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My child doesn’t want to do any activities

Julia Pleskachevskaia /I was always told that the best way to get a kid into an extracurricular activity was to keep an eye out for their passions, and then try encouraging them, so we put our daughter in ballet because she danced a lot. She was 5, and I often found her dancing in the living room, on her bed, at the pool, and she loved to dance with me, her father. We danced a lot in the kitchen, swaying this way and that, and even though I have no idea how to dance, we found a rhythm.Parenting right Read more [...]

Charbonnel et walker review

Wonderful chocolates - Charbonnel Et Walker London Tourism London Hotels London Bed and Breakfast London Vacation Rentals London Vacation Packages Flights to London London Restaurants Things to Do in London London Shopping London Travel Forum London Photos London Map London Travel Guide All London Hotels London Hotel Deals Last Minute Hotels in London By Hotel Type London Hostels London Campgrounds London Business Hotels London Family Hotels Romantic Hotels in London London Luxury Hotels London Read more [...]

British baking show 2019

Yes, it may still be months and months and MONTHS away ( at least we have the Christmas Bake Offs to tide us over), but that doesn't mean we can't still get all riled up for The Great British Bake Off 2020.So here's everything we know so far about the eleventh series of GBBO - including a potential start date.How to apply for The Great British Bake Off 2020Applications for GBBO 2020 are open now! but you only have 18 days left to apply (applications close 5 January), so get to it. According to The Read more [...]

What is a normal bowel movement look like?

How to Have a Better Bowel MovementPooping is part physical, part mental. If you aren’t pooping as easily or often as you’d like, addressing these aspects can help.Drink waterWater and fiber: These are two major components of poop that are part of your diet. Making efforts to drink more water daily can help make your bowel movements easier to pass. Eat fruits, nuts, grains, and vegetablesIn addition, it’s important to eat foods with plenty of fiber. This adds bulk to your stool, which stimulates Read more [...]

Ally bank lucky penny

Press Releases DETROIT, Oct. 18, 2016 -- Ally today announced that it has placed Ally Lucky Pennies that could be worth $1,000 each in 10 cities around the country. The initiative seeks to demonstrate the importance of valuing every cent, while encouraging Americans to look for opportunities to save. The multi-city search invites people in these cities to be on the lookout for the 100 Ally Lucky Pennies, each of which is redeemable for $1,000.Beginning today, people in Austin, Read more [...]

Phone on the rug

We all have that impossibly put-together friend who always seems to be able to match her clothes to her nails to her travel mug, making the rest of us feel like we might as well give up and let our toddlers dress us.Well, today we found out what happens when color coordination goes a little too far.Can you spot the phone in this photo?Related: Can you crack the school bus puzzle? Easy brainteaser for kids stumps adultsTrending stories,celebrity news and all the best of TODAY.We can just imagine this Read more [...]

Dolly parton without makeup

There’s a reason why country star Dolly Parton is all dolled up all the time — after years of hiding her real hair under elaborate wigs and her face under elaborate makeup, the 72-year-old has a reputation to uphold! “It’s important because I don’t want someone to see me and be disappointed,” she said in 2003, before quipping, “What they’re seeing reflects the phony that I am.” As the Associated Press reported at the time, Dolly started wearing wigs years ago once she realized Read more [...]

Tsarina alexandra and rasputin

Those on the political right resented the power Rasputin had in political matters and wanted the Tsar to remove Rasputin from the government.Soon, revolutionary propaganda began to use sexually explicit drawings to tarnish the Romanov family and criticise the Tsarist regime.Even the German army was distributing leaflets on the Eastern Front, adding to the discontent the Russian soldiers were already experiencing with the government at home.Cartwright said: “All that stuff afterwards with the graphic Read more [...]

Peacock the masked singer

The Peacock turns out to be Donny Osmond on "The Masked Singer." (Facebook)Peacock is seen "The Masked Singer" (Michael Becker/Fox)The Monster and host Nick Cannon are seen in "The Masked Singer." (Michael Becker/Fox)The Monster and host Nick Cannon are seen in "The Masked Singer." (Fox)The Monster is revealed as T-Pain during "The Masked Singer." With T-Pain is host Nick Cannon. (Fox)The Bee is revealed as Gladys Knight during "The Masked Singer." With Knight is host Nick Cannon. (Fox)The Peacock Read more [...]

Get rid of field mice

The 8 Best Ways to Help Get Rid of Mice Learn the best methods to deal with mice infestations in your home, and how Terminix can help keep the mouse out of the house. How to help get rid of mice in your house: Eliminate entry points. Use mouse traps. Choose the best bait for mouse traps. Proper placement of mouse traps is critical. Bait stations. Good sanitation won't get rid of mice, but poor sanitation will attract them. Tackle the mice in the house and out. Cats vs Mice. I NEED PROFESSIONAL Read more [...]