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America’s Got Talent has been on the air since 2006, and the show has crowned 13 winners in that time. Some of them have gone on to huge success and become household names, while some have stayed more under the radar since their wins.

If you’re wondering what everyone from Bianca Ryan to Shin Lim has been up to since their wins, look no further. Read on to find out what all of the show’s winners are doing now.

1. Bianca Ryan

The show’s first winner was just 11 years old when she was crowned champion for her incredible singing voice. She released a self-titled album shortly thereafter, and has since released several singles and EPs. Now 24, Bianca recently began crowdfunding her upcoming EP, and appeared on AGT: The Champions after suffering a paralyzed vocal cord.

2. Terry Fator

This ventriloquist has found massive success since winning Season 2 of AGT. He’s been performing at various venues in Las Vegas since his win, and recently celebrated his 10th anniversary performing at the Mirage. In 2018, he came in seventh place on Forbes‘ list of highest-paid comedians, making $18 million.

3. Neal E. Boyd

Neal’s operatic voice made him the winner of Season 3. Afterward, he performed in Las Vegas, released his album My American Dream, and even ran for office in Missouri. Sadly, Neal passed away in June 2018, at age 42, due to heart and kidney failure compounded with liver disease. BGT winner Paul Potts dedicated a performance to Neal on AGT: The Champions.

4. Kevin Skinner

This country singer won Season 4. Since then, he performed in Vegas and released two albums in 2010 and 2011. He’s flown under the radar in recent years. In 2014, he was reported missing but was later found. He reportedly battled depression after his wife left him.

5. Michael Grimm

After this singer/songwriter won Season 5, he proposed to his girlfriend on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and has since released several albums, including the 2015 title Grimm. He’s also had a few residencies, including one at the Hard Rock Hotel and most recently at the Smith Center this year.

6. Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.

This jazz singer won Season 6 of AGT in 2011. He’s since released three albums. His most recent title, Landau, was released in 2016. He continues to perform concerts, and has also broken into acting. He appeared in the 2018 film Choices and will act in an upcoming movie called The Gospel Truth.

7. Olate Dogs

In Season 7, this father and son became the first and only animal act to win AGT. After headlining in Las Vegas and performing in AGT‘s All-Star Tour, they released a Christmas album in 2013 that included dogs barking classic tunes. In 2016, they performed on AGT‘s Holiday Spectacular. They continue to tour and raise awareness about pet adoption.

8. Kenichi Ebina

This Japanese performance artist won Season 8 with his robotic dance moves. He returned for America’s Got Talent: The Champions earlier this year. In 2014, he released an app called “Dance-ish Me,” and also released a book. He continues to perform around the world, and it was also reported that he would direct a stage show of anime series Captain Tsubasa.

9. Mat Franco

Mat was the first magician to win America’s Got Talent in Season 9. He’s been performing in Las Vegas at the LINQ Hotel & Casino since 2015. In 2017, the theater was renamed the Mat Franco Theater. He also had a magic special on NBC in 2015. You can buy his merchandise on his website.

10. Paul Zerdin

This British ventriloquist won Season 10 of AGT. He’s since performed in Las Vegas, and is taking his “Puppet Party” on the road in the UK this year. He’s also acted in stage productions of Cinderella and Snow White at the London Palladium, and appeared on AGT: The Champions. He faced some controversy after winning in 2015, as ventriloquists accused him of stealing from their acts.

Grace was 12 years old when she won Season 11 of AGT with her singer/songwriter act. Since winning, she released an EP called Perfectly Imperfect, and an album called Just the Beginning. In 2018, she opened for Imagine Dragons on tour. She recently released a song called “Hideaway” for the movie Wonder Park. She’s also starring in the upcoming Disney film Stargirl.

12. Darci Lynne Farmer

Darci Lynne’s singing ventriloquist act won over fans in Season 12. Since winning, she’s continued to perform, and even launched a national tour called Darci Lynne and Friends Live. She also hosted a Christmas special on NBC, and has announced a second tour called Fresh Out of the Box. She recently came in second place on America’s Got Talent: The Champions.

13. Shin Lim

This card magician won Season 13 of America’s Got Talent, and then returned for Champions, only to win again. He brought his act to Broadway last year for The Illusionists – Magic Of The Holidays. This year, Shin is performing at the Mirage in Las Vegas, and going on a North American tour. You can purchase tickets on his website.

As “America’s Got Talent” season 14 ends, now is the perfect time to check in with the first 13 acts to win “AGT” and see where they are now. Click through the photo gallery above to get updates on all 13 “AGT” winners. The most recent of these, magician Shin Lim, has turned 13 into a lucky number. Just weeks after he won “America’s Got Talent” in the fall of 2018, he competed on the first season of “AGT: The Champions” and took that title too.

In the suspenseful finale of this special edition of the “AGT” franchise show, Shin barely edged out season 12 “AGT” champion Darci Lynne Farmer. That pint-sized singing ventriloquist is one of the most successful of the “America’s Got Talent” winners. She was the third voice thrower to win “AGT” after Terry Fator (Season 2) and Paul Zerdin (Season 10) and tours extensively as does Shin.

Farmer was the third child star to win “AGT,” following in the footsteps of Season 1 winner singer Bianca Ryan (at age 11 the youngest-ever winner) and Season 11 champ Grace VanderWaal, a 12-year-old singer-songwriter/ukulele player. They are the only three females to win “America’s Got Talent.”

Beginning in season 3, four male singers in a row won: Neal E. Boyd, Kevin Skinner, Michael Grimm and Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. Boyd died in 2018 of heart failure at age 42. This quartet of male singers was followed by three variety acts: the Olate Dogs (season 7), modern dancer Kenichi Ebina (season 8) and magician Mat Franco (season 9).

Which winning act is your all-time favorite? Be sure to sound off down in the comments section.

‘America’s Got Talent’ Winner Won’t Really Get $1M

The winner of Season 12 of America’s Got Talent will be crowned on Wednesday night and viewers will hear repeatedly – as they have all summer – about the $1 million grand prize.

In fact, the winner will not receive $1 million (all figures U.S.). No AGT winner ever has.

At the end of every episode of AGT, a disclaimer flashes on the screen explaining: “The prize, which totals $1,000,000, is payable in a financial annuity over forty years, or the contestant may choose to receive the present cash value of such annuity.”

If the winner chooses the first payment option, he or she will receive about $25,000 a year for the next 40 years. This is taxable income in the U.S., so the total amount received after four decades would be significantly less than $1 million.

This season’s frontrunners are 10-year-old singer Angelica Hale and 12-year-old ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer. If they took the grand prize in the form of an annuity, they would be 50 and 52 respectively by the time the last cheque was issued.

Choosing the “present cash value” of the annuity instead would earn the winner about $300,000, less taxes – meaning he or she would pocket between $150,000 and $200,000.

AGT also promises “a headline show in Las Vegas” as part of the prize package. That’s nothing more than performing as the final act in a variety show on Nov. 3 and Nov. 4 at the PH Showroom at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

Only a handful of AGT winners have gone on to successful entertainment careers. Season 2 winner, ventriloquist Terry Fater, and magician Matt Franco, who won Season 9, signed lucrative deals for their own shows in Vegas.

But singers who won the show – including Bianca Ryan, Neal E. Boyd, Kevin Skinner, Landau Eugene Murphy – have failed to cash in on their AGT success. Last season’s winner Grace VanderWaal has a debut album coming out in November.

2013 America’s Got Talent Winner: Kenichi Ebina

On September 18th, 2013, dancer Kenichi Ebina became the first Japanese performer to win NBC’s hit TV show America’s Got Talent! He won $1,000,000 and will get his own show in Las Vegas. The following is an excerpt of Tokyo Journal Executive Editor Anthony Al-Jamie’s exclusive Interview with Kenichi. For the full-length interview see Tokyo Journal’s Autumn Issue.

TJ: When did you first start to dance?
EBINA: I was attending an English Language Institute for international students who don’t speak English. It was connected to the college I graduated from and since it was on a college campus, students in the English school were invited to college activities. I went to a dance party for welcoming freshman. At the time I wasn’t big into dancing at all but I knew the steps for the “Running Man” that I had learned from some friends. At the party they made a circle and people started showing off. I had to go in and I did the Running Man. People started getting loud. At the time I thought they were loud because I wasn’t good, but it was the opposite – they were cheering for me! After that, I started thinking dancing was fun. I started watching videos and copied their moves and steps.

TJ: So that was when you were in college. How old were you then?
EBINA: 20 or 21.

TJ: So you’ve been doing this for close to 20 years! You’re a veteran! Do you teach?
EBINA: I used to teach at dance schools in the U.S. but I’m not good at it. My passion is performing and I was teaching because I couldn’t make a living. I’m probably not a good teacher because I’m self-taught. For example, there’s the down rhythm and the up rhythm but some people aren’t good at picking up the up rhythm. At some point they start going to the down rhythm, and I didn’t know the methodology for teaching this. My goal is directing and producing shows. I think my strength is putting the show together.

TJ: So when you were in New York, were you teaching the whole time?
EBINA: Actually the last couple of years, I didn’t teach. I performed.

TJ: And you could make a living by performing? Where were you performing?
EBINA: I worked freelance. I travelled all over – the United States, Europe, Asia. For over half the year I was in New York and for the other half of the year I was somewhere else. In New York there was a night club called “The BOX”. They produce high-class variety shows with many different kinds of performers. I performed there for over 5 years. Basically, whenever I’m in New York I like to perform there. A lot of celebrities came there for parties or to watch the shows and sometimes I got private bookings from the celebrities and guests. I did private parties and corporate events. Because of my style of performance, it was easy for me to fit in at many kinds of occasions. Some people are only good at a club, or a theater, or at festivals, but fortunately I can perform almost anywhere.

TJ: So you don’t need much space?
EBINA: It depends on how long I have to perform and what kind of piece they want me to do; I usually don’t need a gigantic stage and can adjust my performance to fit the request. I don’t consider myself a dancer but more of a performer who uses dance, mime, illusions and special effects with lights and audio.

TJ: Was being on “America’s Got Talent” stressful for you?
EBINA: Yes. After the first episode aired the exposure was huge. I got a lot of compliments, messages and enquiries after that, which was a good thing. However, everyone’s expectations were very high. After my first performance, I thought the response was too much and they overvalued my ability.

TJ:What was the most difficult part of the process for you?
EBINA: Coming up with the moves, because I did my best moves in the first episode! I tried to keep my signature move so people would recognize it so that if they see another dancer do it, they’ll think of me – like Michael Jackson when he did the moonwalk.

TJ:You have already won “America’s Got Talent”, do you have any other dreams you would like to fulf ill?
EBINA: I’d like to take my one-man show around the world. I want to build a market for my business in Japan too and travel back and forth. I’d like to have a show touring the world; In places like Las Vegas and New York I’d like to perform for extended periods of time. Not permanent residential shows, but shows for one or two months. I’d also like to produce or direct shows with other performers who can do what I cannot. I’m not a great dancer and not capable of doing outrageous physical things.

TJ:But I’ve seen you dance, and you do some outrageous physical stuff!
EBINA: The one move you’re probably talking about is where I go all the way down to the floor and then get back up without using my arms. That’s the only outrageous physical move that I created.

TJ:Can you teach that?
EBINA: As I mentioned before, I’m not a good teacher, but I suppose there are some tips I could share. For example, try not to lift your heels off the floor. Try to keep your heels in the same spot and move your upper body towards that spot. Actually, it’s not as hard as it looks. I think I’m good at making things look harder than they are.

TJ:How did you feel when you won “America’s Got Talent”?
EBINA:I felt surprised, happy, guilty and wonderful!

TJ:What will you do with the $1 million prize money?
EBINA:I don’t know yet. Basically it’s an annuity and it’ll be paid over 40 years. There is lump sum option, but in that case, a third party provider would take more than half and then I would have to pay tax after that, so I’d probably end up with $250,000. It’s up to my wife.

TJ:English has obviously helped your career. How important is it for Japanese to learn English?
EBINA:English is not only important for Japanese but also very helpful for anyone if they want to work globally! tj

Full exclusive interview with Kenichi Ebina coming soon in the Autumn Issue of the Tokyo Journal.

NBC will air its all-star version of AGT, America’s Got Talent: The Champions from Monday, January 6. Terry Crews is back as host, with the judges from last year’s version of Champions, Howie Mandel, Simon Cowell and Heidi Klum being joined by Alesha Dixon, judge on Britain’s Got Talent, who is replacing Mel B.

The 40 acts they will be judging in the new all-star season of the NBC show come from across the world but only include one former America’s Got Talent winner. This is Michael Grimm, who won the show a decade ago. There are winners of regional versions from Germany, Romania and even Myanmar among the line-up.

Among the AGT acts returning are shadow dance group The Silhouettes, mentalist Oz Pearlman, violinist Brian King Joseph and dance group V. Unbeatable among others.

Like the last champions season, the show was prerecorded, with a panel of “superfans” watching live and voting on the winners. Like last year’s version, this season is expected to last for seven episodes.

According to TV Line, the following contestants will be taking part:

Alexa Lauenburger (seen here on “Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions” 2019) is part of the line-up of “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” 2020 ITV

  • Alexa Lauenburger, dog act (Das Supertalent 2017 winner, Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions 2019 finalist)
  • Angelina Jordan, singer (Norway’s Got Talent 2014 winner)
  • Bars & Melody, singing duoble act (Britain’s Got Talent 2014 finalist)
  • Ben Blaque, danger act (Britain’s Got Talent 2016 semi-finalist)
  • Ben Hart, magician (Britain’s Got Talent 2019 finalist)
  • Boogie Storm, dance group (Britain’s Got Talent 2016 finalist)
  • Brian King Joseph, violinist (America’s Got Talent 2018 finalist)
  • Christian and Percy, balancing/dog act (America’s Got Talent 2014 finalist)
  • Collabro, singing group (Britain’s Got Talent 2014 winner)
  • Connie Talbot, singer (Britain’s Got Talent 2007 finalist)

Duo Transcend are among the contestants taking part in “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” 2020 NBC

  • Dan Naturman, comedian (America’s Got Talent 2014 finalist)
  • Dania Díaz, magician (Spain’s Got Talent 2018 finalist)
  • Duo Destiny, duo gymnastics act (Poland’s Got Talent 2018 winner)
  • Duo Transcend, trapeze and rollerskating duo (America’s Got Talent 2018 finalist)
  • Eddie Williams, strongman (Australia’s Got Talent 2019 semi-finalist)
  • Emil Rengle, dancer (Romania’s Got Talent 2018 winner)
  • Freckled Sky, dance group (America’s Got Talent 2015 quarter-finalist)
  • Hans, singer (America’s Got Talent 2018 quarter-finalist)
  • Jack Vidgen, singer (Australia’s Got Talent 2011 winner)
  • JJ Pantano, comedian (Australia’s Got Talent 2019 semi-finalist)

Michael Grimm is the only “America’s Got Talent” winner taking part in the 2020 “Champions” season NBC

  • Junior Creative, dance group (Myanmar’s Got Talent 2018 winner)
  • Luke Islam, singer (America’s Got Talent 2019 semi-finalist)
  • Marcelito Pomoy, singer (Pilipinas Got Talent 2011 winner)
  • Marc Spelmann, magician (Britain’s Got Talent 2018 and 2019 runner-up)
  • Michael Grimm, singer (America’s Got Talent 2010 winner)
  • Mike Yung, singer (America’s Got Talent 2017 semi-finalist)
  • Miki Dark, danger act (Holland’s Got Talent 2019 semi-finalist, Das Supertalent 2019 finalist)
  • Moses Concas, beat boxer (Italia’s Got Talent 2016 winner)
  • Oz Pearlman, mentalist (America’s Got Talent 2015 finalist)
  • Paddy and Nicko, dance duo (Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions 2019 – finalist and France’s Got Talent 2016 semi-finalist)

Puddles Pity Party is taking part in “AGT: The Champions” 2020 NBC

  • Puddles Pity Party, singer (America’s Got Talent 2017 quarter-finalist)
  • Quick Style, dance trio (Norway’s Got Talent 2009 winner)
  • Ryan Niemiller, comedian (America’s Got Talent 2019 finalist)
  • Sandou Trio Russian Bar, Russian Bar act (America’s Got Talent 2011 semi-finalist)
  • The Silhouettes, dance group (America’s Got Talent 2011 finalist)
  • Spencer Horsman, danger act (America’s Got Talent 2012 quarter-finalist)
  • Strauss Serpent, contortionist (Africa’s Got Talent 2018 winner)
  • Tyler Butler-Figueroa, violinist (America’s Got Talent 2019 finalist)
  • Voices of Service, singing group (America’s Got Talent 2019 finalist)
  • V.Unbeatable, dance group (America’s Got Talent 2019 finalist)

America’s Got Talent: The Champions 2020 starts Monday, January 6 at

The Most Successful ‘America’s Got Talent’ Contestants Ever

America’s Got Talent goes beyond the usual song and dance competition to include talented folks who can do almost anything. For 13 seasons, we’ve watched winners take home the $1 million prize and celebrate success. From tours to endorsements, here are the most successful America’s Got Talent contestants ever. One is even worth $120 million (page 15).

15. Kevin Skinner

Kevin Skinner smiles after winning America’s Got Talent. |

  • Net worth: $1 million

Although not quite as financially successful as other America’s Got Talent winners, Kevin Skinner still has a huge following. The Season 4 winner took home the $1 million prize in an annuity paid out over 40 years. Skinner’s 2010 debut album, Long Ride, failed to top charts. However, he’s headlined many concerts including one for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Next: The first ever Latina cast member in “Saturday Night Live” history.

14. Melissa Villaseñor

Melissa Villaseñor on “America’s Got Talent” | NBC

  • Net worth: $1.5 million

The comedian and impressionist was a semifinalist on AGT Season 6. Melissa Villaseñor didn’t win the top prize, but she did many voice-overs for animated projects. In 2016, Villaseñor joined Saturday Night Live as the first ever Latina cast member. She’s also made cameos on TV shows like Crashing and Barry.

Next: A crafty ventriloquist

13. Paul Zerdin

Paul Zerdin on “America’s Got Talent” | NBC

  • Net worth: $1.5 million

After winning Season 10 of America’s Got Talent, British ventriloquist Paul Zerdin and his puppet Sam set up shop at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Zerdin’s headline show, Mouthing Off, ran for four months in 2014. Once the show ended, the comedian embarked on a massive tour of the U.K.

Next: The best dog show ever

12. Olate Dogs

Olate Dogs on “America’s Got Talent” | NBC

  • Net worth: $2 million

The father-and-son duo, along with their dogs, are some of the most creative contestants to do America’s Got Talent. After winning Season 7, Richard and Nicholas Olate embarked on the AGT live tour, headlined Las Vegas shows, performed at NBA half-time games, and aired two TV specials, The Olate Dogs’s Christmas and Paws: An All-Star Dog Spectacular. Can you believe this pair nearly skipped their AGT audition?

Next: A pint-size ukulele player

11. Grace VanderWaal

Grace VanderWaal on “America’s Got Talent” | NBC

  • Net worth: $2 million

Being called the “next Taylor Swift” is a lot of pressure, but Grace VanderWaal didn’t let that stop her from winning the 11th season of AGT. The singer-songwriter and ukulele player has toured with Imagine Dragons, opened and closed for the 2017 Special Olympics, and earned a starring role in Disney’s upcoming movie, Stargirl. She also partnered with Fender for the 2018 holiday season, releasing two ukeleles.

Next: A comedian with a dragon alter-ego

10. Piff the Magic Dragon

Piff the Magic Dragon on “America’s Got Talent” | NBC

  • Net worth: $2.3 million

Piff the Magic Dragon aka John van der Put is a British magician/comedian who appeared on the 10th season of America’s Got Talent. Put already rose to fame in the U.K., even opening for Mumford and Sons. Though he didn’t win AGT, his time on the show gave him massive exposure. After AGT, Put completed a residency at the Flamingo in Las Vegas.

Next: A former pizza delivery man turned jazz singer.

9. Sal Valentinetti

Sal Valentinetti on “America’s Got Talent” | NBC

  • Net worth: $3 million

Influenced by his grandmother’s love of classic vocalists like Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra, former pizza delivery man Sal Valentinetti brought his silky smooth voice to America’s Got Talent’s 11th Season. Though Valentinetti did not win the $1 million prize, he has toured the nation and released his first EP. His motto is, “I’m going to entertain you like you’ve never been entertained before.”

Next: The first “America’s Got Talent” winner ever

8. Bianca Ryan

Bianca Ryan on “America’s Got Talent” | NBC

  • Net worth: $3 million

The first winner of America’s Got Talent was just 11 when she won the top prize and debuted a self-titled album. Bianca Ryan released music videos and singles in the years following, before her career slowed due to health problems. In 2016, she underwent stomach surgery after being at risk for esophageal cancer. Since then, she’s dabbled in acting. In 2018, she co-headlined the Houpalooza Music Festival.

Ryan is feeling better these days. She told E! News, “I learned to write music very young … and it’s helped me so much with the latest three singles I just released after a few year hiatus. I’m proud of opening my own label Bianca Ryan Records!”

Next: A dazzling singer and ventriloquist

7. Darci Lynne Farmer

Darci Lynne Farmer attends the Premiere of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” Season 12 on August 15, 2017 in Hollywood, Calif. | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

  • Net worth: $3 million

The Oklahoma City native was just 11 when she appeared on America’s Got Talent, but Darci Lynne Farmer made an impression. The singer/ventriloquist won Season 12 and the $1 million prize. She performed across the U.S. for sold-out audiences as part of her Darci Lynne and Friends show. Farmer also got to open for Fergie at Caesar’s Palace on New Year’s Eve.

Next: A vocalist who snagged a show at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas

6. Michael Grimm

Michael Grimm on “America’s Got Talent” | NBC

  • Net worth: $3 million

Michael Grimm took home the $1 million prize as the Season 5 winner. After AGT, the stellar vocalist snagged a show at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and released his self-titled album, which debuted at No. 13 on the Billboard charts. Since then, Grimm has released more albums, opened for Stevie Nicks, and even returned to Vegas for residencies, like his most recent, a three-month residency at Vinyl.

Next: A contestant who could make magic on stage.

5. Matt Franco

Matt Franco on “America’s Got Talent” | NBC

  • Net worth: $3 million

The suave magician won Season 9 of America’s Got Talent, wowing the judges with his stellar tricks. Matt Franco garnered a headlining magic show at LINQ Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. In 2015, he headed back to NBC where he starred in his own two-hour TV special called Matt Franco’s Got Magic.

Next: A songstress who made history as a runner-up.

4. Jackie Evancho

Jackie Evancho on “America’s Got Talent”| NBC

  • Net worth: $4 million

On Season 5, when she was barely 10, Jackie Evancho finished as the runner-up after Michael Grimm. After AGT, she became the youngest solo platinum artist of all time with a platinum-selling EP and seven albums, including three Billboard 200 top 10 debuts. She has performed for everyone from Donald Trump to Pope Francis. She’s also transitioning from classical and gospel to pop. She told Teen Vogue, “I learned a great deal from the whole experience. It launched me in a big way, which I’m very grateful for.”

Next: A violinist who also slayed on “Dancing with the Stars”

3. Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling on “Dancing with the Stars” | ABC

  • Net worth: $6 million

Violinist and dancer Lindsey Stirling stunned in Season 5 of AGT. She didn’t take home the top prize, but Stirling got a massive following on YouTube. She has recorded three studio albums of electronic violin-centric music. In 2014, Stirling’s album, Shatter Me debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200. Stirling is worth $6 million, and she’s also toured the world. Recently she even competed on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.

Next: An epic Texas-based trio

2. The Texas Tenors

The Texas Tenors on “America’s Got Talent” | NBC

  • Net worth: $13 million

When The Texas Tenors showed up on Season 4 of America’s Got Talent they stunned us all. The three-time Emmy Award-winning trio is classical crossover vocal group was formed in 2009 by country singer JC Fisher, pop singer Marcus Collins, and opera singer John Hagen.

Though they did not win the fourth season of America’s Got Talent, the Texas Tenors have performed in over 1,500 concerts worldwide since 2009. The group’s third studio album, RISE!, debuted at #1 on the Billboard Charts, and they got their own PBS special. In 2019, they will return to AGT to compete on America’s Got Talent: The Champions.

Next: The $120 million contestant

1. Terry Factor

Terry Factor on “America’s Got Talent” | NBC

  • Net worth: $120 million

The most successful America’s Got Talent contestant is obviously the mega-talented ventriloquist, impressionist, comedian, and singer, Terry Factor. Way back in 2007 during the sophomore season of AGT, Factor skyrocketed to fame and took home the $1 million prize. That money is now just chump change to him.

Factor went on to sign a $100 million contract with The Mirage in Las Vegas where he is currently headling his show, Terry Fator: The Voice of Entertainment. Factor does 200 shows a year, and after the initial contract, he reportedly gets an additional $60 million for every extra year he signs on.

The funnyman is now worth $120 million and he attributes all of his success to America’s Got Talent. He told Travel Zoo, “Let’s just say that if I hadn’t won, right now I’d be the most talented singing ventriloquist pumping gas in Corsicana, Texas. The truth is that everywhere I go, to this day, people mention me winning AGT. And I never get tired of hearing them share with me how they and their family voted for me. It’s why every night I want to give every fan the best show they have ever seen.”

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Past winners of America’s Got Talent have amazed audiences and judges with their wide array of skills, showcasing everything from singing to dancing to magic to even dog training. Part of the show’s appeal is that it allows aspiring performers a unique way to gain recognition via often unusual skills. While all contestants had their charms, who are the best America’s Got Talent winners? Help decide below!

Some of the most successful America’s Got Talent winners have been singers. The late Neal Boyd was an impressive opera singer and the 2017 winner Grace VanderWaal auditioned with her own original song. However, the program is not solely a singing competition. Many past winners of America’s Got Talent became popular on the show due to rarer skills. Terry Fator, Paul Zerdin, and Darci Lynne Farmer all won with their talents as ventriloquists. Father and son team Richard and Nicholas Olate showed off their skilled pooches in their winning dog training act. Below, you’ll find a list of America’s Got Talent winners. Be sure to vote the best winners to the top!

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  • Last updated on November 17th, 2019 at 08:37 am

    America’s Got Talent has established itself as a prime source of entertainment for the American public. Throughout the 14 seasons of AGT on TV so far, America’s Got Talent has introduced us to some of the most talented individuals in the US — and beyond.

    Magicians, singers, musicians, impersonators, comedians — hundreds of artists and entertainers with various gifts and of different ages became AGT contestants and got to share their talents with the world. There are many performances which have stuck with the in-house audience. However, there were some who went above and beyond people’s expectations.

    With Season 15 auditions already underway, we thought it would be fun to look back at some of the most popular contestants from past seasons and see what they are up to now.

    1. Evie Clair, Season 12

    The first on our list is Evie Clair, an incredibly talented singer. With her incredible vocal prowess, Evie has managed to make quite a name for herself.

    Her big breakthrough came when she decided to audition for NBC’S America’ Got Talent. During her run, she made it all the way among the top ten AGT contestants in the finale of the show, all while thrilling the audiences with her masterful performance. She touched millions of hearts with her soft voice and emotional performances.

    The teenagers moving life story and the fact she dedicated her performances to her sick father, who sadly passed away from cancer a week before AGT’s final round, is something which stuck with people, as well.

    Since the show wrapped, the Arizona teenager has kept a busy schedule singing. She has upcoming shows throughout the United States where she’ll get to showcase her undeniable vocal qualities and ability to build a powerful connection with her audience.

    Evie also released an original album called “Okay Day“ which she performed live with James Arthur during the season 12 finale. Her album hit #47 on the Top Pop Album Charts. See it again in the clip below:

    All this positive reception is the result of Evie’s hard work and magnificent talent. Her soothing voice, combined with her graceful stage presence, manages to capture the whole public’s attention.

    Evie’s performance is one of those solo music acts which leave a lasting impression.

    2. Kechi Okwuchi, Season 12

    Before knowing her as an artist, it’s essential to know Kechi’s story. On the 10th of December, 2005, she was the victim of a plane crash. As a result of this disaster, she suffered third-degree burns over 65% of her body.

    However, Kechi wouldn’t allow this tragic event to take its toll on her entire life. She carried on and went to graduate university and start a career as a market analyst.

    It’s easy to understand that Kechi is a fighter. And this attitude carries on in her music.

    Yes, you read that right. Kechi has many talents; she is both an artist and a motivational speaker. As a singer, she has an angelic voice. Also, whenever she is singing, all the eyes in the room are on her.

    Her big debut as a singer was on America’s Got Talent, in 2017. There she stunned national audiences with her astounding performance.

    She would win round after round, with the public applauding loudly each time she would perform. Eventually, it ended up among the top ten AGT contestants of the season.

    After this successful run on America’s Got Talent, Kechi continues to forge a path for herself. She continues to sing and to inspire many people from around the world.

    3. Blake Vogt, Season 11

    Blake Vogt shared his unique brand of off-the-wall magic with millions of viewers from the stage at America’s Got Talent. The audience commended him not only for his incredible abilities as a magician but also for his charisma and the fact he always put a smile on their faces.

    Since his AGT journey, Blake has satisfied his creative thirst by lending his expertise to live theatre shows, television, and movies, such as Now You See Me 1 & 2 and Marvel’s Ant-Man.

    Black hasn’t slowed down as a performer either, considering he’s doing shows for private events and functions all over the world.

    4. Taylor Williamson, Season 8

    Taylor, who first started performing stand-up comedy when he was a senior in high school, finished the AGT competition in 2nd place. During his appearances on the show, Taylor became everyone’s best friend with his relatable jokes inspired by personal experiences.

    During the semifinals, both Howard Stern and Howie Mandel gave Taylor standing ovations in response to his hilarious performance (which you can watch below):

    Taylor Williamson – America’s Got Talent 2013 Season 8 – The Semi-Finals

    Since appearing on the show back in 2013, Taylor has been focusing on perfecting his comedy style, touring in the United States and Canada, as well as performing at corporate events.

    Fans were also able to see him during Season 9 of America’s Got Talent, where he made a guest appearance and got everyone rolling in the aisles with a video skit depicting his “relationship” with supermodel Heidi Klum.

    5. Passing Zone, Season 1 & 11

    Passing Zone is an entertainment duo comprised of Jon Wee and Owen Morse. Their weapon of choice? Quite literally, sickles, knives, and daggers.

    Jon and Owen’s brand of entertainment is a fusion between stand-up comedy and shocking performance arts, such as — knife juggling, target practice and various stunts which may or may not contain chainsaws.

    When you think you’ve seen it all, that’s when Passing Zone is there to prove you wrong. Despite doing shows for almost over a decade, Jon and Owen are still on top of their game.

    For example, during the 2016 season of AGT, they sent shivers down the spines of everyone watching. This includes the judges, where Howie and Mel B were part of the act.

    Words cannot describe its intensity, and that’s why it’s better if you see it for yourself:

    America’s Got Talent 2016 The Passing Zone Hilarious Carnies Pull One Over Full Judge Cuts Clip S1

    It was one of the most exciting performances from AGT, racking up millions of views on YouTube and the adoration of countless fans.

    6. Mandy Harvey, Season 12

    Mandy Harvey is a singer-songwriter with an inspiring life story. She lost her hearing at the age of eighteen, and that would’ve meant that Mandy couldn’t do what she loved most — music!

    However, Mandy would not let her loss foil her dreams of becoming a successful musician. Through sheer determination and hard work, she managed to overcome her disability and turn music into a career.

    She first started by performing local shows. These proved to be a success with the audience, but her real breakthrough came in 2017 when she auditioned for America’s Got Talent.

    Mandy Harvey: Deaf Singer Earns Simon’s Golden Buzzer With Original Song – America’s Got Talent 2017

    Mandy’s life story touched the hearts of many people in the audience. However, the defining moment of the audition was her vocal performance, which brought many people to tears.

    To top it all off, Simon granted her the Golden Buzzer, and this turned into a very emotional moment for everyone involved.

    7. Sergey and Sasha Korolev, Season 10 & 13

    The story begins in 1981 when a young Sergey graduated from the Republican Studio Variety Circus Arts. With his newly acquired degree and skills, he would go on and perform shows which will take him all over the world.

    Many years later, he instructed his daughter to learn acrobatics, and they teamed together to form the duo the audiences know and love.

    They have participated on America’s Got Talent a couple of times, but in 2018, their stunt turned into one of the most exciting performances from AGT.

    The audience loved it, as can be seen in the following video:

    Sergey and Sasha Father Daughter Acrobatic Duo DANGEROUS America’s Got Talent 2018 Judge Cuts 4 AGT

    8. Christina Wells, Season 13

    Christina’s one of those solo music acts which hooks the audience from the first notes she sings up until the last one.

    She started with a dream to grace the stage as a singer the way her idols did. However, it wouldn’t come to fruition, and she would leave behind her aspiration of becoming a singer.

    This wouldn’t be the last turn that life had in store for Christina. After many years of working as a nurse, she still had a spark for singing and eventually decided to give it another go.

    This time, things would work out great for her. She would be part of a live band, get featured in the Super Bowl Live! And even making it to America’s Got Talent.

    However, the fact she “made it” doesn’t mean it’s the end of the line. Nowadays, Christina continues to put on one amazing show after the other, all while her audience is absorbed in the performance.

    Most-Loved AGT Contestants on Stage at Your Event? Yep, It’s Possible!

    Whether a performance is meant to shock or inspire, if it manages to keep the audience invested, then you know it’s bound to be a success. The America’s Got Talent contestants featured in this article are now recognizable names in the entertainment industry — and any event would benefit from their contribution.

    If you are planning to organize an event which offers an unforgettable experience, then why not hire the performers featured in this article? If the audience has seen these performers on TV, then they’ll enjoy seeing them perform live. So in case you are interested in booking one of the acts presented here for an upcoming event, go ahead and contact us as soon as possible.

    Alternatively, feel free to browse through our selection of best in class entertainers you’re likely to recognize from their successful appearances on stage at America’s Got Talent.

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