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Can I Buy A Second Hand Maker?

You only need to click through any of the links on this site to Amazon to see the prices that used coffee makers are selling for (when they’re available, they’re listed immediately below the main price for a new unit).

You may find that you can buy a pre-owned bean to cup machine on eBay for less, but typically we’ve not seen a saving much greater than 30% on Amazon itself. As with most things, you get what you pay for. Unless you’re buying from a trusted friend, you’ll want to be getting the security of buying from a trusted source to avoid getting ripped off and picking up a damaged or faulty machine.

In other words, unless you’re getting a chunky discount from a well known and reputable retailer, we wouldn’t recommend trying to get a cheap bargain for the sake of it!

Coffee Machine With Grinder Integrated Or Separate?

Buying a coffee machine with grinder functionality built in is the most popular choice for people wanting to make coffee fresh from beans. That’s not the only option though, and if you look at our Sage by Heston Blumenthal Dual Boiler review, you’ll see that we’ve included that machine even though you’ll need a separate grinder to turn the beans into the coarse or smooth coffee you want to use.

If you’re a complete coffee enthusiast, you’ll probably opt for that over the integrated electric grinder in the machine. For most of us though, the convenience and simplicity of the best coffee machine with grinder built in is probably going to win out, especially if you’re opting for an all-in-one fully automatic coffee machine.

What Is A Built In Bean To Cup Coffee Machine?

A built in coffee machine is one that’s in a fixed position, usually built into the kitchen itself. When people use this term, they normally mean a bean to cup machine with an integrated bean grinder, rather than the sort that is a kitchen fixture like a built in oven or fridge freezer.

Of course, you can buy them, but we don’t carry built in bean to cup coffee machine reviews on the site as they’re relatively rare and not always of the best quality.

The Last Word

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the bottom, and hopefully you’re now far more informed about the type of coffee maker that will best suit you. Hopefully a specific make and model have caught your eye, and you’re now in a position to buy. Don’t forget to look for the blue price check button above that will take you to Amazon for each of the featured bean to cup coffee machines in our review section.

Thanks for reading and happy brewing!

  • We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.

  • A bean-to-cup coffee machine represents the ultimate luxury coffee maker, promising to do the hard work for you. You simply press a button or two and it makes you a drink so well crafted you’d think you’d kidnapped a barista.

    Get the best deal on the best tech with our buying guides

    Of course, it’s possible to make great coffee at home anyway, but these all-in-ones aim to make it easier. So if you think that pod coffee makers are a waste of resources and manual coffee makers are a waste of time, these do-it-all machines are just the ticket.

    You’ll get a quality caffeine fix with minimal effort, freshly brewed from your choice of beans. You can tinker with the settings to tailor the length and flavour. Many machines even offer posh styles of coffee that are otherwise laborious to make at home.

    Image credit: Dualit

    And it’s not just the controls that make the difference – the cleaning is easier, too. Instead of wiping and rinsing after every drink, you just need to empty it from time to time and refill the beans and water containers as required.

    After thoroughly testing these models, we had just one concern: some are just too good. That sounds like a nice problem to have, but the ease with which you can make latte after latte means there is a risk of descending deeper into caffeine addiction. Proceed with caution. Or sometimes detox with decaffeinated beans.

    Best bean-to-cup coffee machines

    1. Krups EA907D40 Barista New Age – best overall bean-to-cup coffee machine

    The Krups isn’t cheap but you feel like you get lots for your money because it’s gadget-packed. That means you can make better, and fancier, coffees with even less effort than budget machines. And it looks so cool, guests will marvel as it does its thing.

    At this price, buyers either want to fetishise the entire unboxing process or else have it work perfectly out of the box. The Krups is more the former. Setup takes a while as you fit all the pieces.

    There are nice premium touches, for example it comes with an attractive pair of glass coffee cups, but the ‘welcome pack’ is a little disappointing: it’s filled with useful cleaning products and a water filter, rather than delicious coffee beans.

    Its party trick is being the first bean-to-cup machine with a self-cleaning steam wand. This motorised marvel descends into your cup of milk to froth it. Then the machine adds coffee shots on top. It’s amazing and actually reduces effort and cuts the cleaning burden.

    You pop your cup, containing the right amount of milk, in one place and the machine does it all. You won’t need to clean a milk jug, you won’t even need to wipe the wand.

    There are 17 automated programmes, all of them conveyed simply on the colour touch screen. You can tailor them and the machine remembers your preference for next time. There are also eight user profiles for personalised recipes, so you can design your own perfect coffee. You can adjust the grind level and temperature. You can also use single doses of ground coffee.

    The milky coffees, including cappuccino and latte, are effortless and delicious. In fact, they’re moreish: this machine is so good that you could find yourself drinking too many. Our only criticism is that the grinder is noisy, the back of the machine even shakes as it grinds.

    The cleaning burden is minimal. Everything is automatic but you’re in control. The steam nozzle cleaning happens internally and doesn’t make a mess. The drip tray is large enough that it doesn’t need emptying too often, despite the self-cleaning.

    The Krups isn’t cheap, but you feel you’ve got something very special.

    Ideal Home rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Buy now: Krups EA907D40 Barista New Age bean-to-cup coffee machine, £1,112.03,

    2. Beko Bean To Cup Coffee Machine Stainless Steel CEG5311 – best value bean-to-cup coffee machine

    Sometimes you’re testing a group of products and realise that two are very similar to each other. What’s even more interesting: sometimes they’re priced very differently. So it was with the Beko and the Dualit.

    Both machines have a narrow footprint (the Beko is 24cm) and use a 19-bar pressure pump to make deep, full-bodied coffee. They both have touch controls on the top, with simple icons to select your drink.

    Out of the box, the coffee was a bit mild, but there’s a dial to adjust the grinder. Once the grind was finer, coffee was tastier with a better crema. Meanwhile the froth from the steam wand was excellent.

    Features are very similar to the Dualit: touch controls on the top select from a limited drinks menu, the coffee dispenser slides upwards to accommodate mugs, and it self-cleans when turned on or off.

    Like the Dualit, you can adjust the grind but not the length of coffee shots: instead, if you want a longer drink you top it up with hot water from the wand. And again its pre-brewing system wets the dose of coffee for a richer extraction, releasing oils to maximise aroma and depth.

    We found the light-up touch controls on the top hard to see in bright sunlight from the skylight above. But that was our only niggle: this coffee maker is hard to fault in terms of bangs (beans?) for the buck.

    It’s so similar to its pricier rival that it’s hard to justify buying the Dualit. If you don’t want to spend a fortune, or take up too much worktop space, buy the Beko.

    Ideal Home rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Buy now: Beko CEG5311 Bean To Cup Coffee Machine in Stainless Steel, £269,

    3. Miele Bronze CM5500 – best bean-to-cup machine for a small office

    At 24cm, the Miele isn’t wide but it feels more imposing. It has a neat, contemporary design. It achieves the clean lines thanks to a rubber tube that you attach to the side of the nozzle whenever you want to froth milk.

    The double nozzle dispenses either single or double coffees, so you can make two drinks at once (or just make a giant coffee). There’s a central dispenser for hot water to make long coffees.

    The display is easy to read and gives you supreme levels of control, to adjust grinder, coffee quantity, brewing temperature, pre-brewing, portion sizes. You can even tell it your water hardness. And there’s the option to use a dose of pre-ground coffee instead of beans.

    You can make everything from ristretto to caffe latte to a coffee pot. The entire front head slides up a long way, to accommodate not just mugs but coffee pots of up to 750ml. You can also create two user profiles, with menus of your favourite drinks.

    The coffee was superb. It made an outstanding lungo from a single shot: tasty with a sturdy crema, you get a lot from a single dose.

    Your cleaning burden is low because it thoroughly cleans itself every time it turns on or off. But the self-cleaning means that the water tank needs refilling, and the drip tray needs emptying, a couple of times a day even with light use.

    Thanks to its long menu of drinks and ease of use, we could see this being a firm favourite in a small office or co-working space, or the kitchen of someone who has everything. Your architect would definitely approve of the machine’s good looks.

    Ideal Home rating 4.5 out of 5 stars

    Buy now: Miele Bronze CM5500 bean-to-cup coffee machine, £849,

    4. Gaggia Anima Prestige – best mid-priced bean-to-cup coffee machine

    The Gaggia’s setup was comical as we followed the instructions, switched it on and it self-cleaned… before having attached the milk frother (this came on a later page). A jet of hot water spluttered out and we dived for the power button.

    But after this hiccup, setup went fine and we were left with an impressive compact machine. It’s a similar size to the Dualit or Beko, taking up most of the depth of a worktop but only 22cm wide, but features are more automated. Instead of using a steam wand to heat or froth milk manually, you attach a reservoir of milk.

    The machine feels roomy if you only want an espresso or espresso lungo. Add the milk frother, for cappuccino or latte, and it’s suddenly cramped. But it works well. When you press the button for a milky coffee, you’re prompted to slide out a spout from the milk pot. Milk is automatically frothed and dispensed, then the coffee shot is added afterwards. The milk jug works well and you can stow it in the fridge when not in use.

    The machine cleans itself when you turn it on and off, and after each cuppa. A small amount of water comes out and lands in the drip tray, assuming there’s no cup in the way. The drip tray is well designed. Firstly, it extends under the whole machine, for a bigger capacity (empty it less often). Secondly, the bin for coffee grinds slides out at the same time, encouraging you to empty both.

    There are just four choices of drink, with no manual controls: espresso, espresso lungo, cappuccino and caffe latte. They tasted great, the espressos flavoursome with a good crema and just the right level of bitterness, the milky coffees delicious and moreish.

    But with a machine at this price, more options would have been good.

    If a steam wand is too much hassle but you don’t want the expense, or worktop space, of a premium machine, this mid-priced model is well worth considering.

    Ideal Home rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Buy now: Gaggia Anima Prestige bean-to-cup coffee machine, £699,

    5. Dualit Bean to Go Coffee Machine – best slimline bean-to-cup coffee maker

    Dualit’s first bean-to-cup coffee machine proves that they don’t have to take up lots of worktop space. Its 18cm wide footprint doesn’t impose much, even in smaller kitchens where space is at a premium.

    There are five levels of grind and three modes: quick (no pre-brewing), standard (which moistens the grounds before extracting for a fuller flavour) and eco (no light and the machine automatically shuts off sooner). The coffee dispenser slides upwards 3cm to accommodate mugs.

    Press the touch controls on the top to select a style of coffee. Its espressos, lungos and double shots were very good: perhaps not quite as tasty as pricier machines on test, but good enough. If you weren’t doing a comparison, you wouldn’t complain.

    Unusually you can only use coffee beans, there’s no option to add a scoop of ground coffee directly into the machine.
    The machine also serves up hot water and steam from a wand, so you can heat or froth milk. It made impressive flat whites and cappuccinos.

    The coffee-making side of the machine cleans itself but you’ll need to wipe the wand down after each use. It alerts you when the grinds bin is full. The drip tray needs emptying regularly too, thanks to the small footprint.

    Some bean-to-cup machines do even more of the work for you, but the Dualit is smaller and more affordable. The only major thing going against it is that the Beko is almost identical and costs even less.

    Ideal Home rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Buy now: Bean To Go coffee machine, £399, Dualit

    6. Sage Barista Pro – best bean-to-cup coffee machine for wannabe baristas

    Some coffee lovers want a machine to do all the work and dispense the perfect drink. Others enjoy and take pride in the process of making coffee. The Sage is more for the latter audience. This isn’t an effortless bean-to-cup machine, it’s more like a grinder and coffee machine combined. Everything you need in one unit, but you are the barista.

    First up: the grinder. Weirdly it senses when you put the portafilter under it, then it automatically dispenses a dose of freshly ground coffee. You tamp the grounds and then use the supplied razor to ensure the perfect quantity. The instructions teach you a lot about how to judge what needs adjusting, in which direction. For example, we made the grinds coarser (it goes from 0-30, we dialled it up from 15 to 20). And the portafilter seemed too full, but after tamping we realised that the dose of ground coffee was perfect.

    Then you attach the portafilter to make your coffee, telling the machine whether it’s one or two shots. And finally there’s the steam wand for frothing milk plus a separate hot water tap.

    The controls are easy to use and the coffees tasted delicious but it’s a large machine (35cm wide) and doesn’t save you much effort. Cleaning is a chore too: you need to empty the portafilter each time, wipe the steam wand and probably wipe up spilled coffee grounds.

    We felt the Sage missed the point of a bean-to-cup machine, but it does make good coffees. Plus, some people enjoy being more part of the process: one of our testers fell in love with this machine.

    Ideal Home rating 4 out of 5 stars

    Buy now: Sage Barista Pro coffee machine, £5.99,

    7. De’Longhi Maestosa – best luxe bean-to-cup coffee machine

    It was always going to be hard to justify such an expensive coffee maker. You could buy a decent second-hand car for less. But the De’Longhi at least does much more than rival bean-to-cup machines.

    First, unusually, it has dual bean hoppers so you can have two preferred types of coffee bean (caffeinated and decaf? everyday and specialty? breakfast and after dinner? yours and theirs?) plus you can dose it with a measure of ground coffee for a third way. The machine also makes tea and has dual water heaters at two different temperatures, so there’s no compromise.

    The De’Longhi has a five-inch colour touch screen and Bluetooth, connecting it to a smartphone app where you can tailor personal recipes. The screen works brilliantly: tap on a drink and hit the plus sign to tailor its length, aroma (dose), temperature, froth. The dispenser slides up and down, so you can also make a carafe of between 250 and 750ml.

    The milk container is an insulated pot that you plug in when requested. Impressively a milk nozzle pivots from the front and ends up just in front of the coffee spouts, so once it’s in place you can just press a button to make a latte, cappuccino or similar. After making a cuppa it asks whether you want it to self-clean the milk nozzle.

    Alternatively, attach the Mix Carafe for cold coffees, cocktails and more. You can add small ice cubes and sugar to make blended cold coffees. Or add the choco stirrer attachment for an impressive hot chocolate: on-screen instructions talk you through everything.

    We found it easy to use and never needed the manual, despite the complexity, but it is pricey and multiple accessories means stuff to store. It’s a boxy design that takes up lots of worktop depth and 29cm width. The results are impressive but ultimately we felt that the pricey De’Longhi was over the top. That said, if you love the idea of blended cold coffees and money’s no object then you won’t be disappointed by this luxe machine.

    Ideal Home rating 3.5 out of 5 stars

    Buy now: De’Longhi Maestosa bean-to-cup coffee machine, £2,624.99, John Lewis

    How to buy the best bean-to-cup coffee machine for you

    image credit: Sage

    How much should I spend on a bean-to-cup coffee machine?

    The bean-to-cup coffee machines tested here start from a compelling £350 and you can certainly get great machines for under £600. Above that, sense-check whether the machine actually does more or makes things easier. Sometimes you’re paying for the design or the brand.

    It’s a lot of money, but to look at it another way, it’s £1-2 a day for a year. Not bad if you’re weighing it up against buying a fancy coffee on the way to work every morning.

    Too much for your budget? Check out Best pod coffee machines – the top capsule espresso makers for your caffeine fix

    How do I clean my bean-to-cup coffee machine?

    There’s no such thing as a free lunch and there’s no such thing as a coffee machine that doesn’t need cleaning. But there are machines that need cleaning less. All machines here except the Sage automatically dose themselves with ground coffee and then deposit the used grounds in a bin, so you’ll need to empty the bin regularly. You’ll also need to empty the drip tray – the water from self-cleaning ends up in it. Beyond that, you’ll want to give the machine a proper clean once a week to ensure it’s hygienic and tastes great.

    Are there any downsides to bean-to-cup machines?

    Aside from having to clean the things, other caveats are worktop space (they tend to use much of the depth of a worktop, but the width varies) and cost. And finally, note the above concern about some being too good: so easy to use that you can drink frothy but highly caffeinated drinks all day long. Note that the milk frothers are great for making soothing hot chocolates, too…

    Best Espresso Machine Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

    One is to take out the coffee and a heating system to steam milk or froth to ensure immediate preparation of the beverage. You can switch on the machine and start grinding.

    There is no need to wait and you can enjoy the drink immediately. This machine is easy to clean with the advantage of self-cleaning equipment.


    • Less waste and chaos
    • The 24-hour digital timer
    • Two self-regulating heating systems


    • Not a well-known brand

    21. Aicook Espresso Coffee Maker

    Aicook 3.5 Bar espresso cappuccino machine is a compressed machine and easy to use. Aicook 3.5 bar espresso machine comes in black color. This machine can make up to four cups (240 ml) espresso coffee at the same time.

    You just need to turn the knob on and you can prepare the coffee. This machine does not occupy a large space on your counter.

    You can prepare creamy and rich foam for cappuccinos and lattes with the wand.

    You can enjoy cappuccino and latte at any time at home. This machine can be easily installed and cleaned. The nozzle and drip tray can be easily removed.Always make sure that before making the coffee, the handle is turned to the “lock” position.

    The lock symbol can be seen on the head of the machine. It is advised to use the medium ground bean to make coffee as it does not support finely ground bean.

    Wait for one minute and don’t pour the water immediately into the tank after preparing espresso coffee. Also, ensure that the lid is not open while preparing espresso coffee.


    • The machine is easy to use.
    • Compressed design
    • Can make up to four cups of espresso coffee at a time


    • None

    22. De’Longhi 15 Bar Espresso Machine with Advanced Cappuccino System

    When it comes to kitchen appliances, DeLonghi has an old reputation for well-made and well-priced products.

    Their machines are made with the user in mind to produce a unique cup of espresso at a push of a button.

    The elegant and compact design is the signature style of the DeLonghi brand.

    ou can enjoy the barista like quality in your kitchen. You can use this espresso machine to prepare genuine cappuccino espresso at your home.

    You can easily prepare cappuccinos, espressos, and lattes, to suit your taste in your kitchen.

    De’Longhi 15 Bar Espresso Machine with an advanced cappuccino system easily fits in a kitchen without using a lot of space. You can prepare coffee according to your choices like single or double cappuccino, espresso or latte.

    You can choose between a latte, espresso, americano and more from just one single machine. You don’t need to wait for the next cup as the advanced system keeps up the temperature. And you can prepare the coffee right away.

    This machine can be easily cleaned. The water tank is very convenient as it can be removed easily, top-up and then reattached to the machine. If you want a big cup of coffee, then the tray can be easily removed or adjusted to accommodate a large cup.


    • Barista-quality coffee at home
    • The machine can be easily cleaned
    • Compressed design


    • Not a well known brand

    23. Breville BES500BSS Bambino Plus Espresso Machine

    Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine is a stainless steel machine and compact in size.

    This machine does not use large space and easily fits anywhere. You can enjoy quality coffee in your kitchen, just like a Barista.

    The Breville BES500BSS Bambino Plus Espresso Machine delivers barista like espresso by using a 54 mm portafilter with 19 grams for entire taste.

    The automatic steam wand for milk texturing delivers hands-free microfoam at the right temperature.

    With a 3 second heat-up time from a cold start, along with an instant change from extraction to steam, you can make a coffee even faster. You can make the best coffee without waiting.

    You can enjoy a constant and balanced espresso with correctly grounded coffee. The wand enables to adjust the milk temperature according to your taste. You can extract the coffee at the correct temperature automatically.


    • Comes with a built-in-grinder
    • Enjoy quality espresso-like Barista at home
    • Compressed design


    • This is purely espresso and not a coffee machine

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    IV. What Determines The Best Machine

    There are a few important elements that determine the quality of an espresso machine…

    1. Sturdy and Replaceable Parts

    Two points here, actually. Sturdy, because you want it to last longer. Replaceable, because you want it to last longer still! Most above mid-end espresso machines have replaceable parts now, and everything can be found online.

    2. Quality Boiler(s)

    There are 3 types of boilers in espresso machines out there: aluminum, stainless steel and brass.

    • Aluminum – Cheaper but might corrode in the long run. Corrosion happens because of chloride in tap water
    • Stainless Steel – Won’t corrode easily but said to be bacteria-friendly
    • Brass – Best material for boilers in espresso machines because it won’t corrode or breed bacteria, but this contributes to the price.

    3. User-Friendly

    Do you have family members who are not a good barista like you? You might want to consider getting an espresso machine which is easier to operate for their benefit. Super automatics are much more user friendly than semi automatics.

    4. Heats Up Fast

    You may or may not need this feature. If you’re the kind who is always on the go then it’s better to look out for machines that make your coffee real quick in the mornings.

    5. Accessible and Adjustable Spouts

    Everyone wants a different size of coffee? No problem if you have adjustable spouts with your machine.

    6. Safe Design

    Safety is a crucial factor. Check whether the model you intend to buy has any safety issues with other users.

    7. Easy to Clean

    This actually depends to some extent on how good you are at cleaning. See if the model you have in mind is easy enough for you to clean stress-free.

    V. What Can I Make?

    Mugs with different type of coffee. Espresso, cappuccino, macchiato and others.

    So you’ve bought your espresso machine, and now you wonder what you can make besides the regular espresso shot and cappuccino. You remember seeing that long list on the Starbucks menu and you can’t wait to get creative!

    Well, I’ve listed out some suggestions for you, some of which are rather fun to make!

      • Americano – A shot of espresso watered down with about 7 oz of hot water.
      • Café Breva – Same as cappuccino, but using half-and-half milk instead of whole milk.
      • Café Latté – A shot of espresso with steamed milk at the ratio of 3:1.
      • Café Macchiato – A shot of espresso with steamed milk at the ratio of 4:1.
      • Cappuccino – Equal parts of espresso, steamed milk and frothed milk. To make it look restaurant-served, you can add whipped cream, chocolate flakes or cinnamon sprinkled on top.
      • Dry Cappuccino – A cappuccino with less foam and no steamed milk.
      • Espresso Con Panna – Espresso with whipped cream on top.
      • Frappé – A cold espresso with ice and milk, just like a coffee milkshake.
      • Hammerhead/Shot in the Dark – A mix of drip coffee and one shot of espresso served in a regular size coffee cup.
    • Mocha/Mochaccino – A cappuccino or café latté with added chocolate syrup.

    VI. How to Use an Espresso Machine?

    Before using your espresso machine we recommend that you get an espresso grinder, espresso beans, demitasse cups, and water. Be aware that bottled spring water is not the best choice. The amount of minerals found in spring water may spoil your espresso machine. It’s better to use filtered water instead.

    Here are the basic steps in using your Espresso Machine:

    1. Pour clear, cold, filtered water into the water chamber of your machine. Secure the boiler cap. An ounce of water per shot is needed.
    2. Put the coffee basket in the filter holder and lightly pack in the ground coffee. Most filters help you to measure how much espresso you want.
    3. Remove any grounds on the sides and top of the filter and then place the filter holder in the espresso machine.
    4. Put your cup or glass carafe under the spout. Turn on the machine and when the water is heated to the right temperature it will then be forced through the coffee grounds.
    5. When the foam starts to turn white, remove your cup or carafe. (The ideal espresso has brown foam or “crema” on the top of the coffee. When it starts to turn white, it’s an indication that the best tasting liquid has already been extracted.)

    VII. How to Clean?

    Ah, so you’ve heard that you need to clean your espresso machine. Do you wonder how to start? I’ve written the steps here to clean your espresso machine if it is not a super automatic with automatic cleaning functions.

    You need to clean your espresso machine:

    • After every shot
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Every 3 to 6 months

    If you clean according to the routines, your espresso machine will shine and remain healthy. Perhaps it may even outlast its suggested lifespan. The most important thing is, you’ll have great espresso every time! So here are the steps to do it:

    • After Shot Cleaning

    This process is perhaps the simplest and easiest cleaning process.

    What you need to do is just clean the milk wand thoroughly using a damp towel and release some steam to expel any milk trapped in the nozzle hole and you are ready for another cup of coffee.

    If you are not going to prepare another coffee, you should empty the grounds from filter basket and rinse thoroughly from the group head, then wipe it dry and reinstall it back to the machine. After that, run some water through it from the spout to rinse out any remaining stains.

    • Daily Routine
      1. Wipe off the residue on your shower screen with a damp towel.
      2. Install the backflush portafilter basket into the portafilter.
      3. Run water though the group head and jiggle the filter handle to rinse water around the shower screen and parts around the group head. Beware as the water splashed out is hot! Use lower boiler temperature to prevent scalding.
      4. Tighten the filter handle and run water into the group head as though you are making espresso.
      5. Let the water pressure in the machine build up for 15 seconds then release it along with the stains. This step is known as backflushing.
      6. Repeat the backflushing for at least 5 times or until the water released from it is clear.
      7. Remove the portafilter and drip tray. You may notice there are small coffee particles and brown tint to the water.
      8. Rinse the drip tray (and remove any undissolved detergent if used)
    1. Reinstall the portafilter and drip tray after cleaning.
    • Weekly Routine

    I shall make this part brief as the steps are very similar to that of the daily routine with only the addition of detergent.

    1. Measure the recommended amount of the detergent as mentioned by the manufacturer then pour it into the backflush portafilter basket.
    2. Install the backflush portafilter basket into the portafilter and add the recommended amount of detergent into the portafilter.
    3. After that, you just have to follow the steps 3 to steps 9 of the daily routine.

    Additionally, you must soak both the backflush portafilter basket and the portafilter in a container with water and detergent and scrub them clean. If your group head is removable, remove it and soak it into detergent water and scrub it clean too.

    • Every 3 to 6 months routine

    This routine is dependent on the hardness of water of your water supply as it is meant to remove minerals collected in your machine. The higher the mineral content, the harder the water is. Water test reagent or strips can be used to test hardness of water.

      1. Empty the water reservoir and fill it with descaler of appropriate amount or amount as suggested by manufacturer.
      2. Initiate the machine for the descaler to enter the boiler and pipes.
      3. Run some of the descaling solution through the hot water wand and group head too.
      4. Leave the machine switched on for at least half an hour with descaling solution in it.
      5. Empty the reservoir and refill it with clean water. Rinse the machine as you did with the descaler.
      6. Repeat steps 5 for at least 2 times or until you are satisfied.
    1. Use a litmus paper to test the pH of the water to ensure all the descaler has been rinsed out. If the blue litmus paper turns red, repeat the rinsing with clean water again.

    VIII. FAQs

    1. Breville BES870XL Barista Express vs Breville BES840XL Infuser: Which one is better for me?

    Something we’re frequently asked is to differentiate between a pair of Breville coffee makers, the Barista Express and the Infuser. There’s very little between them in terms of price so which one is best?

    There are many variables with coffee machines but the key difference between these two hard-hitting espresso machines is the outstanding stainless steel grinder built in to the Barista Express. If you’re not prepared to sacrifice freshly ground coffee and you don’t have a dedicated grinder, you’ll be glad of spending the extra few bucks on this model.

    For anyone who is already well-versed in grinding coffee with a specialized grinder in place at home, we’d suggest the Infuser makes sense. After all, why pay for a feature you don’t really need and won’t use?

    Aside from this major difference, both Brevilles pack the same 15-bar pump and PID system for precise dosing delivering the optimum espresso. They both have a purge function helping with extraction. Each Breville comes with a solid range of accessories.

    On the Barista Express you’ll enjoy Volumetric controls allowing for more flexibility but we wouldn’t flag this as something to base your decision on.

    Both of these coffee machines allow you the convenience of a programmable espresso any time you want from a brand you can trust. There’s no right or wrong answer regarding the best option but for anyone without a grinder, the more expensive Barista Express more than justifies the price tag.

    2. Gaggia Classic Semi-Automatic Espresso Maker vs Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine

    In another head-to-head, many people are torn between espresso makers from Gaggia and Rancilio, both highly reputable brands in the coffee industry.

    It’s tough to make a fair comparison between the Gaggia Classic and the Rancilio Silvia since the Gaggia comes in far cheaper so it stands to reason the Rancilio will outperform the Gaggia if your budget will stretch to it.

    Specifically, the build quality is much more substantial on the Rancilio. This is not to say the Gaggia is flimsy but it’s not constructed to the same rigorous, exacting standards as the harder-hitting Silvia.

    The Gaggia scores in reaching its desired temperature amazingly rapidly and it’s also a lot friendlier on the pocket so, despite our preference for the Rancilio Silva, don’t overlook the Gaggia if you’re looking for a budget espresso maker that punches above its weight.

    Both the Gaggia and Rancilio offer you the ability to froth up milk for longer, creamy drinks. Both look mean in silver and black. Each espresso machine comes with a generous 2-quart water reservoir. Neither are difficult to use.

    Overall, though, when you’re buying any espresso machine, the proof of the pudding comes in the contents of your cup. Anybody who has tried both machines will be hard pressed to disagree that when it comes to the perfect, consistent espresso, there’s little to beat the Rancilio Silvia in this price range.

    IX. Conclusion

    Last but not least, always remember that no espresso machine is perfect! So the aim is to get the top espresso machine within your budget range.

    I have changed espresso machines many times since my college days. Each time is an upgrade, but I still like every one of the machines I owned. This is because I did a lot of research online before buying and each of them is the best within their range!

    See Next: 12 Best Tasting Instant Coffees

    Our Top Pick: Breville BES870XL Barista Express
    • Quality
    • Design
    • Price
    • Easy to clean
    • Editor’s Rating



    Breville BES870XL Barista Express is your best option if you want great café-quality espresso in the comfort of home. Has a built-in 15-Bar pressure brewing pump, another built-in heating system, which automatically adjusts the water’s temperature ensuring a good brew, and a conical burr grinder.

    Sending User Rating 3.27 (11 votes)

    Top 5 Best Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

    For all the coffee lovers out there, there is nothing like professional pressure pumped cup of coffee in the morning made from freshly ground beans to your taste.

    You can have all this at home without the hassle of grinding, tamping and preparing your own coffee with your very own bean to cup coffee machine.

    Typical bean to cup machine has a burr grinder built-in, water boiler, high pressure hot steam pump, milk frothing arm (sometime known as the Panarello, adjustable coffee dispenser and drip tray. Some machines even come with active cup warmer.

    More advanced systems include a milk frother where cold milk is piped into the machine, steamed and frothed then added to your coffee for that perfect cup of latte or cappuccino. Something we will explore in another post.

    Others include self cleaning, automatic rinsing and de-calcification programmes.

    Top 5 Best Bean to Cup Espresso Coffee Machines

    Here is a quick glance at our top 5 line up:

    • De’Longhi Magnifica ESAM4200 Bean to Cup Espresso Coffee Machine
    • Philips Saeco Intelia Focus HD8751/88 Automatic Bean to Cup Espresso Machine
    • Gaggia Brera Automatic Bean to Cup Espresso Coffee Machine
    • Melitta Caffeo Gourmet Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
    • BERG Stile 100 One Touch Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

    De’Longhi Magnifica ESAM4200 Bean to Cup Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Machine

    De’Longhi Magnifica ESAM4200 Bean to Cup Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Machine is a cheaper model from Delonghi. Delonghi basically cornered the bean to cup market with a full range of offerings to fit any pocket. While the ESAM4200 is the entry level model and the cheapest in the Magnifica range or any bean to cup machine in that matter, it doesn’t disappoint.

    What You Need to Know

    • Single thermo block
    • Traditional milk frother
    • No digital display
    • Passive cup warming tray
    • Single or double shot coffee selector
    • Variable coffee length selector
    • Variable coffee strength selector
    • 1.8 Litres removable water tank

    Other De’longhi Ranges: Perfecta, Eletta and the Prima Donna with built in milk carafe.

    Philips Saeco Intelia Focus HD8751/88 Automatic Bean to Cup Espresso Machine

    The coffee machine with ceramic grinders to preserve the aroma from the beans through consistent grind without overheating the beans with total silent operation.

    What You Need to Know

    • 5 level of grind granularity from finest to coarsest to suit your taste
    • fast quick-heat boiler that removes waiting time for first cup and between cups.
    • adjustable coffee strength and pre-brewing function for flavour enhancing
    • one-touch easy to use espresso and long coffee with option to set in memory, the fluid quantity and size to fit your own mug.
    • intuitive colour-coded user interface with wide and bright LCD display
    • amazing milk steamer function for cappuccino and latte
    • automatic cleaning and de-scaling, brewing group is also removable for cleaning
    • adjustable spout to dispense without splashing and fit any cup height.
    • tea making function & classic milk frother.

    Also available is Philips Saeco Intelia Evo with integrated milk carafe

    Gaggia Brera Automatic Bean to Cup Espresso Coffee Machine

    For user convenience, the dreg drawer, drip tray and water tank are all accessible from the front of the machine for quick and easy cleaning and maintenance.

    What You Need to Know

    • Push button controls and LED display with illuminated icons and easy navigation
    • Customisable coffee aroma, strength and volume
    • Ceramic grinder that uses Gaggia Adapting System to automatically set the speed and grind time for the right amount of ground coffee while reducing heat transfer
    • A bypass doser is available to use pre-ground coffee when brewing your drink
    • Rapid Steam Technology from stainless steel Panarello want for macchiatos, cappuccinos, and lattes
    • Telescopic coffee dispenser to adjust the height to fit your cup or mug
    • Optidose function allows you to customise the aroma of your drink for a light, medium or strong brew.
    • Push button for espresso or cafe lungo, beverage volume is programmable and stored in memory for future use
    • Self-rinse cycle activates when the machine is switched on and off or when it enters or come out of standby mode.
    • On screen descale notification

    15 Bar pump | 1.2l water tank | 250 grams beans container | 1400Watt | 25,6×31,5×44,7 cm

    Melitta Caffeo Gourmet Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

    With a 2-chamber bean container “Bean Select”, you can choose between your favourite beans be it mild or strong bean. There is also a dedicated coffee chute that allows you to use pre-ground coffee and bypass the grinder. The milk frother is not your traditional steam nozzle but includes an attached whisk to heat and make the perfect milk froth directly in the glass.

    What You Need to Know

    • 2-Chamber Bean Select for different roast beans
    • Aroma Adjust setting to select between 5 different strength from extra mild, mild, normal, strong and extra strong to suit your personal preference
    • Special steam nozzle with integrated whisk
    • Automatic cleaning and descaling programme with removable brewing unit
    • Intuitive logical menu navigation, on-screen display and Rotary Switch regulator
    • Dual cup mode, individual preset for desired coffee strength, brewing temperature and coffee quantity
    • Height adjustable spout up to 130 mm height for tall latte glasses or coffee mugs
    • Available in silver or black

    BERG Stile 100 One Touch Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

    BERG Stile 100 comes with a fully automated milk frothing system for fine foam. The patented system offers easy clean and maintenance for the milk frother system.

    What You Need to Know

    • Bean-to-cup espresso/cappuccino/latte maker with patented single touch milk foam system
    • For use with coffee beans or ground coffee
    • Memory function stores your favourite coffee settings
    • Adjustable coffee dispenser allows for varying cup sizes
    • Adjustable burr grinder, removable drip tray, electronic temperature control and cup warmer
    • One-touch operation with easy-to-use digital screen display
    • Height adjustable cappuccino spout
    • Two cup, two independent stainless steel lined heating system for coffee and steam for simultaneous brewing and frothing.
    • Rotary Switch control and clear text graphic display
    • One touch button action, a button for every speciality brew, cappuccino, latte macchiato, expresso, long coffee, hot milk and hot water.
    • Pure water filtration system

    Our Line-up

    Here is a quick look at our line-up again. For the most up to date prices, please click on the links below:

    • De’Longhi Magnifica ESAM4200 Bean to Cup Espresso Coffee Machine
    • Philips Saeco Intelia Focus HD8751/88 Automatic Bean to Cup Espresso Machine
    • Gaggia Brera Automatic Bean to Cup Espresso Coffee Machine
    • Melitta Caffeo Gourmet Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
    • BERG Stile 100 One Touch Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

    All products were chosen independently by our editorial team. This review contains affiliate links and we may receive a commission for purchases made. Please read our affiliates FAQ page to find out more and read about how we write BBC Good Food reviews.

    For any coffee fans, the phrase ‘bean-to-cup’ coffee is one that you’re probably familiar with; it describes the process by which coffee is ground, pressed and made all in one go by a single machine.

    Though once constricted to the barista bars of proper coffee shops, there are now machines available to use in the home – many of which are proving hugely popular.

    There are many benefits to be drawn from these machines over, say, coffee pod machines. For a start, the quality of the coffee is almost unparalleled in terms of at-home brewing, as it is freshly ground for each cup, meaning the taste is as aromatic and fresh as it gets.

    There’s also the considerable plus of not having to buy new pods for it every few days – a costly and non-eco-friendly endeavour that more and more coffee drinkers are keen to avoid.

    Of course, there are multiple options to choose from but, thankfully for you, we’ve already done the hard work, testing out several machines against criteria including design, functionality and ease of cleaning to find the cream (or should we say, crema) of the crop.

    Read on to discover which bean-to-cup coffee machines to buy. For more, visit our review section and find over 200 practical buyer’s guides offering unbiased advice on what equipment is worth investing in.

    For more on coffee, we’ve reviewed espresso machines, pod machines, cafetières, coffee grinders and reusable coffee cups, too, plus check out our guide to all coffee machine types in our best coffee machines review.

    The best bean-to-cup coffee machines 2019

    Sage Barista Express by Heston Blumenthal

    Best mid-range bean-to-cup coffee machine

    Read our full review of the Sage Barista Express coffee machine

    This machine from reputable electronic brand, Sage, has a mid-range price point and easy-to-use interface, making it a good choice for everyday use if you’re a coffee lover but not quite an aficionado. The challenge is in logging the preset functions as there are lots to choose from. Once you’re set up and away, you will be spoilt for choice, whether you want an espresso with a perfect crema or homemade flat white to rival your favourite coffee shop.

    Jura ENA 8 bean-to-cup coffee machine

    Best bean-to-cup coffee machine for beginners

    Read our full review of the Jura ENA 8 coffee machine

    This is a machine that manages to be both technologically sophisticated and incredibly simple to use. Its big USP is the Bluetooth-powered function, which allows you to use your phone to select your coffee from the comfort of your bed. It has stylish good looks, with a unique sculpted water chamber that is practical and eye-catching. It is a large investment – especially the version that’s finished in aluminium – but with its simple touchscreen functionality, it is suitable for coffee novices as well as budding baristas.

    Melitta Caffeo CI bean-to-cup coffee machine

    Best bean-to-cup coffee machine for busy households

    Read our full review of the Melitta Caffeo Cl coffee machine

    This coffee machine can make two drinks simultaneously, which will be of huge benefit to busy families who have to push to get out of the door in the morning. This is a premium machine that delivers consistently good coffee that’s rich, flavoursome and aromatic with a smooth and reliable crema. We did think the detachable milk container was a little impractical. But, all in all, this machine will give you everything you need to produce professional standard coffees in a convenient way.

    Buy now from Amazon (£604.21)

    Delonghi Magnifica bean-to-cup coffee machine

    Best bean-to-cup coffee machine for ease of use

    Read our full review of the Delonghi Magnifica coffee machine

    If your primary motivation for buying a bean-to-cup coffee machine is to take the hassle out of coffee making, this machine might be for you. It’s user-friendly and convenience-focused – for instance, this is one of the only bean-to-cup coffee machines we tested that allows you to use ground coffee too, for those times when you can’t find beans. Features that can seem intimidating, like the milk steaming wand, are made beginner-friendly, and it got top marks for one key function – the grinder was pleasingly quiet, particularly important when you’re making coffee first thing in the morning.

    Buy now from:
    Delonghi (£599)
    Currys (£599)

    Gaggia Anima bean-to-cup coffee machine

    Best bean-to-cup coffee machine for simplicity

    Read our full review of the Gaggia Anima coffee machine

    Some coffee machines overwhelm you with choice – the Gaggia Anima isn’t one of them. It is refreshingly minimalist and produces great results, the ‘lungo’ option creating particularly well-balanced coffee without a strong aftertaste. The machine looks good but not flashy. There are some slight downsides, mainly the maintenance requirements and manual approach to some coffee making, but overall this is a simple, reliable machine.

    Buy now from:
    Gaggia Direct (£499)
    Amazon (£567.51)

    Cuisinart One Cup Grind and Brew coffee maker

    Best budget bean-to-cup coffee machine

    Read our full Cuisinart One Cup Grind and Brew review

    What this machine lacks in bells and whistles it makes up for in the value for money stakes. You will quickly recover your investment costs as this machine comes in at under £100. If you like milky coffee this might not be for you as it doesn’t come with a steam wand. However, if you simply want an unintimidating machine that makes really good coffee at the touch of a button and takes up little room in your kitchen, Cuisinart have ticked all the right boxes.

    Gaggia Naviglio coffee machine

    Best entry-level bean-to-cup coffee machine

    Read our full Gaggia Naviglio review

    The Naviglio is practical, compact and produces great espresso. If you want all the benefits of a bean-to-cup coffee machine but don’t have the inclination to spend time fiddling about with settings, you’ll enjoy the simplicity of this Gaggia machine. It isn’t the most attractive to look at, being made almost entirely of plastic, but it is neutral and minimalist in design. All the main components can be accessed via the front, making it easy to maintain.

    Buy from Amazon (£301.28)

    How we tested bean-to-cup coffee machines

    We reviewed a representative sample of bean-to-cup coffee machines and scored them on the same criteria using our testing matrix. We marked them on the following criteria.

    Ease of assembly and packaging
    We scored the machines on how easy they were to put together, plus considered packaging and whether there was excessive plastic.

    Quality of material
    The overall standard of the coffee machine material, be that metal or plastic.

    Ease of use
    How simple is the mechanism and how helpful is the manual?

    Quality of the grind
    Does it effectively process the whole coffee beans?

    Finished results
    The taste and consistency of coffee, including the freshness, quality of the crema, extraction and strength of flavour.

    Extra functions
    How many added features are included – is there a milk frother and temperature control; does the machine make different coffee types?

    Water tank
    Is the water chamber easy to refill and how often do you need to do it?

    Kitchen footprint
    How bulky is the bean-to-cup coffee machine?

    Ease of cleaning
    We scored both everyday wipe cleaning and more intensive deep cleaning for long term maintenance.

    Value for money
    Does the bean-to-cup coffee machine offer a good return on investment?

    Ease of storage
    If you want to store your coffee machine in a cupboard rather than leave it out, how easy is it to pack away.

    Coffee recipes and tips

    How to make cold brew coffee
    How to make iced coffee
    Coffee types explained

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    The best cafetières
    The best coffee grinders
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    Visit our reviews section

    This review was last updated in November 2019. If you have any questions, suggestions for future reviews or spot anything that has changed in price or availability please get in touch at [email protected]

    Bean to cup coffee machines

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    Bean to cup coffee machines are a great idea in principle and their sales have quietly boomed in recent years as people realise they quite like ‘real’ coffee. Shamefully, the UK is still by far the world’s biggest market for instant coffee, and a bean to cup coffee maker is the most ‘instant’ way to make real coffee. So you can see the logic in their success, despite the fact the best bean to cup coffee machines cost thousands.

    • Best coffee machines

    Talk to many a coffee expert and they will tell you flat out that all bean to cups are rubbish and to be shunned. But they are wrong. Actually, only most of them are rubbish. We have carefully hand-curated the machines that buck the trend of making insipid or bitter brews, and now present them in this artisan, locally sourced best-of feature.

    • Handy hints How to make better coffee
    • Coffee purist option Best espresso coffee machines
    • Easy-yet-surprisingly-tasty-option The best pod coffee machines

    What is the best bean to cup coffee machine?

    This is an easy one. But you’re not going to like the price. Take a deep breath before attempting to say its name out loud: the best bean to cup by miles is the Sage The Oracle Touch. Unfortunately, even on the blackest of black Fridays, you won’t get much change from 2 grand, for that one.

    So you might consider the Sage The Barista Touch, which makes equally good coffee, slims back the feature set only a little, and costs a mere £1000.

    Moving down a few pegs in price, the Melitta Barista TS Smart is a very worthwhile punt, especially if you enjoy drinking 21 varieties of coffee (no, we didn’t think there were 21 varieties either).

    Finally, those seeking something simpler and cheaper should look no further than the Gaggia Velasca, while those who are really into milky drinks with densely textured milk will love the Jura S8, as it is the King of Creamy.

    How to buy the best bean to cup coffee machine

    Most bean-to-cup machines place the entire coffee making process, from bean grinding to milk texturing, behind a towering façade of plastic, metal and chrome. You just push a button, and out comes a cappuccino, a bit like with an office Flavia machine.

    In the past, bean-to-cups often also delivered drinks that tasted like they’d come out of an office Flavia. This was due to various failings in tamping (compressing the ground coffee before water is forced through it), maintaining the correct water temperature during the extraction process and some really quite appalling crimes against milk.

    Today’s best bean to cup machines are way better, with the best of the lot being Sage’s. These use a totally different approach, with a proper portafilter like on a cafe’s espresso machine, so they are less simple. But it’s still hardly rocket science, and the ends justify the means.

    One thing that bean to cup machines are especially good at these days is texturing milk, so they should be especially attractive to those who like lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites and big mugs full of hot, stiff milk. Mmm-mm. In my view, if all you ever drink is milk-less espressos and Americanos, you’d be nuts to buy most bean to cups, but hey – it’s your money.

    All of these machines will happily have a go at texturing skimmed milk, soya milk, almond milk or any other milk you might want to try. The results may vary, but we’re talking about natural products here, so what can one do?

    Speaking of natural products, the same top tips apply here as the best ‘proper’ espresso machines. Use filtered water from a filter jug – especially if you live in a hard water area, this will improve the flavour of your drinks and reduce the frequency with which you have to descale. A lot of these machines include a built-in water filter, but I don’t think they’re terribly effective on their own.

    Use good quality, fresh beans, and store them in something with a screw-top lid, somewhere dry and cool – but not in the fridge. A lot of bean to cup machines have bean hoppers big enough to take an entire bag, but in general you’re better off adding a smaller number of beans as you go along, then returning the rest to storage.

    Milk should be cold but, despite what everyone says, I can’t really detect any catastrophic difference in results between whole, semi and skimmed milk, in terms of the texture. So don’t feel you have to change your usual favoured fattiness of milk, just to get tastier cappuccinos.

    Finally, if you like to tinker with settings, a finer grind will generally give a stronger flavour, but you will need to increase the amount of water going through it too unless you like very small shots of coffee. If you’re getting something bitter and twisted, try a coarser grind, or maybe get the cleaning and/or descaling tablets out and run a cleaning programme, where appropriate.

    A friend of mine once left a coffee machine so long between descalings, it actually exploded. Yes, exploded. So I’ll just end this little guide with that little mental image a-hanging. (He survived).

    Coffee jargon buster

    Espresso The basic coffee drink of Europe. Water is forced through compacted, ground coffee at, traditionally, although nobody knows why, 15 bars of pressure.

    Double espresso Either literally two single shots of espresso, or a larger dose of coffee, with more water pushed through it, that ends up being about the same size as two shots.

    Lungo Essentially an espresso, but made with a larger ratio of water to coffee, with a longer extraction. The result is probably closer to a cafetiere or pour-over coffee than most drinks that come out of an espresso machine. Not to be confused with…

    Americano A shot of espresso diluted with water. Basically a post-war approximation of filter coffee (as drunk by Americans), from an espresso machine. The Europeans called it an Americano as a kind of insult really, implying that it was piss weak and only for Yanks. Lots of people like it these days, though.

    Latte A shot or two of espresso with the remainder of the cup filled with warm, lightly textured milk.

    Cappuccino Same as the above but the milk is more densely textured. In the UK, this is now traditionally drunk in cups approximately the size of the FA bleedin’ Cup, much to the disgust of visiting Italians.

    Flat white Nobody knows exactly what this is, not even the person who invented it. It’s basically a stronger latte that sometimes is more like a stronger cappuccino. Often in Britain, it’s a cappuccino in a vessel smaller than the FA Cup, and so stronger as the coffee is less diluted by milk. So, in other words, it’s what everyone else in Europe considers a cappuccino.

    Caffé Macchiato An espresso with just a splash, a soupçon, of steamed milk froth. Literally translates as ‘stained coffee’, which doesn’t sound so tasty.

    Ristretto We’re getting a bit technical here, so the jargon buster must be nearly over. This is a more intensely flavoured shot of coffee, achieved by grinding the beans finer, so water takes longer to flow through it. I think that’s right, anyway. I’ll ask a proper barista at some point.

    The best bean to cup coffee machines to buy

    1. Sage The Oracle Touch

    The best bean to cup coffee machine by a mile


    Water tank: 2.5 litres Dimensions: 45 x 37 x 41 cm

    Reasons to buy

    +Consistently makes superb coffee+Very good milk frother+Lots of manual settings if you need them+Can ignore manual settings almost entirely if you prefer

    Reasons to avoid

    -Not quite as straightforward as most bean to cups

    This fantastical device looks like it would be at home in a small café, but if you did use one there, you’d not need a highly-trained barista. The Oracle Touch is a development of the the old Oracle, which just had boring old levers and buttons instead of a colour touchscreen.

    With it, you can easily make espressos, cappuccinos, lattes and more, but it’s not quite as simple as the machines further down the list. That’s because The Oracle Touch uses a portafilter, like on a proper espresso machine, with different sized baskets for single and double shots.

    • Buy The Oracle Touch from John Lewis with 2-year guarantee

    So first you grind the beans into the portafilter, then you fit it into the central spout (the ‘group head’, if we’re being technical) to make the coffee. Meanwhile, you heat and texture the milk with the extraordinary steam wand. This looks like something you’ve spent months mastering, but thanks to temperature sensors in its tip, and some very freaky steam dispersing tech, all you have to do is plonk it in your little milk jug, hit go, and wait about 30 seconds.

    That’s the genius of The Oracle Touch. It seems like a barista-operated machine, it produces coffee like one, yet all the clever stuff – dosing, tamping, extraction, milk texturing, is done for you. Yes, unlike the other machines here, you then have to give the milk a bit of a swirl and then add it to the coffee, but that’s hardly an unbearable hardship is it now?

    The Oracle Touch also lets you get a bit creative, if you wish. The excellent grinder can be adjusted – using a finer grind with older or less potent beans, for instance – and there is almost limitless control over the extraction time, while you can easily set individual settings for your favourite drinks.

    Maintenance is also pretty easy, apart from descaling, which is a minor nightmare. That’s another good reason to use filtered water, so the element doesn’t fur up as fast.

    I’d go so far as to say this is one of the best gadgets to hit the market in the entire history of T3. The King of the Coffee Machines.

    2. Sage The Barista Touch

    Scaled down version of the above is the best bean to cup under £1000

    Water tank: 2 litres Dimensions: 40 x 33 x 31cm +Consistently makes superb coffee+Amazing milk frother+Built to get creative with -The most complex bean to cup available to humanity

    Coming in at just under a grand, this is the smaller brother of Sage’s Oracle Touch. As such it is arguably a more universally appealing product, but it does have a number of corners cut compared to the big boy.

    First up there’s only one boiler. The good thing about this is that it heats up even quicker than the Oracle (3 seconds), which is itself no slouch. The down side is you can’t make coffee and steam milk at the same time. Which, to be honest, is not a heart-breaking deficiency.

    • Buy The Barista Touch from John Lewis with 2-year guarantee

    As with the Oracle, beans are ground directly into the portafilter, but here you have to manually tamp the coffee down. You then slot the portafilter in place, select your drink via the touchscreen, and off you go.

    The milk frother is possibly even better on this machine than on the Oracle, so you’re not losing anything there, and there’s a similar level of control over grind consistency, extraction length, shot size and more.

    For a certain type of user, the Barista is an even better option than the Oracle, although I tend to think of it more as an espresso maker that has a grinder built in than a true ‘bean to cup’ machine.

    • Also consider: The touchscreen-free Sage by Heston Blumenthal Barista Express is a steal at around £600, although it is another step up in terms of complexity and perhaps gives less consistently great results due to the older technology inside.

    3. Gaggia Velasca

    Best entry-level bean to cup coffee machine

    Water tank: 1.5 litres Dimensions: 25 x 36 x 44 cm +Great coffee for the price+Easy to clean and maintain -Spongey buttons-Frothing milk demands actual skill

    Gaggia’s been producing espresso machines since 1938 and clearly knows a thing or two on the topic. The Velasca is at the opposite end of the luxe scale to the Sage machines, but it makes DAMN fine coffee, to coin a phrase.

    The espresso and lungo that the Velasca make are as good as anything you’ll find in most restaurants and coffee shops, giving a reassuringly old-fashioned, intense flavour, especially with darker roasted beans.

    The buttons are big and simple, although they are so incredibly marshmallow like and flaccid, you do wonder if the machine will have noticed you’ve pressed them. Thankfully it usually does.

    Coffee making does not take long to master as there are only two options: espresso (or double espresso if you squidge the button twice) and lungo. You can make an Americano by adding water to an espresso, and vary the intensity of flavour by adjusting the grind, using the non-business end of the scoop for pre-ground coffee as a makeshift allen key.

    You can also dig into the menus to alter the amount of coffee ground, length of extraction and so on.

    The only slight shortcoming of the Velasca is that the milk is frothed with a steam wand. Not a smart steam wand like on Sage’s machines, but one like what you’ll find on a coffee shop machine or most domestic espresso machines. It’s a very effective one, in fact, but you will have to learn how to use it if you want velvety smooth, textured milk, as opposed to hot froth.

    Learning this skill is quite satisfying but if you’d rather not be arsed, Gaggia also makes the Velasca Prestige, which is much the same machine, but with the type of auto-milk-texturing jug found on most bean to cups. It is more expensive as a result, of course.

    • Buy Gaggia Velasca Prestige from Amazon

    However, if you are largely after less milky beverages, or use a separate milk frother, or are already a skilled milk steamer yourself, this is a cracking machine. Add easy cleaning, a low price and Gaggia’s renowned after-sales service and there’s nothing to dislike here, except perhaps the rather plasticky appearance. Oh, and I could never get the pre-ground coffee setting to work, but given that it’s a bean-to-cup, I wasn’t too bothered.

    4. Melitta Barista TS Smart

    Best bean-to-cup for variety

    Water tank: 1.8 litres Dimensions: 37 x 26 x 47 cm +Prepares 21 styles of coffee+Two coffee bean hoppers+Also a pre-ground coffee hopper+Easy to use+App connected -Pretty darn large

    The elegant Barista TS Smart comes with two coffee bean hoppers – one for dark roasts and the other for lighter blends. It also has a separate container for pre-ground coffee that may seem unnecessary but is actually quite useful, since it serves as a backup for when the beans run out.

    This models makes 21 different varieties of coffee – from espresso to long black – in five different strengths, from extra mild to extra strong. It also provides the wherewithal to save up to eight separate preferences so different members of the family can select their own blends without having to start from scratch. Millennials, meanwhile, will be pleased to know it can all be controlled from an app.

    The Melitta’s touch-and-slide interface is a cinch to use: first select the type of bean you want, then slide the strength bar to your preferred level of oomph and choose the size of cup required. Now tap the icon that best describes your desired coffee type (espresso, latte etc) – remembering to connect the milk dispenser if having a latte of cappuccino – and retreat for 60 seconds while it does its grindy, poury thing.

    •Buy the Melitta Barista TS Smart from Amazon

    Where some bean-to-cup machines seem incapable of producing a truly strong espresso (you know, the type that provokes an expression of shock followed by lip-smacking awe), this one excels, especially if the strength bar is slid all the way to the right. We sampled a number of different coffee styles and they all hit the mark.

    If you enjoy sipping on a variety of different coffee styles and have a worktop big enough to house its ample proportions, then this is the machine for you.

    5. Jura S8

    Best bean to cup coffee machine for milky drinks

    Water tank: 1.9 litres Dimensions: 38 x 28 x 44 cm +Amazing milk texturing system+Totally simple to use+Generally excellent coffee -Milk system maintenance is a right PITA

    You can do a bit of mucking about with grind settings and extraction times here, but really the Jura S8 is designed to remove any need for expertise from coffee making.

    Just choose what you want from the touchscreen – ristretto, espresso, ‘coffee’ (an Americano, I think), latte macchiato (no idea what this is), espresso macchiato, flat white, caffè latte and ‘Milk Foam’ on its own are your options – and it does the rest. Although you will have to manually move a lever on the milk dispenser, depending on the beverage chosen. Maybe you could get your butler to do that.

    • Buy Jura S8 from John Lewis with a two-year guarantee

    The basic coffee this Swiss made hunk produces is all very well but the star of the show here is the milk texturing unit. it produces the most silky and wonderful milk for your cappuccinos and ‘latte macchiatos’, making this the best machine for lovers of milkier drinks.

    Unfortunately, the milk dispenser is so high precision, it has to be cleaned out after every session, and this is no simple matter of pumping a bit of water through it. You have to put it in a special plastic pot, with just the right amount of cleaning solution and water, and then wait while it is throughly internally flushed. I mean, I love a well-frothed cappuccino, but not that much.

    If you are the only coffee drinker in your house, I feel like this might start to drive you nuts after a while but the good news is it only needs to be cleaned after each coffee-making session rather than literally every use. So if you have a house full of latte lovers, everyone can tuck in before the cleaning process is required.

    Oh, and you can control the S8 via an app, although until such time as it can deliver it to you on the sofa, this seems less than essential.

    6. Delonghi Primadonna Elite Experience

    Best bean to cup coffee machine for gadget lovers

    Water tank: 2 litres Dimensions: 38 x 26 x 48 cm +Very easy to use+Makes insanely massive list of drinks+Quite cool app control -Not the best coffee

    I feel this machine makes slightly less good coffee than the others here, though it’s not bad by any means. What it offers instead is extreme simplicity, even compared to the Jura S8, and a list of drinks that’s as long as your arm, even if you’re an octopus.

    • Buy Delonghi Primadonna Elite Experience from John Lewis with a two-year guarantee

    The 4.3-inch touchscreen gives you access to the usual range of coffee drinks, which are solid rather than awesome in my experience. While the milk frothing system is slightly less good than Jura’s awesome one, it is also much easier to maintain. A curious additional module that you add ice to lets you make frappuccinos and more.

    As you can gather from all this, the Elite Experience is not aimed at beard-stroking coffee enthusiasts so much as those who wish to recreate Costa or Starbucks in their kitchen. At this, it does a very good job indeed.

    There’s also a phone app that’s a bit slicker and more enjoyable to use than Jura’s although it still won’t bring the drinks to you on a tray.

    10 best bean-to-cup coffee machines

    Looking for the freshest, most aromatic coffee possible at the touch of a button? Then nothing but a bean to cup coffee machine will do. Instead of using pre-ground beans, these incredibly convenient coffee makers grind a fresh batch as required.

    Why does this make all the difference? Well, coffee beans start to lose their aroma, flavour, fragrance and oils once they’re ground up. The longer the time between grinding and brewing, the more the flavour diminishes. Bean to cup coffee makers produce a fresh, barista quality drink. Of course, there is the small matter of choosing one machine from the thousands available. Personal preference is always key, but there are a few other features and factors to consider before buying.

    For starters, features such as custom programming, temperature control and frothing functions really take the guesswork out of brewing. It also helps to go for a machine with higher pump pressures, cleaning and descaling functions. Likewise, you can’t go wrong with well-known brands such as DeLonghi, Krups, Gaggia, and many more. If you’re looking for the ideal bean to cup coffee machine to suit your lifestyle, have a look at our pick of the 10 most popular models in the UK.

    You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn commission from some of the retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world and expert advice. This revenue helps us to fund journalism across The Independent.

    Sage Oracle Touch: £1,999, John Lewis

    If you want the best, you’ve got to be ready to spend. The fully automatic Sage Oracle Touch has everything you need for a barista quality brew. The user friendly control panel is easy to navigate, requiring just a simple swipe through the touchscreen menu to choose from a wide range of drinks.

    The Oracle also comes with settings for preferred coffee strength, water temperature, and milk texture. Once you’ve found your favourite beverage settings, the Oracle saves it in the touch menu with a unique picture and name (up to eight personalised coffee slots are available). With a sturdy stainless steel design, optimum brewing pressure and an automated steam wand, perfect for micro-foam latte art, this is truly a machine of the future.

    Buy now

    Krups EA893C40 Evidence: £699, John Lewis

    With an elegant, timeless design and compact dimensions that can fit any space, the EA893C40 Evidence from Krups is built for the modern coffee connoisseur. If you have a large family or just love several different drinks, then this versatile machine is for you. The Evidence lets you choose from five white coffees and seven black coffees including ristretto and espresso.

    The EA893C40 also comes with three different temperature settings for tea. And, all this can be controlled from the easy-to-use touchscreen OLED display. But what makes this the modern connoisseur’s machine is its ability to brew coffee remotely. You can make your favourite beverage from your smartphone without even leaving the couch.

    Buy now

    Melitta Caffeo Barista TS Smart F85/0-101: £1,070.99, Currys

    When it comes to giving coffee lovers unique drinks, the Melitta Caffeo Barista TS Smart F85/0-101 takes the cup. This versatile machine can whip up an amazing 21 coffee specialties. This includes the four classic espressos (latte, caffè crema, espresso and cappuccino) and a recipe book feature that lets you create 17 more specialities, including the espresso doppio, ristretto, flat white and many more.

    The TS F85 also saves up to eight coffee preferences and includes five different settings for coffee strength. There’s a reason why this machine is called Smart. With the Melitta Connect App, most of the features on this machine can be managed with your smartphone. The manufacturer also prides itself on the unit’s ultra-quiet whisper grinder.

    Buy now

    Jura S8: £1,495, John Lewis

    Stylish and packed with advanced technology, the S8 from Jura makes a statement in any kitchen. The S8, offering 15 specialty coffees, can be controlled from the 4.3in colour touchscreen which makes operation easy and intuitive.

    The animations and graphics guide users along every step of the process with allotments for programming individual preferences. What makes the S8 a barista’s favourite is the AromaG3 grinder, which works twice as fast as standard machines.

    Buy now

    DeLonghi ECAM 650.85.MS Primadonna Elite Experience: £1,229.99 John Lewis

    Whether you prefer your drinks piping hot (espressos and lungos), or cold and refreshing such as milkshakes, the innovative ECAM650 does it all.

    With four sizes and five aroma options to choose from, users can refine their preferences. The ECAM650 also has one-touch shortcuts for coffees and hot water infusion for tea. |The cleaning and maintenance have been made easier thanks to the brewing infuser, which lifts out easily.

    Buy now

    Gaggia RI8760/18 Anima: £535.15, Amazon

    Gaggia is well known for providing homes and businesses with state-of-the-art coffee machines and the RI8760/18 Anima is no different. Beautiful, timeless and inspired by today’s multifunctional culture, the RI8760/18 embodies Italian passion for la dolce vita. This particular model is quite compact, making it ideal for kitchens where space is tight.

    Despite being less than half the price of some high-end models in this list, the RI8760/18 packs an array of impressive features. This includes a fully ceramic grinder that retains the purity and aroma of your beans. For coffee lovers on the go, there’s also a pre-ground function for instant brewing and an automated descale cycle for easy cleaning.

    Buy now

    Miele CM6150: £839, Appliance Superstore

    The Miele CM6150 has a compact footprint and stylish design, and lets you play around with several speciality coffee varieties. The unit lets you prepare two different cups at the same time and the control panel on incorporates settings for a precise amount of coffee, brewing temperature and water levels.

    Users can also modify the grinder settings to change the flavour intensity and save up to 10 different drink profiles.

    Buy now

    Andrew James Coffee Machine and Grinder: £89.99, Amazon

    Ushering in our best budget models is the Andrew James, proving that you don’t have to spend thousands to get a decent bean to cup machine. This model still has all the bells and whistles required to wrangle up a delicious brew and can make between two to 12 cups of freshly ground coffee.

    Thanks to the integrated grinder, users don’t have to have a separate machine. A fully programmable timer also means you can have fresh, hot coffee waiting in the morning with a 30-minute keep warm function. The 1.5 litre carafe serves plenty of coffee for everyone at home or the workplace.

    Buy now

    Cuisinart DGB1U: £99.95, John Lewis

    Don’t let the lower price range fool you. The Cuisinart DGB1U comes with a basic set of functions that are quick and easy to use, and a charcoal water filter for improved taste.

    But what makes the machine truly economical is the grind off option. This allows already ground beans to be used again and again for total flavour extraction.

    Buy now

    Ariete 1329/1 Café Roma Plus: £229.99, Amazon

    The Ariete 1329/1 Café Roma Plus is a black, 1150W powerful model with a very budget-conscious price tag. The classy, refined design makes the unit stand out with its retro knobs and levers.

    With a water reservoir capacity of 1.5 litres, users can make a lot of coffee in one sitting without having to regrind beans or refill. At the bottom is an anti-drip valve to ensure zero spillage. The removable dip containers and water reservoir make cleaning easy.

    Buy now

    The Verdict: Best bean to cup coffee machines

    If you are looking for a machine that makes great coffee and can be managed with your smartphone, try Melitta Caffeo Barista TS Smart. But if you consider yourself a true coffee connoisseur, then nothing but the best will do. We recommend the Sage Oracle Touch for barista style coffee every time.

    IndyBest product reviews are unbiased, independent advice you can trust. On some occasions, we earn revenue if you click the links and buy the products, but we never allow this to bias our coverage. The reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing.

    10 Best Grind And Brew Coffee Makers

    Updated on: December 14, 2019

    While buying pre-ground coffee seems convenient, you can’t get the quality that you will get from freshly ground coffee.

    A grind and brew coffee maker gives you the benefit of freshly ground coffee in every cup.

    And the best thing is that you don’t have to worry about it, the machine does it for you.

    You can wake up every morning to the aroma of freshly ground coffee.​

    Grind and Brew Coffee Maker


    Type of Machine



    Breville Grind Control

    Flat Stainless Steel Burrs

    Drip Coffee Maker With Grinder


    Cuisinart DGB 900BC

    Stainless Steel Burr Grinder

    Drip Coffee Maker With Grinder


    Capresso CoffeeTeam

    Stainless Steel Conical Burr Grinder

    Drip Coffee Maker With Grinder


    Gourmia GCM4500

    Blade Grinder

    Drip Coffee Maker With Grinder


    Breville Barista Express

    Stainless Steel Conical Burr Grinder

    Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine with Grinder


    DeLonghi Magnifica

    Stainless Steel Conical Burr Grinder

    Super-Automatic Espresso Machine With Grinder


    Black & Decker Mill and Brew

    Blade Grinder

    Drip Coffee Maker With Grinder


    Saeco Intelia Deluxe

    Ceramic Burr Grinder

    Super-Automatic Espresso Machine With Grinder


    KRUPS EA8298

    Stainless Steel Conical Burr Grinder

    Super-Automatic Espresso Machine With Grinder


    Melitta MEMB1B

    Blade Grinder

    Drip Coffee Maker With Grinder


    10 Best Coffee Makers with Grinder

    1. Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control

    The Breville Grind Control is by far the best grind and brew coffee maker. If brewing a perfectly balanced cup or pot of coffee is your goal, you’ll find that this machine delivers without compromise.

    The Grind Control is fitted with Adjustable Stainless Steel burrs. These flat burrs deliver a coffee particle of optimum size for Drip Filter brewing.

    You may need to adjust the grind size to compensate for coffee of different origins, quality, age and degree of roast. Grind setting 3 should cover most coffees you purchase but there are circumstances that require the grind size to be adjusted.

    For users who prefer to use pre-ground coffee on occasion, the built in grinder in this coffee maker may be disabled until needed.

    You can choose between 8 different strength settings. This will change the “coffee to water ratio”. Meaning that the stronger the setting you choose, the higher the amount of ground coffee used to the same amount of water.

    Also, you can choose between the Single Cup Mode and the Carafe Mode:

    Carafe Mode: 2 to 12 cups. You can choose less than the current tank level (2 cup minimum), while the maximum is the amount of water in the tank, up to 12 cups. If you select cups greater than the level in the water tank, the LCD will display FILL TANK and the water tank symbol will flash.

    Single Cup Mode: 7 size options to accommodate for different amounts or milk, half-and- half and creamer.

    The Auto Start feature allows you to program the specific time when the coffee machine will automatically turn on and start the grinding and brewing cycle. You can wake up in the morning and smell the freshly ground coffee aroma!

    Breville engineers and designers understand the need for quickly brewing coffee in order to preserve the aromatic qualities of freshly ground coffee beans.

    This is how the grind and brew delivers a superior brew in aroma quality, freshness and flavor.

    The calibration function of the built-in grinder provides users with fully customizable grind sizes to further tailor the strength and body of the coffee to suit personal tastes and preferences.

    This redesigned model has taken into account all of the short-comings of previous models and improved functionality with relocation of the heater for increased water heat and for superior well balanced brewing.

    2. Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind & Brew

    Enjoy the convenience of waking to freshly ground and brewed coffee with a fully programmable combination of a coffee maker with grinder in one machine.

    This coffee maker and grinder allows you to either use whole coffee beans or use your favorite pre-ground coffee blends to suit your tastes. Brew up to 12 cups with little effort.

    24 hour programming features auto brew and auto shutoff as an added safety feature. The built-in grinder may be turned off when you want to use pre-ground coffee instead.

    The carafe is designed to keep brewed coffee hot for several hours without the need of a hotplate that can diminish the quality of the aroma and taste.

    Made of stainless steel with thermal double wall insulatioon and a comfort grip handle with a large 12 cup storage capacity. The bean hopper is large enough to accommodate up to 8 ounces of whole coffee beans.

    Additional features include the built in burr grinder that is automatic and may be fine tuned for control of the grind size, volume, and intensity of the brew strength.

    Whether you prefer mild, moderate or a stronger and more full bodied flavor, the control is at your finger tips with fully adjustable strength settings.

    Choose any amount that you want for brewing with options from 2 to 12 cups in 2 cup increments. The brew pause feature allows you to sneak a quick single serving while a larger batch is brewing.

    A permanent charcoal water filter helps to ensure the freshest coffee flavor by removing impurities commonly found in tap water. Immediate grinding and brewing offers superior coffee quality because the aroma and flavor are preserved with the quickness of the process.

    Freshly ground coffee beans are only at their height of flavor potential for a few moments as the oils in the beans diminishes.

    This coffee maker and grinder is designed to maintain the highest possible quality for a better cup of coffee.

    3. Capresso 465 CoffeeTeam TS

    This self grinding coffee maker has a burr grinder and a thermal carafe for the best possible aroma and flavor in brewed coffee.

    Attractively designed for inclusion in most kitchen or office decorating schemes with silver and black neutral colors.

    Enjoy the superior taste of freshly brewed coffee that retains the quality of aroma and flavor with immediate grinding of coffee beans, hot water steeping action and thermal carafe to avoid burning the delicate ambiance of brewed coffee.

    Make up to 10 cups of coffee for larger groups or program for any smaller amount. Fully programmable with a digital control panel that includes a clock and a timer for added convenience and multi-functionality.

    This all in one coffee machine also includes other amenities including a brew-pause function when you want to grab a quick single cup without the need to clean countertops from spillage of continuous brewers.

    You also get 5 different brewing amount options for servings of 4,6, 8 or 10 cups. It also has 3 different settings for control of the coffee strength and 5 grind settings that range from coarse to fine.

    The bean container has a 6 ounce capacity. The brew mode can be adjusted to be used with or without the grinder. This allows you the option of using fresh whole coffee beans for immediate grind and brew or you may also disable the grinder easily and use pre-ground coffee grinds of your choice.

    This unit also features a 2-hour automatic shut-off for added safety. The burr grinder grinds whole coffee beans at a slower rate than classic blade grinders which can add heat that diminishes the quality of the coffee aroma and flavor.

    A charcoal water filter is also included for superior filtration to remove more than 80% of impurities including chlorine additives from regular tap water.

    The carafe is constructed of stainless steel on the outside with thermal inner casing to preserve the integrity of freshly brewed coffee and retain heat for several hours without the scorching effect that can happen with glass carafes that diminish the flavor and aroma.

    The grinding process tends to be a little on the long side timewise an it is a bit loud, but it does produce uniform grind size for a great brew. This system offers so many amenities that it is well worth putting up with a little extra noise for the quality of the grind.

    4. Gourmia GCM4500 Coffee Maker

    The problem with most automatic coffee makers is that although they work quickly and are user friendly, they don’t typically make the best tasting coffee, especially when compared to manual methods.

    This Gourmia all in one coffee maker that grinds beans provides a solution to that issue and is a quick and reliable route to a great cup of coffee.

    It has a grinder perched on its top that will handle just enough whole coffee beans to make a pot of coffee at a time.

    This grinding coffee machine was designed to be convenient, so it’s a great choice for those who have fast paced mornings and need to grab their coffee on the go.

    The programmable settings are easy to use, and the digital display makes it easy to see which options you’ve chosen.

    Once the coffee is brewed, this machine will keep it piping hot for up to 30 minutes without creating any scorched flavors.

    For the occasions when you don’t have enough time to grind whole beans, this Gourmia machine has a pre-ground setting that will allow you to make a pot using your favorite off the shelf coffee.

    Aesthetically, this coffee maker and grinder is quite attractive with a contemporary appeal. It features a stainless steel and black facade, which will easily fit into most kitchen designs and decor styles.

    The Gourmia GCM4500 is also ideal for those who don’t have a ton of counter space to spare, as its footprint measures a compact 11 by 7 by 12 inches.

    Overall, this coffee machine is the perfect compromise between handy features, easy use, and ability to produce a great cup of coffee.

    It ensures that you don’t have to sacrifice flavor by grinding up fresh whole beans in a snap, but it’s not so complicated to operate that you need to be a tech whiz or coffee aficionado.

    5. Breville BES870XL Barista Express

    Those who love bold tasting and rich coffee know that few things beat espresso.

    However, grinding whole beans to the right size and then tamping and pulling a shot to perfection doesn’t come easy and takes trial and error with most machines.

    If you want to make excellent espresso at home without the fuss, consider the Breville BES870XL Barista Express.

    It’s a semi-automatic espresso machine with a built-in grinder, which means no manual grinding of your coffee beans or expert knowledge of how to use an espresso maker is required.

    Using fresh beans is best when making any type of coffee, especially espresso. Pre-ground varieties stale very quickly, and that leads to coffee with a dull taste that’s nowhere near as aromatic and flavorful as espresso made with beans ground just before brewing.

    With this machine you get the best of both worlds: an espresso maker that’s virtually foolproof and a way to grind coffee beans in a snap.

    This burr grinder coffee maker processes whole beans so that they’re an even and consistent size just right for creating espresso.

    The conical stainless steel grinder has a 1/2 pound capacity and a sealed hopper to keep messes to a minimum.

    The machine also contains a 1600W Thermo coil heating system to ensure that the water gets to an optimal temperature, as well as a 67 ounce removable water tank with an attached handle.​

    To help the extraction process go flawlessly and make using the machine even easier, the Breville BES870XL features a Purge Function.

    The feature automatically adjusts the temperature of the water after steaming has occurred so it draws out the maximum flavor of the coffee.

    This Breville espresso machine with grinder combo has a look that comes straight from the cafe, and it’s available in three great color options: stainless steel, black, and red.

    If you want an espresso machine that’s streamlined and will grind your beans quickly and efficiently, this model is well worth its price tag.​

    6. DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica

    While some self grinding coffee maker models have features that are handy, super automatic espresso machines take it a step further and are multi-taskers that make coffee brewing superbly user friendly.

    One such machine is the DeLonghi Magnifica, which can produce delicious cappuccino, espresso, and traditional coffee in a snap.

    This grind and brew coffee maker features a Direct-to-Brew system, which takes your preferred whole coffee beans, grinds them to perfection, and then starts the coffee making process on its own.

    The mechanism included with this model is a low pitch conical burr grinder, and you can easily adjust the grind size in seconds with the dial on front of the machine.

    Use any beans that you like with this machine — its versatility is part of what makes it such a pleasure to use. If you want espresso, simply choose the espresso setting and you’ll enjoy a richly flavored cup in minutes.

    For a cappuccino that rivals that from your favorite coffee shop, all you need to do is push a button.

    The DeLonghi Magnifica’s Cappuccino System includes a frother that creates the ideal amount of luscious foam for each cup.​

    Other great features of this bean to cup coffee machine is that it includes a warming cup tray, an Instant Reheat setting that keeps your espresso hot and ready to drink, and the ability to customize each espresso shot or cup of coffee.

    You can choose between strong or less bold and short or long shots. The DeLonghi ESAM3300 is a great alternative for those who want an espresso machine, but also need an appliance that’s compact and unobtrusive.​

    In addition to having a modest footprint of 17 by 13 by 18 inches, this machine comes in a beautiful stainless steel color palette that will complement the look of any kitchen.

    If you want to be able to easily create coffeehouse quality drinks at home without dedicating much time to the process of brewing, measuring, and adjusting the temperature of a machine, this DeLonghi coffee maker will fit the bill.​

    7. Black & Decker CM5000B Mill and Brew Coffeemaker

    This coffee maker and grinder combo allows you to easily grind fresh coffee beans and quickly brew for great aroma and flavor.

    People who have busy schedules but still want to have coffee brewed from freshly ground beans can pre-program the machine for added convenience.

    The patented 24-hour programming feature allows for presetting the automatic grind and brew options. If you prefer to use pre-ground coffee instead of whole beans, there is an option to turn the grinder off until it is needed.

    Whichever option you prefer, you can set this grind and brew coffee machine to provide you with the aroma of fresh brewed coffee so you can wake up to a newly made pot of coffee.

    Because everyone has their own unique tastes and preferences in coffee strength and body qualities, the Mill and Brew is designed to be adjustable so you can achieve the perfect grind size and coffee strength. Whether you prefer dark, light, or somewhere in between, you can set the levels to suit your taste.

    This unit features an easy view design with a clear viewing window so you’ll know how much water is in the machine.

    The glass carafe has a capacity for holding up to 12 cups. There is no need to use paper filters with this system because of the permanent filtering system that is attached to the built-in grinder.

    Cleaning this machine is pretty easy since each part is easily removable for added convenience.

    Sneak a cup feature makes it easy to take a single serving without the mess that traditional makers without this option can produce.

    This system is priced to be more affordable for those who are budget conscious and does a good job so long as the coffee is consumed soon after brewing. The glass carafe/hot plate feature can lead to a quick diminish of the integrity of the coffee if it is allowed to stand heating for long.

    8. Saeco Philips Intelia Deluxe Espresso Machine

    If you fancy a variety of coffee drinks and like to have something different throughout the week, you know that finding a single machine that can make all of your favorites isn’t easy.

    Most coffee lovers who want to brew different styes of drinks at home resort to buying more than one model, but Saeco Philips has a solution that is compact and highly capable: the Intelia Deluxe.

    Think of it as the ultimate coffee grinder and brewer combo that can turn out an espresso in one minute, a classic cappuccino in another, and then make a strong cup of joe in what seems like no time.

    This machine is beyond impressive and is about as close to having a pro barista in your home as you’ll get without spending a ton of money.

    The Intelia Deluxe offers five different strength settings, the ability to select the brew length and temperature, and a premium quality ceramic grinder that is reliable and durable.​

    One of the features that makes this coffee maker with grinder so efficient is its Quick Heat Boiler, which is able to get water to the right temperature for just about any specialty coffee drink.

    Most machines have a limited range that they always hit but this one is able to adjust with no problems, meaning no burnt or off tastes and no coffee that’s weak and watery.​

    It comes with a milk carafe and frother that pours out the right amount of foam or milk on top of your drink, depending on which setting you’ve chosen.

    This super automatic espresso machine sports a stainless steel and black facade and it has a modern profile.

    It’s both attractive and fairly compact, as it has a footprint of 17.4 by 12.5 by 21.5 inches — it will be able to easily fit into most kitchens, even smaller ones.

    In terms of reliability, ease of use, performance, and appearance, this espresso maker from Saeco Philips is tough to beat.​

    9. KRUPS EA8298

    The KRUPS EA8298 is a super automatic espresso machine that’s compact but packed with convenience.

    KRUPS is one of the most trusted names in the world of gourmet home coffee making, and the brand excels at melding style, function, and innovative features.

    This coffee machine with grinder is completely automatic and has a built-in conical burr grinder for the best flavor possible.

    You can adjust the size of the grind in seconds, meaning this machine can brew all sorts of coffee drinks. If you want espresso or a cup of coffee with super bold flavor, go with a finer grind.

    For a more lightly flavored brew, a larger size grind will produce the flavor that you want.

    In addition to its adjustable settings, the KRUPS EA8298 has an LCD panel, Thermoblock technology for consistent, quick, and effective heating, and a 15 bar pressure pump.

    Even tamping isn’t something you’ll have to worry about with this machine, as it takes care of that via an automated hydraulic tamping system.

    This means you’ll get coffee that tastes like it was crafted by an expert barista every time, without fail.

    Other premium features, such as a 60 ounce removable water tank, easy to clean drip tray, steam nozzle, large capacity bean hopper, and bean to brew mechanism, make this a great machine for those who want quick coffee without compromising any flavor at all.

    The KRUPS EA8298 looks sleek and attractive and flaunts a black exterior with a stainless steel plate on the bottom.

    It measures just 11.3 by 15 by 19.4 inches, which is quite compact for a machine with such a wide range of features.

    If you’re design conscious and need a coffee maker with built in grinder that will look great while also being capable of brewing excellent coffee and espresso, this is one of the best bean to cup coffee machines.

    10. Melitta MEMB1B Mill & Brew 10-Cup Coffeemaker

    ​The Melitta Mill & Brew combines a whole coffee bean grinder with a coffee maker in one convenient and time saving unit.

    Want to wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee? It is possible with this handy unit that combines features designed to offer convenience and ease with high quality coffee brewing.

    The clock timer feature not only gives you the time of day, it offers you the option for setting the automatic grind and brew feature up to 24 hours in advance so you can wake to freshly brewed coffee.

    The flavor of freshly ground beans tends to be more full bodied and aromatic than using preground blends that may not be as fresh. The grinding feature with immediate brew helps to maintain the integrity of the coffee quality by taking advantage of the oils that are present before they dissipate. The result is a superior aroma and flavor.

    The grinder is built in and features 7 different settings so you can achieve th perfect grind for the best possible coffee. The grinding options range from coarse to fine so you can choose the strength of the coffee that is brewed.

    Disposable filters are a thing of the past because of the stainless steel filter basket that is easy to remove and easy to clean. Want to sneak a single cup during mid brew? The drip stop feature allows you to fill your cup without the mess that comes with continuous drip systems.

    This coffee grinder and brewer provides a 1 hour auto shutoff for additional safety to guard against overheating the durable glass carafe with a 10 cup maximum capacity.

    There is less risk of overheating the carafe and coffee is not left to scorch, improving the overall quality of what is left in the pot.

    How to Choose the Best Coffee Maker With Grinder

    The grinding mechanism of these coffee makers can be a blade or a burr grinder.

    The blade grinder is the least expensive option and can save you money on the purchase, but the grind is generally not consistent in size and the heat that is generated by friction may alter the taste of the coffee slightly.

    The burr grinder works more slowly but the grind is more uniform for a better cup of coffee.

    Burr Grinder of the Breville Grind Control

    Blade Grinder of the Black and Decker Mill and Brew

    The carafe can also influence the quality of your coffee. Glass carafes usually sit on the hot plate and cook the flavor out of your coffee while a thermal keeps your coffee hot without damaging the flavor.

    With these tips in mind, we’ve chosen ten of the most popular coffee machines with grinder.

    Whether you are looking for a grind & brew coffee maker that provides high-quality coffee grinding and brewing at a discounted cost, or you require a system with very specific features, this group offers a variety of top rated systems for your consideration.

    Make the most out of your new coffee maker with the world’s best specialty coffee beans. Each month discover coffee from around the globe…Papua New Guinea to Peru, Zambia to Malawi and beyond.

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