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The three-star Motel Autosole Lodi is located 20 km to the south of Milan near the town of Lodi, only a kilometre away from the Autostrada del Sole motorway, which leads from Milan to Rome and further south. Historically, the Motel Autosole Lodi was Gruppoautosole’s first hotel, and the proximity of the Autostrada del Sole determined the name of not only this motel, but subsequently those of all of the group’s other hotels, motels and apartment hotels in three countries. The hotel is surrounded by a garden, while the town of Lodi is located nearby and in its vicinity are several beautiful ancient castles and numerous churches. Due to its location and its comfortable motel type rooms designed in the Italian style, the motel has become a popular leisure venue with individual travellers, couples and tourist groups. Motel Autosole Lodi is ideal for travellers travelling by car or coach.


In geographical terms, the Motel Autosole Lodi is in a very convenient location from where you can continue your journey or business trip around Italy in any direction you wish.

  • Motel Autosole Lodi is located 20 minutes’ drive from Milan.
  • Driving along the A1 motorway, you can head directly towards the south of Italy passing Bologna and Rome and travelling right down to Naples.
  • Motel Autosole Lodi is the perfect base from which to undertake a tour of the beautiful region of Lombardia.
  • It’s a 30 minute drive to Milano Linate Airport.


Our 68 cottage type rooms are classified as standard double rooms, but each of them is given a touch of regal splendour by an extra wide King Size bed and aptly positioned mirrors lining its walls and ceiling. Not only will you be able to enjoy some quality rest, but you’ll also enjoy refined elegance and extra comfort. This is all combined with modern communications technology. There is a free parking space next to each room. Four rooms are triples and are intended for families – in addition to an extra large bed, they also contain a single bed.


We take care to ensure that our guest can enjoy a delicious meal or drink 24 hours a day.

  • Cold and hot snacks and drinks menu throughout the day and night.
  • Breakfast individually in your room or in the breakfast hall.
  • Room service.
  • Bar, café.