Avon under eye cream

Paxillium Technology finally meets eye and lip treatment. Improve the natural Paxillin production of your eyelids and mouth to get defined contours, fuller skin, and a more youthful appearance overall. Special dual-tip applicator unlocks the potential of this dermatologist tested eye and lip cream. The rounded silvery tip cools and refreshes the eye area while the flat tip evenly applies cream on and around lips. 0.5 oz. net wt.

• Define contours and lessen wrinkles
• Cool and refresh face while moisturizing
• Formulated to help reshape the look of the eye and lip area
• Hypoallergenic and non comedogenic
• Allergy-tested, dermatologist-tested and opthalmologist-tested
• Suitable for sensitive skin

• In morning/evening, smooth around eye area with the rounded tip of applicator until fully absorbed, then apply on and around lips with the flat tip. Wipe implement with dry cloth after each use and store in plastic envelope.
*Based on women who expressed an opinion in a consumer-perception study. Made in USA

Customer Reviews:

“I use the eye moisturizer am and pm. The texture and dryness of my skin makes it mandatory to use it consistently. I will caution that if you use too much of this product, it will cause the makeup to roll off with the moisturizer and turns into a big mess. The other thing that helps this problem is to let it set and absorb a bit before applying concealer or makeup”

“I have used for about 5 years now. Am 80. Told look at least one generation younger. I have no wrinkles!
Only use Avon skincare for my face. Look at my order history for Platinum products!”

Anew Reversalist Complete Renewal Express Dual Eye System

Brighten your eyes and get that youthful look with Anew Reversalist Complete Renewal Express Dual Eye System. Hydrate your eyes and make them pop with this two-pronged approach for anti aging skin care. The smoothing eye cream features Tri-Elastinex technology that moisturizes your skin while boosting its natural elasticity. Over time the targeted formula smoothes over fine lines and wrinkles, making crow’s feet practically disappear. Anew Reversalist pairs the hydrating eye cream with the brightening veil for immedate effects. Apply it to the under eye area and notice a brighter look right away. Eye Cream 0.5 oz., Brightening Veil 0.09 oz.

• Reduces the look of crow’s feet and other fine lines
• Brightening veil immediately lightens appearance of eyes
• Is suitable for all skin types (dry, normal, oily)
• Absorbs quickly, non-greasy, non-tacky
• Hypoallergenic
• Allergy-tested, dermatologist-tested, opthalmologist-tested

• Each morning and evening, apply cream to eyelids, under eye area, and crow’s feet, apply brightening veil to under eye after applying cream
• Reapply throughout if necessary

“I use this only at night because I like an eye moisturizer with sunscreen during the day. Works great. Very effective. Great price!”

“My crows feet are substantially diminished”

“I use the product every morning after cleansing and before make-up. Out of the many, many products I have tried over the past several years, I have found this product to be the most effective at the surprisingly most reasonable price”

Anew Clinical Absolute Even Dark Circle Corrector

Are dark circles making you look older than you feel? Do you have too little time to work, let alone take care of those telltale signs of weariness? Anew Clinical Absolute Even Dark Circle Corrector is here to save you the stress and brighten your eyes! This eye cream contains Shadow Erase Complex which is designed to fight dark under eye circles three ways:
1. Brightens the look of dark circles with self-adjusting sheer optics
2. Visibly reduces under eye shadows
3. Smoothes the texture of skin of the eye areas
0.5 oz. net wt.

• Reduces the look of dark under eye circles
• Brightens appearance of eyes
• Smoothes texture of eye areas
• Non-greasy, non-oily and non-sticky
• Works perfectly under makeup
• Is suitable for all skin types (dry, normal, oily)
• Allergy-tested and dermatologist-tested

• Apply small amount of eye cream to under eye area and rub in. Be careful not to get in actual eyes. Made in USA

“I use this product in the morning when I wake up and right before bedtime. It works amazing! I notice a major change after the first time using it. I have been using it for about 2 weeks and my under eye circles are pretty much gone. Definitely will buy it again”

“I was really impressed how much brighter my eyes looked instantly after my very first use. I have always had trouble with dark circles that concealer couldn’t really even cover up. This instantly makes me look awake and bright-eyed. I’ve been using it about two months and have really noticed a long-term difference. I have barely any circles under my eyes anymore. I also have sensitive skin and a lot of eye-area creams burn or sting but I have no problems at all with this”

Do you ever wake up, look in the mirror and wonder why your eyes look so tired and puffy? You’re certainly not alone.

Under-eye bags affect many people and it can happen to anyone whether they’ve had a good night’s sleep or not. In fact, contrary to popular opinion, under-eye bags don’t just appear when you’re under slept. It’s actually a natural outcome of aging and an unhealthy lifestyle for example, it’s more likely you’ll suffer from them if you’re a smoker, dehydrated or even eating too much salt.

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Infuriatingly, they’re undeniably tough to tackle and can be really stubborn – but now there’s a new miracle cream that says it will dramatically reduce the appearance of your eyebags, if not completely, in just one second.

Yes, you read that right.

Selling one every minute on the day it launched, Avon’s ANEW Instant Eye Smoother, which is currently retailing for £10, has been a huge hit with beauty fans since hitting shelves last month. Why? Because they can’t get enough of its ‘instant’ effects.


The difference before the cream is applied (left) and one second after (right).

Containing potassium silicate, a formula compound which essentially adds an invisible 1mm barrier to help smooth the skin by creating a tightening and smoothing effect, the cream works to diminish not only under-eye bags but crows feet too and the before and after photos are seriously impressive. The people featured (both men and women) appear to instantly have less puffiness, less deep lines and less discolouration, all within one second.

Of course, beauty buyers have taken to social media to express their delight with the product.


ANEW Instant Eye Smoother, £10, Avon

One said: ‘This product gives you instant looking eyes within seconds of applying it it’s absolutely amazing!!’

Another wrote: ‘I have only tried a sample of this product and it literally did what it said it would do. My eyes felt tighter after a minute, I really feel like it is effective.’

We don’t know about you, but we’re clicking ‘add to basket’ right now.

IT’S a frustrating fact that under-eye circles are particularly difficult to hide with make-up.

So, we’re all over Avon’s Anew Instant Eye Smoother, which claims to “banish the look of bags, puffiness and wrinkles in just seconds”.

5 The eye cream is currently on sale on Avon’s website… GO, GO, GO!Credit: Avon

  • Anew Instant Eye Smoother, £10 from Avon – buy now

The £14 cream – which is currently on offer for £10 on Avon’s website – is said to keep the eye area looking smooth for up to 24 hours.

Its hero ingredient is potassium silicate, which creates an invisible 1mm barrier, providing a tightening and smoothing effect.

And if that’s not enough to tempt you, Avon has revealed that one tube sold every minute on the day of its launch last month.

5 Avon has shared photos of the results – and they’re pretty impressiveCredit: Avon 5 We’re not surprised that the product is flying off the shelvesCredit: Avon 5 At just £10, it’s definitely worth a tryCredit: Avon

On the brand’s website, you can see the apparent effects of the product in before and after pictures.

We’ve got to say, we’re pretty impressed – and we’re not the only ones.

There are a number of positive reviews online, with one fan writing: “I have only tried a sample of this product and it literally did what it said it would do.

5 There are a number of positive reviews on Avon’s website

“My eyes felt tighter after a minute, I really feel like it is effective.”

Another praised: “You only need a tiny amount of this and can feel it working straight away. Give it a go.”

We’ll see you in the beauty aisle.

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The £15 Avon product that’s proved a worldwide hit

A £15 cream from Avon has become the best-selling eye cream in the US, and is selling a pot on average every 44 seconds in the UK.

Avon’s ANEW Clinical Eye Lift has become a worldwide sensation after 87% of women claimed they saw less puffiness after just a week, and 97% said after a month they found better clarity and skin tone of the under eye area.

The product has become Avon’s UK bestseller, with over a million sold to date and in the US it proved such a hit that it outperformed its nearest competitor by 2:1.

Presenter of Ten Years Younger and Avon’s beauty expert Nicky Hambleton-Jones commented, ‘I love this product. No wonder it’s a best seller – it really works. When I was in the States recently everyone was talking about it so I’m not surprised it’s becoming such a hit in the UK too. At only £15, I think this is the best-kept beauty secret around!’

Following its huge success, the product has now been formulated to work better than ever, to offer a triple lift to the upper eye, under eye and brow bone.

to buy yours now!

Avon’s Anew Hydra Fusion De-Puffing Eye Serum Awarded As A Top Eye Cream By Marie Claire Magazine Among “25 Best Products That Will Change Your Life”

The Anew Hydra Fusion collection includes:

  • New Anew Hydra Fusion Daily Beauty Defense Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50 ($32): An ultra-lightweight broad spectrum sunscreen lotion designed to go on smoothly after moisturizer and under makeup.
  • New Anew Hydra Fusion Nighttime Facial Treatment ($32): This PM treatment is formulated with hyaluronic acid and raspberry antioxidants to intensely hydrate and help defend skin from environmental stressors and shea butter beads to nourish and strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier. Visibly re-plumps skin with 3X more moisture.
  • Anew Hydra Fusion Replenishing Serum ($40): This lightweight serum instantly boosts skin’s hydration by 2X. The raspberry antioxidant is encapsulated in thousands of bubbles and releases upon application.
  • Anew Hydra Fusion Gel Cream ($32): The fast-absorbing, gel-cream immediately and continuously hydrates the skin for up to 72 hours, leaving skin looking and feeling replenished, smoothed and plumped.
  • Anew Hydra Fusion De-Puffing Eye Serum ($32): An on-the-go eye serum, suitable for all skin types, that immediately boosts skin’s hydration level by 216%. Dispensed via a cooling ceramic applicator, the fast-absorbing, lightweight gel instantly hydrates and de-puffs the delicate eye area, using the power of both caffeine and raspberry antioxidant, leaving a radiant glow and no sticky after-feel.
  • Anew Hydra Fusion In-Shower Mask ($26): This treatment mask instantly locks in moisture, leaving your face looking healthy, energized and glowing, while increasing hydration levels by 195%.
  • Anew Hydra Fusion Micellar Cleansing Water ($14): The gentle, no-rinse formula cleanses, removes makeup and lifts dirt, oil and impurities while boosting hydration.

To celebrate the Marie Claire award, Avon.com is offering customers the opportunity to purchase any two Anew Hydra Fusion products with Free Shipping using the code HYDRA35.

Avon products are available at www.avon.com.

About New Avon LLC
New Avon LLC (“Avon”) is the leading social selling beauty company in North America, with independent sales Representatives throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada. Avon’s portfolio includes award-winning skincare, color cosmetics, fragrance, personal care and health and wellness products featuring brands such as ANEW, Avon True Color, Espira, and Skin So Soft, as well as fashion and accessories. Avon has a 130-year history of empowering women through economic opportunity, and supporting the causes that matter most to women. Avon philanthropy has contributed over $1 billion globally toward eradicating breast cancer and domestic violence. Learn more about Avon and its products at www.avon.com.

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Avon Clinical Eye Lift Review: Is Avon’s Eye Cream Right For You?

We take a lot of pride in our skin, which is why it can be difficult to age and see signs of wear and tear. The skin near our eyes is the least elastic area of all the skin on our face. Wrinkles and age spots can pop up in an instant, and eyes are extra telling with symptoms such as crow’s feet, bags, and dark circles. All this happens because our eyes are connected to every facial movement we make.

When we smile, laugh, squint or frown, the skin on our face, and consequently the skin around our eyes, moves. Therefore, while lines around the eyes can be a sign of a full life, most of us would rather do without them.

Here to the rescue is Avon’s Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System. Avon is known as being “the company for women”. Their awareness for social responsibility and using their platform to make a stand is what originally drew me towards them as as brand. They implore you to join them in the fight against breast cancer and use female representatives to sell their products.

I’m a sucker for a brand that uses their platform for the greater good. But before we get into Avon, let’s understand why it’s necessary to use an eye cream.

The Importance Of Using Eye Cream Explained

Close up of healthy eye region.

The area around our eyes is particularly vulnerable to damage. The skin over there is generally weaker and thinner. Plus, this area does not have sweat glands or oil glands to provide your skin with the necessary hydration it needs. Aside from these factors working against your eye area, there’s other factors to consider.

Even when we apply sunscreen to our faces, we generally steer clear of our eyes because we don’t want anything getting in them. And think about how every time you move your eyes to read or just look around, every time you squint in the sun and every time you laugh, you are causing the area around your eyes to wrinkle slightly.

Also, as we age our skin makes less collagen, a protein that increases your skins elasticity. Certain ingredients such as vitamin C, peptides and retinol have been shown to increase the body’s production of collagen, making your skin look healthier and younger.

So, it’s understandable why the eye area may need a little extra TLC, and eye cream is the best way to give it. Specifically, many eye creams are thicker than normal moisturizers which are good for the eye area’s more sensitive skin.

They also have more oil than typical moisturizer which is ideal since this area gets less natural moisture from our bodies. As if that wasn’t enough they’re also packed with other ingredients necessary to nurture this area from the inside out.

That’s why using eye cream is important.

Avon Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System Ingredients Breakdown

Woman using under eye cream.

Reading through a list of ingredients on any cosmetics package can be overwhelming and confusing. So, let’s break down some of the ingredients of the Avon Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System cream so that you can feel better about what you’re putting on your face. The container comes with two sections, so first we’ll start with the upper gel:

The first ingredient on the list is water, which is a good sign since we’re talking about hydrating your skin. The gel also includes arginine, an amino acid that boosts circulation in the body.

Glucosamine hydrochloride provides your joints with some padding, while algae extract promotes skin hydration and removes toxins. Caffeine also helps circulation and lessens redness, while butylene glycol helps your skin to absorb other ingredients in the cream.

Similar to the upper gel, the lower cream lists its first ingredient as water. However, it also includes cocoglycerides, which help to smooth skin and make it soft. The cetearyl alcohol is good for dry skin and will not cause irritation, while the caprylic/capric triglyceride locks in moisture. Plus, this cream includes shea butter, which is well known for healing and moisturizing skin. With this powerhouse of ingredients, how could you not reduce the signs of aging?

Avon Anew Clinical Eye Lift Review

Avon Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System.

The Avon Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System promises results for those looking to address any signs of wear and tear in your eye region. In one week, this cream will give you a noticeable lift, lead your eyes to be tighter and firmer, and smooth out your skin.

It can minimize dark circles under your eyes, make you look more awake, minimize eyelid sagging and crow’s feet, and reshape the edges of your eyes. Plus, it’s good for sensitive skin and has been approved as safe for use near your eyes.

In order to use, first wash you face. Then, use the Eye Lift Pro after you apply the serum. Lastly, use a moisturizer to lock in hydration. Twice a day, rub the gel into your eyelids and the section by your eyebrow bone. Use the cream under your eyes, which also encompasses the area by your upper cheekbone.

On the Avon website this product has a rating of 91% for customers who would suggest the Eye Lift Pro to others, so it seems that people are pretty happy with this purchase!

Avon Eyeliner Review: Avon’s Best Eyeliners Of 2019

DIY 3 Ingredient Eye Cream Recipe And Guide

Close up of woman’s eyes.

Products like the Avon Eye Lift Pro are great but if you want to know exactly what’s going into your skin a DIY might be a better place to start. An added bonus is if you’re looking to keep more money in the bank or use a product with fewer ingredients, you can certainly try making your own eye cream at home.

For our DIY Eye Cream you’ll need four vitamin E capsules which has antioxidant qualities and can restore your skin. Add to that two teaspoons of coconut oil, a super hydrating oil that is easily absorbed by your skin. Finally, throw in four drops of thyme essential oil. Mix all of the ingredients together (you’ll need to squeeze the Vitamin E capsules) and then place the mixture in a jar with a lid.

Once you are ready, rub in the cream under your eyes. However, make sure to not get the cream into your eyes. Do this every day about an hour or two before you go sleep so that your skin can absorb it overnight, and if you want to use it in the morning, just allow 10 minutes for it to get absorbed before putting on makeup. Pretty soon you’ll be on your way to younger-looking skin. And as a bonus, you can even use the mixture as a makeup remover.


Nowadays there seems to be a cure for every beauty need. Luckily, reducing the signs of aging (eye area included) is no exception! With its blend of curative and restorative ingredients, the Avon Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System might be just what you need to help you get back to looking as young as you feel. With ingredients like arginine and caffeine, as well as water to provide maximum hydration, how can you go wrong?

I’m a bit of a skeptic when it comes to using creams that are for specific areas of your skin. After all, surely, your skin isn’t going to react differently on your face than on your body? But this isn’t the case when it comes to eye creams due to the particular sensitivity of the region.

If you are feeling ambitious, try making some eye cream for yourself at home. This way you know exactly what’s going onto your skin. One of the best ways to nourish your skin from within is to use ingredients that come from Mother Nature.

Either way, it’s pretty simple to take care of your eye region, so start making the change today. Whether you go for a DIY or stick to Avon’s tried and true eye lift cream, do what it takes to keep your eye area looking fresh and cared for.

While we’re all for ageing gracefully, it’s fair to say we wouldn’t mind slowing the hands of time just a tad when it comes to our under-eye area.

And, if you’re looking for a targeted product to help fight puffiness, dark circles and fine lines, then you may be as interested as we were to hear that one new eye cream seems to be proving very popular with shoppers right now…

Beauty brand Avon has revealed to Goodhousekeeping.co.uk that its new Anew Instant Eye Smoother, which launched last month, is now selling once every minute, based on its latest sales figures.

The product is also proving to be Avon’s biggest-selling launch of the year so far.

Promising to help “banish the look of under under-eye bags, puffiness and wrinkles – in just seconds”, it’s safe to say we’re intrigued to try it out!

BUY NOW: Avon Anew Instant Eye Smoother, £10 (was £14)

Among the five-star reviews it has received on the Avon website, one shopper called the product “effective”, saying it left her eyes feeling “tighter” after a minute, although it’s worth nothing that not all of the online reviews have proved as glowing, and the eye cream currently has a three-star rating overall.

But, if you’re keen to give it a go, now is definitely the time to strike because the Instant Eye Smoother is on sale for £10 at the moment, reduced from its usual price of £14.

And, if you’re looking for more eye cream recommendations, here are 3 of the top-rated eye creams tested by the Good Housekeeping Institute…

BUY NOW: Temple Spa Eye Truffle Complete Eye Rejuvenation, Harrods, £65

Read the GHI review here

BUY NOW: Clinique Smart Custom Repair Eye Treatment, Feelunique, £42

Read the GHI review here

BUY NOW: Shiseido Bio-Performance LiftDynamic Eye Treatment, Space NK, £63

Read the GHI review here

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