Apple cookie monster commercial

Cookie Monster made headlines last month with a hilarious commercial promoting Siri and the iPhone 6s.

However, an even more hilarious clip was filled with the footage that apparently did not make the cut.

If you thought the Cookie Monster commercial was cute, wait until you see the blooper reel:

— E! Online (@eonline) April 9, 2016

Apple released “behind the scenes” footage on YouTube Thursday of Cookie Monster’s antics that were not shown in the actual commercial.

Several of the many hilarious moments from the “blooper reel” include Cookie Monster:

  • Being excited over Siri knowing his name
  • Repeating “How ’bout now?” when asking Siri if the cookies were ready
  • Trying to eat the cookie’s reflection in the oven door
  • Getting ready for bed after finally eating the cookies

Using Siri and the integrated timer in the cell phone, the official commercial showed the lovable Sesame Street character preparing to bake a fresh batch of cookies. In addition to timing his cooking project, Siri also came in handy when Cookie Monster requested a specific playlist for the special occasion.

Moments later, the Jim Croce hit song “Time in a Bottle” played in the background as Cookie Monster waited patiently for his cookies to finish. The only problem was, as most Sesame Street fans know, Cookie Monster is not very patient at all. On the extensive list of qualities and traits that Cookie Monster has built for himself over the years, you probably will not find the word “patience.”

Me want more Cookie Monster: adorable outtakes from the Apple commercial

— Fast Company (@FastCompany) April 9, 2016

However, that is exactly what made the Cookie Monster commercial so funny in the first place. Watching his impatience unravel within just the first minute of baking cookies became a major highlight of the commercial. It’s nearly impossible not to laugh when you see him banging his head on the table or even flicking the oven light on and off repeatedly as if time would speed up by doing so.

Quite a few people have responded and shared their reactions to the Cookie Monster Siri commercial on Twitter.

Bravo, Cookie Monster, for the Siri commercial–your best work yet!

— D. Bogut (@GodBlessAchoo) April 4, 2016

cookie monster just said “hey siri” on tv and my phone came alive and set a timer for cookies

— Dan Milano (@DanMilanoHere) April 4, 2016

That Apple commercial with the Cookie Monster is golden.

— Dub (@tdouble_u) April 4, 2016

We just died laughing at the Cookie Monster commercial for the iPhone. 10yo pointed out that it’s totally how 7yo waits for cookies to bake.

— Wolfson Literary (@WolfsonLiterary) April 3, 2016

According to the Business Insider, Cookie Monster was used in this Apple iPhone 6s commercial to promote the phone’s hands-free Siri feature. While laughing at what he is doing throughout the clip, it’s also important to notice that he never has to actually touch or charge his phone in order to activate Siri. The report further stated that the latest model of the Apple smartphone is actually the first model capable of continuously listening out for users to say “Hey, Siri” without leaving it plugged up to a charger.

Cookie Monster is not the first “celebrity” to help Apple promote the new features of the iPhone 6s in a popular commercial.

New iPhone 6S ads include cameos from Jamie Foxx, Stephen Curry: Apple has enlisted basketball star Stephen Cu…

— IBTimes (@IBTimesAU) October 30, 2015

A series of other commercials featured such actors as Jon Favreau, Jamie Foxx, and Bill Hader along with NBA star Stephen Curry. However, when it comes to getting laughs from a wide range of people of all ages, none of those actors come close to the lovable Cookie Monster.


No matter how old you are, it’s impossible to outgrow your love for Sesame Street. The classic children’s show (it’s been on the air since 1969!) always gets a chuckle, and the same goes for an Apple ad released last month.

The commercial features dessert-enthusiast Cookie Monster, who’s impatiently waiting for his treats to bake while digital sous-chef Siri counts down the minutes. The muppet tries to kill time with a “Waiting” playlist, licking the spoon, and even using oven mitts as sock puppets. But alas, not even 60 seconds have ticked by when he checks the clock again:

Let’s just say that the furry puppet definitely outshone his electronic costar. But while Cookie Monster’s baking adventure was adorable, the commercial’s “outtakes” are cuter. The new video goes behind the scenes, and Cookie Monster seems even more endearing if that’s possible:

There are so many golden moments to choose from.”Me ok. Me ok. Me trooper,” is the ultimate pep talk, and who can’t laugh at the muppet eating a “ghost cookie?” Of course, the last line has to be the best part. But it’s hard to imagine Cookie Monster sleeping much anyway with a cookie jar on the nightstand.

[h/t The Verge

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Caroline Picard Health Editor Caroline is the Health Editor at covering nutrition, fitness, wellness, and other lifestyle news.There’s nothing like a good blooper reel to start your Friday on the right foot, especially when those bloopers involve the Cookie Monster and Apple devices. The unlikely duo made for a pretty adorable ad last month, but as it turns out, even Sesame Street characters can make mistakes. Well, not mistakes, per se, just actions that are even more hilarious than usual. On Thursday, Apple published a number of outtakes from their shoot, and even if you were planning on having a bad weekend, you won’t be able to after watching this delightful reel.

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The 90 seconds of behind-the-scenes footage offers a charming juxtaposition of one of our most nostalgic childhood characters and true 21st-century technology. Cookie Monster speaks to Siri, which makes for two semi-imaginary, semi-real friends in a single frame. Much of the video focuses on the famous furry blue monster prepping himself before the camera starts rolling for real, offering Siri cookies, marveling over the fact that she “know me,” and being as impatient as ever for the cookies to bake.

The original ad has already become a viral hit among viewers, one of a number of Apple ads that have really hit home with audiences. Taylor Swift also cracked us (and her head) up with a commercial showing her falling off a treadmill while dancing and rapping along with Drake. Who knew ads could be so … enjoyable?

The outtakes from the Cookie Monster ad only have a fraction of the over 9 million views the actual commercial has already racked up, but 250,000+ views in under 24 hours is nothing to sneeze at. Given the enormous appeal of both the Cookie Monster and Apple products at large, though, it probably won’t be long until the bloopers catch up to, or perhaps even outstrip, the original. So if you’re in need of a laugh, check out both the Timer ad and its bloopers. It’s sure to make your day a bit better.

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Just a few weeks ago, Apple released an iPhone 6s ad that quickly went viral. Starring the Cookie Monster muppet from Sesame Street, the ad focused on the hands-free “Hey Siri” feature in the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Titled Timer, the commercial is about baking cookies – practically a given since the Cookie Monster is in it – and Apple has now released a hilarious making-of video that contains plenty of bloopers.

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The Behind The Scenes video is even funnier than the original commercial, focusing more on Cookie Monster rather than Siri. But yes, it’s clear that this is also an iPhone 6s ad disguised as a behind-the-scenes featurette.

The original commercial has more than 9 million views on YouTube, which is significantly more than any other recent Apple ad. So it’s definitely not a surprise to see the character return in a new iPhone 6s feature. Check out the new clip and the original Timer commercial below.

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4. LG Mobile “LG G5 – Play Begins – Subway”

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The mobile phone brand teases customers about the new phone released on 1 April. The ad has been shared 11,736 times.

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The spot shows how Apple deconstructs iPhones once they have come to the end of their life. The materials are then recycled. The video has been shared 8,557 times this week.

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Avicii has created a new song for Coca-Cola. Here it is accompanied by a film showing people enjoying the drink. The ad has been shared 7,235 times this week.

7. McDonald’s “anime commercial” by Studio Colorido

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8. Samsung Mobile USA “Galaxy S7: Champagne Calls” Wieden & Kennedy

Lil Wayne shows his friends that he can pour Champagne over his phone and it will still work. The ad was shared 5,303 times this week.

9. Apple “the kiss” by TBWA\Media Arts Lab

A couple of actors trying to get a kissing scene right use the help of Siri, the voice activated feature on Apple devices, to watch different scenes. At the end the man tries to seduce the woman with music but fails. The ad has been shared 5,177 times this week.

10. McDonald’s Canada “skills for life with a job at McDonald’s”

Country music singer and former McDonald’s staff member Robby Johnson explains what he learnt when working at the fast food chain as a teenager. The spot has been shared 3,675 times this week.

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Siri can help Cookie Monster make cookies but not travel through time

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One of Apple’s latest ads has been a smash hit, as ads go — no, we’re not talking about Taylor. Not even Taylor Swift’s star shines brighter than the Cookie Monster, whose baking adventures with Siri are still all over TV right now. But it’s kind of a bummer! It’s a funny ad, but tinged with the sadness of Cookie Monster never getting his cookies in the end. Well, Apple has outtakes from the ad showing that everything turned out OK in the end. Also, outtakes for ads. Welcome to 2016.

The outtake reel shows more of Cookie Monster’s tribulations as he struggles to pass those 15 minutes, including trying to annoy Siri with his drumming skills and getting injured by set equipment. After a minute of that and subjecting Siri to an analogue of the “Are we there yet?” treatment, the timer finally goes off, and we get the payoff we wanted — Cookie Monster getting his hands (paws? furry appendages?) on all that chewy goodness.

But, then things go awry at the end again. Cookie Monster, satisfied with a day’s work, goes to bed and says good night to his new friend. He goes on to stare at Siri for a few seconds, before wishing aloud that he had the ability to close his eyes. You are all now aware that Cookie Monster has literally never slept in his life. Come to think of it, that does explain some things.