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What’s the Project? So you got a new sewing machine and you’re super excited, but you’ve got one big question-how to use a sewing machine! You’re not alone and it’s not hard. This easy tutorial will walk you through the basics of using your new machine and get you sewing in no time!

OK, you’ve done it. You bought a new sewing machine, got one for Christmas or broke the one you bought 3 years ago out of its dusty box. Now what? What are all those buttons and levers? How do you turn this thing on? What do you do now?

Sewing machines can be exciting but also totally overwhelming when you don’t know what any of the gadgets are or how to use it! If you’re wanting to learn to sew, the first place to start is simply how to use a sewing machine! This guide will walk you through some of the basics and help you get started on a lifelong journey of sewing!

Learn to Sew Lessons:

If you are here because you have a new machine, I want to make sure that you know that I run a whole Learn to Sew series full of free online sewing lessons from everything you need to know to start sewing, how to sew a straight line and even which sewing machine to buy if you’re still in the market. And it’s all free. So be sure to check all of that out starting here.

But now let’s talk about how to use a sewing machine!

How to Use a Sewing Machine:

The first thing you need to know is that every sewing machine is different, so I am going to do my best to show you what you need to know but it will probably vary a little bit for your machine. Your user’s guide will be your new best friend.

I am going to introduce you to 2 sewing machines today. I will start with my friend Carrie’s machine because hers is probably more similar to most of yours than mine is. Then we will have a look at mine.

How to Use a Sewing Machine Guide for Beginners:

Carrie’s machine is a beautiful basic Janome. When I asked her if I could borrow her machine to snap some pictures I didn’t know she had a Janome too, but let me just say that I love Janome. You can’t go wrong with Janome. And from what I understand, Kenmore is the baby sister of Janome and I highly recommend them too. (Kenmore is what I started on.)

Now, as I show you Carrie’s machine, keep in mind that every machine looks different, but that yours is likely to have a lot of these same parts. Have your user’s guide or manual handy so that you can refer to it since your machine is probably a little different.

First off, find your power cord and your on/off switch:

The power cord is attached to the foot pedal. The foot pedal goes on the floor where your foot can comfortably reach it:

On the front of the machine, you will find several knobs. On this particular machine, there is a knob with letters-when you turn that knob you change what type of stitch you are doing-straight stitch, zig-zag, etc. Below that you find another knob which changes the length of the stitch-are they tiny, close together stitches or long, farther apart ones? That knob determines this. To the right of both of these you find a stitch guide which shows what stitch options this machine has (and again, you would select which stitch you want to use by turning the knob at the top):

How to Adjust Stitch Length:

On the side of the machine is a little wheel that turns. That’s called the hand wheel and will make your needle go up and down (and yes, I had to look up what that thing was called. Even my mom didn’t know.)

OK, here’s an important part of your machine and I apologize, I have a really fuzzy picture of it, but you can still get the idea right? This is the reverse stitch lever. When you want to sew backward, or in reverse (and you will often), you will pull this down:

Up near the top of the machine is a dial that adjusts the width of a stitch. For a straight stitch this wouldn’t matter, but for a zig-zag, this would determine if it’s a big, fat zigzag stitch or a small, narrow one:

On the far side of the machine is a knob that adjusts the tension of the presser foot. I don’t usually even touch this on my machine, but there it is, so now you know what it does:

This metal part on your machine is called the presser foot. You will lower it (there’s a lever just to the right and above it) to sew and then raise it to remove the fabric.

A few other fun features-here’s a little built-in measuring tape. How handy! I saw this on Carrie’s machine and realized mine has it too and I never noticed:

And did you know that the front part of the machine comes right off (and usually has storage inside)? This will be handy when you are sewing things like hems on pants and other small areas:

How to Thread a Sewing Machine:

So, how do you thread this thing? That’s going to be VERY important. I want you to practice this at least 10 times before we start the lessons. Now I can’t totally teach you how to thread your machine because every machine is different.

Here’s a video to walk you through the process:

Your manual will show you how. But most machines are at least somewhat similar, so let me show you how Carrie’s is threaded.

You start off by putting your spool of thread on the spindle at the top of the machine:

Make sure you have the spool holder in place to keep your thread from flying off (that’s the plastic thing you see on the left of the thread up there).

Take the end of your thread and somewhere on the top of your machine will be a few nooks and crannies for you to pull it through that will look something like this: (and see how the machine even has a little guide to help you?)

Now you’ll go down to the right of the grey part with your thread, loop it at the bottom and then go up the left side:

Then through the little “thread take-up lever” (that’s what it’s called) at the top:

And back down one more time toward your needle. You are now going to thread it through a few things. First this: (see the little metal piece right below the white part of the machine?)

Then this: (another little piece of metal-this one right at the top of the needle)

And finally, thread the needle.

Practice that a few times. You will get so that you can do it with your eyes shut.

How to Thread Bobbin:

Now, you also need to thread your bobbin.

Before you sew you will need to wind your bobbin. You actually need to do this before you thread your machine for a project.

Here’s a Video of the Process:

What you need to do is take one of your empty bobbin cartridges and the thread in the color you need. On your bobbin cartridge, there will be a little hole to stick the end of your thread through. You’re going to need to look at your own manual again to see how to do this for sure on your machine. It will involve putting your thread on your spindle, wrapping it around something like this: (see the little silver button on there, you would wrap it around that once, as shown in the diagram on the machine)

And then through the hole in the bobbin cartridge. Place the whole cartridge on this:

Keeping hanging onto the end of that thread even while your bobbin cartridge is on that bobbin winder. Slide the bobbin winder to the right. It is now ready to wind.

Keep hanging onto that thread and push down on your foot pedal. It should start to wind. As it starts, grab a pair of scissors and snip the thread you are holding and then let the bobbin keep winding until it is full. Slide it back to the left and remove it.

How to Insert Your Bobbin:

To insert the bobbin into your machine you will need to take off your bobbin cover and place your bobbin into the slot for it: (this part might look VERY different on your machine-if so, grab your manual):

Your manual will tell you which direction your bobbin spool should turn. For this machine, it should turn clockwise, so I want to line my bobbin up like this before I put it in:

Then I would place it down into that little hole for my bobbin and pull the thread through the little slot (see my diagram above) to get it secured into place.

Give the end of the thread a gentle pull and your bobbin should turn in the direction indicated.

Now, thread your machine. Using the hand wheel (or down/up button if you have one), lower your threaded needle all the way down and back up again and it should catch the bobbin thread and pull it up with the needle thread. Pull both threads to the side and close your bobbin case.

You are now set to sew.

How To Use a Computerized Sewing Machine:

Now let’s switch to my machine. Here are a few shots of my machine. I am showing you this because my machine is computerized. Does anyone have a computerized one? If so, here’s a walk through a few of the features:

Let’s have a look:

One of the biggest differences on a computerized machine is the way to select stitches. It has a touchscreen. Here you see some stitch options-currently with straight stitch chosen. If I want a zigzag, I would just touch that button:

And then I can adjust things like stitch length and width by touching the adjust button:

On the front I also have my buttons for reversing, putting the needle up and down and a fancy, stay in place knot:

There’s also a slide for how fast I want the machine to stitch:

Also, my machine has an automatic needle threader. (Very handy!)

Most other features will be the same as the machine I already showed you.

One other thing to note. On your machine, you will see something like this. See the lines and etchings on the sewing machine in this picture? Those are your seam guides. If a pattern tells you to sew a 1/2 inch seam, for example, you would want to line the edge of your fabric up so that it was parallel with the 1/2″ seam guide. This will make more sense as you start to sew a lot.

Hopefully this helped you learn how to use a sewing machine a little bit better. Now be sure to check out the rest of the Learn to Sew Series.

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Understanding Sewing Terms:

Brother sewing machines series is one of the most popular sewing machines available in the market. Brother sewing machines are known for their durable construction and impressive features. You might be wondering, what is the best sewing machine for the money you have.

Whether it is sewing, quilting or embroidery, you will find a brother sewing machine that can serve you best. Brother sewing machines come with some of the best features in the sewing machine realm. The machines are the favorite machines to many professional tailors. They have been used to make some of the worlds greatest clothing designs.

There is a wide range of brother sewing machines. Brother sewing machines are some of the best sewing machines 2020. The different machines come with different features and, therefore, perform differently. Brother sewing machines prices are different too.

Finding the best brother sewing machine among the many types may not be very straightforward, especially if you have never interacted with one. There are not many brother sewing machines available either. You should not worry though! We took our time to compile one of the best brother sewing machine reviews.

This is a review of some of the superior brother sewing machines. The review will highlight the different features of the machines, as well as their pros and cons. It will explore their performance to find out how suitable they are for different applications. You should be able to get the best brother sewing machine for the money you have. First, below is a quick snippet of the machines reviewed. It is a brother sewing machine comparison chart.

Best Brother Sewing Machines 2020

  1. Brother SE400 – This is a top of the range computerized sewing machine with 67 inbuilt stitches and 70 embroidery designs.
  2. Brother CS600i – This is a moderate performance sewing machine with 27 inbuilt stitches.
  3. Brother XR9500PRW – this is a top-rated sewing machine with 100 inbuilt stitches. This has several automated features too.
  4. Brother PE770 – this is an embroidery machine with 136 embroidery designs
  5. Brother Designio DZ1234 – this is a hi-tech sewing machine. It has fully automated functions.
  6. Brother 1034D – this is a high-performance sewing machine designed for finishing applications
  7. Brother LB6800PRW – this is yet another computerized embroidery and sewing machine with fully automated functions.
  8. Brother HC1850 – this is a computerized sewing and quilting machine. It has 130 stitches and 14 quilting functions.
  9. Brother PQ1500SL – this is a high-performance quilting and sewing machine with a stitching speed of 1500 stitches per minute
  10. Brother Designio DZ2400 – this is yet another high-performance sewing machine with 185 built-in stitches. It has several automated features too.
  11. Brother CS5055PRW – This is a moderate performance electric sewing machine. It is not costly. It is an excellent option for anyone on a compressed budget.
  12. Brother XR3774 – this is a full-feature sewing and quilting machine with 37 sewing stitches and 37 quilting designs.

1) Brother SE400

The Brother SE400 is a fantastic sewing machine. It is one of Brother’s greatest masterpiece. The machine is a professional grade sewing machine with a very impressive performance. Check out its features below. It is one of the best brother industrial sewing machines.


  • It comes with an LCD-touchscreen display unit
  • It has an automated needle threader
  • It has a USB port for computer connectivity hence more designs can be uploaded
  • It has a simple drop-in top bobbin


  • It has built-in tutorials on machine usage
  • Automated thread cutter
  • 67 inbuilt stitches,70 embroidery designs, and five lettering fonts
  • Wide working area


  • The machine sits on a plastic frame. Plastic is not a very strong material for a frame.


The Brother SE400 is a fantastic sewing machine from the brother series. It is without a doubt one of their best machines. It has all the essential features of a top-grade sewing machine, and it offers incredible convenience. This machine will undoubtedly live up to your expectations. It is a great brother embroidery machine.

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2) Brother CS600i

The Brother CS600i is yet another fantastic sewing machine. The machine favoritism by many is anchored on its user convenience. It comes with very impressive features, which will help you complete an amazing sewing design.


  • Has well-backlit displays
  • Automated needle threading
  • 27 inbuilt stitches
  • Automated drop-in bobbing


  • Easily adjustable sewing speeds
  • Big working table hence suitable for quilting and big projects
  • Bright LEDs lit the work area
  • Easy to adjust stitching length and width


  • The machine tends to jam at the bobbin sometimes.
  • The machine does not have much stitch variety.


The Brother CS600i is a fantastic sewing machine that delivers ample user convenience. This enables you to concentrate on the creative part of the designs. The sewing machine has all that you would need to complete a very impressive clothing design.

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3) Brother XR9500PRW

The Brother XR9500PW machine is yet another top of the range sewing machine. The machine has incredible features that make your sewing fun and easy. It has some of the most impressive features you will find on a sewing machine.


  • It has 100 inbuilt stitches
  • Backlit LCD
  • Well LED-lit work area
  • Automated needle threading system


  • It has an easy bobbin winding system
  • Features with a free arm for sewing sleeves
  • Simple adjustable needle position
  • It has a wide working area hence suitable for quilting and large projects


  • Bottom plastic chassis is not durable.


The Brother XR9500PW does not seem to disappoint in any way. The machine is available on Amazon, and it has attracted many positive reviews. It has without a doubt satisfied the requirements of many customers. You will most likely not experience any downtime with this sewing machine.

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4) Brother PE770

The Brother PE770 is designed for embroidery purposes. Embroidery is an essential part of clothing designs. This machine will make your designs stand out, with its superior embroidery capabilities. It has very impressive features.


  • It has a built-in memory hence more designs can be imported
  • Has 136 built-in embroidery designs
  • It has an embroidery card slot
  • Backlit LCDs
  • Automated needle threader


  • It has a big embroidery area hence allows large lettering and monograms
  • Featured with various design editing capabilities
  • It has an auto thread trimmer
  • Has a wide working area hence suitable for large projects


  • At times the machine has lower bobbin tension.


The Brother PE770 sewing machine is a fantastic embroidery sewing machine. The machine has very impressive reviews on Amazon. It has all the essential features of an embroidery machine. You should not miss this sewing machine if you are a professional tailor.

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5) Brother Designio DZ1234

The Brother Designio is yet another very impressive sewing machine. It has all the superior signature features of brother sewing machine. The machine is fully computerized, and all its features are automated. It offers incredible convenience.


  • Has a 3 and four thread configuration hence allows different fabrics to be sewed
  • Well-lit LCDs
  • Automates needle threading system
  • Automated thread cutter


  • the stitch width and length are easily adjusted
  • It has very high sewing speeds
  • big working area hence good to use for large projects
  • 8 automates buttonholes styles


  • Complicated to use for beginners


The Brother Designio is an epitome of where sewing machines meet technology. It is a high tech sewing machine, with fully automated systems. The systems allow you much convenience as they literary do all the donkey work for you. You can then fully engage your creative sense. Many brother computerized sewing machine reviews have it as a top rated sewing machine.

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6) Brother 1034D

The Brother 1034D machine is a fantastic sewing machine for finishing applications. The machine has a ¾ thread serger that delivers exquisite finishing stitches. It does well on a wide range of fabrics and designs.


  • The machine has 22 in-built stitches
  • It has color-coded threading
  • It comes with adjustable width
  • It has a removable free arm


  • The machine allows easy threading
  • It is versatile. You can use it on a wide range of fabrics
  • It is a high-performance sewing machine
  • It is durable. It comes with a 25-year warranty


  • The sewing machine has tensions issues. The presser tension on the right fails at times


The Brother 1034D is an excellent option for your finishing designs. It is designed to deliver finishing stitches. All the features of the machine point at a very effective sewing machine. It has incredible reviews on Amazon too.

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7) Brother LB6800PRW

The Brother LB6800PRW is yet another top rated sewing machine. The machine is fully computerized, and it is designed for both sewing and embroidery. You get two functions in one machine. The machine has very impressive features that will make your sewing an activity to look forward to.


  • The machine has fully automated systems
  • It has an LCD
  • It has 67 sewing stitches
  • It has 70 embroidery designs


  • The machine is very reliable
  • It has a very durable construction
  • It is very versatile. It has a wide variety of stitches
  • The computerized systems are very convenient


  • The sewing machine has a somewhat complicated settings protocol


The Brother LB6800PRW is an incredible machine. It is without a doubt one of the best brother sewing machines we have on the review. Instead of buying separate sewing and embroidery machines, the Brother LB6800PRW would be a fantastic option.

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8) Brother HC1850

The Brother HC1850 is a sewing and quilting machine. You do not have to buy separate sewing and quilting machines. You can get one of these and get the convince of having the two functions in one. The sewing machine comes with a myriad of impressive features.


  • The sewing machine has fully computerized systems
  • It has 130 inbuilt stitches
  • It comes with 14 quilting functions
  • It has eight one-step buttonholes


  • The machine is easy to use.
  • It is very versatile
  • It has a durable construction
  • It comes with a flip-chart guide


  • The initial settings of a computerized machine are a bit complicated


The Brother HC1850 is yet another fantastic sewing machine that delivers a very impressive performance. The machine is an excellent option if you are interested in a combination of sewing and quilting functions. It is arguably the best brother sewing machine for beginners.

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9) Brother PQ1500SL

The Brother PQ1500SL is yet another excellent sewing machine for sewing and quilting. It is a high-performance machine with a very impressive sewing speed. It has several automated features that make it convenient too. It is one of the best sewing machines for quilting and embroidery.


  • The machine has a speed of 1500 stitches per minute
  • It has a retractable Drop feed dog control
  • It has an auto thread trimmer
  • It comes with 4 feed dog settings


  • The machine is easy to use
  • It is a very powerful sewing machine
  • It has a large working table
  • The combination of sewing and quilting functions is very impressive


  • The sewing machine sits on a plastic frame that is not very strong


The Brother PQ1500SL does not seem to disappoint as far as sewing and quilting are concerned. It has all the essential features of a great sewing and quilting machine. It is a versatile machine that can be used in many applications. It is arguably the best brother sewing machine for quilting. It is arguably the best brother sewing machine for heavy fabrics.

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10) Brother Designio DZ2400

We have yet another model from the Brother designio series. The DZ2400 does not fall short of anything. It is a fantastic computerized sewing machine, with an incredible performance. It comes with all the impressive features synonymous with brother sewing machines.


  • The sewing machine has 185 built-in stitches
  • It has variable sewing speed
  • It has 55 alphanumeric stitches
  • It features automatic needle threading


  • The sewing machine has a very durable construction
  • It has a wide variety of stitches
  • It comes with a backlit LCD for easy user interface
  • The automated systems are very convenient


  • The initial settings of a computerized sewing machine are rather complicated.


The Brother Designio DZ400 is yet another high-performance computerized sewing machine. You will certainly not be disappointed by the deliverables of this machine. It has very impressive reviews on Amazon, proof that it is indeed a great sewing machine.

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11) Brother CS5055PRW

The Brother CS5055PRW is an electric sewing machine that is very reliable. It is a moderate performance sewing machine, with a favorable price. If you are looking for a cheap but quality brother sewing machine, this is the machine for you.


  • The sewing machine has 50 inbuilt stitches
  • It has automatic threading
  • It has five one-step buttonholes
  • The machine comes with six specialty feet


  • The sewing machine is easy to use
  • The automated features are very convenient
  • The machine is not costly
  • The machine is very lightweight


  • The machine sits on a plastic frame. That is not very durable.


The Brother CS5055PRW is a moderate performance sewing machine, that is suitable for anyone who is on a compressed budget. The machine will deliver a good-enough performance and has a good level of user convenience.

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12) Brother XR3774

Lastly, we have the Brother XR374. This is a full-feature sewing and quilting machine. It is arguably the best sewing and quilting machine that we have on the review. The performance of this sewing machine is almost unrivaled. It is yet another masterpiece from the brother series.


  • The machine has 37 inbuilt sewing stitches
  • It has a sewing speed of 800 stitches per minute
  • It has 37 decorative stitches
  • It comes with an instructional DVD


  • The machine is easy to use
  • It has a wide variety of stitches
  • It is a very powerful sewing machine
  • The work area is well lit by an LED bulb


  • The machine sits on a plastic frame. Plastic is not a very durable material for a frame.


The Brother XR3774 is a fantastic sewing machine. It is without a doubt one of the best sewing machines in the review. The machine has overwhelmingly positive reviews on Amazon. That further cements the prowess of the sewing machine.

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Best Brother Sewing Machines 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Factors to consider when buying brother sewing machines

  • The cost

This is an important factor to consider. It is advisable to buy a sewing machine, one can comfortably afford. Always work within the set budget. This enables one to avoid incurring unplanned expenses. Buying directly from the manufacturer is recommended, as they tend to sell the machine at a lower cost. It is recommended to compare its prices if one wishes to purchase the machine from the local retailers. This is because the different retailers tend to sell the same kind of machines at varying prices. To save extra money, always purchase it from the one retailing it at a lower cost.

  • Instructions manual

Always ensure that the machine has an instruction manual before buying it. It should be intact and well written. Flip through some pages to make sure that it explains things well. A good instructions manual offers convenience as one needs to refer it more often.

  • The size of the machine

The size of the machine should be convenient for the user. Some machines are very big hence heavy. This makes it difficult to transfer it from one point to another. Big sewing machines also require a big working space. Always consider the size of the working area before purchasing one. Smaller sewing machines are more convenient to use. They are easier to move around and also require a small working space.

  • The purpose of the machine

The type of sewing should also be considered. One should buy a sewing machine with the desired features. If one intends to be involved in heavy-duty sewing, then a sturdier machine should be bought. Those who require the machine for very light duties should consider buying a light-weight machine.

Hello, beginner sewers, how is life going?

This is 2020, and now that you have decided to buy a sewing machine, you need to be careful. There are a lot of crap machines on the market. Even the top sewing machine manufacturers have their fair share of crap machines.

I am not joking here; 90 % of the sewing machines released by the top sewing machine manufacturers in the US doesn’t make it to the top list.

There are only a handful of machines that can be called a ‘Class Apart’ from all its siblings.

Best sewing machines for beginners 2020 in simple words, a beginner needs an easy to operate, durable sewing machine with top-class stitch quality.

Honestly, this is a hard combination to get. During my early sewing days, I had a lot of trouble with choosing a good sewing machine. I have gone through a lot of crap machines and lost a lot of money as well.

But now, after all, these years of experience with sewing machines, I have acquired enough knowledge to pick the best of the lot. In this content, I will help you to find the best sewing machine that suits your needs as a beginner.

We are well into 2020, and a couple of machines that featured in the top 10 list last year has gone out, and a couple of new entries have come in.

I think 2020 has more rank swapping than last year.

Here is the list of 10 best beginner sewing machines you can get in the US. I have deliberately kept the list very reasonable because I honestly feel that it is the maximum amount a beginner spend on a sewing machine.

Of course, you can buy expensive machines if you have money, but I think you would be better of growing your skills with a beginner machine and then switch over to an advanced machine at a later stage.

Editor’s Choice Best Sewing Machines For Beginners

Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine

2017 has been a comeback year for Brother CS6000i. Last year CS6000i lost its top rank to XR9500PRW because the later was very aggressively priced. Brother CS6000i is now the best beginner sewing machine you can get in the US.

It has been on top for straight nine years (yes, it was released in 2007 and is still the best).

I think you can now call this machine a ‘Legend’ because of its successful run for such a long duration. Its features, durability, and stitch quality, has been tried and tested over all these years by thousands of users.

It is also the most sold sewing machine in the US. CS6000i ticks all the checkboxes as far as beginners are concerned. The ease of use and user-friendly features made it popular among beginners.

You can call it an all-rounder regarding stitch quality. The stitch quality is consistent across a variety of fabrics, including multiple layers of denim.

Main Features

  • Computerized sewing machine
  • 60 built-in stitches
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Top drop-in bobbin
  • Programmable needle up/down
  • Sewing start/stop and variable speed control

What beginners will like?

Feature-packed, stitch quality, durability, aggressive pricing, and ease of use


Not a lot to talk about. Some may say that the machine is over nine years old, and it is aging. But for me, the quality is all that matters.

Brother XR9500PRW Sewing Machine

This machine lost its top position mainly because of the fluctuating price. However, XR9500PRW is an absolute champion regarding performance and features. It is no lesser than the previous machine on this list.

XR9500PRW has more features than CS6000i, so you can expect the price to be a tad bit higher than CS6000i.

But at times, the price gap becomes colossal, which works against XR9500PRW. The machine is so feature-packed that even an advanced sewer will find it useful, forget beginners. The stitch quality is excellent across a variety of fabrics.

The machine is pretty lightweight as well. XR9500PRW is the best sewing machine for beginners who attend sewing classes. You can easily carry them.

Main Features

  • Computerized Machine
  • 100 built-in stitches
  • Sewing start/stop and variable speed control
  • Top drop-in bobbin
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Programmable needle up/down
  • 1 Font for monogramming

What beginners will like?

Feature-packed, stitch quality, durability, lightweight, quiet operation, and ease of use.


Beginners will need a couple of tries to get used to the automatic needle threader. You may not get it to work straight away. There is no problem once you get the hang of it.

Singer 7258 Sewing Machine

If you ask me which is the best Singer beginner machine, I would answer Singer 7258 all day. If it is a Singer, it has to be Singer 7258, at least in the beginner category.

Quality and features are the two things that made 7258 so famous. The machine is easy to use, and it has a lot of beginner-friendly features as well. The stitch quality is excellent.

Main Features

  • Computerized Machine
  • 100 built-in stitches
  • Sewing start/stop and variable speed control
  • Top drop-in bobbin
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Programmable needle up/down

What beginners will like?

Feature-packed, stitch quality, durability, and ease of use.


No drop feed option for free-motion quilting. The foot pedal could have been more responsive.

Singer 4423 Sewing Machine

Singer 4423 is very different from other sewing machines on this list. It is the only heavy-duty sewing machine on this list.

You can easily say that Singer 4423 is the best heavy duty sewing machine. The best thing about 4423 is its powerful motor. The motor can churn out 1,100 stitches/min, which makes it the fastest beginner sewing machine.

In addition to that, the machine has the beginner-friendly features like the 1-step buttonhole, top drop-in bobbin, automatic needle threader, etc.

The stitch quality is excellent as well. Even though the machine doesn’t have a lot of built-in stitches, the combination of aggressive pricing, user-friendly features, and quality made it famous.

Main Features

  • Mechanical Machine
  • 23 built-in stitches
  • Top drop-in bobbin
  • Automatic needle threader
  • 1-step buttonhole

What beginners will like?

Powerful motor, fast sewing, beginner-friendly features, affordability, stitch quality, and ease of use


At this price point, you can’t expect a 100% heavy-duty machine. Yes, there are plastic parts for sure. Eight plus layers of denim are not recommended on this machine.

SINGER 7256 Fashion Mate 70-Stitch Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine

Singer 7256 is a new entrant on our list. The machine has been in the US market for quite some time now. The sudden jump in the ranking is mainly due to better pricing. Unlike Singer 7258, which we already discussed, this one is an electronic sewing machine.

So this one misses out on features like programmable needle up/down, speed control slider, etc. These features are essential, especially the needle up/down button, which works like an extra hand.

So I would recommend 7256 only if it is priced significantly lower than 7258. The stitch quality of 7256 is excellent. The machine operates quietly and smoothly.

Main Features

  • Electronic machine
  • 70 built-in stitches
  • Top drop-in bobbin
  • Automatic needle threader

What beginners will like?

Affordability, stitch quality, durability, and a lot of stitch options


The work light LED is dim. Similar to 7258, this one also lacks a drop feed option.

Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine

This guy just came to the stage and stole the show. XM2701 instantly eclipsed XL2600I, which is its predecessor. Brother XM2701 has become the best sewing machine in the round price capable segment.

If you are looking for an inexpensive beginner machine, look no further. It is a quality machine. The stitch quality is excellent, but you can’t sew too many layers of denim on this machine as it is not designed for such heavy-duty sewing.

The best thing about XM2701 is that it offers so many beginner-friendly features that none of its competitors have. It is a class above all other machines in the price bracket.

Main Features

  • Mechanical Machine
  • 27 built-in stitches
  • Top drop-in bobbin
  • Automatic needle threaded
  • 1-step buttonhole

What beginners will like?

Feature-packed for the price, affordability, and stitched quality


Not ideal for multiple sewing layers of denim (4 plus). Dim work light.

Singer 2277 Sewing Machine

This machine is a new entrant for this year. 2277 is Singer’s answer for Brother XM2701. Both machines come in the same price range.

Singer 2277 is the best entry-level Singer machine. The machine has a lot of features for the price (but not as much as the Brother XM2701).

Singer 2277’s USP is its stitch quality and affordability. The stitch quality is excellent. 2277 has many beginner-friendly features, but the lack of top drop-in bobbin is a big miss.

Main Features

  • Mechanical Machine
  • 23 built-in stitches
  • Automatic needle threader
  • 1-step buttonhole

What beginners will like?

Useful features, affordability and stitch quality


No top drop-in bobbin. Not ideal for multiple layers of denim. Tricky automatic needle threader might require a couple of attempts.

Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

This simply has to be the best Janome machine. It is not a feature-packed sewing machine by any stretch of the imagination.

In fact, it lacks even the basic beginner-friendly features like an automatic needle threader, 4-step buttonhole, top drop-in bobbin, etc. But where it makes up for the features is in the stitch quality.

This mechanical sewing machine is a stunner regarding stitch quality. It can sew through anything you throw at it.

The build quality is top-notch and doesn’t even doubt about durability. Old mechanical sewing machines will love Janome 2212 because it seems like one from the Classical Singer era.

Main Features

  • Mechanical Machine
  • 12 built-in stitches

What beginners will like?

The stitch quality, ease of use, smooth operation and durability


Misses out on so many beginner-friendly features

Brother CS5055PRW Sewing Machine

This guy has been around for a while now. CS5055PRW is an electronic sewing machine, not a digital one like CS6000i (the first machine on this list).

The stitch quality is one thing that keeps this machine in the competition. It has some excellent features as well.

Main Features

  • Electronic sewing machine
  • 50 built-in stitches
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Top drop-in bobbin

What beginners will like?

Stitch quality and useful features


Getting the right amount of tension needs practice. The machine is not ideal for four additional layers of denim. The biggest bummer of CS5055PRW is that it comes in the price range of the ever-popular Brother CS6000i. The later has better features and performs better as well.

Brother XR3774 Sewing Machine

Almost two years after its launch, Brother XR3774 has started to build some reputation. Even then I think, aggressive pricing would do the world of good for this sewing machine.

This is a mechanical sewing machine with some excellent features and good stitch quality.

Main Features

  • Mechanical sewing machine
  • 37 built-in stitches
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Top drop-in bobbin
  • 1-step buttonhole

What beginners will like?

Stitch quality.


We don’t find any con in this product.

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How to Use Sewing Machine for Beginners


Sewing is one of the most ancient practices of humankind. It has been practiced for centuries. Sewing machines have seen tremendous improvements over all those years. Today, we have the best sewing machines that have ever been developed. From fully automated systems to a variety of stitch designs, the possibilities offered are inexhaustible. These machines will allow you to put your creative sense into practice and produce some of the best sewing designs. When you do a piece of sewing work, you want the end product to stand out. You want it to be an acclaimable piece. As such you need not compromise on the type of sewing machine you should have.

They are many types of sewing machines available in the market. There are not many sewing machine reviews available. These machines perform differently and offer different functions. You may be a good tailor, but you don’t know the technical aspects of a good sewing machine. You need the best sewing machine you can get if you want your work to stand out. Looking for the best sewing machine might feel like such a difficult task. It should be though!

This piece is a review of various sewing machines that we have established are great in different situations. The review looks into the features of the machines, as well as their pros and cons. After going through the review, you will be able to decide which sewing machine can work best for you. The best sewing machine should be durable, convenient and sturdy. Shopping for the best sewing machine should no longer be such a daunting task. Tag along and let’s get you your best-suited sewing machine. First, below is a comparison table of the various sewing machines featured.

Best Sewing Machines 2020

Pic Name Stitches Extension Table Auto-needle threader Price
Brother CS6000I Sewing Machine 60 No Yes Check Price
Juki HZL-F600 Sewing Machine 1 No Yes Check Price
Singer 7258 Sewing Machine 100 No No Check Price
Brother Project Runway Sewing Machine 70 Yes Yes Check Price
Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Sewing Machine 600 Yes Yes Check Price
Janome 2212 Sewing Machine 12 No No Check Price
Janome 8077 Sewing Machine 30 Yes Yes Check Price
Brother HC1850 Sewing and Quilting Machine 80 Yes Yes Check Price
Brother SE400 Stitching and Embroidery Machine 70 Yes Yes Check Price
JUKI TL-2000Qi Sewing and Quilting Machine 1 Yes Yes Check Price
Brother Project Runway PC420PRW 294 Sewing Machine 80 Yes Yes Check Price

1) Brother CS6000I Sewing Machine

The Brother CS6000i sewing machine comes with advanced features, which deliver some of the best sewing experiences ever. It is a very convenient and easy to use a sewing machine. It is an excellent option for learners. The machine comes with all the features necessary for a green sewing learner. Make no mistake though. It has outstanding performance and will work great for an experienced tailor too. It is a versatile sewing machine that many will find resourceful. If you want to kick off your tailoring sessions with a bang, this could be the sewing machine for you.

Core Features.

  • The machine is equipped with an LCD screen
  • It comes with a single button for the start and stop functions
  • Its sewing speed is adjustable
  • It comes with 60 inbuilt stitches
  • It has an automatic needle threading system

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  • The machine is easy to operate.
  • It comes with a large table that allows you ample space for your work
  • The machine has a light bulb that illuminates the work area to make it easy for you to work.
  • Selecting the stitches is easy. The LCD screen guides you.
  • The machine is lightweight as compared to other sewing machines. It is fairly portable.


  • The machine has a plastic mainframe. The plastic material is not very strong. There are several complaints from customers whose sewing machines broke in half.


The Brother CS6000i seems like a great sewing machine. The performance of the machine has not been called into question on any platform. There are a few complaints about the plastic frame though. These seem like isolated cases though. Ultimately, it depends on how well you can maintain your sewing machine. Overall, the sewing machine has numerous impressive features. It is an excellent option for anyone, whether a beginner or a veteran.

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2) Juki HZL-F600 Sewing Machine

The Juki HZL-F600 sewing machine has the latest technology incorporated into it. Its features strive to give you the best sewing experience possible. The sewing machine is fully computerized, and all systems are automated. The machine does all the donkey work, allowing you to concentrate more on your artistic skills. The automation comes with great convenience and ease of operation. This is the kind of sewing machine you go for if you are looking to start a sewing business.

Core Features

  • The sewing machine has a top speed of 900 stitches per minute.
  • It comes with an extendable sewing table
  • The machine uses the box-feeding technology
  • The machine features a free-motion sewing

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  • The extendable table allows you enough space to work on.
  • The sewing machine is fitted with a convenient LCD screen
  • The machine is fully computerized. All its functions are automated
  • The machine is lightweight and relatively portable


  • The machine has a bobbin challenge. It keeps jumping off position and jamming the sewing machine.
  • The computerized systems require numerous initial settings before you start sewing. This might be challenging for someone who hasn’t handled such a machine before.


The Juki HZL-F600 sewing machine delivers excellent convenience. If you can hack your way through the initial settings, you will enjoy a superb sewing experience. The full automation saves you a lot of trouble that comes with setting up a sewing machine. The machine has a variety of stitches and many other impressive features, that will allow you to engage your creative sense fully. There is no reason you can produce world class sewing designs with this sewing machine. It is an excellent machine for quilting and regular sewing. The reviews it has attracted on Amazon are overwhelmingly positive too.

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3) Singer 7258 Sewing Machine

The singer 7258 is an expertly designed to offer great convenience and versatility. This sewing machine will get you the acclaim you seek as a tailor. It comes with fully automated systems. The computerized systems save you the hassle of annoying tasks such as threading. The sewing machine is more styling machine than a stitching machine. Your designs will undoubtedly stand out if you have the singer 7258 sewing machine. You can allow your creativity to thrive with this sewing machine. It comes with a myriad of impressive features which are engineered to give you a fantastic sewing experience.

Core Features

  • The sewing machine has a sewing speed of 7258 stitches per minute
  • The sewing machine comes with 100 stitches, 76 of them being decorative
  • It has fully computerized systems
  • The sewing machine has an LCD display panel

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  • The computerized systems of the sewing machine make it easy to set up. Threading and choosing buttons holes is quite easy.
  • The sewing machine has an LED bulb that lights up the workspace.
  • It comes with a variety of decorative stitches. This gives you more options to work with.
  • The bobbin cover is clear, and hence loading is quite easy.
  • The machine has a high sewing speed. You get to work faster.


  • The initial set up settings of the machine may be challenging if you haven’t handled a computerized machine before.
  • The reverse button of the sewing machine has a slow response. It tends to stick when pressed.


The Singer 7258 seems like a great machine as far as convenience and ease of use are concerned. The are several complaints about the slow response of the button functionalities. Other than that, the machine has incredible deliverables. It allows you to work faster and do more design work. It is arguably the best sewing machine for beginners in the review. It may not be among the top sewing machines, but it works great within its limits. This is one of the impressive but cheap sewing machines.

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4) Brother Project Runway Sewing Machine

The Brother sewing machines are one of the best sewing machine brands. The Brother project runway sewing machine is an improvement of the brother sewing machine above. It features almost all the fantastic features of brother sewing machines. It adds convenience to its performance with its fully automated systems. The sewing machine does not fall short of anything as far as its performance is concerned. Its impressive features will allow you to fully engage your creativity and come up with world class sewing designs.

Core Features

  • The sewing machine has seven one-step buttonhole styles
  • The machine comes with an LCD panel that displays stitch selection
  • It has automatic threading
  • It has markings on the needle plates
  • The sewing machine comes with 70 stitches

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  • The automatic systems of the sewing machine make its operation easy.
  • The sewing machine has an LED bulb that brightly lights up the working area to allow you to work conveniently.
  • The markings on the needle plate are very convenient. They allow you to sew along straight lines quickly.
  • The seven buttonhole styles are easy to choose and very elegant.
  • The sewing machine comes with a large table which allows you more working space.


  • Typical of all brother sewing machines, this machine sits on a plastic frame. The plastic material is not very durable for a frame.
  • The machine is fully computerized. Its settings may be a challenge for some people.
  • The sewing machine is limited to people in countries with 120 volts power supply.


This sewing machine is one of the masterpieces from the brother brand of sewing machines. Though it has some misgivings, they have nothing to do with its performance. You sewing should not remain the same after you acquire this sewing machine. It has numerous impressive features that will undoubtedly live up to your expectations. The reviews of the sewing machine enjoy on Amazon are fantastic too. It has satisfied the sewing need of many sewing enthusiasts before. This is arguably the best sewing machine for a seamstress.

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5) Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Sewing Machine

The Singer 9960 sewing machine is an upgrade of the singer 7258. It has more power and delivers more convenience. Talking of convenience, the sewing machine has a whopping 600 stitches. Your options are, therefore unlimited. You have the space to exercise your creative ability to the maximum. The machine is computerized, and most of the functions are fully automated. You, therefore, get to have a comfortable and fun sewing session.

Core Features

  • The sewing machine has 600 stitches
  • It comes with an automated threading system
  • It has a heavy-duty metal frame
  • All the systems are fully automated
  • It is fitted with a large LCD

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  • The sewing machine has a wide variety of stitches.
  • It has an electronic auto-pilot feature. You can set it to guide the cloth and stitch by itself.
  • The sewing machine comes with a large table, giving ample room to work.
  • Its systems are fully automated and hence convenient and easy to work with
  • The sewing machine has a durable and robust construction
  • The sewing machine has 13 one-step buttonhole styles. You can easily choose one with the guidance of the LCD.


  • The sewing machine is massive. This might affect its portability.
  • The full automation means it requires some settings during the initial setup. Many may find this challenging.


The Singer 9960 sewing machine seems like a top of the range sewing machine. It does not seem to disappoint in any aspect. The machine has numerous exciting and very convenient features. It has some of the most sophisticated features on a sewing machine today. You should see the reviews it has on Amazon. They are awesome. This is the kind of sewing machine you purchase for commercial applications. You have no option but to produce impressive designs if you have this sewing machine in your hands. This is the best sewing machine for leather.

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6) Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

The Janome 2212 is meant for simple applications, or for a green beginner. The sewing machine is a simple one, with only the basic features as far as stitching is concerned. The machine is designed to allow easy operation and easy understanding of stitching practices. It can be conveniently used as a training sewing machine. You can have it in the house for simple stitching requirements. It could come in handy when you need to stitch up those little torn pieces.

Core Features

  • The sewing machine comes with 12 stitches
  • It has a single-four step buttonhole design.
  • It has a turn dial pattern selection
  • It comes with drop feed for free motion stitching and quilting

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  • The sewing machine has a marked needle plate which makes it easy to sew along straight lines.
  • The machine is very simple to use
  • It is extremely lightweight. You can easily carry it.
  • The sewing machine has a free arm which is very convenient
  • The turn pattern selection knob is easy and convenient to use


  • The sewing machine is designed to use 11V input. This input voltage may not be available in many places.
  • The stitch variety of the machine is limited.
  • The sewing machine’s systems are not automated. You may have to grapple with some little annoying tasks such as threading.


The Janome 2212 is a simple stitching and quilting machine. It will deliver all the basic requirements of a sewing machine. You may not be able to handle big projects with this sewing machine, but you can stitch simple designs and repairs. It is an excellent option if you are looking to start training yourself how to stitch. It will allow you to work at your levels. Many of the customers who have used it before have given it high ratings.

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7) Janome 8077 Sewing Machine

The Janome 8077 is a mid-range sewing machine. It seeks to strike a balance between the sophistication and simplicity. There are some advantages that come with a simple sewing machine, such as the smooth operation. This sewing machine strives to provide top performance and convenience while being simple and easy to operate. It is a fantastic option for a beginner who is looking to enhance their skills. It has more top of the range features than the Janome 2212 above.

Core Features

  • The sewing machine has 30 inbuilt stitches
  • It comes with an LED display module
  • It has an automatic threader
  • It comes with six one-step buttonhole styles
  • The bobbin cover is transparent and see-through

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  • The sewing machine is computerized. Some systems are automated hence convenient.
  • The see-through bobbin cover allows you to guide the cloth through the stitching easily
  • The sewing machine is easy to operate
  • The LED display panel makes it easy to choose a buttonhole style
  • The 30 stitches offer a bit more variety than 2212.
  • The sewing machine is very lightweight. It is easily portable


  • The sewing machine may be difficult to set up if you haven’t handled a computerized sewing machine before. Unfortunately, the manual does not offer much information.


The Janome 8077 is an average performance sewing machine. The sewing machine has good enough deliverables. It may not be a top of the range sewing machine, but it will do the trick. It is arguably the best sewing machine for home use. It is also a great option if you are on a tight budget. It will offer you all the essential features of a good sewing machine, without you having to break the bank.

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8) Brother HC1850 Sewing and Quilting Machine

The Brother HC1850 is an upgrade of the Brother Runway sewing machine. You can, therefore, expect it to be an excellent sewing machine. It comes with some of the most sophisticated and exciting features of a sewing machine. Any stitching enthusiast will find this sewing machine very resourceful. It is a fully automated machine. You are bound to enjoy the best sewing experiences with this machine. The sewing machine lives up to the excellent reputation of the Brother brand of sewing machines.

Core Features

  • The sewing machine comes with fully automated functions
  • It has adjustable sewing speed
  • It is fitted with a backlit LCD panel
  • It comes with an extensive working table
  • The sewing machine comes with 130 stitches.

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  • The LCD panel makes it easy to select stitches and buttonholes
  • The machine comes with a stitch guide. They can come in very handy
  • You can set up automatic controls that will save you a lot of energy
  • The sewing machines deliver good sewing speed.
  • It has a wide stitch variety.


  • Just like the other brother sewing machines, this machine sits on a plastic chassis. Plastic is not a very durable material for a frame.


The Brother HC1850 is a top of the range sewing machine. It is arguably the best sewing machine that we have in the review. This sewing machine is an excellent option for commercial applications. It comes with impressive features and an enviable performance. You will most likely not experience any downside with this sewing machine. The sewing machine does not fall short in any aspect. You can get the best designs done with this sewing machine. This is arguably the best sewing machine for quilting.

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9) Brother SE400 Stitching and Embroidery Machine

The Brother SE400 comes in to further cement the position of the Brother series of sewing machines. It does not fall short in many aspects. It lives up to the excellent reputation of the brother sewing machines. The machine is designed not only for stitching but also for embroidery. Embroidery is a big part of tailoring, and any serious tailor would have to have this machine in their hands. The machine comes with numerous impressive features that will ensure your work stands out.

Core Features

  • The sewing machine has fully automated systems
  • It has an LCD-touchscreen display
  • It is fitted with seven feed dogs
  • It has a four by four embroidery area
  • It has an LED bulb to light up the work area.

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  • The automated systems make your work easier
  • The sewing machine comes with a large working table allowing you ample room for your projects
  • The machine enables easy bobbin preparation and smooth fabric feeding
  • The LED bulb provides sufficient light for the work area
  • The touchscreen is very convenient and comfortable to interact with


  • This brother sewing machine has a plastic frame too. It is weak, and there have been complaints of breakages.


The Brother SE400 is designed for embroidery. All its features are engineered towards making your work easier and more efficient. Embroidery is one of the major sections of any sewing project. Many of the conventional sewing machines may not be able to produce the desired results. This sewing machine has proven to be one of the best as far as embroidery is concerned if the reviews it has attracted on Amazon are anything to go by. The machine will undoubtedly live up to many people’s expectations. This is the best sewing machine for quilting and embroidery.

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10) JUKI TL-2000Qi Sewing and Quilting Machine

The JUKI TL-2000Qi is a Japanese inspired sewing machine. It comes with the best of ancient Japanese sewing technology. The machine is a moderate performance machine concerning power. It does not disappoint as far as the quality of stitches it can produce is concerned. It may not be the best machine available, but it has impressive deliverables. The machine has a Sturdy and durable construction too. You can expect it to last for ages. It has all the essential features of a great sewing machine.

Core Features

  • The sewing machine has 1500 SPM for quilting functions
  • It features a single-foot pedal operation
  • It has an automatic threading system
  • It is fitted with LED lights to illuminate the work area
  • It has an aluminum frame

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  • The LED lights ensure you can clearly see the work area
  • The sewing machine comes with a large table to allow you to work conveniently
  • The aluminum frame is very strong and durable. It has little to no vibrations too
  • The automated threading system comes in very handy
  • The machine is great for quilting functions


  • The machine is not computerized. Most of the functions have to be done manually
  • The machine is heavy. It may not be very portable.


The JUKI TL-2000Qi is an above average sewing machine. If you still appreciate good ancient technology, you will find the JUKI TL-2000Qi very exciting. The machine infuses old technology with a bit of modern touch, to provide a unique sewing experience. It has all that you would want in a sewing machine, and your work still gets to stand out. This is the best sewing machine heavy duty. You will have to do most of the functions manually, but that does not affect the efficiency of the sewing machine. This is one of the best sewing machines for quilting.

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11) Brother Project Runway PC420PRW 294 Sewing Machine

Lastly, we review yet another Brother Project Runway sewing machine. It seems like a case of saving the best for last. Do you wish to stand out with your sewing works wherever you go? Then you need the Brother Project Runway PC420PRW 294 Sewing Machine. The machine is designed for commercial applications and comes with arguably the best features sewing machine have to offer. The sewing is fully computerized and comes with a wide variety of stitches, that will undoubtedly take your work to the next level. It provides the best work convenience too.

Core Features

  • The sewing machine comes with a “my custom” feature
  • It has LED bulbs to light up the work area
  • It comes with an inbuilt thread cutter
  • It is fitted with 6-point feed dogs
  • It has fully automated systems
  • It comes with a multi-lingual LCD panel

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  • The computerized systems make your work easy and efficient
  • It has smooth fabric feeding.
  • The LED bulbs brightly light up the work area
  • The speed of the machine is adjustable. You can work at your pace
  • It is surprisingly lightweight.


  • The machine sits on a plastic chassis. A plastic chassis is delicate. It can easily break.
  • The initial settings of the fully computerized sewing machine may be a challenge to some.


The Brother PC420PRW 294 is a top of the range sewing machine. It is arguably the best sewing machine that we have in the review. Its performance and convenience are top-notch. The machine comes with the most modern features of sewing machines. It is specifically designed to handle large commercial projects. If you have a tailoring business, this sewing machine will do the magic for you. It should be one of your top of the list options. This is the best sewing machine for making clothes.

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Best Sewing Machine 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

The reviews above are supposed to give you a better understanding of what a good sewing machine entails. The sewing machines are best suited to different situations and circumstances. As such, the best sewing machine for you may not necessarily be the best for the next person. There are several factors that you are supposed to consider before settling on any particular sewing machine.

  • Price

The cost of the machines differs with different models. The high-end machines are more expensive than the low end, but they are worth every dollar you spend on them. Sewing machines made from plastic materials are cheap as compared to them with metallic frames but they may not be as durable as the metallic framed machines. As you work on a budget of a sewing machine it is essential to consider factors of durability, additional features the machine provides and also warranty. Take time to compare the different sewing machines that are within your budget and find out which one delivers more value. Never compromise on the quality of the sewing machine.

  • Mechanical or computerized

With technology advancement, the mechanical units have been added to computerized and electronic features. The mechanical machines are light in weight as they have few features. The automated models come with motors, touch-screens, and programmable stitches. These features make the machines make to offer various sewing options and aids in completing tasks faster.

  • Number of stitches and stitch length

Different models come with a different number of stitches, there are machines which comes with stitches as many as 200 which enables one to ones work professional and aids in making different designs. For starters, it is advisable to get machines with few stitches before progressing to them with a lot of stitches as the many the stitches the machine has, the more expensive it is. The ability of the machine to enable adjustment of stitch length and width is also an essential feature to consider. This allows one to come with various unique designs


The reviews and buying guide above should help you narrow down to your best suited sewing machine. Shopping for a sewing machine should now be fun instead of a difficult task. The sewing machine you get next should be able to give you the results you have always desired. The review is very long though. You may not be able to recall all the details in it. As such, below is a summary table of all the sewing machines features. The table highlights the features as well as the respective prices of the sewing machines. You can quickly skim through the table and choose your best suited sewing machine.

Your grandma got it right. There is something in the act of sewing that transcends the boundaries of usefulness. It’s an act that calms the soul and helps us find yet another purpose in life. Even though it isn’t easy to master, the learning process will boost your confidence and let you realize that there are no limits and obstacles that a diligent pair of hands can’t sew their way through. And I promise you, there isn’t a better reward than holding a piece of garment in your hands and thinking: I made this. I carved it out from a roll of fabric. I own each and every part of it, the mistakes and the masterful details alike.

Taking up a new hobby often seems overwhelming and even intimidating, and sewing is no different. The frustration can work you up into that dreaded temptation to give it up before you’ve even started.

But here’s the ultimate truth.

That 10-year old kiddo from next door has already started doing it. A single week into a sewing class, and she already made a basic shirt. Even though it’s not a masterpiece of any kind, it still made her proud and fueled her enthusiasm.

Simple though it might seem, you still need to make that first set of steps and get there. This ultimate guide to sewing for beginners will help you get the hang of a sewing machine.

Before you go ahead, take these simple mantras, print them out and stick them onto your wall:

Don’t sweat over your mistakes. Just keep stitching. In sewing, almost every mistake can be undone.

Don’t despair thinking how slow you are. Keep stitching. Sewing is a complex skill, but you will learn every single detail, one stitch at a time.

But before you make your first stitch, take a look at this comprehensive guide to choosing, setting up, and using your sewing machine.

Basic parts and functions of all sewing machines

I know that you don’t intend on becoming a sewing machine mechanic, but it’s a knowledge that you need to acquire in order to operate your machine. Before we take apart a basic sewing machine and look into its bits and pieces, let’s take a look at three basic types of machines, depending on their mode of operating.

Learn thy type before you invest thy cash

Although they create stitches essentially the same way, these types do have some small differences in the way they operate. Also, the learning curve will vary immensely depending on the type you choose. That is why I am putting this information on top, before we dive in under the hood.

A mechanical (or manual) sewing machine is the most basic of all three and is often the least expensive to purchase. Changing from one type of stitch to another (for example from a straight stitch to a zig-zag), as well as changing the stitch length and width, are all done by manually turning dials on the machine. Also bringing the needle to the “needle up” or “needle down” position is done by manually turning the hand wheel.

An electronic sewing machine is more of a “push button” operation for selecting stitches as well as their length and width. The needle in an electronic machine will automatically stop in either the “needle up” or the “needle down” position when you stop stitching. (Mechanical/manual machines can stop in “up”, “down” or anywhere in between). Electronic machines have a push button to change the needle position. Most electronic machines do not have a built in memory, so the stitch type and size will need to be reset each time the machine is turned back on.

A computerized machine has a stitch memory that allows you to pick up where you left off on different projects. It also has a memory card (or stick, etc) that allows you to download stitches or embroidery designs from your computer, or the internet, and load them into your machine. A computerized machine can often be the most expensive to purchase of these three types of machines. Nevertheless, I sincerely recommend you to go for it. You will be amazed at the sheer amount of choices these machines offer, and incredible ways of stimulating your creativity.

Where does the bobbin load?

Before you hit the stores in search for your first (or maybe next) workhorse, there’s one more crucial difference you need to be aware of. Namely, the positioning and way of inserting a bobbin. It might sound like a trifle, but believe me, it’s a super huge and important matter!

The front-loading machines are already waltzing into history, but you still need to know it if you plan on getting a second-hand machine. Make sure to always inquire about the bobbin loading system! It can make your life a breeze or living hell, depending on the type.

That being said, front-loading machines don’t come without advantages. In fact, many a seamstress (including your grandma) will tell you that they are the way to go. Take a look at this infographic that compares the two types:

A sewing machine under the hood (and why you need to know this)

No two sewing machines were made equal, but all of them have certain common parts. Now, I know you don’t intend on becoming a mechanic. But it’s still crucial to figure out the hows and the whys of your sewing machine.

For starters, how does a stitch come out and why does it look so much better than your average (or above par) hand-sewn stitches? Well, there are two threads that take part in this process: the upper thread (or machine thread) that comes off the needle, and the lower thread (AKA bobbin thread). The needle forms a loop in the upper thread and pushes it through the fabric, where it meets the bobbin thread and locks it into a nice, smooth stitch. But first things first – let’s learn all the terms.

  • Bobbin (with bobbin case, bobbin winder spindle, bobbin winder stopper, and bobbin winder thread guide)
  • Needle (with needle clamp screw)
  • Balance wheel
  • Thread guide
  • Thread lever
  • Thread tension knob or dial
  • Dog feed
  • Presser foot
  • Presser foot lifter
  • Spool pin
  • Stitch width/length dial
  • Stitch type dial
  • Reverse stitch lever or button
  • Foot pedal
  • Power supply

Should I buy a machine in store or online?

Sure, this is a website about sewing machines, and we do make a small commission off of every purchase that happens through our Amazon links. But that doesn’t mean I intend to be dishonest with you. And here is the proof for it.

Online marketplace knows no boundaries, and the sky’s the limit. You can find any brand or model, used or new, with a bunch of sales to catch on and pinch some serious pennies. However, buying a sewing machine is way different than buying a piece of clothes. And that is why I sincerely recommend you to hit some of the nearer stores in your area, and for a number of reasons.

  1. You will get a very useful set of recommendations first-hand. They will even show you how the machine works and maybe help you set it up for the first use. Online reviews are great, but it’s always nice to try before you buy.
  2. Maintenance and repairs will be an essential part of your relationship with the machine. And just like every other relationship, yours will need much work so it can thrive. Your local shop will likely also provide help from certified mechanics, who will jump in when something goes wrong. Of course, the manufacturers also provide warranty with new machines. But in practice, it often goes terribly wrong when you have to explain everything over the phone or drive 400 miles away for an expensive fix. Take it as a rule: no matter how good your machine is, something will go south sooner or later.
  3. Free sewing class, anyone? The internet is an excellent repository of tools and advice (ehem), but you have to get your hands dirty when learning a craft. Many retailers will actually offer you a sewing class for free if you buy a machine from them. Why not take advantage of it?

Before you make your first stitch: basic sewing supplies that you must have

I know how this sounds, but don’t start panicking just yet. I don’t mean to say that your wallet is gonna suffer much more. In all likelihood, you will already have most of the items that you need to get started. As for the ones you don’t, they won’t cost you more than a couple dozen bucks, provided you don’t get them with the machine. Check out this chart, or print it out and carry it with you on your shopping spree.

How to thread your sewing machine

Before you can start using your sewing machine, you will need to thread it properly, as well as insert and thread a bobbin. It’s the threads that do the trick, but most of the time they will be the culprits for any kind of trouble down the road. At least until you get the hang of it.

There are no one-size-fits-all recommendations for threading your machine. Your instruction manual should be your best friend here – make sure to always keep it by your side as a beginner. Many machine manufacturers will also equip you with a DVD, where you can see all the steps. Don’t go berserk if your first threading takes an hour – with practice, it will cut down to a couple of minutes. If you’re ready to splurge on your first sewing machine, many top-notch models have automatic needle threader, so that you don’t break a sweat even on your first time.

But even if your machine is no space ship, it will still have printed guides on the body with little numbers marking the steps, so you’d know where and when to place your thread.

Take a look at some of the most important considerations you should keep in mind.

  • Turn the power off. Or unplug the machine altogether. This has nothing to do with the threading process itself, but is a vital safety measure. You don’t want a disaster to happen if you were to accidentally step on the pedal while messing around the needle.
  • Thread tension can be tricky. It’s one of the most common problems for beginners. But how to detect it? When you sew your test seam, you will notice that it’s not balanced and neat. The fabric will either bunch up or not look the same on both sides. When this happens, rethreading your machine might help. Make sure the thread goes through thread guides (those little metal loops that the thread goes through before entering the needle). Also, inspect your spool and bobbin. Is the thread free to run through them? Your bobbin might jam, even if it’s a drop-in bobbin (scroll up for the explanation). Or maybe you just need to adjust your tension by turning the tension dial or knob. Consult your manual, since it varies from one machine to another. Most manuals will include the best tension settings to work with.
  • Bobbin winding or threading is done on top of the machine. In my opinion, it’s an easy part – but if you aren’t comfortable with so many things to learn, you can also buy a few pre-threaded bobbins in your local crafts store. They are a wee bit more expensive, but might save you some trouble as you start.
  • You might need some extra light. Especially if you’re a night owl like I am. Most machines have small lights illuminating the sewing area, but I often don’t find them bright enough. Also, threading is a process that goes beyond your sewing area. That’s why you will need more light, and a nice pair of glasses if your vision is poor.

How to build your sewing skills as an absolute beginner?

Okay, now that your machine is threaded and the bobbin is loaded correctly, you are ready to take your first baby steps towards becoming an expert in sewing.

Before digging into various fabrics, I suggest you start with sewing on paper. Yeah, you heard that right! Take like a 100 sheets of paper. No need to go fancy – ordinary copy paper will do. Some of them should have straight lines, others with various curves – you can make it interesting and print out hearts, spirals, squares, zigzag lines, labyrinths, etc. You don’t need the machine to be threaded at this stage. You just need to pierce the paper following your lines, and learn how to sew straight stitches and pivot your material when making a turn. It’s just about gaining full control of your hands and motions. Another great thing that I like about this is that you can experiment a lot – manipulate the stitching speed by pressing your foot pedal harder or easier, vary your stitch length and observe the results.

Practice for a day or two, and then you can start sewing on fabrics. Just make sure you change your needle first, since the papers will make it dull.

Best fabrics to practice on

I suggest that you gather a few fabric scraps to practice with. This is the best way to get a feel of how your machine runs and how each different stitch looks. In fact, it’s really good to make a habit of this: before starting any new project or phase, test your fabric and machine settings. It will save you tons of trouble (and tons of fabric, to be honest). Now, it’s also important to not pick just any kind of fabric that you can get your hands on.

For starters, choose a piece that isn’t stretchy, knit, extra thick or thin.

Jersey, denim, leather, silk are an absolute no-no at this stage. My personal recommendation would be woven cotton or linen. Both are ideal newbie-friendly fabrics. Your choice between the two is mostly a matter of your budget, to be completely honest. Linen tends to be on the pricier side, so cotton is probably the best choice. Get lots of it, since you will likely choose it for your first sewing projects as well as practice.

Select your stitch type

The amount of stitches to choose from depends on the type of machine you have. Some machines offer a small group of just the basic stitches; others will have all the basic stitches plus many decorative stitches.

Very old sewing machines do not offer any choice of stitches. A straight stitch is the only one available on these older machines.

Your sewing machine’s owner’s manual will give you a description (and probably a drawing) of each available stitch. It will also prescribe correct settings for the length and width for each type of stitch. Keep it handy as a reference guide when you first start sewing. I strongly suggest you try out each stitch on scrap fabric. This will give you a much clearer idea of what each one looks like.

If you’ve lost the owner’s manual for your sewing machine, try visiting the manufacturer’s website.

Sometimes the manufacturer will provide older manuals that can be downloaded to your computer. Or you can look for them on eBay. Youtube is another great source of info. I’ve seen tutorials for nearly every model out there!

A quick note about stitch length

Very large stitches create a looser seam than medium or smaller stitches. (Also remember that smaller stitches are more difficult to remove if you make a mistake.) Experiment with different stitch lengths on some scrap fabric. Stitches that are too small can draw up the fabric so that it is difficult for the seam to lay flat. The ones that are too big can show gaps when the seam is stressed. Play around with different settings. Soon you will develop a feel for what is the best length for your project.

In addition to regular stitches, most machines will also have stretch stitches for knit fabric. A knit fabric (for example T-shirt fabric) has more stretch to it than woven fabric. Therefore, the stitches will need to stretch with the fabric as well. Anyhow, your regular straight stitch will probably be your most often used stitch when you first learn how to sew.

Just start stitching!

Your sewing machine works by continuously moving the needle in an up and down motion, piercing the fabric. The top thread is locked in with the bobbin thread to create the stitches.

  1. Before you start any new line of stitching, make sure the needle is in the UP, or the highest, position. This will ensure that the thread is not pulled out of the needle as you start sewing.
  2. If you forget and the thread pulls out – don’t stress. It’s a very common mistake that beginners make. It’s annoying but not a big deal. Just raise the needle to its highest point and re-thread it.
  3. To raise the needle and thread, take up lever, and turn the hand wheel towards you – or press the needle up/down button if your machine has one.
  4. Your next step is to place your fabric under the presser foot and line it up with the seam allowance markings on the metal plate. Your sewing pattern will tell you how wide your seam allowance needs to be. The fabric should also line up under the needle at the spot you want to begin the stitching.
  5. Lower the presser foot lever to hold the fabric in place. Lowering the presser foot holds your fabric in the correct position AND it also engages the tension on the thread. This tension allows the correct amount of thread to be pulled off the spool as you stitch.
  6. If you accidentally forget to lower the presser foot and begin to sew, you will soon have a big tangled mess of thread stitched into your fabric. (I once heard this mess affectionately call “thread throw-up”, lol!) If that happens, just cut your thread with sharp scissors. Remove any tangled thread from the fabric and the machine. Bring the needle up and down a couple times by using the hand wheel or needle up/down button. You should be able to see any hidden tangled thread under the metal plate as the needle moves. Once all tangles are removed, re-thread the needle and re-install the bobbin if necessary.
  7. Start sewing by gently stepping on the foot pedal to start the machine. Practice this to see how different pressure on the pedal will increase or decrease the speed of the sewing machine. Go slow at the beginning until you get used to the feel of the machine.
  8. You do not need to push the fabric through the machine. It automatically moves along by the feed dogs under the fabric. You can, however, gently guide the fabric as it stitches, so that the right side edge stays lined up with your seam allowance marking on the metal plate. This will ensure nice and even seam allowances.
  9. When you are first learning how to use a sewing machine, it is best to keep it moving on the slower side till you get more used to it. You will also notice that when sewing a curved section it is easier to control the fabric at a slower speed.
  10. When you come to the end of your line of stitching, raise the needle to the “up” (highest) position. Cut the thread (top thread and bobbin thread) with either scissors or the thread cutter, if available, on the side of the machine.

Three ways to lock in stitches

Often if not always, it will be necessary to “lock in” or reinforce your stitches at the beginning or end of a seam. This will ensure that the first or last few stitches do not loosen up through wear and tear. Another term for this step is “backstitching”. And I can’t overemphasize just how important this is for your final product’s professional look. If you don’t do it, your seam might just fall apart. Luckily, there are two easy ways to do it, depending on your machine’s functionality. Note that the third way is just a precautionary measure.

1. Press the lock-stitch button

If you have an electronic machine, chances are you have a lock stitch button. Press this button before you start your line of stitching, and the machine will automatically stitch in the same spot for several stitches before moving on to the rest of the seam. If you want to lock the stitch at the end of a seam, press the lock stitch button before you raise the presser foot, and press the foot pedal. The sewing machine will repeat a few stitches in the same spot to lock them in.

2. Or press the backstitch button or lever

If you have a mechanical machine (or your electronic machine does not have a lock stitch button), you can reinforce the seam at the beginning and end using your back stitch button or lever.

Your sewing machine will move the fabric in reverse when you hold down your back stitch button or lever. This can be handy to stitch over the same area to reinforce or lock in the stitches. Practice on some scrap fabric until you get used to this feature.

3. If you aren’t sure your stitches are safe, use your iron!

Yes, I mean your actual iron – you know, for ironing garments and removing wrinkles.

But you shouldn’t use it the regular way, by moving it up and down, left and right. You should use it to press your seam, so that the stitch settles in nicely. Pressing is the most frequent and common use of iron when it comes to sewing, which is why it’s so important to always keep your iron and ironing board next to the sewing machine.

Conclusion – no matter what, keep stitching!

These beginners sewing instructions give you the basic operation of how to use your machine. Similar to learning other new skills, you may make a few mistakes in the beginning. Please do not get discouraged. You will get the hang of this.

Remember that mantra I told you to always repeat when you run out of patience through that painful trial-and-error learning process? Here’s another sewing wisdom for ya.

You can and you will sew your way out of any difficulty – if you are persistent and patient enough.

Happy sewing!

When the first sewing machine was invented by Barthelemy Thimonnier, a French tailor in 1830,Since that sewing machine has involved pople`s life deeply,It dyes our life colorful,With it we stitch vinyl upholstery,hats,small wigs,custom cosplay,Even thicker like cordura,canvas or thinner like silk,polyester knits, It always completes the project perfectly, People more and more realize that love life love sewing! Nowadays some people learn it when they were young child,But for parents possibly feel uncertain what modle sewing machine for beginners is the right choice to purchase.

So what is the best sewing machine for beginners?

1.Simplicity of use: lets face it here. If you are a beginner user, you will obviously need to get one that’s simple to work with. Easy to thread and easy to comprehend the way you use ,and Im giving bonus offer points for the product which goes along with training videos!

2 Additional accessories: contained accessories give extra worth to the machine inside my mind. If you can get some odds and ends included that you will or else need to buy individually, I believe this is only dandy. With extra feet and accessories that you can do a larger of various projects and also you will find more use from your machine.

3.Stitches adjustable with length and width:want to have the ability to adjust both length and also the width to your stitches, individually. That is very important to fine-tune each seam — you may want different lengths and widths for baste stitching, buttonholes, stretch stitches etc.

4.Price:For beginers this is also another factor to consider,cheap sewing machines probably defined below 100$,Cheap doesn`t mean disabled for a beginner to practice,The main function like zigzag stitch,triple zigzagthree-step zigzag….most machine included a minimum of 10 to 15 stitches.

5.Backstitch features:The majority of the seams youll sew might be backstitched on every end, which means you sew a stitch in the opposite direction to seal off the seam. You can not just turn the hand knob backward (it wont sew!), therefore the best way to backstitch with a button/leverage to push. It`s necessity, it doesn’t matter what.

We list out these sewing machine for a beginner:

1.Singer Simple 3337

It can make buttonholes in a single easy step, no matter if you need to sew a dress, stitch up a pillow or produce a tote. Basic accessories are available in the detachable storage drawer, like the new Sew Easy Foot that offers an adjustable help guide to assist you guide fabric for sewing perfectly straight stitches. The Top Drop-in Bobbin is easy to find out which means you keep an eye on your thread supply. There’s also a free arm, that makes it easy to hem trousers or any other small projects like children’s clothing.

1.Easily adjustable settings to ensure machine matches your own style
3.Automated functions
5.Metallic interior framework which equals durability
6.Easy one-step switch stitching
7.Great range of provided accessories

1.Thread cutter isn’t automated
2.Width from the stitches can’t be adjusted
3.Not good for skilled projects.

2.SINGER tradition 2277 Sewing Machine,

Compared with other similar sewing machines, this small sewing machine successfully meets with your price range while being reinforced by all of the essential functions that a beginner needs in daily life. This portable, yet effective sewing machine includes important and beginner-friendly capabilities like automatic bobbin winding, automatic needle threader and Free Arm to create cuffs, sleeves, etc. It allows you easily adjust the length and width on the stitches using a dial.
The sewing machine includes a heavy-duty metallic structure that makes up stability and durability. In addition, it shipped using a darning desk for free-movement sewing.

1.Excellent for beginners
2.Lightweight and steady
3.Flexible stitch width and length
4.Auto bobbin winding

1.The table isn’t that wide
2.No monogramming and not many built-in stitches.

3.Brother Sewing Machine XM2701

The highlighted characteristics of the Brother XM2701 sewing machine because of its 27 built-in stitches and 1 step auto buttonhole. The style of this sewing machine is quite amazing and when you set it on the desk, it’ll provide you with a high grade look and feel.
The sewing machine is especially created for the beginner sewer who hopes to learn how to use a sewing machine and do simple stitching work from home. It includes Six stitching feet as well as necessary accessories.

These useful features of this small sewing machine are the stitch choice dial, easy threading system, auto needle threader free Arm for sewing cuffs & sleeves, Jam-free top drop-in bobbin and incredibly simple bobbin system. The working area is really brightly illuminated through the LED light.

The warmly It ships out with instruction DVD makes it simple to comprehend every function of this sewing machine.

1.Brightly light work space.
2.Portable & lightweight,cheap sewing machine

1.Hasn`t medium sewing speed Its not the best-LED lighting
2.Possible problems with bobbins

4.SINGER 4411 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

The best thing regarding this machine is its special high sewing speed. You’ll find it includes a Heavy Duty Inside Metal Body that makes sure that the machine stays still for skip-free sewing.
the Singer heavy duty 4411 sewing machine model could be the correct selection for you! It’s perhaps the best sewing machines for beginners 2019.

1.Generates high quality stitches via a number of layers of cloth
2.Quick buttonhole making
3.Easy to replace the needle and presser foot
4.Simple, uncomplicated machine
5.Very easy-to-use dials

1.Needle-position dial is difficult to change
2.It is a little heavy
3.It has 11 stiching styles,probably not enough for some pelple.
4.It`s not computerized sewing machine and no LCD screen.

An easy to use sewing machine for beginners is the best gift,,easy operation that helps them increase the sewing interest,and shorten their distance to professional level,a single reason is easiness drives them feel happy and helps them train concentration,So that an easy to use sewing machine makes your payment meaningful. So what is the easiest sewing machine for beginners? Well,There are lots of models in the marketing,they are all containes fantastic features,some lightweight,some computerized,some more stitching styles,but some with automatic threader…..So that its hard to list out what is the easiest sewing machine for beginners.Anyway,according to the reviews for beginner sewing machine,We did some research and check out then sort out the machines below:

5.Brother XR3774 Full-Featured Quilting Machine

This machine is sold with 37 exclusive built-in stitches, such as a good choice of attractive stitches. As well contained inside the packaging are 8 sewing feet, together with buttonhole,zigzag,zipper,blind stitch, button sewing, slim hemmer,quilting and walking feet. Additionally, it offers a top-load bobbin that is way simpler to handle compared to other kind of bobbin loading systems. I`ve being used machines with the two mechanisms and by far my personal favorite are the type with top load bobbin.
It can make a great sewing machine to the very beginner. In addition, the cost is very reasonable contemplating all of the different types of stitches which are included. My machine doesn’t consist of all of these stitches yet I paid far more for it compared to cost of this machine.

This machine had been reviewed by 215 Amazon customers and 80% of these people gave the machine 5 stars that displays it is completely worth getting.

1.It is very quiet, comes with the walking and quilting foot accessories. automatic threader.
4.The thread diagram was a big help the first sewing times (& easy to do!). contains Self-threading feature.

1.Somethimes problem with feed dog,
2.At times it would also skip stitches,need to adjust a little.
3.Bobbin happens problem,keeps getting stuck sometime.

6.SINGER 9960 Computerized Portable Sewing Machine

9960 is an innovative sewing and quilting machine with improved features that makes your quilting project much more beautiful. It has the heavy-duty metal frame is liable for the skip-free quilting and for the durability.

The SINGER 9960 is known as a computerized quilting machine that matches the needs of a lot of people because of the variety of features it arrives with.

SINGER 9960 includes 600 built-in stitches which is the highest for the quilting sewing machines becoming during this price range.

All these Six hundred built-in stitches consist of stitches for quilting, Five alphanumeric fonts. In addition, it has 13 designs of 1-step automatic buttonholes which are usually very helpful.
This quilting machines also is sold with features like Automatic thread cutter as well as a needle threader.

The automated needle threader will help beginners sewists use this sewing machine more conveniently.

1.Simple to use
2.Six-hundred built-in stitches
3.Stitching styles for Quilting
4.13 types of automatic single step buttonholes.
5.Ten presser feet
6.LCD Display
7.Auto Electronic thread cutter.
8.Automatic needle threader.
9.Quilting Table extension to make quilts.

1.A little costly
2.A little heavy weight

7.SINGER Quilter 7469Q Computerized Electronic Portable Sewing Machine

If you can increase your price range beyond 200$, SINGER 7469Q computerized quilting sewing machine is definitely a good option.

SINGER is recognized for making the top sewing machines, no matter if it’s a basic machine,a sewing machine for home use, heavy duty sewing machine or a serger machine.SINGER has lots of good options which range from dozens of $ to much more and you can pick the one that matches your requirement first.

It has automatic needle threader and Drop & Sew bobbin system make for quick and easy set-up.Including 98 built-in stitches with seven fully automatic one-step buttonholes provide endless project possibilities,also it is able to set programmable needle up/down and drop feed make quilting fun and easy.

1.Automatic needle threader.
2.Quick and easy to setup the drop-in bobbin.
3.Extension table to get the best quilting experience.
4.Heavy-duty metal frame.
5.Completely automatic 1-step buttonhole.
6.13 needle positions.
7.Automatic reverse tracking.
8.Automatic thread tension controlling system.
9.Automatic Bobbin winding clutch.
10.Electronic Twin Needle Control.
11.Automatic Tension.

1.Fabric gets stuck sometimes, centers with this quilting machine are limited,

8.Brother CS6000i best sewing machine for home use

The Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine is lightweight but doesnt feel cheap because of its plastic and metallic components. We love its overall built-quality and modern design. up to now its over-all working is concerned, its an amazing workhorse, suit both beginners and advanced users. it is great for home use and really reliable. However, dont expect you’ll sew leather and upholstery on CS6000i Sewing Machine since its not going to work at all.So that we can sew somthing thin like making clothes and some beginners projects,

1.LCD Screen: It has an LCD screen that shows the existing stitch, length & width with the sewing machine as well as the speed.
2.Light-weight: One other good reason to buy the Brother CS6000i is it is light-weighted, portable so therefore easy to carry.
3.Nine Presser Feet provided.
4.60 built-in stitches.
5.Great for beginners projects as well as quilting.

1.No Automatic Tension,
This doesn`t have a large amount of chance to master but we regularly found we’d to readjust it each time we fired up the machine.
2.The Extra Light is Still Dim
Brother wax lyrical on their own said”extra bright” work space, but we still noticed it somewhat dim to our poor, tired eyes!

9.Brother xl2600i sewing machine

For reasonably priced sewing machine, the Brother xl2600i has numerous good features which are great for everyday use at home. it has 25 stitches which are built-in, each with a few stitching functions, and also the free arm that is perfect for sewing cuffs and sleeves can easily be changed into a flatbed sewing surface. There is a helpful stitch length dial and auto-buttonholer as well. Choose from any one of its antique and decorative stitches with the automatic one-step buttonholer with stitch balance control even for button placement.

Beginners are going to be satisfied with the simplicity of threading about this machine and also the drop-in bobbin is easy put in and jam-resistant. The functions and choices on this machine enable you to quilt, decorate clothes, create crafts, and stitch fashionable garments using the ease with fun working.

1.Simple stitching selector.
2.Threads system with automated needle threader.
3.Jam-free bobbin,
4.Simple bobbin computerized winding.
5.Speed control device included.
6.Light-weight and easily transportable.
7.Comes with thorough guidebook.
8.Low cost.
9.Twenty-five year limited guarantee.

1.No screen.
2.Constructed mostly of plastic material.
3.Doesn`t have a case or dust cover.
4.Might not match requirements of extra advanced sewers.
5.Needs to be operate on slower speeds to avoid needle breaking when you use heavy or bulky fabrics, like denim.
6.Thread spindle is only able to handle small spools.

10.Singer 4423 sewing machine

Singer sewing machines have been kept in high respect with the sewing industry. Singer is recognized for providing high quality sewing machines.One of the most amazing products from Singer is the Singer 4423 heavy duty sewing machine. The machine includes some very amazing features that puts it superior to the rest.

The singer 4423 is a heavy-duty sewing machine that is suitable forhome use,As a beginner sewing machine, It’s 23 inbuilt stitches 12 of that are decorative style. This may not be a broad range, but it’s enough to generate some impressive stitches. The machine also can make it quite easy for you to select the stitches, via the turn-dial device. It arrives with a really strong motor too. The motor is 60 Percent stronger compared to average sewing machine engine..

1.The sewing machine is extremely durable and strong
2.It comes with all of the accessories you may need. You`ll not need to purchase everything separately
3.The automatic needle threader and bobbin winding systems are truly convenient
4.The machine is quite easy to use, even for beginners
5.It features a high top sewing speed. It helps you to operate faster.

1.The machine doesn’t provide much regarding stitch variety.
2.An newbie tailor could find it difficult to maintain the machine`s high-speed

11.Janome magnolia 7318 sewing machine for beginners

The Janome Magnolia arrives regular with 18 built-in stitches, such as a 4-step buttonhole, that runs from utility mode to decorative.
Stitching can be adjustable while using machine, along with a array of thread variation up to 5 mm in width size and 4 mm in length. In addition, a locking lever helps make securing stitches easily via automatic reversal.

The weight of the Magnolia 7318 is one more popular feature worth bringing up. it is just above 17 lbs for the entire machine, the 7318 could be moved easily, moved and relocated as required for work or sewing activities on-the-go.

The 7318 includes a fully flat rotary hook and free arm for cuff work, sleeves and related tailoring. Also, the device contains a retractable carry handle to conveniently move however it tucks away if not needed. The highest speed of stitching about the 7318 is amazing at 830 stitching a minute, additionally it works with a stretch stitch adjustment feature too.

1.The price is more fair
2.Amazing sewing speed
3.It`s strong and simple deals with tough materials
4.Working with it is easy
5.Easy to change stitching width from 0 to 5mm
6.Simple to adjust stitching length from 0 to 4millimeters
7.Converts easily from free-arm to flat-bed

1.The inbuilt light may get very hot
2.This makes a lot of noise while working
3.It should be oiled up much
4.Drop feed is located at the back side with the machine,you need to modify it each time.

These sewing machines are all online for sale,We can get one of them easilly,and wont worry about the after-sales service.So convenient!Thats important to have a suitable machine for beginners.
I hope these online sales and ideals will be helpful to you!


1.How to use a sewing machine for beginners?

After you got sewing machine,you will have to do several significant things: thread the bobbin and also the main needle and raise up the bobbin thread to be able to see two threads trailing on the machine. The user`s guidebook should direct you via this process. Once you have completed this you will expect to get started sewing.
1st Step
Clean the machine table and oil the machine,Check the necessary accessories.
2nd Step
Boost the foot, slide the fabric under it and bring down the foot.
3rd Step
Use the foot pedal to manage the speed for the sewing, feed the fabric below the foot. Once you find the fabric requires more tension for support, modify the tension knob.
4th Step
When you are sewing a corner to complete with the thread, make sure that the needle is down at the position where you need to convert the fabric, then elevate the foot for you to turn the fabric.
5th Step
When the stitching line is finished, complete by creating a couple of stitches backwards and forwards over the line. Once the needle is the up position, boost the foot then take away the fabric. Cut the threads at the moment.Here is a specific video to learn:

2.What are the pros and cons of having a sewing machine?

Pros: 1.Free to produce clothes you want when the ones from the stores arent what you would like, or when they’re sized incorrect. 2.Free to fix up your house/workplace/RV/what ever how you will want, in place of however the local stores need you to. 3.Produce special gifts. 4.Great way to meet people; nearly every town includes a sewing/quilting/crafting team of some sort. 5.You are able to more simply do your personal mending, creating fabric items keep going longer. 6.You have a great sense of pleasure once you look at a completed project and know you did that. 7.Offers a method to show imagination. Cons: 1.If you ever don·t love to make things, you wont have fun here. Do not have an high-priced machine until to youve found out that you`ll actually utilize one frequently. 2.People not understanding the job and love that hand crafted gift. 3.It doesn’t really spend less. These days, fabric usually is more expensive than ready-made clothes or blankets,and you need to add thread, zippers, buttons, etc to the price. Even though you can at times find materials in second hand stores. 4.There’s a learning bend. 5.You will have to study how you can do basic repair yourself or bring it for maintenance on a regular basis.

3.For my first sewing machine,Do I need a vintage sewing machine or current style one?

If you’re beginner to sewing, the first machine shouldn’t be a vintage machine.
What kind of machine is it best to get? It will be a simple, reasonably priced, high quality machine. These may be bought new for $100 or lower and they are very helpful and dependable. You’ll at the minimum get the $100 worth from it. And others importantly, you will study and also have a base to that you could look at other choices once you “outgrow” that one. All the main manufacturers include a machine close to that cost level. If in case you see that machine is not to you personally, then you are able to present it to close friends/family, maintain it once you need it (you know, since you will. It is a family equipment.), or sell it for some bucks. But, you are not out more than $100 for the whole experience.

The problem with purchasing a vintage machine is actually you need to:

1.Understand sewing (Be aware, if it is your 1st machine, you may have no idea the things you need or not).
2.Understand vintage machines (You know, there had crap sewing machines being produced Fifty years ago. Now they are 50 years old crap machines).
3.Understand how to identify a vintage machine in bad or good condition. (If it is vintage, this means that it has been in somebody’s home for many years, children, relocating, fallen, knocked, over, etc… are you able to get parts? Others will gladly sell you their broken vintage Elna Suparmatic, noooo problem. “It has not been used for years…however it was working when grandma applied it last!”)
4.Understand what accessories you will need and the way to have them (e.g. vintage zipper feet, vintage zig zag feet, vintage button holer, and so on..)
That`s all the reasons for why you to have a stylish first sewing machine.

4.What is the best way to learn how use a sewing machine?

Nowadays, you can get 2 solutions to study how you can use sewing machine -The one is by starting sewing classes and also one other is from YouTube. After having a acceptable discussion with any professional or just a tailoring expert, who works nearby you, have an access-level sewing machine and begin studying from YouTube. There are numerous videos existing on YouTube, which could show to become an excellent learning software tool for yourself. All you need to do is to try to type on YouTube`s Search Box “How to use Singer One Plus Sewing Machine,”following a question you will see amounts of results out. Click on the one, that has more views than the others, since this is the only real useful one individuals have already viewed. watch the video as often as you would like and until you finally learned.
In case that web learning looks difficult to proceed through for you, Google search will help you have some effective sewing courses nearby you. Join anyone of them, which matches your day schedule and offers great service record up to now.

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Sewing machine brands try their best to outshine on the market and excel in each of its categories. However, not all sewing machines have a positive outcome in terms of reviews and returns.

Some fare averagely while some sewing machines do not reach the expected heights. There are a few machines that have a long-lasting effect on the sewing world.

Today, we use this space to review some of the best top selling sewing machines known to the sewing world.

What Gets These Machines on the Top Selling Charts?

Well, quite understandably, it has to be the performance of the machine. Along with the performance, there are several other factors why a machine is more favored over its counterparts.

One has to understand the category that the machine is released under. The ease of use is yet another factor that plays a major role in the success of a sewing machine.

The price at which a machine is offered also decides the outcome of the machine. Innovation and features can matter for a sewing machine to perform better on the market.

Which Brands Rule The Best Selling Charts?

Evidently so, the chart is dominated by 3-4 supergiants of the sewing world. Singer and Brother lead the way followed by Janome, Juki, and Bernina.

Brother and Singer lead the pack because they have machines targeted for the commoners. There are many seamstresses around the globe that buy a sewing machine for their domestic use.

The number cannot be compared to the industrial sewing machines as it is a one-time investment. Therefore, the sale of these machines is limited.

Brother CS6000i Computerized Sewing Machine 4.5

Built-in Stitches-60

Stitches per Minute-1500

Singer 7258 Stylist Computerized Free Arm Sewing Machine 4.4

Built-in Stitches-100

Stitches per Minute-750

Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing & Embroidery Machine 4.4

Built-in Stitches-67

Stitches per Minute-710

Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist Feature-Rich Computerized Sewing Machine 4.2

Built-in Stitches-600

Stitches per Minute-850

Janome Magnolia 7730 Sewing Machine 4.6

Built-in Stitches-30

Stitches per Minute-650

Top Selling Sewing Machines Review

In this blog, we will discuss some of the best selling sewing machines from several brands.

We will be relying on the date provided by the world’s largest online selling company, Amazon. Also, we will be going through some of the articles curated by the professionals before we can jot down the machines on the list.

1. Brother CS6000i Computerized Sewing Machine

Without a doubt, it is one of the best-computerized sewing machines on the market today. No wonder, it is also the best-selling sewing machine on the online portal,

The machine is packed with exclusive features that can attract professional seamstresses and novice users alike.

It is one of the easiest and uncomplicated sewing machines to have ever graced the market. Even young children can work on the machine like it is made for the children itself.

Brother has always been a reliable company, and this product from the brand is top-notch. It is very simple to use and doesn’t ridicule the user even after having all the computerized features.

Brother CS6000i is capable of undertaking all domestic projects we can ever think of. Also, all your virtual creations from your brain can be brought down on your projects.

Just like the ease of use, setting up this machine is also a cakewalk.

Specifications & Features

The versatile machine provides anything and everything that a man requires to undertake all sorts of sewing and quilting projects.

Stitch sizes can be selected without applying any rocket science with the help of the LCD screen. One can change the width as well as the length of the stitch using the settings.

One can even use the machine without the foot control with the help of the stop/start button. Along with the stitches, the speed of the machine can also be adjusted.

The bobbin is easily accessible. Dealing with it isn’t an issue because of the quick set-top drop-in bobbin which is said to have jam-resistant attributes.

The machine comprises 60 built-in stitches along with 7 one-step buttonhole styles and a quilting table. Also, it comes with a hardcover so that the machine can be carried from one place to other with extreme ease.

Our Expert Reviews

All the accessories along with the machine cover are of superior quality. The company has left no stone unturned in inheriting all the features that a normal seamstress would desire from a machine.

It has a 25-year limited warranty which assures you a replacement of anything that is broken or damaged.

All this at the price of under $150 is certainly what makes it top the best-selling charts.

Its versatility knows no bounds. Also, the amount of features offered at a very affordable price makes it an apt machine for the home users.

The only drawback we could figure out was the light. It should’ve been placed in a better way. Also, the needles that come along with the machine can be avoided for a smooth process.

Apart from that, it is a flawless machine that is compatible with doing every work thrown at it. It will certainly make you feel worthy of every penny you spend on it.

2. Singer 7258 Stylist Computerized Free Arm Sewing Machine

There are very few machines on the market that can compete with the overall efficiency of the Singer 7258.

It is, just like Brother CS6000i, a feature-rich sewing machine which can undertake all kind of sewing projects.

It boasts a powerful motor and can handle a wide array of fabrics with utmost ease.

The versatile machine has every feature possible that is needed by an intermediate seamstress. Also, it is easy to set up and easier to use.

Singer 7258 Stylist has had a lot of accolades for its name. It can be even doubled as an embroidery sewing machine for basic embroidery projects.

Quilting assignments can be done in a breeze. It has the ability to suffice the needs of seamstresses of all skill levels.

It can also be one of the best choices for someone who is incredibly new to the world of sewing.

The instruction manual that comes with the machine is very well written and easy to understand.

The machine consists of 100 built-in stitches and 7 fully automated one-step buttonholes. It has a programmable needle up-down button for you to start where you last left.

The top drop-in bobbin is said to have jam proof abilities and is inherited on the machine with a clear cover.

You get to keep an eye on the thread remaining on the bobbin. One can control the speed of the machine with the speed slider.

One gets to set up this machine with 13 different needle positions. Also, at around 14 pounds, it is a lightweight machine with incredible portability qualities.

It is believed to sew at the speed of 750 stitches per minute on average. However, with skills and practice, one can easily attain faster speeds from the machine.

The inclusion of free arm lets you work on projects like cuff links, collars, etc. with sheer suaveness.

Our Expert Opinion

The fact that it is fully computerized lets you cut down on errors. This helps a seamstress to get a professional look at his assignments every time he sews on the machine.

The stitch selection is well laid on the machine. It is easy to select from 100 stitches, and at no point in time, it might confuse the user. It can work with two needles at a time which is an added plus to the machine.

The tension system has been nicely figured out which assures that regardless of the fabric that goes under the needle, the machine stays up to the task.

It can sew at a considerable speed without compromising the quality of the stitches.

The automatic presser feet cannot be adjusted. This might somewhere worry a seamstress but would eventually overlook it after considering all the features it offers.

One cannot extend the width of the stitch more than 5mm. Also, unlike the Brother model, it does not come with a carrying case.

However, most of these drawbacks can be easily overlooked owing to the features and the quality the machine produces.

It is, without a doubt, one of the best sewing machines to come from the ranks of Singer.

3. Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing & Embroidery Machine

It is the best-selling embroidery sewing machine on the world’s biggest online portal, Amazon. SE400 is packed with amazing features and can do several other tasks beyond embroidery projects.

It is a combination sewing machine that exhibits some drop-dead versatility. Also, its powerful motor lets you work on the most stubborn fabrics with utmost ease.

It has so many features that a seamstress wouldn’t be able to use each feature in a lifetime.

Therefore, it is safe to say that the machine has ample options to keep a seamstress busy and self-sufficed for years to come.

The computerized sewing machine combination does not stress on a particular category and leaves the other combination with less that he or she can undertake a wide range of projects without the machine causing any hiatus.

The bright LED light is well placed and projected directly on the needle and the remaining workspace.

This would eventually cut down on the human errors and let you have a professional finish to your projects.

It is a fully computerized sewing machine which can undertake embroidery assignments without any fuss.

It boasts a 4*4 workspace for embroidery projects which is termed to be a perfect size to create intricate embroidery assignments.

It consists of 67 built-in stitches and 5 lettering fonts. Along with a wide range of stitches, it also boasts 70 built-in designs to get a creative edge over your projects.

We aren’t sure if ever one would manage to use all the 90 stitch functions given to the machine.

Apart from the distinctive and abundant features, the machine boasts a lot of automatic programs that ease the process of sewing.

Features like automatic needle threader and automatic thread cutter save a lot of time and efforts of the user.

It can be even connected to the internet with the help of the dedicated USB port given on the machine. It allows you to import designs using

The fact that it is computerized and boasts an LCD screen makes it easy for the users to skip between projects.

One doesn’t have to redo the settings after a sewing assignment is complete. It boasts an incredible number of top-notch features that will attract any seamstress towards it.

Threading the machine is a very simple process. Therefore, it is a good choice for the entry-level seamstresses as well.

It is also very easy to browse through each of its sewing functions with the help of the tutorials.

There are hardly any drawbacks that we could figure out on the machine. One notable demerit was the frequent cleaning of the bobbin case.

There are sensors attached to the bobbin case and need occasional cleaning in order to function properly.

The free arm design of the machine gives you the edge to undertake large quilting projects.

4. Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist Feature-Rich Computerized Sewing Machine

Production of this machine is yet another masterstroke from Singer. They have managed to produce yet another feature-rich product at an affordable price range.

The Singer 9960 stands as a good machine to upgrade for those who want to take their sewing game to a whole new level.

For someone who is looking out for a machine that is packed with a plenty of features and a wholesome sewing experience, Singer 9960 can be the perfect choice for the intermediate-level seamstresses.

All the functions are automated which makes it easy for the seamstress to get done with the pre-sewing processes with utmost ease. 7 point feed dog system allows the fabric to glide past the needle with extreme ease.

The Digital information advisor, as the company calls it, is a crystal clear LCD screen that allows you to select the stitch functions and other features just with few touches.

I don’t think anyone would require that many stitches for carrying out sewing projects. However, having so many features at your disposal indeed adds to your creativity.


The machine is said to sew at the speed of 850 stitches per minute which is considered decent for a computerized device.

It boasts as many as 600 built-in stitches that include a lot of decorative, stretch, and utility stitches.

Very few machines on the market are able to provide abundant features like this one. It also comes with 19 presser feet to get done with a wide variety of sewing assignments.

It consists of 13 one-step buttonhole styles along with a free arm design which adds to the creativity of the user.

Threading system is simple to use as it is completely automatic. Also winding the bobbin is no difficult task. It can be done with the extreme suaveness.

One can even adjust the settings of the presser feet along with the speed. The stitch width can be extended to as long as 7mm wide.

For a machine to perform effortlessly without any vibration, 18 pounds is a decent weight. It also comes with a carrying case to add to the portability of the machine.

It is a robust sewing machine capable of undertaking almost all kind of sewing projects. Although it boasts a very powerful motor, it is extremely quiet and sturdy.

One can effortlessly sew past the most stubborn fabrics with extreme ease. Also, the fact that it is a combination machine, it has the ability to perform all kind of sewing processes.

From sewing to embroidery, it doesn’t drop down on performance on any of the processes.

It may look like a delicate doll from the outside, but it inherits a sturdy heavy duty metal frame that assures the users that it is made for the longer run.

It may have infinite built-in features, but it is easy to browse through those features with instructions provided under each of its functions.

Therefore along with the professional seamstresses, it is a decent sewing machine for the entry-level seamstresses as well. None of the sewing machines are perfect.

This one is no different. The absence of the knee lifter can ridicule many of the intermediate level seamstresses. Also, there are users who came across some problems with the tension.

5. Janome Magnolia 7730 Sewing Machine

7730 is the most advanced machine Janome has produced under their subcategory of Magnolia.

Magnolia is one of the highly regarded names when it comes to producing sewing machines for entry-level and intermediate level seamstresses.

This machine is no different. It is known for its ease of use and productivity. One can assure that he or she gets a professional finish to the every sewing assignment undertaken on the machine.

Just like it is easy to use, it is easy to set up as well. It may have a delicate impression on the first look but can take you by surprise with the power and strength it possesses.

The presence of the simple start/stop button takes out the foot pedaling equation out of the game.

It is a simple process to get the fabric under the needle with the up and down button and start sewing with just a touch on the start button.

It boasts enough built-in options to keep an intermediate level seamstress happy. Also, it is extremely versatile and can even take embroidery projects with extreme ease.

With the powerful motor and a strong metal frame, it provides excellent quality stitches without making much noise.

The machine consists of as many as 6 built-in automatic buttonhole styles along with 30 built-in stitches and 15 needle positions.

The speed of the machine along with the sizes of the stitches are adjustable. There is a dedicated speed control slider given on the machine to adjust the sewing speeds. Also, one can vary the width and the length of the stitches using the LCD screen.

One can even undertake assignments that comprise fabrics like denim. There is an extra high-pressure foot lift to deal with the stubborn fabrics.

One does not even have to remember the last needle position. It memorizes that itself and gives you the accurate needle position when you resume sewing.

Threading the machine is an easy task with the fully automated built-in programs.

It is one of the best sewing machines in the market for beginners. One can adjust the speed of the machine according to his or her stitching speed.

The machine is made to last. It is durable and has the ability to produce top quality finishes to every sewing assignment it undertakes.

The large working space assures that the users can undertake any sewing assignment with utmost ease.

It is a wonderful device that can be easily trusted upon when it comes to its sturdiness, strength, productiveness, and usability in the longer run.

Time to Sum Up

Now that we have spoken of 5 top selling sewing machines on the market, we think we have given out enough information for you to settle down on one of these brilliant products.

All of these sewing machines have been doing wonders on the market, and have been generating sales better than its counterparts.

Not surprising, that the list was dominated by Brother and Singer because they have produced some excellent and versatile sewing machines over the past few years.

Janome sewing machines are slightly costlier than that of the Brother and Singer models.

Hence, even if they have a lot of feature-packed sewing machines, customers tend to incline towards the cheaper models which more or less have the same number of features.

Also, along with that Singer and Brother have made a name for itself in terms of 25-year limited warranty the flash out for each of their products.

With this, we conclude this space dedicated to the best-selling sewing machines on the market currently. For more sewing machine related blogs, you can log on to our website

We have categorized several blogs for each distinctive category. Right from Sergers to sewing machine for kids, we have detailed information on each of the sewing categories.

We would love to know your take on the reviews. In that case, you can write to us in the comments section below the blog. We’d be delighted to take your suggestions and improve our blog further.

You may remember the joy of sewing together a new pair of jeans for a loved one, but chances are it wasn’t all sunshine and roses. Sewing requires the intensive focus and precision that it seems only your grandmother had, but one of America’s favorite pastimes does not have to be such a frustrating experience. Whether you are searching for a sewing machine for yourself or as a gift for a family member we have taken it upon ourselves to pour through hundreds of Amazon reviews and find the very best sewing machines according to reviewers.

What follows is our comprehensive list of the top five:


(Photo via Amazon)

The Singer Heavy Duty 4423 Sewing Machine

The granddaddy of sewing machines, the Singer Heavy Duty model will sew any fabric you ask it to. It’s got a refreshingly old-school design but a decidedly up-to-date host of features.

According to one Amazon reviewer, the Singer 4423 is built to last: “I bought this machine over 4 years ago as my starter sewing machine, and it’s still going strong. In that time I’ve made close to 30 quilts, 20some purses, totes and bags, and about a dozen items of clothing. This machine is so versatile, I’ve been able to do everything I need to on it.”

Another reviewer raved “This Singer is a nice, simple machine that works very well on heavy fabric. My first project on it was sewing new cushion covers for my patio furniture….with heavy outdoor fabric. I had piping on them and everything, so sometimes I was sewing thru 5 layers….and this machine did a great job. It doesn’t have 2 billion fancy stitches (which I would never use), but it does have a few…which I may find a use for! and it has the basic stitches I need. I’m really happy with it.”

Overall, the Singer 4423 has over 2000 5 star reviews, and even the critical reviews mention it is a great purchase and value for skilled sewers, but may not be the right fit for younger beginners. My grandmother has owned one for at least 5 years now and swears by it. If you used to sew in the past or even if you want to pick up sewing and have the time to dedicate to sewing as a hobby, this is the sewing machine for you!


(Photo via Amazon)

The Brother RSQ9185 Sewing Machine

This one’s computerized! It’s got a large LCD display, eight one-step buttonhole styles, and 55 built-in alphanumeric stitches for monogramming. You can cut the price down by buying a refurbished model, professionally inspected and tested by Amazon-vetted suppliers, but regardless of price point this sewing and quilting machine is a modern and easy to use addition to any home.

Thus spoke one Amazon reviewer : “We have never owned a sewing machine and don’t really know much about sewing and we were able to get it threaded and start sewing in about 30 minutes. The results are beyond our expectations and the price is almost too good to be true.”

Another reviewer added on to the positive praise, stating: “I am a sewing teacher and this is my favorite Brother sewing machine model for my classes. I first purchased this model a few years ago at Walmart before they discontinued them and they have been wonderful. This model has withstood constant use from middle school students without any issues. As a result, I was very excited to see it offered renewed on Amazon. The machine is great! It has a lot of features, it’s a great size, and it comes with wonderful accessories. I just love it!”

Overall, its also rated as 4.8 overall on “value for money”, 4.7 for “light weight”, and 4.7 for “quilting”, meaning there’s very little room for improvement when it comes to a modern sewing machine.


(Photo via Amazon)

The Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine

The XM2701 includes 27 unique stitches, 63 stitch functions and six quick-change sewing feet. It’s also one of the more affordable sewing machines on the market for just $84.99.

An Amazon reviewer vouches for its quality too, stating: “I used to sew as a kid but I was never that great. I had a dinky little machine that would always jam up and I was certain it was because I’m an idiot. Guess what, I’m not an idiot. I just had a crappy sewing machine. This machine is decidedly not crappy.”

And if you are in need of new friends, the XM2701 can help with that. As the reviewer now sews cool gifts for the people he knows, the XM2701 “has also done wonders for my social life.”

Overall, this sewing machine can be summarized effectively via this singular review from a satisfied customer and husband: “I knew next to nothing about sewing machines until my wife bought this and i borrowed it from her. i spent all of about 20 minutes reading the manual, and after that minor introduction i was able to repair a huge hole in a pair of pants AND to custom-fabricate a sleeve to direct mail from the garage door mail slot into a box located a couple feet away. if you’re a beginner looking to get a base knowledge of sewing and to have broad capabilities without spending a ton of money, this is DEFINITELY for you.”

That’s all I needed to hear to rate this as the best value sewing machine.


(Photo via Amazon)

The Donyer Power Electric Sewing Machine

Perfect for both beginners and veterans, the Donyer Power machine has tons of great features but an easy-to-understand design.

One specific Amazon reviewer raves: “The sewing machine came in with the threads already set in place. It works just like the manual sewing machine, but with so many more advanced features for easier and convenient operation. It also has a fun and compact design.”

Another adds: “This machine worked straight out of the box, and the instructions were easy to follow. For threading the bobbin and pulling up the lower thread, I had to consult YouTube. Fortunately, there were some good videos! The Donyer Power machine is compact and lightweight, so traveling with it is a real possibility. Frankly, I was surprised that something so cheap and made nearly entirely of plastic could work so well!”

Please just be aware that several users have complained about the difficulty/awkwardness of threading, which seems to be one of the only negative qualities I could find mentioned on the otherwise stellar reviews of this machine.


(Photo via Amazon)

The Mini Portable Sewing Machine

At only $15.99, the Mini Sewing Machine is not quite a full sized sewing machine, but it is one of the least expensive options available that still gets the job done. It is also portable and relatively uncomplicated. Its small size means it can be used for the tricky-to-position repair spots that larger conventional machines can’t reach.

So far this portable sewing machine doesn’t have any reviews, but its similar to a lot of other portable sewing machines, and at just $15.99 it may be worth trying.

Let us know in the comments if you purchased any of the sewing machines we recommended and whether we did a good job highlighting their benefits and drawbacks.

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Top Sewing and Embroidery Machine Cyber Monday Deals 2019: Janome and Brother Savings Rated by The Consumer Post

November 30, 2019 08:00 ET | Source: The Consumer Post

Compare the best Cyber Monday sewing machine deals for 2019 and save on mechanical, electronic, computerized & embroidery sewing machine

Cyber Monday sewing machine deals are here. Experts at The Consumer Post have compared the best sewing machine deals for 2019 and are listing them below.

Best sewing machine deals:

  • Save up to $145 on top-rated sewing, quilting & embroidery machines at – featuring best-selling models from Singer, Brother, Janome, Michley and more top brands
  • Save up to 59% on a wide range of sewing machines at Amazon – save on mechanical & computerized sewing and embroidery machines, sergers and combination machines from top brands including Brother, Janome & SINGER
  • Save up to 42% on Brother sewing machines, embroidery machines & thread sergers – check live prices on high-speed Brother sewing machines with up to 130 unique built-in stitches, on sale now at Amazon
  • Save up to $450 on Janome sewing machines at Amazon – check deals on easy-to-use, heavy duty & computerized Janome sewing and embroidery machines
  • Save up to 54% on select Singer & Janome sewing machines at

Cyber Monday deals are time sensitive. We recommend checking Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals page and Walmart’s Cyber Monday home page for their full range of live deals. The Consumer Post earns commissions from purchases made using the links provided.

Ever since their invention during the first Industrial Revolution, sewing machines have played a big part in enhancing the efficiency of tailors and seamstresses in creating or repairing various items of clothing. Top sewing machine brands such as Brother, Janome, and Singer produce different types that can be used for embroidery, leatherworking, and more, and shoppers can also choose from mechanical, electronic, or computerized varieties. Is there an actual difference between Black Friday discounts and those offered on Cyber Monday? Top online retailers stretch their holiday sales through to Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving. Although online deals are available on a wide range of products, heavier Cyber Monday discounts are normally reserved for electronics, tech gadgets and big-ticket items.

Since 2010, when spending hit a billion dollars in the United States, Cyber Monday has continued to generate more sales every year than Black Friday.

About The Consumer Post: The Consumer Post shares news for online shoppers. As an Amazon Associate The Consumer Post earns from qualifying purchases.

Contact: Andy Mathews ([email protected])

Perfection Sewing Machine Kit Handheld Sewing Machine w/Over 100 Sew Essentials

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Best Mini Sewing Machines For Small Spaces

EEDMET Portable Mini Sewing Machine is a complete package of exceptional perfection. The portable mini sewing machine is wide and easy to use. It stays in place during operation and enhances every stitch you sew.

Do you own unused and old clothes or are you a sewing lover but don’t have dedicated space to keep the machine. The solution is right here, the mini sewing machines.

If we dive in a little deeper then these machines have huge number advantages over the traditional machines. They are worth their size and cost. They are ideal for kids and beginner seamstresses.

The mini sewing machines are super portable, lightweight but not as light as handheld machines. It needs less storage space, best to repair clothes, tackle almost any type of project, time and money saver. If you want to carry them to your sewing classes, take them with confidence.

There are amazing and countless options for your need. Out of those I have meticulously selected the best top 5 mini sewing machines.

<< Recommended Best Mini Sewing Machines >>

  • Singer Tradition 2277 Mini Sewing Machine
  • KPCB 505 Mini Sewing Machine
  • EEDMET Portable Mini Sewing Machine
  • Brother Jx2517 Lightweight Mini Sewing machine
  • EverSewn Hero Compact and Computerized Mini Sewing Machine

Table of Contents

Points to Consider While Choosing A Mini Sewing Machine

Stitches per minute (SPM)

If you are a novice then your machine should have at least zigzag and straight stitch. These two are the basic stitches you need to learn. To start your journey, you should get your hands on these two.

The more stitches per minute, the faster outputs you will get. It is always good if you get a decent number of stitches to sew in a minute.

Automatic Built-in Needle Threader

You can find this specific feature in almost all the sewing machines. It is quite relieving and helps in keeping your eyes relaxed and stress free. It works like a pro and perfects thread the needle’s eye.

But in my opinion you should not depend on this feature, learn to do it manually too. Learn as much as you can so that when you don’t get automatic features you are self sufficient to do it of your own.

Free Arm

Free arm sewing is next level feature for all the intermediate seamstresses. You can easily work on fabrics such as silk, denim and even on velvet.

You can stitch small cylindrical openings like cuffs, pant hems, collars and much more. It gives space to create your own patterns in round stuff. A machine with free arm feature will be like icing on the cake.

Top Loading Bobbin Setup

Earlier bobbin loading system was a huge reason of frustration and stress. The old things keep on improving, it was designed in such a way that it stayed hidden inside the machine.

Now after a lot of customers reviews it is placed on the top of the machine, now you can easily view it and load the thread when it is about to finish. The latest improvisation is that it is covered with clear cover case for easy viewing.

5 Top-Rated Mini Sewing Machines With Reviews

1. Singer Tradition 2277 Mini Sewing Machine

The basic, lightweight Singer’s Tradition 2277 Sewing Machine is a perfect choice to make. Regardless of your level of expertise, you can anytime check out this machine. To overcome your work space constraints, portable and lightweight, it will adjust anywhere you keep it.

Tradition 2277 sewing machine features all the basic options in addition to some of the advanced features. It has a heavy duty metal frame which perfectly holds the body while working on a little tough fabrics. It maintains the alignment and gives a long lasting durability.

This mini sewing machine comprises 23 unique built-in stitches including 11 decorative stitches, 6 essential stitches, 5 stretch stitches, 1 full automatic 1- step buttonhole for a perfect fitted button on your garment.

To enhance your every project there are plenty of attributes. You can simply select the stitch out of a good range of stitches. Also, you can adjust the stitch length and width by just turning the dial.

The activity which takes the maximum time is threading the needle. People tend to frustrate after 3-4 failed tries. The automatic needle threader is one convenient and quick method to do so.

To reach difficult areas, the free arm feature is quite unique. It can stitch any small opening type pattern like collars, cuffs even the pant hems with ease. Plus there is an on-board storage in which you can store all your ready-to-use items.

The package includes all the necessary accessories namely thread spool cap holders, screwdriver, darning plate, 4 snap-on feet, class 14 bobbins, needles, seam ripper/lint brush, edge/quilting guide, power cord, foot control, and a user manual.


  • Lightweight and a basic sewing machine
  • Portable and easy cabinet mountable
  • Timesaving automatic embroidery needle threader
  • For strong stitches, adjustable stitch length and width
  • 23 different built-in stitches with 1 step buttonhole for a professional touch
  • Heavy duty metal frame to enhance sturdiness and durability
  • Gives a perfect seam without bunching with skip free sewing
  • Designed for 110 volt machine for United States and Canada only.
  • Features free arm facility to stitch pant hems, collars, cuffs and many such small openings
  • On board storage compartment to store accessories and other relevant items
  • Easy stitch selection for your work
  • 4 snap on presser feet namely buttonhole, all-purpose, zipper, button sewing foot


  • A buyer was upset as he received the product with broken needles plus the machine jammed countless times
  • Someone said that he was using Brother from the past 25 years but his first experience with Singer’s product is horrible and unforgettable

2. KPCB 505 Mini Sewing Machine

KPCB 505 Sewing Machine is an ideal selection for beginner sewists to do domestic and regular sewing. It is a features loaded premium machine in a good budget-friendly range.

The 11”x4.5”x10.5” machine is portable and lightweight. This electrical little device is best for daily use. The disadvantage is that it may not handle heavy duty projects. But it will be helpful to complete your small projects efficiently.

To fulfill all your requirements, it comes with 12 stitching modes through which you can comfortably seam and hem the fabrics. All the stitches are unique and sufficient for a chic style.

The easy to store KPCB 505 is equipped with inbuilt thread cutter to snip off all the extra hanging and unwanted threads. Also, it has a light source which is very beneficial while sewing in less light. You can easily work on dark fabrics and threads.

Further, a cuff slot on the bottom is incorporated in this chic item that enables to sew trousers and sleeves comfortably. Besides, the reverse stitching button is there to lock all the seams and prevents loosening of stitches.

A unique function is introduced in 505 sewing machine that is two stitch patterns to design a complete buttonhole. Also, to complete your different demands, the replaceable universal presser foot to make unique patterns for each of your creations.

This machine has AC/DC power and a foot pedal to accomplish your daily domestic use. There is an easy to use manual inside the box and online video tutorials are available which are recommendable especially for beginners.

Whenever you stuck, you need not to stop sewing rather contact their technical support for instant and quick assistance. Plus you can type your questions on youtube and get your queries solved then and there.

There are several sewing patterns through which your work can outshine anywhere. Zigzag and straight for different tensions, reverse stitching, buttonhole stitching, five layers of fabric stitching and cuffs and sleeves sewing.

In the box, apart from machine there are several accessories for you. They are 1 foot pedal, 1 needle, 1 adapter, 1 needle threader, 2 thread bobbin and 2 bottom bobbin.

  • Lightweight, portable and easy to store sewing machine
  • An electrical machine equipped with AC/DC power for daily and domestic use
  • Premium 12 unique built-in stitches and two stitch pattern buttonhole
  • An incorporated light and built-in thread cutter
  • An amazing cuff slot to make round designs
  • Back or reverse stitching for strong seams
  • Replaceable presser foot for more functions and designs
  • Several foot pedals for regular uses
  • Two speed mode controller i.e. high and low speeds
  • Double thread (upper and bottom thread sewing)
  • A user said that she is using this machine to teach a friend’s children how to sew and it is perfect for that too.
  • Various accessories to complete your sewing kit
  • People said that the machine is noisy
  • Some said that it sews in forward direction only

3. EEDMET Portable Mini Sewing Machine

EEDMET-TECH portable and mini sewing machine is a good choice for both beginners and experts plus intermediate sewists too. Everyone including children and elderly people can easily use it. It is easy to carry and has accessories compatible to vintage machines.

The machine works well for all types of home decor, quilts, fashions, crafts and DIY projects. It’s main construction material id ABS and metal. It comes with an extension table to let your fabric flow freely. Right now, it is one of the durable options available in the market.

The easy, wide and unique 12 stitch patterns to fulfill your various requirements. Sewing with these patterns make the activities convenient and fun. The provision of double speed makes easy selection of speeds according to the fabric.

The machine has LED light to illuminate the working area bright to see the fabric and thread easily in the low light. Also, the dual modes of power supply saves you from troubles while you are travelling to different locations.

An anti-slip pad is incorporated to keep the fabric firm during sewing. You can comfortably hem, buttonhole, seam, auto wind etc. it ensures stability and gives a professional touch to every stitch you make.

To sew clean, neat, firm and straight stitches, the double thread and double speed is a blessing. You will know its value after you use it. For circular and round sewing on cuffs and pant’s bottom, free arm is there to live up to your expectations.

This high quality upgraded white and purple graceful machine comprises a complete package of accessories. It includes needles, bobbins, needle threader, spools, foot pedal, extension table and a manual for instant guide.

To give you more confidence, the company offers a 12 month guarantee plus they offer professional customer care service. If you have any queries you need not to waste even a single second just call and it will be immediately resolved.

  • The constructed material is ABS and metal to increase durability
  • Portable mini sewing machine
  • Lightweight, easy to transport and a good space saver
  • LED light to work comfortably in less light or on darker shades
  • Two modes power supply adapter for more location compatibility
  • 12 stitch unique patterns for DIY sewing also
  • Ideal machine for home decor, crafts, quilts, fashions and much more.
  • Select speed out of two options
  • Anyone can easily use this sewing machine conveniently and easily
  • To keep the fabric firm, there are anti slip bottom pads
  • Good at seaming, hemming, buttonholing, auto winding etc.
  • Double speed and double thread for clean and firm stitches
  • High quality with several accessories
  • Comes with a 12 month guarantee
  • No negative reviews as such.

4. Brother Jx2517 Lightweight Mini Sewing machine

The name Brother is enough to trust the sewing machine you are willing to choose. By default it will be responsive, reliable, stable, durable and what not. Jx2517 is a full size sewing machine with 12”x5.86”x15.31” in dimensions.

The 12 lbs Brother Jx2517 sewing machine has 17 unique decorative and utility stitches to upgrade your style with an automatic 4 step buttonhole. Also, 38 stitch function for different patterns and designs to instantly impress your clients.

A bright light LED is incorporated to illuminate the work space to increase the overall efficiency even at night and low light situations. The free arm to sew all the round shaped patterns. You can use this feature to sew cuffs, collars, pants hem etc.

It has automatic bobbin winding system to get rid of manual winding. Besides, jam resistant top drop in bobbin setup for a smooth function with easy to use blind hem stitch.

The pattern selector dial located in front of your eyes to refer quickly the designs you want to apply. The machine is quite a fast chic which can stitch 900 stitches in a minute. With this speed you can improve your performance and complete all your tasks within a stipulated timeline.

You will get a bundle of accessories with this machine. The package contains several feet namely zipper, buttonhole, zigzag, and button sewing foot. Plus darning plate, power cord, needle set, oval screwdriver, bobbin, foot controller and user manual

  • Compact, lightweight and portable sewing machine
  • Easily tackles repairing chores and basic sewing
  • Exceptional features at a reasonable price
  • 17 different decorative and utility stitches
  • An automatic 4-step buttonhole maker for a flawless effect
  • It has a jam resistant top drop in bobbin
  • LED to brighten up the working space
  • A build-in bllind hem stitch for mending hems
  • It can sew 900 stitches in a minute
  • Works well for home decor applications
  • It is quite easy to sew
  • It comes with a good number of accessories
  • A buyer said that she is sewing since 30 years and this is the best investment she has ever made.
  • No LCD display
  • Not a computerized machine
  • A buyer said that he got a defective machine and he wants to throw it out of the window
  • One said the stitches are loose on garments that he altered.

5. EverSewn Hero Compact and Computerized Mini Sewing Machine

EverSewn Hero is undoubtedly the best sewing and embroidery machine on my list with the working space of 6.5 inches. The price, the features, the durability everything compliments each other. The sewing machine is computerized and loaded with almost all the features you can think of.

The contemporary and modern designed EverSewn is a combination machine of sewing and embroidery with a sturdy built. Working on this Hero is certainly like heaven on Earth with robust and easy sewing.

The Hero is easy to carry while you travel and it easily adjusts itself where there is space constraints too. The intuitive and comfortable use makes it an extraordinary machine. A USB port is also included in the box.

It is fully features loaded with 400 and above alphabet, utility and decorative pattern stitches to make your life easy and stylish. With 40 different built-in embroidery designs, you can easily establish your business and take it to the next level.

The embroidery design size is 110mm x 170mm which is sufficient to make your garments elegant. The automatic needle threader takes the responsibility of your eyes and keeps them relaxed as much as possible.

EverSewn Hero lets you monitor the upper needle and bobbin thread level to keep the things full and intact. Plus the 8 unique presser feet completes the package without leaving anything behind.

A detailed LCD display is incorporated to view, select and monitor the stitches and patterns. It works on a high speed of 800spm and enables you to complete your assignments before time.

  • A lightweight, compact and portable sewing machine
  • Computerized edition with embroidery module
  • Combination of sewing and embroidery machine
  • More than 400 decorative, utility and alphabet design stitches to grace every outfit
  • Beautiful embroidery stitch quality
  • 40 unique built-in embroidery designs sizing upto 110mm x 170mm each
  • It has a stitch width of 7mm and workspace of 6.5”
  • Automatic needle threader to rescue your eyes from extreme stress
  • The sewing speed is 800 stitches per minute
  • Bobbin thread level and upper thread monitor
  • Comprises 8 unique presser feet to enjoy more options
  • LCD display to view detailed information of stitches and patterns
  • Packet includes USB port too
  • A buyer is upset with the instructions and said that there is no customer support to handle any query.
  • Hardly any negative review. People loved this machine.


During my research I separated the best mini sewing machines and out of the whole lot I found the following two as winners. The first one is EEDMET Portable Mini Sewing Machine perfect for both novice and professionals.

The machine is a portable, mini, lightweight and easy to travel with an extension table. You can design an ample range of quilts, crafts, home decor, fashions or any pattern.

The second one is EverSewn Hero Compact and Computerized Mini Sewing Machine indeed works like a Hero. Undoubtedly, it can fulfill your both embroidery and sewing needs.

I will suggest you to go through the built, features and performance of this specific model. EverSewn Hero has 400 plus stitch patterns, 40 embroidery designs, LCD display, robust built and everything you can ever ask for. Stay calm and keep sewing. Good Day!!!