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The summer is all about getting that much awaited week of vacation. There is no better time to get a few days off and enjoy a relaxing day at the beach, under the sun, without having to deal with the rush of the city life. Almost everyone that is getting some vacation days during the summer will most likely end up on a beach somewhere. Some might choose to go to a beach closer to home while others will be tempted to see more exotic places. The ones that chose to take a few days off and relax on a beach close by, know very well that there is more to carry in terms of luggage. A good beach umbrella is a mandatory accessory. While some beaches have places from which umbrellas can be rented, it is much more convenient to just have your own umbrella packed into the trunk.

A regular umbrella should not be very big. The reasoning behind this is that it needs to fit inside the trunk and a full-size beach umbrella is definitely not an option. A reasonable beach umbrella should be portable in one way or another and fortunately, there are plenty to pick from. Today we will go through a quick list of the most popular portable beach umbrellas. There is a wide selection available but only a handful managed to get into our list.

Best Portable Beach Umbrellas in 2020

Here are the top 10 best portable beach umbrellas in 2020.

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10. Ammsun Folded Beach Umbrella

Ammsun beach umbrella offers great value for money. It is an inexpensive product that is both functional and well built. It is a 6 ft. umbrella with steel ribs and a foldable design that makes it very easy to travel with. Basically, it fits in the 2.4 ft. holster that comes with the umbrella. The model is made out of a printed polyester fabric that is very durable and offers protection against the sun. for the ones that need a sand anchor, the manufacturers offer it separately.


  • Inexpensive
  • Very compact when stored in the carry bag
  • Steel ribs and pole


  • Tips at the end of the ribs tend to fall off

The umbrella uses plastic tips on the ribs to hold the fabric in place. This is pretty much how all umbrellas work but for the Ammsun, the tips are not long enough or simply they are not very well designed. They will slide off the ribs from time to time but they can be placed back. This can be a bit annoying on a windy day.

9. Impact Canopy Beach Umbrella

Impact Canopy makes a decent beach umbrella for a decent price tag. It is an 8 feet umbrella with fiberglass ribs and an aluminum pole. It is a large model that can offer shade and protection from the sun for two people. The umbrella has a vented top that allows airflow and prevents inversion. It includes a carry bag for easy transportation and even a ground spike to properly secure it.


  • Steel ribs and pole
  • Large 8 foot top
  • Comes with a carry bag and ground spike


  • Quite heavy

The umbrella is quite large which is a good and bad thing. Being large also means that it is heavy despite having an aluminum pole. It is easy to transport in the carry bag it comes with has shoulder straps but it is heavy. It is difficult to imagine someone actually carrying it because of its size and weight.

8. JGR Copa 46313 Classic Oxford Beach Umbrella

Not everyone needs an excessively large umbrella. The JGR Copa Classic Oxford beach umbrella is a medium sized model measuring 6 ft. and a sturdy construction with steel ribs. One useful feature is the fact that the umbrella can have the tilt angle adjusted. Also, the pole is made out of aluminum and it has a built-in anchor. The umbrella is available in several different colors and a larger 7 ft. version is also available.


  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable tilt mechanism


  • Built-in anchor does not work all that well

The design of the anchor is not that great when using the umbrella on the sand. It is meant to be screwed into place and the sand will not be able to provide the proper support. In order to get it to stand upright properly, the pole needs to be pushed deeper into the sand. It is not the greatest design for an anchor but it works to a certain degree.

7. Shadezilla Platinum Polyester Beach Umbrella

Shadezilla offers a great beach umbrella that was made to be lightweight and provide a good amount of shade. It is made out of polyester and measures about 6.5 ft. The ribs are made out of steel while the pole is out of aluminum and can be collapsed. The umbrella also has a built-in anchor that measures 7.3 inches. It can be buried in the sand and managed to remain stable. As a bonus, the umbrella comes with a carry bag with shoulder straps. The umbrella is available in several different sizes and four different colors to choose from.


  • large, 6.5 ft. umbrella
  • includes a carry bag
  • built-in anchor


  • not strong enough for windy days

It is a bit unclear as to why this happens but it the umbrella will not survive a very windy day. It might have something to do with its design and how the ribs are arched. The fabric used is very dense and resilient but during a windy day, it can get damaged. As long as it is not used on a very windy day it should survive just fine.

6. Frankford Umbrella Commercial Grade Beach Umbrella

Frankford makes a great beach umbrella. It is a premium product which means it comes with a higher price tag. It is a 7.5 ft. the umbrella which means it is quite large. It is suitable for two or more people. The fabric used is marine grade acrylic which offers great protection against the sun. The ribs of the umbrella are made out of steel while the pole is sharp at one end to make it easy to place into the sand. Unlike other umbrellas, the pole is made out of ashwood. The model is available in multiple different colors and patterns and two different sizes.


  • ashwood pole
  • durable acrylic fabric
  • large 7.5 ft


  • very expensive

The umbrella is one of the best offerings on our list for a good reason. It has a premium build quality. It looks great and it is very durable. The only problem is the high price tag. It is an expensive umbrella and not everyone is willing to spend as much as four times the regular price of the regular beach umbrella.

5. Copa Band Beach Premium Umbrella

Copa Band beach umbrella offers a great deal of the money. The manufacturers claim it is a premium product which is not very far away from the truth. It is a well-constructed umbrella with a steel tube structure and steel ribs. The model has venting holes at the top which means that it allows air to pass through making it much more stable on a windy day. The model is available in two sizes, 6.5 ft. and 8 ft.


  • very durable
  • all-steel construction
  • made in a 6.5 ft and 8 ft. sizes


  • not completely windproof

Despite having ventilation holes at the top the umbrella is not completely windproof. It does manage to stay stable in place during a mildly windy day. If the wind is too intense, the umbrella might have some trouble staying in place. It can also get damaged as it can flip over and the steel ribs can bend and break.

4. AosKe Portable Sun Shade Umbrella

The AosKe portable beach umbrella is a great pick for the ones that need something with a few more features than a standard model. It is an umbrella with a tilt-feature that makes it very easy to adjust without having to move around it. The structure of the model is quite durable with an aluminum frame and steel ribs. Polyester has been the fabric of choice as it can successfully block the sun and it is quite durable.


  • all-steel construction
  • built-in anchor
  • tilt system


  • not very stable

The tilt feature is great, especially since not that many beach umbrellas have it. It does imply one issue and that is stability. If the umbrella is tilted and it is windy, it will get knocked down almost instantly. Other than that it should not have any kind of problems. It is a great umbrella that is inexpensive and looks premium.

3. EasyGo Rainbow Beach Umbrella

EasyGo Rainbo beach umbrella is one of the cheapest picks on our list. It is a simple model with a good construction and a carry bag included. This makes it easy to transport and to pack. The umbrella is enhanced with fiberglass ribs that offer decent durability and measures about 6 ft. when opened. The model is available in two different sizes and just one color design.


  • carry bag included
  • large 6 ft. or 7 ft. options
  • stable design


  • the aluminum pole does not feel strong enough

One issue that most will notice is the aluminum pole. It is strong but not strong enough. It can bend if too much pressure is applied. The problem comes from the fact that the manufacturers used a thin pole. If it was a bit thicker maybe it would have been strong enough to not bend in certain circumstances.

2. Sport-Brella Portable All-Weather and Sun Umbrella

Sport-Brella portable beach umbrella is a great pick that offers good value for money and an excellent design. It can actually be used like a large canopy or a regular umbrella. The model has two windows that can be covered and vent holes at the top. The fabric from which it is made is completely waterproof and it blocks the sun offering shade over a large surface. Last but not least the umbrella becomes very compact and extremely easy to carry.


  • 2-in-1 can be used as an umbrella or small canopy
  • Lightweight
  • Large 8 ft. umbrella
  • Side windows and vent holes


  • Not recommended for windy conditions

Despite having the vent holes at the top, the umbrella is not as durable as some would come to think. It is still decent on a windy day but under extreme wind conditions, it will not do well. Intense wind will knock it off or if it is used as a canopy it will simply get pushed around. For a regular day at the beach, it should be more than great especially since it is so convenient to use.

1. Sport-Brella Versa-Brella All Position Umbrella

Sport-Brella Versa-Brella is one of the most popular picks on our list for the ones that are looking for something for the beach. It is a simple, small but large enough umbrella with a different shape that will provide enough shade for a person. The model is made of an aluminum pole and it can have the tilt adjusted. Also, being a bit smaller also means that it is much easier to pack and travel with.


  • Very compact
  • Adjustable tilt
  • Very lightweight
  • Inexpensive


  • Quite small

The only complain some would have the umbrella is that it is quite small. It is a suitable for one person and even the larger version is not large enough. On the other hand, for the price, it is difficult to find something better. It is well constructed and very practical.

What Umbrella To Pick?

There are a lot of different umbrellas to choose from. Even the ones that are not specifically branded as beach umbrellas can work very well. We managed to pick several decent models that offer great value for money but it is important to compare them as they are not all the same. Here are some important features to keep an eye open for.

  • Tilt system: This is an optional feature and not all umbrellas have it. It is worth noting that these umbrellas are not as sturdy as the ones that do not have a tilt system
  • Size: The size of an umbrella can vary a lot. It is important to compare different sizes and some models might be too small for two people.
  • Vent holes: Vent holes are useful during a windy day but not everyone wants to go to the beach if the weather is not ideal. It can be useful but it is not something mandatory
  • Carry bag included: Not all models have a carry bag included and not all of them need one. Still, it is better to try and get an umbrella that has a carry bag just to make it easier to transport.

PortaBrella® Portable Beach Umbrella by The world’s only Travel Beach Umbrella. This Folding Beach Umbrella is compact enough to fit inside any suitcase, duffel bag or airline overhead compartment.

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“We took this umbrella to a resort in the Dominican Republic. When other people would get up at 5 a.m. to claim a resort “Palapa”, we could sleep in, and stroll down to the beach when ever we felt and set up our PortaBrella.”

“We purchased two to bring them with us to our favorite Mexican resort which unfortunately does not provide enough shade spots, so people play this “towel” game at 6:00 am. We are very happy with our purchase!!! It’s really lightweight, compact, well made, and easy to assemble. One umbrella really provides enough shade for two people.”

The beach is the world’s most popular vacation destination. We’re all looking for the perfect beach – you know the one: warm sand, turquoise waters and a tropical breeze blowing our cares inland. But most of us aren’t lucky enough to live on or near a beach. We have to transport our own gear, or hope that rental equipment is reasonably priced – or even available at all. Spending a day at the beach without shade would ruin the experience. Why not bring your own umbrella, even if you are flying? The PortaBrella® folding travel beach umbrella solves the age old problem of transporting traditional Beach Umbrellas on an airplane.

A beach umbrella is essential (yes, a margarita is important too). You could possibly do without a beach table and perhaps even a chair. But shade is an indispensable need and an umbrella is the simplest, most reliable way to protect yourself from the sun.

We highly recommend that you consider adding these two products to your PortaBrella purchase: Our $14.95 Beach Umbrella Tethering Kit is an inexpensive way to ensure that your shady spot is not blown away when the coastal breezes kick up. And our $9.95 patented integrated Beach Umbrella Table provides a quick and easy method to keep your food, drinks, cell phone and more high, dry and sand free. Details below (be sure to also see The TeleBrella® oversized portable beach umbrella).

PortaBrella product video:

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Read more about PortaBrella® below. But don’t forget to check out our latest PortaBrella® add-on. It’s a integrated beach umbrella pole table that replaces one of PortaBrella’s® center poles with a compact handy beach table

keep your food, drinks and gear high, dry and sand-free while you guard the horizon or play in the surf. Best of all…? It’s just $9.95!

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Available in royal blue:

Royal Blue
Ingenious folding
Full-feature portable beach umbrella with large vented canopy and tilt…. …..breaks down in seconds….. …..conveniently stows in any suitcase.
Self-anchoring with Power Twist™ sand anchoring system…. Snap lower pole sections…. ….Deploy canopy with pull handle…
…..and sit, relax in the shade! Or remove one pole section and drop your shady spot lower to the ground to read….. ….or play
Steady your umbrella canopy with this tethering kit. Protect your shady spot on the beach with the tethering kit for just $14.95.
Easy hands-free transport with matching carry bag. Simple to use and stow.

Features and specifications for Portabrella™ portable beach umbrella include:

  • Full 76″ umbrella arc
  • patented wind vented canopy
  • Colorful royal blue canopy
  • Pole finishes and metal options: Powdered coated white steel frame for royal blue
  • 3-way tilting canopy
  • Silver sun blocking under coat for ultra protective spf 100 rating
  • Self-anchoring lower pole section
  • Matching bag with carry strap
  • Folds to just 24″
  • Weighs just 6 pounds
  • $39.95
  • Calculate Shipping

PortaBrella® on Poipu Beach.

PortaBrella® on Waikiki Beach (renting a beach umbrella and two chairs runs $70/day!).

The 5 Best Beach Umbrellas

Getting some sun is a great way to increase your vitamin D intake and experience an array of health benefits. However, it’s important that you protect your skin to ensure you don’t potentially damage it and compromise your health. The journal JAMA Dermatology recommends using more than one sun safety strategy at a time, and a beach umbrella can provide the protection you need from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

What is a beach umbrella?

A beach umbrella is a large umbrella that can provide portable shade and sun protection. It can make outdoor activities more enjoyable by protecting you from the sun, so it’s a must-have for any avid pool and beach goer.

Top 5 beach umbrellas

Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor Beach Umbrella

Amazon’s #1 best-seller in patio umbrellas, the Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor Beach Umbrella is one of the best umbrellas on the market. It features special aluminum undercoating to protect against the sun’s harmful rays. It also has a wind vent and a sand anchor to secure your umbrella with a simple twist.

This comes with a tilt and telescoping pole and is available in a range of colors. It is recommended by NY Mag and has hundreds of five-star reviews on Amazon.

Currently $46.99 on Amazon

Sport-Brella Portable All-Weather and Sun Umbrella

This portable umbrella kit has everything you need for a day at the beach, beginning with the Sport-Brella Portable All-Weather and Sun Umbrella, which is more than your average beach umbrella. It’s more like a beach umbrella, sun tent, and rain shelter in one. It provides instant shade and sun and weather protection. It can be set up like a dome or canopy in seconds.

The lightweight, durable eight-foot canopy umbrella provides oversized coverage without restricting your view. With UPF 50+ maximum sun protection, it blocks 99.95% of UVA/UVB rays. The large canopy has side panel zippered windows for additional ventilation, internal pockets, and an adjustable pole for stability. It is made of durable, water-resistant 210-D polyester that won’t rip or tear. It is supported by 4.5mm steel ribs and a 5 mm steel stretcher, allowing it to stand up to windy conditions. It features added tent flaps for additional protection from rain and wind, and stakes and sandbags for extra security.

This is available in two colors and includes a carrying bag, three tie-down cords, and eight steel ground stakes for extra stability on windy days. It is recommended by NY Mag and The Sweethome and has outstanding online reviews, including over 1,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

Currently $56.37 on Amazon

EasyGo Beach Umbrella

The heavy duty Rainbow EasyGo Beach Umbrella provides as much shade as a tent. The canopy beach umbrella is height adjustable thanks to a three-hole locking adjustment and double-sided locking pins. It provides extra sun protection thanks to silver UV coating on the inside of the umbrella.

The heavy duty pole system and 16 fiberglass ribs provide additional durability and protection. The weatherproof polyester cover with vented canopy can stand up to wet and windy conditions. It has a lightweight, rust-free pole with height adjustment options and easy push button tilt adjustment to maximize shade.

This includes a carry bag and a heavy duty screw to easily anchor into the ground for maximum stability. It has outstanding online reviews and is also backed by a 30-day refund policy.

Currently $57.99 on Amazon

Frankford Steel Commercial Grade Beach Umbrella

The Frankford Steel Commercial Grade Beach Umbrella easily lifts with a manual push-up device, so you can start enjoying the beach right away. The sturdy, industrial-type canopy umbrella is heavier than standard umbrella fabrics, so it works well in windy conditions. The umbrella’s rib pockets are triple layered to prevent tearing. It features 5 mm zinc-plated steel ribs and stainless steel springs. The durable solution-dyed marine grade acrylic fabric has less chance of fading. It also has UPF 50+ for superior protection from the sun.

This comes with a carry bag and an ash wood pole. It is available in a wide range of designs and colors. It is frequently recommended online by publications like NY Mag. It is also backed by a three-year manufacturer’s warranty and the fabric is guaranteed against fading for five years.

Currently $175.90 on Amazon

Coolibar UPF 50+ Titanium Beach Umbrella

The Coolibar UPF 50+ Titanium Beach Umbrella can keep you up to 15 degrees cooler in the strongest sunlight. The lightweight, sturdy nylon umbrella offers UPF 50+ sun protection. The outside also reflects UV rays, while the underside absorbs UV rays. The patented double-canopy design has a mesh insert for optimum ventilation. It is made from water-repellent, durable nylon fabric. The heavy duty noncorroding aluminum frame with manual tilt adjustment has lightweight fiberglass ribs and spreaders for additional stability.

This is easy to tote and collapses small. It includes a carrying case and is available in two colors. It is also recommended by Good Housekeeping and is highly reviewed online.

Currently $89.50 on Amazon

And those are our recommendations for the best beach umbrellas. As always, be sure to check Wise Bread’s Buying Calendar to learn when and how to buy just about anything!

Portable Beach Umbrella The PortaBrella®

  • Available in Australia at
  • Available in Canada at
  • A Good Housekeeping Magazine “Top Pick” (Issue June, 2009)

See PortaBrella on CBS News

See PortaBrella Beach Umbrella on Poipu Beach Video (customer video)
See PortaBrella Beach Umbrella on Waikiki Beach Video (customer video)

The PortaBrella® Portable Beach Umbrella. Finally, a beach umbrella suitable for air travel or any situation where a compact beach umbrella is desired. This full-featured folding beach umbrella is a exclusive. Be sure to also see portable The TeleBrella® telescoping beach umbrella.

  • Folds to just 24″
  • Full 76″ arc for ample shade
  • Tilt feature included
  • Oversized blow-through vent
  • Powdered Coated white frame and fiberglass ribs
  • Self anchoring pole section for easy sand insertion
  • Silver sun blocking under coat for ultra protective spf 100 rating (always wear sun screen to protect from lateral rays).
  • Carry bag included
  • Full sized free standing beach umbrella
  • 1.25″ pole diameter
  • 5 pounds
  • Calculate Shipping
  • See PortaBrella product Video
  • Now, keep your gear handy and sand-free. Add our patented integrated table for just $9.95! See video below.

Don’t forget to check out our latest PortaBrella® add-on. It’s a integrated beach umbrella pole table that replaces one of PortaBrella’s® center poles with a compact handy beach table keep your food, drinks and gear high, dry and sand-free while you guard the horizon or play in the surf. Best of all…? It’s just $9.95!
Secure your shady spot on the beach with this handy tethering kit $14.95. You can add these tethers to this umbrella at checkout.

The 6 Best Beach Umbrellas

When shopping for a beach umbrella you’ll want to consider a few things concerning what you really need. If you’re just a once-in-while beach goer you probably just want one that is not very expensive.

Some beach umbrellas come with sides to block more wind or sun and most are at least 8 feet in diameter. The ones that tilt make it easy to position it as the sun moves during the day. Here are The 6 best beach umbrellas and our top picks:

Portable Sun Shade Umbrella, DoerDo 360 Degree Inclined All Direction For All-Weather, With Floor Insert Tool, Heat Insulation, Antiultraviolet , Used For Garden, Beaches, Camping, Fishing

This umbrella can be tilted at any angle to block the sun. There is a silver vinyl inner layer that is designed to block most of the heat and UV rays. The top is designed with ventilation so air can flow freely and the tough aluminum ally construction makes is a sturdy choice.

This umbrella won’t fall down easily due to the stable and windproof triangular inserts. An especially nice feature is the fork prongs to hold it steady in sand. It folds down nicely and is easy to carry. This product comes with a carrying case, windproof lines, floor insert and 3 prong base pin. This product has a rating of 5 out of 5 starts.

Sport-Brella Portable All-Weather and Sun Umbrella. 8-Foot Canopy. Blue

The Sport-Brella can block over 99.5% of UVA and UVB rays. With side panels for extra protection and wind flaps for ventilation, you’ll get everything you need from this oversized umbrella.

The eight foot canopy is made of 210 D Polyester for protection from most weather types. The support is a 5 mm steel stretcher and 4.5 mm steel ribs. It has side windows with zippers to allow for good ventilation.

The product comes with a carrying bag, eight steel ground stakes, three cords to tie down and neatly folds up and stores at 54″X4″X4″.

This structure is water resistant and can be used at a sporting event field as well. Don’t miss your kid’s soccer or baseball games if it looks like it might sprinkle a bit. This product has a rating of 4.4 our of 5 stars.

Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor Beach Umbrella FPS100+ (Green/Blue) A little over four pounds but it proves to be a great choice for your day at the beach.

This umbrella has an undercoat of aluminum to block the harmful rays of the sun. with this undercoating the umbrella blocks 100+ of the UV radiation falling on the surface of the material. It has a sand anchor to hold fast in the sand and a telescoping pole for easy adjustment.

At a diameter of 7 feet (2.13 meters) you’ll stay protected from the sun. This beach umbrella has a 5 Star rating it should be one of your best choices.

EasyGo Rainbow Beach Umbrella – Portable Wind Beach Umbrella Large – Folding Beach Umbrella Set with Screw Anchor and Carrying Bag”] is six feet in diameter.

A heavy duty screw plows into the sand or ground easily with a screw handle that is included. The fiberglass ribs make this umbrella durable and quite wind resistant.

The umbrella has a rust-free anodized aluminum pole and tilts so you’ll always be able to get shade in any direction and has good UV protection. This umbrella has a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars.

Ammsun 2017 10 Panels 7ft Polyester Fabric Heavy Duty Beach Umbrella, Adjustable Height, Hollow Pattern with Tilt UPF 50+ Teal /white

The lovely flower design looks great at the beach. At seven feet this umbrella goes great on your patio as well.

The canopy has air vents to allow the wind to escape for better stability so there is good wind resistance. The dimensions of this product are 50″ X 3.9″ X 3.9″ and the material is support by 10 steel ribs. The pole is over an inch thick, is also steel and has a tilt feature. A Carrying case is included. There is an optional sand anchor that is sold separately. This product has a 4.3 rating out of 5 stars.

8ft Premium Heavy Duty Fiberglass Beach Umbrella UPF 100+ with Integrated Sand Anchor

Rugged 600 Denier Polyester fabric UPF 100+ with silver coating lining blocks 99% of harmful UV rays. The ribs and spreaders are fiberglass and seem to be more flexible when its windy. The build-in wider spiral anchor digs into the sand for a more security. Air vents are designed to direct the wind up and out to relieve pressure on the under side of the umbrella.

Having a tilt mechanism make this umbrella is finished in chrome and the handy thumb release button has a locking function. The umbrella comes with a carrying bag and is only 5.5 lbs. It has a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Honorable Mention

Sport-Brella Versa-Brella XL (Firebrick Red) – All Position Umbrella with Universal Clamp, Firebrick Red attaches to tubular or round surfaces so its great for your favorite beach chair. It swivels and in 360 degrees and keeps you safe from the UV rays of the sun at a 99.5 % rating.

One of the hardest choices you will ever have to make as a beachgoer is deciding which portable beach umbrella to buy. With there being lots of them on the market that all seeming to look similar, the choice can be downright herculean.

This is where we come in. We have taken the pains to compile a list of the top 10 best portable beach umbrellas in 2019 you should spend your money on. We want to save you money, save you from stress and at the same time, help u conserve your time for better things.

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Beach Umbrella

Our list of beach umbrellas isn’t just a random list; we have rather put a number of factors into consideration. These factors, we believe are the same ones that will influence your choice in the long run.


We can’t have you spending on something that wouldn’t last. Part of ensuring you have a durable beach umbrella is researching the materials before making a purchase. Opt for materials that are light and resourceful, such as polyester, vinyl, and acrylic.

Avoid wood materials if you often experience windy or wet conditions on the beach and wish for your beach umbrella to last a long time. Consider the weather throughout your search as a light fabric is less sturdy in the wind than a thicker fabric.

Ease of Usage

Life is already complicated enough; and most importantly, value for money. How simple is the umbrella to set up? Do you need more than one person to operate it or does it just require the click of a button to pop up? You should also bear in mind how it folds away. If you need to remove parts, and it’s been raining, this can be a tricky (and messy process).

Customer Reviews

Another factor which we employed is the reviews by customers who already purchased a particular model. Of course, manufacturers’ specs sheet will tell you a lot of things about these umbrellas, hearing them from others who have spent good money to have them is always better.


Perhaps one of the most important factors to consider is the beach umbrellas size. Plan in advance how many people will use the umbrella. Is it for the family or just you? Also, consider that the larger the beach umbrella, the more difficult it will be to find enough space on the beach. The size can also affect the unit’s portability and ease of use, so this is certainly something to bear in mind.

If you must purchase a large umbrella, check that it is curved at the top so it can withstand any high winds. Otherwise, the umbrella will fall flat any wind makes contact with it.

Sun Protection

One of the main reasons people purchase a beach umbrella is for protection from the sun. However, just because you come across an umbrella that’s labeled as suitable for the beach, it doesn’t mean it has excellent sun protection.

If the umbrella offers a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of 50+, you can safely remain in the sun for hours. Most umbrellas offer a range of 15-25, which means it will block out 90-95 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Consider how much time you’ll spend in the sun and if you’ll remain in direct sunlight to determine which factor is suitable for you.

Maintaining Your Beach Umbrella

Thankfully, you’re purchasing a portable beach umbrella, which makes it smaller and lighter than regular umbrellas. However, it’ll be exposed to salt water and sand, so you need to maintain it properly after each use.

The first course of action is to shake off the umbrella to remove any sand and water particles. If you have a case (which we recommend), please your umbrella inside of this until you get home so it won’t damage or mark your car’s interior.

Once you’re home, open up the beach umbrella, and mix laundry detergent with water. Then, wipe the solution onto the umbrella using a soft sponge to release any dirt. The dirtier you’re umbrella, the longer you should leave this solution sitting on it to soak up the dirt.

After this process, rinse the umbrella with clean water (using a hose) and leave in a shaded area until it’s dry and you can put it away.

The Top 10 Best Portable Beach Umbrellas To Buy

Come with us on this journey, as we reveal which 10 beach umbrellas you should be seriously thinking of buying.

10. Otentik Beach SunShade

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This unique beach umbrella is most convenient for groups or families on the move because of its lightweight, petite design. It can be set up just about anywhere – in the water, on the beach, or in between for that best-of-both-worlds feel.

Its high quality build includes Eurojersey fabric which is a modern innovation being sand repellent, quick to dry when it comes in contact with water and provides sufficient sun cover while allowing great air circulation.

The material is additionally wrinkle free, meaning that it can be folded up in little spaces and still look great when called upon.


  • Unique and elegant design that you won’t find all around.
  • High quality material that brings a lot of comfort in usage and maintenance.
  • One of the most portable beach umbrellas on the market.


  • Might be a bit difficult for first time users to set up.
  • There’s no privacy while using this umbrella.

9. Yescom 13ft XL Outdoor Patio Umbrella

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The biggest source of joy for customers who have purchased this particular umbrella is the price. The next best thing about is the versatility it possesses as it fits into just about every setting: patio, cafe, beach side, etc.

The green color just helps it blend seamlessly into nature while the German Beech wood frame is sturdy enough to handle some level of rough handling.

Strong enough to withstand some level of heavy rainfall, it is built to last. It blocks out the sun comfortably, and with its basic umbrella design, allows optimal air circulation and can easily be folded for transportation.

Its 13ft diameter means it’s got space for everyone.


  • Very easy to use
  • Suits a number of different purposes and locations
  • Easy to disengage and transport


  • Quite cumbersome to lumber around
  • Might not be very easy for one person alone to set up.

8. Buoy Beach Umbrella

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There are more than a few standout points for this special beach umbrella. First it comes with a backpack (shade anchor bag) for easy carriage, which also doubles as a buoy when sand filled – talk about thinking out of the box. This anchor can withstand up to 30mph winds before it gets shaky.

It is reinforced enough with double jointed fiber glass ribs to withstand wind damage from blowing out and the sand buoy serves to prevent it from being blown away.

It protect from all of the sun’s harmful rays, allows you to enjoy the cool breeze of the beach in style.


  • Very innovative design.
  • Very easy to transport, install and use.
  • Adjustable height for different usage modes.


  • You may have to get into the sand to use it.
  • Quite small compared to others

7. Frankford Umbrella Shade Star Steel Beach Umbrellas

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A true star of the shade, this Frankford beach umbrella employs some premium materials in its overall design. A pole made out of solid ashwood and zinc plated rivets and joints for durability make up the support structure.

The shade offers the premium UPF 50+ sun protection with its olefin fabric.

Opening for use is by a simple push action and it comes with a carry bag. Customers attest to its sturdiness and premium build, you should have your eyes on this.


  • Very strong and sturdy build as against others with aluminum frames
  • Good looks, with different color schemes to choose from.
  • Easy to open.


  • Quite heavy to lug around.

6. SueSport Sand Anchor 7 ft Beach Umbrella

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This is another one of the more beautiful beach umbrellas for you to choose from. It is vented to allow great airflow while protecting you from the sun as you enjoy your day off at the beach.

To keep it standing, it is manufactured with a strong aluminum spine, fiber glass ribs for support and zinc tilt on the pole. This helps it resist wind better, and consequently, last longer in your use.

The integrated sand anchor is also another standout feature which helps to fasten your beach umbrella to the ground securely with just one twist.

It is guaranteed to protect you from over 95% of the sun’s UV rays with its oxford fabric.


  • Very lightweight to carry around
  • Very easy to set up and use
  • Anchors well to the sand without much hassle


  • The aluminum frame may not withstand heavy winds.
  • Due to the sand anchor, it is not possible to use it with a holed beach table.

5. Shadezilla 8ft Premium Fiberglass Beach Umbrella

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This sturdy and robust beach umbrella is ready to withstand even the windiest of days on the beach. It is a heavy duty piece and it does its duty well.

Starting with the ultimate UPF 100+ protection as well as a shade experience for great cooling air flow held buy a 1.5″ diameter aluminum frame (which is far less easy to bend than the 1.25″ variant), it is obvious that this one was built to last very long.

The fiberglass rib structure is very flexible and will not bend out of shape or get kinked soon.

All over the piece, premium quality harnessing is employed so that the chance of it being turned inside out by wind is just about eliminated.

The Rapid Thumb release button which helps it to stay snap-locked in space beats lever type locks employed in most beach umbrellas and helps to prevent splitting of the upper and lower poles when wind is gusting.


  • Very solid, one of the strongest beach umbrellas on the market
  • Lightweight for its functionality.
  • Can withstand very strong wind gusts


  • Requires additional purchases to enjoy full functionality.
  • The aluminum frame is a risk in itself, but it’s large diameter should help it hold up well

4. Impact Canopy Beach Umbrella Rainbow

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This is an extra large umbrella for you and your friends or family to lounge under on beach days out.

It features 16 fiberglass support ribs to give it enough strength to stand against inversion. It also has for its spine, a 1.25″ aluminum pole which is lightweight, strong and rust free for performance and durability.

To keep the aluminum frame in the ground is an 8″ Auger tip helping to screw it into the ground.

Its umbrella top is vented to facilitate air flow and prevent inversion and it has filters to offer UPF 50+ UV protection keeping out 98% of the sun’s rays.

Did we mention that it is rainbow colored? And it looks good too.


  • Beautiful rainbow colored shade which is easy to spot on the beach.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Perfect for group gatherings.


  • Some users found the color scheme to be juvenile
  • Quite heavy to move about.

3. Shadezilla Premium Heavy Duty Fiberglass Beach Umbrella

No products found.

No products found.

Another one of the 8fters from Shadezilla. As the name implies, it has a large span to shade you and your group from the sun’s angry rays.

It comes with an easy carrier and when folded up, can fit into the tiniest of spaces. Featuring flexible fiberglass ribs that will not bend out of shape under pressure. Its non-corroding heavy duty frame stands up to some really strong winds.

The fabric of choice is a 600 Denier Polyester make which is rugged enough to prevent wear and tear and is reinforced to offer UPF 100+ protection against the sun and its rays. The airflow is surprisingly very good and it feels very cool on some of the hottest days even.

It comes with some fresh features like cup holders, hooks to hang stuff, etc. It also tilts thanks to its hinges.


  • Easy to package and move around
  • Easy to set up for use
  • Easy latches to operate


  • Users have complained about it keeling over too often
  • The ribs inside don’t seem to be enough for other users.

2. Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor 7ft Beach Umbrella

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The tilting function as well as the premium vinyl shade might just make this choice of beach umbrella for you.

Sand anchored, this umbrella will stand on the beach for as long as you need it to, and it’s fiberglass ribs can hold the shade cloth even in wind gusts without damage.

Throw in a built-in sand anchor and it stays on its feet without problems. You can also tilt it as you like to peer at the sky or to follow the sun.

The vinyl shade is vented to increase wind tolerance. The rest of the rap sheet is pretty usual: UV protection, carrying case, silver lining.


  • Sand anchor boosts its standing
  • Lightweight, weighing only 4.25 pounds and quite cheap.
  • Comes with its own carrying case.


  • It doesn’t stay so strong on very windy days.
  • Doesn’t fit a lot of people in its shade.

1. Sport-Brella Portable All-Weather & Sun Umbrella

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This particular umbrella protects you and yours at the beach, but doesn’t limit your view. The innovative design is both beautiful and functional.

It ships with 3 Tie-down cords of 8ft each, 8 steel ground stakes and a carry bag for storage and transport. It is equipped to stay on the ground sturdy and strong.

It protects from 99.5% of the sun’s rays with UPF 50+ protection. The canopy is also made of a rugged and durable 210 D polyester for protection in all weather – it includes side flaps to protect against rain gusts with windows to see out through when fully covered.

As far as portable beach umbrellas are concerned, this is probably the standard bearer.


  • Easy to carry around due to its light weight
  • Innovative design
  • Not on the expensive side


  • Not suitable for very windy days
  • Cannot contain many persons (but then, it is a mini umbrella)

Which Portable Beach Umbrella Should You Buy?

We have touched just about every size of umbrella, from the lowly 7fters to 13ft behemoths; therefore there is a piece for everyone’s needs.

As a suggestion, our number one pick has to be the Sport Brella portable all-weather piece due to its versatility and innovative design. Its ease of use and chic look also stands out for us.

Make your choice today, order the right beach umbrella for your needs and have lovely beach days ahead.

The Top 5 Beach Umbrellas For Wind

When you’re heading out for a day on the sand, a beach umbrella is an absolute must-have accessory. Easy to transport and simple to put up, a beach umbrella can give you protection from both the sun and the wind, which means you can enjoy your day regardless of what the weather does.

Whilst a light breeze is always welcome on a hot, sunny day, your day at the beach could be spoiled if the wind gets too strong. When you have a beach umbrella designed to cope with the wind, however, you’ll still be able to relax and enjoy the warmth of the sun’s rays.

Visiting the beach is one of life’s little luxuries. Golden sands, craggy cliffs and lapping waves provide the ultimate scenery and a little time in the sun can do wonders for your health. However, we’ve all experienced a trip to the beach which has been more stressful than relaxing!

If you don’t have everything you need or you’re not prepared for the weather conditions, it won’t take long for things to go wrong. Many beach trips have come to an abrupt halt or been cut short because of searing heat or blustery winds but with the right equipment, you won’t have to miss out on your time at the beach.

With the best beach umbrella for wind, you won’t spend your time chasing a canopy across the sand or getting up to retrieve it every time it falls over, and you certainly won’t have to deal with other beachgoers laughing as you attempt to keep control of your umbrella! When you get the best beach umbrella for wind and sun, you can be sure that you’ll be fully prepared and ready to enjoy your time on the sand.

For those of you in a hurry, our choice for the Best Beach Umbrella For Wind is the BEACHBUB All-in-One Beach Umbrella.

Preview Umbrella All-in-One Beach Umbrella System Large Windproof Beach Umbrella Vented SPF 50+ Sun and Rain Canopy High Wind Resistant Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor Beach Umbrella Manufacturer BEACHBUB Sunphio Sport-Brella Xbrellas Tommy Bahama Reviews Price $148.35 $79.97 $35.47 $59.77 $299.99 More Information Preview Umbrella All-in-One Beach Umbrella System Manufacturer BEACHBUB Reviews Price $148.35 More Information Preview Umbrella Large Windproof Beach Umbrella Manufacturer Sunphio Reviews Price $79.97 More Information Preview Umbrella Vented SPF 50+ Sun and Rain Canopy Manufacturer Sport-Brella Reviews Price $35.47 More Information Preview Umbrella High Wind Resistant Beach Umbrella Manufacturer Xbrellas Reviews Price $59.77 More Information Preview Umbrella Sand Anchor Beach Umbrella Manufacturer Tommy Bahama Reviews Price $299.99 More Information

Best Beach Umbrellas For Wind

1. BEACHBUB All-in-One Beach Umbrella

The BEACHBUB All-in-One Beach Umbrella

A beach umbrella which keeps uprooting itself and taking off down the beach is irritating and embarrassing but it can be dangerous too. Endorsed by the American LifeGuard Association, the BEACHBUB All-in-One beach umbrella has been specifically designed to prevent fly-aways.

Unlike other beach umbrellas, you aren’t required to twist the BEACHBUB pole into the sand or dig a hole in an attempt to keep it in place. Instead, the BEACHBUB All-in-One can be weighted with sand, so it sits atop the sand. Having been tested in winds up to 35kmh, the innovate stabilizing method helps to keep the umbrella in place and prevents it from becoming a hazard to other beachgoers. What’s more – you won’t spend your day running off trying to retrieve it!

759 Reviews BEACHBUB All-in-One Beach Umbrella System. Includes 7 ½’ (50+ UPF) Umbrella, Oversize Bag, Base & Accessory Kit

  • In 2009 the beachBUB Base was invented in Naples, Florida. Thousands of hours of designing, engineering and testing have brought us to our 2020 All-In One Model. This umbrella system has evolved from input from hundreds of everyday beachgoers just like you and we thank them for their input. This umbrella system is assembled, inspected and shipped from our factory in Greensboro, North Carolina so if you ever have a question or issue we are only a phone call away
  • Approved for all beachgoers who struggle with their Beach Umbrella. Recently endorsed by the American Life Guard Association ” The ALA has always been concerned about the serious hazards of Fly-Away Beach Umbrellas caused by unpredictable breezes along the coastlines, and we feel beachBUB offers a unique and easy solution that will prevent many injuries and even save lives in the long run”. Check out July 2016 Consumer Reports Magazine “BEST OF” for “Beach Umbrellas That Won’t Blow Away”
  • Wind tested to 35MPH. Sits on top of the beach like a Patio Umbrella stand that sits on a deck. No deep holes to dig or twist screw used. Lay the beachBUB tarp flat on the beach, make a small hole using the beachBUB Sand Gopher, insert the bottom pole and connect 2 wings to form a pouch, fill the base halfway with sand, attach the 3rd wing and finish filling the base compacting the sand as you go to insure that all 3 sides are firm and taut.
  • Easy to transport with it’s extra large carry bag, padded strap and handle. Umbrella and base weighs less than 9 lbs (Gallon of milk or 12 pack of your favorite beverage) and base folds up to the size of a paperback book. Base weighs 120lbs when filled with sand. Total take down and packing is about 1 minute. Your purchase includes the 3 Year Protection Plan and 3 year frame warranty.
  • Now that we have solved all of the setup, stability and quality issues lets really start to enjoy the Luxury Beach Resort experience, on your terms. Checkout the new beachBUB Tray Table System available now on Amazon. This US Patent Pending Tray Table will keep everything organized and sand free. All beachBUB Umbrellas bought after sept 2018 are grandfathered in under our new warranty program. Lifetime warranty on beachBUB Base. Call beachBUB USA for details, 866-432-1976 or [email protected]

$148.35 More Details

2. Sunphio Large Windproof Beach Umbrella

The Sunphio Large Windproof Beach Umbrella

If you’re looking for the best beach umbrella for wind, the Sunphio large umbrella is certainly worth considering. Its 360° tilt mechanism gives you complete control over the shade and wind protection provided, so you can easily move the canopy when you need to. With the full 360° tilt, you won’t even have to move the umbrella itself in order to get the most out of it. Once it’s in situ, you can simply adjust the canopy to suit your needs, so you won’t have to re-install the umbrella as the sun moves or as the wind picks up.

The windproof 3 layer carbon fiber ribs provide excellent protection from the wind and mark this umbrella out as one the best beach umbrellas for wind on the market. Of course, no beach umbrella would be complete without effective UV protection and the Sunphio Large Windproof beach umbrella will keep you protected from the sun with its 4 layer canopy and 100% UV protection.

Easy-to-set up and extremely sturdy, the three-pronged wind anchor will keep the Sunphio upright in blustery conditions and its lightweight design and carry case means you can take it with you wherever you go.

Sale 137 Reviews Sunphio Large Windproof Beach Umbrella, Sturdy and UV Protection, Portable Sun Shade Best for Camping, Picnic, Sand, Patio and More, 2 Metal Sand Anchor, 1 Big Carry Bag, 360 Tilt Mechanism (Blue)

  • (unique) SUPER WINDPROOF 3-LAYER RIBS DESIGN. Sunphio is the FIRST brand on Amazon adopting this new design (see picture 3) and using carbon fiber ribs (a more compact material replacing fiberglass). Also by using the REQUIRED windproof accessories, you’ll be amazed by its super wind resistant performance: not easily turning inside out or easily blown away in a gust, so you won’t end up baking in the sun! Trust Sunphio and your happy trip is guaranteed!
  • (unique) 4-LAYER CANOPY DESIGN FOR EXCELLENT UV PROTECTION, UPF 50+. Again, ONLY Sunphio adopts this INNOVATIVE design (see picture 3). It’s known that UV coating will definitely be rubbed off the canopy after use over time. Thereafter, light will pass through the canopy and you’ll get burnt by the UV! Sunphio improves this by adding 1 more coating layer plus 1 more black cloth layer. It is an excellent UV protection beach umbrella with a much longer lifespan.
  • (new) STURDY TELESCOPING METAL POLE WITH 360° TILT MECHANISM. We provide a premium screw-knob support pole for umbrella that is height adjustable with easy 360 ° tilting mechanism (see picture 4). With it, you can set your dream umbrella height and dream angle conveniently, and no worry that the pole will easily flop or bend! You will be surprised with how practical it is.
  • (portable) 1 DECENT QUALITY CARRY BAG & 2 METAL SAND ANCHORS. We provide a lightweight premium carry bag (refer to picture 5), so you won’t have a ripped strap issue anymore that makes you difficult to carry! Besides, we offer 2 different metal sand anchors that satisfy your needs on various occasions, such as beach, grass, outdoor camping, picnic, sport areas like football field and golf course, fishing, pool deck, patio, park and garden, terrace and balcony, and attaching to beach chair.
  • (how to contact us) MONEY BACK GUARANTEE & ORDER 2+, SAVE 5%! Just enter code XIONKXR9 at checkout to save 5% when you buy 2 or more umbrellas in same/different color within limited time. Importantly, you don’t risk anything because we provide a money back guarantee for all customers. So if you find the umbrella BREAKS or HAS OTHER PROBLEMS during use, please click this link to contact us for help:

$79.97 More Details

3. Sport-Brella Vented Beach Umbrella

The Sport-Brella Vented Beach Umbrella

The ideal mix of beach umbrella and tent, the Sport-Brella vented beach umbrella offers much more than just a standard beach shade. As well as being one the best beach umbrellas for wind, the Sport-Brella is waterproof as well, so it’s ideal if you’re hit by showers on the beach. Of course, the Sport-Brella also offers UPF 50+ protection from the sun, so you won’t be harmed by UVA or UVB rays when you’re using this little gem.

The Sport-Brella vented beach umbrella features a whopping eight-foot canopy, so it’s a great choice if you’re spending time on the beach with friends and family. As well as ground stakes and tie-down cords to keep the umbrella and canopy in place, the Sport-Brella uses steel ribs and steel stretcher. This means the canopy will keep its shape, even as the wind picks up. Used to seeing other beachgoers struggling with inside-out umbrellas and fly-away canopies? Well, this won’t be a problem for you with the Sport-Brella!

The larger canopy also features mesh windows, so you’ll benefit from extra ventilation when you opt for the Sport-Brella. Offering a much large area of coverage than some other beach umbrellas on the market, the Sport-Brella is excellent value for money and is certainly a winner when it comes to the best beach umbrellas for wind.

3,779 Reviews Sport-Brella Vented SPF 50+ Sun and Rain Canopy Umbrella for Beach and Sports Events (8-Foot, Red)

  • UPF 50+ PROTECTION. The Sport Brella XL will keep your skin safe and protected from UVA and UVB rays. With side panels for extra coverage and wind flaps for ventilation and airflow, you’ll get everything you need
  • UPF 50+ sun and weather protection and water repellent, protects over 99.5 percent of UVA and UVB rays
  • Canopy supported by 4.5 mm steel ribs and a 5mm steel stretcher
  • Telescoping pole with a metal tip held in place by steel screw
  • Dual canopy with top wind vents and strong, side zippered windows for efficient airflow

$35.47 More Details

4. Xbrellas High Wind Resistant Beach Umbrella

The Xbrellas High Wind Resistant Beach Umbrella

Advertised as a heavy duty wind umbrella, the Xbrellas High Wind Resistant umbrella withstands winds of up to 40mph, so it’s ideal for more blustery locations. If you’re hitting the beach off-season or heading to a location known for shoreside winds, you’ll want an umbrella that’s up to the job and the Xbrellas High Wind Resistant beach umbrella certainly is.

The unique installation options means you can secure the umbrella in heavy winds and you’ll benefit from extra stability too. As well as placing the pole in approximately 1ft of sand, you’ll have extra weighting from the specially-designed sand base system. Offering another 1ft of support to the umbrella pole, the sand base system means you can erect the umbrella easily, without needing to dig down deep into the sand.

In addition to this, the fantastic sand base system means the Xbrellas High Wind Resistant beach umbrella can easily be put up by just one person. If you’re heading off to the beach on your own, struggling to keep an eye on young children or you’re simply keen to get the umbrella up as quickly as possible, the Xbrellas beach umbrella is a great option.

Sale 68 Reviews EasyGoProducts Xbrellas -High Wind Resistant Beach Umbrella – Sand Base – 7.5’ Round – Patent Pending

  • Heavy Duty Beach Umbrella – Our Briella’s design umbrella is good for those windy days at the beach. The Sand Fill system keeps the umbrella from falling over in winds up to 40+ MPH
  • Large Beach Umbrella – The Briella’s is 7. 5′ in diameter. Great for good consistent shade so you can enjoy the day at the beach with family and friends. While others are taking down their umbrellas
  • Sand Base System- The key to the Briella’s is the sand base system. The pole goes into the sand about 1 foot and then the sand in the base adds another foot so the umbrella is in 2 feet of sand
  • Patent Pending – This unique design of the Briella’s has been tested and proven to be the best high wind beach umbrella. Our unique design is so creative we have a patent pending with the USPTO

$59.77 More Details

5. Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor Beach Umbrella

The Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor Beach Umbrella

Offering 7ft of sun protection, the Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor is a staple beach umbrella. Although you should always use sun lotion in addition to an umbrella, the Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor will give you protection from the sun, as well as the wind. If the sun simply gets too hot, you can take a relaxing break under the Tommy Bahama umbrella but if the wind picks up, you’ll have adequate protection too.

With FPS100+ protection and a vented top to increase wind resistance, the Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor is great for use in any location. Simply screw the pole into the sand for support and tilt the canopy in order to obtain the perfect level of wind and sun protection. As the sun moves or the wind direction alters throughout the day, you can simply move the canopy along with it, meaning you won’t need to keep taking the pole in and out of the sand.
The Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor beach umbrella is crafted using aluminum for the pole and fiberglass ribs to support the canopy, so it’s extremely lightweight and functional. Despite offering excellent protection from the wind and staying upright in windy conditions, you won’t find the Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor umbrella difficult to maneuver or transport. With a useful carry case included, you can easily carry the umbrella to the beach or tie it to your camping bag if you need to.

196 Reviews Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor Beach Umbrella FPS100+ (Green/Blue)

  • Aluminum pole with fiberglass ribs
  • Vent located on the top increases its wind tolerance and stability in windy conditions
  • Tilting Mechanism allows for easy adjusting to the moving sun
  • Special aluminum undercoating protects against the sun’s harmful rays
  • Bottom pole is designed with a built in sand anchor for easy anchoring. Carrying Case Included.

$299.99 More Details

How To Set Up A Beach Umbrella

Here is a great YouTube video demonstrating how to properly set up a beach umbrella that will prevent it from coming loose in the wind:


With a range of options available, choosing the best beach umbrella for wind isn’t always easy. Of course, where you plan to use the umbrella and how many people will be using it are good indicators of the type of beach equipment you need to go for.

Larger families may benefit from an umbrella with a large canopy, such as the Sunphio or BEACHBUB, longer trips may warrant something waterproof and windproof, such as the Sport-Brella, rugged locations may need something extra sturdy, like the Xbrellas High Wind Resistant umbrella, while simple day trips to the beach can be enhanced by a reliable wind resistant umbrella, such as the Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor.

Wherever you’re planning to go this summer, an effective beach umbrella can make all the difference. Easy-to-use, light to transport and straightforward to dismantle, a beach umbrella is an easy way to protect yourself from the sun and the wind when you’re out and about or on the beach. With the right beach umbrella, you can protect your family, your pets and yourself from the wind, rain or sun. Whether you’re battling a light breeze, escaping scorching sun or seeking shelter from a gale, the best beach umbrella for wind will ensure you enjoy your trip – whatever the weather!

If you enjoyed this article, you may be interested in our other beach gear reviews. Be sure to check out our reviews of the best beach chairs, best beach tents, best beach wagon, and best metal detector.

We were having a great time in Bethany Beach, Delaware, visiting the grandparents until “the incident.” A gust of wind picked up our beach umbrella, blew it down the beach, into the ocean, and far out to sea where it filled with water and… sank. Our youngest daughter, the sensitive soul, got scared and cried inconsolably until we left. Yup, that ended our beach day with Pop-Pop and Granny. After that, we learned the value of a high quality, sturdy beach umbrella. We want something heavy enough that it won’t fly away, but not so heavy that it’s a pain to haul to the beach.

These beach umbrellas work well, won’t fall apart, and will be just right for your next beach vacation.

1. Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor Beach Umbrella

Tommy Bahama’s stylish beach umbrella includes a sand auger that anchors the umbrella into the ground. The 7-foot umbrella tilts to adjust to the sun, and the vent at the top allows wind to pass through to prevent blowing away. The umbrella includes an aluminum undercoating to block more of the sun’s UV rays, giving it an SPF rating of 100.