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Like many moms with young kids, I’m always on the lookout for great deals on diapers and other baby products. As an avid online shopper, I’ve often wondered how to use Amazon subscribe and save on diapers. Was subscribe & save worth it for baby items?

Doesn’t it sound amazing? Diapers just show up at your door each month.

You never again have to make an emergency trip to the store because you forgot to buy diapers and ran out… or maybe that only happens to me.

Seems easy enough, but is it a good deal?

I stay on a tight budget so finding diaper deals is basically my life. In fact, I often opt for generic store brand diapers to save a bundle. I even compared a bunch of different brands and wrote a whole post about it that you can read here.

Though I tend to shop around for deals, I also love the convenience of ordering from Amazon.

But I was hesitant to try subscribe & save. Subscriptions sounded like a complicated commitment.

It turns out that I was totally wrong and worried for no reason. Subscribe & save is easy to use and can save you big bucks on diapers and other baby items.

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In This Guide:

What is Amazon Subscribe & Save?

Amazonoffers subscriptions on tons of items including many baby products like diapers and formula.

You are able to schedule these products to be automatically delivered on a recurring basis where you get to decide the delivery date and frequency.

By subscribing you get a discount on these products ranging from 5% to as much as 20%.

If you buy diapers from Amazon, you are leaving money on the table if you don’t subscribe & save.

Amazonmakes subscriptions super easy, but there are a few things you should know to make sure you are saving as much as possible.

Here are tips to get the best deal on diapers using Amazon subscribe & save:

How to use Amazon Subscribe & Save for 20% off Diapers

If you have shopped for diapers on Amazon then you’ve likely seen the “Subscribe & Save” option. It usually has a 5% and greyed out 20% next to it.

Anyone can subscribe and get the 5% off discount, but how do I save more? How do I save get that coveted 20% off my diapers?

There are 2 things you have to do to get that 20% off:

#1: You Must Be an Amazon Prime Member

To get 20% off diapers through Amazon Family you have to be an Amazon Prime Member.

If you’re unsure about joining Amazon Prime, the subscribe & save discount is just one of the many perks. You also get free 2 day shipping, video and music streaming, and exclusive deals. You can even try Amazon Prime FREE for 30 days!

If you aren’t a prime member you can still subscribe & save to get 5% off as well as free standard shipping.

#2: You Must Order 5 Items

You need to have 5 subscription items delivered that month to receive the 20% discount on diapers.

The items have to be subscriptions and they all must be delivered to the same address.

I hate to fall into the trap of spending more to save a little, but luckily Amazon offers subscriptions on tons of items that I buy anyway.

In addition to diapers, you can get 20% off of subscriptions for baby food, formula, and lot of other baby items.

To get your 5 items there are also many household products like toilet paper, detergent, toothpaste, and even groceries that you can subscribe to for a 5% – 15% discount

Keep in mind that you don’t have to get deliveries every month and that you can cancel your subscription at any time. Unless you know that you need to have monthly deliveries, consider scheduling your orders every few months giving you plenty of time to cancel or adjust your frequency to get it sooner if needed.

Having trouble finding 5 items? Consider adding a few inexpensive items. Mashup Mom lists 20 cheap subscribe & save items that you can add and updates it every week.

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Use Amazon Coupons to Save More

Did you know that Amazon has coupons?

I didn’t. But Amazon actually offers lots of coupons on tons of different products.

You can browse through the subscribe & save coupons and even sort by Baby coupons.

Just click on Clip Coupon and it will automatically be applied when you checkout.

It’s important to note that the coupon only applies to the first order of your subscription.

You can also look for coupons on the actual product pages. They’ll appear in as a green button under the price. Click on the green button to clip the coupon.

The coupons do change frequently so be sure to check regularly.

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Always Check Your Reminder Email

You’ll receive an email a few days before your subscription is shipped with the information for that order.

I know inboxes get busy, but make sure you read this email!

First, make sure that you are receiving 5 items to get your maximum discount.

Second, Amazon prices fluctuate all the time, so you want to check prices carefully. If you keep these emails it will be easy to compare to your last order and spot an increase.

Finally, make changes to your order if needed. It’s easy to modify your order in Amazon, from skipping the next order to changing the delivery date to cancelling a subscription all in just a couple clicks.

Staying on top of your subscriptions will get you better deals than just setting them for delivery and forgetting about them.

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How Many Diapers Do I Need?

When you subscribe, you select a quantity and frequency for delivery. One concern some moms have about diaper subscriptions is not knowing how many diapers to order.

This can definitely be tricky since you need to have enough, but since babies grow so quickly you don’t want to end up with a ton of extra diapers that are suddenly too small.

You can ballpark it with a general average which is often between 6-10 diapers per day. This doesn’t take into account that babies use fewer diapers as as they get older.

This diaper calculator tool takes into account average baby growth to help estimate how many diapers you’ll need in each size which is pretty cool.

For instance, my 1 year old uses 5 – 6 diapers/day pretty consistently right now. However, as a newborn he usually used 9 diapers/day.

I find that the most accurate way is to just keep track of my baby’s diapers for a few days to figure out a personal average.

Also make sure you evaluate your baby’s diaper fit each month before your order ships to get the right size. Because they grow super quickly at first, I would be extra careful about reorders for newborns and size 1 diapers.

Ultimately, remember that you can cancel your subscription at any time. You can subscribe to size 1 diapers, receive one delivery, and then cancel it to get a bigger size the next month.

The bottom line – If you buy from Amazon, you should definitely use Amazon subscribe and save on diapers.

To get the best deal: join Amazon Prime, receive 5 subscription items at a time, and use Amazon coupons. Also, keep on eye of the prices and modify/cancel subscriptions as needed.

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Update: Bumping this post as a reminder to review your subscribe and save items for orders made on Prime Day, unless of course you want to pay for $60 worth of dog food 😉

You can view all of your current subscribe and save items here. It is a good habit to check this page once a month to review your current subscriptions.

There are some reports of people being charged more than they expected, so be sure to always check the final price you are charged on anything you buy, once the items ship.

Originally posted on 3/23/18:

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Amazon Subscribe & Save is a great way to save money. If you subscribe to an item you can save 5%-20% off the regular price of the item.

How to properly push off a delivery:

With Pesach around the corner it’s important to check your upcoming subscriptions to make sure you’re not going to receive food items over the holiday.

When pushing off the delivery of an item it’s important to do so by changing the delivery date of your subscription rather than skipping the item from your order.

Don’t press skip:

When you push the skip button it will move the item from this month’s subscription to next month’s subscription. However it will also cancel the original order you made and invalidate any coupons or sales that you took advantage of. You will pay the regular price when the item ships with your next order without any coupon savings!

Instead, you should change the date of your subscription delivery by clicking on “Change delivery date” and selecting a new date. This preserves the sale price and coupons used in your original order:

Note that items often arrive several days before the schedule delivery day, so allow for time after Pesach when using this method.

Of course there are other reasons to change your date besides for Pesach.

  • You can keep pushing off a subscription delivery date until you have 5 items in your order. Once you have 5 items in your order you will retroactively save 15% on everything in that subscription delivery. Note that all 5 items must be shipped to the same address to get 15% off.
  • You can choose the next available delivery day to expedite your order to ship as soon as possible and still save 5-20% off the items.

Amazon is limiting when some accounts see the Subscribe & Save options, but there are workarounds:

For example on the current deal for 8 Boxes Of Amazon Brand Solimo Pasta, Elbows, Penne, Spaghetti, And More For $6.49-$7.49. It says that the first delivery will be on 4/19, so if you click subscribe now it just adds it to your cart with a 5% discount and sets you up to subscribe after your first order.

However you can click on “Change” as shown in the red box below:

You will then get this pop-up asking if you want to get it with your next subscription order or to get it sooner.

Here are some other Subscribe & Save tips:

  • Carefully manage your subscriptions here to be aware of any surprises before they ship.
  • If you want multiples of the same item, create a separate subscription for each one. If you subscribe to multiple items in one order then it will only count as 1 item towards the 5 required to unlock bigger discounts. However if you subscribe to them in separate orders then each item will count towards the 5 item requirement.
  • When you subscribe to an item only because of a sale or coupon, be sure to cancel future subscriptions after you get the email that your item shipped. If you don’t cancel the item after it ships you’ll keep receiving it in future orders without coupons or sale pricing. The regular pricing at the time of the new shipment will apply for all subscriptions after your first subscription ships.
  • Add-on items that require a $25+ order will ship free when you subscribe to them when that option is available.
  • If you have Amazon Prime, don’t forget to signup for Amazon Family for free. If you have 5 total subscriptions you’ll get 20% off Diapers, baby food, and more!
  • Look for filler subscriptions to get to 5 items. With inexpensive filler items you can wind up saving more than the cost of the item as all of your subscriptions will drop in price! For example, TetraColor Tropical Flakes Fish Food will be just $1.67 with 5 subscriptions, Smead ETS Color-Coded Year Labels will be just $1.24 with 5 subscriptions, Avery 75225 Triangle Shaped Sheet Lifter for Three-Ring Binder, Black (Pack of 2) will be just $1.67 with 5 subscriptions, Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint (2 oz), Turquoise will be just $0.83 with 5 subscriptions, TetraFin Balanced Diet Goldfish Flake Food will be just $1.13 with 5 subscriptions, Pac-Kit by First Aid Only Chloride Antiseptic Towelette (Box of 10) will be just $0.99 with 5 subscriptions, etc. Post what Subscribe & Save filler items you find!
  • If you have Amazon Prime you can share Prime with another household member. Amazon coupons are typically limited to just one use per account, but with 2 accounts you can take advantage of coupons on each account. Just don’t forget to watch the subscriptions on both accounts!
  • Don’t forget that you can save even more if you have a Chase Ink Cash Business Card or Ink Plus card and get 5 points per dollar spent. By buying Amazon gift cards from an office supply store. You’ll earn 5 point per dollar and those points can easily be redeemed for air travel or hotel stays that make this an effective 7.5-10% rebate on your Amazon purchases. Read this post for more info.
  • Save 10%-15% off Amazon purchases with an Amazon Mover’s coupon!

Have any more Subscribe & Save tips? Hit the comments!

Amazon offers free shipping with $25+ orders or get free 1 day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. A prime trial is also free with Amazon Family (which also gets you up to 20% off diapers among other benefits) or Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

We often see Frontpage deals coming in by way of Amazon Subscribe and Save, but couldn’t help but notice that the details of the program are a little unclear. How exactly do you save money? And what’s the commitment level like? (a.k.a. Is it a major pain to cancel subscriptions?)

We decided to demystify Amazon Subscribe and Save by breaking down all the must-know details. If you’re looking for a little clarity, you’ve come to the right place.

How Does Amazon Subscribe and Save Work?

Subscribe and Save is pretty much what the name implies — an online shopping service that allows users to subscribe to items they frequently buy, then set up auto-delivery so that these items arrive as often as they’d like. Delivery windows are set up in month-by-month increments, with the shortest window being once a month and the longest being once every six months.

But the real savings come in when you hit the five-item mark. Subscribing to five or more items to be delivered together bumps your discount up to 15% off. The key here is that in order to get that 15% discount, all five subscriptions have to come on the same monthly delivery date.

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Want toothpaste delivered every two months? Or paper towels on your doorstep every three? Subscribe and Save lets you set it up in just a few clicks. There are literally thousands of eligible items you can subscribe to, from grocery items to beauty products to pet supplies. Even many of those little Amazon Add-on items, which normally require a $25 minimum purchase, are eligible for Subscribe and Save. In addition to the convenience factor, the free program also doles out some pretty impressive savings; if you know how to snag them.

How Much Can You Actually Save?

The number of items you choose to subscribe to is entirely up to you, but just know that the more you select, the more you save. If you have up to four subscriptions set for one delivery, you’ll automatically get 5% off plus free standard shipping. (Sorry, subscriptions don’t qualify for Prime Two-Day Shipping.) But the real savings come in when you hit the five-item mark. Subscribing to five or more items to be delivered together bumps your discount up to 15% off. The key here is that in order to get that 15% discount, all five subscriptions have to come on the same monthly delivery date. On months where, say, only four items come, you’ll only get 5% off. Still, for items you were planning on buying anyway (think household staples and toiletries), Subscribe and Save may be worth considering.

Another detail to keep in mind, though, is that if you run out of an item in the middle of your delivery cycle and can’t wait until the next cycle begins to adjust your delivery frequency or the quantity of the item being delivered, you’ll be on the hook for the refills. This means no free shipping, unless you have Prime and order it that way.

threadID: 10016412

Can I Dial Up Savings by Stacking Amazon Coupons?

Totally. In fact, it’s a great way to really maximize your savings. Amazon offers up a number of coupons for select Subscribe and Save items — all of which can be redeemed on top of the discounts mentioned above. (You can view all the latest Subscribe and Save coupons here.)

See a coupon that catches your eye? Simply click the “Clip Coupon” icon to redeem it. After subscribing to the product, the discount will be applied to the next delivery. When it comes to stacking these savings, the 5% discount (or 15%, if you have at least five items in your shipment) will be applied before any coupons. Also, these coupons are for one-time-use only and will not apply to future deliveries of that item. So if you subscribe to a particular item because there’s a great coupon available, be sure to cancel it after you receive that first shipment.

threadID: 10089888

How Do You Change a Delivery Date?

Once you subscribe to an item, you’ll see that monthly delivery is the most common option. But you’re in no way locked into this timeframe. Adjusting delivery dates or frequency of deliveries is easy; you can modify different aspects of your subscriptions (or cancel all together with no penalty) via your Amazon account settings. From there, the next steps are self-explanatory.

threadID: 10086744

Are Subscription Prices Locked in When I Order or Can They Change?

Prices are locked in for your first order, but not on subsequent orders after that. When you subscribe to an item, your credit card isn’t actually charged until that item is shipped. This is precisely why it’s a good idea to take a peek at your upcoming orders just prior to delivery to check on any significant price jumps. If you catch a spike, you can call off the delivery. On the flip side, you may end up cashing in with a lower price than you started with.

How to Cancel Amazon Subscribe & Save

This is actually a pretty headache-free process. Simply go to your Subscribe and Save items, hover over the subscription you want to cancel, click edit, then click cancel. There are absolutely no fees or penalties for doing so.

  1. Go to Your Subscribe and Save Items under Your Account
  2. Hover over the subscription you want to modify.
  3. Click “Edit”.
  4. Click “Cancel Subscription”.

So, does it sound worth it? It depends on what you’re ordering. For some items, you may actually be able to save more cash at your local warehouse club, but if you do a little research ahead of time and take advantage of coupons, there are definitely good deals to be had. And even if you can save a few pennies at a brick-and-mortar store, the convenience and decent-enough savings may be enough to sway some potential new customers.

Have you given Subscribe and Save a try? What’s your take?

Images courtesy of Amazon.

Amazon Subscribe & Save: Tips, Tricks, & Hacks


With over 100,000 items on the Amazon Subscribe & Save program, this can be one of the easiest ways to get items you need and never leave the house. I’m all for not needing to go out and shop, but I still want to know I got items at their best price! Here are my favorite Amazon Subscribe & Save tips, tricks ands hacks for getting the best prices on everything you order.

First, What is Amazon Subscribe & Save? When you buy participating items on Amazon they offer an option to let you put items on a recurring order. You can select to get items monthly or up to every 6 months and get extra discounts depending on how many subscriptions you have at the same time. Depending on how many items you are subscribed to you can save from 5% up to 15% off. In general you always want to have 5 items in your monthly order so you can hit the extra savings!

Amazon Subscribe & Save Tips, Tricks & Hacks

Always Have 5 Items

Not to sound like a broken record, but seriously… never let your subscribe and save order ship and only get the 5% savings. There are a few easy things to do to get extra items without adding a large extra cost. To put this into number for you: Let’s say you are ordering $45 worth of products in your Subscribe & Save order. With 5 items, the 15% savings would be $6.75. I’d rather order something less than $5 and basically get it for free than loose that $6.75 savings.

Find Filler Items

One big trick to always having 5 items in your monthly order is keeping a few filler items on your subscription list. You can always skip (or change the delivery date) for these filler items if you get up to 5 with items you truly need. Here is a list of some of my favorite items that are currently $2 or less with Subscribe and Save. (Prices will change and are after subscribe & save discounts)

  • Wilton Birthday Candles – $1.86
  • Goody Ace Dressing Comb – $1.89
  • Goody Classics Stay Tight Hair Barrette Mock Tort – $1.82
  • Maybelline Makeup Color Sensational Shaping Lip Liner – $1.85
  • Goody Women’s Classics Clincher Comb – $1.82
  • Hartz Delectables Crunchy Cat Treats – $1.71
  • Avery WorkSaver Tab Inserts – $1.48
  • Avery Big Tab Insertable Extra Wide Dividers – $1.60
  • Pac-Kit Antiseptic Towelettes, 10 ct. – $1.10
Order Multiple Items Differently

An easy way to get to 5 items is to order more than one of the same item. You can’t just add it all at the same time though… If you change the quantity to 5 and then hit the Subscribe & Save button, Amazon will count that as one item. Instead, order one item. Go back and order another and so on for as many as you want. Each separate order counts as a separate item! This can also apply to the filler items above.

Note: Any coupons or offers will still only apply to one item.

Use Amazon Coupons

Whether you want to save on something you need or you’re looking for a cheap filler item, always look at the page of current Amazon coupons. We also keep a page updated with the top current Amazon coupon deals, many of which can be applied to Subscribe and Save items. Note: Coupons are one time use, and only come off the item the first time you order it. However for some brands we see regular coupons, so make sure to check each month if new offers are available for your items.

Never Skip A Shipment

If you are so stocked on toilet paper that you don’t need it this month, you can always adjust your order. However… never select to skip the order. Instead always select to change the delivery date. When you chose to skip an order they automatically remove any coupons or discounts that applied to that item in this order! However changing the delivery date keeps your coupons applied! You can put it in next month’s order this way (similar to what skipping it would do) and still have the price you wanted to pay. There are no penalties for canceling, skipping or changing a delivery date.

Watch Your Email & Always Click to Edit

About a week and a half before your scheduled delivery date, you will receive an e-mail from Amazon with a reminder to check your subscriptions. Do not ignore this email! This is your chance to double check a few things and your last chance to add items if needed.

  1. Check to make sure prices have not gone above a price you are comfortable paying.
  2. Do you have 5 items? Need to add filler items?
  3. Click through each item and make sure there are no current coupons you could apply.
  4. Check the current Amazon Deals page to make sure there are items you want to add now while you have 5 items (finding a great deal the day after your subscription ships is a huge bummer).
Cancel After Shipments

You can always cancel a Subscribe & Save order, however you want to only do that after the first order has shipped. Canceling before the ship date can either cancel the order entirely or affect the 5-15% savings. If you ordered something only because it was a crazy good deal, always go ahead and cancel it after it ships. You’ll forget why it’s in your subscriptions if you keep adjusting the ship date and leave it hanging around.

Some Categories Save More or Less Than Others

In general you can save up to 15% off with subscribe and save, but it’s not a standard across all items. You’ll find that some categories have a max savings (no matter how many items are in your order) of only 10% and some go as high as 20%! Here’s a current guideline of the highest savings available by category assuming you have 5 items in your order: (as always Amazon can and will change this from time to time)

Join Amazon Prime & Amazon Family

Some Subscribe & Save offers and/or coupons are only for Amazon Prime members. As a member I’m okay with this as it makes me feel special (that’s the point really). If you aren’t a Prime member you can join and get a 30 day free trial to see if the savings do add up.

Tip: You can invite family members to share prime with you. While they can’t do everything a full member can do, they can order items and take advantage of prime only offers. Don’t worry they have their own login and account.

If you are an Amazon Prime member with kids, make sure to also take advantage of Amazon Family. This gets you up to 20% off subscriptions of diapers, baby food, & more.

What to Buy?

Think about things that you buy regularly (not necessarily every month—just more than once a year!) and then compare prices. You can use our item search to compare the Subscribe and Save prices with the price you could get in-store with coupons and other deals. Here are some items that I’ve found to be worth buying through Subscribe and Save (depending on the current prices).

  • Kitchen sponges
  • Pet food
  • Vitamins
  • Jet Dry Rinse Aid
  • Windshield wipers
  • Certain snacks
  • Diapers & Wipes (when they have a good coupon)
  • Formula
  • Paper towels and toilet paper
  • Protein powder
Subscribe & Save Is Not Amazon Pantry

As you get into the world of Amazon coupons, you need to remember to avoid Amazon Pantry items. There are specific coupons only for Pantry items and they do not ship in Subscribe & Save orders. While Pantry can be another way to save, rarely do the prices equal the deals we get with Subscribe & Save.

Is It Worth It?

For us this is a yes and no based on items and deals. I know for others this is a definite yes. Whether it’s not having to lug a 40 lb bag of dog food home or knowing you’ll never run out of toilet paper, I have a number of friends that love Subscribe & Save. You may find some months that an Amazon coupon will make diapers worth it; next month, it might be better to skip that item. But hopefully these Amazon Subscribe & Save tips will help you get the most savings possible!

What’s your favorite Subscribe and Save item to buy?


Amazon Subscribe & Save: Reviews & Useful Hacks ( Updated 2020)

When budgets are tight, we all appreciate saving money on the everyday products that we purchase on a regular basis. From food and drink to toiletries and baby products, these costs soon add up but, fear not, help is at hand with Amazon Subscribe & Save!

1. What is Amazon Subscribe & Save?

A fairly new service from the online shopping giant, Amazon Subscribe & Save is an online version of the loyalty card which rewards customers for making regular purchases.

Customers receive a 5% or 15% discount on selected products when they set up regular deliveries of that product from Amazon’s site.

Customers can choose the frequency of their deliveries which will automatically be shipped to them on a set date.

As well as discounts on regular purchases, Amazon Subscribe & Save customers receive free shipping on their orders.

In addition, Amazon Prime members are able to receive up to 20% discount on some items.

2. How does Amazon Subscribe & Save work?

To begin saving money with Subscribe & Save, first you need to sign up to the service as follows:

  • Log onto your Amazon account
  • Search for the product you wish to subscribe to in the ‘Subscribe & Save Store’ – you can find this HERE
  • Select the quantity you wish to purchase
  • Select the frequency of your delivery – from once a month to every six months
  • Submit to create your subscription

Once you’re all set up, you’re not tied to a contract or commitment – you can log onto your account to change your delivery settings or to miss a delivery, whenever you like.

To amend, simply click onto ‘Manage Your Subscriptions’, go to the product you wish to amend and then click onto ‘Confirm’.

All orders will automatically receive the 5% discount but, in order to receive the 15% discount, you will need to add a minimum of five separate items to your subscriptions within your account.

Once you have your subscriptions set up, Amazon will send you reminders by email and will let you know when your delivery will be despatched and, how much money you will save.

You can cancel your subscriptions quickly and easily by clicking onto ‘Manage Your Subscriptions’ then clicking ‘Cancel Subscription’ followed by ‘Confirm Cancellation’.

3. Which product categories are included on Amazon Subscribe & Save?

This service is fairly comprehensive and includes, amongst others, the following categories of products:

  • Household products – save time by receiving regular deliveries of toilet rolls, cleaning products and toiletries.
  • Beauty products – Amazon stocks a huge range of make-up and cosmetic items which can be added to your Subscribe & Save account.
  • Baby products – this service is great for all the things your baby needs including diapers, food and other disposable baby items.
  • Groceries – Amazon offers a wide range of food and drink items that can be added to your Subscribe & Save account in order to lighten the load on your trips to the store.
  • Office supplies – for the small business, this service is great for making sure you never run out of paper, pens and other office sundries which can be added to your Amazon Subscribe & Save account at a cheaper price than elsewhere.

You can either search Amazon by keyword for the product you require or, browse the Subscribe & Save Store by category.

4. Pros and Cons of Amazon Subscribe & Save

If you’re new to Subscribe & Save and are unsure as to whether to sign up, the following pros and cons will help you decide:


  • Savings – product purchases through Amazon Subscribe & Save deliver savings of between 5% and 15% which can be extremely beneficial in the long term.
  • Convenient – when adding regular purchases to Amazon Subscribe & Save, you no longer have the hassle of having to remember to buy them – or the frustration of running out of essential items at crucial moments!
  • Flexibility – for each product added to Subscribe & Save, you can choose the frequency of delivery, meaning that you can receive some items every month and others only every few months.
  • Freedom – Amazon Subscribe & Save does not require you to commit to a long term delivery plan, allowing you to amend or cancel your subscriptions whenever you need to.
  • A helping hand – parents can sign up to the Amazon Mom or Family Program in conjunction with Subscribe & Save to receive even more savings and offers.
  • Coupons – applicable coupons and vouchers can be used alongside Subscribe & Save for even more savings.


  • Variety – products in some categories of Subscribe & Save can be quite limited and so you may have to be prepared to settle for an alternative to the item you particularly desire.
  • Inconvenient – products are often marked out of stock at short notice meaning that you’ll then need to make that trip to the store after all.
  • Delivery – subscriptions are not eligible for Prime two-day delivery.
  • Commitment – although there is no long term contract, customers do commit to the service on a delivery by delivery basis – this means that, if you run out of a product before your next delivery and have to go out to buy it, you’ll still need to pay for your next delivery of that product when it’s shipped to you.
  • Pricing – prices on items bought through Subscribe & Save can be confusing and, are often, subject to change.
  • Multiples – multiples of the same item are not included in the five separate items to receive the discount, meaning that if you order five packs of diapers, you’ll only receive the discount on one of the packs.
  • Value – many items included in Amazon Subscribe & Save are priced considerably higher than elsewhere, making the discount worthless.

5. Amazon Subscribe & Save Hacks

As with so many things, Amazon Subscribe & Save is often a case of trial and error and you’ll need to experiment and explore in order to maximize the savings that can be had.

To get you started, we’ve put together our top tips for becoming a Subscribe & Save Pro!

  • Coupon Clipping – visit the Subscribe & Save Coupon section in order to find out which, if any, coupons are available for the products you wish to purchase. By being coupon savvy, you can grab significant discounts on top of the 5% to 15% off that you’ll already receive.
  • Loophole – as mentioned, multiples of the same product do not count toward the five items in your Subscribe & Save account. You can, however, get around this by adding the same item five times separately with a quantity of one.
  • Sneaky – if, during your last order, an item was out of stock or canceled, reactivate it for next time as this will be included in your discount even though the product was not shipped or billed to your Amazon Subscribe & Save account. This will help to offset the discount being reduced to 5% if only four out of five of your items are available for delivery to you.
  • Newsletter – sign up to receive the Amazon Subscribe & Save newsletter as this includes daily deals and special offers exclusive to Subscribe & Save members.
  • Review – Make sure that you review your subscriptions at least every couple of months to make sure that you’re receiving the most savings possible.

Another way to save on Amazon

It is indeed easy to look out for coupons before shopping on Amazon as there are many ways to save your time on this. Cashbackbase is one of the websites that offers up to 100% cashback or coupon codes for Amazon orders.

It is not a mandatory site for review, but if you do, you have a bigger chance to apply more 100% products successfully. Once you enroll in it, you will find out how useful it can help save your hard-earn cash.

It is easy to use the site. Check the following video of 5 easy steps to claim free/discounted on Amazon.

6. Conclusion

As you would expect, with Amazon Subscribe & Save, the more you spend, the bigger savings you make. This is a great service for those who already buy items from Amazon on a regular basis as it really is a win-win in terms of money-saving and convenience.

Those who benefit the most from Amazon Subscribe & Save are parents as the child and baby care product selections available are comprehensive and varied and the savings will soon add up.

It’s a good idea to constantly review your subscriptions to make sure that you’re not paying over the odds, thus making the discounts obsolete.


We were able to connect directly with Amazon to ask for some clarification regarding issues several of our users reported about their Subscribe & Save orders.

According to the Amazon rep we communicated with, Amazon does not change Subscribe & Save order pricing without notice, nor is it in their S&S terms that they will or even that they can do so. However, in the Coupon Terms & Conditions listed on product pages with coupon offers, it does state that if an order or delivery date is modified, the discount will not apply. According to Amazon, they are working on ways to enable customers to keep their discounts on first Subscribe & Save orders even if there are changes to the delivery.

In Arcanlaw’s case, there were two separate issues. One stemmed from Arcanlaw changing the delivery date on the initial order which voided the promotions and coupons, according to Amazon. The second was a miscommunication from the customer service representative regarding their policy, and Amazon is working to resolve that particular issue.


Slickdealer Arcanlaw recently posted a PSA on our forums regarding a potential pricing issue affecting Amazon‘s Subscribe & Save customers. Apparently, Amazon has overcharged some shoppers for their first Subscribe & Save purchases.

The retailer allegedly cancelled customer’s original orders, then charged them more money for the same product on a later date. Amazon did not request consent from shoppers for these transactions.

Our members are heatedly discussing this issue, and for good reason. We’re reviewing our community’s collective experiences with the program so you know what to look out for.

Check out the original post below for Arcanlaw’s full experience, as well as screenshots of his order history and an email with an Amazon customer service supervisor:

threadID: 12567832

What is Amazon’s Subscribe & Save Program?

Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program is heralded as a convenient way to save on the stuff you use regularly. Essentially, you can score up to 15% off thousands of eligible items, as long as you subscribe to scheduled (free) deliveries of said items.

To learn more, check out our article on The Ins and Outs of Amazon Subscribe & Save.

How is Amazon Overcharging Customers?

So what’s happening, exactly? Some customers have noticed a delay in their original Subscribe & Save orders. Upon investigating, they’ve discovered they were billed for their initial order on a later date for a higher amount.

Here’s what happened to Arclanlaw, the original poster:

  • He ordered cat treats and cat food via Subscribe & Save for $18.54 plus tax on December 2nd.
  • His order was scheduled to be delivered on December 18th, but it never arrived.
  • When he received his January Subscribe & Save statement, he realized that his original two items had been re-ordered on Christmas Day (not by him) at $34.92 plus tax — almost twice the initial price. Amazon did not send him a cancellation notice for his original order.

Arcanlaw isn’t the only Slickdealer who’s experienced this. While some people have said they’ve never encountered any problems with the service, more than 50 other Slickdeals users claim to have had similar issues.

For example, user almondwalnut123 says, “It’s been happening to me. Now, I check every single item before they ship them out.”

The post also prompted user bingbangblow to check his order history: “I just looked and there’s a canceled Subscribe & Save order. Same issue, reordered for $8 more. I never got the first order….how is this legal?!?”

Amazon’s Customer Service Response

When Arcanlaw reached out to Amazon’s customer service, he was allegedly told the following:

Amazon may, at their discretion, cancel a S&S order(s) if the price is lower than Amazon would like. They may do this at any time and without notification to the customer.
Amazon may then re-enter that S&S item(s) to a customer’s account at the then-current price. They may do this at any time and without notification to the customer.

Reading through the Terms & Conditions of the Subscribe & Save program, however, we were unable to find such a clause.

We reached out to Amazon’s customer service team to find out if that was, in fact, the case. A representative told us:

We don’t do any such things. If the price is changed for an item on our website it will only be changed for future subscribe and save orders and the current order will not be affected.
The discount will be applied to the new price.

When we further inquired about the screenshots and email confirmations our users had in their possession, the customer service representative said, “No need of any concerns. You will be charged only the correct price. The price charged will not change.”

How to Check Your Account

As Slickdealer Arcanlaw suggests, it’s a good idea to “check your Amazon order history, particularly Subscribe & Save orders, to verify that the price you’re being charged is the price you agreed to pay.”

Additionally, you should keep an eye on your cancelled orders — although this may not always tell the whole story.

According to Slickdealer JVGeneration, “Amazon canceled a Subscribe & Save order and removed it from my canceled orders page. They tried to ship it with my Subscribe & Save at full price. The only proof I had for the lower price was an email confirmation — they had removed all traces of the original order from my account.”

What to Do If You’ve Been Overcharged

If you spot any unusual activity on your account, it’s best to reach out to Amazon’s customer service immediately. Be sure to have the email confirmation from your original order to help resolve any potential disputes.

Slickdealer akdawn says, “I am a long-standing S&S subscriber and only had this problem once. All you have to do is save your S&S confirmation emails from amazon. (Those emails do include the purchase price). I called about the one overcharge and they refunded the full amount of the item… which was unnecessary but nice.”

So you should be able to get your money back, or at least receive your product for the original agreed upon purchase price. Just stay vigilant and keep all of your receipts.

Images courtesy of Amazon.

The Best Subscribe and Save Deals on Amazon updates regularly!

Check back often because we update this post regularly with the best subscribe and save deals Amazon has to offer.

What is Subscribe and Save?

Subscribe and save is where you can subscribe to an product and receive a discount of 5% or 15% off the product price and get free shipping. When you subscribe to 4 items or less in a month you get 5% off and when you subscribe to 5 or more items you get 15% off each product. You can schedule subscriptions to a product monthly to every 6 months and you can cancel anytime.

Is Subscribe and Save worth it?

Yes!!! I get subscribe and save deliveries every month and save time and money plus it is very easy to cancel subscriptions on Amazon. (a couple clicks and you are done)

Will it be the same price for every delivery?

No. After the first delivery It will be based on the current price of the product when it ships. If you get a deal on a product I encourage you to cancel your subscription after the first delivery to avoid overpaying for the next delivery. (TIP: set a reminder before the next subscription ships)

How to get the best deals out of subscribe and save.

  • Pair it with instant coupons and save. (you can check out the newest coupons here)
  • Check out our newest subscribe and save deals we posted here.
  • Make sure to have 5 or more items a month to get 15% off each product.

Benefits of Subscribe and Save

  • Discounted prices on thousands of products
  • Never have to go to a store to get the items. The items come to you.
  • Free shipping even if you are not a prime member
  • Never have to worry about forgetting about reordering and item you need frequently
  • They do not charge you until about 3 days before the item ships so you can order now and pay later
  • You can easily change or cancel upcoming deliveries.

Ready to place you Subscribe and Save order?

Check out the thousands of items Amazon has to offer with the option of subscribe and save here

Make to check back here to get the latest subscribe and save deals we posted

How do I cancel my subscribe and save order?

Yes and it is really easy. Steps are below.

1. First under you account select Your Subscribe and Save Items. (like example image below)

2. Click on edit button on your subscribe and save items page. (like example image below)

3. Click on Cancel Subscription (like example image below)

4. Pick a reason why or you can leave blank and select confirm cancellation. (like example image below) and you are done!

How do I change the date on my Subscribe and Save order?

1. First under you account select Your Subscribe and Save Items. (like example image below)

2. Click on change delivery date (like example image below)

3. Select your new date and click confirm and you are done. (like example image below)

Subscribe and Save FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Subscribe and Save

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I create a Subscribe & Save (SnS) subscription?
  2. What additional savings will I get with SnS?
  3. What will be the Subscribe and Save discount applicable if I have a mix of diaper subscription and other item subscriptions?
  4. How can I pay for my Subscribe & Save recurring orders?
  5. When will I get the items I have subscribed to?
  6. What if I need an item delivered sooner than the monthly delivery day?
  7. How can I change my Subscribe and Save delivery day or frequency schedule?
  8. How can I skip a delivery or cancel my subscription?
  9. After I create a subscription, will I get all future orders at the same price I subscribed for?

1. How can I create a Subscribe & Save (SnS) subscription?

See Order a Subscribe & Save Subscription to create a subscription.

2. What additional savings will I get with SnS?

You will get a 5% discount when 1 or 2 subscriptions arrive on the monthly delivery day and a 10% discount when 3 or more subscriptions arrive on the monthly delivery day. You will get a 5% discount when 1 or 2 subscriptions arrive on the monthly delivery day and a 10% discount when 3 or more subscriptions arrive on the monthly delivery day.

Please note that if you are not an Amazon Prime member and have subscribed to 3 or more items and 1 or more of those are diapers, you will get 5% discount on diapers and 10% on other items, at the time of checkout. Amazon Prime members will save 10% on all diaper subscriptions, irrespective of the number of items subscribed.

3. What will be the Subscribe and Save discount applicable if I have a mix of diaper subscription and other item subscriptions?

If you’re not an Amazon Prime member and you have 3 or more subscriptions scheduled for the same delivery date, you’ll get 5% discount on the diaper items and 10% discount on the other items. Even if you have 3 different diaper subscriptions, you’ll be eligible only for 5% discount on them. If you are Amazon Prime member, then will save 10% on all diaper subscriptions, irrespective of the number of items subscribed.

4. How can I pay for my Subscribe & Save orders?

Amazon Pay balance is the only payment method to create new subscriptions on Subscribe and Save. Please ensure to maintain sufficient Amazon Pay balance in your account. We will send you two notifications reminding you to pay for your Subscribe and Save orders on or before the “Last Date to Update This Order” displayed in “Manage Your Subscriptions” page. If the Amazon Pay balance is insufficient at the time the amount is charged and your account is eligible for Pay on Delivery, we’ll ship your order with ‘Pay on Delivery’ as the payment method for the entire order. If your account is not eligible for ‘pay on delivery’, we will cancel your order if you do not recharge your balance on time. You will be notified if your orders have been shipped with Pay on Delivery or if your orders have been cancelled due to insufficient Amazon Pay balance on or before the dispatch date.

Other online payment methods like net banking, credit or debit cards cannot be used for Subscribe & Save subscriptions. Online transactions in India require a pin or password authentication and hence, future subscription orders cannot be created automatically without your intervention.”

5. When will I get the delivery of the items I have subscribed to?

As soon as you create your first subscription, the items you’ve ordered will ship immediately with free standard shipping. Your order will be delivered to you on or before the estimated delivery date on your order. This delivery date will automatically be set as the delivery date for future deliveries of the subscribed items, unless you manually change it. You can select a frequency (1 to 6 month intervals) for every item and automatic orders will be created on the monthly delivery day based on the frequency set.

6. What if I need an item delivered sooner than the monthly delivery day?

If you need an item that you’ve subscribed for sooner than the scheduled delivery day, you can request for extra one-time delivery. Go to Your Subscribe & Save Items, hover the mouse on the required item subscription, click Edit and then in the pop-up that appears click Need this item right away? With this option, shipping fee may be applicable on the item shipped. The free shipping only applies to Subscribe & Save items that are delivered on the monthly delivery day.

7. How can I modify my Subscribe and Save subscription details such as frequency, delivery or payment method?

See Change Your Subscribe & Save Delivery Day to change the delivery day of your subscriptions and see Edit Your Subscribe & Save Delivery Subscription to change the delivery frequency, payment method or shipping address of your subscriptions.

8. How can I skip a delivery or cancel my subscription?

See Skip Your Next Delivery to skip a delivery and see Cancel your Subscribe and Save Subscription to cancel your subscription.

9. Once I create a subscription, will I get all future orders at the same price I subscribed for?

The seller reserves the right to change the price at any time. If an item has already been shipped before the price changed, you’ll need to pay according to the old price for that item on that order. The price applicable to your subscription order is based on the price of your Subscribe & Save items on the day your order is generated.

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The 7 Best Diaper Subscriptions

There’s no worse feeling than going to change baby and realizing that you’re out of diapers. One way to make sure you never find yourself filled with the panic of an uncomfortable baby and no diapers? Subscribe to a diaper delivery service that takes care of the shopping for you. How does a diaper subscription work? Each month, a selection of diapers and wipes are delivered to your home. All you have to do is choose what size package you need and how frequently you want delivery. With just a few clicks you’ll avoid the stress of finding yourself without the right supplies when you need them.

Here are 7 of the best diaper subscriptions available to new and expecting parents.

Disposable Diapers

Just so you know, What to Expect may earn commissions from the shopping links included on this page.

Amazon Family

There are a couple of different options for diaper subscriptions through Amazon. Customers can choose the subscribe and save feature, or as a perk of Amazon Family (available free for Prime members) get an additional 20% off the cost of diapers. Amazon carries all major brands of diapers and training pants and have frequent e-coupons to help you save even more.
Find out more at


Parasol’s diapers come in super cute patterns and are incredibly soft on baby’s sensitive skin. Customers can choose from packages with just diapers or diapers and wipes, with delivery frequency of every 3, 4, 5, or 6 weeks.
Find out more at

The Honest Company

These diapers and wipes are made from sustainable plant-based materials, and are decorated with fun patterns and are comfortable for baby. Customers receive 6 packs of soft, absorbent diapers each month with this subscription, along with 4 packages of plant-based wipes. You can mix and match sizes and prints, and there’s no extra charge for shipping — win!
Find out more at

My Diaper Box

This subscription features disposable diapers that have been manufactured without the use of harmful chemicals, and are free of skin irritants. They’re incredibly thin, yet still super absorbent, and are available in packages with or without wipes. Their social responsibility program means that, for every monthly subscription, the company gives a package of 40 diapers to a family in need.
Find out more at


There are several perks to a Target diaper subscription, including saving 5% off store prices, with an additional 5% savings if you use your REDcard. Plus, buy two boxes and get a $15 gift card to use on other baby essentials. They also offer free shipping, free returns and the option to return or exchange in store.
Find out more at

Cloth Diapers

Diaper subscriptions aren’t only for disposables — there are a number of fabulous cloth diaper solutions available. Cloth diaper service is the most convenient option, where you pay a premium (upwards of $3500 per year) to rent cloth diapers which are picked up, washed and new ones delivered to your door regularly. But cloth diapers have come a long way, baby. In recent years, new and more absorbent innovations have revolutionized cloth diapering, making it easier for busy moms to take advantage of them. For roughly $300 to $400 over your baby’s diapering lifetime, you can give your baby a chemical free experience by washing your own. There are many new custom-designed cloth diapers to choose from though, and there’s no better way to try them out and build up a stash of your favorites than to subscribe to one of the many fabulous diaper of the month subscriptions. Taking a cue from services like Birchbox, some of the best diaper subscriptions offer additional fun and useful extras for new moms Here are two of our favorites.

Cotton Booty

Each month, customers receive a new, top-rated brand name cloth diaper to help grow their stash. Available in an optional package that includes accessories, it’s a fun way to deal with a messy situation. Choose from boy, girl or gender-neutral packages. We love that you get to try a variety of brands and styles to find the right fit before committing to a full stash and that there are often extras included in the box at no extra charge.
Find out more at

What Da Fluff

Available in monthly or annual subscriptions, each shipment of “fluff mail” contains at least one diaper, plus products and accessories that go along with cloth diapering. Brands and styles change monthly and are always kept a surprise, so you look forward to unboxing each month’s delivery. We love that the optional mama cloth subscription box lets mom test out reusable cloth products and accessories, too!
Find out more at

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Here’s How I Effortlessly Saved $68.19 This Month With Amazon Subscribe and Save

I’ve been a raving fan of Amazon Subscribe and Save ever since my 9-year-old was born.

I fondly remember the day I realized that I could get diapers delivered to my door every month for less than it cost to go get them myself. This discovery ushered in a whole new way of shopping for me, and Subscribe and Save has been a complete game-changer for us ever since!

Usually, you have to spend money to save time (like ordering takeout) or spend time to save money (like clipping coupons).

So if you’re having a hard time believing that you can automate your shopping to save both time and money, I totally get it. I was doubtful at first, too, but my family has been Subscribing and Saving every month since the diaper days, and we’ve never looked back!

First, here’s how I maximize my savings with Amazon Subscribe and Save:

  • To get the best deals, I buy some items in bulk. Sure, I might not need 2,000 Q-tips this month, but I will happily find the space to store them to get a great deal! Plus, it will be years before I need to think about buying Q-tips again. What a load off my mind! 😅
  • If I see a great price on something, I might subscribe to get the deal even if I only need it once. After the item ships, I go into my account and cancel that subscription right away, so I don’t accidentally order it again.
  • Amazon sends me a reminder email before each shipment, and I always check my order before it ships out. I look for price changes and skip any shipments that I don’t want or need that month.
  • Amazon offers a 5% discount on any item ordered through its Subscribe and Save program. That discount jumps to 15% when you order 5 subscriptions at a time! I always make sure to order at least 5 Subscribe and Save items every month to get that 15% discount.
  • I joined Amazon Prime. Prime members often receive special offers for exclusive coupons and other Subscribe and Save deals.
  • Not a Prime member? No worries – every Subscribe and Save order ships FREE!

Here’s how I saved $68.19 on just the 8 items I ordered last month.

Here are the items I received in my last Amazon Subscribe and Save shipment. There was no stacking the deck here! These are the things I actually got last month, long before I knew I’d have the chance to brag about it here! 😂

I saved over 57% versus what I would have spent on these items in-store! I suspect that some months I save even more money, especially when I have a lot of household or personal items in my order.

If you’re looking to add some of these products to your next Subscribe and Save order, keep in mind that prices are constantly fluctuating on Amazon, so you might not be able to get the exact same deals that I got. Here’s what I bought:

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Snack Packs, 30 ct. – $8.48 ($1.50 savings)

We go through a lot of snacks at our house, and this Goldfish assortment of snack packs is always a favorite. This 30-count box is $9.98 at Walmart, so I saved $1.50 by getting it through Subscribe and Save.

Lemon Luna Bars, 15 ct. – $9.85 ($7.82 savings)

It would have cost me $16.14 to get 15 of these at Walmart, and my store is often out of this flavor. Amazon has always had my favorite flavor, and I get them for only 66¢ a bar!

Epic Venison Bars, 12 ct. – $19.71 ($7.26 savings)

Have you tried these Epic meat bars? They’re a delicious snack for the low-carber or the carnivore in your life. It would have cost me $26.97 to buy 12 of them at Target, where they are regularly $8.99 per 4 count box.

Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Shampoo Duo Pack – $7.82 ($1.66 savings)

At $4.74 a bottle, it would have cost me $9.48 to buy two bottles of my favorite dry shampoo at Walmart.

Hip Tip: See what happened when we tested DIY dry shampoos!

Basis Cleaner Clean Face Wash, 3 ct. – $12.01 ($5.96 savings)

This facial cleanser goes for $5.99 a bottle at Target, so it would have cost me $17.97 to get 3 bottles there. I love that I get 3 bottles at a time, too – one for the shower, one for the bathroom sink, and one for my travel bag.

Q-tips Cotton Swabs (500 ct.), 4 pack – $11.12 ($1.96 savings)

Yep, that’s a whole lot of Q-tips, but they don’t take up much space, and I can’t resist the savings. At $3.27 per package at Walmart, it would have cost me $13.08 to buy this many Q-tips there.

Amazon Basics AA Batteries, 48 ct. – $11.87 ($20.61 savings)

I always feel like I’m getting away with something when my Amazon Basics batteries arrive. It would have cost me $32.48 to buy this many Duracell AA batteries at Walmart, so even if they only last half as long as Duracell (which has definitely not been my experience) this would still be a great deal.

Amazon Basics AAA Batteries, 36 ct. – $8.48 ($21.42 savings)

That’s right – more batteries! I LOVE Amazon’s batteries, and it would have cost me $29.90 to buy this many Duracell AAA batteries at Walmart. I will NEVER do that again!

Other categories to consider:

Pet Supplies

Despite heavy pressure from my children, we still don’t have a pet. I do know a lot of other families who use this Amazon Subscribe and Save category for great deals on pet food and other pet necessities, though.

Baby Care

Our babies are in elementary school now, so you won’t see any baby items in our Subscribe and Save shipment! We did rely heavily on this category for diapers and wipes during the pre-potty era, though.

It was this category that originally kindled my love for Amazon Subscribe and Save, because being a new parent completely zapped me of any desire to run to the store. Prime members also get 20% off their subscriptions on diapers, baby food, and more!


I wasn’t scheduled to receive any household items this month, but I really clean up when I order from this category! I regularly save on items like trash bags, laundry detergent, and dishwasher pods.

Create an Amazon Baby Registry and get a FREE Welcome Box!

Amazon’s dynamic pricing system, in which it frequently adjusts item prices based on a sophisticated set of variables like supply and demand, time of day and prices offered by competitors, is the company’s way of making it look as if you are always getting the best deal, Mr. Wiesel said.

Prices of goods can also fall, of course. But even when prices decline, people need to beware because Amazon’s pricing tends to fluctuate more widely and more frequently than at your local grocery store or Walmart, Mr. Wiesel added. In traditional retail, the major price changes typically happen during promotions, he said.

To get a preliminary view into whether people can save — or not — with Amazon’s program, I plugged prices of 50 featured Subscribe & Save items into a spreadsheet and looked at their price histories over the previous six months. I compiled the results with the web tool Camel Camel Camel, an Amazon price tracker.

Price Increases Up to 170%

Prices of most items, including dishwasher soap and toilet bowl cleaner, changed frequently. As often as weekly, prices rose, dipped and rose again like a roller coaster. In extreme cases, prices for items like instant coffee and napkins jumped between 90 and 170 percent. (Prices below reflect subscription discounts.)

• Folgers Coffee, 30.5-Ounce Tub

In June: $6.64

In August: $12.50

This week: $7.59

• Vanity Fair Napkins

In May: $7.94

In June and July: $21.46

This week: $15.36

Some Prices Do Stay the Same

Only five of the Subscribe & Save items held steady.

• Sparkle Paper Towels

Over six months: $25.99

• Death Wish Coffee

Over six months: $19.99

After the service’s 5 percent discount, the paper towels cost $24.69 and the coffee cost $18.99. Not bad.

William Potter/

Amazon offers both a “Subscribe & Save” and “Pantry” service. They’re similar, but one typically saves you more money, while the other sends your groceries faster. Those aren’t the only differences, though—let’s break it down!

What You Get From Both

Amazon’s “Subscribe & Save” and “Pantry” services have a lot of overlap. With either service, you can buy at least some of your household items without setting foot in a store. You also have to wait longer than you would if you’d gone to the store, as neither offer same-day shipping.

Your patience is rewarded by the convenience of ordering stuff you need from any internet-connected device, and getting it delivered to your doorstep…eventually.

Now, that we’ve covered how the two services overlap, let’s discuss the differences.

What Is Amazon Subscribe & Save?

When you subscribe, you can save 72 cents (even more if you subscribe to other products) on this order.

One nice thing about Amazon is it does an excellent job of clearly naming its offerings. In the case of Subscribe & Save, you pick an item—like toothpaste or shampoo, for example—to be delivered regularly. You choose how often Amazon sends you the item—such as every month, every three months, or every six months—and you get a discount against the total cost of the item.

The more subscriptions you have, the more you save, overall. If you have five or more active subscriptions, you get 15% off the total cost. Fewer subscriptions nets a smaller discount. If you’re a Prime Member, you get additional discounts on some items like diapers and baby food.

Another advantage of Subscribe & Save is it has a broader selection of product categories than Amazon Pantry. You might think services like this are intended for basics or groceries, but that’s not the case. While you can subscribe to items like dishwasher pods (don’t eat them, please) and paper towels, you can also order regular deliveries of mascara, dog treats, or painkillers.

Subscribe & Save does have a few downsides, though. For starters, the price of an item can change between the first time you subscribe and future orders. You might sign up because of a great price on paper towels, only to find they cost more than your local grocery store six months later. Fortunately, Amazon emails you before shipping and keeps you updated on prices.

The way the process works is another downside, though. You choose how often Amazon sends new shipments, but you might get your timing wrong. For example, if you choose every two months for trash bags and run through your existing supply sooner, you have to make a choice. You can either wait for the shipment or grab some at the store, and tell Amazon to skip the next delivery. You can also order trash bags from Amazon outside Subscribe & Save, but you won’t get the discount, and you’ll be at the mercy of whichever shipping option is available (Prime or otherwise).

What Is Amazon Pantry?

You have to spend at least $35 to get free shipping unless you subscribe to Pantry Prime.

Amazon continues its trend of “exactly what it says on the tin” with the Pantry name. Amazon Pantry limits you to ordering only nonperishable grocery items—you know, the stuff you might store in your pantry. Think cereal, cookies, and potato chips. It’s not a perfect analogy, though, as you can also order office supplies, pet food, and other stuff.

What separates Pantry from Subscribe & Save is both the speed and frequency of your deliveries. Items you order from Amazon Pantry arrive right away (albeit, not as fast as Prime speed). Typically, Amazon promises four to six-day delivery or ground shipping. And if you want more of something, you have to place a new order.

The downsides to Amazon Pantry involve the cost. If you want free shipping, you have to order at least $35 worth of Prime Pantry items; any less, and you have to pay a $6 shipping fee.

Amazon does offer a Pantry Subscription service. For $5 a month you get free shipping on your Pantry orders, as long as you spend at least $10. Again, if you spend less, you have to pay the $6 shipping fee.

Also, unlike Subscribe & Save, Amazon Pantry requires a Prime subscription. So, if you aren’t already a Prime member, you add another $120 per year to the cost of your groceries.

Amazon Pantry isn’t available everywhere yet, either. Notably, you can’t use Amazon Prime in Alaska or Hawaii. And if you live in a college dorm or depend on Amazon lockers, you can’t use Amazon Prime, either. That’s a shame because college students without a car would really benefit from this service.

Which One Is Best for You?

Amazon implies that subscribing makes you a super parent. You’re probably already super. Amazon

Probably the easiest way to figure out which service is best for you is to determine which one is available to you. If you don’t have (or don’t want) Amazon Prime, or if you can only receive deliveries at a P.O. box, you can’t use Amazon Pantry. So, Subscribe & Save is the best choice because it’s the only choice.

If you can use either service, want the best prices, and don’t mind waiting a bit longer to receive your order, Subscribe & Save is probably the best option for you.

However, if you need your groceries sooner, are less concerned with price, and more interested in avoiding the hassle of the grocery store, Amazon Pantry might be the service for you.

Subscribe & Save is mostly about discounts, while Pantry focuses on short-term convenience. As long as you approach the two with that in mind, the next step is to check what’s available in each service. You might find items you need in the Pantry that aren’t on Subscribe & Save, or vice versa.

Of course, if you pick one service, it doesn’t lock you out of the other. If you see benefits in both, use both. For some people, it might make sense to set up a slower subscription for items you need less frequently (like toothpaste), and then order the things you need more often from Amazon Pantry.

It’s unlikely either option will entirely save you trips to the grocery store—Amazon simply doesn’t carry everything you might need for your home.

But whether you Subscribe & Save, order from Amazon Pantry, or both, any amount of time you save by avoiding the grocery store is time you can spend doing more enjoyable things.