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What Makes Colored Pencils Different From A Normal Pencil?

Are you blending and shading with your colored pencils the right way?
Lots of people sleep on colored pencils for art because they apparently find this medium quite challenging, especially when blending and shading.
But is that really the case?
Not quite!
The truth is that colored pencils are pretty easy to use. With the right techniques for blending and shading, you can actually make your coloring pages come to life with this nifty medium!
We’ve got some useful tips and tricks on how to use colored pencils the right way, so if you need to up your game, read on!

Here’s the trick to mastering any art technique: know what you’re working with first.
This applies to every coloring medium out there, whether it’s gel pens, markers, watercolor brush pens or in this case, colored pencils.
Colored pencils are not your run-of-the-mill school supplies. This drawing medium doesn’t use the usual graphite found in ordinary writing pencils. Instead, colored pencils have an oil- or wax-based core and use a combination of pigments and binders to produce color. The proportion and combination of these materials ultimately determine the quality of the pencil.

As a rule, you should always go for colored pencils with buttery-soft wax cores. These pencils can be found in many art supply stores and come in a wide variety of colors. Wax-based colored pencils lay pigments really well on paper and are relatively easier to work with compared to their oil-based cousins. They’re quite affordable, too.
On the flipside, stay away from pencils that have more binders than pigments as they tend to be “hard” and have patchy strokes.

Basic Tips When Using Colored Pencils

You don’t need a lot of preparation when using colored pencils for art. All you need to have are your pencils, a handy sharpener, and a few good tips like these to maximize the experience:

Sharpening Your Colored Pencils

Dull pencils are a chore to work with, so before you begin coloring, make sure you that your pencils are nice and sharp!

Blunt pencil points prevent you from laying pigments properly on the page— the colors just don’t come out right. They’re also not good for doing small details. Sharp pencils, on the other hand, produce better pigments and bolder colors because they can penetrate between the tiny grooves found on the paper’s surface.
Some people like to sharpen manually to avoid wasting pigment but electric sharpeners also work great for a more consistent point. Just make sure not to use dull sharpeners! They could damage the pencil, break the core and even chip away at the wood casing.

Using The Right Paper

Like all other art mediums, you can truly bring out the best qualities of colored pencils when you use high-quality paper. Skip your ordinary copy paper— they’re not ideal for this type of medium because their fibers tend to get flattened by the coloring motion. Instead, go for paper that’s nice, thick and able to accept pigments well.
Colored pencils also use materials and substances like paper towels, alcohol and solvents for blending, so don’t settle for less and make sure that the paper is thick enough to handle some stress and moisture.

Useful Tips and Techniques For Blending and Shading With Colored Pencils

Now that you’ve got the basics covered, it’s time to have some fun! Here are some useful blending and shading tips:

Reducing Finger Fatigue and Creating Textures

Holding a pencil may seem like a no-brainer to most folks, but did you know that it can significantly affect your artwork and even your health?
Colored pencils are quite thin, so people tend to put unnecessary pressure on their wrists and fingers to gain more control and dexterity. This leads to pain and discomfort.
Thankfully there’s a quick trick to lessen finger fatigue. In the video above, our resident artist Debbie demonstrates how to hold your colored pencils properly.
Gripping the pencils farther from its base allows for wider coverage, lighter strokes, and a more relaxed hold. This should be the general position of your hand when coloring. You want to start lightly first, and then slowly build the colors.
Gripping the pencil closer to the base is great if you want bolder strokes and more control. However, you should only use this method when you’re working with details and intricate designs
Further along the tutorial, you’ll also see some nifty techniques on how to create textures and depth. This is especially useful when you’re coloring fluffy characters like the cute snow dogs from our coloring book Dogs, Everyone’s Best Friend.

Go In Different Directions

Kids are often told to color in one direction to keep things pretty but that’s not the case when it comes to colored pencils.
Coloring in one direction is a faster way to do things, sure, but this method leads to streaky lines and uneven distribution of pigment. Your strokes will ultimately appear broken and awkward when they meet in different areas, so mix things up and color in different directions instead.
The most common way to do this is to create circular strokes, especially when you’re still laying down your base color. This technique helps you distribute the color more evenly.
Other techniques, like coloring in the opposite direction of your initial strokes and crosshatching, also allows the pigment to penetrate between the paper’s tiny grooves and dips (also called the tooth of the paper) better.

Pressure Shading

Pressure shading is one of the easiest ways to add depth and dimension to your works. It’s so easy that even beginners can master it in no time!
Pressure shading is when you produce different shades by simply changing the amount of pressure you apply on the pencil. Light pressure will obviously produce light shades while heavy pressure will give you darker shades. Practice swatching a light-to-dark gradient and vice versa and then when you’re ready, apply it to your artwork.
The amount of pressure you put will also depend on the sharpness of your pencil. If your pencil is sharp, you don’t need to put as much pressure as you would on a dull pencil. Make sure to always keep your pencils on point to save your hands from fatigue.
Don’t forget your lighting when pressure shading! The areas that get hit by the light source are brighter; areas away from the light source should be darker. Light studies are a bit tricky at first, but just keep at it. You’ll see that your artworks will take on more depth and dimension once you’ve mastered this skill.


Once you’ve picked the right colors and have laid down your strokes, it’s time to make things permanent by burnishing.
Burnishing means applying and blending your color pencils to the page until you’ve covered all the white spaces with pigment. It’s like using the paper to its max capacity— when you’re burnishing, all of the paper’s tiny grooves, nooks and crannies are filled so you’re left with a nice, smooth and waxy surface.
Remember: you can’t add more pigment once you’ve burnished the paper, so it’s important to choose your color combinations wisely.
Pick out the colors you’d like to use as your base, and then choose your highlight and shadow colors. Take your time and build those colors slowly but surely. If you add too much pigment too soon, you may accidentally end up burnishing your page, so be patient. Work from light to dark so that you can correct any mistakes along the way. Continue coloring until you reach that smooth, burnished effect. From there, you can then use dry and wet blending methods (discussed later) to finish your artwork.

Using Different Colors For Blending

The awesome thing about colored pencils is that you can mix and match various color combinations and still end up with a visually pleasing output. Just check out the video above— who knew that a simple apple can have so many color layers?
With colored pencils, you can play around with unconventional color combinations and layers to create a more striking effect. This is great for creating still life and realism, but you can also apply it to your coloring book pages. Pick out a good color combination for your midtones, highlights, and shadows and don’t be afraid to experiment. You’ll be surprised by the results!

Blending Using Dry and Wet Materials

Colored pencils work great on their own, but did you know that you can also blend them just like pastels or watercolors?
To blend colored pencils, you’d need the help of a few blending materials and substances. Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a small fortune just to get a smooth transition since most of these materials can be found at home. If you’re ready, here are two techniques on how to blend colored pencils:

Dry Blending

For the dry method, you can use simple paper towels to gently smudge the area and blend the pigments together. Use the smooth side of the paper towel for light blends and the rougher side for more heavy-duty blending. You can also use toilet paper and cotton pads to do the job.
If you want to use a colorless blender, go for it. Colorless blenders are basically pencils without any pigment, so you can use it to blend and burnish wax-based pencils.
The smoothness of the colors depends on the type of blender you’re using. Some colorless blenders leave the colors with a more subdued, less opaque effect, while others don’t affect the colors’ opacity at all. If you’re a little short on cash, you can always use a dollar store white pencil (they tend to have more binders than actual pigments) to stand in as your blender.

Wet Blending

Wet blending uses substances that break down the pigments on the page. Once the pigments are broken down, they can move around and blend with each other smoothly.
Blending substances include household items like baby oil, lighter fluid and rubbing alcohol. You can also use solvents and mineral spirits.
This is the usual process for wet blending:
First, make sure that you’ve got enough pigment on the paper or coloring page. Then, dab a small amount of your blender of choice onto the page using a brush. Lastly, blend your colors together. A little goes a long way, so be careful not to use too much or you’ll end up damaging your paper.
Take extra care when using flammable materials like lighter fluid, solvents and mineral spirits. Use them in a well-ventilated area, away from open flame and from curious kids!

Bonus Colored Pencil Tutorials!

Of course, colored pencil techniques don’t end with blending and shading. Here are a few bonus tutorials to take your colored pencil skills to the next level:

Experiment With Paper

We’ve talked about importance of using the right kind of paper earlier in this article. Why don’t you take it up a notch and use colored paper for your next artwork? Colored paper instantly gives your artworks a dramatic and more striking look— just like the owls on the video above.

Coloring Skin And Warm Tones

Whatever medium you’re using, coloring skin tones will always be a challenge. This tutorial will help you choose the right colors to achieve that perfect skin shade and texture. Remember, going slow and steady is the trick to mastering colored pencils, so just be patient and take your time.

Avoid These Colored Pencil Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, especially when using a new medium like colored pencils. Thankfully, you don’t have to fumble around. This video already points out the most common colored pencil blunders— all you have to do is do your best to avoid them!

Final Thoughts

Contrary to popular belief, colored pencils are easy to use. With the right shading and blending techniques, you can create stunning artworks with this versatile coloring medium. Just remember that coloring with pencils takes a bit of patience. Don’t expect to get a perfect look from the get-go. Instead, take your time and enjoy the ride. With patience and skill, you can create so many wonderful designs with your colored pencils.
Did you find this article helpful? Drop a comment below to and let us know what you think! Don’t forget to share this to your coloring buddies, too!

12 best colouring books for adults

Forget about the idea that colouring books are for kids. In a busy world, increasingly dominated by time spent in front of screens, grown ups are turning to the soothing art of colouring in. But the books we’re talking about are not reminiscent of the freebie colouring sheets handed out at chain restaurants that we remember from our childhoods. These are intricately designed books, some created specifically to help you de-stress and focus the mind.

But does it work? Can we really find relief in colouring carefully in between the lines? Hephzibah Kaplan, director at the London Art Therapy Centre thinks so.

“When choosing a colouring-in book with more complex or abstract images the convention is generally to keep different colours within different lines. This requires a relaxed focus where the outline is containing and the mark-making repetitive and smooth. So a bit like repeating a mantra where repetition is a means to relaxation, colouring-in is also a type of mediation.”

She added: “Meditation, whether secular or otherwise, has known benefits to mind, body and spirit. When focusing deeply on a simple yet safe task, other anxieties become less present, less pervasive.”

Bearing that in mind(fulness), here is our pick of the best books, sure to get you feeling calm and relaxed after a stressful day.

The books were chosen for their creativity, the quality of the illustrations and paper and how effectively they met with with any promise to keep us in a calm, focused, stress-free zone.

1. Enchanted Forest: An Inky Adventure & Colouring Book: £5, amazon

This is the follow-up to Johanna Basford’s mega-successful Secret Garden ((over one million copies sold and counting), and for our money, it’s even better than her first effort. Drawings of woodland creatures and greenery are super-detailed and the top-quality paper means pens won’t bleed through. The really beautiful, imaginative illustrations are the stars of the show here, but some colourers will like the quest part; readers must find nine symbols hidden throughout the book in order to “unlock” the castle gate at the end. If you like this one, her next book , an ocean-themed work, is out in October.

Buy Now

2. Calming Colouring Nature Patterns by Graham Leslie McCallum: £7 amazon

You get 96 pages of nature-inspired patterns here – the likes of leaves, petals, trees and landscapes – by artist and designer Graham McCallum. The thick, good-quality pages are filled edge to edge with designs that get increasingly complex as you work through them. If leaves aren’t you thing, McCallum also has another pattern volume with drawings to colour from a wider range of influences.

Buy Now

3. The Mindfulness Colouring Book by Emma Farrarons: £4, amazon

This little book is handily pocket-sized, so you can pop it in your work bag for the commute. Emma Farrarons is a French illustrator based in London with a background in textile design. You can see the influence of fabric pattern repeat on some of her drawings, which range from simple tessellating geometric designs to more intricate waves and floral-inspired shapes. Emma’s latest book, featuring more nature-themed patterns, is out at the end of September.

Buy Now

4. The Time Garden by Daria Song: £5, amazon

If you find patterns too repetitive, The Time Garden is an intricately drawn story by Korean artist Daria Song that starts with a Narnia-esque cuckoo clock and moves through page-upon-page of magical landscapes, drawn in superb detail. The cover’s also colourable and there’s a ‘to/from’ page, making this one a fab gift.

Buy Now

5. Tropical Wonderland: A Colouring Book Adventure: £4, amazon

Animal Kingdom has sold over 500,000 copies and been translated into 19 languages. The appeal of her work is the intricate drawings that really immerse you in the world she’s created. In the case of this new book, that’s pages full of exotic creatures from parrots to plant life. The artwork’s exceptional and the paper’s top quality. There’s space to add your own details if you’re feeling particularly creative, too.

Buy Now

6. Animorphia by Kerby Rosanes: £7, amazon

Animorphia goes one step beyond just colouring in, and involves a search element to it as well. You’re given a key at the beginning of the book, full of small objects and weird creatures to spot within the out-there animal-themed illustrations, which range from swordfish to big cats. There’s also spare space for you to complete pictures with your own doodlings.

Buy now

7. Dream Cities by Rosie Goodwin and Alice Chadwick: £5, amazon

Inspired by the likes of Moscow, Paris and the illustrators’ home, London, this book presents some worlds you’ll half recognise and other more fantastical cityscapes to colour in and make your own. The paper’s heavy duty so pens won’t bleed through and East London-based designers Rosie Goodwin and Alice Chadwick have included a little treasure hunt of extra images within their exceptionally detailed illustrations for you to find.

Buy now

8. Fill Me In by Moose Allain: £10, amazon

Lauded as ‘not just a book, but a paper playground’, Fill-Me-In makes a change from some of the more ornate, pattern-focused colouring-in books. Put together by artist and cartoonist Moose Allain, the book kicks off in space, but then flies all over his haphazard galaxy, featuring little people and creatures in all sorts of scenes to either be coloured-in or finished-off. As an added bonus, it’s signed and doodled by the author himself.

Buy now

9. The Creative Colouring Book for Grown Ups by Various: £8, amazon

Here’s another pocket-sized book for colouring on the go. It has a flexible spine, so unlike some of the bigger, chunkier books, you can get right into the centre, leaving no patches uncoloured. There are 100 detailed patterns to get stuck into.

Buy Now

10. Field Guide: Creatures Great and Small by Lucy Engelman: £11, amazon

Technically, this is a colouring book and a ‘field guide’, so as well as 35 pages of animals – ranging from butterflies to bears – it gives you facts about the featured creatures and a colouring guide to tell you what they look like in the real world. Of course, if you prefer, you can just freestyle. The pages tear out too so you can display your artwork when you’re done.

Buy Now

11. Cats: 70 Designs To Help You De-Stress: £8, amazon

What is more chill than colouring in cats? In this book there are 70 intricate, feline-inspired designs to be filled in. It’s just a bit bigger than A5 so be prepared for fine, detailed colouring. When you’re done, we like the fact that all the sheets in this book are detachable, so if you happen to design a particularly chic kitty, you can whip it out and display it.

Buy Now

12. Colour Me Good Eddie Redmayne by Mel Elliot: £8, amazon

From Mel Elliot, the artist who brought us Taylor Swift and Benedict Cumberbatch colouring comes an Eddie Redmayne-dedicated tome. Colour in the Les Mis star as you see fit, or be guided by Elliot’s funny captions. Sample line on a simple illustration of the actor looking suave in a tux: “Eddie is fast running out of awards to win…so design him a new one.” This is probably one for Redmayniacs only but it’s worth checking out Elliot’s other books if you’re looking for a fun gift.

Buy Now


For detailed, intricate nature-themed illustrations with a few extras, Johanna Basford’s Enchanted Forest is a winner. If you’re after something creative that you can learn a bit from while you’re colouring, Field Guide: Creatures Great and Small is a good choice. Moose Allain’s Fill-Me-In book stands out for its is randomness and brings something a bit different to the colouring book table.

IndyBest product reviews are unbiased, independent advice you can trust. On some occasions, we earn revenue if you click the links and buy the products, but we never allow this to bias our coverage. The reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing.

Summer is winding down and the stress of the back-to-school season is just starting up. Between all of the shopping and running around, finding a way to mindlessly relieve the chaos that this time of year brings might be easier than you would think.

“Coloring books have been shown to reduce stress and promote relaxation due to their inherent qualities, such as the ability to remain present and focused on the image and provide temporary relief from life stressors,” said Martha Dorn of The Art Therapy Project, a nonprofit organization in New York that provides art therapy to trauma survivors.

“Similarly, the images in coloring books are pre-made, so the creative energy is placed into the catharsis of repetitive coloring strokes to complete the image.”

Heather Mayone Kiely, an art therapist and director of Creative Arts Therapy at Tribeca Therapy, noted that different coloring books pose different benefits for certain individuals.

“For example, some coloring books have very small detailed images that would really appeal to some people but to other people would totally stress them out!” Kiely said. “Other coloring books have bigger images that you can draw/add to rather than just coloring in for people who are in the mood to be a bit more adventurous.”

While Dorn advised that coloring books are not art therapy, she noted the therapeutic qualities of the books and their ability to help relieve stress.

If you’re looking to ease your mind and take a bit of stress away, we found some of the best coloring books that might suit your style.

1. The Mindfulness Coloring Book

Trending stories,celebrity news and all the best of TODAY.

This book is full of soothing and simple prints that you can mindlessly fill in without feeling overwhelmed by the intricacies of staggering designs offered in other books.

2. What Lifts You

If you can’t find a pair of wings (literally — the creator of this book has created wing murals all over the world), then this book just might do the trick. “Kelsey’s interactive style comes out through an entire section of art that can be taken out of the book and used interactively — your own set of wings? Priceless!” one reviewer wrote.

3. Coffee is My Best Friend

The second-best thing to drinking coffee is coloring it! This book is perfect for coffee lovers as it is filled with endless pages of arabica beans and coffee-related things. Sadly caffeine-free, this book is bound to calm you down when you need it.

4. Color Me Stress-Free

This book has over 300 reviews and a 4.5-star rating on Amazon. The designs are unique and even the pre-colored designs are soothing enough to look at on their own.

5. How Aunts Swear

Although the title may seem family member-specific, this book is full of the clean versions of swear words that are sure to get a good chuckle out of you.

6. Stress Relieving Designs

With almost 400 reviews and a 4.5-star rating, this coloring book is the No. 1 bestseller in”Fantasy & Science Fiction Coloring Books for Grown-Ups” on Amazon. It’s full of many intricate designs, so it might bode well to use this one if you have the time to dedicate to coloring in the lines.

7. Designs: Adult Coloring Book

If you’re just looking to test out the coloring book craze and can’t see yourself seriously dedicating some time to the craft, we suggest purchasing a cheap coloring book that will offer the same calming qualities. This coloring book costs less than $4.

“I think they are incredibly useful but I think there is a limit on their use. As a therapist, I always like to acknowledge that a lot of things can be therapeutic other than therapy,” Kiely said. “But at the end of the day, if you are struggling and feel like you are not living your best life, there really is no substitute for sitting in the room with an actual therapist.”

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How to make money by coloring!

This post contains affiliate links to Club ColorMonthly

We live and travel full time in our RV. So I’m always on the look out for ways to bring in a bit of extra income. Last week, I stumbled across a great way to not only make a bit of extra money, but do something I love to do at the same time! Club ColorMonthly is the solution. And those who work the business opportunity, in essence, Get Paid to Color!

Adult coloring books have caused a big stir with everyone from researchers at Johns Hopkins University to therapists to yoga experts suggesting that coloring is a great alternative to meditation.

Why take up coloring?

  • It fine tunes your vision and motor skills
  • It trains your brain to be active
  • It can reduce stress and anxiety, calming your brain
  • It can give you a fun sense of accomplishment

What is ?

Club ColorMonthly members receive over 30 fun and unique coloring pages delivered digitally each month. The monthly fee is just $10 and you can cancel at any time. So how do you make money? Be sure to page down to find out!

Here is just a small sample of what I received in my March ColorMonthly digital package:

  • 5 Pattern Designs
  • 5 Quotes/Sayings Pages
  • 3 Doodle Coloring Pages
  • 3 Theme Pages
  • 1 February Calendar Page
  • 1 Weekly Planner Page
  • 1 Gratitude Tracker Page
  • 1 Menu Planner Page
  • 1 Daily Planner Page
  • 10 Mandalas

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Want to make money and color too?

I would love to “share the wealth” so to speak. Club ColorMonthly is also a network marketing company.

In addition to a FABULOUS package of coloring pages delivered digitally each month, you can earn commissions by telling your coloring friends about it! When they join, you earn cash commissions through 7 levels. (When they tell their coloring friends, and those friends also purchase, you earn even more money!)

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Coloring is such a relaxing hobby. And the pages can be made into many things from wall art, to gift wrap, to cards, to book covers and much more. Create something amazing, and make a bit of cash too!

The best of all worlds! I cannot wait to see your finished designs!

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Get Paid While Coloring

About two years ago I was introduced to coloring – a friend invited me to a party and for entertainment she passed out adult coloring books and colored pencils for us to color. I was hooked and all the ladies that were there were too! I found it to be so relaxing and fun and I remembered – as a child coloring was one of my favorite things.

In February one of my friends sent me a post about the Color Monthly launch! It launched on 2/16! It was a Company that had been selling a set of monthly coloring sheets on Amazon for $10.00. It was very successful. The Owner decided to turn it into a multi-level-marketing Company where one could still purchase the 30+ coloring pages that are delivered digitally each month but could make commissions when friends, neighbors or family members joined, too!

So; I was so excited to be able to make money on my passion – coloring! Imagine being able to turn your hobby into a business? It really is refreshing to see a simple and honest opportunity out there. Color Monthly is not for anyone wanting to earn a huge amount of money overnight! We want to create meaningful, lasting relationships with others, not just add numbers to our down-lines. We have an awesome Team build directly under the Owner! Our Team has two members that are Numbers 2 and 3 in sales (just by introducing Color Monthly to their friends) the first weeks of Color Monthly.

In addition to a FABULOUS package of coloring pages delivered digitally each month for just $10.00, you can earn commissions by telling your coloring friends about it! When they join, you earn $cash$, through 7 levels. (so, when they tell their coloring friends, and those friends also purchase, you earn more money!) You earn money on all the ones placed in your downline; whether you placed them or one of your referrals placed them.

There are no quotas, kits to buy or inventory to stock.

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How Doodling Helped This Artist Start a Business That Made $15K Last Year

Does your nightly wind-down routine include getting lost in (or outside) the lines of an adult coloring book?

Do you find yourself doodling every time your hands are free?

Maybe you’re a student whose heart is screaming for art school, but whose head (and wallet) are a bit more hesitant.

Either way, you’ve got to meet Christine Fleming.

She’s an artist and designer who creates beautiful adult coloring books — and she made $14,000 last year teaching others to draw their own digital patterns.

Starving Artist? I Don’t Think So

Fleming is a professional graphic designer and self-taught illustrator.

She’s the mind behind Might Could Studios, the headquarters for her plethora of creative focuses, which range from creating logos and animations to selling custom-painted Russian nesting dolls.

Long story short: She’s a super-cool lady making a living following her dreams and creating art.

While sipping coffee before starting her work one morning, Fleming doodled a geometric design. She liked what she created, so she posted it to Instagram — where other people seemed to like it, too.

Soon, she’d doodled nine more geometric designs, and was wondering what to do with them. That’s when she remembered how much she’d been hearing lately about adult coloring books.

“I realized that the line quality of the designs would actually lend themselves well to being colored,” Fleming said, “so I jumped on it!”

It turned out pretty well for her. Three coloring books later, she’s earned about $1,000 off their sales. She sells the books both on Etsy and at craft shows she attends.

Gainful Employment — In More Ways Than One

But Fleming’s doodles didn’t just allow her to participate in — and earn money from — the coloring book craze.

They also helped her hone her artistic skills and realize an even higher earning potential than she expected. She’s also able to share her talents with eager learners through a course she created on Skillshare, a peer-to-peer digital learning platform.

The unique requirements of adult coloring book pages necessitated the use of both sides of Fleming’s artistic expertise.

As an illustrator and designer, she found she had the perfect combination of talents to create the clean, regular and fun patterns that lend themselves so well to meditative coloring.

Starting with her skills as an illustrator — what she calls her “art brain” — Fleming can “stay plan-free and experimental while sketching out the overall design” of the pages.

“Then, I move to the computer to digitize the artwork, and my design brain kicks in, adjusting all the lines and shapes so they are perfectly symmetrical and aligned,” Fleming says.

By using an online time-tracking app to time her work on each project and keep track of how long they take to finish, Fleming tightens her time management and efficiency skills.

“I know exactly how much time was spent creating that first coloring book: 185 hours. SO WHACK!” she said.

“But I’ve made three coloring books since then, and have gotten more efficient with each one. My second and third coloring books took 48 hours, and my most recent, which I just finished last week, took 30 hours.

“The Skillshare classes happened the same way: My first class took me 114 hours, while my seventh and most recent class took 46 hours. So I try to learn with each round how I can be more efficient with the next!”

What’s more, she found another way to monetize this newfound use of her skill set.

“By that time, I was already teaching classes on Skillshare, so I decided to teach a class on how I made the designs to tie in with the book as well.”

Last year, Fleming earned $14,000 off her seven Skillshare courses. Plus, she’s sharing an awesome skill with eager learners, without much cost to them. Skillshare memberships start at just $6 per month.

She’s even sharing the wealth by offering you guys a special deal! Get 15% off her new coloring book on Etsy with the promo code PENNY.

Be sure to check out her Skillshare course if you’ve got the artist bug yourself — or even if you just want to try your hand! You can craft your own coloring book pages, even if you “can’t” draw and have no experience with digital art software.

How to Make a Living as an Artist

Fleming’s story is another great reminder for those of us warily looking at a career in the arts that success is possible — but like most worthwhile things in life, it might not be easy.

And it’s important for passion to come first.

“I didn’t start drawing these geometric designs with coloring books in mind at all,” Fleming says.

I think my best and most successful projects are the ones that grow organically from personal experimentations, not from sitting down in the beginning and thinking, ‘How can I make money today?’

Fleming’s success as an artist is, arguably, directly related to the passion compelling her to make art, regardless of fiscal compensation. Happily-made art is good art, and good art usually ends up being the kind that sells well.

But no matter how much you love what you do, don’t go in imagining you’ll kill it in the first few weeks.

“If you want to be an artist or a freelancer — be in it for the long run!” Fleming notes. “It may look like people have overnight success, but that’s hardly true for anyone.”

And once your business starts being successful, Fleming advises you try to spread your focus around so you have a variety of options, in case something falls through.

“Diversify your clients, your projects, and how you spend your time,” she says. “It’s good to have specialities, but it’s also good to have opportunities to fall back on when something doesn’t work out.”

By keeping her fingers in many pots, Fleming has developed “a sufficient income that keeps growing,” earned from enterprises that function “as a kind of web, so that even if something falls through, the whole business still stays afloat and I can still buy groceries!”

After all, who wants to draw or color without snacks?

Your Turn: What kind of adult coloring book would your doodles create?

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Whether the kids are around or you’re just on you’re own, there are lots of reason to break out an adult coloring book!

Ever wonder why you feel better after spending just a half an hour after coloring with the kiddos?

A recent study showed the stress-relieving benefits of coloring.

And trust me, if you can’t find a coloring book you’ll love out of these 100 coloring book ideas…. then that coloring book doesn’t exist 🙂

100 Adult Coloring Book Ideas!

This post contains affiliate links.

1. Stress Relieving Patterns

2. A Coloring Book for Adults Featuring Mandalas and Henna Inspired Flowers, Animals, and Paisley Patterns

3. Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Animal Designs

4. Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book

5. Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest & Coloring Book

6. Detailed Designs and Beautiful Patterns

7. Balance (Angie’s Extreme Stress Menders Volume 1)

8. Creative Haven Owls Coloring Book

9. Butterflies and Flowers

10. Creative Haven Creative Cats Coloring Book

11. Art Nouveau Animal Designs Coloring Book

12. Color Me Calm: 100 Coloring Templates for Meditation and Relaxation

13. Harry Potter Coloring Book

14. Creative Coloring Inspirations: Art Activity Pages to Relax and Enjoy

15. Lost Ocean: An Inky Adventure and Coloring Book

16. Mystical Mandala Coloring Book

17. Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Patterns Volume 2

18. Adult Coloring Book: Ocean Animal Patterns

19. Creative Haven Entangled Coloring Book

20. Coloring Books for Grownups: Dia de los Muertos

21. The Time Garden: A Magical Journey and Coloring Book

22. The Calm Coloring Book

23. Beautiful Relaxation: Coloring Book for Everyone

24. Beauty in the Bible: Adult Coloring Book

25. Color Me Happy: 100 Coloring Templates That Will Make You Smile

26. Paisley Designs Coloring Book

27. Home for the Holidays: A Hand-Crafted Adult Coloring Book

28. Fanciful Faces Coloring Book

29. Whimsical Gardens Coloring Book

30. A Coloring Book with a Hidden Picture Twist

31. The Official A Game of Thrones Coloring Book

32. “Today Is Going To Be A Great Day” Inspirational Coloring Book

33. Animal Kingdom: Color Me, Draw Me

34. Tropical World: A Coloring Book Adventure

35. I Love My Hair: A Coloring Book of Braids, Coils, and Doodle Dos

36. Awesome Animals: A Stress Management Coloring Book For Adults

37. Color the Psalms: An Adult Coloring Book for Your Soul

38. Creative Haven NatureScapes Coloring Book

39. The Affirmations Coloring Book

40. Love You MOM: doodle & dream: A beautiful and inspiring adult coloring book for Moms everywhere

41. Awesome Animals Volume 2: A Stress Management Coloring Book For Adults

42. Outside the Lines: An Artists’ Coloring Book for Giant Imaginations

43. Fantastic Cities: A Coloring Book of Amazing Places Real and Imagined

44. Mandala Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Patterns

45. Creative Haven Christmas Trees Coloring Book

46. Disney Princess: 100 Images to Inspire Creativity and Relaxation

47. Floral Bouquets Coloring Book

48. The Official Outlander Coloring Book

49. Doodle Invasion: Zifflin’s Coloring Book (Volume 1)

50. An Adult Coloring Book: Wild and Free

51. Midnight Forest Coloring Book: Animal Designs on a Dramatic Black Background

52. Faith in Color

53. Colorama Coloring Book for Adults , Create Something Wonderful & Relax

54. Steampunk Fashions Coloring Book

55. Goddesses Coloring Book

56. The Coloring Cafe-Volume One: A Coloring Book for Grown-Up Girls

57. The Mindfulness Coloring Book: Anti-Stress Art Therapy for Busy People

58. Creative Haven Dimensions Coloring Book

59. The Eclectic Owl

60. Adult Coloring Books: A Coloring Book for Adults Featuring Stress Relieving Patterns and Intricate Doodles

61. Enchanting English Garden: An Inkcredible Scavenger Hunt and Coloring Book

62. Really RELAXING Colouring Book 2: Colour Me Calm

63. Creative Haven Snowflake Mandalas Coloring Book

64. Joyful Designs Adult Coloring Book

65. Relaxation Templates for Meditation and Calming

66. Coloring Books For Grown-Ups: Dia De Los Muertos: Sugar Skulls Coloring Pages

67. 35 Mandala Designs: An Adult Coloring Book

68. Coloring Book for Adults with Patterns, Henna Flowers and Mandala

69. Enjoy The Most Beautiful Landscapes Coloring Book For Adults As An Relaxing Activity and Stress Relief

70. Creative Haven Modern Tattoo Designs Coloring Book

71. Christmas Designs

72. Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Animal Designs Volume 2

73. Simple Blessings: Coloring Designs to Encourage Your Heart

74. Posh: Pretty Designs for Fun & Relaxation

75. Christmas Coloring Book for Adults

76. Centered Angie’s Extreme Stress Menders Volume 2

77. A Collection of Coloring Books for Adults; Featuring Mandalas, Flowers, and Geometric Designs

78. The World’s Best Mandala Coloring Book: A Stress Management Coloring Book For Adults

79. Godey’s Fashions Coloring Book

80. Butterflies Coloring Book

81. Beautiful Designs and Patterns

82. Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Cats

83. Happy Campers Coloring Book

84. Adult Coloring Books: A coloring Books for Adults Featuring Over 45 Highly Detailed Designs & Beautiful Patterns

85. Color Me Mindful: Underwater

86. Cats & Quilts

87. The Art of Nature Coloring Book: 60 Illustrations Inspired by Vintage Botanical and Scientific Prints

88. Wonderful World Of Horses Coloring Book

89. Owls Coloring Book

90. The Victorian House Coloring Book

91. Doodle Fusion: Zifflin’s Coloring Book (Volume 2)

92. Dream Catcher: A Soul Bird’s Journey

93. Angels Coloring Book

94. Wow: Angie’s Extreme Coloring Books Volume 1

95. Creative Haven Zenscapes Coloring Book

96. Mermaids – Calm Ocean Coloring Collection

97. Creative Haven Vintage Christmas Greetings Coloring Book

98. Adults Who Color Henna Art

99. The Language of Flowers Coloring Book

100. The Cat Lovers Coloring Book

Like these adult coloring books? Find more family friendly activities on Mommy Evolution!


Now that you’ve conducted research and come up with an idea to base your book on you can begin planning it out. In the planning phase, you’ll come up with the basic content, outline, and format of your coloring book.

Choose a Title

If you conducted keyword research as recommended above, this part should be a cinch! When choosing a title you’ll want to incorporate one or two buzzwords. This is especially important if you plan on selling your coloring book through e-commerce sites like Amazon. Incorporating popular terminology such as “Coloring Book”, “Creative”, “Calm”, “Art Therapy”, “For Adults”, “For Kids” etc. will get you in front of the right audience.

Explore Binding Methods

It may seem early for choosing a binding method as printing will be one of the last steps, however, binding predetermines a few factors. Often the binding you choose can limit your options when it comes to page count and page size – both of which you will want to know before you begin drawing or creating graphics.

There are three types of binding methods that make sense for a coloring book:

1. Perfect Bound

Perfect Bound Books are soft cover books with pages glued together at the spine. This binding allows for a sleek, professional look. If you are planning on creating a coloring book to be distributed and sold in stores this is probably the option you would go with. Many adult coloring books that you will be seen sold in bookstores use this binding method. If you chose a high page number goal, this is typically an option that allows more pages (perfect bounds through Printi allow for up to 596 pages).

While it is a very popular choice it is actually not what we believe to be the most optimal coloring bookbinding method.

2. Spiral Bound

When it comes to coloring or writing in a book in general, we believe spiral binding allows for the greatest experience. This is because the coil binding allows for the pages to rotate 360 degrees around the metal coil. Therefore, unlike most other binding types, you can lay the book flat on a surface. This makes for easy coloring.

3. Saddle Stitch

Saddle stitch is a great option for a few genres of coloring books. If you plan on having your book be comic-related or fan fiction related, this binding method goes well with that aesthetic. This is also the most cost-effective method so if you have a small budget, this might be the best option for you.

At the end of the day, the type of binding you choose to go with is up to you. If you still don’t sure check out our blog post below to get more information on each individual type.

More Information: Types of Book Binding and When to Use Each

Set a Page Limit

Setting a number of pages is a great way to hold yourself to actually completing your project. You’ll want to take into consideration the genre and audience that you selected for your book. You’ll also want to take into consideration the price you may want to sell the book for.

Consider Yourself

How much work do you want to put into this project?

Consider how much time and effort you want to put into bringing your coloring book to life. It is a great idea to set a timeline for yourself, such as completing one drawing per day or per week, depending on how detailed you plan on making them.

From there you can either determine how many drawings you want to draw and then how long it will take to complete that set amount. Your alternative is to choose a date that you’d like to finish and from there determine how many drawings you can do within that set period of time. Either way, we highly recommend creating a timeline.

Consider Your Audience

If you are creating a coloring book for kids, you may want to take their short attention span into consideration and go with fewer pages. If you chose an adult genre and want to tell a story with your book, you’ll need to determine how many drawings it will take to complete your plot line.

Consider the Binding Method

Page count can be limited by the type of binding method you choose. That’s why it is a good idea to set a page number and decide which binding method you want to use around the same time. For example, saddle stitch books through Printi allow for 4 to 76 pages, spiral bound books allow for 8 to 396 pages, and perfect bound book allows for 36 to 596 pages. Hopefully, you aren’t restrained by those upper limits but keep the lower limits in mind.

Consider Sales

The fewer pages in your coloring book, the less you’ll be able to sell it for. If you had a set price in mind that you’d like to attempt selling your book for, check out other coloring books that are being sold at that price. How many pages do they typically contain? What is the quality of the graphics? More complicated graphics can go for higher prices even if there is a lower page count. The best thing you can do is your research!

Think About Format

Page Size

It is important to choose a page size before beginning to draw because you want to, at the very least, draw to scale. For example, if you choose to go with a 6” x 6” book but drew your drawings on an 8.5” x 11” paper, part of your drawing will be cut off.

If you plan on using graphic design to create your artwork you’ll need to know page size for file set-up. When it comes to printing a book, it is important that your file has 1:1 proportion to the page size you’ll be printing on and margins set up for bleed.

The standard coloring book size is 8.5” x 11” however many printers have a variety of options to choose from. This is why it is important to choose your binding method before beginning to draw as well. Often sizes are dependent on the binding method.

Don’t be afraid to stray from the norm, however. One of the most popular adult coloring books – Secret Garden is square shaped and 8.5” x 8.5”.

More Information: Standard Paper Sizes | List of Paper Dimensions

Double or Single-Sided?

The majority of coloring books are double-sided, but we recommend considering going with a single-sided format. This can allow for a better user experience. If pages are double-sided, there is a chance that the colors will bleed through when someone goes to color in one side. This is especially true if users plan on using markers or if you go with a thinner paper stock.

Coloring book fanatics also sometimes like to frame pages after completing them. If you have a feeling one of your coloring pages could be used as a form of artwork after completed, it might be a good idea to go with a single-sided format.


Believe it or not, the bulk of the work is over. If you’ve completed all the above steps you’ve taken quite a lot of time to plan your coloring book. In doing so, you will you be working traditionally or digitally? You can create drawings from scratch or work digitally on a tablet or on a graphic design platform such as Adobe Illustrator.

Hand Draw on Paper

If you want to go with a more traditional design method, you can create pencil sketches and trace over them with black ink pens such as Staedtler fineliners. It is very important to use high-quality drawing materials because you will be scanning your drawings. The more contrast you have between the pen and the paper, the sharper the scan will come out digitally. However, before scanning, erase the pencil.

Hand Draw on a Tablet

You can also manually draw your sketches on a tablet. This is a nice middle ground between creating your coloring book the traditional method, and the completely digital method. Using a stylus on a tablet may seem like it would be limiting, but with today’s technology, drawing on some tablets is almost like drawing on paper. If you want to make the investment, look into a tablet that has pressure sensitivity.

Create Coloring Pages Digitally

If you plan on designing your images digitally, such as in Photoshop or Illustrator, here are some best practices to keep in mind:

  • Make sure the resolution is at least 300 dpi
  • Generate your design in 1:1 format
  • Use CMYK color, not RGB
  • Leave 0.125” of bleed on all sides
  • Leave 0.5” of margin
  • Don’t use less than 0.25 pt line weight for any elements
  • Save your file as a PDF
  • Check with your printer whether you should include all pages in one PDF or separate PDFs

More Information: Instructions on Correct Book File Set Up

Setting up your file with the above specifications will ensure that it is printed correctly. If you are not familiar with Adobe Illustrator you’ll want to study up. Here are some helpful blog posts we found:

  • How to Create a Coloring Book Style Illustration in Adobe Illustrator
  • How to Create a Stress Relief Coloring Book Page in Adobe Illustrator

Design a Cover

Coloring in a drawing yourself and using it as the cover is a great way to display what your customers could make of the rest of the black and white illustrations inside. It also stands out and is definitely more eye-catching than simply putting a black and white version on the cover. Another interesting tactic is to color the cover in halfway – intriguing a user to fill in the rest.


The best part is potentially the most exciting – it is all about bringing your creation to life! Of course, you can provide digital copies of your drawings online. Free coloring pages are very popular (and can be a great way to market your book). However, there is nothing like a physical copy containing all of your coloring creations in one place. When it comes to printing your book here is some advice.

Set Up Your File Correctly

We can’t stress enough how important file set-up is to the printing process. At Printi, while we will reach out in case there is a file error, we do not alter files ourselves because we do not want to question our creative customer’s design choices. That being said it is important to go through the “File Set Up” checklist and make sure your file meets all the following requirements:

  • Make sure the resolution is at least 300 dpi
  • Generate your design in 1:1 format
  • Use CMYK color, not RGB
  • Leave 0.125” of bleed on all sides
  • Leave 0.5” of margin
  • Don’t use less than 0.25 pt line weight for any elements
  • Save your file as a PDF
  • Check with your printer whether you should include all pages in one PDF or separate PDFs

Choose the Perfect Paper

If you’re wondering what type of paper is used for coloring books the answer is always UNCOATED and STURDY!

Inside Pages

  • Uncoated. Any coated paper such as matte, silk, or semi-gloss, is difficult to write on.
    Therefore you’ll want to go with an uncoated stock that can easily absorb ink or receive crayon. Going with uncoated stock also ensures that colors won’t smudge or run.
  • Sturdy. In addition to being uncoated, your stock option should be thick so that no matter what medium someone uses to color in your drawing or graphic, it will not show through. Our recommendation is a 70# or 80# Uncoated Text.

More Information: Let’s Talk Paper Stock | Types of Paper Explained

Cover Pages

If you go with our advice from above and display a colored in a page on your cover, make sure that you choose some type of glossy or laminated stock for your cover. Gloss has a great way of making colors pop which will make your cover even more intriguing!

Choose the Best Binding

(We are repeating & summarizing this section for anyone who may have scrolled all the way to the bottom after looking at the Table of Contents)

Binding & printing go hand-and-hand! We recommend choosing binding during the planning phase as it predetermines a few factors. Often the binding you choose can limit your options when it comes to page count and page size – both of which you will want to know before you begin drawing or creating graphics.

Here are the three standard binding options for coloring books:

  • Perfect Bound – Allows for a sleek, professional look. If you are planning on creating a coloring book to be distributed and sold in stores this is probably the option you would go with.
  • Spiral Bound – Coil binding allows for the pages to rotate 360 degrees around the metal coil. Therefore, unlike most other binding types, you can lay the book flat on a surface. This makes for easy coloring.
  • Saddle Stitch – Great for comic-related or fan fiction related, this binding method goes well with that aesthetic.

At the end of the day, the type of binding you choose to go with is up to you. If you still don’t sure check out our blog post below to get more information on each individual type.

More Information: Types of Book Binding and When to Use Each

Choose a Quality Printer

When it comes to choosing a printer to work with it is important to take care. The best print companies to work with for a project such as a coloring book project should be familiar with short-run printing of books. Even if you’re book sales take off you’ll want to be a bit more cautious with your first run.

First Book Free

Here at Printi, we understand that ordering copies of a book project such as a coloring book can be daunting. It is for this reason we do our best to make the process as easy as possible! First-time book printing customers can order the first copy of their book free using the promo code FREEBOOKSAMPLE. Whether you are looking to print a single copy or 100,000 copies, we can help! for all of our bookbinding options or reach out to our Customer Success Team with any questions you may have.

The Ultimate Guide to Types of Book Binding

Self-Publishing vs Traditional Publishing | Which is Right for You?

A Pastime for All Ages | Why We’re Obsessed with Adult Coloring Books

If you’re one of the grownups who has discovered the therapeutic and relaxing world of coloring in, you’re no doubt in the market for some suggestions on best adult coloring books.

I’ve consulted some friends and, along with a few reader suggestions, compiled this list of the the 25 best books for those in search of everything from quiet reflection to adventure to catharsis.

25 Best Adult Coloring Books

1. Enchanted Forest

For those who want to escape into a magical kingdom, full of flora, fauna and fairies, Enchanted Forest: An Inky Adventure may be the book for you.

With pages of intricate floral motifs and hidden plants, animals and other creatures, it’s a delightful journey into an enchanted land.

There’s even a quest involved: colorists are challenged to find a total of nine symbols sprinkled throughout the book to “unlock” the gate at the story’s end.

2. Mindfulness Coloring Book

Emma Farrarons’s The Mindfulness Colouring Book (Anti-stress art therapy for busy people) is the perfect gift to yourself.

Its small stature makes it easy for on-the-go coloring, and Farrarons’s background as an illustrator and textile designer is evident in her drawings, which are filled with geometric designs, floral patterns and waves.

It’s sure to make any commute a little more peaceful.

3. Mandala Designs

Have you read all about the psychological and emotional benefits of mandalas? Keen to dive into the kaleidoscope world of mandala mindfulness? It’s easy with Mandala Designs Adult Coloring Book.

This book is chock full of beautiful and complex mandala designs that’ll have you buzzing with good vibrations.

Don’t be afraid of markers with this one, because Mandala Designs boasts heavyweight paper immune to pesky marker bleed-throughs.

4. The Art of Nature

Does history, nature and science fascinate you? Check out The Art of Nature Coloring Book.

This beautiful compilation of colorable illustrations is inspired by vintage botanical and scientific prints, many of which range from the 18th and 19th century.

The best part about this book? Finishing a design means a free and beautiful wall hanging. Ever fancied yourself as a 19th century botanist? This one’s for you.

5. Fantastic Cities

In a perpetual state of wanderlust? Coloring can transport you to new places far and wide.

This is the goal of Steve McDonald’s Fantastic Cities. You don’t need the stress of booking flights and hotels; instead settle down with Fantastic Cities as you imagine your next adventure. One of my personal favorites.

6. Dinosaurs With Jobs

Who doesn’t have a soft spot for prehistoric creatures? Mix that with the monotony of everyday working life and you have the fantastic Dinosaurs With Jobs.

A must have for any friend with an appreciation for old-school coworkers and a penchant for coloring.

7. Colour Me Good

For those with more adult tastes and an insatiable desire to watch reruns of “The Notebook,” Colour Me Good Ryan Gosling is a truly indispensable gift.

The book boasts thick pages and dozens of funny, blank outlines of Ryan. Plus, no one’s stopping you from drawing yourself right in beside him. Enjoy!

8. Famous American Paintings

Consider yourself an American art buff or know someone who does? I’ve got the perfect book.

Color Your Own Famous American Paintings features famous works from Edward Hopper, Mary Cassatt, Winslow Homer, Grandma Moses and more.

A nice feature of this book is the perforated edges on each picture. You may not have the original, but you can display your own rendition in a place of honor!

9. Harry Potter Colouring Book

Considering changing your name to J.K. Rowling? Looking for a little relaxation in the magical world of Harry Potter? I’ve got your back,

Potter heads. Look no further than the Harry Potter Colouring Book, which gives you the opportunity to fill in intricate line drawings used in the creative schematic prep for the films.

Colorists will be delighted to fill in their favorite scenes from the films- it’ll have you saying “accio coloring book!”

10. The Swear Words Colouring Book

Sometimes, coping comes with a side of expletives. I get it- the job can be tough and the commute long. After all, they do say: when it rains, it pours.

Here’s a British coloring book with the perfect amount of sass: The Swear Words Colouring Book.

Filled with beautiful drawings of animals, trees, flowers and mandalas, each page also features a swear word- just pick the one that matches your situation and get going!

11. The Great British Bake Off

Love the Great British Bake Off but lack the necessary kitchen skills? Immortalize your favorite desserts and moments from the show with this colouring book.

A tasty alternative to labouring in the kitchen. Or, bring the book to your favorite patisserie for a truly tasty experience!

12. The Poldark Colouring Book

Historical fiction fanatic? Completely PBS obsessed? Looking for a spark of adventure? Then I bet you’ve probably seen Poldark before.

Bring the drama and adventure from the hit show into your own living room with The Poldark Colouring Book that features all of your favorite characters, and even Garrick the dog!

13. Wild Savannah

Fancy escaping to the savannah or the grasslands of Africa, Asia and Australia? If a plane ticket is a bit too expensive, consider Millie Marotta’s Wild Savannah: A Coloring Book Adventure.

The book contains fanciful illustrations of baobab trees, crocodiles, zebras and gazelles that’ll be sure to transport you to what feels like another world in the comfort of your own living room.

14. Colour Quest

Interested in a bit of a challenge, or dare I say it- a quest?

Unlike traditional coloring books, you’re never quite sure what you’re getting with the illustrations from Colour Quest until you complete the color by number pattern, which is usually obscured by dots or pixelation.

Try your hand and prepare to be delightfully surprised by the variety of scenes in this magical little book.

15. Fill-Me-In

Eagerly awaiting your favorite comic strip in the weekend papers? Look no further! Cartoonist and artist Moose Allain has compiled FIll-Me-In, an amazing adventure in space to infinity and beyond.

The book features people and fantastical creatures in existing scenes, or the locations of your choice. And allows the colorist a little more creativity and contains some blanks, encouraging you to explore beyond the realms of planet Earth.

16. Cats

Got a particular penchant for a feline friend? Cats: Colouring for Mindfulness is the perfect coloring book for cat lovers far and wide.

The book contains 70 intricate designs and each page detaches, so you can frame your favorite. Curl up with your kitty and color away!

17. Tropical Wonderland

Feeling the winter blues? Looking to escape to a more tropical locale? Look no further than Millie Marcotta’s Tropical Wonderland.

Filled with beautiful fauna and flora, the book features intricate and delicate artwork, and boasts very heavyweight paper – perfect for vibrant marker coloring.

18. Keep Calm and Colour Unicorns

Fancy a world where unicorns exist, or perhaps you consider yourself quirky enough to identify with one.

Then I’ve got the book for you: Keep Calm and Colour Unicorns promises serenity and a chance to infuse your day with a bit of unicorn magic.

Keep anxiety at bay with this intricate and whimsical coloring book that features these magical creatures, rainbows and cosmic mandalas.

19. Wreck This Journal

For those who prefer a little less structure to their coloring pursuits, Keri Smith has created Wreck This Journal to encourage budding artists to unleash their inner creativity through “destructive acts”- coloring outside lines, riddling pages with poked holes, painting with coffee, etc.

If this jives with your idea of stress relief, take a look- you’ll be inspired in no time!

20. Elephant Coloring Book For Adults

Enamoured with the beauty and grace of elephants? Join the club.

The Elephant Coloring Book for Adults features 40 beautifully illustrated patterned, henna and paisley style elephants for completion.

Channel your inner animal lover as you complete these beautiful designs and pick one up for another elephant fan.

21. Swear Word

Another one, and not very mindful, perhaps, but this branch of adult coloring is pretty popular, and makes for a good present for those who vent with a more…colorful lexicon.

Swear Word Coloring Book gives curse words an intricacy like never before. Each page features a choice phrase, filled with a complex pattern that’s yours for the coloring!

For those with a potty mouth and a sense of humor this is the cathartic book for them!

22. The Vogue Colouring Book

Fashion obsessed? Constantly channeling Anna Wintour? The Vogue Colouring Book is a great addition to your collection.

Featuring fashion editor Iain R Webb’s beautiful hand-drawn images from 1950s Vogue, this book gives its readers a glimpse into the world of hats, gloves, hourglass shapes and utter glamour.

The book also features captions and fashion advice from the pages of British Vogue.

23. Disney Villains

Always related more to the “bad guy” at the movies? Channel your inner villain with Disney Villains.

The book features over 100 images of magical Disney landscapes, as well as the memorable Disney villains who threaten the happiness of legendary heroes and heroines.

This book features the notorious from a huge spectrum of Disney films, including some villains you will have forgotten.

24. Introvert Doodles

Are your introvert tendencies stressing you out in a world where extroverts seem to thrive?

Introverts unite and check out Marzi Wilson’s Introvert Doodles, a relatable glimpse into the world of awkward situations that befall non social butterflies.

Marzi’s introvert adventures are hilarious and heartwarming and a great gift for anyone who has floundered for an excuse to miss that party and just watch Netflix in bed.

25. Sex Position Coloring Book

And finally, just to prove there is an adult coloring book for every eventuality, the Sex Position Coloring Book gives new meaning to playtime for couples.

This crafty book presents a ready-to-color outline of a couple in a real sex position on each page. Great as a gift for a bachelorette party, wedding shower, or twenty-something birthday.