuscany Luggage Reviews

The Olympia Tuscany range is very popular with consumers as it offers three different luggage pieces with different sizes and features. It’s a soft-sided luggage range that suits all different types of travelers: from solo to families. You can choose the right one for your travel needs!

Olympia Luggage Tuscany 25 Inch Expandable Vertical Rolling Luggage Case

The Olympia luggage Tuscany 25-inch expandable vertical rolling luggage case is a popular choice among travelers, and often gets great customer reviews.

It’s a large-sized luggage piece that’s not suitable as a carry-on but it’s great for long vacations where you need to pack lots of clothing.

The luggage can expand, which means you can fit in those extra souvenirs and last-minute travel items (do you have more to pack when you’re traveling home than when you left?!).


The luggage is 24 x 15 x 10 inches and it can expand by another 2.5 inches, making this a great size for traveling families. Note that it’s too big to be a carry-on piece- the luggage will need to be checked in when flying. It has a capacity of 4600 cubic inches.


The luggage is made of two-tone polyester and has been designed to be sturdy and long-lasting.
The handle is a U-tube push-button retractable handle that you can lock away when the luggage is in transit. This protects the handle from possible damage during transit.


If you’re a fan of spinner wheels, you’ll be happy to know that the Olympia Tuscany 25-inch luggage piece features dual spinner wheels.

The wheels can rotate 360 degrees, making it simple to wheel the luggage around the airport. Minimal effort is required! I love spinner wheels because I can carry my child while also wheeling my luggage around the airport- multi-tasking at its finest!

There’s a dual buckle tie-belt to keep your luggage secure.


You get value for money when buying the Olympia Tuscany range.

There’s a front zipper pocket for easy access to essentials, as well as an internal zipper mesh pocket for storage and easy access.

And for those who love organization, there are built-in dual shoe pockets for storing shoes. It’s great to keep shoes separate from other items, so they don’t get squashed among your other items.

To protect your belongings, there’s EVA foam padding in the front panel.


The dual spinner wheels make the luggage easy to move
Dual shoe pockets for handy shoe storage
Expandable to be able to squeeze in those last-minute items that won’t otherwise fit!


The stitching and the polyester can get damaged over time if you pack too much, despite the luggage being expandable

Olympia Luggage Tuscany 30 Inch Expandable Vertical Rolling Luggage Case

Traveling families need to pack lots of clothing, so an extra-large luggage case like the Olympia Tuscany 30 inch expandable is perfect.

This luggage piece is the largest in the Olympia Tuscany range, and can hold up to 6800 cubic inches (compared with the 25-inch piece that holds 4600 cubic inches). If this still isn’t big enough for your family, then consider buying the three pieces as a set!


The Olympia Tuscany 30 inch measures 30 x 18 x 10 inches, with an extra expansion of 2.5 inches. The expandable feature means you pack more into your luggage (important when you’re going home and realizing you have more luggage than when you arrived!).


Olympia’s reputation for great quality continues, with the luggage being made of two-tone polyester with an inner lining to keep your items safe and clean. The castor spinner wheels are great quality, and some say they are on par with those used by Samsonite!


Dual spinner wheels make it easy to move the luggage, which is important given the luggage has an extra-large size and capacity.

The handle is a u-tube retractable handle that’s easy to pull up and down with the push of a button.


There are built-in dual shoe pockets so you can keep your shoes separate from your other items. There’s a hideaway piggy back strap that isn’t available with the other two Olympia Tuscany luggage pieces.


The extra-large size and expandable feature is perfect for large families
Who doesn’t love the idea of built-in shoe pockets?
The dual spinner wheels are on par with those used by Samsonite


The stitching is usually the first part of the luggage to become damaged over time

Olympia Luggage Reviews- Skyhawk Collection

The Skyhawk collection is a more premium luggage collection than the Tuscany and has a higher price point.

It has added features that improve durability, as well as extra features to give the luggage a more upmarket appeal.

The only color available is black, unlike the Tuscany range that has different colors available.

Olympia Luggage Skyhawk 22 Inch Expandable Airline Carry-On

The Olympia Skyhawk 22-inch expandable carry-on is like the Tuscany equivalent, however it has extra features which explains its higher price tag.


The Skyhawk 22-inch is an expandable bag that can increase in size by up to 2.5 inches. It measures 14 x 9 x 22 inches which includes the wheels. This makes it a great carry-on bag size that fits most airline requirements.


The luggage is made of 840 denier three-tone Polyester with a textile lining that helps protect your items. The top handle is a d-ring reinforced handle, making it more durable than other luggage handles.

The zippers are strong and the teeth line up well, it feels like the zipper is of high quality.

This is a very sturdy luggage piece that looks and feels durable enough to last quite a few years.


As with other Olympia luggage, the Skyhawk 22-inch has 4 recessed spinner wheels that make it simple to move around. The wheels swivel 360 degrees however they seem to work better when you are pulling the luggage behind you rather than when you’re pushing it in front of you.

It’s easy to access the front pocket and internal mesh pocket for items that you need quick and easy access to at the airport.


There’s an additional top hanging internal zipper pocket which travelers tend to use for toiletries. This is great because you can quickly access this pocket when you’re going through security checks. And it keeps your toiletries or other smaller belongings separate from your remaining luggage.

Just like its Tuscany cousin, the Skyhawk has a water bottle pocket for that extra special touch!


The additional internal zipper pocket for easy access
Handy water bottle pocket
The zipper feels solid and zips smoothly


Sometimes the wheels don’t work as well when you’re pushing the luggage in front of you
Expensive luggage

Olympia Luggage Skyhawk 26 Inch Expandable Vertical Rolling Case

For travelers needing a decent amount of packing space, the Olympia luggage Skyhawk 26-inch expandable case is an excellent mid-size choice.

It complements the 21-inch carry-on option and is great for small families and solo travelers.


The luggage measures 14 x 9 x 26 inches with an extra expansion of 2.5 inches. It has a capacity of 4900 cubic inches and the empty suitcase weighs 9.9lbs. This is a great luggage piece for a family going on a short vacation. It has plenty of room and can expand by an extra 2.5 inches which is handy when you’re packing to go home and realize you’ve bought too many souvenirs!


The Skyhawk 26-inch has a rugged quality, and it’s constructed from 840 denier Polyester.

Its recessed spinner wheels are sturdy and can handle the weight of the luggage.

The quality of the stitching means this luggage piece will last a while, while the sturdy zipper is great for when you’re packing in those extra items and need to make use of the expansion of the luggage. Usually a zipper is one of the first parts of a luggage piece that breaks!

The handle is reinforced and sturdy, which is important since you’ll be using the handle to help move the luggage around.


The last thing you want to be worrying about when you’re at the airport is your luggage- you want to be able to move it around freely while you’re doing all the other things a traveling parent does! You’ll find it easy to move the Skyhawk 26-inch luggage around, thanks to its 360-degree spinner wheels.

The handle is easy to pull up and down, simply by pressing the button. It moves slowly and without much force required- have you ever had to really push down on a handle for it to lock properly? It’s frustrating! There’s no such problem with the Skyhawk collection.

The handy pocket features also make it easy to access those important documents and items.


If you need to keep some items separate and handy and protected from your other items, then you’ll love the extra internal hanging pocket that’s at the top of the luggage. It’s easy to open the luggage to access this pocket while on the move.

When you open the luggage, the left component has a zippered mesh pocket. This is a great place to keep your fragile items or even if you like to separate your shoes or other items.

The front panel of the luggage is padded with EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) foam to keep your items safe from breakage when the luggage is loaded onto the plane. EVA foam is soft but durable, and often used in flooring and sports equipment.


The expandable feature makes it easy to pack those extra items you need to take
Internal hanging pocket gives easy access to important items
Reinforced handle for extra durability and ease of use


Some consumers wish this luggage piece adhered to airline carry-on requirements. It’s a little too big for this!

Olympia Apache 3pc Hardcase Spinner Set

For fans of hard-sided luggage, the Olympia Apache 3 piece hardcase spinner set is a great choice!

It’s great for large families because there are three different-sized pieces that allow you to pack everything you need for your family, as well as have a case that you can carry with you on your flight.

The Olympia Apache set is durable and strong enough to endure lots of travel. It’s the luggage you don’t mind spending money buying because you know it will last a while.


The sizes of the different pieces are:

14 x 9 x 21 inches, and it can hold 2700 cubic inches

17 x 10 x 25 inches, and it can hold 4300 cubic inches

19 x 12 x 29 inches, and it can hold 670 cubic inches

The smallest luggage piece can be used as a carry-on and fits most airline requirements.


The luggage is made of ABS polycarbonate which is durable and its flexibility means that it can withhold being thrown and bounced around without breaking.

To look after your luggage, you simply need to wipe it down to keep it clean. Although the luggage is not completely waterproof, it stays drier than if a soft-sided luggage piece got wet.

The lining of the luggage is made of fabric, which will keep your items safe and protected.


Polycarbonate is lightweight, so it’s easy to move your luggage around without worrying about additional weight from the material.

The spinner wheels allow movement in all directions, making it easy to move around the airport while you’re doing other things at the same time.

It’s easy to open and shut the handle, which moves smoothly at the push of a button.


The elastic tie belt will keep your items in one place and prevent them from being thrown around inside the luggage while in transit.

There’s an additional interior zip pocket if you need to keep some things separated.

The luggage is fully expandable, so if there’s anything you need to squeeze in, it should fit nicely!


The ABS polycarbonate material is excellent and durable

Spinner wheels make it easy to move the luggage around

The 3-piece set is economical value for families!


Nothing to note yet, as the luggage hasn’t been on the market for as long as the other collections. So far, so good!

Olympia Luxe 3 Piece Expandable Spinner Set

If style and design are important to you, then you’ll love the Olympia Luxe 3-piece expandable spinner set. The set features three different sized luggage pieces that’s great for traveling families or for when you need different sized luggage options.

The Luxe set has been created stylishly and stands out from other luggage pieces- making it easy to find on the carousel at the airport!


The 3 pieces of luggage are sized as follows:

14 x 8 x 21 inches, plus expansion of 2.5 inches. Capacity is 3000 cubic inches.

16 x 9 x 26 inches, plus expansion of 2.5 inches. Capacity is 4800 cubic inches.

18 x 10 x 30 inches, plus expansion of 2.5 inches. Capacity is 6800 cubic inches.


One of the great things about the Olympia Luxe range is that the quality looks better than your average luggage piece. Eveything has been made to look luxurious and durable.

The luggage pieces are made of 840 denier Polyester.

The spinner wheels are jumbo sized and have noise reduction, making them much easier to move and without much effort or noise.

The retractable handle has been made of lightweight aluminium and is sturdy and easy to use.

Olympia has created a very luxurious-looking and sturdy luggage set. This is what you want if you travel often!


The spinner wheels make it easy to move the luggage around the airport.

You don’t need to put much physical pressure on the handle to move the luggage. Everything about this luggage set is simple and easy to use!

There’s easy access to pockets for those items you want handy.


I love the built-in shoe pockets on the mid-size and large-size luggage piece. It’s convenient being able to store your shoes separately from your other luggage items.

There’s an interior divider to divide the compartments into two separate areas, keeping everything more organized. Who doesn’t love organization when packing for a vacation?!

The internal hanging pocket, clear vinyl pocket and extra zipper pocket help you access important items easily.

And as an added touch, the lining has been elegantly printed to look nice and stylish. There’s also EVA foam padding in the front to protect your belongings.


The interior divider makes packing much easier and efficient

Separate shoe holders are convenient

The jumbo spinner wheels are smooth and quiet


Since the wheels are jumbo, they can be the first thing to break so take extra care

Olympia Luggage Titan 3 Piece Spinner Hardside Set

If you’re looking for a slightly larger luggage set than the Luxe range but without sacrificing weight, then the Olympia Titan 2-piece spinner hardside set would be a perfect option for you.

It’s excellent for larger traveling families as it allows you to pack a lot of items. You have a choice of three different-sized luggage pieces, including one that is suitable as a carry-on luggage piece.

The Titan range is very popular and a great seller! Consumers are very positive about the Titan range.


The Olympia Titan luggage range is slightly larger than the Luxe range. Although it can’t expand as much as the Luxe range, because of its larger sizing, it can hold more than the Luxe. The weight of the empty luggage pieces is still the same as the weight of the Luxe range.

The sizing is as follows:

14 x 9 x 21 inches, with an expandable limit of 2 inches. Capacity is 3200 cubic inches.

16 x 11 x 25 inches, with an expandable limit of 2 inches. Capacity is 5200 cubic inches.

18 x 12 x 29 inches, with an expandable limit of 2 inches. Capacity is 7300 cubic inches.


Olympia’s reputation for quality and durable luggage is clearly evident with the way the Titan luggage has been designed and made.

It’s made of 100% Polycarbonate so that it’s tough and has enough “spring” to reduce any impact on the luggage when it’s in transit.


The jumbo spinner wheels are excellent, and they’re quiet and glide smoothly. It’s easy to move the Titan luggage around the airport without much physical effort!

The push-button retractable handle is made of lightweight aluminium and is easy to open and shut.

I love the interior zipped pockets that help you access your items easily. There’s also an elastic tie-belt to protect your belongings after you’ve packed them.

For parents who are organizational lovers, you’ll be happy to know that there are two separate compartments in the luggage to keep everything organized and secure.


The built-in shoe pockets are a fantastic idea! These are available on the mid-sized and large-sized pieces. It’s great for keeping your shoes stored neatly!

There’s an elegant print on the lining of the luggage to give it a luxurious appearance.


Larger than average luggage pieces

Jumbo spinner wheels are quiet and glide easily


Built-in shoe pockets on 25″ mid-size and 29″ large-size spinners

Elegantly imprinted fully padded interior lining


Compare Away Travel, Samsonite, TUMI, & Olympia Luggage Cyber Monday 2019 Deals: Luggage Savings Rated by Spending Lab

December 02, 2019 12:00 ET | Source: Spending Lab

Save on travel gear from TUMI, Away Travel, Samsonite and more top luggage brands at the Cyber Monday 2019 sale with our round-up of the best luggage Cyber Monday deals

Compare the best Cyber Monday 2019 luggage set deals and sales. Links to the top savings on Away Travel, Olympia and Samsonite carry-on bags, suitcases and hard shell luggage are shown below and have been rounded up by Cyber Monday experts at Spending Lab.

Best Luggage deals:

  • Save up to 76% on a wide range of suitcases and travel gear at Amazon – check live prices on top suitcase brands
  • Save up to 74% on best-selling suitcases and luggage sets at Walmart
  • Shop the latest Away Travel suitcases, bags and organizers – at
  • Save up to $105 on Tumi suitcases, bags, backpacks & accessories at Amazon – view available offers on hard shell luggage sets, carry on, compact rolling suitcases & more
  • Save up to 49% on top-rated Samsonite luggage sets, duffels, backpacks & more at Amazon – check live prices on the best-selling Winfield 2 & Omni Expandable hardside spinner luggage & more
  • Save up to $190 on Olympia suitcases & luggage sets at Amazon – view available offers on top-selling Apache carry-on spinner, Deluxe Fashion rolling overnighter, Titan expandable hardside spinners & more
  • Save 15% on carry on & checked suitcases – at

Cyber Monday deals are time sensitive. Check out Amazon’s Cyber Monday sale page and Walmart’s Cyber Monday home page for thousands more deals on a wide range of products. Spending Lab earns commissions from purchases made using the links provided.

Away Travel is a relatively new luggage brand that offers low to mid-range travel bags and suitcases. Other affordable hard luggage products include American Tourister, Olympia, and Travelpro. For those looking for luxury luggage sets, Tumi, Samsonite, and Briggs and Riley have products ranging from $500 and higher.

Why do people call it Cyber Monday? Cyber Monday became the marketing term for the first day after the Thanksgiving weekend due to the influx of new online deals released during the last day of Black Friday sales. New deals are typically launched on gadgets and big-ticket home appliances.

Amazon and Walmart lead other retailers in terms of total Cyber Monday revenue. Together they accounted for approximately 82.5% of all online sales during this period last year.

About Spending Lab: Spending Lab reports the latest retail news. As an Amazon Associate Spending Lab earns from qualifying purchases.

Contact: Andy Mathews ([email protected])

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Compare the best early suitcase and hard luggage Black Friday 2019 deals and sales. Links to the top early savings on Samsonite, Olympia, Travelpro, TUMI, American Tourister, Away luggage and travel bags are shown below and have been rounded up by Black Friday experts at Deal Stripe.

Best Luggage deals:

  • Save up to 76% on a wide range of luggage sets and travel gear at Amazon – check live prices on top brands including Samsonite, Away, TUMI, American Tourister, Olympia, Travelpro, Briggs & Riley & more
  • Save on the latest suitcases & bags – at
  • Save up to $105 on TUMI suitcases, bags, backpacks & accessories at Amazon – view available offers on hard shell luggage sets, carry on, compact rolling suitcases & more
  • Save up to $80 on luggage sets at Walmart – travel accessories and suitcases available
  • Save up to 49% on top-rated Samsonite luggage sets, duffels, backpacks & more at Amazon – check live prices on the best-selling Winfield 2 & Omni Expandable hardside spinner luggage & more
  • Save up to $190 on Olympia suitcases & luggage sets at Amazon – view available offers on top-selling Apache carry-on spinner, Deluxe Fashion rolling overnighter, Titan expandable hardside spinners & more
  • Save 15% on carry on & checked suitcases – at

Black Friday deals run for a limited period of time. Visit Amazon’s Black Friday page and Walmart’s Deal Drop page for their latest deals. Deal Stripe earns commissions from purchases made using the links provided.

Traveling has become more exciting with various luggage options. Away luggage lets one travel in style with its lightweight and colourful luggage and suitcase line. Samsonite has always been top-of-mind and their hard luggage line doesn’t disappoint with its various size and color options. TUMI has the 19 Degree Continental Aluminum Carry-On and, although non-expandable, it is considered to be the most durable for hard suitcases. Travelpro is a man’s travel companion – simple yet innovative, basic yet contemporary. Other notable luggage brands include American Tourister, Olympia, and Briggs and Riley.

What’s so special about Black Friday deals? Black Friday deals typically provide buyers with large savings for a limited time. The discounts during Black Friday are higher on average than at any other annual event. For example, electronics normally tagged at $50 to $100 were offered at an average of 36% off during Black Friday in 2016, according to Profitero.

Long lines and heavy traffic continue to push Black Friday shoppers away from physical stores and towards the more convenient online portals. The National Retail Federation (NRF) reported that in 2018, 41.4 million people conducted their shopping online during the holiday sales period, while only 34.7 million people shopped exclusively in stores.

About Deal Stripe: Deal Stripe shares e-commerce and sales news. As an Amazon Associate Deal Stripe earns from qualifying purchases.

Swiss 4 Wheel Suitcase Luggage Set of 2


Swiss 4 Wheel Suitcase Luggage Set Of 2

The Swiss 4 Wheel Suitcase Luggage Set Of 2 has a wonderful purple design. The 2 case set is ideal for one person or a couple and they are easy to store when not in use. The corners are reinforced and they are built to withstand knocks. A lovely stylish way to start your holiday.

Cabin bag and case

The Swiss 4 Wheel Suitcase Luggage Set Of 2 has a smaller case which is suitable as hand luggage on most airlines. The larger case is 28” which will hold clothes for a week. The inside is fully lined with compression straps on the bottom. The top of the case has a zipped compartment so everything can be help securely and items can be kept separately as required.

Easy to travel

The Swiss 4 Wheel Suitcase Luggage Set Of 2 makes it easy for you to travel too. The cases feature carry handles and also have a built in telescopic handle which can be used to pull them on 4 omni-directional wheels. When the cases are not in use, the smaller case can be stored neatly inside the larger one.

Features and Specs

  • 2 piece luggage set
  • Easy storage: smaller case fits neatly inside larger case
  • 4 omni-directional wheels
  • Telescopic handle
  • Reinforced corners
  • Dimensions: 28″ suitcase: 28″ x 20″ x 12.5″ / 71cm x 51cm x 32cm, Weight: 5kg, Capacity: 105 Litres
  • Dimensions: 20″ suitcase: 20″ x 14″ x 10″ / 51cm x 36cm x 26cm, Weight: 3kg, Capacity: 39 Litres

Customer reviews and scores

Amazon has many 5 star reviews for the Swiss 4 Wheel Suitcase Luggage Set Of 2. Customers ‘Love the funky colours and stripes’ which makes it ‘So easy to spot them on the conveyor belts.’ The ‘suitcase is durable and strong’ and ‘They are sturdily made and great value,’ The ‘smaller case is very small and fits within the larger one by a significant margin,’ and ‘The wheels make them easy to manoeuvre all over the Airports, trains, buses.’ Customers are ‘Very impressed,’ and ‘would highly recommend in terms of their quality.’


The Swiss 4 Wheel Suitcase Luggage Set Of 2 is a lovely stylish set which includes a case and a cabin bag. The inside is designed to keep everything held in place and the cases are easy to transport with omni-directional wheels. The set is easily affordable and has been built to provide many years of stress free travel.

Victorinox Buyer’s Guide

While Victorinox is perhaps most famous for the iconic Swiss Army Knife, the company also has a collection of high-end luggage and travel gear known for its precision, functionality, and versatility. The company itself dates back to 1884, when founder Karl Elsener opened a knife cutlers’ workshop in Ibach, Switzerland. A few years later, the Swiss Army Knife was born, a product so successful it carried the company for another hundred years into the new millennium.

In 1999, Victorinox released its first line of luxury bags and cases, staying true to the ethos of practicality and functional design. Today, the company offers a broad range of luggage collections for every type of traveler—from short-haul to long-haul and everything in between. Read on to discover the collections in our Victorinox luggage review and decide which bags and cases are right for your next trip.

Main Swiss Army Victorinox Luggage Collections

  • Victorinox Lexicon
  • Victorinox Lexicon Hardside
  • Victorinox Spectra
  • Victorinox Victoria
  • Victorinox VX Touring
  • Victorinox Werks Traveler 5.0
  • Victorinox Werks Traveler 5.0
  • Victorinox Altmont Backpacks
  • Victorinox Luggage Sale

More about Victorinox Swiss Army

  • Vctorinox Luggage Size Guide
  • Vctorinox Luggage Materials
  • Vctorinox Luggage Vs. TUMI

Victorinox Swiss Army Luggage Review – Line by Line


  • Broad range of different sizes–from backpacks to hold luggage
  • Durable ballistic nylon
  • Advanced device protection and organization
  • Easily combined with other larger Victorinox pieces


  • Soft-sided luggage and backpacks don’t offer the same protection as hard sided
  • Significantly higher price-point than the Altmont range

Shop Now

Price range: $319 – $335

The Victorinox Lexicon collection offers travelers a selection of different bags and cases designed to fulfil a broad range of travel needs. From the Lexicon Professional backpacks that make travelling with electronic devices a breeze to the versatile, expandable wheeled carry-ons that provide plenty of space for a long trip. Travel Sentry locks are also included for extra security—making this range ideal those with valuable items to transport.

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Victorinox Lexicon Hardside Luggage Review

  • Break-resistant 100% virgin polycarbonate
  • 60mm dual-caster wheels for maneuverability
  • Large sizes for longer trips
  • Part of the Swiss Tracker Bag Tracking Program
  • Hard sided luggage not as flexible as soft sided
  • No garment bag as found in other Victorinox lines

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Price range: $460 – $600

Designed for ultimate durability and longevity, the Victorinox Lexicon Hardside luggage collection keeps your belongings safe using virgin polycarbonate. Other features within the range include Integrated Travel Sentry Approved locks with lock recovery program, access to the Swiss Tracker Bag program, and a hidden ID tray in the handle for easy identification. Ideal for longer trip and family vacations, the Lexicon Hardside collection offers a range of hold sizes and includes a number of larger carry-ons.

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Victorinox Spectra Luggage Review

  • Lightweight hard sided luggage with Bayer protective polycarbonate
  • Dual-caster wheels for stability and easy handling
  • Large sizes for longer trips
  • Modern design for sophisticated travelers
  • Hard sided luggage not as flexible as soft sided
  • No garment bag for formal clothing
  • No compression sleeve as found in other high-end bags

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Price Range: $349 – $459

The Spectra 2.0 is all about its modern appeal. A hard-shell grooved case looks every inch the sleek bag a spy should carry. It also has one invaluable benefit going for it—a polycarbonate shell. It’s going to stand up to frequent travel and show less wear and tear than its counterparts. The carry-ons have dedicated laptop pocketing that you can slide out when not in use, and plenty of small storage pockets on its lid that you can reach into to grab items with ease. If you like simplified packing and would pass on a garment sleeve in favor of a cool, performance driven design, this is your bag.

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Victorinox Victoria Luggage Review

  • Soft sided bags and carry-ons for maximum flexibility
  • Luxurious finishes and silver hardware for added sophistication
  • Ideal for shorter trips
  • Not as large as some of the other Victorinox lines
  • Feminine styling may not appeal to everyone

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Price range: $149 – $299

A timeless collection of luggage that injects a dash of style and sophistication, the Victoria collection from Victorinox is designed by women, for women. Combining elegance and organization in a range of bags and cases, this collection will appeal to female travelers of all types, working equally well as business luggage and leisure luggage. The Ambition 20” 4-Wheel Global Carry-On, for instance, provides ample packing space for trips of any length, all wrapped in a stylish black casing with splashes of bold color and sparkling silver hardware accents.

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Victorinox VX Touring Luggage Review

  • Soft sided bags and carry-ons for maximum flexibility
  • Luxurious finishes and silver hardware for added sophistication
  • Ideal for shorter trips
  • Not as large as some of the other Victorinox lines
  • Feminine styling may not appeal to everyone

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Price range: : $150 – $360

For adventurers and urban explorers, the VX Touring collection from Victorinox provides an ultra-light and hardwearing selection of bags engineered to withstand the rigors of life on the road. Including backpacks and expanding duffels, the VX Touring range serve a multiplicity of functions—just like the famous Swiss Army Knife. The lightweight polyester exterior is flexible and allows easy packing, with a variety of interior features such as zippered mesh storage pockets, adjustable compression straps, and dedicated storage for electronic devices helping you stay organized while on the move.

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Victorinox Werks Traveler 5.0 Luggage Review

  • Lightweight and durable ballistic casing
  • Dual caster wheels with added stability and smooth handling
  • Compression panel and divider for easy packing
  • Garment sleeve not available with some 4-wheel carry-ons
  • Material is less abrasion-proof than the Spectra range

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Price range: : $69 – $327

If you like the latest packing features but in a classic and easy-to-use packing configuration, the Werks Traveler 5.0 collection is a great fit. They have an expansion system, garment sleeve on most designs, and a helpful packing divider that can either provide a flat packing space or be used on top to help compress clothing down with a strap. A smoothly woven ballistic exterior is both durable and good-looking. Arguably, the Werks 5.0 range is aimed at vacationers but the garment sleeve makes it transition easily for the occasional business trip.

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Victorinox Werks Traveler 6.0 Luggage Review

  • Durable ballistic casing for heavy use
  • Practical Pack More system
  • Integrated USB ports
  • Expandable for increased capacity
  • Garment sleeve not available with some 4-wheel carry-ons
  • Material is less abrasion-proof than the Spectra range

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Price range: $295 – 925

As the latest iteration of the Werks Traveler series, the Werks Traveler 6.0 collection packs in plenty of intelligent features and smart design—improving on the 5.0 series. From handy totes to large, upright cases, there’s plenty of options for both long and short trips. The larger cases feature a Pack More System with x-shaped compression straps alongside a tri-fold suiter and mesh pockets for the ultimate in organization. The smaller pieces in the range include drop down expansion panels and simple integration with larger cases for even greater carrying capacity. The Werks Traveler 6.0 collection is truly versatile and ready for anything.

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Victorinox Altmont 3.0 Backpacks Review

  • Lightweight and compact—ideal for short trips
  • Practical organizational features for easy packing
  • Designed to protect electronic devices
  • Easily combined with other larger Victorinox pieces
  • Backpacks not suited to longer trips
  • Minimal hold protection

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Price Range: $79 – $129

The Altmont collection from Victorinox packs plenty of features into its compact size—and this line of stylish backpacks is the perfect companion for modern travelers. Including the Altmont Classic, Altmont Professional, and Altmont Deluxe lines, these sophisticated bags appeal to a variety of different tastes. They also include a range of organizational features designed to keep your belongings safe and secure, with dedicated laptop and tablet pockets ensuring that delicate devices are well looked after.

For the best Victorinox prices, take a look at our sales page here .

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Swiss Army Luggage Review — Size Guide

Our review includes a useful size guide to help you choose the ideal piece of luggage for your needs. Refer to this Swiss Army Luggage size guide and determine which piece from each collection suits your requirements best.

Cabin IATA Cabin non-IATA Check in Small Check in Large
Altmont Classic Laptop Backpack Deluxe Laptop Backpack
Lexicon Bellevue 15” Laptop Backpack Bellevue 17” Laptop Backpack 22” EXP 2-Wheel C/O
Lexicon Hardside Frequent Flyer Carry-On Wide Global Carry-On Medium Packing Case Large Packing Case
Spectra Dual Access Extra Capacity U.S Carry-On Expandable Global Carry-On Medium Expandable Large Expandable
Victoria Aspire Expandable Foldable Tote Ambition 20” 4-Wheel Global Carry-On
VX Touring VX Touring Backpack VX Touring Expandable Large Duffel VX Touring Expandable Extra-Large Duffel
Werks Traveler 5.0 Example Weekender Tote Duffel with Tablet/eReader Pocket 22” Expandable 2 Wheeled Carry-On 24” Expandable Dual Caster
Werks Traveler 6.0 Weekender Medium Upright Case Frequent Flyer Carry-On Large Upright Case

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Victorinox Altmont Luggage Review — Materials

Victorinox luggage employs a variety of different materials in the manufacture of its bags and cases. When selecting the right kind of bag for your travels, you should pay close attention to the kind of protection you require. Generally, travel luggage can be split into hard sided and soft sided luggage.

The soft-sided luggage within this Victorinox luggage review includes materials such as ballistic nylon which is both waterproof and tear resistant. However, this type of material will not protect your delicate belongings if the bag is placed in the hold.

The hard-sided luggage within our Victorinox luggage review uses materials such as polycarbonate. These rigid cases provide extra protection when placed in the hold, however, they are prone to scratching and scuffing. Additionally, these materials provide much less flexibility than their soft-sided counterparts.

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Victorinox vs. TUMI

Despite the fact that Victorinox only began manufacturing high-quality bags and cases in the late 90s, they are still considered among the top luggage manufacturers operating today. Naturally, TUMI and other brands provide plenty of competition, and sometimes it can be difficult to choose between the many cases on offer. However, here at Kaehler we have a simple way for you to solve the Victorinox vs Tumi debate. Take a look at our TUMI Luggage Buyers Guide and compare each of the cases and bags from our Victorinox luggage review and measure up what’s best for your needs.

Garment bags for the 21st-century dad

Wheeled suiters

It’s a carry on! It’s a garment bag! It’s a carry-on and a garment bag! Often called a suiter, wheeled luggage with integrated garment-bag-type sections are abundant on the market. From the outside, suiters look no different from the typical 22-inch-high x 9-inch-deep x 14-inch-wide carry-on bag. On the inside, though, they include a section designed to keep a suit or two unwrinkled.

For example, the two-wheeled Briggs & Riley Baseline Domestic Carry On Upright Garment Bag* includes a garment section and a well for additional clothes, plus interior and exterior pockets. Same idea but less pricey are the Traveler’s Choice Sienna 21” Hybrid Rolling Carry-On Garment Bag and the Travelpro Crew 10 Rolling Carry-on Garment Bag.

For a suiter with additional capabilities, look at the ECBC Sparrow Wheeled Garment Bag (shown at top), which includes a padded laptop compartment that can be unzipped to lie flat for scanning at the airport security line, as well as an integrated portable battery pack for recharging your devices.

Of course, unlike a traditional hanging garment bag, you can’t hang these wheeled suiters in a closet; you have to unpack the suits for hanging. So the Samsonite Silhouette Sphere Spinner Garment Bag has a solution. Like the others, it’s on wheels, but it also stands autonomously in the open position, like a self-contained wardrobe, so your suits are upright.

Gear Review: Skyroll Garment Bag

I used to be a suit jockey–I had to wear a suit to work, travel with a suit, practically live in a suit.

In those days, traveling with a suit or two wasn’t easy. There were no wheeled carry on bags just the standard, bulky,unwieldy double or triple fold garment bag. While today we fight for overhead space, in those days we fought for closet space to hang our garment bags.

Fortunately, I no longer have to travel that way but still feel bad for those who now have to try to fit a suit, or two, into a standard carry on bag. (The suit, especially if there is a suit carrier attachment inside, takes up most of the room.)

A few years ago I heard about a new product called the Skyroll. Rather than fold the garment bag, it was rolled around a core. Rather than me explain it, watch the video Skyroll created explaining how it works:

This bag is designed for the business person going on a short trip but must bring serious business clothes. It is not for the leisure traveler looking to travel light.

For $150, you get the garment bag, toiletry bag and shoulder strap. It’s made of 1200 denier ballistic fabric, measures, according to their website at 22 x 8.5 empty, and weighs just over 4 lbs. empty. Add the toiletry kit and it’s just over 4.5 lbs. Add a suit and my Skyroll measured 23.5″ x 9.5″.

My opinion is that if you are looking for an alternative from the standard garment bag, you should definitely consider getting this. If it was available when I had to wear suits, I would have probably purchased one. I know the “filled measurements” are a little bigger than standard carry-on but I doubt this bag will get a second look from gate agents. Whether or not you should take that risk is up to you.

Photos and videos are courtesy of Skyroll who provided the bag for review. Opinions are our own.

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