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Hard to believe it’s been almost 8 years since the infamous Charlie Sheen meltdown.

The erratic behavior that cost Sheen his lucrative gig on Two and a Half Men is usually remembered with a laugh these days — not unlike Britney Spears’ 2007 breakdown.

But in both cases, those who were quick to laugh at the stars’ erratic behavior often ignored the deep-seated pain that motivated it.

Yes, it was funny when Sheen called himself a warlock from Mars, but all that bravado was masking some profound inner turmoil.

For one thing, Sheen had been diagnosed as HIV positive but had not yet gone public with his medical issues with the public.

By his own admission, Sheen used alcohol and drugs to try and quell the anxiety caused by his life-threatening condition.

None of this is to excuse the behavior he exhibited during his meltdown, but it may help us to understand why TV’s highest paid actor would throw it all away — and how he came to arrive in his current, lowly state.

After revealing he’d been diagnosed with HIV, Sheen was sued by several former romantic partners who claimed he’d endangered their lives by failing to disclose his condition.

These days, Charlie says he’s up to his neck in lawsuits and unable to find work due to his condition.

According to a new report from Radar Online, the situation has become so bad that Sheen is in danger of losing his home.

In an attempt to alleviate his financial woes, Sheen recently filed a request to have his monthly child support payments to actress Denise Richards slashed in half.

“Since June 2016, my income has changed significantly,” Charlie wrote in his appeal.

“I have been unable to find steady work and have been blacklisted from many aspects of the entertainment industry.

“All of this has resulted in a significant reduction in my earnings.”

Amazingly, the court sided with Sheen and allowed him to reduce his payments.

This, just a few years after the actor was pulling in a whopping $1.8 million an episode on TV’s highest-rated sitcom.

We’re guessing the warlock from Mars isn’t using #Winning as his personal mantra anymore these days.

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‘Two and a Half Men’ star Jon Cryer opened up about what it was like working with Charlie Sheen on the hit sitcom.

It’s been almost five years since Jon Cryer took his last bow as Alan Harper alongside Charlie Sheen’s Charlie Harper on “Two and a Half Men.” Now, in a recent interview, Cryer discussed what it was like working with the “roller coaster” that is Sheen.

Cryer and Sheen were co-stars on the popular sitcom until 2011 when Sheen had his infamous meltdown. The now 53-year-old “Anger Management” star went to rehab and put the show on hiatus. He then insulted series creator Chuck Lorre and was fired from the show. His character was killed off the show and replaced by Ashton Kutcher until “Two and a Half Men” ended in 2015.


Speaking on Access Live over the weekend, Cryer, who is starting his run as Lex Luthor on the CW series “Supergirl,” discussed the days working with Sheen.

“It was crazy. It was way more craziness than I really was hoping for, honestly,” he said with a laugh.

Cryer continued: “It was tough to watch a guy who I had seen… you know, when we started the show, Charlie had been sober for a while and was really in control of his life, and it was tough to see that go away. That was the hardest part of being involved in that process. But actually doing the shows was always great. There was never a time when it wasn’t great.”


Cryer also explained that he hasn’t spoken to Sheen in years.

“It’s kind of a roller coaster when you have Charlie in your life and I just haven’t decided to get back on that roller coaster,” he said.

As previously reported, Sheen recently called for “Two and a Half Men” to be revived in the way that “Roseanne” and other shows have returned after years away. When asked his thoughts on the matter, Cryer simply reiterated: “Again, I’m not so sure about getting back on that roller coaster.”

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