Adele picture upside down

Here’s why the internet is going crazy over this upside-down picture of Adele

For the past 24 hours, the internet has been going into meltdown over this flipped image of Adele.

The image is a seemingly mirrored version of the original, used as the cover art for her album “25.” However, if you look at the image upside down, you’ll see something much more sinister looking.

While the singer’s face has been turned upside down, her eyes and mouth have actually been left the right way up. The result is something that looks borderline nightmarish — and people have been going nuts over it.

One Instagram user posted the photoshopped image, and it has since received over 28,000 likes. They captioned it: “what kind of sorcery is this,” while another user said it’s “hella creepy.”


The illusion is what’s known as the Thatcher effect, so called after the former British prime minister whose image was first used for the trick, Margaret Thatcher.

The Thatcher effect highlights a flaw in how our brains work — we can’t process an upside-down face.

According to The Naked Scientists, our brains are programmed to recognise faces the right way up. We create a mental map by recognising the face in pieces — eyes, mouth, and nose. So when we’re presented with an upside-down, Thatcherised image, it’s not processed properly.

We know it’s upside down, but because we so rarely encounter upside-down faces, we haven’t evolved to interpret the expressions on them. The facial features look fine, so our brains assume the rest of the face is as well. That’s why we don’t see anything out of the ordinary until we orientate the face accordingly.

What is Psychology?

Warning: Adele’s upside-down eyes may even give you nightmares…

This upside-down photo of Adele’s hit album 25 is totally normal right? Well, guess again. Because flipped around, it may be the most terrifying thing you’ll see all day.


Like we said, TERRIFYING.

While Adele looks completely normal right-side up, the freakiness of the upside-down image owes to the fact that Adele’s lip and eyes have been flipped, leading us to become totally shaken inside *sobs*.

But optical illusion aside, we have to admit, Adele’s eyeliner is on point, as per…

The scary meme was created by Twitter account, Turn Your Phone, after they altered images of celebs and asked users to turn their phone upside down for the upsetting effect. However, it didn’t go viral until TheShadeRoomInc on Instagram posted the image, with the caption, ‘#Wayment what kind of sorcery is this … #Adele,’ going on to get 28,100 likes with over 9,000 comments from fans who are now scarred for life.

Although this is the first time we’ve been genuinely scared of Adele, this isn’t the first time the global sensation has become meme-ified. At the end of 2015, the Internet went nuts for her single Hello, mashing it up with Lionel Richie’s own 80s classic and Matthew McConaughey even spoofing the iconic video.

Because, DUH, it’s Adele and when can we ever get enough of her.


Adele has yet to comment on her face haunting Instagram, as she’s currently busy starting her latest world tour, which kicked off in Belfast in February 2016. The 27-year-old plans to play a whopping 105 dates in Europe and the US, and recently posted an incredible photo from her first show on Instagram, simply writing on the classy black and white photo, ‘Belfast / SSE Arena / Feb 29.’


Guess it’s up to us to get that image erased from our minds then…

Get ready for your mind to be blown! Adele’s upside-down album cover has been making its round online, and fans are scratching their heads because of it’s extremely bizarre look. Can you figure out what’s wrong with the picture?

Adele, 27, is going viral — well, her album cover photo is! The singer’s latest album, 25, is causing quite a stir online as the optical illusion photo has been edited to look creepier than her naturally beautiful face when it’s turned right side up. See the difference?

When the photo is right side up, Adele’s trademark winged eyeliner looks like a freaky pool of black on her lower eyelids, while her lower lip looks like someone gave her some extra big lip fillers! A fan even mentioned that she has Kylie Jenner, 18, lips. There is a big difference in the photos, but it is difficult to notice that Adele’s eyes and lips are flipped when the image is upside down. So bizarre!

No one is sure who altered the photo, but it was The Shade Room who shared the crazy picture with their 3.7 million Instagram followers, saying, “turn your phone upside down.” And fans went nuts when they saw it!

Adele’s album cover isn’t the only image that has been altered! Since the release of it, the photo has inspired many to create the upside down images of their own like the Twitter account “Turn Your Phone.” They shared the same creepy images of Aaron Carter, Nicki Minaj, Noah Cyrus, and Hillary Clinton. Just like the original image, the other three faces look completely normal when upside down, however, when they are turned over, it is revealed that their eyes and lips have been flipped!

HollywoodLifers, what do you think about Adele’s optical illusion album cover? Let us know!

Upside Down Optical Illusion

With this app you can easily create and share upside-down face illusions. The illusions can be generated from: – Photos taken with the built-in camera – Portraits found on the internet with the built-in “Face Search Engine” – Images from the Photo Library of the device. How does it work? The upside-down portraits generated by this app looks perfectly normal at first glance. However, when you rotate the photo the right way up the face will appear funny, strange or even grotesque. This effect is due to the eyes and mouth being inverted. But why don’t you spot this when the photo is upside down? There are specific parts of your brain dedicated to face perception. However, because you rarely look at upside-down faces, these parts of your brain works best with upright faces. Your brain processes visual input in pieces before it makes a whole image. When presented with an upside-down face, your brain is able to identify the individual parts, such as the eyes, nose and mouth, but have a hard time perceiving the relationship between these parts and the face as a whole; hence it doesn’t discover the distorted face – despite the changes being obvious in the upright face. This phenomenon is also called the “Thatcher effect” or “Thatcher illusion” and was originally discovered by Psychology Professor Peter Thompson in 1980. It was named after the former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on whose photograph the effect was first and most famously demonstrated. And now we finally have an app that can do the trick. Download it, try it out, flip your phone and have fun!

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THIS mind-boggling snap of Adele is causing widespread confusion online.

The topsy-turvy photo actually has a bit of an optical illusion going on.
Still can’t see it? Try turning to look at it the right side up…

If you still need a hand figuring out what’s wrong, have a look at the flipped

Twitter – @TurnYourPhone 2

When turned the right way up, the image – taken from the cover of Adele’s
latest album 25 – transforms into something rather sinister and is certainly
a world away from the singer’s usual appearance.

Strangely, when the image is upside-down nothing seems unusual, but when the
photo is flipped the normal way the viewer can see that Adele’s eyes and
lips are the wrong way up on her face.

Suddenly the singing sensation’s trademark eyeliner looks quite peculiar
as it drags across her lower eyelids, while her bottom lip looks like it’s swollen
when placed the wrong way round.

Despite the dramatic difference, it’s actually pretty hard to tell her
features have been flipped when the image is upside down. Weird right?


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Alamy 2

While it is unclear who originally altered the image, The Shade Room shared
the mind-boggling photo on Instagram on Friday, alongside the caption: “Turn
your phone upside down.”

The caption also read: “#Wayment what kind of sorcery is this… #Adele.”

Over a whopping 9,000 people have commented on the post so far.

Many viewers have been left slightly freaked out by the snap, with one user
writing: “Now that’s just scary as hell,” while someone else
added: “That’s terrifying. I dropped my phone.”

And it seems the photo has sparked somewhat of an online trend – with a
Twitter account named Turn Your Phone now starting to share equally creepy
upside-down images of other celebs. Oooer.